Senate Health Bill Ahead

Video: No public insurance option expected in Senate bill to be released in the week ahead. (Produced by CQ’s Andrew Satter)

Craig on “Imus in the Morning
Monday (9/14) 6:30 AM EST
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  1. Thanks for linking that, Tony; it’s a good op-ed.
    While I was reading it I wondered about Mr Obama’s lobbying effort on the Hill. How strong is it? Does it preach the same conciliatory message that he does? Is it a hardball effort?

    “New Rule: Float Like Obama, Sting Like Ali”
    “Now, I know that right now, I’m supposed to be all re-injected with yes-we-can fever after the big health care speech, and it was a great speech — when Black Elvis gets jiggy with his teleprompter, there is none better. But here’s the thing: Muhammad Ali also had a way with words, but it helped enormously that he could also punch guys in the face.
    What got Van Jones fired was they caught him on tape saying that Republicans are assholes. And they call it “news.” And Obama didn’t say a word in defense of Jones and basically fired him when Glenn Beck told him to. Just like we dropped “end of life counseling” from health care reform because Sarah Palin said it meant “death panels” on her Facebook page.
    Crazy evil morons make up things for Obama to do, and he does it.”

  3. It’s the Million Moron March, although they won’t get a million of course, because many will be confused and drive to Washington state —
    Bill Maher

    “Crazy evil morons make up things for Obama to do, and he does it.”
    .. some really (can I say ‘fun’) / and interesting links this morning Tony. It’s nice to see some twists in the conversation.
    And you’re right on in observing this: “It seems all this gets us is half measures and no real change?”
    Saw your comment from after I left last night Tony. Got a kick out this: “Cleaning,ha its my life” . I know you were joking, but when you think about it, that’s ‘not’ a bad thing. You make a good living, and you have pride in ownership. A good way to live and a good life.

  5. As usual, just look beyond the words & there are the
    real drivers of what will be called health care reform &
    lest we forget—as always it revolves around money.
    “Groups back health reform, but seek cover”
    “The top lobbyists for every major sector of the health care industry publicly insist they are squarely behind the Obama administration’s health care reform. But as the debate gets down to the details, the lines dividing friend & foe are getting blurry.
    Each industry group is also working quietly to scuttle or reshape some element of the administration’s proposals that might hurt profits—usually some measure aimed at cost control.”

  6. “The top lobbyists for every major sector of the health care industry publicly insist they are squarely behind the Obama administration’s health care reform”
    coreen, they’ve got to keep a nose under the tent, play nice and might even agree to some shell of reform with the intention of controlling what regulations are adopted. sometimes regs are good for limiting competition and for insuring status quo under the guise of reform.

  7. oy
    Van Jones gets fired and the assh-le Republican Wilson gets a laudatory front page story on the NYTIMES

  8. “Thursday’s annual Census Bureau report on income, poverty and access to health care-the Bureau’s principal report card on the well-being of average Americans-closes the books on the economic record of George W. Bush.
    It’s not a record many Republicans are likely to point to with pride.
    On every major measurement, the Census Bureau report shows that the country lost ground during Bush’s two terms. While Bush was in office, the median household income declined, poverty increased, childhood poverty increased even more, and the number of Americans without health insurance spiked. By contrast, the country’s condition improved on each of those measures during Bill Clinton’s two terms, often substantially.”

  9. Looking at the crowds in DC. We’ve got them all in one place. I don’t suppose there is any chance all that stupid could be eradicated?
    Tony, I watched that Bill Mahar spiel and wanted to cry. It just hit a little too close to the bone with that line about, “They make up stupid stuff for him to do and he does it.” All because Van Jones was right. You don’t negotiate with A**holes.

  10. patd
    “Nothing Obama said was going to sway him. “He has no understanding nor appreciation for the way a private economy works,” said Armey, a free-marketer to set Adam Smith’s heart aflutter.”
    Armey needs a history lesson. Adam Smith was all in favor of free medical care for the mill workers who provided the labor to run the looms in Scotland after 1785. Their health and well being meant greater profits for business.
    Oh, the families also received a two room apartment and the children were educated through elementary school before being sent to work in the mills because literacy was important.
    It wasn’t candy coated lap of luxury with a 12 hour work day, six days a week and large families squeezed into those two rooms, but you would think that we would have a made a few more improvements in 125 years.

  11. Talk about civility, Maher would probably pay this guy good money to join him Friday night.
    Despite the gestures of civility and respect. Syrian government paper said this 9/11 that Bush planned the attacks, Iran snubs Obama with nukes off the table in any negotiations (Obama now says that is okay), Saudis say there is no proof who attacked US on 9/11. news groups say that Hizb’Allah has sent operatives globally, Russia wants to sell Chavez missiles,……..
    Some things only get worse and civility has little to do with it.
    As far as “liar”, Obama told Americans they want a candidate who tells the truth. Of course, he was talking about Hillary’s comment that telegraphing to Pakistan we will bomb them is quite stupid. So Obama turns around and calls exactly what he has been doing as Presdient, Hillary’s “not telling the American people the truth”. You can cut corners, but Obama has called others liars. He staked his campaign on such a promise.
    Now did he use the word liar? I still don’t understand the relevance of the nuance using other terms. He has called others liars and others have called him a liar. Such is the world of politics…..
    Posted by: maxtrue | September 12, 2009 10:46 AM

  12. Jamie your comparison with Adam Smith has too many holes to plug up. Nice try however.

  13. Max
    The problem wasn’t calling him a liar. Others have often in other venues. For that matter, the Republican doing the follow up speech could have done it or some version of it if desired.
    The problem was the venue. The idiot was in the audience of a joint session of Congress surrounded by members of his own party listening to a speech by the POTUS.
    From the standpoint of decorum, it was rude and a violation rules of both the House and Senate. On the political front, it was without the knowledge of his ranking members and created a political firestorm they didn’t really need.
    Besides all of the above, he once more proved, “It is better to say nothing and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it.”

  14. Not sure this makes the issue of health care coverage & illegal immigrants any clearer, but it seems the White House may be backing a provision that would require proof of citizenship before someone could enroll in a plan selected on the ‘exchange’.
    Reported by NBC News (Mike Viqueira)
    Whie House release:
    Undocumented immigrants would not be able to buy private insurance on the exchange. Those who are lawfully present in this country would be able to participate.
    Undocumented immigrants would be able to buy insurance in the non-exchange private market, just as they do today.
    Verification will be required when purchasing health insurance on the exchange. One option is the SAVE
    program, (Sytematic Alien Verification for Entitlements) which states use to make sure that undocumented immigrants don’t participate in safety-net programs for which they are ineligible.
    There would be no change in the law that requires emergency rooms to treat people who need emergency care, including undocumented immigrants.

  15. Would it be fair to say that the Armey marchers are
    those long ago so-called Reagan-democrats &/or their
    direct descendents.
    Looking at the ‘tea party prostesters’ here in Bridgeport , CT yesterday leads me to believe they just may be.
    “Bridgeport tea party prostest draws crowd, despite rain”

  16. Well Jamie, I heard boos and other disrespectful stuff coming from the Congressional Democrats when Bush was talking to Congress. I love the two wrongs don’t make a right arguement when Democrats are on the receiving end. I mentioned this many times when Democrats were dishing it out.
    And Obama delivered a rather partisan speech ripping into the Republicans. I have elaborated on the history of Obama’s lying regarding immigration. He said no one who is illegal will be covered, but we all know Obama’s duplicity on this. I guess it was just too much for Wilson, but I do not see the horrible trangression. I was thinking the same thing when Obama spoke.
    On another note, the latest news on ACORN is exactly the stuff typical of their administration. No words here on ACORN’s power, allifiation to Democrats and the money we give them from us taxpayers…..
    This is far more newsworthy than Wilson.

  17. “The often repeated mistake of Adam Smith fans is claiming that government shouldn

  18. Max
    I love the way you just say stuff whether it has any basis in fact or not. Reagan signed the bill that said that someone who was in the country illegally still had to receive medical care in an emergency. As I stated yesterday, it isn’t the President’s fault that American businesses choose to hire illegal aliens and possibly buy insurance for them as they do for their other employees doesn’t mean that the Federal government is paying for it. Go complain to the hotel chains among a whole lot of others, not the President.
    Anyone can purchase insurance from that sold on the open market. Again, that doesn’t involve the governemtn. If you problem is them being here at all, then figure out how to end that condition. It still doesn’t mean the government is supporting health insurance for illegal aliens.

  19. “On another note, the latest news on ACORN is exactly the stuff typical of their administration. No words here on ACORN’s power, allifiation to Democrats and the money we give them from us taxpayers…..”
    Give me a f’ing break max. This stuff with ACORN is the biggest side-show going.

  20. “And if Wilson was SO wrong, then why the change from the WH?”
    Because Wilson and the rest of the GOP was twisting the ambiguity – and using it as a distraction.
    So now it was been made clear to decrease the GOP’s opportunity for shennigans.

  21. Jamie, while I don’t deny the existence of tens of thousands of greedy capitalists who despite their higher taxes and chartiable contributions would love nothing better than to maximize their profits, there are MILLIONS of lazy-ass and uneducated Americans who would love nothing better than for government to give them shelter, healthcare, easy jobs and free education.
    Some wish to vilify the greedy rich and ignore the more damaging problem of many millions who don’t have a clue about meritocracy, personal responsibility or even hard work. I am sure that fired ACORN worker is seeking unemployment benefits instead of getting herself a good lawyer. Next she and her friends will champaion free legal aid and blame her problems on racism.
    There is no doubt that a healthier, more educated America is best for our future, but beyond rewarding those who earn such help, the idea we should become the nanny to millions who seek the easiest and least responsible lifestyle is absurd. Democrats have learned to champion stories of opressed and victimized hardworking Middle Class families. It is unfortunately a political calculation designed to empower millions of others whose stories are much less sympathetic, but whose votes are important to the DNC.
    If you think Adam Smith would be in favor of the Liberal hardline, I think you are wrong about his intentions.
    The real conversation America should be having ever since the meltdown is the role of regulation. In a careful-to-avoid-ideology way, Democrats had a great opportunity to push regulation. Who and what regulates is the debate we should be having. Instead we have this mess.

  22. Warren, it wasn’t diversion. It was and is disengenuous bullshit coming from the Democratic side. Were it anythng else, the Blue Dogs would never have rebelled. And what is presently keeping private insurance from demanding verification? In the HealthyNY plan, applicants must supply tax filing.
    My private insurance demands social security number, etc.
    As I told Jamie, who regulates, what is regulated is exactly the non-ideological conversation we should be having.

  23. “the idea we should become the nanny to millions who seek the easiest and least responsible lifestyle is absurd.”
    Damn Jamie, That is absurd! :-^)

    We actually agree that there is a percentage of people who would like their life handed to them on a silver platter, just as there are those who commit criminal acts because they think that is the only way to survive.
    I just happen to think that adequate medical care and an excellent education is the way to reduce those numbers as much as humanly possible and that those two items are important enough to the country as a whole that they should be totally supported by taxes.

  25. Rez,
    I hope that tongue in cheek is for Max and not me. :-)
    If there is a fund to put me in the lap of luxury, I want to know where to apply. :-)

  26. Jamie, Whomever, I don’t think you would or did say that. Obviously Max is playing with straw again.

  27. Max
    “In the HealthyNY plan, applicants must supply tax filing. My private insurance demands social security number, etc.”
    Excuse me, but DUH! HealthyNY is government enhanced, so of course they can demand proof of citizenship … just like the Feds.
    As to your private insurance, in case you haven’t noticed, but illegals who have jobs almost always have social security numbers as well.
    Again the problem isn’t with the Health Insurance but with those who provide jobs for those here illegally.
    If you are going to shoot, try to get the correct target.

  28. “proof of citizenship”
    wonder if there will be renewed activity by those pushing for universal id’s (remember big effort by senators nunn and chiles on this issue). a fashinonable and ecological (save some trees) alternative to a card would be for everyone to get a tattoo. oh yeah that was tried once before wasn’t it? maybe a chip insert?

  29. patd
    It’s nuts that the right rails against “illegals” getting jobs or benefits, but provide a solution such as a universal ID and they go ballistic. I did hear a suggestion recently that everyone be required to get a passport. It would certainly serve the purpose of a photo ID that requires proof of citizenship that could be presented at any time.
    Of course there is bound to be some nutcase suggesting this would be another form of a 666 tattoo and the coming of the antichrist.

  30. Just spotted great tweet. couldn’t help but think of the welcome some of those signs would get.
    “Dear 912ers, southeast dc is very liberty oriented, go visit”

  31. Just think now that when you go to see your Doctor his receptionist will say to you “MAY I SEE YOUR PAPERS PLEASE”
    Now where have I heard that phrase before, let me think.
    I got it GERMANY.
    Well got to run and get the kitties some food. I hope they don’t ask me for my papers for the kitties.

  32. DL
    Then they have no right to moan when something they think should require identification doesn’t. You can’t have it both ways.
    My preference would be the old west code of you are who you say you are until you do something that upsets somebody. Just let people wander all over the world and work and live where they want to with absolutely no interference on their activities that don’t injure others. That isn’t the way it is, so either accept it or change it, but don’t whine when you don’t like it.

    So if illegals illegally use Social Security numbers (illegals who file do not get a social security number, it is a different tax ID number), then private insurance is being frauded. And these same illegal social security numbers can be used byillegals in Medicaid and Medicare. Since this represents enormous waste, where is the NEW REGULATION?
    Patsd seems to think only Right WIngers are against National ID’s. In fact, Obama tried to get such ID’s out of the Amnesty BIll. Obama took a line against Hillary and supported drivers licenses, again without supporting Spitzer’s full plan of national ID’s which even Obama’s advisor Clarke pushes. (I saw him on Maher and NO ONE asked him what happened to his predictions in the Atlantic over the last eight years).
    Democrats shot down a Republican Bill to enhance ID’s used for government healthcare benefits. Hell, they tried to shoot down ID for voting in elections. Real reform ends the loop holes. Democrats have played on loop holes for years with as much enthusiasm has CEOs use business loop holes.
    And please don’t try to push false labels on me on this issue. I support an Amnesty of sorts and never advocated deporting 15 million people. Illegals who pay taxes and those without criminal records who entered legally should be the first to be given a reasonable pathway,

  34. This is a fascinating article in the Nation though it is one of those cases where the headline doesn’t really match the topic. It is called “The Nightmare of Christianity” when the group actually covered is the ultra conservative “Dominionist” movement, but it still makes good reading

    The sad truth is that there are millions of Liberals who, after admitting the expensive cost of today’s medical technology relative to let’s say an auto mechanic or good plumber, still think it is their tax paid right (and the tax Obama promises won’t be on 95% of Americans?) along with afforable housing, and free higher education (not that they are really thinking of being a rocket scientist).
    There must be an avenue for those who merit help, but the idea that the Federal government must tax all and provide as a right the things you speak of is not consistent with Adam Smith or our Consitution. In fact, States Rights are being sorely missed in this debate. The one size fits all apporach only worked for Frank Zappa.
    Children ought to covered. Fraud eliminated, waste eliminated, defensive medicine checked, interstate competition improved (see Commerce Clause), self-employed, small business and workers not covered should be given large pools and negotiating power, coverage MANDATED for all who are too poor to cover unexpected disaster, policy standards changed to reflect age and status of insured, Bill of insured’s Rights, etc. This would be a great start, but it doesn’t begin with a fictious amendment making healthcare and higher education an inalienable right.
    Without the millions who want Free, we would already be reforming healthcare in a pragmatic and bipartisan way regardless of the loons on the left and right.

  36. “please don’t try to push false labels on me on this issue. I support an Amnesty of sorts and never advocated deporting 15 million people”
    Would you care to point out where this was done? You are right that both parties want illegal aliens for their own purposes. One wants them for cheap labor and the other as political pawns for legislation and votes (even if they don’t vote, they are still an issue for a growing segment of the population that does).
    My whole point is that if you don’t want a universal ID of some sort, then don’t complain if people you don’t want to get something get it anyway because they aren’t required to show ID.

  37. Notice how when ever someone disagrees about the policy in Afghanistan – the response is that you “fundamentally underestimate the situation.” For example, this guy on Bill Maher is saying that the Obama administration fundamentally underestimated the effort required in war in Afghanistan.
    No shit. This is true and can be said about most anyone. Bush/Cheney fundamentally misunderstood what it would take to “win” the Iraq War.
    War cannot be fundamentally understood. It is an uncertain and fluid situation with the gravest consequences. In other words, either side can be right.
    The left argues for diplomacy – and the right – if pushed far enough – will acknowledge that they are for further agression because there are “some people” you just can’t talk or reason with.
    And which approach is best suited for the current circumstances is answered only in the history books. We just don’t know.
    That is why we talk past one another. And why we can accuse someone for lying even though they are stating a position they believe.
    Anyways, the point is that everybody fundamentally underestimates the situation in Afghanistan to the extent that there are some many variables that we cannot yet know.
    And I think much of our difficulties have come from overestimating our ability to continue a “global war” on terror – rather than underestimating what that entails.
    Sorry to the Bill Cristols and NeoCons – but we need to end the war on terrorism.
    It is about as successful as the war on drugs. Remember that – arm the cops the teeth and show the ghetto some tough love. Made a bad situation worse – and turned drug dealers into para-military street thugs.
    Now I am all for law enforcement – but I prefer young men who go astray to be put in a penitentiary and rehabilitated than shot dead in the streets.
    Now you might say some can’t be rehabilitated. Yup. And I bet many who see their friends and family shot dead fall into that category.

    While you actually show more smarts than Pelosi, there are several points I think you have completely wrong. Ever since Obama appeared to be headed to the WH, the terrorists have been working on their next rounds. We see this in Lebanon, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan with Chavez, Putin and others riding the anti-American wave.
    Unfortunately your blanket statement that both partisan sides underestimate is meaningless and the third position to get rid of the notion is foolish.
    Obama at the moment does appear a bit like a deer caught in the headlights. Let’s see if a pragmatic egoist will side with the 24% of Americans who favor increasing troops to Afghanistan or will he reverse himself and claim he had held the contrary view all along, it was just us that misunderstood?
    If history shows US intelligence knew Iran was preparing to build a bomb and did not tell Americans while capping Israel, so goes his biting attack on Hillary not being honest about conducting US foreign policy. I rather suspect his habitual selling job rhetoric that has run aground in the US will not play well with our adversaries either. I am suprised at the learning curve’s length so far. Just look at the various responses to the Iran proposal in the last 78 hours.

    I have ALWAYS said I favor reform Jamie. I have no problem with those items. My problem is about tight control of who applies, lowering costs, capping defensive medicine, really improving competition, really pooling self-employed and small business.
    I would say I am about where the Blue Dogs are. I am certainly more friend than foe on this issue and had Obama been smarter, we would be through to the next issue like immigration or an intensive effort to increase energy production along both the CLEAN and GREEN lines of thinking. It is ashame that so many environmental issues beyond climate change are not being adressed.
    Our space program is fairing badly and we have put off a really honest conversation about war and peace.
    I guess my rants are more about reforming reform along more centrist lines a la Clinton than holding any stake for GOP causes or much sympathy for Leftist ones……

  40. “Ever since Obama appeared to be headed to the WH, the terrorists have been working on their next rounds. We see this in Lebanon, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan with Chavez, Putin and others riding the anti-American wave.”
    Of course. As they would with any new administration. But I suspect that terrorists pulling the strings feel threatened by Obama.
    Terrorists resort to terror because they cannot win a conventional war. Al Queda wants to strike on Obama’s watch. It will give his oppenents ammunitition – and could lead to a reversion to the Bush/Cheney policies from the first term.
    At least that would likely be the terrorists’ aim. Bin Laden said he wanted to bankrupt America.
    And just because I say end the war on terror – do not take that to mean stop fighting terror.
    I am all for special-ops working with local populations, intelligence and high-tech weapons. But to the extent we fight this as a conventional war – leaving us open to the charge of an “occupying force” – we provide ammunition for the terrorist rhetoric and new recruits.
    I am for fighting a smarter war, an aggressive war and a clandestine war.
    Essentially a shift in strategy and a major shift in the advertising. (or the politics if you will)

    “Saw your comment from after I left last night Tony. Got a kick out this: “Cleaning,ha its my life” . I know you were joking, but when you think about it, that’s ‘not’ a bad thing. You make a good living, and you have pride in ownership. A good way to live and a good life.”
    Hey Chloe
    I was joking.It is true about the cleaning.I used to say I spent so much time on the GM assembly line that I felt like a robot,now its the same with my clients homes..Routine, as I tell Grace is a must,you don’t miss things that way..Oh and yes its nice to get paid for what you like to do…

    “Tony, I watched that Bill Mahar spiel and wanted to cry. It just hit a little too close to the bone with that line about, “They make up stupid stuff for him to do and he does it.” All because Van Jones was right. You don’t negotiate with A**holes.”
    My thoughts exactly! I watched Bill Maher last night and all I could think of while I tried to get to sleep is why,why Mr.President? I want the President to stand his ground and not let those who are stuck on stupid make him do anything..

  43. One of the most irritating feaures of Obama is his excessive references to “I”.
    He wouldn’t appear to be so full of himself if he occasionally used “we” to spread the credit around a bit.
    Beautiful day in the Willamette Valley..

    Can you believe it,Grace(my business partner) and her husband flew to Washington yesterday for the big 9-12 I hate Obama party!! Grace called earlier and I asked what her sign read “O=One, B=Big,A=Ass,M=Mistake..I told her, its a pity we didn’t have these parties while Bush was busy taking us into 2 wars and bankrupting us,silence. Its so phony,suddenly they care about spending,BS..All they care about is seeing the President FAIL..

  45. “I would say I am about where the Blue Dogs are”
    Oh god Max,
    I don’t believe your anything like that duplicitous bastard Baucus! If so then you should really be putting the President up on a pedestal ,as it appears he is backing the Baucus bill…

  46. “Anyways, the point is that everybody fundamentally underestimates the situation in Afghanistan to the extent that there are some many variables that we cannot yet know.”
    If we take this approach, will we ever be able to leave?What is the mission in Afghanistan?Should the President keep his promise regarding Iraq and bringing the troops home in 15 months?Both wars have “variables that we cannot yet know”

  47. ” there are MILLIONS of lazy-ass and uneducated Americans who would love nothing better than for government to give them shelter, healthcare, easy jobs and free education”
    And most of them are wingnuts, Max….

    “Hope she has some redeeming qualities to go with all that knee jerk prejudice.”
    She does!.Believe it or not Grace is Liberal on the social issues(gays,race,religion,pro choice).I always ask her how she can be a Republican with those views,she say’s the Catholic church taught her well.I never detect racism where Obama is concerned, but she does think he’s a communist.Crazy I know.Oh, but she believes Obama is a citizen,even though 3 of my clients don’t..Grace also listens to FOX only and she loves Glenn Beck..I have gotten real good at refuting their BS..Grace is also a hard working neat freak..

  49. Carols blog is set up as a ‘group project’, so anyone that wants to contribute by writing a blog of their choice, any time, are invited to do so. It’s not very political over there, so anything goes. Today, Ivy posted an unbelievably beautiful close up of a bear, in front of here friends cabin.
    If you want to write a blog for the site, just give Carol your email address, and she’ll send you the invitation. (I think she’ll have the information she needs, if you become a follower.) From then on, you’ll be signed up to blog whenever you want to.

  50. .. I should have mentioned that anyone can participate and ‘comment’ without signing up. The sign up is just so you can write your own thread if you want.

  51. Craig, Hope you’re feeling better.
    Look forward to hearing you on Imus on Monday.

  52. Posted by: warren | September 12, 2009 3:29 PM
    : “Sorry to the Bill Cristols and NeoCons – but we need to end the war on terrorism.”
    Ya, ‘cuz it interferes w/their on-going 41 year long War On Drugs failure. We have resources to wage only so many failures at one time.

  53. here’s what I learned tonight — unlike KFC, Popeyes doesn’t serve gravy in a separate container, which turns reheated mashed taters into mush

  54. Craig
    You know you shouldn’t be eating either one don’t you? :-) We don’t have universal health care yet.

    “Republican politicians have no empathy
    They only want government to intervene when they suffer personally — so let’s yank their federal health insurance.By Joe Conason”
    “Only after her husband began to disappear into the twilight of Alzheimer’s disease did Mrs. Reagan perceive the value of the kind of government action they both had spent a lifetime denigrating. Government was the problem, not the solution, according to the Reaganite dogma. But then Nancy realized that federal support for stem-cell research might someday bring relief to patients like her beloved Ronnie, and anguished families like hers. Suddenly, spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on something other than Star Wars wasn’t such a terrible idea.”

  56. “So much for Christianity and pro life.”
    Doesn’t surprise me.They care more about the idea of life than the actual quality of life,sick bastards..

  57. Looks like its time to start buying weapons and stocking up on ammo so we can protect our selves and families.
    These nuts are going to start killing politicians and we could end up with another Mira Federal Building incident.
    And this will be brought to you by your friendly Republican, Fascist, Racist, Bigoted Nazi Party.

  58. Did you people hear about the pro-lifer who was gunned down yesterday in Owosso, Mi.? He liked to stand across the street from a high school and show off his anti-abortion signs. Some guy thought they were inappropriate and drove by in a pick-up truck and shot and killed the guy yesterday. The guy in the truck had a grudge list. He killed one other man yesterday, but he was arrested before he could kill the 3rd guy on his list.

  59. My favorite radio commerical of the night: The Big 89 WLS…Home of Notre Dame football and Rush Limbaugh!

  60. Well, Corey it didn’t seem to get the same media coverage that it would have if it was a pro choice person that had been killed. Where is the outrage for this senseless killing?
    On the march in Washington: I suspect that there were many people there that voted for Hope & Change last November, but the change they are seeing is not what they expected. Many were upset back then about the uncontrolled spending and growing deficit. What they see now is even more frightening, trillions upon trillions of money borrowed against an uncertain economic future. People understand that it is unsustainable, just like the housing bubble. A failure of the government to pay it’s obligations will spawn a financial crisis that will make Annons predictions of the future seem like a Garden Party.
    Annon – if you want to stockpile arms & ammo, you have a lot of catching up to do, especially since there is a huge shortage of ammo and a backlog of orders for guns of every caliber. But just remember, if you want to possess guns, the NRA is looking out for you.

  61. While I feel for the families of both victims and the family of the shooter I say good for him.
    Its about time someone gave those anti abortionist terrorists a taste of their own medicine.
    So its one down and how many more to even the death toll by the anti abortionist terrorist mobs.
    Let them start to know the fear that doctors, nurses and other personal at clinics feel when their the target. Turn about is fair play in the war against terrorism.

  62. Well ap, I don’t share all your sentiments but you do have a point and you most certainly are consistent.

  63. Bowmanc…
    Those people had no problems when Bush\Cheney were raping, pillaging and plundering our country and are only upset because a Black man is the President now.
    Also among those attending the 9\12 rally are the same militants who blew up the Mira Federal Building. They hate all Government no matter who’s in power, Republican or Democrat.
    And the Republicans are stoking the fear and hated of anyone who is not White and if their not careful they will find themselves also being targeted by those their pandering too.
    Lincoln made a mistake when he showed compassion and mercy to the Confederate traitors and now it appears that history is once again repeating itself.
    As I saw earlier on this thread or perhaps one of the past threads was that Andersonville as well at the Fort Pillow Massacre.
    These are the type of people we are now seeing crawling out from under their rocks, rearing the ugly evil heads once again to destroy everything good and moral about our country.
    These are the Terrorist inside that will destroy our Nation unless we wake up and stop it NOW.
    Otherwise there will be another war and blood will be spilled on our streets.
    Take heed before it is too late, it will happen as history always repeats itself.

  64. Re the 60k Moron March : Where were all the white hoods and the burning cross we’ve come expect ? Thank goodness that almost all of these pale racists maggots are old and sterile.
    I was astonished to see a sign equating the President to Human Trafficking. The stupid burkes don’t know that the bushcheneygonzales crime family canned Rachel Paulose as US Attorney for prosecuting human traffickers.
    One of MN’s bigsnot republican lawyers, steve kelley, was shrieking that Paulose should prosecute White collar crime instead of putting slavers in Leavenworth. Ever since, I’ve been wondering which slave trade gang hired kelley to stop Paulose from rescuing the poor, sick, battered, enslaved women and children from commercial rape, and early death. Probably the evans gang, but who knows ?

  65. Posted by: anon-paranoid Author Profile Page | September 12, 2009 10:29 PM
    Chill out, Allen.

  66. Gophers 20 Air Force 13 final
    UoM inaugurated a new stadium. Bud Grant, the stoic Hall of Fame Vikings coach who played for the Gophers in the 1940s, openly wept while watching his beloved alma mater be embraced on its return home.

  67. Glad to see the moderates are out in force tonight. Now, we have to go all the way back to the Civil War?
    How about the Whiskey Rebellion ? That was probably the earliesy tax revolt and challange to the Federal Government. George Washington came up pretty much empty handed in that one.
    From Wikipedia:
    The militia force of 12,950 men was organized, roughly the size of the entire army in the Revolutionary War. Under the personal command of Washington, Hamilton, and Revolutionary War hero General Henry “Lighthorse Harry” Lee, the army assembled in Harrisburg and marched to Bedford, Pennsylvania the site of Washington’s headquarters, then on to western Pennsylvania (to what is now Monongahela) in October of 1794. The rebels “could never be found,” according to Jefferson, but the militia expended considerable effort rounding up 20 prisoners, clearly demonstrating Federalist authority in the national government. The men were imprisoned, where one died, while two, including Philip Vigol (later spelled Philip Wigal), were convicted of treason and sentenced to death by hanging. Washington, however, pardoned them on the grounds that one was a “simpleton,” and the other, “insane.”[7]
    See even back then protesters were being accused of mental deficiencies. Nothing has changed.

  68. Added to The List:
    Glenn Beck (called President Obama a racist) Thanks warren
    Steve Nunn (charged in the murder of his ex girlfriend)
    warren, he’ll probably like being ‘on the list’.
    And will this NEVER with these guys??????

  69. Added to The List:
    Conservatives (racists who didn’t want their children to hear the President’s school speech)
    At this rate, The List will need it’s own server

    max, please, it was not i that accused the rw of being against tattooing the citizenery. in fact my recollection of the opposition to it is just the opposite. and anyway my comments re ids were facetious and went to the impracticality of using cards (papers, or passports) as they can easily be faked, stolen etc. no, it’s the specter (spectre in caps, perhaps?) of what might come in the future with implanted micro-chips at birth so that we may more efficiently keep up and properly process from cradle to grave our fellow americans.

  71. The one size fits all apporach only worked for Frank Zappa.
    Yet another topic Max knows absolutely zero about.

  72. Thought for the day :
    ” Never say you know a man until you have divided an inheritance with him. ”

  73. Tony — I still have a bumper sticker that says “You could’a had a Hillary ’08″….ha
    He’s sure better than any Republican out there, but he’s not going to get tough. We needed tough, and we got smooth.

  74. That would be a good thing for them to cut on my tombstone: Wherever she went, including here, it was against her better judgment.
    — Dorothy Parker
    It is the best of all trades, to make songs, and the second best to sing them.
    –Hilaire Belloc
    Loss and possession, death and life are one, There falls no shadow where there shines no sun.
    –Hilaire Belloc

  75. I shoot the Hippopotamus
    With bullets made of platinum,
    Because if I use leaden ones
    His hide is sure to flatten ’em.
    -Hilaire Belloc

  76. Kentucky GOP Pol Found With Slit Wrists After Shooting Death Of Ex-Fianc

  77. Chance is perhaps the pseudonym of God when he did not want to sign.
    –Anatole France
    Devout believers are safeguarded in a high degree against the risk of certain neurotic illnesses; their acceptance of the universal neurosis spares them the task of constructing a personal one.
    –Anatole France

  78. “would have been a fighter not a wimp.”
    tony, how about “a guiness stout not a coors lite” or “sharp cheddar not tofu brie”?
    come on tmrs, it’s sunday simile time.

  79. “Especially infuriating, the self-named Mad as Hell doctors said during a town-hall meeting at the Salt Lake City Library on Saturday, is President Barack Obama’s apparent dismissal of a single-payer system which they say would insure every American and cost the least.
    Even Obama’s Wednesday night health-care speech was nothing more than “a Band-aid clinging to the edges of a gaping, stinking wound,” said Salt Lake City attorney-physician Clark Newhall, whose stemwinder call to action prompted a crowd of 75 to shout out their disapproval.
    “Health care is a right,” Newhall cried. “We have a moral obligation to take care of our fellow citizens. Everybody in! Nobody out!”
    speaking of docs, wonder what dr. dean will have to say today… isn’t he on mtp this am?

  80. “technically dassa metapho”
    sturge, poetic license. metaphor just hasn’t the same alliterate ring on sunday… course we could wait and have mournful metaphor monday.

  81. a darlin’ young lass name of emily
    decided to employ a simile
    when told “metaphor”
    she replied “Shetta door”
    it’s all in the very same femily……

  82. For all my complaints about Maureen Dowd, she hit the nail on the head today: “Boy, Oh, boy
    Anyone who participated in that march yesterday who claims they aren’t racist, didn’t have their eyes open. Look at the company you were keeping, fools. THAT is RACISM. Even if you weren’t carrying one of the signs, the people you support were and they might as well have been wearing hoods and carrying burning crosses.

  83. Pat,
    “as solar might say, we are all just one big simile in the sky”
    I love you for always thinking these type of things about me.!
    It’s that synergy thing: That makes me feel exactly like that. when we think about it like that…we are smiling with someone that is on the other side of the world……we don’t know him/her by name; but we know him/her; because we know our selves. It is it, we are it, and they are it.
    The other day we had a notice that the pasture here in our Parish that has been asked to go to another church, is finally leaving: He helped build the Lady Of The Ridge , literally: He is a pretty good carpenter, and plumber .
    This man I highly respect and know that he is doing what his god asked of him: I have never heard of him saying one disrespectful thing about another religion, another person. Just the opposite; he used to take money out of the collection plate (the only reason that I would go to mass) and give it to some family to help pay for food or for heat in the winter……He is a true christian, and has already shared his idea of heaven…….

  84. If we are ever going to have democracy in the USA we have to go to public financing of campaigns and get rid of the Senate. Wyoming has as many votes as California, which gives power to small states which are usually more conservative than the nation as a whole.
    This won’t be easy but it is a bettle worht fighting.

  85. Sea Levels Rose Two Feet This Summer in U.S. East
    But this summer, for reasons unknown, “the Gulf Stream slowed down,” Edwing said, sending water toward the coasts

  86. “I’d like to reach out to the Republican party in
    a spirit of bi-partisanship and admit that,
    some of the time, I lie.”
    -Barry Obama
    (So…can I join the country club?)

  87. What is coming out of the Senate Finance Committee is exactly what Obama wanted.
    He ALWAYS intended to drop the public option. This was all just a scam to extort more money from health industry lobbyists, and it worked.
    Unfortunately, the Dems need voters, too. Progressives and independents are going to stay home on election day 2010. Why should they vote for these lying rats?

  88. here is an idea for OSH if she can bake cakes also, A white cake topped by nuts.
    White Nut Cake!

  89. Another very difficult thing to have: If we had a flat tax,and a flat sales tax; ( lets face it-progressive tax has not worked.. that word progressive neither) not only there would be no irs, but would probably go into public financing for those that seek office. and the end or at least the end to the greedy special interest lobbyist ( the ones that it was intended for will still be able to lobby)….there are many problems that would go away, and we could follow the money a lot easier…which would also take away a lot of problems that are related ……

  90. Posted by: SolarCrete Author Profile Page | September 13, 2009 11:37 AM
    …a flat tax is a disproportionate tax on the poor.

  91. Posted by: Author Profile Page | September 13, 2009 11:51 AM
    …excuse me, I meant “sales taxes” are disproportionate taxes on the poor.

  92. Good afternoon, all–
    Fallish here, soft chill in the breeze, leaves slipping toward their brilliant last finery before winter–
    Craig, honey, that Imus thang’s awful early, and I ain’t s’ shore we git WABC here in the knobs, but we’ll see–
    Now then, off to write about an episode in my younger wilder (and yes, thinner and lither) years when I performed a fake striptease at a coworker’s Bday party–to this tune–
    Y’all have a good ‘un–;)

  93. Champ,
    Yes, if it just a sales tax, that does not take that into account: I know that it has to have a provision for this: I would think that a tax credit, voucher of some kind, or some other way of not hurting them. Sorry I should have included this with my post; got a little lazy with that.
    I like the idea that if some billionaire buys a yhat , he will pay 20% in tax for it, and he can’t escape paying this cos of some loop hole,,some for corps,,,,tweak the tax for the middle and lower incomes…and not that is not a progressive type of tax, that exists already…..We should think of all the + and – about it IMO

  94. Solar,
    Unfortunately, when high taxes are placed on luxury items such as yachts, it puts people who build yachts out of jobs. The people who can afford them, simply shop and register them in other countries. That particular tax has already been tried and discarded.
    A graduated income tax without loopholes tends to be the fairest. Our current schedule truly needs to be simplified and sources of income not dependent on salary need to be taxed.

  95. Jamie –
    I’ve know that guy longer than anyone. He made that cannon & carriage.
    Owns the Teepee we had set-up in the garden all summer.
    He makes me look like Emily Post.

  96. Jamie,
    A flat tax without loop holes…we need to think about a new way of doing things..a way that will take some of the strangle hold that the corps have around our throats…and putting a few people out of work that make yhats won’t happen if they want them….just like ending the irs will put some people out of work…but that wouldn’t bother me in the least…..put the vast amount of gm workers back to work, the few that make play yhatzee’s won’t bother me……
    ps. Lots of things have been tried and improved…thats what You/we are trying to do with health care no?

  97. Given the way Obama has handled health care reform, I am not optimistic about the rest of his presidency.
    He’s going to maintain the status quo in all areas, with just a few minimal changes.
    The MSM calls him a “realist” or a “pragmatist.” I call him just one more tool of the lobbyists.

  98. Nash,
    I don’t know you from the past. It sounds like you were/are very liberal. In the past few weeks you have been saying what I have been yelling out loud for almost a year now: I aslo agree with you-up to a point, about the indies, and the liberal staying home..
    .I don’t think that the indies will stay home, when it comes to voting time…I do think that the liberal will tho, and blame whatever happens to others…..and does all of this mean that you are now an independent? or will you go back, and vote straight Dem….just asking, and not being critical….

  99. Solar
    put the vast amount of gm workers back to work,
    If you are talking about a 20% tax on a $25,000 car, the price just went up to $30,000. By the time you charge interest on that additional $5,000 over five years, it is now over $7,000 above the price of the car.
    Sales taxes are by their very nature regressive and injure the lowest incomes simply because the wealthy can pay cash, buy in bulk, shop all over the world or negotiate from a position of strength.
    They already have those advantages without eliminating the income tax and relieving them of all responsibility for the price of citizenship.

  100. Rahm Emanuel’s (Draft) 2010 Campaign Letter to Progressives
    I know that a lot of you are angry that the President failed to live up to a single one of his promises to you, but it’s time to forget all that. We need you out there raising funds and organizing get-out-the-vote drives. You don’t want the Republicans to win, do you?
    I can promise you that, if re-elected, the President will try to advance a progressive agenda, if the Republicans will agree to work with him in a bi-partisan manner. If not, we’ll have to cave in again and do things their way. But it’s better to have half a loaf than no loaf at all. (In fact, it’s better to have no loaf, if you accept that logic.)
    So send us your cash, work those webpages, and vote for Democrats, even if they are Blue Dogs and stand for everything you oppose. What the hell, they call themselves Democrats, and that’s good enough for me.

  101. Jamie,
    I will go with that for now…but if you pay ( it could be only 15% ) the added 20% that it will cost you, for this, and there won’t be any unions that the car corps, charge for anyway, that a wash…and now if you take away about 35-40 dollars per hr. on each, and every hr that a gm worker pays and we also share in the expense, for their benefits….thats looks like a savings to me….

  102. That is, under normal circumstances fluctuations tend to be short and small. When a drastic transition approaches, conditions fluctuate between greater extremes, and the fluctuations take longer to pass.
    Bell County , Texas north of Austin
    The northern edge of the extreme 2 year drought area, and record heat this summer.
    ” The highest rainfall total reported in Bell County was at the Williamson County line where 12.9 inches fell from 7 a.m. to about 5 p.m. Friday, said Matt Mosier, meteorologist for the National Weather Service in the Fort Worth office.”

  103. Solar:
    I’m a left-wing liberal. I won’t vote for Obama again. I’ll leave that part of the ballot blank and vote for Democrats for state and Congressional offices.
    I can’t speak for other progressives but I suspect that many of them feel as betrayed as I do, and they will not donate money to Obama or work for his re-election in 2012. I think he will be a one-term president.
    I don’t understand Obama. He spits in the faces of progressives who got him elected, but he wants to make deals with conservatives who are trying to incite racist paranoid loonies to kill him. Truly bizarre.

  104. If Santorum wants to run for office he may want to try to fix what happens when you google Santorum

  105. fairweather: What would happen if a shopping mall, which is private property, put up metal detectors at the entrances and would not allow guns inside?
    Big business vs the Gun Nuts. I wonder how the right-wingers on the Supreme Court would handle that.

  106. Nash,
    Thank you for that honest answer. The reason that I asked is that I also have been talking about a third party……I get all of the stock answers to this….you know: We already have one…we can vote them out,,,or it will take an act of congress…..these thing are known to me, and other indies; but we also know that this type of thinking is how all of this came about….
    Another thing that I have been talking about: Is the possibility of a large group of people from both party’s that are fed up, and pissed off enough to become indies….and thereby creating a large enough middle of the road third party from within…just sayin..
    I like some ideas of both party’s, but will always side with the liberals…but we just can’t be like the cub fans and wait until next time…this aint’ about a small amount of people, its about the whole country……including us Atheist…welcome to the indies..I hope…thanks.

  107. Jamie,
    You don’t have to eliminate Unions…just the waste. The way they are now…was a good thing in the past…itodays world. they are just another form of uncontrolled greedy corporation,….that is the bad things about them. when is the last time that we saw, or heard where all of the money that is given to them,,,we never did..
    We need to take every thing apart, and do it right..or we will be right back to this point later on….well my family will be A( the young ones) we are suffering what you want to keep in place….this is how the D’s and the R’s have us by the short hairs…the enrons, the banks, all of them rely on this type of thinking…
    .I gave this as one of the way';s that we can get rid of lot of things……in what way do suggest that we get rid of the money that it takes to run for office….look at how much is spent on the local levels…for even dog catcher…we are spending millions…..well not we…the corps…..are you for them-then?

  108. In the last decade there has been no new job growth. We are sitting at 10% unemployment. Most of those people are simply unnecessary even with future job growth simply because they represent dying industries and outmoded jobs. The growth in the numbers of people out of work longer than four months who have exhausted benefits is growing.
    We need to figure out what to do with “redundant” people. In Britain they actually declare them “redundant” or unneeded and pay them a hefty sum of money that comes from the employer or if employer insolvent from public funds.
    This doesn’t solve the problem of unnecessary people in the long run when we have fewer or more complicated jobs courtesy of technology and more and more people who want to work but have neither the skills or education required.

  109. Jamie,
    Im not talking about the gm worker, specifically…im talking about a flat sales tax, and a flat income tax that imo will lead to a better way of life…tweak the damn thing and have ulteristic clauses in them…but do something about the way that the corps run our lives…we will be total slaves to them… in the very near future…that is if we are not now…….the corps own the R’s and the D’s …….what are you suggesting that we do??? this is what is redundant…the D’s and the R’s thats what…and their failed policies…..

  110. Can everyone stop calling everyone else a racist (in general public discourse, not referring to any comments here)? If you’re an American, you’re probably a racist. If you’re not an American, you’re definitely a racist.

  111. DL,
    ” If you’re not an American, you’re definitely a racist.”
    So everyone who isn’t an American hates other people other than their own? Huh?

  112. “Can everyone stop calling everyone else a racist”
    dark, well, it would be more fun to talk about the congress critter’s raciness. who’s racier than whom or who’s the raciest of all.

  113. Leave it to the truly ignorant of history to pick the logo of the SDS & Weather Under Ground as their symbol too.

  114. feel free to use the as a guide in comparing are favorite congress critters’ raciness:

  115. oh where are the wilbur millses and fannie foxes? they just don’t make em like that nowadays. you know good ole wholesome type skinny dippers in the reflecting ponds of life

  116. Okay DL. All those lily white on white protestors are just thrilled with their half black president. They never once harbored the idea that could even remotely be called hatred and nowhere in their ignorant midst is the one guy with a gun or nitro who thinks God is on his side when he shoots at the duly elected leader of the country or decides to blow up another building.

  117. Okay, it’s time for dumping the public option in favor of what the country really needs, Single-Payer.
    I, for one, stopped harping about Single-Payer because the administration indicated that they wouldn’t support it while they would go to the fence for the public option.
    Lying basturds.

  118. one of freddy the pigs poems
    While I croon a verse
    In praise
    Of the universe.
    The universe is quite good-sized,
    And is, I think, well organized,
    Containing as it does, a slew
    Of stars and planets. Comets too
    Occasionally whiz about
    And dodge and circle in and out
    Among the clustered nebulae.
    They scare the dickens out of me,
    But I suppose they know their stuff
    And are expert and quick enough
    To keep from bumping or colliding
    With other worlds. But I’m residing
    At present on the planet, earth,
    And it does not arouse my mirth
    To see these reckless comets fly
    Around as if they owned the sky.
    It’s much too dangerous in a crowd,
    And really shouldn’t be allowed.
    Yet tho there’s nothing to prevent
    Bad manners in the firmament,
    The heavenly bodies, generally,
    Are well behaved and courteously
    Avoid all quarrels and disputes-
    Tho when they have them, they are beauts.
    As to the universe’s size,
    It’s rather large than otherwise,
    Containing stars and galaxies
    And satellites of all degrees.
    And some are dim and some are bright,
    But all are lighted up at night,-
    Mostly along the Milky Way-
    A quite remarkable display.
    Some scientific fellows hope
    By peering thru a telescope
    To chart the heavens and name each star
    Of all the billions that there are.
    More sensible I think it is
    Just to sit back and let them whiz
    Along on their accustomed track
    Around and round the zodiac.
    For since they are not bothering me
    I think it’s best to let them be.
    And that is all I have to say
    About the universe today.
    from Freddy and the Spaceship

  119. Went down to the Spark Lab , listened to Ravel …. Rare treat , just me & Lola the “Little Dog”, and the Spark Lab. God I love that shop.

  120. Hope all you folks are voting on the linked site as well as naming books here. :-)
    The very first book that I read was “The Bumper Book” that I got the Xmas before turning three. The one that hooked me totally was the first Dr. Suess, “And To Think that I Saw It on MUlberry Street” that I read at four. Loved the whole idea of imagining a world even better than reality.

  121. One of my great loves, is seeing a strange shop. I never cared what was being made there.

  122. Under my feet at my first home world –
    “Sound Beats Print … Pictures Beat Sound”

  123. I’m going to punch Glenn Beck’s brain out. I can’t help myself, he’s thrown the gloves in my lap.

  124. CBob
    David Schuster picked up on it and has tweeted pictures of the symbol through the years and tweeted
    DavidShuster RT @gottalaff teabaggers 9-12 logo based on socialist/communist design. Oops.

  125. Nash..I don’t feel betrayed by Obama. This is what I expected from him.
    Fortunately, he had a big lead in the polls in my state so I was able to write in Hillary Clinton for President.

  126. I drove by the Capitol yesterday and saw the teabaggers leaving their rally.
    A very white, white, middle-aged crowd with hairstyles from 40 years ago..

  127. Maybe it’s time for a Health Care Insurance Reform Party to run candidates for Congress – especially against the dam’ blue fox Dems.

  128. Remember Beck is an art historian.
    ” Mr. Beck are you as extreme as Smith and Carlos at the 68′ Olympics ?
    You both chose the clenched fist as your symbol ? ”

  129. CBob
    His family isn’t mentioned here, but I worked with the brother of Lee Evans at Dole in San Jose. At the time Lee was in training for the 72 olympics, his brother drowned. It hit him pretty hard. Whether or not it affected his individual performance, he probably would have protested and been suspended from relay.

  130. I really should have added this news with it:
    “The successful test results may double anticipated stockpiles of the vaccine and make more shots available in developing countries, Cox said today. The U.S. is in

  131. I can do the clenched fist thing, but it takes awhile in the morning before i can make a fist these days……….

  132. 60,000 – 70,000 Marching Morons means that the Ohio State Buckeyes are way more important than stopping health insurance reform.

  133. Posted by: xrepublican Author Profile Page | September 13, 2009 10:24 PM
    Exactly. That was kind of my point earlier. Hell, I think the Montreal Expos were pulling 13,000 a night during the twilight of that franchise.

  134. In 1968, hitler’s brown noser, republican avery brundage, was still mismanaging the US Olympics, right ?

  135. friend of mine: i don’t know what this country’s coming to when the president of the united states can’t even recite the pledge of allegiance…….that’s been with us since the founding fathers saying that pledge……it’s one nation “under god”… and he’s a muslim, that ain’t even the same god…..his god is atta and our god is abba…….the first word a baby says is “abba” and that means “father” or god……..that really chaps my ass when you go to the catholic church and they call their preacher “father”…….there’s only one father and that’s god……(at this point i interjected, “Yay god” to quote norm macdonald)……and it went on from there………..

  136. finally when he became lost in the woods and began to go in circles i steered him to his truck so i could get on with the task at hand…….

  137. don’t swine flu vaccinations mean that a lot of people will be walking around with a low grade swine flu?

  138. i just figure that i can’t afford the swine flu so i wont be getting it………….

  139. Well it looks like that coward Republican, Fascist, Racist, Bigoted, Nazi Joe Wilson has redirected the majority of his Government web site to a biography of him.
    I guess he couldn’t stand the heat of his remarks and although I didn’t try them all, but all those I did try went to his biography.
    The House needs to censure him and not the garbage there talking about currently. Once again the Democrats have shown they have no balls and do not know how to lead.
    The Democrats are just as much a shame to America as the Republicans now if they let his remarks stand.
    I hope there ready to lose plenty of seats in 2010 if they don’t start supporting the 70% of Americans who approve of Obama’s policies instead of listening and caving to the 30% Fascist, Racist, Bigoted Nazi’s on the Republican side of the aisle.
    Good night.

  140. Don’t worry about the cost of treatment, Sturg. They have Typhoid Mary’s island waiting vacant–they call it the public option.

  141. Life on the island was a mixture of serenity and isolation. Though it was located just hundreds of yards from the coast of the Bronx, it had a certain country feel to it. “This is heaven,” one visitor remarked when she first set foot on the island. “It’s delightful, other-worldly, unlike New York City” (Bourdain). For Mary though, the experience was different. “A few more years of this kind of life and I shall go insane,” she once told reporters from Life magazine. “I have committed no crime, but am innocent. I am doomed to be a prisoner for life!” (July 20, 1909).
    For the next twenty-three years, she lived in isolation on North Brother Island in the same cottage where she was imprisoned years before. To her detriment, Mary never understood typhoid fever. She never believed that she had the disease because she was never ill. She could not accept the fact that some people can contract a mild case of typhoid, which could resemble a bout with the flu, and continue to spread the disease even after a complete recovery.
    It is difficult to assess the damage caused by Mary’s refusal to acknowledge her sickness. At least three deaths were attributed to her and possibly hundreds of cases of typhoid as well. Some researchers blame the start of the famous Ithaca epidemic of 1903 on her though there is no hard evidence this is true (Gibbons). Nor was she the only healthy carrier during that period. Health officials know that between two and three percent of all typhoid cases can develop into carriers. Because New York City experienced at least 4,000 cases of typhoid in 1910, that would indicate approximately 90 new carriers in that year alone.

  142. The thought of a scarborough – santorum empty/stuffed shirt ticket is so repulsive that I had to think a super counter-ticket :
    Hillary Clinton and Ron Reagan Jr.
    I’ve also been day-dreaming about a palin – bachmann tin hat, wrist-slitting, Bambi-murderin’, Death Panel approving, Exxon & CHEEzus ticket. We could elect them. Then in 2 years madcop sarah could abdicate to take a better paying job, leaving us alone in this country with a sort of female heliogabalus.

  143. kanye west and joe wilson have a lot in common……..common being the operative word……..common as pig’s tracks, as me old granny used to say…….

  144. Life’s journey is not to
    arrive at the grave safely
    in a well preserved body,
    but rather to skid in sideways,
    totally worn out, shouting
    ‘..holy crap!! ….what a ride!’
    –george carlin

  145. Good morning..
    So did anyone send Bachman a razor blade with a note to carry out her blood oath and slash her wrists for the benefit of the country?
    If not you need too.

  146. patd…
    Sorry, couldn’t help myself after just catching up all the comments from after I went to bed last nite.
    I’ll leave you all alone, goodbye.

  147. Anon — the past couple of mornings I click on here and see increasingly violent-sounding “blood-in-the-streets” posts by you. I really wish you’d see someone about this.

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