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letter-to-the-editor.gifHere’s a nifty tool for sending letters to editors. On you can choose your media targets by zip code, compose your message and in one click send to all. Trail Mixers, why not share your eloquence? Give it a try and let us know if you get published.



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  1. A quote for the Right Wing “True Believers”
    “Life would be alot easier if astrology was true and climate change wasn’t, but it turns out it’s the other way around so let’s deal with it”

  2. CBob, funny you show up first, you’re on my list for someone who ought to be writing letters to editors, take on those climate change deniers.

  3. NASA-funded researchers monitoring Greenland’s Jakobshavn Isbrae glacier report that a 7 square kilometer (2.7 square mile) section of the glacier broke up on July 6 and 7, as shown in the image above. The calving front – where the ice sheet meets the ocean – retreated nearly 1.5 kilometers (a mile) in one day and is now further inland than at any time previously observed. The chunk of lost ice is roughly one-eighth the size of Manhattan Island, New York.
    This is the world’s fastest glacier.

  4. ha, and you’re another, Jamie. Y’all get busy and change the world.

  5. Currently raining like hell here . Looks like we’ll record the wettest July on record here today , with 3 weeks still to go in the month.

  6. Is there some reason why RC no longer puts CQ into my email box, why I have had to hunt the the thing up for the last 8 days ?
    Wad dam eye, shopped lever ?

  7. CBob picks Jakobshaven Isbrae as the fastest glacier. I’m going with Prince William’s Sound’s Columbia Glacier. Jamie, who all is running in this race ?

  8. Craig,
    Better watch it with your graphics, pal, or rush, beck, and g. gordon will accuse you of pandering to Blacks.

  9. I noticed while watching the PBS Special on the 4th, that the Mall in DC was crammed with people.
    Now, if the Mall had 2 million people for the t-bugger’s event, as glen beck claimed, the 4th of July event must have pulled 100 million.

  10. Xrep –
    In the story , they report that around the year 2000 the Jakobshavn started to pick-up speed. It went from the “normal” speed of around less than 1 foot a day to 113 feet a day in 5 years. ………….. So, it went from 113 feet a day in 2005 to 135 a day in 2007 ….. 22 feet a day faster.
    In 2 years, the Jakobshavn Glacier has increased it’s speed by nearly 20%.
    I haven’t seen what it’s doing lately , but given it just lost 2.7 sq miles, I’ll venture it’s still rolling at a pretty good clip.

  11. I know from experience, letters to the editor about music, ghosts, or music AND ghosts do not get published, and as the least politically savvy Trail Mixer, therefore, I’m out of this venture before I start. Will show up to whistle & clap for anyone who does succeed however.

  12. The register to vote feature is bilingual — really amazing menu at the bottom of the home page.

  13. Creativity has always been prized in American society, but it’s never really been understood. While our creativity scores decline unchecked, the current national strategy for creativity consists of little more than praying for a Greek muse to drop by our houses. The problems we face now, and in the future, simply demand that we do more than just hope for inspiration to strike.

  14. they’re doing “ICE” on the History channel……….icebergs, glaciers, etc…….

  15. sturge, so they throw you in the cooler on that ship, not in the brig?
    (head bent for clown slap)

  16. Pykrete? Ice ships in the Rockies? The improbable but true story of a top secret WW2 project to build ships from a mixture of ice and sawdust. Project Habbakuk! Behold ye among the heathen, and regard and wonder marvellously: for I will work a work in your days, which ye will not believe, though it be told to you. So reads a biblical quotation from the book of Habakkuk … a name adopted by the top secret project to build ice ships.

  17. For the Twain-o-philes –
    Dead for a Century, Twain Says What He Meant
    Wry and cranky, droll and cantankerous — that’s the Mark Twain we think we know, thanks to reading “Huck Finn” and “Tom Sawyer” in high school. But in his unexpurgated autobiography, whose first volume is about to be published a century after his death, a very different Twain emerges, more pointedly political and willing to play the role of the angry prophet.

  18. “Let’s get the “Moon Pie” concession .”
    A Red Nehi and a Moon Pie! . Yummm…

  19. As aggrieved as he sometimes appears in the autobiography, the reliable funnyman is in evidence too. Twain recalls being invited to an official White House dinner and being warned by his wife, Olivia, who stayed at home, not to wear his winter galoshes. At the White House, he sought out the first lady, Frances Cleveland, and got her to sign a card on which was written “He didn’t.”

  20. “The southern Californian city of Laguna Niguel has been enjoying an annual ritual, in which locals and visitors bare their bottoms at passing trains….. “Mooning Amtrak” [jamie’s 10:42]
    Let’s get the “Moon Pie” concession. [c bob]
    You could offer to “decorate” the bottoms [jamie]
    A Red Nehi and a Moon Pie! . Yummm… [rez]
    while they wait for the train to go by, sturge can play the old french tune “moon over mi ami” [pat]
    or show the movie “moonstruck”

  21. wonder how much they charge for corporate logos on derrieres a la nascar ads on cars. and which would be the most marketable? afraid the nike swoop would get lost in translation.

  22. “BP is in exclusive talks to sell up to $12 billion (£8 billion) of assets to Apache Corporation, an American rival, including a big stake in Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay, the largest oil field in North America, it was reported Sunday.
    Apache approached BP with the plan a few weeks ago. Negotiations are under way over the structure of the agreement and what other assets could be included.
    The British oil giant has been trying to sell assets as part of a huge fundraising campaign to meet the costs of its disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.”

  23. My first Heinlein book, Destination Moon
    Get Amtrak to lighten up. Make a special train from the East Coast to California to carrie all the Brits and call it, Destination Moon!

  24. Thought for the day :
    ” He was a bold man that first ate an oyster. ”

  25. “Destination Moon is a 1950 American science fiction feature film……
    Four American astronauts blast off from the New Mexico desert and fly to the Moon. They land after difficulties that cause more fuel to be used than anticipated. Consequently, the crew must race against time to lighten the ship for a successful return to Earth.
    The film features the premise that US private industry will finance and manufacture the first spacecraft to reach the moon, given the Soviet threat at the time, and then the US government will bring itself to buy or lease the technology. Visionary industrialists are shown cooperating to support the venture.
    Destination Moon was the first major science-fiction film dealing seriously with the prospect, problems and technology of space travel produced in the United States, and won the Academy Award for Visual Effects in the name of the effects director, (Lee Zavitz). The film was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Art Direction (Ernst Fegte, George Sawley)[1]. The eminent science-fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein contributed significantly to the script and served as a technical advisor. Heinlein also published, about the same time as the release of the film, “Destination Moon.” a novella of the same name that was based on the screenplay.
    The film was promoted through an unprecedented onslaught of publicity in the print media. Seven years before Sputnik, the movie clearly spells out a rationale for the space race: unnamed enemies (clearly understood at the time to be the Soviets) are sabotaging the American space program, and unless the West beats them to the moon, they will establish a strategic advantage to conquer the world.”
    flatus, did you also see the movie and was the story instrumental in your future plans?

  26. “China is going to go through a very dramatic period. The big companies are starting to exit. We all see the writing on the wall,” said Rick Goodwin, a China trade veteran of 22 years, whose company links foreign buyers with Chinese suppliers.
    “I have 15 major clients. My job is to give the best advice I can give. I tell it like it is. I tell them, put your helmet on, it’s going to get ugly,” said Goodwin, who says dissatisfied workers and hard-to-predict exchange rates are his top worries.
    He came really close to, “buckle your chin strap”, but not quite.

  27. July 9th –
    Hi Bob
    We are not stockpiling boxes but we are still working in Haiti. We have also responded to other disasters since Haiti, such as Chile, Indonesia, Mexico, and China, floods in Egypt, Peru and Uganda, a cyclone in Fiji and hurricanes and volcanic eruption in Guatemala, the latest response being in two areas of Pakistan and Brazil. Your box numbers are earmarked for Haiti and as fast as tents are rolling off the production line we are continuing to deliver aid.
    Almost 20,000 boxes have been delivered and the latest reports from the UN indicate that the total no of tents delivered to Haiti is approx 63,000…hence this would make shelterbox one of the largest providers in Haiti of emergency tent shelters.
    The situation in Haiti is about to deteriorate with the hurricane season underway and our aim is to continue working there for as long as possible.
    I hope this helps with explanations.
    Many thanks for all your hard work and support for shelterbox, it is appreciated.
    Kind regards
    Jane Henderson
    Administration Officer

  28. 50th Anniversary of the publishing of the book that makes almost everyone’s “Best Book List” “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee

  29. meanwhile, he’s got his hands full with haiti:
    PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Former U.S. President Bill Clinton expressed frustration Saturday over the slow pace of Haiti’s earthquake recovery, but said the country will escape its difficulties if it can become self-sufficient.
    In a phone interview with The Associated Press ahead of the six-month anniversary of the Jan. 12 quake, Clinton said international donors have given only 10 percent of the aid they promised. He also noted the “enormous difficulty” plaguing rubble removal and construction of housing.
    Clinton called the struggle to provide homes for the 1.6 million Haitians still living under tarps and tents “horribly frustrating.”
    “In the next couple of months we will start working through that at a more rapid pace and getting some of these other things going,” Clinton said. “They have enormous potential.”

  30. When I read an article that promised record potato yields from plants growing in a box, I thought it sounded too good to be true. Was it really possible to grow 100 pounds of potatoes in only 4 square feet?
    Because this is my first attempt at backyard potato growing, I had to find out. So I called Greg Lutovsky, farm manager at Irish Eyes Garden Seeds (, to see if this bold claim was true. Lutovsky owns the family-run farm near Ellensberg in eastern Washington State.

  31. re twain, see #5 in wapo’s spirited aethist’s suggested list of “Summer reading for infidels”
    “5. The Bible According to Mark Twain. Edited by Howard G. Baetzhold and Joseph B. McCullough. Touchstone Books. 1996. Still irreverent after all these years. Many of these works were not published in Twain’s lifetime. Do recall that blasphemy was still a crime in many jurisdictions in the late 19th century.”

  32. Well, we’ve had some really nice extended rains the past few days in SC. Maybe our newly reported incipient drought will now be excipient.

  33. “Space shuttles shatter. Bridges buckle. Hotel walkways collapse. Levees fail. An offshore oil rig explodes, creating the biggest offshore oil spill in U.S. history.
    The common thread — which the new presidential oil spill commission will be looking for — often is technological arrogance and hubris. It’s the belief by those in charge that they’re the experts, that they know what they’re doing is safe. Add to that the human weaknesses of avoidance, greed and sloppiness, say academics who study disasters.”
    we need a cure for arrogance and hubris

  34. arrogance, hubris and greed
    good name for a law firm that lobbies in critterville

  35. Did anybody watch Fox and Friends this morning? They did a segment on voter Freaud during the Dem Primaries. They had people on who did a documentary on the subject. They brought up something interesting about the Texas election. Hillary won by a certain percentage in the actual voting but in the caucaus she lost by so much, how can that be without something fishey happening. Here is a link that Fox posted about the subject.
    They maybe doing a lot more on this subject in the coming weeks.
    Here is part 1 of the documentary. You can find the other parts on the side.

  36. Daryl, there was a lot of freud connected with the caucuses. The Obama campaign (rightly) believed if they involved large numbers of committed activists in the caucuses then, because of the ultimate delegate counting formulae, they could prevail despite not winning a plurality of the popular vote. And, you should understand, it’s written nowhere that the primaries must follow the same rules as a general election. That’s why freud is evident. The only fraud being perpetrated is by Fox in saying that freud is fraud.

  37. “wouldn’t it be neat if it turns out hillary actually won……”
    yeah, sturge, just like al did.

  38. In Florida, water-quality experts reported government interference with efforts to assess damage to the Everglades stemming from development projects.
    In the Pacific Northwest, federal scientists said they were pressured to minimize the effects they had documented of dams on struggling salmon populations.
    In several Western states, biologists reported being pushed to ignore the effects of overgrazing on federal land.
    In Alaska, some oil and gas exploration decisions given preliminary approval under Bush moved forward under Obama, critics said, despite previously presented evidence of environmental harm.,0,4320861.story

  39. Bob, that’s why I think Carol Browner was and is the enemy of environmentalists.

    It’s called the Texas Two Step and was well covered at the time. According to the election laws for that round of primaries the voters had to be in two places at two different times. Many who voted in the first election did not come out for the caucus portion. As usual you are posting Fox feigned ignorance that they use to stir up aggravation. Do your homework. We think you have potential to do much better on your courses if you really apply yourself.

  41. ‘Instant Oil Spill’ Fills Any Website With (Digital) Crude (PICTURES)
    That’s right, now you can have all the same disregard for the environment (albeit virtual) that big oil does everyday! Why should they get to have all the fun?
    Simply enter the web address of the site you’d like to contaminate and watch the spill happen.

  42. Thought for the day :
    ” The fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion. ”

  43. The caucus fraud went way beyond the Texas 2 step. I know people who were campaigning with Hillary- traveling around the country- who saw 2 busloads of people being brought in from out of state for a caucus- sorry can’t remember the state- midwest anyways. There was a western state too that didn’t li- aw screw it. the voter fraud affected the election. haven’t seen tv in a while but glad that someone is getting around to covering it, even if it is fox

  44. Another thought for the day: Never, under any circumstances, face facts. Keep hope alive.

  45. BP reports progress on oil cap; Gulf Coast waits
    By TOM BREEN and COLLEEN LONG (AP) – 20 minutes ago
    NEW ORLEANS — Underwater robots steadily assembled heavy metal pieces Monday as BP prepared to install a tighter cap over its busted well at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, offering hopeful signs that it could soon bring the gusher under control.
    The oil giant said it was ahead of its schedule to get the new, better cap in place. Once the cap is in place and working properly, officials hoped it would capture all of the oil spewing out of the well and that it can all be funneled to containment ships at the surface.

  46. Why now two yrs ago Fox decides to do a report on it now. What took them so long. This is not new, but no one wanted to touch it until now.

  47. Fox said they will continue reporting on this next week, so this is not going away.

  48. Both parties do whatever it takes to get their person elected, so It’s not just Obama, it was Bush too in 2000 and 2004.

  49. GULF SHORES, Ala. — Tens of thousands of people dressed in Hawaiian shirts and parrot hats sang and danced on a broad beach Sunday at a free Jimmy Buffett concert meant to show not all the tourists are covered in oil on the Gulf Coast.
    The show, which was telecast live on the CMT cable channel, came on a particularly good day: The skies were mostly clear and only a little oil was washing in on the white sand about 100 miles north of the Deepwater Horizon site. A sand-filled barrier erected by the Alabama National Guard kept members of the audience from getting near the surf just in case.
    free buffett beach party concert video!

  50. thanks, sturge, for that nyt update on haiti. the use of the recycled debris mentioned below must be what clinton was talking about in that story i linked at 10:01 yesterday.
    “In contrast, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency, working directly with a hands-on mayor in the Carrefour municipality in metropolitan Port-au-Prince, has already moved more than 500 families from its large tent city into simple pine houses whose concrete foundations incorporate recycled debris.”

  51. mornin’
    pat, too late. I caught the last half of the concert yesterday. I kept looking for my buddy Jim there but alas, I didn’t see him. Jesse Winchester looks like he’s weathered the storm well. But for having to take too much time off to run LP this camp and pick him up from that camp, I woulda been down in the neighborhood last weekend for quadrennial family vacation (completely casual and my 40th HS reunion. If we’d gone I mIghta flown in & out of Mobile and moseyed down to the concert, but….
    I think Chuck Todd must read this blog. Remember last week I posted a fairly lengthy, cogent (for me) complaint about conflating Immigration and the drug crime near the border? Well this morning CT when asked about the AZ kerfuffel said that he wished we woudl stop conflating immigration and the Mexican drug war that so=pills over in to the US at the border. (Or maybe it’s not such a unique thought. :-)

  52. more buffett to start your day:
    “Well let me hear ya now
    I don’t know
    I don’t know
    I don’t know where I’m a gonna go
    When the volcano blow
    Ground she’s movin’ under me
    Got ya tidal waves out on the sea
    Sulphur smoke up in the sky
    Pretty soon we learn to fly
    Hey I don’t know
    I don’t know
    I don’t know where I’m a gonna go
    When the volcano blow”

  53. I wonder if this election thing that FOX reported on will wake up the PUMA group again?

  54. Well, congrats to Spain (boo) for a less than impressive WC final game – but enough to win. And condolescences to Lance Armstrong as his tour hopes died in the mountains yesterday. Levi Leipheimer will have the most impressive domestique in Tour history starting tomorrow.

  55. Vlad — why else would Fox New do any story unless to try and weaken the Democratic party? Gawd, I hate that “Puma” label. What a bunch of crap — find a name, preferably of a “cat” since so many of the angry people were female.

    The only reason that Fox is digging up old news now is to try to cause dissention within the Democratic party likely voters before the election. This has been a steady meme of “poor Hillary got shafted” for a couple of months now from them. It’s not like we didn’t know this since 2008.
    There is a major split among the Republicans between sane conservatives and the Tea Party ignoramuses, and if they can produce hard feelings for the President it could make some moderates vote Republican this year.

  57. Pogo — hate to say this, but as a televised sport, for me soccer has all the excitement of the golf channel.

  58. Patsi, LOL. I completely understand. Until LP became a budding striker, I didn’t understand or have any interest in watching soccer – and only watch it now for the big games. I’ve learned just enough about it to have a clue what’s going on, what’s working and why the things that aren’t aren’t.
    Pumas? I’m much more interested in cougars (of course I’m too old to be of interest to them. oh, well, so it goes).

  59. patsi, evidentally others don’t quite cotton to the sport either:
    Terrorist attack in Ugandan capital targets World Cup watchers
    Posted By David Kenner Monday, July 12, 2010 – 8:27 AM
    Top story: Twin explosions rocked Uganda’s capital of Kampala on Sunday, killing at least 64 people. The bombing occurred within minutes of each other, targeting an Ethiopian garden restaurant and a rugby field where large numbers of people had gathered to watch the World Cup final.

  60. “Iran’s judiciary chief has temporarily halted the stoning to death of a woman convicted of adultery, state news agency Irna has said…….
    ……..In May 2006, Ashtiani was found guilty of having had an “illicit relationship” with two men following the death of her husband. She was given 99 lashes.
    But that September, during the trial of a man accused of murdering her husband, another court re-opened the case based on events that took place before her husband died.
    Despite retracting a confession that she said she had been forced to make under duress, Ms Ashtiani was found guilty of adultery – a major offence under Iranian law – and sentenced to death by stoning.”

  61. Evidently my bitchin’ and moanin’ and pitchin’ a fit has had an effect–
    we have RAIN in Knobite Corner this AM–

  62. “bitchin’ and moanin’ and pitchin’ a fit”
    fair, that would make one heckuva country hit song. really catchy beat too if you drop the first “and”……
    we must put our heads together. this might be another great anthem for the cause du jour.

  63. If Beck, Hannity, or Rush decide to jump on this election story it will have legs and grow. If they stay away it will die out.

  64. VAD, if, as you say, “Beck, Hannity or Rush decide to jump on this election story…” it will be because they will jump on anything that hurts PRESIDENT Obama and the Democrats. It doesn’t matter whether the story has merit or not, in fact the less merit the better because it then is not subject to other side of the story.
    And people who cling to the “Hillary should have won; Hillary was cheated; Hillary would have made a better President” lines are just playing into their hands.
    If you think the Republicans have better solutions to our country’s problems, then support the Republicans. If you think on balance the Democratic party is better on the issues, then you better support the Democrats including President Obama, or you will soon become the the outside party looking in.

  65. I have not heard Hannity mention the BC at all. Rush uses it as a tease now and then, and Beck thinks it can’t be proven so he wants no part of it.

  66. But if any of them did start pushing the story it would be the number 1 story since they have the most listeners. Whe doesn’t the Dems have a talk show host with some power. Thye have just as much chance as the other guys do. Ed Schultz is the best they got. The Air America network did not cut it.

  67. “bitchin’ moanin’ and pitchin’ a fit” is a great line and definitely needs a whole song to go with it.
    Reminds me of a line from a Keith Urban’s Hank Don’t Fail Me Now.
    Yeah, she was throwin stuff, cussin like a sailor at me
    She was waving her hands around like she was fightin bees.

  68. Maybe if did have some strong DEM talk show hosts back in 2000 bush may never of won that election. We did not march in DC or Florida, demanding the truth on what happened.

  69. Is this the real life?
    Is this just fantasy?
    Caught in a landslide
    No escape from reality
    Open your eyes
    Look up to the skies and see
    I’m just a poor boy (Poor boy)
    I need no sympathy
    Because I’m easy come, easy go
    Little high, little low
    Any way the wind blows
    Doesn’t really matter to me, to me
    Nothing really matters
    Anyone can see
    Nothing really matters
    Nothing really matters to me
    queen bohemian rhapsody as sung by the muppets:

  70. jamie, poga and i have added an “f” between the “t”s for emphasis. and clarity.

  71. gee….
    if only Brian had known enough to go to one of Craig’s book signings and smile at him…. bet he’d still be here spewing his shit around here too….
    oh well…..

  72. renee, help us. you must have extra threads laying around. we desparately need a new thread. this “express yourself” one has run amok!

  73. “If you think”
    Hey Joe
    This may be the problem, some days it seems that the number of people who can answer that in the affirmative is getting smaller and smaller.

  74. I just got an email, PUMA group is alive and active, they are now pushing Beck to get involved in this election issue that FOX brought up. Maybe Obama and his team made a mistake by throwing out the Black Panther Case, They might of woken up the dead over this election fraud.

  75. fair, thanks for the warning. i read the 1st verse and chorus of their “get over it” and see what you mean.
    “I turn on the tube and what do I see
    A whole lotta people cryin’ “Don’t blame me”
    They point their crooked little fingers at everybody else
    Spend all their time feelin’ sorry for themselves
    Victim of this, victim of that
    Your momma’s too thin; your daddy’s too fat
    Get over it
    Get over it
    All this whinin’ and cryin’ and pitchin’ a fit
    Get over it, get over it”
    but maybe we can switch some words around to avoid the lawsuit. how about a new meaning and a line like:
    “i’m fittin’ to throw a fit and itchin’ to pitch a bitch”

  76. The following is making it’s rounds on the net
    Beck, picking up what slack? Voter Fraud is bigger than the Billy in Philly
    Posted on July 11, 2010 by freemenow
    Another Rant by: BettyJean
    Glen Beck jumps on the bandwagon regarding the New Black Panther case but where oh where is he on what got Obama that far along in the election in the first place? Glen boasts
    “Here we are, picking up the slack for the rest of the media again; they seem fairly disinterested in the New Black Panther case that was dropped by the Justice Department and Eric Holder.”
    I would like to get Glen Beck and others to understand and start reporting the truth behind voter fraud and intimidation that rocked a nation and disenfranchised millions in every state. The truth is bigger that the billy club wielding panther in Philly — the real story started in Iowa in January 2008 and millions of us know about it but no one will listen to those of us who witnessed it firsthand. Those of us Millions of Democrats who suffered racism, sexism and were brutalized, intimidated and threatened then when we tried to report it – we were laughed at and called bitter, old hags and losers! Our men called pussy whipped, our women called old cunts and bitches. Our candidate treated like dirt, her party totally abandoned her and elevated her opponent to status of untouchable.
    We Millions of Democrats – some of us called ourselves ” PUMA’s” (People United Means Action) – other “PUMA’s” (Party Unity My Ass) documented our stories but no one would listen. We recorded and took videos and still shots but no one would look no one would watch. We cried and for our efforts we were called racists and haters and worse.
    NOW– suddenly one story about the New Black Panther in Philly with a billy club gets picked up by FOX and Glen Beck jumps on it along with the rest of that network, and I appreciate that – I do, but Glen misspeaks when he states he is picking up the slack for the rest of the media again. This story is only the tip of the iceberg and a damned little tip at that- Obama never should have made it that far and Glen Beck ought to be on that story if he is going to be bragging about picking up any slack. There is only one voice who dares to look deeper into this story and is taking the time to ask questions.
    Hats off to Alisyn Camerota fromt Fox and friends for finally picking up on the real story.
    The truth was documented during the primaries and no one would listen- it’s all right here . Gigi Gaston walked among us and filmed and directed it and Bettina Viviano produced a film in 2008 during the primary elections We Will Not Be Silenced that is finally being brought to light.
    Gigi and Bettina were our Guests last year and this morning Gigi was on Fox and Friends. I want you all to write Glen Beck and get him to push this film and Gigi immediately! Please help! Sexism is just as important as racism and the fact that this was both is utterly astounding and certainly worth covering added to the fact that they used voter fraud and violated the Constitution in every way possible to gift Obama the presidency of the United States of America and we can prove it – if only anyone will bother to look, listen and believe those of us that witnessed it all in plain sight! We have the proof he needs to blow this thing wide open – if that is what he really wants – we have the proof!
    We also have the statistics in Caucus analysis all they have to do is ask!
    Write to Glen Beck immediately and let him know he is missing a large piece of documented evidence on Voter fraud and intimidation!

  77. Trolls, trolls,
    the annoying fruits
    the more you feed
    the louder they toot.
    The more they toot
    the more they feed
    so ignore the troll,
    the annoying fruit.

  78. Fair, our neck-o-th-woods kinda. I wasn’t sure since those NorthTexans refer to themselves as Knobites as well, and my memory is so bad I couldn’t remember which bunch of Knobites you were a part of, and oddly enough, both of them were getting raqin this morning.

  79. Jack,
    I saw a poll on July 4 that said that 74% of Americans can correctly identify the country from whom we gained independence.
    Then there’s the other 26%.

  80. Pogo
    When the Ozarks was first settled by Europeans there were hills that had no trees growing on them. This was from centuries of burning the woods by Native Americans. They were called bald knobs. There were also civil war raiders in that area that called themselves baldknobbers as well as a hillbilly band that has played for years in branson.
    With the advent of the modern conservation movement fire suppression was practiced and preached. So the baldknobs have disappeared.

  81. Hey, here’s one that sent a cold chill up my spine (or is it down? I digress). Last week when I took LP to a guitar lesson, while I was walking into the mall where he takes his lesson a White Ford Crown Victoria slowly drove past the mall entrance we use with “Bridgeport Police” emblazoned across the doors of the car, just like all the marked Bridgeport police cruisers I see around, but his one had a “Volunteer” graphic on the rear fender and said “V.I.P.S. – Volunteers in Police Service” across the back of the trunk lid. I noticed then that it had an amber flashing lights thingy on the roof instead of the Red/Blue and Amber on the real cruisers. And an elderly guy – I’d make him to be pushing 80, was driving. I have never seen anything like this before and wondered if anyone else had. I have no idea what they do, what they can do, or anything of the like and wonder what any of you know about that program, assuming it’s not something that Bridgeport came up with on their own.

  82. CJ
    Don’t forget the 10% who admit to being abducted by space aliens.

  83. Pogo
    We have had something similair. It as an expansion of the block watch concept. Nobody got a car with stickers and light though. But the group did get a grant for gas and millage expenses.
    They basically went around the neighborhood and reported any suspicious activity.

  84. Jack,
    That might be true, though. At least they act like something weird must have happened to them.

  85. I sent a letter to an editor once and he wouldn’t publish it because it was pro-union.
    The little rat wouldn’t take my phone calls.

  86. BTW
    Pogo the police department loves it because when the Grant money to keep the program going runs out the police department gets themselves a free car

  87. I thought this election fraud was a dead issue two years ago, well if these talk show hosts start discussing it no matter how you feel about them it will be a top story. If it wakes up the PUMA group and then they spread to the tea party group then watch out.

  88. Jack, come to find out there’s a VIPS chapter here in my town that says on its website:
    “[W]e got on the road with new uniforms and cars in December 2006. We patrol streets, code enforcement, handicap parking and fire lanes, loud noise complaints, traffic control at accident scenes and parades and assists with female prisoner transports to the Regional Jail. Many more duties will fall into our hands as time and training goes on.”
    No potential liability there!!!! The last “loud noise complaint” I can recall in my neckothwoods was drunks shooting off firearms at a party down by the river. I can just hear them tell grampy to go down and check that complaint out. The 16 volunteers contributed 306 hours of volunteer time in 2006 (I assume) and the last time the website was updated was 1/22/07, so maybe the program died a death from lack of interest. I can only hope.

  89. Watch out for what?
    You are making the assumption that tea baggers and Pumas represent 2 distinct groups.
    It ain’t necessarily so.

  90. The (white racist) GOP always talks about “voter fraud,” which always seems to occur in minority communities that vote Democratic.
    The real fraud is the GOPs never-ending effort to suppress voting in these minority communities. They arrange it so that there are not enough polling places, not enough voting machines or booths, and they close them early, etc.
    How any decent, honest, person can be a Republican today is a mystery to me. The party seems to represent pure evil, in every move they make.

  91. Pogo
    That sounds like it is a lot more than what
    Reggie and his buddies were doing. They did turn in some code and nusance issues but the Police made it very clear to them that they were to report to the police anybody breaking the law and were NOT to intervene in any manner.

  92. Yeah, Jack, watch out for all us previous Hillary supporters turning to the Tea Party, jumping right over the mainstream ‘can’ts and going for the lunatic fringe of the ‘can’t party ‘cuz we’re pissed off over the voter fraud we complained about 2 years ago. Two of CBob’s words come to mind – turnip truck.

  93. Call people whatever you want, this story is not going away, just like the BC issue isn’t. Each day it grows and grows. As Obama’s numbers tank and you can not say they have not more and more people will start following things like this. Other Networks are not going to let their number 1 enemy beat them out on a story. They will start reporting on it to.

  94. Having decided that they can’t win elections, the GOP is now agitating their base to buy guns and use them to achieve political goals through violence.

  95. Jack, I figure that is the case with these VIP folks no matter what the website says. But I really had never seen a volunteer cop in a marked car and had no idea they even existed.

  96. We have an election coming up and who knows if Obama will run again, and the system has not changed so it could happen again in a year or so when the primaries start up again. Maybe this time your person won’t win, will you just get over it that easy. Have you really gotten over the 2000 election, I bet Gore will never get over it. Did McCain really get over 2000 either when Bush went after him. He maybe the exception, most of us would not if what Bush did to him happened to you. Politics is dirty and we saw great examples of it in 2000, 2004, and 2008, wait till 2012, but this time we have a lot more eyes watching everything, the internet is so much more powerful than it was back then. We don’t have to depend on the mainstream media telling us what’s going on. Maybe a lot of it is junk out there but so be it, we have another source to go to than them.

  97. Gore won the 2000 election, but it was taken away by right-wingers on the Supreme Court.
    Bush stole Ohio in 2004 so he served 8 years without ever being elected.

  98. Cheshire Cat: What do you call yourself?
    Alice: Alice.
    Cheshire Cat: *The* Alice?
    Alice: There’s been some debate about that.
    Cheshire Cat: I never get involved in politics.

  99. I distinctly (well, as distinctly as I can) remember being called a PUMA when there was discussion about not voting for Obama because of the Texas primary shenanigans, among other things (of course the source was one of the Backchannel folks who eventually left here over persceived bias against them, so grain of salt time) – but I can attest that I NEVER seriously considered voting for grampy – I mean fuhgodsake, his running mate was Sarah. I think the GOP related entity was and was set up to try and gin up interest among disaffected Edwards and Clinton supporters who thought McCain was the lesser of the two surviving evils.

  100. Why aren’t we hearing from former Edwards supporters complaining that John could have done a better job?

  101. “I was robbed.”
    -John Edwards
    (Available in 2012 and 2016, as soon as a few minor problems are cleaned up.)

  102. Fair, “”A-fixin'” is knobite for I’m gettin’ ready to do it, just turn me loose– ” Apparently the (a?) difference between the knobite region and the deep south is the “A-“. In the deep south, we’re too lazy to add that extra syllable.

  103. upon googling the ky knobs, found this gem. for some reason it’s credibility is a bit suspect to me.
    The knobs is the smallest of all 6 natural regions (Bluegrass, Pennyroyal, Jackson Purchase, Western and Eastern Coalfields.) it also borders the blue grass in an unusual horse shoe shape. Also the knobs region contains 2,300 square miles of area.
    Isaac W Bergheim who in 1928 bought 14000 acres of land in the knobs region. A group of Indians settled in the knobs. Whenever a landscaper or a surveyor passed by the Indian’s settlement area they would keep them hostage because they thought they where trying to steal there land. The knobs region was named after Keith knob.”
    and then there’s also knob creek kentucky straight bourbon whiskey.

  104. “Fit t’ be tied” is a good ‘un. So’s “madder’n a old wet hen”. Just be careful y’ don’t git suh mad y’ turn inta a ol’ FLOGGIN’ hen–them’s meaner’n stripe-ed snakes–

  105. Wikipedia is flat out TOTALLY wrong- I remember the first post from the original PUMA- it described numerous choices for voting , the one thing we had in common was that we were fed up with the Democratic Party and would vote or not vote as we pleased regardless of our Party.

  106. OSH, your memory is consistent with mine – which should cause you great concern. Actually, what I remember is that PUMAs were Hillary supporters – who they planned to vote for instead was a bit variable. I ended up voting against the McCain/Palin ticket, so not wanting to throw my vote completely away, voila, I voted for Obama (which of course in WV was throwing my vote away anyway).

  107. pat, thanks. I really couldn’t care less about Faith Hill or Jack Johnson (although my nephew loves Jack) but I would make a trip to see the Zack Brown Band. Them boys can play their guitars. In fact, Zack is probably the worst of the lot, and he ain’t half bad. But BP could do better things with their money than putting on free concerts IMHO – attended heavily I’m sure by folks who haven’t lost their livelihood because of BP’s stupidity. It’s all a lot of fun and shit I’m sure, but aside from taking a bit of tarnish of BP’s image, what the hell good is it?

  108. 1. The Texas vote continued a great tradition. There hasn’t been a square vote in TX since Ann Richards was the Guv.
    You want to start looking into shitty Texas elections, vd ? Try to figure out how a fella with a record of running off from his unit and getting convicted of cocaine possession got to be governor in TX. If you stop at 2008, you’ll miss 5/6 of the story.
    2. Ya, as a reformed supporter of john edwards, I am disappointed that he didn’t work harder, and squrue around a lot less. Satisfied, Nash. Hafta rub my schnozzola in it ?

  109. PUMA may have been started by disaffected Dems, but it was soon heavily funded by republicans like dirty dick scaife. It was a wrinkle on the old donald segretti game of infiltrating the opposition and hijacking it. Anyone remember ‘democrats for nixon’ ?
    Same same.

  110. I’m broiling an elephant on the rotisserie for dinner tonight. Sweetie and I should have leftovers to last until Spring.
    So, take that, Daryl. I eat your totem at you.
    There never a need to baste these monsters, as they’re so full of fat, waste, and abuse. However, gutting out all the waste and abuse in an elephant is long and arduous work.

    In many areas, the VIPs do a lot of police leg and paper work. Say someone gets robbed and the event is over and there is no danger, a VIP will come out and take the police report and process it. That way the regulars are concentrating on the streets and crimes in action while still having the info on thefts and such reported, catalogued, and available if something suspiciious is noted.

  112. Fortunately, I have a spare maple tree to smoke the critter with. Now, what kind of wine goes with a lightly smoked, broiled elephant ?
    ps : dftts + always dftf after reading their posts. And, remember to stand by with a plumber’s helper, because the only land animal that produces more manure than an elephant is a fox.

  113. Yes that other f is definitely needed
    I remember it pretty much the way XR does. The “PUMA” name was used early for the women upset by the dirty tricks against Hillary, but the “organization” was quickly nabbed by a woman who had donated and voted Republican and then was funded by Scaife and that vile crowd.
    You might sympathize with the acronym, but the troublemakers then and now were the same right wing crowd. Hillary specifically came out to encourage her followers to back the Obama candidacy if they really wanted to support her since she was supporting him.

  114. If you folks want a Kentucky Bourbon go for Bookers.
    It used to be called Booker’s Noe and even though taken over by a big distiller is still made in small batches and bottled from the barrel after many years of aging.

  115. At this rate Henley & Frey are gonna start charging Craig royalties– 😉

  116. Oh–It won’t mean a thing to anybody but me, exactly, but I’m still dancin’ on Cloud Nine over this: there’s a married couple named Randy Russell and Janet Barnett , story collectors/tellers/writers whose books are a source for some of the stories I tell over at my blog. I used them for one such the other day, about a fiddle player who died of snakebite–and lo and behold, I GOT A COMMENT AT MY BLOG FROM RANDY RUSSELL!!! Quite a complimentary comment, too. Big thrill for me. I don’t know what to compare it to otherwise, but it made me awful happy.

  117. XR
    I’ve often thought that NAST assigned the wrong animals to each party. The donkey can be quite stubborn, bad tempered, and inclined to negativity while the elephant is an intelligent, affectionate, and gentle animal unless really mistreated.

  118. Why aren’t we hearing from former Edwards supporters complaining that John could have done a better job?
    Posted by: Nash2.0 Author Profile Page | July 12, 2010 3:17 PM
    the Oprah interview with his baby momma silenced eveyone forever

  119. i worked with a drummer named mark from maryville, oncet……he got to play with george jones for a couple years later…..damn he had some good stories…….

  120. I admit to being an early
    Biden supporter. Every time he opens his mouth I cringe and say , “Thank God”

  121. In champaign illinois one time we came across a T-shirt shop and he got one made up which read…….”Well, I SWAN.”

  122. that’s not one of the great stories…’s just something i remembered…….lol

  123. Sturge
    I knew a fiddler who worked with Jones. That fiddler had 2 talents, playing the fiddle and drinking whisky. He was very good at both.
    I guess you had to be if you were going to keep up with George Jones.

  124. mark took us for a ride in the limo once and everywhere you put your hand down it was sticky………mark says it’s cause every time george hears a song on the radio he don’t like he’d toss his drink…….

  125. i think he was taking the car to get a harvey keitelish clean-up on it or something……

  126. Patsi, Came across this oped today. Follow-up from the other day.
    “We just rec­og­nized the Chero­kee Wolf Clan. With a $35 pay­ment, mem­ber­ship is open to “any­one who feels they are of Native Amer­i­can ances­try.” They proudly state, “Native Amer­i­can is a way of life and comes from the heart. It is respect­ing all liv­ing things and try­ing to do what is good for all mankind.”

  127. There used to be a saloon in Duluth, MN called Maxwell’s Silver Hammer. It was a fine place to watch gals and forget about the job.
    I worked up in Duluith for awhile, until my employer & I couldn’t stand each other any more. It wasn’t more than a few months. Lordie, how he could slam them down…. His eyes turned red as a rock bass’s, and his head began to resemble a swine’s. He’d make hit on all the waitresses, and he liked to hang out in a strip joint called (for some unknown reason) The Saratoga. Apparently his wife didn’t know about the pig’s outside interests. She wrote him a fine obituary when a heart attack killed him suddenly. I never went into The Saratoga, and as far as I know, the pig never found the Silver Hammer.

  128. I like my elephant crusty on the outside and pink on the inside.
    You know, they are red inside, if you don’t burn them. In fact, every elephant’s heart is deep red, even White elephants. They just can’t help it. And, they are admitted collectivists – except for the rogues, of course. Rogues are guy elephants who are so crazy that the herd throws them out. So, they don’t have a sex life, and are eventually reduced to worrying about everyone else’s. They become obsessed with the perfect family situation.
    A guy who is a red inside, but who can’t get a date : that’s who the republican totem is.

  129. There was another john edwards who is alleged to have robbed a bank in Deerwood, MN on July 2d. Prolly not the same john edwards. Age 32. Said to be from Moorhead, MN. Moorhead is right across the mighty Red River from Fargo. They are another Twin Cities. Duluth & Superior, WI are another. How we call us THE Twin Cities is beyond me.
    I’ve rambled enough. G’night.

  130. Thought for the day :
    ” Learning music by reading about it, Is like making love by mail. ”

  131. “BP could do better things with their money than putting on free concerts IMHO – attended heavily I’m sure by folks who haven’t lost their livelihood because of BP’s stupidity. It’s all a lot of fun and shit I’m sure, but aside from taking a bit of tarnish of BP’s image, what the hell good is it?”
    pogo, a lot of owners and employees of beach bars, motels and restaurants think they will bring business their way. aside from that it seems to provide distraction for the unwashed and unwanted criticism…. it’s also like the role that gladiator fights and tv “reality” shows have played.

  132. So the Army Navy Club doesn’t want a bike path on the border of their exclusive 500-acre patch of Arlington real estate:
    Read all about this place:
    My suggestion is:
    Put them on the ad valorem tax roles at full market value unless they change their membership roles to allow all recovering wounded veterans and their families to have full run of the digs regardless of their ranks or military status. That any serving military or retired member may join as regular member despite his or her rank. And that the bike path may be built.

  133. Tony –
    One thing that the Australian water story touched on, and even showed in the photo, was the water harvesting tank next to the house. I would love to know the details of that program that helps home owners install those systems.

  134. I hear we have an issue now over the NASA and Muslim comment made. Who is telling the truth this time. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden or Gibbs/Obama?

  135. A marriage made in heaven–
    Palin and Gingrich
    The Rev Mr Huckabee to Officiate
    Highlight of ceremony to be beautiful music by Wagner.

  136. I thought about the KISS principle the other night, but my aging brain cells misfired and switched the wording around .
    From :

  137. I wasn’t lying……it was…….you know…….bullshit.
    –Elwood Blues

  138. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that pressure test holds up.
    If the well won’t hold pressure , then we’re in much deeper shit.

  139. Rez! Does this mean I can declare myself a spiritual Kansa and open a casino????? Hot damn!

    I met a traveller from an antique land
    Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
    Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown
    And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command
    Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
    Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
    The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
    And on the pedestal these words appear:
    “My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
    Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.

  141. Imagine how many morning shows are cursing their collective fates that old stein couldnt have checked out 2 or 3 hours earlier………

  142. Republican senator from Louisiana, David Vitter, is suggesting the dispute over Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president be resolved in court.
    “I support conservative legal organizations and others who would bring that to court,” the Associated Press reported a video of the event revealed him saying.

  143. How many more senators are going to come out before November repeating what Vitter is saying?

  144. I’m suggesting that the dispute over Vitter’s actually having that which we call “consciousness” be resolved by the New Orleans Times Picayune.

  145. How many states will have a new policy in place before the 2012 election demanding that their candidates show proof that they can be on the ballot. If they do, and Obama does decided to run again what will he do to prove that he can be on the ballot? What may happen if he can’t?

  146. We may have another close election and let’s see what side cheats the most to get their candidate in.

  147. The Primary season only a year or so away should be fun to watch, what will the repubs do to each other, if Obama does not run same thing with the dems, will the Super Delegates come into play again?

  148. We had plenty of time to unload the Super Delegate method but it’s still in place, at least the repubs don’t have that system. We still have caucus system in many states and we know all the problems they have with it. There is still no good electronic voting machine that we can trust. So we are asking for more fraud in our election coming up.
    We could of fixed some of it since 2000, but we did nothing.

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