Obama’s Mixed Racial Message

White House silence in the latest race debate suggests a pattern. Ever since the flap over his fiery pastor, Jeremiah Wright, nearly scuttled his budding 2008 nomination campaign, President Barack Obama seems more willing to engage a race debate when blacks are attacked — and lately he tends to side with the attackers.

When whites are attacked he backs off, taking care to avoid joining the attack. Most recently, by keeping mum about Rep. Joe Wilson’s insults and the ensuing claims that the South Carolina Republican was motivated by racism. Look at how quickly he caved in the Henry Louis Gates Jr. matter, retracting his words that the white police officer in the case “acted stupidly.”

While off the record, Obama was harsh in his comments this week about a black rap singer who interrupted a white singer’s acceptance speech at the MTV video awards, calling Kanye West a “jackass.” And in prepared speeches to black audiences Obama likes to deliver tough remarks — telling black fathers “any fool could have a child” and, in a speech to the NACCP, urging more focus on education in black culture by saying “No excuses! No excuses!”


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  1. Had to read the lines about who was being attacked twice to make sure I translated correctly…the words could be misinterpreted….might clarify….

  2. Ah the selective ability to continue in a campaign mode.
    The reaction for Kanye West was more of a “Hip” thing for this young President – nothing to do with Race.
    The true point is when you do not bring up Race at all. That you have moved past and hold no prejudice.
    Is it the Racist that calls out Racism?

  3. oh, those mixed racial messages. You mean positive messages, urging responsibility? That’s a refreshing change from the other racial stuff we’ve been reading about. I posted a comment on the past thread just before this one opened, and I’m linking it. It’s David Brooks, citing lots of information that doesn;t lead to his conclusion.
    and there were these, too.
    That last one is Krugman on the Baucus plan – and worth a look.

  4. Take the Pebble from my hand, grasshopper. Ping, you’re a son of the south, and should know that the actions of the racists and sons of racists included that projection to try and tun the race debate on its head beginning in the 60s. Oh they’ll go to the odd soul food restaurant or rib joint, or will buy food from a group of black reunioners in DC, and claim that shows their criticism couldn’t be racist, but mixing to buy food ain’t post racial. (Check out Brooks’ column today for a wonderful example of missing one of the points).
    Yes, it is just coincidence that the teabaggers and anti-reformer screamers are almost exclusively white.

  5. This post confused me…I guess nothing about race in America is simple, though. Prez Obama will, without a doubt, be asked about Prez Carter’s comments on the Sunday shows.
    As for Mr. West, the reaction to his behavior seems to be univesal. Kanye is a uniter, not a divider.

  6. “Obama’s Mixed Racial Message”
    his very existence is one. and a positive one to most of us.

  7. http://blogs.cqpolitics.com/trailmix/2009/09/obamas-mixed-racial-message.html#comment-261004
    And it was in the South that many blacks were first to become fire chiefs, police heads, State officials etc. Your history is just plain wrong. The first black US Representitive, Senator and Governor were from the South. As I said, police cheifs, fire chiefs and other local officials (often times in predominantly white areas -see Kansas) were first elected in the South.
    And of course NP, how could you ignore that while the the North prodded by Lincoln supported abolition, support that went back to the Federalists including Hamiliton and Adams, the general population was hardly thrilled. To give you just one example: the NYT advocated setting the first slave trader to be hung, to go free. They wanted just a fine for the fine man. When Lincoln blasted this attitude and refused to pardon the man, New York press reversed themselves and suported the President. One should not be spell bound by myth.

  8. I couldn’t stop laughing at Ernie’s comment on Fox last night highlighted on the Daily Show. His co-anchor’s look was priceless, just priceless. For all who missed it, see AP’s headlines.
    On two very important fronts that Obama put a lot of weight to, big problems persist. The MIddle East strategy is failing to produce results. Without getting into it now, one aspect of the problem is here: http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1251804594055&pagename=JPost/JPArticle/ShowFull There was a series of false assumptions from the start, which by the way plague other domestic and foreign policy strategies.
    The healthcare bill is now going through yet another round of trouble.
    All in all, with ACORN, racial diversion, the IAEA report (which totally refutes Democratic denial of Iranian progress), the MIddle East, healthcare it has been one of the most dreadful weeks for Democrats.
    And I didn’t add the hypocritical reversal of the law in MAss to help Democrats. I am not gloating. My remarks seek to reform the Liberal strategy, not sink it and I am getting tired of being right.

  9. Seems to me that ACORN, Fannie and Freddie have all joined “states rights” in the list of code phrases.

  10. Corey — yours was definitely the best!
    “alltrueman wrote:
    Don’t make me go Serena on you, Kanye!”

  11. http://blogs.cqpolitics.com/trailmix/2009/09/obamas-mixed-racial-message.html#comment-261006
    Without taking it the wrong way, there is some factual basis to the rumor that Obama’s mother never dated a white man, nor did she want to. Do you find this strange? And that her finding Obama’s father, a man not likely to be a good father, produced Obama not to long after dating.
    As for the result, I too think Obama speaks volumes just being who he is. No matter what the outcome, I think his ability to rise is a profound American achievement, long over due. It make take longer for a Jew, or even a woman.

  12. max, that argument is wrong. I’ve lived the history of post 60s racial affairs in the south. Great strides were made in the south – even Birmingham has had a couple of AA mayors, but that does not mean that Birmingham is post racial. It means that because of a combination of increased AA voter participation and white flight to the ‘burbs, a different voting pattern exists there. Nevermind AA officials, how many Dem Senators are from AL, MS, GA, FL, AK, LA, TX, TN, … In the mid 70s the VP of the U of AL student body and the Associate VP of student affairs was an AA – who left AL to go to the Rutgers Livingston campus, was an AA – while one fraternity was still hiring poor blacks from the projects to serve drinks to college boys and girls dressed as confederate generals and their wives at their “Old South” party. Those 2 AAs were good friends of mine, as was the nephew of Bull Conner – who was just as unrepentent inthe 70s as he had been in the 60s when he turned the dogs and firehoses on the AA protesters and the nephew of George Wallace, who did not share his uncle’s “states’ rights” views, which he had given up to get the black vote as he ran for his last term as governor. You do not know of what you speak when you speak of the south. It has made its fair share of racial progress, but if you think that generalizes to the population and politics of the south as a whole, you are sadly mistaken. And just as I don’t assume every Repug is racist or that no Dems are, I don’t attribute all of the criticism of Obama to racisim, nor do I dismiss it as not a factor motivating the criticism.
    We’ll have to see how the Obama influence works with the healthcare initiative. The crafting of the legislation is early yet. and the economy is looking better. The wuestion will be how well he is able to influence the Dems. The Repugs are a non-issue at this point.

  13. I’ve decided that with the right it is only racism with a small percentage, but it is xenophobia for all of them. It is total fear of the “different” and “change”. It doesn’t matter whether the “other” is gay, black, Mexican, feminists, muslims …. anything bigger than their local Chinese restaurant scares them. Their 1950s view of light, bright, white, well behaved and powerful America is under attack. This has one small problem. That America never really existed except in the manicured lawns of all white suburbia. (Don’t tell them about the tax rates then or how much money actually went to schools and infrastructure)
    It doesn’t help that they are egged on by bloviators on FOX TV and Right Wing radio pointing out to them how much the world has changed and that the big bad boogeyman is the government giving goodies to all the “others”. Don’t tell them that one of the biggest chunks of government money is going to Medicare and them. They just don’t want to know that one of the “others” might get it.
    There has always been a thread of violence running through the right wing. The left had its wackos like the weathermen, but not this constant thread through that side of the policial spectrum.
    So no it isn’t just racisim. It is a political view that all CHANGE is bad, and like all paranoids they make up things that scare them such as the Government Takeover of their lives. Boehner even said it yesterday. They are scared that the world they have known is disappearing. Scared people are dangerous people and race is only one of the items scaring them.

  14. Good morning to you too Pogo…
    Nice too see you finally got some time online.
    Well back to work now.

  15. “…I’m hangin’ out in a motel room, watching the teevee…”
    Pogo, is this the long-weekend you promised Mrs P?

  16. http://blogs.cqpolitics.com/trailmix/2009/09/obamas-mixed-racial-message.html#comment-261014
    There are times when you throw out sentences that I read and just shake my head trying to figure out what you might have actually meant because what you typed sounds so really, really bad.
    Obama’s mother was a teenager in college in the 60s. Unlike today’s teens who may have been “hooking up” since high school, I doubt her “dating” experience was that long. It was also a time of protest and movements. One of the ways for young women then to protest was by dating men of other groups which probably explains his father who was also a college student. Her life in Hawaii probably explains his stepfather.
    Hawaii was very much mixed race. In fact that was one of the things that led to the south protesting its admission in the 1950s I still remember the cartoon that went around at the time of a black man holding a white woman’s hand and the black man was labeled Hawaii and the white woman America. It was only by pairing Alaska (Republican) and Hawaii (Democratic) that it could get in and Alaska technically went first as 49 with Hawaii as 50.
    All those races were great to visit for the tropical breezes but you wanted to come home to your white suburb and watch Harry Owens and his royal hawaiians on your black and white TV.

  17. Flatus, LOL. No, unfortunately she’s back home. It’s not nearly as satisfying as it would have been were she here.

  18. “President Barack Obama seems more willing to engage a race debate when blacks are attacked.”
    I don’t get this Craig and I think you are jumping to conclusions and ignoring other influences.
    Remember Obama was not quick to address the Rev. Wright controversy either. He tried to move around – until it reached a fever pitch and he was forced to address it. (He did a nice job when he did too.)
    Now – Obama is focused on healthcare – and he knows adressing these racial issues – no matter how important – is getting him off message from his primary legislative goal right now.

  19. jamie, your take is probably close to the truth. A little of this, a lot of that…
    Well, I’ve got to go do some work – but watch out, I’ll lurk.

  20. Max,
    Just when I’m beginning to mellow toward you, you “throw up” a line like this:
    “Without taking it the wrong way, there is some factual basis to the rumor that Obama’s mother never dated a white man, nor did she want to. Do you find this strange? And that her finding Obama’s father, a man not likely to be a good father, produced Obama not to long after dating.”
    WTF is that supposed to mean? What is the ‘right’ way to take it.
    That could easily be taken as a racist statement.

  21. inspiration of the day:
    establish a separate region for the world’s extremists to duke it out amongst themselves. send them all to maybe antartica or the moon. composed of the states fatahfanatastan, radirightistan and looneyleftistan, with a catchall for the rest, crazystan. sort of a disneyesque place that we can electronically look in virtually from time to time like that new giant superdome in dallas. all countries can pitch in a certain amount of essentials support (at a fraction of cost that usually goes to national defense). it would be cheaper and safer for the rest of us.

  22. And, Craig, baby, love you, but I can’t figure your posting out — it doesn’t quite make sense to me.

  23. This morning’s local news showed the Acorn office here in Columbia being closed.

  24. http://blogs.cqpolitics.com/trailmix/2009/09/obamas-mixed-racial-message.html#comment-261018
    Well NP, as I head out the door I notice your post. Okay, one last response. I never lived in the South but several blogging associates with some very distinguished credentials have explained the history to me. I will try to see if Tully would care to comment. He is from Kansas and has really nailed this topic being among many things a political consultant for Democrats and Republicans. There is one thing that really gets him mad and it is the characterizations of the “South” and of Conservatives being significantly more racist than Liberals.
    I will say that Democrats in the South were quite racist until recently while Republicans were the party of Lincoln. Before the sixties, blacks voted Republican. It is well documented that blacks suffered serious racism in the North after the Civil War particularly because of a fight for jobs. You were in the south, but I was in the north from Chicago all the way to New York. We all know the racism in the north. Sharpton bitches about it every week. He fabricated abuse once to tar the NYPD. The basic arguement that somehow REPUBLICANS are more prone to racism and that DEMOCRTATS are somehow the liberal and tolerant light is LARGELY MYTH these days. No doubt you have different experiances.
    Are there racist Republicans, you bet. And their concentrations of intolerant rednecks are not limited to the south. Are there more racists in Republican bastions that Liberals ones? Probably, but my long experiance among many “liberal” immigrants to America I have met in NYC who are registered Democrats show serious racism. Let me put it another way. Many Indians feel the lighter you are, the better. My ex Russian girlfriend introduced me to a Russian community that is largely black disliking. I hope they don’t put a hit out on me for saying that, I won’t make a generalization, but the equation many Liberals try to promote is plain wrong and so far, it has no place in the healthcare debate. Period. Many are shocked to learn about New Yorker’s sentiment back when the NYT ran editorials seeking the pardon of slave traders. It was Lincoln who hund the bastards instead.
    One last thing. Obama diverted his healthcare speech with a stab at Gate’s treatment. I did not see a word from him regarding a group of blacks beating up a white student on a bus. Nor did I see Sharpton speaking out. If the game is to jump at the race card when it serves partisan interets and be silent when it does not so as to inflame Republican sentiment with gross bias so they get more beligerent, how is this not bizzaro Rove in reverse? This is a completely discredited approach that will lead nowhere good. Obama might have uttered jackass on twitter, but not a word of disgust for that viral bus beating video. That was an opportunity lost. And I think this issue is what Craig is talking about. We do not see a Presdient rising above race, but often one seeking to distance himself from the issue that usually backfires in his face.
    Got to go…..

  25. Max,
    You were told at least twice yesterday that the beating on the bus while black on white had nothing to do with race. No racial epithets were exchanged. It was about bullying and seating. That doesn’t make it right, but your continuing to label it as a black “racist” example is just more of the FOX style blathering.
    I not you don’t mention the white guy who beat up the black woman soldier in front of her daughter while calling her every name in the book. That was a racist, hate crime attack and will be prosecuted as such.
    It is this “selective” view of race that seems to permeate your writing. I will give you the fact that prejudice existed in all parts of the US. It was just more obvious in the South with its segregated de jure system rather than in the north with its segregated de facto variety.
    I remember “block busting” in the early 60s when the greatest shock was a black family buying a house on your previously all white block in California.

  26. LMAO Jamie! Great post. And this was the best of it:
    “… It doesn’t matter whether the “other” is gay, black, Mexican, feminists, muslims …. anything bigger than their local Chinese restaurant scares them.”

  27. craig,
    watched an old rerun of “charlie wilson’s war” last night?
    as flatus pointed out your second paragraph needs a second look.

  28. Nash, I actually think you are quite funny and I do see your sacrcasm. I wasn’t quite sure where you were coming from yesterday, but I understand. Thanks and Forget it. My picture of you is running around your backyard with an M-16 and bandana on acid while watching Brando utter, “the horror, the horror”. Just kiddin….
    Seriously, we all exaggerate to make our points and I actually give people credit for principle. You are somewhat of a “purist”. I get that. And I read back on some of my rants and wonder how you all survived them. Simple, you all scrolled down, quickly.
    I think I was the first to rudely beat up on your comments several weeks ago, not understanding the character you are. Sorry about your situation. Anyway, you all enjoy and be nice, I am really late now………..

  29. Nash
    My granddaughter is in the English for Internationals course at USC. One of the frustrated staff members, talking out of school, said the Chinese students are very well-to-do and have absolutely no developed common sense. She attributes that to the one child per family rule in China with the single children being doted upon for every whim and fancy. As a result, they can’t even boil an egg.

  30. Why does MSNBC give air time to nuts like Orly Taitz? It is one thing to present an opposing side to something and another to just plain insult your audience,. Over to CNN until safe to return.

  31. From HuffPo: Noble Prize winning economist says recession will last until 2012…
    “Stiglitz paints a picture of a U.S. economy that has stanched the most serious bleeding but remains deeply wounded. “I think we would be lucky to be out of the recession by 2012,” Stiglitz says. “2010 may be a year of positive growth, though far weaker than would be necessary to get unemployment down significantly.” Central to the grim diagnosis, Stiglitz says, is the lack of new jobs — an argument echoed by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, which this week said high unemployment in the world’s wealthiest countries could last years.”

  32. One last thing. Obama diverted his healthcare speech with a stab at Gate’s treatment. I did not see a word from him regarding a group of blacks beating up a white student on a bus. Nor did I see Sharpton speaking out. If the game is to jump at the race card when it serves partisan interets and be silent when it does not so as to inflame Republican sentiment with gross bias so they get more beligerent, how is this not bizzaro Rove in reverse? This is a completely discredited approach that will lead nowhere good. Obama might have uttered jackass on twitter, but not a word of disgust for that viral bus beating video. That was an opportunity lost. And I think this issue is what Craig is talking about. We do not see a Presdient rising above race, but often one seeking to distance himself from the issue that usually backfires in his face.
    And how would you comment on this story from 9\15\2009?
    A man beat an Army reservist in front of a Morrow, GA. Cracker Barrel, yelling racial slurs at her as he kicked her in the head, Morrow police said. The assault happened in front of the woman

  33. Last sentence should read:
    As a result, they can’t even boil water, much less an egg.

  34. This blog is not operating as it usually does. It’s not automatically refreshing when I login.
    I have to manually refresh each time I login.
    (I hate manual labor.)

  35. http://blogs.cqpolitics.com/trailmix/2009/09/obamas-mixed-racial-message.html#comment-261038
    Oh excuse me Jamie, when I saw a group of black students beat up a white student while other blacks laughed and looked on, it struck me as racist. Kind of the reaction I had when watching the King video. It certainly LOOKED more straight forward than the Gates affair.
    Was the formula not using racials slurs? Do you think this would happen if that student was white and had some white buddies looking on. I will be curious to learn more details, but at least you might agree that no matter the spin, Sharpton would have been there no matter what if the situation was reversed. And isn’t that a valid point? I certainly denounce every racial crime I see, so I question your use of selective in my observations. I would be careful ascribing to me any racism. You would be barking up the wrong tree. We can pick this up later because my client will get very pissed if I don’t show up.
    Thanks for correcting me, if indeed your info is correct.

  36. Nash
    I always have to refresh to get new comments. Could it be your computer settings saving images of the last visit?

  37. Black commentators that I respect are supporting Obama’s handling of racism. They point out that not all the criticism is based on race, and it’s better to be cautious when playing the race card.

  38. jamie: This need to manually “refresh” just started yesterday. In the past, whenever I left & came back, the TrailMix blog automatically refreshed.

  39. Hey Corey you wuz robbed!
    It’s the New Year starting tonight
    L’shanah tovah (“for a good year”). This is a shortening of “L’shanah tovah tikatev v’taihatem” (or to women, “L’shanah tovah tikatevi v’taihatemi”), which means “May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year.”
    May all the trailmixers be inscribed in the Book of Life.

  40. jamie:
    re: your earlier comment on Adam Smith, the father of modern capitalist conomics.
    Smith actually supported trade unions as a counter balance to the power of employers in a locality to fix wage rates. It’s right there in “The Wealth of Nations.”
    Most conservative ideologues have never actually read that book, which is easy to read, compared to most economics texts. It’s a good “beach book.”

  41. http://blogs.cqpolitics.com/trailmix/2009/09/obamas-mixed-racial-message.html#comment-261055
    That is always my point. Smith has a definite ethical underpinning to capitalism and a recognition that unless the labor that creates the wealth is sheltered the wealth will crash.
    As corporations chase lower and lower wages and profits are short term, way out of line with reason and unsupported by actual value, the house of cards has crashed and none of the mechanisms that built that house have actually been corrected.
    I’m afraid the guy who doesn’t see a real turn around until 2012 is correct and with virtually all labor intensive jobs, except those most necessarily local, moving to the third world nations, jobs aren’t likely to recover here.
    More than ever, education and new industry is becoming drastically necessary. You have to wonder what will happen to the under educated and technically deficient.

  42. Nash
    Yes it is. It’s the view from the Merced River. It’s been up for a while and I’m thinking of changing to another view.

  43. Make of it what you will–interesting obervations– it seems that conservatives are deliberately using what liberals have relied on to get their message across.
    “The irony thus far seems to have been lost on the left, however, which has mostly voiced either disbelief or derision that the conservatives would be so shameless–or so clueless….
    And some of it is already working, notes Lakoff: In the health care debate, he says, the right has taken ‘all the progressive arguments and made them conservative arguments.’
    Says Prof. Zelizer: ‘The tactics can be powerful. Direct
    confrontation, community organizing, in your face politics, as we’ve seen in August,
    can get a lot of media attenion & can scare politicans away from taking certain positions.”
    “Conservatives use liberal playbook”

  44. flatus: I can’t wait to see how the Chinese students and the students from northern Maine interact.
    Not only do our kids know how to boil an egg, most of them can fix a car, cut down a tree with a chainsaw, and kill a moose with one shot. (And that’s the girls.)

  45. You know why the bus-driver did nothing to the assailants on that bus in St. Louis? Because he’s scared shitless of those kids… for good reason.

  46. Things may be turning around regarding the public option.
    Republican Senator form Maine and member of the finance committee, Olympia Snowe, is actually to the left of Max Baucus. If she doesn’t deliver some kind of public option she’ll be in trouble with the voters of Maine.
    We have two Republican senators but both of our house reps are Dems and Dems control both houses of the state legislature & the governorship.
    Mainers are either moderate Republicans (a rare breed these days) or moderate Democrats. Maine is a poor state, the poorest in New England. We have tens of thousands of people who have just a little too much income to get Medicaid, but have no access to employer health insurance.
    The emergency room is their primary care physician.
    We’ve got lots of sick kids with bad teeth and malnutrition. People have this romantic notion of Maine (lighthouses, lobsters, etc). The reality, especially in the rural inland areas is very different.

  47. KGC,
    Thanks for remembering us trailmixers. And to you
    wishes for a good year. Happy Rosh Hashanah.

  48. I think Obama just doesn’t want to appear to be showing favortism, so he is trying not to say anything that can be twisted into something it’s not.
    This article is from back in July, when Obama addressed the NAACP, but covers some of the stuff in your blog today Craig imo (heck with it, it’s short, so I’m quoting most of it):
    Obama’s mixed message to the NAACP.
    ” black journalists I know are questioning how some media outlets – including the New York Times – seemed to jump on Obama’s pleas for more personal responsibility with headlines like “No Excuses for Failure” while downplaying other parts of his speech that talked about continuing problems with racial discrimination in America.
    Much of his speech focused on his debt to generations of black Americans who came before him, and he also talked about the problems with racial discrimination in this country that still exist.
    As our first black president, Obama made a great point about the need for blacks to take more personal responsibility and stop making excuses for failure. But what some black Americans are skeptical about was the insinuation this is a big issue for African-Americans but nobody else.
    Believe me, black people are NOT the only people who could learn to take more personal responsibility for their own actions and stop blaming other folks for their problems.
    I’m glad Obama spoke out about the subject but I also think his message was interpreted differently by some segments of the media. I think he realizes that being the first black president doesn’t eliminate racism in society – remember the Philadelphia area swim club that recently banned minority swimmers – but he also wants to acknowledge the progress that has been made.” http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/news/51036677.html

  49. I think, in other words, a lot of the confusion is caused by the media. We get bits and pieces, but some of the bits are a lot larger than the pieces are. Focusing on specific things, can end up changing the entire meaning.

  50. http://blogs.cqpolitics.com/trailmix/2009/09/obamas-mixed-racial-message.html#comment-261028
    Okay, some tools to pick up back home and I see I missed a comment that I think is important.
    I don’t have much time Joe, but perhaps in brievity, I was fuzzy. I have read a number of biographical essay’s on Obama’s mother. She had made her feelings clear to firends that report “she didn’t want to date white boys”. I think that choice is likely a true statement. I won’t go into the psychology or her feeling’s about Eisenhower’s America, but it seems clear she couldn’t wait to leave America and was very much drawn to communist ideology. After Obama’s father she married an Indonesian which seems consistent with her not wanting to be with white men, or live in the US.
    As for my comment on Obama’s father, I meant that he did not seem in word or deed to be interested in being a father or following a life that would have made him a good spouse. This has nothing to do with his race. It was simply that I rather doubt he wanted a child, to settle down in the life Obama’s mother had in mind or be a good father to Obama. He had another agenda with his career and where he wanted to travel. Again, history validates this last point and has nothing to do with Obama’s father being black.
    Perhaps Joe, you misunderstood my comments. I hope I cleared that up and as far as the bus incident, I rather doubt if that had been a black boy beaten as white students encouraged the violence, Liberals would not be so understanding of the nuances, yes? That was my point.
    People champion how liberal Obama’s mother was and herald his mixture. The later is unambiguiously true, but the former is less so. His mother had some own issues of reverse racism, though I am hardly a judge. It is interesting however, to point out again, that Obama characterized his mother as “conservative” to Mid West voters, which is hardly the case as she had considerable distain for America, spending most of her life abroad and basically abandoning Obama to his grandma. A Grandmother that Obama threw under the bus in his “race” speech. But don’t beat me up for saying all this as attacking Obama. Kudos for Obama making the best of it and not appearing a whiner or ever defeated. I am not sure I could have ever come out so intact. And I do not think Obama has failed on the race issue. I just think he has been sloopy or a no-show. The real damage has been done by his allies and the inherent racism of some on the Right. I just think that in the end, Obama has far less input on this issues as Americans think. In fact, it is a bit racist to think because he is mixed, he is some miracle worker on the psyche of the American MInd.
    Wow, that was way too long. Sorry, but that WILL DO IT UNTIL THIS AFTERNOON…..
    Well thanks TM, I have some catching up on work to do because of the addiction to you all.
    That is hot….I have to come visit….and they still shave? LOL, just a Carter moment……..of lust in my mind.

  51. Solar,
    Be sure you are on time to make the call today!
    Counting on you to make sure ‘his majesty’ is on time & gets everyone together for regular Friday lunch. Italian or seafood will do.
    And of Solar, if you were talking about/to me last night, offering the chocolate canoli is always a good thing.

  52. “I have read a number of biographical essay’s on Obama’s mother. ”
    My immediate reaction was “by whom?” and “from where?”. Again I don’t see any links or sources, just your own suppositions and quotes from unnamed people. These things might be more believable or accepted if you provided at least a smidgen of background.

  53. Coreen, I will do everything I can to make sure ‘his majesty’ is on time for a change. I think we can talk him into Italian today, which is my favorite Friday lunch, if that’s ok with you and everyone else.
    I know Friday’s a busy day for you Coreen, so I’ll pick up Solar and we’ll meet you there. As I mentioned earlier, Solar’s a little slow, so forgive us if we’re a little late.

  54. “Not only do our kids know how to boil an egg, most of them can fix a car, cut down a tree with a chainsaw, and kill a moose with one shot. (And that’s the girls.)”
    Nash, I believe you!

  55. It was a mistake to get started here this morning. I will learn that next time. Thank God my client today is presently in California.
    Jamie, I left links during the primary to posts by friends of Ann that described her personality. With all the birther crap, those links on google have been buried. The following is a very Obama-friendly review by the NYT. If you adjust for bias, then I think you will see there was a bit more than the NYT’s one line about her not wanted to date crew-cut white boys. Her history shows a romantic disinterest towards white boys and men which I characterized as a bit of reverse racism. I am no expert, nor did I say I was one.
    I will eventual refind those links that explained she was not drawn to white boys or men, which the record does show. Some have even suggested her connection to Obama’s father was a bit of revenge on her parents who did not approve at first. That she never had romantic relations with white men is a truthful statement. The entire point was that Obama was born into a rather conflicted situation on the matter of race, contrary to Liberal depictions of psychological emanicipation:
    http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/14/us/politics/14obama.html?pagewanted=2&_r=3&ref=politics&adxnnlx=1205510587-lCHC Zv3XpY 34ceX6m73A

  56. Mine host seemeth to wish to stir up the nest of the hornet. Uh–no thanks. The only interest I have in hornets’ nests is how close to the ground they hang. The old people in the knobs say if they’re high up, a mild winter–low to the ground, a hard winter.
    One thought though: we do have a tendency to be harder on those of our own race. Hence, the president calls Kanye West a jackass and announces to a black audience “any fool can father a child”–while I strongly suspect that despite all demurrals Joe Wilson would not be out of place at a Klan meeting.
    Okay. I’m goin’, I’m goin’–maybe toss a music offering through the window later–

  57. I live in the most racially and ethnically diverse neighborhood in the MN. The folks next door are Hanafi Muslim Blacks. Several of the houses are inhabited by members of a lily white, communistic, prophetic/oracular, Protestant cult. There are Sikhs across from us and Jews on the other side of the avenue. Ethnic Sengalese, Hmong, Guatemalans, Mexicans, Viet Namese, and Greeks live up and down our street : all Americans. All All-Americans. A German national lives across the back fence & 2 doors down, and a former Englishwoman turned US citizen lives across the street from him, next to an Irish citizen on one side, and a Black Minister on the other. There are a fair number of mixed couples of various combinations within a block of us, including a Black dad w/White kids and a White couple with East Asian kids.
    Ours is a middle to upper middle class, ungated community of (almost entirely) fine people, living in nicely painted, ca 1900 detached houses with boulevards and flowery yards. We are served by a Black Police Chief, a Black city councilman, an ethnic Irish Mayor, an ethnic Hmong State Representative, and an ethnic Greek Jewish State Senator. Our Congresswoman is aggressively ethnic Irish, our US Senators, Jewish and Serbian (or is it Croation?- only they can tell each other apart), and our governor is an ethnic Pole. Within a mile, we have Vietnamese, North Italian, and Thai restaurants, plus restaurants serving Tex/Mex, Tibetan/Nepalese, Russian, Chinese, North African, Turkish, and Nigerian cuisine. A pal of mine runs a little Slovenian museum in his basement.
    We are the world.
    For severaI years, I have had the good fortune to get away from MN winters, and thaw, in GA especially, but also small town FL, and big city NC. Judging from the numbers of confederate battle flag stickers on the pickups, and rants of drunks in working class bars, I have to say that the South is more racist and religionist than the Upper Midwest. (Of course, I understand that my view of the Upper Midwest is highly colored by my experience in this, admittedly unusual, neighborhood.) Some of my pals in rural & suburban GA would be horrified, if they were to see all the ethnic and racial variety that I “have to tolerate” at home. Like me, these poor racists are getting on in years. I don’t see the geezers’ bigoted attitudes and peculiar ideas showing up much in their kids and grandkids, so there is hope for a bright future. Let’s all just be patient.

  58. PS Craig, his name’s Addison Graves (“Joe”) Wilson, not Charles, I think?

  59. “Obama characterized his mother as “conservative” to Mid West voters, which is hardly the case as she had considerable distain for America”
    I don’t see a dichotomy between ‘conservative’ and flag waver. American states’ rights & pro-life extremists, fascists, monarchists, and racists, all exhibit both the attributes of conservatism and distain for America, whenever they express themselves. So do some Chicano and Indian traditionalists.

  60. Pogo, thanks for the link to NYT and Krugman. Unfortunately, he’s like the rest of us: watching and waiting to see where all the whatifs land.
    Nash, you don’t like ‘Manual Labor.’ He’s one of the good guys around here who can fix anything.

  61. AP, to the best of my knowledge he is on the retired list drawing pay. That puts him squarely in the bulls eye.
    In exchange for drawing pay and being able to go to the club and being called colonel, he and I can also be returned to active duty anytime our nation desires. And, that’s okay by me.

  62. The point is, the First Mom didn’t want to date crew cuts. Crew cuts being the operative phrase, I think, and I don’t blame her one bit. The thought of having a humid and tumescent relationship with any crew cut guy leaves me frigid. Honest.
    What hetero gals (or EuroTom & tony39 for that matter) see in guys bewilders me. I mean guys are great to get drunk and swap lies with, but….
    Further, I’m not even get attracted to crew cut gals. Grace Jones in ‘Conan’ didn’t light my fire. The bald Sinead O’Connor, ditto.
    So, does that make me a reverse racist, a reverse sexist or both ? A male hairist pig ?

  63. crackers – Thank you for the New Year’s blessing. Good Rosh Hashanah to you.
    Fairweather – Point made in your second paragraph about West & Wilson.
    But I was so proud of us last January; I thought we had come so far. It’s definitely not a clear-cut thing. I got home early the other day & Tyra Banks (yep) was doing a show on race, specifically, bi-racial people. It was sad to hear some people deny part of their heritage. Kudos to her for getting people to talk openly about it, though. Sunlight.
    And what happened to the core issue? What happened to health care? With Sarah Palin out of the picture, Faux had to play the race card. I still don’t understand why Jimmy Carter chimed in, though.

  64. Posted by: Flatus | September 18, 2009 12:39 PM : “XR, you couldn’t force me to live in a gated community.”
    That’s a good thing, ‘cuz I wouldn’t want to inflict that on a nice fella like you.
    However, I have a bro-in-law who lives in a lovely, low security, fully-integrated gated community in Long Beach, CA. The gates seem to be there to keep out magazine sellers, boom cars, and good humor trucks.
    Btw, I forgot to mention our gas station around the corner and over one street, the convenience store a block away from it, and the sandwich shop 3 blocks east of it, all ethnic Palestinian Muslims.

  65. Max — It’s clear that you know very little about women, particularly 60s women. Some women are simply attracted to different kinds of men. For example, I can’t remember ever having the slightest interest in blonde haired guys. I always preferred darker skinned, dark hair and eyes. No particular reason that I know of. I had a sorority sister who dated mostly black guys. Another one dated musicians. I, on the other hand, dated ONE musician in college and that cured me. (Which is probaby why I could easily work in the music business…)
    Sometimes tastes might be a result of political leanings — but certainly not always.

  66. OK, my point about Palin was that piddly stuff about her was used as a distraction during the campaign…

  67. Video from the Values Voter Summit is on C-Span
    Apparently Carrie Prejean is the star of the event with quotes like: … fighting tears: Prejean said “Even though I didn’t win the crown that night, I know that the Lord has…a larger crown in heaven for me.”
    Somehow it figures that their most lauded celebrity would be a dimwitted, blond, beauty queen.
    The opening remarks on the tape at C-SPAN began with a slam at Obama and ACORN followed by a Christian prayer. Lovely group they have there. It’s enough to get Christians to give up Christianity.

  68. Flatus,
    As you are both zoomie officers living in SC, do you and joe wilson ever see each other ?

  69. Everything that is said and thought is racial, or more to the point cultural….there is no races, we are all only one race….DNA proof exists: What we need is to educate the people about it.
    That won’t change a thing imo… we will still be divided by the difference of class ( money–white or black, Asian, or Latin etc )…since time began; the little people want to dress like the rich, and be thought of like the rich, that why we always get screwed by the rich….we let them…cos we want to be them,,,and the dream can go on…..and the two pary system knows and takes advantage of this…
    Chloe….Im sorry in late for lunch,,,,let go get that miz priss Natasha, and have both, the Italian, and the sea food…..Im ready,,XR you ready, or are you still talking about the rust tubs…

  70. Hurry up and pick me up….Im so exited since wed. looking forward to this lunch date with the pinks…..so exited that I showered up for it on Wednesday, and just might shave and clean up a little bit for it today…..

  71. Horse and Patsi,
    Xrep made the comment about women, not Max.

  72. Patse,
    “I always preferred darker skinned, dark hair and eyes.”
    Ahaaumph…pssst, pssst……over HERE.!!!!!

  73. oh, wait… I must apologize to Horse and Patsi… I see Max’s musings on maternal mating methods.

  74. DL
    No it was Max talking about the racial preferences of the President’s mother.
    Max missed the 60s

  75. http://blogs.cqpolitics.com/trailmix/2009/09/obamas-mixed-racial-message.html#comment-261080
    Interesting area of the country XRepublican….
    You are fortunate indeed. In New York, groups tend to stay in certain neighborhoods. There are areas in Brooklyn and the Bronx for instance that are predominantly Black, Italian, Indian, Jewish, Russian, etc. Sometimes rival gangs get into it. I know this to be true in the Boston area as well as other urban areas.
    In Manhattan were I live, money seems to know no exclusivity. I have an Indian, several gays, Russian, Italian, Irish etc. living on my floor alone. We all get along quite well, but we are educated and have a decent lifestyle. My experiance because I befriend so many from different groups, allows me to hear some pretty private remarks. In some cases I could not hold my tongue and simply walked away. I realized that what I was privy to, was not the nice civil face these same people put on for the public. You would NEVER suspect what some of these people thought from their public personas alone. And yes, most of these people described themselves as Liberals.
    Because of my shaved head and rather Germanic looks, people often don’t think I am Jewish. I hear some pretty awful things said about Jews from people who are Liberal. Union guys, blacks, arabs, and others have uttered some nasty things and hispanics also have been the butt of some dark humor. What does this mean? That many ethnic groups that often lean Left have some pretty deep cultural bigotry and this must count when we characterize “crackers” as Maher is want to do. I hardly think Goldwater was a racist and the more Right leaning military was among the first to desegregate.
    On the other hand, Liberals have by far out raced Republicans these last few decades to defend all races and seek a more equal Union. This should be of great pride to Liberals now considering race cards.
    As far as crew-cut, one can more easily emphasize “white boys” as the quote was not exclusively about crew-cuts. We all know that Ann surely encountered more than just crew-cut white boys, so the idea she was resisting a mindset ubiquitous of whites at the time isn’t true. After all her “white” teachers that educated her about the merits of communism didn’t fit that mindset, nor did those in Chicago she had wanted to live among. It is more than just possible that Ann may have characterized a racial assumption rather than a cultural one, but the fact remains that she did not seem ever to be drawn to white boys or men romantically, even when she was no longer in the Mid West.
    I on the other hand have always been an equal opportunity romantic finding beauty in all colors and culture (most). That is a major reason why I would love another 100 years of life to explore nature’s greatest gift to men: women. Instead science have come up with Viagra which I don’t need at the moment and does little to extend my days on earth. But then as Lardie says, one should enjoy our glasses no matter how full………

  76. Yeah, Jamie, I was pretty young in the sixties and missed it completely. I wish you were there when my parents had to bite their tongue meeting my girlfriends. Oh, I knew what they thought, but their stated principles trumped their private ones. Their only stated grief was “she’s not Jewish”…HA, that was the least of their problems.
    Yep, Happy New Year for us Jews who more than most marry outside our religion.
    Now comes the holiday were we ask for forgiveness ffrom all who we have wronged. Guess some of you think my list is longer than I imagine…

  77. “Isn’t your hair white, Solar?”
    Don’t help me out Champ, I got this one. HA!….U going to lunch when Chloe gets back? need some male help…for XR, and myself.

  78. 1. Posted by: dark-lord-bloggingham.myopenid.com | September 18, 2009 1:29 PM : “Horse and Patsi, Xrep made the comment about women, not Max.”
    Wazzis, people talking about me in front of my back ?
    2. Solar, you are hilarious. Unfortunately, I can’t join you and your superiors for lunch, I have some tile flooring to re-adjust. Like your lunch, it keeps coming up.
    3. This possibly bogus item just came from a friend : ‘An interesting letter in the Australian Shooter Magazine this week, which I quote:
    “If you consider that there has been an average of 160,000 troops in the Iraq theater of operations during the past 22 months, and a total of 2112 deaths,
    that gives a firearm death rate of 60 per 100,000 soldiers.
    “The firearm death rate in Washington , DC is 80.6 per 100,000 for the same period.
    “That means you are about 25 percent more likely to be shot and killed in the U.S. capital, which has some of the strictest gun control laws in the U.S., than
    you are in Iraq.”
    Conclusion: The U.S. should pull out of Washington.

  79. http://blogs.cqpolitics.com/trailmix/2009/09/obamas-mixed-racial-message.html#comment-261094
    Patsi, my “type” was always not the cutlural norm. You are WAy off target. My girlfriend is Indian. I prefer dark haired, small breasted, athletic, independent and non-conformist women. That doesn’t mean I never dated a blonde. Unlike most of my male friends who follow the socialize standards I could care less about the make-up and artifice. Most women I have dated enjoyed the fact I am not put off by women who want to be treated as equals, are assertive and not measured by the size of their breasts or their ability to be subservient. (wow my spelling sucks). That’s why you are all so much fun.
    In fact woman who dare not go out ever unshaven or perfumed to cover their natural scent seems a bit cowardly to me. I guess Hippidom had some subliminal effect on me. If mother nature didn’t want us to have body odor we wouldn’t. It was men who first tried to cover up scent with perfume. They unconsciously knew the signals we send from our armpits. Actually we send chemical sentences. Much of the cosmetic industry was created as clever subjugation. But then this is a rather long digression….
    And while I understand your comment, perhaps you are dismissing a different truth. In Ann’s case she might very well have made a cultural judgment of her local experiance and turned it into a racial one. There was certainly something that led her to explore different races other than white leading a number of people to see more than than just pheromones at work. There are certainly swarthy white people who don’t have blond crew-cuts. To not look at the whole picture that includes her distain for American culture, might lead to false assumptions….

  80. “I hardly think Goldwater was a racist and the more Right leaning military was among the first to desegregate.”
    While the military was very heirachical after 1777, it wasn’t always politically conservative. In the period of the ’10s – ’50s, the US Army and Navy had quite a few prominent officers who were politically connected to the liberal Dems of the East : Gens. Marshall and Bradley, and Adm. Rickover, for examples. Colonel Harry Truman and Lieutenant James Earle Carter, also.
    The dramatic move of the military to the republican party came out of the Viet Nam Fiasco, and the mistaken assumption that Dems hate service people. In fact, only some do. Gulf Fiasco II seems to have done a lot to bring military personnel back to their senses.

  81. The opening remarks on the tape at C-SPAN began with a slam at Obama and ACORN followed by a Christian prayer. Lovely group they have there. It’s enough to get Christians to give up Christianity.
    I second that emotion.

  82. Besides, both Generals Eisenhower and Goldwater have been thrown off the GOP bus, the former posthumously, the latter in his sunset years.

  83. All this talk about smelly armpits has put me off my feed, anyway.
    Flatus, that you worked for a living runs totally counter to the Army myths about you AF guys. Dad was in MATS during WWII. He also worked on airliners from ’45 – ’75, so I always knew the myth was a lie.
    However, the myth about you guys having flush toilets and never getting fleas was probably true.

  84. dam’ ! Did I just capitalize gop ?!? What’s wrong with me ? I’d better forget about tile and call my doctor.

  85. XREP posts
    “If you consider that there has been an average of 160,000 troops in the Iraq theater of operations during the past 22 months, and a total of 2112 deaths,
    that gives a firearm death rate of 60 per 100,000 soldiers.
    “The firearm death rate in Washington , DC is 80.6 per 100,000 for the same period. ”
    Ah, the fun of statistics. It like one of my favorites:
    “If you live to be 100 chances are you will live forever, since the data show very few people die in their hundreds.”
    The comparison is bogus. To make an equivalent experiment you would have to compare deaths among DC cops to US Troops in Iraq, or something like that. Or, you could compare total deaths with total population in each.

  86. thanks to all who caught the Joe W mistake. i’ve been traveling back from NYC, didn’t see until now, got it fixed

  87. Craig,
    You should make a new feature: the “Most Disturbing Comments Containing Information No One Needed To Hear” section. I nominate this gem from Max as the first entry:
    Max, please tell me you didn’t share your breast-size preference to differentiate yourself from the rest of the presumed primal, misogynist, knocker-loving male populace. Even you could not be so brash.

  88. Xrep,
    Funny stuff about DC…..it does have a significant bit of truth……if you really want to see what a truly gov’t funded and regulated community looks like you have to look no further than DC……
    It does make you pause………

  89. Jax,
    DC, like all cities, has its share of problems. New York, Detroit, New Orleans, Charleston, Los Angeles — you name it. But it is a wonderful place to live and work, with many attractions for people of all ages. Many are free, including world-class museums (yes, the government at work). I’m not sure the government actually causes the problems of DC, many of which are related to drugs and corruption.

  90. Rick Sanchez is really blasting FOX for lying in their advertising … Whee.

  91. Calamari Fritti
    Tender fried squid, served with lemon wedges & marinara sauce
    Fried Provolone
    Provolone wedges, breaded & fried, served with tomato sauce
    Sausage & Peppers
    Roma sausage, sauteed peppers & onions, Marsala wine sauce
    Fried Ravioli
    Our homemade cheese ravioli (3) & tomato sauce
    Clams Casino
    Fresh baked clams topped with bacon & bread crumbs
    Shrimp Nicola
    Sauteed in a lemony white wine garlic sauce with garlic bread
    For Entree, we had a little of each of the following:
    Penne Vodka
    Penne pasta in a creamy tomato & vodka sauce
    with grilled chicken, and shrimp.
    Seafood Ravioli
    Homemade raioli stuffed with crab, shripm & scallops served in a light tomato-cream sauce
    Veal Saltimbocca
    Veal scaloppini saut

  92. I see that part of my post didn’t make it…the first line of appetizers where very good…..

  93. Three part meal call for a part three posts…we all had chocolate canoli’s: mine was frozen…..

  94. The spokesperson for the Values Voter Summit is Kenneth Blackwell who does happen to be black. He may be the only black guy in the room, but he is the one on screen on CNN as a Sr. Fellow of the Family Research Council.
    It is a shame that “values” have become so political.

  95. Irving Crystal (father of Bill Crystal) founder of Neo Conservative movement dead at 89

  96. When I said that it is all about race…that what I meant: When the constitution was written, it was written with this in mind. When the Newspapers( some not all) of the time, helped push the agendas; that the greedy politicians ( nothing has changed) wanted they did it.
    The declared the red man. the dark man, and the oriental man to be non-human, and heathens…why, to categorize them, as as inferior race…..we will only get rid of racism thru education, and getting rid of organized religion….imo..the haves from the ones that don’t have..etc. etc….
    Bis biz always had this in mind…not because the blks, latins, or another were inferior…so they couldn’t vote, get jobs, and keep them separated in parts of the city…the Banks did not give loans to them,,,if it was in the wrong part of town…but did at very high interest rates in the parts that they wanted the animals to live…..big Biz FKN Greedy bastards….

  97. When I was a kid, I loved playing on the floor. Not anymore. Tiles should be self-installing, doncha think ? The person who comes up with the first self-installing tiles will become a zillionaire overnight, and grateful old duffers like me will put that person’s pix up on the mantel, next to Mother and the grandkids.

  98. Interesting also, because that article I linked the other day said something very similar to the one Coreen linked:
    Lee Siegel on what Glenn Beck

  99. “DC, like all cities, has its share of problems. New York, Detroit, New Orleans, Charleston, Los Angeles — you name it. ”
    We must not forget Holmes admonition that the pleasant-faced, bucolic countryside harbors villains who are as evil as any one might find in the city. ‘The Mystery of the Copper Beeches’, I think.

  100. more: “In other words, everyone, calm down. What we are seeing is the good, old American Berserk in action. It

  101. well…. when I saw today’s subject… I thought… “I’m staying the hell outta this one”….
    Corey…. yup… I agree… your’s was the best….
    Chloe…. Solar was so drunk that he forgot he had to order a vanilla cannoli just for me….. :0)

  102. I was not snookered..you and Natasha had the same amount of drinks….Did you take a good look at the picture of that bar…..I stopped you and N. from dancing on top of it…..It was that mustang sally. song, side, saddle….hahah you both danced right smart tho….

  103. xrepub, That joke you told earlier about pulling out of Washington is hilarious. I’m going to be repeating it.

  104. Yes Renee, he forgot lots of things apparently.
    Good to see you back Renee. You were missed.

  105. Renee,
    was that you I was trying to buy? I loved that line in the Blues Bros. Movie…..I actually did say that to someone in a restaurant…” How much for your women” not better line… I know that you don’t drink much of anything other than wine….but U did have a tequila with me….I never knew that you loved to dance like that……

  106. Solar….
    I’ve been dancing and prancing all my life…. and I LOVE me a good margarita… and any drink that has coconut in it….
    Chloe…. thanks…. I thought of you all while lazing on the beach and eating all those clams….. only full belly ones…. none of this clam strip stuff which is only for weenies and non-native New Englanders…..
    has anybody heard from Bethy lately?

  107. I’ve always been amazed at how many lies grassfire can pack into a single sentence.
    All these guys, rush, savage, grassfire, armey, fascNews, grassley, cristol, and the beck, are worshipful followers of leo taxil. leo was so good at making up stories that took advantage of people’s prejudices, that he even got the Pope to promote one of his books.
    At the height of his popularity, taxil announced at a convention called for his benefit that his writings were all an elaborate hoax designed to discredit the bigots. I certainly hope the raving rightwingers soon admit that all their fear mongering was just a hoax.

  108. No Renee. I’ve been thinking about Bethy too. I know she was going on a trip, and wouldn’t have an internet connection, but I didn’t realize she would be gone this long. Hopefully we’ll see her son.
    Your trip sounds heavenly Renee. Lazing on the beach….your trip sounds heavenly Renee.

  109. http://blogs.cqpolitics.com/trailmix/2009/09/obamas-mixed-racial-message.html#comment-261145
    That email is exactly the sort of thing that makes my head explode. I can see legitimate reasons for someone on the right to oppose the various health care bills. It is these monumental lies and distortions used just to fleece the true believers of more money and getting them to vote against their own self interests is detestible. You wish there were some way they could be criminally charged for the falsehoods.

  110. “woman who dare not go out ever unshaven or perfumed to cover their natural scent seems a bit cowardly to me”
    WTF are you getting at?????

  111. Ya know, if I had a 2d childhood, I could probably hack working on the floor. Okay, back to the grind.

  112. I really can’t stay, but did want to address some of what Max said about southern politics. You oversimplify the politics and racial dynamics in the South. Yes, the majority of the racists in the south from the 1860s at least until the the period between the Kennedy admin and the Reagan Revolution were democrats (most notably, George Wallace except when he ran as the American Independent Party candidate in ’68) , and many AAs were Repugs, although none of the AAs who were my friends in the 60s, 70s, 80s were repugs. They were Dems without exception, following the Kennedies and Johnson political movements.
    And after Kennedy many of the racists were repugs (e.g. my parents), but not all. Again, George Wallace stands out. But the national level pols were Dems (Dixiecrats for the most part) regardless of their racist proclivities because before about Reagan a repug couldn’t get elected dogcatcher. If you think your friend “nailed it” with his description of politics in the South, he must have talked or written at very extreme length, differentiating between local, state, national and presidential level politics in each of the areas, cities and states of the south, because the inconsistencies are boggling. In some respects it’s less complicated today since Nixon helped define the racist south as republican. (And no, not all southern repugs are racist or condone racism, but the racists flock to the repug party these days.) Remember that the red state blue state dichotomy has never been dependable in the south across the political pectrum.
    But I do have to get the hell out of here – places to go and all.

  113. Chloe….
    of course…. I will admit I was on a “northern” beach. The highest temps during the day were in the low 70s and it was a tad bit chilly with the wind whipping off the water. But New Englanders are a hardy bunch…. not only do we eat the bags of shit on our clams…. we also lie on the beach wearing sweat shirts and fleece jackets…. but hey…. we still get in our beach reading…..

  114. In the Hitchcock movie, (was it ‘Sabotage’?) there is a very sweet bearded lady on the circus truck. The movie is about 65 years old now, so that bearded lady is probably 100 – 110 years old. Do you think she’d be too old for maxtrue ?

  115. Chloe,
    Knew I could count on you to round him up. Solar calls
    for the regular Friday lunches & then he’s late—but with your able assistance he redeemed himself with the menu & choice of restaurant. So I won’t hound him for being late.
    And as always enjoy the company here.

  116. In the 1860s, the high country in VA, NC, SC, and GA, was fairly republican. For examples, WV seceded from VA, and the Dahlonega and Union County, the only source of gold in the confederacy, seceded from GA. That doesn’t mean these areas weren’t chock full of racists, I have no idea, but it does mean that they weren’t Dems. republicans continued to exercise local power above the fall line until rapist/racist strom thurmond began converting the lowlanders to the gop in the ’60s and ’70s.

  117. The whole country is going to follow a bunch of pot-bellied white men and women who all think everything will be just hunky-dory if the government just goes away and lets everyone carry a gun?
    I don’t think so. Let ’em have their day.

  118. Mr. Bloggingham plays Tom Sawyer again.
    Cajunjoe, if the guns are used expertly by those pot-bellied Whites, it saves the ‘recipient’ from needing any more health care.
    I hadn’t thought of it before, but I guess poor folks don’t need health care, ‘cuz the republicans plan on shooting them all anyway. Am I on to something, oram I just on something ?

  119. Rez, Sadly, what you said is more true than I would like it to be. (we grew up!)
    “it looks like we have all grown up and now want the righties to quit being so childish in their protesting ways. Interesting.”
    But the article Chloe found @ Daily Beast noted
    that even though they may have stolen the 60’s weapon
    of choice, there are significant differences in the goal.
    “But there are two important differences between the old and new countercultures.
    The old one grew in strength, after a long, tortuous time gathering into its antiwar fold decent people from all sectors of American society who were outraged by all the official mayhem at home and overseas.
    The new counterculture, for all its hollering, seems less numerous than loud, depending on liberal cable TV to eagerly pick up and opportunistically amplify conservative cable TV

  120. Racism is a touchy subject. You should have seen all the racism charges after the Serena Williams outburst at the US Open.

  121. Renee, I’m with you—love fried whole belly clams–but
    you may be right since I am a native CT yankee.
    “eating all those clams….. only full belly ones…. none of this clam strip stuff which is only for weenies and non-native New Englanders…..”
    But I do have an even more favorite clam—raw little
    necks—but not larger than the size of a quarter.

  122. In politics always remember Willie Brown”
    “In politics, a lie unanswered becomes truth within 24 hours.” –

  123. This 1904 house originally came w/outdoor facilities. 2 baths are retrofits; the one I am working in is tiny and from about 1910 -1915, put into what was probably originally a landing for long gone back stairs.
    The difficulty is not lack of a whet saw, but the creaky old body I have to use that doesn’t bend in in the right places in the tight places, to facilitate tiling behind the commode. The commode sits on a 2 1/2″ raised platform. from my position on the floor, I am reaching blind to place the tiles. After laying the tile, I have to stand up to see just exactly what it was that I just did, and then lie down again hoping to be able to adjust it without screwing everythin around. Whet saw, hell. I need an age reducer w/a 50 year capability, x-ray eyes, and an adapter that can alter left-handed people to right-handed & vice versa.

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