Tea Party Parties

Laugh at it as you wish, but the Tea Party movement is making a difference. Here’s why: Fear of big government and unstoppable federal spending is not a fringe concern. It’s a mainstream worry, no matter how goofy the tea party protesters seem. Despite their out of stream tactics, their message resonates. And Democrats, including President Obama, had better take notice.


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  1. Woo Hoo.
    Craig – A++
    “It’s a mainstream worry” and an international worry of developed countries, Not only must the USA get control of the growing public sector – but this is true in Europe as well as we are all connected.
    We must get to a strong private sector as the key for all things economic

  2. Barbara Boxer said in 2000 she would not run again.
    After 9/11 she said although she was tired she felt it was her duty to run again.
    It’s too late now but she should not be running. She always gets lucky because the goopers nominate a complete idiot.
    A Caryl nomination would fit right in.
    The Republican who could beat Boxer is Tom Campbell and for whatever reasons those Republicans don’t control the primaries.
    I’m glad to see now that people are paying attention Whitman has taken a big dive in the polls. Apparently no one ever whispered in her ear the words Al Checkbook Checci. Before she began her campaign she appeared from her past record to be moderate republican but no she might as well be wearing a tea bag around her neck and
    be leaning on a musket.

  3. We must return to great Democratic values…
    Not the Barack values of Ask what your country can give to you ! and you are Entitled to .. add your item of choice – now including making your home payment.
    We must return to Great American Values..
    Ask what you can do for your Country – and America is the land of Opportunity and everyone is entitled to this opportunity to work hard and contribute !!
    Vote for Ping if you want a return to these values and individual freedoms of choice!

  4. mornin.
    yes, and I’m glad the party they are making the biggest difference in is the party whose leaders have called for Dems to do the same thing they call for – but that they supported until they lost the white house. And as long as they put Rand Pauls into races (anyone catch his position on the civil rights act on Rachel Maddow’s show?) I will cheer them on. I dislike and distrust their vaccuous soundbite message of deficits and taxes as much as I deteest their banner candidate’s idiotic social views.
    We certainly do have to get control of the deficit and control spending – we need to reduce dramatically the size of the military budget and control health care costs at teh source – just as we need to make the risky investment moves of the Wall Street banks and inadequate protection of the environment in energy extraction and production criminal instead of continuing a host of government policies that protects corporate interests at all costs.

  5. The public sector is not growing. Local/state and the feds have been laying off people, terminating public services and closing public facilities like crazy. Only the insurance lobby has been adding personnel.
    The only part of government that is too big is the part that sticks its nose into the private lives of people.
    The part that is too small or too incompetent or too corrupt is the part that is supposed to regulate the private sector to keep it from killing us or ripping us off.

  6. “The former is whimsical and I am not, so maybe I enjoy hiding behind a more frivolous name.”
    what’s in a name? that which we call a bethyboo
    by any other name would whims as sweet.
    bethy, do not deny your inner frivolity. it is there. we have seen it.

  7. Patsi —
    Ping – The King of Fiscal Reality… Pogo nailed it.
    If we do not get things under control – not only here but in the other industrialized nations – We are in for big trouble – The correction will come big time. We only have a cold right now – Forget Swine flu – The economic crisis that would be very distructive is just around the corner – unless we get these public sector lazy mind set out of the equation.
    Vote for Ping if you want fiscal responsible and social justice !

  8. “HOW DID YOU GET HERE?” [asked by cbob in the wee hours]
    “how i got here, by the way, was when on one of cc’s visits to the Imus show he announced his website……..I read awhile, and then learned how to comment and been writing my gibberish here every sincet……..” [answereth sturge]
    wonder how many of us walked thru that imus door to find our way to the trail.

  9. If Poizner wins all Junior will do is run Poizner’s own ads in which he morphs from a reasonable republican into bastaard child of Tom TAncredo and Rush Limbaugh

  10. What would be the product if the leader of the Tea Party movement was Eleanor Roosevelt?

  11. The problem with the tea bagger and to a similar extent ‘can’ts’ sound bite approach to government is that this spending/deficit issue is being treated as if it were an accounting problem. If it were, we could probably agree on how to solve it. Problem is – that is not what it is. It is a problem of government response to problems that exist in our society and the broader world economy and the spending priorities that are in place to address those problems. The simplistic approach falls apart when the the threshold questions are asked “What programs do we reduce or eliminate?Where do we start cutting spending?” The silence from the right is deafening because they know that only the smallest core of their deadend supporters would be willing to vote for them if they started proposing deep cuts in programs that benefit most, and eventually, all voters, the deadenders included. They are happy to say cut this or that program that they don’t directly benefit from, except of course, at some time or another they will all benefit from the expensive programs.

  12. Flatus, Eleanor Roosevelt? Maybe Nancy Reagan. That’s almost like asking what would the end of the Nazi regime had been had Ghandi been the leader instead of Hitler. You can’t separate political personalities from the views that bring them into the public consciousness and try to interpose them into movements that are antithetical to their views.
    CB, as for me, I had watched Craig on the tele for years, then his first book came out and I started visiting the blog to get more familiar with him before he came to the Country Club across the road for a book signing, where Mrs. P & I hung out and chatted with Craig for an evening and I was hooked by Craig’s incredible personal magnetism. Of course then I met (well…) you guys and geez, I just can’t seem to get away.

  13. “leader of the Tea Party movement”
    who is the leader now? dick armey? sarah palin? ron paul?
    and is the movement defined as conservative? libertarian? anarchy? or all the above.

  14. hey, maybe they can change their costumes from rebellious colonists to headless horseman garb. like the character inl egend of sleepy hollow.

  15. Well, I gotta go – have to go listen to a paid expert express the opinion he’s being paid to express.

  16. My answer to CB’s inquiry ‘how did you get here?’
    Before Craig’s appearances on Imus he was a semi regular guest on a radio talk show on abc hosted by John Batchelor & Paul (forgot his last name)….
    I think Craig appeared along with Ed Whelan from National Review many times….then I started seeing Craig on TV & occassionally would email him a comment/question & he responded with an answer & suggested/invited me to join in at TM (about the 2008 primary season)…at first I was skeptical of joining in, since I did not ‘know’ nor understand the flow of the conversation & honestly was a bit unsure if I would be ‘accepted’ (since the regulars seemed to really know each other)….When I finally hit the submit key, I was welcomed by Jamie & Sheila, KGC, Pogo, just to mention some of the ‘oldies but really goodies’ here…
    (CB was not aroundat that time, at least not under his CB name)…everyone fondly mentioned him when they thought he was missing….& since that time have popped in on occasion….though I do keep up with the flow regularly, & as Pogo so aptly said above…..
    ‘Of course then I met (well…) you guys and geez, I just can’t seem to get away.’
    and I’m still hanging around …

  17. How I got here: I was doing one of my stream of consciousness trawls around the tubes on some issue that had caught my fancy and stumbled on Craig’s original page. Made the mistake of settling down and reading a group of truly intelligent and witty people chit chat amongst themselves and as with Coreen hesitated for awhile and then jumped in to a great welcome and just can’t seem to leave….

  18. I agree with KGC — I want Flatus to drop the other shoe on his Eleanor comment…I know it’s coming.

  19. “….it took me all over the world. I never asked so many questions as I asked these last 5 years.
    All the answers were at our finger tips.
    This is Gutenberg squared.”
    cbob waxing poetic about his well-used ‘puter answering questions was corroborated for me just this am.
    bobo and billie bob treed a groundhog yesterday and it’s still up there. in wonderment and concern about an aboreal “ground” hog i prayed to google for guidance. sure enough there was a delightful video of some folks with the same dilemma filming their antics of “rescue”.
    and wiki assuring me that “Despite their heavy-bodied appearance, groundhogs are accomplished swimmers and excellent tree climbers when escaping predators….”
    “so not to worry”, saith the internet gods.

  20. http://www.stamfordadvocate.com/default/article/Critics-weigh-Blumenthal-s-words-491848.php
    Flatus, NK now says they will start a major war if the UN or anyone else sanctions them….China says NOTHING critical of their closest partner hoping the watered down sanction deal over Iran will get Hillary to calm things down. Then China and Russia will water sanctions down further.
    Right now the administration is like a deer caught in the headlights. I hear the administration is looking for moderate Hizb’Allah people to talk to……

  21. PatD and/or C-Bob,
    Count me among those who found Mr. Crawford and the road to TrailMix through Imus in the Morning.

  22. Drop the other shoe? Mais, non.
    Here’s my thinking. If a populist movement advocating traditional American (Democratic) values were to be formed under her sponsorship, what would it look like so far as spending, ethical, defense, healthcare, education, lobbying and immigration reforms are concerned?
    From what I remember, Mrs Roosevelt was an ardent liberal but a pragmatist when it came to the operation of our government. She was a knowledge seeker who would venture anywhere to gain a first-hand appreciation of what was happening.
    How far afoot are these traits from what genuine disaffected voters want in their party leadership? Certainly, in my eyes, Palin’s putative leadership of the movement is tenuous at best. Once her novelty wears off, the movement can gain credibility by choosing credible leaders.

  23. http://blogs.cqpolitics.com/trailmix/2010/05/tea-party-parties.html#comment-297850
    daryl, Requesting names, DOBs and SS#s from those who officially visit the Whitehouse or will be near a President is fairly common stuff from what I’ve ever heard. No news there.
    My wife had to assist the secret service with that information on all staff as an employee in the personnel office of a hotel poppy Bush visited in the 80s. Ironically, she was asked to stay home the day of his visit. Seems her past employment years earlier with some in the protest circles made her a security risk and almost cost her her job.
    BTW, if you bothered to read through the information provided in the link you would have read that, “K-Central students are not being asked to provide proof of citizenship status”. More BS. All that provocative hype you provide comes from Drudge according to the article.

  24. ping wants a return to basic democracy. I think he means a system in which a man’s wigwam is his castle, and a man can piss wherever he wants. In this system any Magistrate of a coastal parish in Louisiana could declare the limits of his jurisdiction out to sea, and issue Dead or Alive bounty Warrants for the CEOs of bp, rig, & hellburden for the murder of their employees on the drilling platform. I say, basic democracy means an end to the corporations as persons who have standing in the courts of the land.

  25. Rez,
    Not asking about citizenship????
    What do you think they are asking for if they ask a high school kid for their ss#?

  26. Jax, SS#s are not proof of citizenship, give me a break.
    My non-citizen nephew has one for employment purposes. Hes’s going through the process to gain US citizenship.

  27. Background checks on anyone to be introduced to the President in a situation away from the WH is normal procedure. That’s why the Secret Service has a fit when Presidents walk a rope line to greet people. Even then there has usually been some screening just to allow folks to be in that area.

  28. Rez,
    Exactly my point….. what do you think the secret service is trying to determine with the kids SS#. …Their credit score…..laughs
    No, they will check to see if your citizenship status can be determined. If it can’t be using the SS# you can bet that that kid will have to answer more questions….

  29. Rand Paul appears to be nuts just like his father.
    His appearance on Rachel’s show was very disturbing.
    As he spoke about the right of private businesses to discriminate, I thought of the great Lena Horne who recently died.
    During her life, she, like so many others, suffered the indignities from a system of discrimination in hotels , restaurants, and other facilities.
    Perhaps Paul win win his Kentucky seat. MIllions of Americans have voted for crackpots such as his father and Ross Perot.

  30. Oregon,
    I own my own business and make decsions everyday on who to do business with and who not to. What’s wrong with that?

  31. Jax, The point is Drudge and daryl are “making mountains out of molehills” by suggesting students are being asked to provide citizens status, when all they’re being asked is to provide basic information that anyone would be asked in the same circumstances. It’s all a crock.!. . .laughs

  32. Oregon election officials are bragging about 41% of voters particfipating in the primary this week.
    What a disgrace…yes, it was better than the other primary states, but it sill is a disgrace.
    Every voter receives a ballot in the mail. All they have to do is mail it in or drop it off at numerous drop sites which are everywhere.
    There is something very wrong when most people don’t exercise a right that exists because of the sacrifices of so many.

  33. Rez,
    Exactly…..and citizenship status is a huge issue for the Secret Service when trying to determine the risk to our president.
    They had better have a concrete determination on every person within a certain range of the Pres or they aren’t doing their job. So yes…..they had better be asked for their citizenship status if it can’t be predetermined and rightfully so….

  34. Jax..there is nothing wrong with deciding who you do business with..but denying access to a private business because of race, etc…is simply immoral and un-American.
    I hope you don’t approve of denying people access to hotels, restaurants, etc. because of race, sexual orientation, or religion, etc..

  35. Oregon,
    I believe that every private owner of private property has the right to restrict access to that property or service to anyone that they choose.
    If they want to be a racist, bigot, homophobe on their own property then that is their right…..in America.
    It is my hope hope that their business wouldn’t be viable because common decent folks wouldn’t support it.

  36. Hi All,
    Haven’t visited in a dog’s age, and yet, the convo seems the same. Here’s my take on the tea-party-bagger movement (er..so to speak).. they`ll win their primaries cos they`re pushing the Republican party to the absurd right, but come general election? They`ll be so marginalized and scary that they`ll only get the fringe vote. In the meantime, relax.

  37. If someone wants to bring a loaded gun into a restaurant, that’s OK.
    Unless they’re black.

  38. The “tea party” was created and funded by corporate lobbyists. The news media continually promotes the false idea that it is a legitimate grass-roots movement.
    Most tea party “events” attract only a handful of wingnuts, and yet the media is there in force giving their racist, incoherent ideas substantial coverage.
    When progressive groups demonstrate, there is little or no coverage and articulate progressive spokespersons get no air time.
    Liberal media bias? That’s another lie. It’s actually the reverse.

  39. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science_and_environment/10132762.stm
    man creates life?
    Hate to break it to you all but Real ID was hatched in a Democratic administration. It won’t take much in the way of terror to bring it back. The idea one does not need to have ID in many cases is absurd. Guns, voting, driver licenses, admission to universities, welfare benefits etc. What is the point in requiring SS of those students? Not to acertain identity? LOL Does anyone care to debate that checking the SS of students was more than Obama was willing to require employers doing to their employees? In fact, wasn’t Health care ID requirements beefed up after GOP objections?
    What ever you spin, the real discrimination the Left is bitching about concerns illegals and not American citizens. I have to show ID to get into most NYC hospitals, yet patients have no requirements? I know full well what the sponsor and the illegal must show to change immigration status and many who have gone through the process object to much of the ranting on the Left from open borders to “unfair discrimination”.
    Paul is just one element under the GOP tent. Democrats would love to make him the leader, but he is not. He is riding the economic issues and big government, not crazy American isolation.

  40. Hi there Tylenol. Missed you. We need the viewpoint of the Great White North more often.

  41. Have you seen pictures of the tea baggers?
    Fat, late-middle-aged white people with ugly Wal-mart clothes, angry racist signs with spelling errors, and lawn chairs because they can’t stand up for more than 15 minutes at a time.
    These are the baby boomers who didn’t go to Woodstock because they didn’t like sex and drugs and rock n roll.

  42. There’s a federal lawsuit waiting to explode in Kalamazoo. The SS bill would never have passed had it not been amended, making it a federal offense to use social security #s for identification. The amendment passed, the bill passed, and as far as I know, it’s still the law of the land.
    Of course, the Prez doesn’t have to go to Kalamazoo. Just like he didn’t have to pull the troops from Iraq, close Guantanamo, stop spying on citizens, end torture, provide health care for all Americans, end the cozy relationships between the WH and lobbyists, etc., etc.

  43. Tea bager victoy?
    Rand Paul only won a primary. Indications are that he will lose the general election.

  44. Rand Paul = Tea bagger victory?
    Rand Paul only won the GOP primary.
    I heard (on MSNBC so it must be true) that he will lose the general election.

  45. Jax, as far as Feds are concerned, you can discriminate all you want, just don’t get caught doing it in interstate commerce, ‘cuz then you are operating off of your property.
    This is not to mention state, county, or city statutes, ordinances, and regulations, which will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
    Btw, the bestowal of your property to your state by the Federal government back in 18** AD, came with the state’s agreement to obey the laws of the nation. The state bestowed your property upon the someone (usually a sales agency) way back when, with the agreement that the owner would obey the laws of the state, one of which is obedience to the Federal government. The bottom line is that since 1787, all the owners of all the property in the US have a duty to obey US law.

  46. Those studies indicating that the tea baggers are “more educated than the average American” are total crap. Bad research methodology.
    They’re mostly WHITE and white people have higher educational achievement (due to our discriminatory system of K-12 school funding).
    If you corrected for race, you’d probably find that teabaggers are LESS well educated than the “average white person” and a LOT less educated than the average liberal, black or white. (Liberals are FAR more likely to have graduate degrees.)
    There’s not a lot of PhDs at teabagger events.

  47. I think the tea baggers are the explanation of the continuing popularity of some Buchanan or another.
    There is always some fringe group with some faux populist message in every election Hello Ross Perot. how much money they can raise will make the difference in the impact.
    Sometimes the fringe is on the left –the once popular Nadar.

  48. Rand Paul is running to replace Jim Bunning and I think he had a good chance. Bunning is certainly a bag of something
    and I don’t see what Ky voters wouldn’t like Rand Paul.
    He’s a picture perfect candidate.

  49. But, ya, if you want to discriminate against one of those lazy ass Arizonans who are too dam’ indolent to even work in their own dam’ fast food joints, and packing houses, and too dam’ filthy to clean even their own homes, go ahead.
    Just don’t advertise your business Interstate, use the post office, or make anything other than local calls from your business.

  50. Sorry, I should have posted an Arizona Satire Alert sign before and after my previous post/

  51. Making it simple, why can’t the TB movement be infiltrated and subverted making it an organization with goals coincidental with centrist Democrats?
    TB need not be a terminal condition.

  52. “Nowhere else will the battle between the progressive left and the hard-core tea party right be clearer than here. Neither man is the perfect example of his supporters’ hopes and dreams, but they’re pretty darn close. And now they’re going to go to war. It’s the race both national sides have been waiting for — rather than a candidate who runs toward the middle, Progressive Democrats get an avowed pro-choice Democrat to carry their flag in the red state of Kentucky. Conservative Republicans, meanwhile, get their poster boy to battle it out with Conway and his netroot supporters.”
    I think you need to go to Kentucky.

  53. Taylor Marsh can be iffy as a pundit, but today she has actual transcript post of last night’s Rachel Maddow interview of Paul (without giving name credit to Rachel) as well as a link to the Louisville Courier-Journal editorial board meeting with Paul

  54. from that same tpm link in kgc’s 2:51:
    Rasmussen cautions against declaring a Paul victory to be a foregone conclusion: “While Paul is capitalizing for now on Tea Party unhappiness in Kentucky over national policies, he’s also a political newcomer who’s running against a candidate who has previously run both for Congress and for statewide office. Rookie candidates often make unforced errors and it is difficult to project how well the GOP candidate will handle the campaign trail between now and November.”

  55. Silly media. Of course, ron paul could win in the KY general election. If he hadn’t won the Primary, he couldn’t have won Bunning’s seat. All this is a ‘duh’.
    Whether or not a weirdo who opposes our sacred Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, wants to legalize heroine, cocaine, and homosexual marriage, plus legalize homophobia and racism in the the work place; who hopes to open our borders to let in all the Muslim Mexican terrorist aliens; whether this flake can actually win in KY, is another thing entirely.
    The anarchist is going down in flames. You heard it here first.

  56. as it seems to have more than one leader perhaps the tea party is hydra-headed as in:
    “THE HYDRA-headed monster of Greek myth, which Hercules slew as one of his storied Twelve Labors, was a fearsome creature. Legend said it had a dog’s body, gave off a venomous smell and had-variously according to various travelers-either nine or as many as 10,000 heads. Confusion on this point was natural because-by far the worst thing about the hydra-when you cut off one of these heads, more than one grew in its place.”

  57. Any opponnent with an ounce of sense could marginalize a sqroubahl like paul.
    Hmm : @ 4:20, I called him ron. Not ron, he’s the other paul nut. As in, the nut doesn’t far from the shrub.

  58. Pat,
    IOW, the teabuggers are like the symbionese liberation army (w/o a pro-miscegenation doctrinel) or like al qaeda (w/o ISI) ?
    Cheeses Crates ! That’d mean, they’re even worse that I thought !

  59. “Here’s proof that Gov. Charlie Crist is enjoying his newfound freedom as a candidate untethered to a party platform. On Tuesday he met with the promoters of the Fair Districts amendment and did what no powerful Republican would ever do: he endorsed two constitutional amendments that would ban incumbency protection when the Republican-controlled legislature rewrites the political boundaries after the 2012 reapportionment.”

  60. Flatus — Eleanor would not be out in the street screaming LET’S TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!

  61. RFLMAO over KC’s KY comments. They elected Bunning and McConnell – how could RP be all that much further out on the edge than them? No, really?
    And the civil rights act and some of the landmark SCOTUS decisions re: civil rights were about employment, education and access. Private in the context of business is generally limited to clubs and the like that have membership – establishments open to the public may be privately owned, but they are public in the context of civil rights law. There are some narrow exceptions, but they are few.

  62. I came in through the Imus door too. Lurked for well over a year before I posted. Wrote a letter to Craig thanking him for his articles, he invited me to join in and I did eventually.
    Just spoke to Renee’s Rick and they will be arriving tomorrow mid morning!!! The weather should be fine so am hoping to take them for a sail out on the Sound tomorrow. Will post pictures of course. Is it too late for a picture for the anniversary?

  63. It’s been a couple of decades since I looked into the Fed rules governing public accomodation, but if I remember correctly, such bastions of private enterprise as the chambers of commies, the Rotary, and the JCs could not discriminate, they being considered public accomodations.
    Case in point, when my Toastmasters club was pressed to de-segregate to allow female members, the International did so on the basis that we provide a public accomodation, and therefore cannot legally exclude. Also, we couldn’t remain tax exempt, if we continued to keep our betters out. Ours was one of the last 1/2 dozen clubs in the country to allow women to join.
    In the 1970s, I was still ambivalent about gender deseg of the organizations to which I then belonged. By the early 1980s, I came around and finally entered the 20th century. All the dire predictions made by the femmephobiacs that the club would become a matrimonial bureau, and that the comraderie would dissipate in jealousies over urges to spawn, failed to occur. The most mossback of those femmephobiacs would say, “SO FAR”.
    Btw, the femmephobiacs were republicans to the man. Politically speaking, the integrators were a mixed bag. Anywhat, the femmephobiacs were fearmongers. Interestingly, to me at least, the femmephobiacs were also tax-phobiacs, but when it came time to pick between having women in the club and coughing up tax money, the mossbacks chose to pay up.

  64. You may jump on Drudge for having the High School link but the local MI paper had the headline about the Citizenship Status. Yes they use headlines as a tease to get you to read the story but why did they use that one. The school just beat out 1,000 others they could of used that one. President to attend graduation could be another one, but no they picked the citizenship line. A few years ago it would be a non issue if they asked for the kids info. So as much as you want to think the BC issue is a bunch of junk, this paper thought it was good enough to use it as a tease. Also the Ariz issue was considered too.

  65. Oops forgot, good post Craig, another example of the one of the reasons I’m hear. You think for yourself and have the gumption to say what others won’t.

  66. Did they check the background of the little kids that met Bush on Sept. 11th? I did not know they checked background information on students when a President came to visit. I know the secret service checks out buildings before a president stops by. When a President goes to a company and meets with the workers do they check out everyone in advance. It’s a given they go thru a security machine that they bring with them to any event but SSN’s, Birthdates, and anything else I am not so sure.

  67. I can’t remember how I found the Trail. I think that I was looking for some political news and happened on a link. I lurked for almost a year before I couldn’t stand it any more, and barged in to bark at some purveyor of malarkey. Prolly, fry daddy.

  68. Hey all,
    Don’t know whats going on? Comments leave off with Jamie’s 734am and pick up at 11:02 daryl?The comments are over sized?With the comment box in between..Weird again…

  69. Wall Street Reform Bill such as it is just passed. Now on to merge with the House version.

  70. Haven’t you heard, we’re at war, in a post 9/11 world. Nothing is as it was ON 9/11. The terrorists won. Their leader lives in a mansion in Maryland and I have to take off my shoes and get patted down to fly home in the morning.
    tony, I’ve had that kind of weirdity go on at one time or another and I had to shut the damn thing down , pop out the batt’ry and do a cold reboot.

  71. http://blogs.cqpolitics.com/trailmix/2010/05/tea-party-parties.html#comment-297915
    I worked for the US Chamber when Reagan was in office. The White House across the street had lists of all the employees because he would come across the street for televised speeches. When this happened, the employees had the choice of going home, attending the speech or being sealed in on their floors until the even was over (with all the clearances, bomb sniffing dogs etc this could be hours).
    Regan being shot in 1981 changed a lot of the procedures for who can be near the President and when they can be there.

  72. Daryl is asking a question to which he apparently has no idea what the answer is, but suggests that there is or should an equivalence between what would be done with 1st graders when the pres goes and reads about a pet goat and high school graduates who will all file past in robes and with each being given 8 tickets for family, friends, whatever. No need to do background checks to see if any of the family members might be violent criminals, skinheads, whatever. The venue seats 5000 and it sounds like almost all the seats will be filled. Probably no need to set up any kind of security either.
    Here’s an article about the requirements for the students (although it is equivocal).
    Note the comments after. Typical.

  73. tony, happy to help. SEems every problem with electronics therse days starts with “Shut it off, take out the battery, restart it.” Pro’ly 90% of the times it works.
    “Seeing kind of that libertarian streak of his — that is what we need to balance out the leftist liberal overreach of government that’s in power right now,” [Sarah] Palin said. “Rand’s gonna be great, plus on social issues, right there, he’s got some great positions.”
    Stupid is as stupid does, sir.

  74. Flatus, I don’t believe they did, but instead got busted in a limo blocks away. Stupid not to think they would be monitored.

  75. Pogo, thanks for finding more sites about the High School event. Looks like a lot of folks are speaking up about the subject on both sides of the fence on all these sites. I might be totally out to lunch on the BC issue, but it seems there are plenty of other people out there too. Obama is making the Ariz bill a hot topic too that is adding fuel to the fire. Listen to what people are saying about his actions when a visiting President of another country unloads on one of our bills. He should be backing this country no matter what. Praise this country all the time. How many times has he said negative things about this country. He is making more people upset with this every day. Does not matter if you are a leftie or rightie both sides are upset over this.

  76. maxtrue @ 1:44 PM : “Paul is just one element under the GOP tent. Democrats would love to make him the leader, but he is not.”
    Pray tell, who is; Limbaugh, Palin, Brown, Beck… ??

  77. Good morning…
    Well now we are hearing that BP is catching 5 thousand barrels of oil a day with the pipe they have inserted into the leak or 210,000 gallons a day of the spill.
    And the oil is still spewing out of the hole which tells us all that BP and the Government has been lying about how much oil was being spewed into our ocean in the Gulf.
    I believed those who said the spill was leaking at least 2 million gallons a day and soon it will be washing up on our Florida Beaches.
    I say arrest, try and convict all those a**holes. Send them all to prison for a good long time and confiscate all their belonging from their off shoot companies to all their bank accounts. Seize all their Assets, every single one of them with BP, Transocean and Haliburton and then let them all go on a chain gang cleaning up their spill.

  78. “de-segregate to allow female members”
    xr, thanks for mentioning this. rand’s handlers had better prepare him for a lot of tap dancing around the ladies. civil rights act encompassed far more than race discrimination.
    “Limbaugh, Palin, Brown, Beck… ??”
    rez, those are the pumpkin heads pogo probably envisioned in my headless horseman analogy for the hydra-headed tea party monster. in this case sleepy hollow is critterville.

  79. Posted by: jamie44.myopenid.com | May 20, 2010 9:00 AM
    Ya Jamie, Das ist richtig Germany is the power for financial strength in Europe. – aber – But do not think that it is all socialist. Private insurance plays a big role in the healthcare segment.
    It is also a Country that is driven by personal responsibility and more like the old American values of hard work and expectations from all.
    I just returned from Germany and the news in the EU is Shrink the Public sector –
    Der Tea Partei – TeeFeier kommt nahe an Ihnen

  80. Hey Barack – Where are you on the North Korean sinking the South Korean ship?
    What is this all about? How can this not have a fast and strong reaction? This is intolerable that Mr President stands in the back ground…

  81. Well since the Republicans like WAR lets just revoke the truce between us and North Korea since we did so well during the Korean Conflict.
    What’s another WAR more of less.

  82. http://www.taylormarsh.com/
    “Rand Paul Keeps Digging”
    “Rachel Maddow is to Rand Paul what Katie Couric was to Sarah Palin.
    Now Paul takes his keep digging tour to CNN and fumbles a response to the American with Disabilities Act.”

  83. tony, can’t wait to hear what he thinks about the older americans act. dust off the ice floes for granny.

  84. oh yeah, don’t forget the clean air and water acts, federal environmental pesticide control act to ask rand about.

  85. Pat,
    Yep,him and Sarah P,phonies! Also,you so funny!! So early in the morning too.

  86. http://blogs.cqpolitics.com/trailmix/2010/05/tea-party-parties.html#comment-297939
    I’ve never been against Insurance having a role in the social programs, but I sure would take the German social system even with adjustments over ours. I don’t think the majority of US citizens work less hard than the majority of Germans.
    If our corporations had had to invest in the population the way German corporations have had to do by law, the global financial crash our Wall Street caused probably would never have happened.

  87. Rand Paul is a pip squeak. His father had racist articles in his newsletter and as in nature, a nut doesn’t fall from the father tree (or two nuts as the case may be).
    The tea baggers I know, have racists feelings and the party as a whole is tainted by racist overtones. I hope they continue to show their true lack of color. I disagree with you, Craig, not everyone is going to listen to these nuts.

  88. Germany has much bigger government than the US :
    Gov. owned & run phone service, gov owned and run postal service, gov owned and run rail lines, Universal National Health (since the 1800s), PLUS the taxpayer supported State Church, and taxpayer supported church schools.
    Anyone who says Germany has less government than the US is an idiot.

  89. Let’s not forget that through the the US government’s Marshall Plan, Western Germany was living on welfare after the war.

  90. Sorry, I’m a little out of date. My spies tell me that Deutsche Telefon has now been demonopolized and privatized. Apologies for the error.

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