Jeb Bush: “The Empire Strikes Back”

Nash 2/5

Jeb Bush is now the establishment Republican Presidential candidate for 2016.

If you are a Wall Street banker, a corporate CEO, or any other member of the 1%, you know that the Bush family dynasty represents your interests, exclusively, like a country club or a gated community.

Did someone say Tea Party? Forget about those revolting peasants … they don’t have any MONEY. Jeb may not be able to buy the Presidency, but he can probably buy the primaries.

Quite frankly, the establishment GOP is more than a little tired of the Tea Party crowd. Yes, they need their votes but they don’t need their goofy candidates.

The establishment “empire” is finally striking back, to regain control of the Republican Party.

Speaking of country clubs, here’s Darth Vader playing golf.

— Nash 2.5 is a Trail Mix Contributor

Taibbi: It’s Not All About Warren

Matt Taibbi (Rolling Stone) is making sense:

“Making the budget fight a news story not about bailouts, but about the ambitions of Elizabeth Warren, is part of the game. And the Beltway hacks have succeeded there. Media on all sides have described last week’s episode as Warren’s political coming-out party. …

oligarchy-400x248All the Dodd-Frank rule says is that if you’re a federally-insured depository institution – if you’re an FDIC-guaranteed bank, where real people have real bank accounts that are guaranteed by the federal government – you can’t also be gambling with swaps and other dangerous derivative instruments. …

There’s no logical argument against the provision. The banks only want it because they want to use your bank accounts as a human shield to protect their dangerous gambling activities….

[Democrats] are not a real party. They’re a marketing phenomenon, a big chunk of oligarchical Blob cleverly sold to voters as the more reasonable and less nakedly corrupt wing of a two-headed political establishment.” (Rolling Stone)

“Strange, how in all those apocalyptic movies,

when their society breaks down into lawlessness and anarchy, Canada is always the haven of safety, the place people want to escape to.” 
 Jenifer Mohammed, Resurrecting Cybele

This week. This month. This year.  Hell the last fifteen years have been horrible, or rather horrible if you are a Progressive person.  A lot of Dems no longer can apply that honorable description to themselves.

The release of the torture report revives the disaster that is the Bush/Cheney/Ashcroft reign.  So many deaths have come from those criminals that we do not even begin to have an accurate count.  The Republicans are crying crocodile tears that Americans might be in danger now.  What a pile of stinking BS that is.  Due to the actions of the above named criminals, Americans have been in the sights of terrorists since the inauguration of the chief fool.

NYT: Report Portrays a Broken C.I.A. Devoted to a Failed Approach

Civil rights are being shredded in the name of “anti-terrorism”.  Fear of everything is the word of the day, promoted all day and all night by the Republicans.  People who should know better are believers of that.  These people do not deserve the right to vote.  The people who care, and are the ones losing the right to vote, should be the American voters.

Right now the Republicans stand for police and non-police killing black children and men.  They stand for torture.  They stand for everything that is un-American I can think of, yet they are being elected to positions of ruling the United States and every political office there is.

– Blue Bronc is a Trail Mix Contributor

Recommended Reading: “Fields of Fire” by James Webb

Nash 2.5

Widely considered to be the BEST novel to come out of the Vietnam War…

“Fields of Fire” by James Webb

Publisher’s Description:
They each had their reasons for being a soldier.

fieldscoverThey each had their illusions. Goodrich came from Harvard. Snake got the tattoo — Death Before Dishonor — before he got the uniform. And Hodges was haunted by the ghosts of family heroes.

They were three young men from different worlds plunged into a white-hot, murderous realm of jungle warfare as it was fought by one Marine platoon in the An Hoa Basin, 1969. They had no way of knowing what awaited them. Nothing could have prepared them for the madness to come. And in the heat and horror of battle they took on new identities, took on each other, and were each reborn in fields of fire….

Fields of Fire is James Webb’s classic, searing novel of the Vietnam War, a novel of poetic power, razor-sharp observation, and agonizing human truths seen through the prism of nonstop combat. Weaving together a cast of vivid characters, Fields of Fire captures the journey of unformed men through a man-made hell — until each man finds his fate.


fieldscover2Most highly rated Reader Comment on Amazon:

A lot has been said about style, etc. that I agree with & won’t repeat. Suffice to say James Webb was a platoon commander in Delta Co./1st Battalion/5th Marines: I was a grunt (said with pride) in C/1/5. When I first opened this book back in late ’70s and saw the map of the An Hoa basin – the “Arizona territory”, Go Noi (No-go) Island, Liberty Bridge, the Phu Locs – the hairs on my neck stiffened, and then I let out an “Alllright!!” (scared a few bookstore patrons, nbd).

When you’re reading this you are walking down the same trails, setting up ambushes in the same spots, taking fire from the same tree-lines that Lt. Webb and this young (then)PFC walked & fought from. Hell, it was like goin’ home for a visit!

I had the chance to meet James Webb during the dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and thank him for writing this personally. He still had the look in the eyes: quiet, deadly calm, with steel-trap analytical processes going on upstairs. At his swearing-in ceremony for Secretary of the Navy (he remembered this grunt from two chance meetings & sent me an invitation!), as soon as he was “official”, he stopped the show, called up some of the men who had served with him back in An Hoa, and gave them the medals and commendations he had recommended so many years before but had never been given to them. Outstanding!

Jim has the courage of his convictions that he later resigned rather than acquiesce to a polically-motivated evisceration of the Naval service he was entrusted with. He exemplifies the Marine officer – I know of only one other, a Lieutenant in C co, that I had as much respect for, and sadly he didn’t make it out alive. He’s the real deal: this old grunt would assault the fire-and-brimstone-beaches of hell if James Webb was commanding!


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(Craig doesn’t like to ask people for support, but posting this contribution and making this marketing appeal was entirely my idea.)

– Nash 2.5 is a Trail Mix Contributor

Roanoke (VA) — Our view, The unvarnished Jim Webb: “Webb is often categorized as a centrist. That’s not true. Webb simply does not fit neatly into the conventional, two-dimensional left-to-right universe. To understand where Webb is coming from, you have to think in three dimensions — which will be his problem with party activists (and some journalists, as well).”

Webb: Dems Are “Lost”

The Washington Post: “Former senator and potential presidential candidate Jim Webb told an audience in Richmond on Tuesday that the Democratic Party has lost white working-class voters by becoming ‘a party of interest groups.'”

“The Democratic Party has lost the message that made it such a great party for so many years, and that message was — take care of working people, take care of the people who have no voice in the corridors of power, no matter their race, ethnicity or any other reason,” Webb (D) said. “The Democratic Party has basically turned into a party of interest groups.”

Richmond Times-Dispatch: “Webb said today that he will decide ‘over the next few months’ whether he has the political and financial backing to mount a campaign for the Democratic nomination.”

Washington Post’s Ed Rogers: “The Insiders: Hillary Clinton has to be careful with Jim Webb — When commentators cite the Democratic problems with white voters, many in the Democratic Party want to label them as racists. Democrats won’t even acknowledge their problem.”

Wall Street Journal: “Party Has Failed to Focus on Helping The Poor and Middle Class, Webb Says”

Save The Giraffe

Seriously. Just when you think the world can’t get any nuttier, it turns out we could lose the Giraffe. It says a lot about the imbalance of our times that killer coyotes are roaming the suburbs eating dogs while the gentle, leaf-munching Giraffe — our planet’s tallest animal — fades away.

The Times: “Giraffe numbers have plummeted by 40 per cent in the past 15 years and some species could become extinct in a ‘forgotten’ natural tragedy, the world’s leading experts have warned.”

“People love giraffes but they’re taken for granted.” — Dr Julian Fennessy, director of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation


I Like To Have A Martini

Blue Bronc
Two at the very most.
After three I am under the table,
after four I am under the host.
— Dorothy Parker

How do we survive this turbulent period? Obviously many are supporting breweries, wineries and distilleries. In Colorado we can be sure they know the local pot shop and keep a supply of Boones Farm Apple in the cellar.

But, suppose loyal Democrats want to do more. At this time, those wishing for the old politicians to act are probably needing a palliative. Except for O’Malley, the current Democratic bench would be 70 years old or older if elected in 2016 and sworn in in January, 2017. Geriatric is a description that is more than about age.

Will HRC run? At this point I do not care. I want to see the rest of the crowd. A beauty pageant is what we used to call them, but that is old fashioned. Is this important? Yes. It is my era, the same era that HRC, Warren, Biden, Webb are from. I am from the 1950’s. I am from the 1960’s. I am from the 1970’s. I am from the 1980’s. This is what raises concern in my thoughts.

silver-age-congress-1The voters who matter, the voters needed to fill the polls and be volunteers in 2016, will mostly be in their 70’s or 60’s or 20’s. Those old enough for Social Security are not who we need to convince. They will vote D, as they have much of their lives. We need those in their 20’s to volunteer and vote.

This last week, actually today, I made a comment about 1978 to a co-worker. Carter was warring against the use of energy and we were still okay in Iran with the Shah. My co-worker made a comment that is critical to 2016: “I wasn’t even born then.” That is critical to understanding what kind of problem we have. He is all for experience that comes with age. But, when you start promoting and running a grandmother for president, you need to understand his concerns.

The Republicans have been knocked up side the head enough to understand their problems, and they have very serious problems. But, none severe enough to prevent finding a candidate a decade younger than the presumptive Democratic candidates. That ten to fifteen years difference can be important, especially if there is any sign of aging. Missed words, skipped words, misuse of words, vague statements with wrong words and you can forget winning this one. Granny, show me the Lindy Hop, please.

The Dems in their 50’s are who I would like to see.  Hopefully, a few will start peeking around the corner.

– Blue Bronc is a Trail Mix Contributor.

We Have Met the Enemy and He is We

Are the powerful, the greedy and the power hungry who promote things that destroy our air, our water, our food and our rights oblivious to the results and effect on themselves if their promotions succeed? And aren’t we too to some extent complicit and compliantly looking the other way?

Where has our collective survival instinct gone?

Pogo-We-have-met-800wiWhere is our concern for our children and their children? When someone is drowning, don’t we still jump without hesitation into the surging water to save them? Throw our self between the oncoming truck and the helpless tyke on the trike? Share our last crumb with the starving doggy? Why then are we and they hiding our heads even deeper into the polluted sand when it comes to an ultimate disintegration of life as we once knew it?

It is a puzzlement.

“Resolve then, that on this very ground, with small flags waving and tinny blasts on tiny trumpets, we shall meet the enemy, and not only may he be ours, he may be us.” — Walt Kelly

PatD is a Trail Mix Contributor

Impeach Obama?

Nash 2.5

Will the GOP-controlled House of Representatives Impeach Barak Obama?

AP: “Some on the right said executive action on immigration could even be grounds for impeachment.”

“Impeachment would be a consideration, yes sir.” — Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX)

At this point, no one knows, but it’s a good time to review the procedure, as described in the Constitution, and modified by subsequent legislation and by custom.

Note: “impeachment” by the House of Representatives is just an indictment. “Conviction” by the Senate is needed to remove the President from office.

impeachment_ticketLegal Procedure for Impeachment of the President of the United States.

(1) House prepares “articles of impeachment” (a list of offenses) and votes.  Simple majority needed to impeach.

(2) Several House members are appointed as “managers” (prosecutors) who present the case for impeachment to the Senate.

(3) The Trial in the Senate consists of presentation of evidence, cross examinations, etc.   The procedure is presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (Roberts).

(4) 2/3 majority of Senate is needed to convict.

Two Presidents have been Impeached:  Andrew Johnson (1868) and Bill Clinton (1998).  Neither was convicted.

What do Trailmixers think?

  • Will the GOP-controlled House Impeach?
  • If so, will the Senate Convict?  (The GOP would need Democratic votes to get a 2/3 majority.)

– Nash 2.5 is a Trail Mix Contributor. Read More by this author.
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Secret Service or Cell Service?

You read it here first. A new Homeland Security report on September’s White House intruder found exactly what a Trail Mix contributor wrote about here just after the incident.

According to The New York Times the federal report “said that Omar Gonzalez, the man charged in the incident, could have been stopped by a Secret Service officer who was stationed on the North Lawn with an attack dog. But the officer did not realize that an intruder had made it over the fence because he was sitting in his van talking on his personal cellphone.”

On the day after the intrusion we published a letter sent months earlier by Trail Mix friend and former DEA agent Michael Grimes to the head of the White House Security Detail:

At any given time, and within my view from any location around the White House, I see at least one, if not more, uniform officers with their heads down playing with an electronic device. I have seen as many as three officers, standing together, and every one of them had their heads down and not paying a bit of attention. I have walked to within just a few feet of these officers and not one will look up. This is not only disgraceful, it is downright dangerous.

Michael E. Grimes is a retired DEA agent, the owner of Criminal Investigation Techniques, which provides training, risk assessment and consulting services to law enforcement agencies.