Dems Lose Clinton Country

Forty of 63 House turnovers to GOP were in states Obama lost to Hillary in 2008 primaries. Just something for the President’s camp to think about as they ponder a more daunting reelection map than they had faced before Tuesday.

Had Hillary been available to campaign – her position as secretary of state doesn’t allow it – could she have made a difference? Bill Clinton was more than available, barnstorming everywhere she might have helped, but Democrats still lost much ground in HRC 2008 states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana (12 House turnovers).

Although Obama won those states in the general election, Tuesday’s drubbing suggests he’ll be spending a lot of time there over the next two years.


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  1. Good points as always, Poobah.
    Not to read too much into the new job numbers, and by no means to suggest they represent a trend, but a large part of Clinton country is in the part of the country hardest hit by job losses. IF -- and I emphasize the IF part of that word -- the job gains continue and are felt in those Clinton states, things could turn around there for the big O and he might enjoy another 4 years’ lodging at the taxpayers’ expense.

    “Yet McConnell has also spent recent weeks studying Republicans’ 1994 midterm election victory, in which the party won back Congress, and urged his colleagues not to forget one of its lessons: the power of the veto. With every flourish of President Bill Clinton’s pen, Republicans “ended up being viewed as failures, sellouts or both.”
    “McConnell warned: “We have to be realistic about what we can and cannot achieve, while at the same time recognizing that realism should never be confused with capitulation.”
    What gobbldygook. My sincerest hope is that the ‘can’ts do overreach in the house and that they learn the meaning of the terms executive order, filibuster and veto as only a party on the losing ends of those concepts can.

  3. I think Ohio will be blue in the next election…and Obama doesn’t have to make a trip. The Republicans are only going to make things worse and the state will flip.
    Ohio will keep going back and forth until something good happens there. Since that hasn’t happened in 4 decades pretty unlikely it will happen in the next two years.
    Indiana is creepy.

  4. There’s only one entry, but Blonde’s opening comment makes me feel like I’ve walked in on the middle of a conversation.
    I’m sure Craig is right about Ohio, PA, and Indiana getting more Presidential attention over the next two years, and that’s just proof that politics is always about the next election.
    Loyal supporters are taken for granted and the squeaky-wheel swing states get all the grease (or in this case gravy).
    This morning I find myself longing for the “good old” days or Richard Nixon, who at least punished his enemies. Okay, I’m at least half-kidding, but I think you get my drift.

  5. OMG Good Morning America -ABC reaches a new low
    that show What would you do --is like Ashton Kutcher’s punked only dumber and playing with people’s lives
    and this morning they had an bright actress (Patricia Clarkson and an airhead Deborah Norville) discussing politics and culture including a story about a woman whose boy child dressed as girl for Halloween --Hello Rudy Guiliani
    it doesn’t mean anything unless adults get hysterical --and snuffy provided that part.
    I just had a repeat of the fight I had all primary season about what skank Obama is --so this failure is no surprise to me. A man who would allow his opponent to be falsely accused of racism is someone who is not to be trusted.

  6. Bear
    Clearly, it was a prospective boost based on anticipation of the Tea Bag/Bitter Ers victory.

  7. EdVB
    I wanted Jim Barker to see his name first per this --
    You guys should know that Jim Barker was experiencing personal loss today, and will be gone tomorrow for the funeral (not my place to add further detail). But still he put in a long day to help us get back to normal, and I am feeling a bit guilty about it. That’s the sort of earnest and dedicated people I am privileged to be working with, and I wanted you to know.
    Posted by: | November 4, 2010 6:34 PM

  8. Tir demonstrates should profound misunderstanding of the information presented it boggles the mind.
    The SF Chronicle political reporters (sic) give out awards after the campaign is over — it is the only decent reporting on the campaigns they do. All the rest is claptrap.
    “The Robert Shrum-Dick Morris-”Ishtar” Award: To Mike Murphy, Meg Whitman’s chief campaign strategist. He confidently predicted “an upset” on Election Eve. Alas, even though things didn’t work out, The alleged Six Million Dollar Man walked away with a bionic amount of cash and a smile on his face. Like Shrum and Morris, Murph’s divining rod finds candidates with deep pockets — and plush gigs on cable TV news show where they can spout their opinions without consequence.
    Read more:

  9. Tir demonstrates should profound misunderstanding of the information presented it boggles the mind.
    let me make this perfectly clear
    TIR demonstrates such profound misunderstanding of the information presented it boggles the mind. One has to wonder if he is deliberately stupid (what would be the point?) a victim of a Bill Bennett Charter School, or gets all his information from Sarah Palin.

  10. Kc, it’s the confusion of fact and belief to support a narrative. Cause-effect is the victim.

  11. “I just had a repeat of the fight I had all primary season about what skank Obama is --so this failure is no surprise to me. A man who would allow his opponent to be falsely accused of racism is someone who is not to be trusted”
    That would have been his opponent, HRC, and also her husband, Bill Clinton. To this day I am shocked they tried to tag Bill as a racist because of his Jesse Jackson SC analogy. Sometime you really surprise me lol. Personally I would still had voted for HRC over Obama any day of the week. But I’m a R which stands for racist so what do you expect.

  12. Posted by: pogo Author Profile Page | November 5, 2010 12:15 PM
    Well that’s kind of sad — there have been a bunch of studies done showing once that happens it is very hard to over come
    maybe therapy would help

  13. Jamie
    I rarely watch any cable news now but I did catch a bit of CNN
    election night and there were Carville and Matalin yikes
    When you see set-ups like that --it is a set-up.
    She is worse than ever and now that Shrub and the Big Prick are beginning their period of rehabilitation we will probably see more of the botoxed liar/apologist for the goopers..
    She was head of Liars for Bush.

  14. I think it is very important that Shrub not be allowed to whitewash his presidency in any way
    Setting aside all the policy errors -what about the sheer incompetency of his presiency
    Does the book talk about all the money that was literally lost in Iraq. Does the book talk about the criminals they made deals with..
    And let’s not get lost in another Katrina mess of what he really meant when he said “Heck of a job Brownie..” that is a non issue. His administration didn’t do the right thing at the time and they didn’t do it later either.
    And let’s talk about the impact of deregulation and his wild west approach to increasing homeownership so the terrorists won’t win.
    The man should not be able to show his face in public unless every speech begins with an apology

  15. N Silver has a good article about the election polling this time around. Of course one of his conclusion which most people knew or suspected:
    “On Tuesday, polls conducted by the firm Rasmussen Reports — which released more than 100 surveys in the final three weeks of the campaign, including some commissioned under a subsidiary on behalf of Fox News — badly missed the margin in many states, and also exhibited a considerable bias toward Republican candidates.

  16. According to Shrub the low point of his presidency is when Kenye West called him a racist.
    Really -THAT was the low point. What about when you declared war on Iraq and sent 4500 and still climbing Americans to die and declared war on the wrong country

  17. Agree with pogo’s take on job losses in Clinton country. Hil’ry being able to campaign wouldn’t have done much except give staunch Obama-supporters buyers’ remorse.
    Unless the job situation improves drastically and people stop seeing their standard of living eroding, neither the Dems nor Repubs should be too jazzed about 2012.
    Really? Kanye’s statement was worse to him than Katrina itself, or 9/11, or dead & wounded soldiers? Wow, maybe all of the horrors that came out of his administration were really his. Maybe Cheney wasn’t in charge after all.

  18. Krugman.
    There are points in h is column today I might disagree with. Thisis not one of them:
    “Of course, there’s a subtext to the whole line that health reform was a mistake: namely, that Democrats should stop acting like Democrats and go back to being Republicans-lite. Parse what people like Mr. Bayh are saying, and it amounts to demanding that Mr. Obama spend the next two years cringing and admitting that conservatives were right.
    “There is an alternative: Mr. Obama can take a stand.
    “For one thing, he still has the ability to engineer significant relief to homeowners, one area where his administration completely dropped the ball during its first two years. Beyond that, Plan B is still available. He can propose real measures to create jobs and aid the unemployed and put Republicans on the spot for standing in the way of the help Americans need.
    “Would taking such a stand be politically risky? Yes, of course. But Mr. Obama’s economic policy ended up being a political disaster precisely because he tried to play it safe. It’s time for him to try something different.”

  19. Shrub tries humble pie when he says he should have just admitted the DUI story --what about the lies covering up his (failure to complete) military service
    He uses a little piece of business to distract from the bigger lies and craptastic action of his administration. And of course people like Matt Lauer let him geta way with it
    I’m sure FA--kd up news will be --This election redeems the Shrub presidency and see he’s not a racist

  20. Would it have hurt Republicans is W had been pushing his book a month or so before the elections? I think so.
    And what’s up with the “Mr. Obama” used by the media? In the past, didn’t the media always say Mr. President or President so-and-so? I’ve heard anchor people who wouldn’t seem to be anti-Obama use it.
    I think Boehner has a stylist. He was wearing an orange tie on Wednesday and it made his skin look less like the skin on my fingers after I’ve been eating Cheetos.

  21. Blue,
    when speaking of the President, I always thought that either President or Mr. were acceptable titles, with the MR. being more commonly used during campaign season.
    Anything but a use of just last name is better…
    with KO’s suspension for the next 2 weeks, the irony of the action is that were he at Fox, he’d have been suspended only for giving to Dems…lol

  22. The secretary of state joined New Zealand Prime Minister John Phillip Key and New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray Stuart McCully for remarks Thursday at Wellington’s Parliament Theatrette, and the prime minister made a little slip-up
    “And we, in a purely bilateral basis, have concerns about the fact that Australia” has a free-trade agreement, began Key. “They’re a very important part of our market in New Zealand, so we see Trans-Pacific Partnership as a very important item to be completed if at all possible. So, President Clinton”

  23. I was very disappointed at Nancy Pelosi’s announcement that she will run to stay Democratic Leader of the House. I guess that is what an over sized ego will do.
    She is a lighting rod for the other side and she failed miserably in her responsibility to maintain majority status in the House. Now that a lot of blue-dogs are gone, the Democrats will ignore the moderate independents and lose a lot more elections. That is unless the Republicans screw-up like last time.

  24. “disappointed at Nancy Pelosi’s announcement that she will run to stay Democratic Leader of the House.”
    Not as disappointed as all those D House members who lost their their House seats in part because of her leadership style.
    Although I don’t care much for her politics, I do admire her take no prisoners style of ruling. At 70 years old she can go toe to toe with the best of them.
    She is unrepenting on the outcome of the election, and/or how she lead.

  25. 131. QuietDesperation Says:
    November 5th, 2010 at 11:33 am
    the Classic Maya collapse
    Which they brought back after consumers soundly rejected the New Maya collapse.

    Yes, how dare MSNBC apply standards of ethics with respect to campaign contributions -- lord knows Faux doesn’t.
    Any blowback over Nancy is more from (1) the fact that she shepherded Obama’s legislation -- unpopular though it was -- through the house and (2) craptastic coverage of her on the RW political machine media outlets (Faux, EiB…) and (3) her image as a SF lib. Her leadership style is not something people voted against IMHO.
    The speaker’s responsibility for keeping an electable stable of candidates doesn’t take precedence to advancing the pres’ legislative agenda (btw, it was by and large the blue dog coaltion -- read DINO here -- that lost out in the election, so the difference in the house isn’t as great as a simple R/D analysis might suggest). There is a separate arm of the party that is tasked to do that. The outcome of the battle for minority leader will tell what her colleagues think of the job she did and her leadership style.

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