Keith, How We Knew Ye

Olbermann’s suspension was inevitable with today’s news BUT I still like the guy, even though I felt it necessary to quit doing his show last spring to avoid association with his hyper-partisan ways. There is a place for hard-hitting, sincerely biased TV personalities. It just shouldn’t be at legitimate news organizations. Giving money to political candidates, especially without disclosing it to the public or your bosses, is about as dumb as you can get and expect to keep your job as a journalist. Still, Keith has a heart, even if perhaps he wore it on his sleeve too often. And for that, I think of him fondly and hope to see him on air someday soon in a proper venue for his passionate points of view. — Craig

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  1. I can’t stand to listen to Olberman. That’s why I didn’t watch MSNBC’s election nite coverage. He yells, snarls and sneers and in general acts like the Fox crowd.

  2. I was very disappointed at Nancy Pelosi’s announcement that she will run to stay Democratic Leader of the House. I guess that is what an over sized ego will do.
    She is a lighting rod for the other side and she failed miserably in her responsibility to maintain majority status in the House. Now that a lot of blue-dogs are gone, the Democrats will ignore the moderate independents and lose a lot more elections. That is unless the Republicans screw-up like last time.

  3. Craig,
    We all have friends that do things that are, as you say
    ” as dumb as you can get”
    I have an old college buddy one who is almost exactly like KO in his mannerisms….I still enjoy him, albeit in very limited quantities….

  4. I think it was very smart of MSNBC to have a lefty lineup, scoped out an audience for them. I remember the first “special comment” that KO did, on Bush and 9/11. I actually STOOD up in my livingroom and applauded. NO one had said what he said. Not a pundit, not a journalist, not a one. I think he’s really good at what he does. And I think he should have been able to quietly donate to whatever candidate he wanted. He didn’t advocate others doing it. Apparently Hannity and his wife gave huge amounts to repugs, do you think for one second Fox would suspend Hannity? Keith is a lefty pundit, not a newsguy.

  5. I’m sorry about Keith. He was over the top, but that is what we who watched knew what it was. This really seems like overkill. Keith’s big error was letting his ego dictate his commentary. There is such an animal as too much of a good thing. He started believing his own lefty press to the detriment of his on air persona.
    MSNBC does need the left identity to counteract FOX, but it needs to be SMART FOX not stupid CNN

  6. Having said that. I want Olbie back and on semi good behavior and I love love love Rachel.

  7. I’m more surprised it wasn’t his comments, spoken or written, that got him in trouble. I assume if had told his boss about his intentions, Griffin would have just cautioned him and discouraged not forbid it. Everyone knows his political sentiments.

  8. I think his shows should have been prefaced with remarks such as, I have pressured my guests tonight, Joe, Jane, janice, and Gerald to toe the line or they shall never be invited back again. That will have obvious ramifications on their income and on on their standing in my circle of influence.
    Let the show begin.

    I myself don’t get how gays can vote Republican???That said,people are angry about the NO CHANGE scenario that has played out under President Obama and the Democrats..Gays are very much used to voting for people that don’t support their civil rights..Dems say there different in regards to gays but really how much different have they been than Republicans?..Obama professes to be a fierce advocate for gays but we know he’s not.So, many gays just jumped over to the other team because they see no practical difference..I have two gay friends that voted all Republican here in Florida and their both without work!! No work vs Dems who say they support gay civil rights but haven’t delivered anything,the anger over no work wins hands down..

    “Obama Thought He Would Make the Difference”
    “Actually he did, but not in a good way.
    In January of 2010, when Rep. Marion Berry expressed concern over the upcoming midterms, Obama scoffed at any warnings or problems in his path. When Berry specifically referenced a possible ’94 reoccurrence Obama reportedly gave the concern “no credibility.” Berry told the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, reported also by Jake Tapper of ABC News, “They just kept telling us how good it was going to be.” He went further, quoting Pres. Obama:
    ‘Well, the big difference here and in ’94 was you’ve got me.’ We’re going to see how much difference that makes now.” – Pres. Obama
    It didn’t mean squat.
    The Republican Tea Party kicked his arrogant ass.”

  11. I remember dylan rattigan making an off handed comment last week that had to do with the sale of NBC to Comcast.
    I wonder if this is being done at their behest

  12. Ya know, this is why had to finally pull the trigger and bolt earlier this year. MSNBC’s partisan polemics in prime time made it a political organization, like FOX. For too long, NBC has tried to have it both ways — fair journalism on the network and one-sided advocacy on cable. They really need to do some soul searching about that inherent contradiction.

    “DNC’s Fan Fic on Health Care and the Election”
    “The DNC has released a memo that is based on such fantasy and manipulated statistics that it’s hard to believe the points are being repeated without question.
    The memo says “of all the factors that contributed to Republican gains in the Congressional elections, the President’s health care reform does not appear to have been the significant drag on Democratic candidates.” Ruy Teixeira makes a similar claim, saying “it is also worth noting that the election did not appear to be repudiation of the new health care reform law. About as many said they wanted to see it remain as is or be expanded (47 percent) as said they wanted it repealed (48 percent).”

  14. Comcast yuck..Brian Roberts is rockribbed gooper who offered up his installation crews to Shrub to spy on people ..fortunately their union said NO
    They are a horrible company that over charges for crap service
    and thanks to George Bush and John McCain there is no regulation

  15. and btw, i think the failure to disclose is Keith’s big offense here. had he told his bosses or his audience he was giving this money, he’d be covered. but instead he contributed without even fully identifying himself, using an anonymous mailbox address. really weird.

  16. Let’s face it.
    there is a spectrum
    Balance it out and figure it out. The listeners and watchers have. what is the network’s problem?

  17. nstead he contributed without even fully identifying himself, using an anonymous mailbox address. really weird.
    From the campaign standpoint -if he didn’t appropriate id himself how could properly file

  18. Repost in part.
    Yes, how dare MSNBC apply standards of ethics with respect to campaign contributions -- lord knows Faux doesn’t. [I think you are right about Keith's offense, poobah, and I completely understand your position on MSNBC]
    Any blowback over Nancy is more from (1) the fact that she shepherded Obama’s legislation -- unpopular though it was -- through the house and (2) craptastic coverage of her on the RW political machine media outlets (Faux, EiB…) and (3) her image as a SF lib. Her leadership style is not something people voted against IMHO.
    The speaker’s responsibility for keeping an electable stable of candidates doesn’t take precedence to advancing the pres’ legislative agenda (btw, it was by and large the blue dog coaltion -- read DINO here -- that lost out in the election, so the difference in the house isn’t as great as a simple R/D analysis might suggest). There is a separate arm of the party that is tasked to do that. The outcome of the battle for minority leader will tell what her colleagues think of the job she did and her leadership style.
    Tony, I know you don’t.
    Imus is on FBN (a red-headed stepchild of FauzNews at best) -- and Craig is normally on it in his PJs, so it’s a little different.

    Matt Taibbi made a dynamite appearance on Imus yesterday morning talking about the election in the context of his new book Griftopia.
    The gist of the problem as he accurately (IMO) sees it is that typical Americans are so woefully undereducated in those skills necessary in determining whether or not our public servants are simply thieves in the service of even bigger thieves.
    As a result, trying to do something, they accept the same politicians’ bogus solution to drop all controls intended to keep thieves out of the public trough.
    We’ve been had by well meaning but clueless voters who know not what they have done. The vast majority of them are without malice. The same cannot be said of those who have manipulated them.

  20. Craig,
    Sorry I didn’t think of this sooner, but if you look at their behavior and their slants, the best way to categorize the cable news media is Professional Wrestling…
    Fox is the classic heel…always breaking the rules to gain an advantage. since they are clearly the villain, they can get away with it. Sometimes they are so good at what they do, they are still liked by the fans. If you go through the history of bad guys, some would cut themselves, act like total fools, do whatever to get noticed…
    MSNBC if the face…very rah rah, try to be by the book, but no matter what they do, they fall victim to surprise attacks that they naively think won’t happen because they think “we follow the rules, everyone else will too”. After a while the face is so “effete” in their devotion to good, that everyone can’t wait to see them get an ass kicking
    CNN is the fledgling wrestler just grinding out matches until they catch someone’s eye so they can score bigger matches. Once they show talent, they get hired away and fit into one of the roles…

  21. I’m with Nancy P --let me know when Health Shuler (gag me he is anti-choice) can raise 50 mil for the campaign fund

  22. “the best way to categorize the cable news media is Professional Wrestling” — posted by Bear
    precisely the reason i’ve taken a break from being a cable cowboy.

  23. Craig, no Imus just calls anyone he disagrees with “a phony.” I haven’t listened to Imus in a long time, but he seemed to take a side in 2008.

  24. I think Nancy P should have every opportunity to take cheap shots at Boner.
    I certainly hope the Boners don’t travel to a place that requires either Boner to cover their heads ….
    I hope Boner is taking the bus back and forth to his district. I certainly don’t want to hear he is taking a private plane paid for with tax dollars. There is a perfectly good bus.
    I certainly hope Boner won’t be doing any fund raising from the speakers office or passing out checks on the House floor
    I think that Sam Rayburn would be very proud to have Nancy P in the lineup and hopes she continues on
    John Boner in his own words

  25. Tylenol, we could get a headache tracking Imus’ circular politics. He hated Bush over Kerry in ’04. There’s just no pattern with him, which I like.

  26. Letterman will probably wind up having an idea or two……..don’t think I’d be frettin’ about Keef…….

  27. cutting keef will probably wind up with about the same great results for msnbc that cutting Imus did………

  28. Meanwhile back in the real world -
    “This is the scenario I dislike the most, because the deepest magma is pushing up now,” said the agency’s chief, Surono. “The eruptions haven’t stopped, the tremors are getting stronger and one big explosion could be the result. I’ve never seen it act like this. We don’t know what to expect.”
    By midday yesterday, the volcano had been erupting continuously for 30 hours, the longest known period, and about 100,000 people had been evacuated.

  29. Hey guys….
    I’ve had a long day at the hospital. My mom fell yesterday and broke her ankle in 3 places. She managed to drag herself over to her couch where the person we hired to help her with housecleaning found her this morning. She needs surgery and will be at a nursing home for rehabilitation.
    I’ll catch up with the blog later.

  30. Anytime the top Indonesian volcano guy says, ” I’ve never seen it act like this. ” we should all take note.

  31. “These Republican leaders have not been content with attacks on me, or my wife, or on my sons. No, not content with that, they now include my little dog, Fala. Well, of course, I don’t resent attacks, and my family doesn’t resent attacks, but Fala does resent them. You know, Fala is Scotch, and being a Scottie, as soon as he learned that the Republican fiction writers in Congress and out had concocted a story that I had left him behind on the Aleutian Islands and had sent a destroyer back to find himat a cost to the taxpayers of two or three, or eight or twenty million dollars–his Scotch soul was furious. He has not been the same dog since. I am accustomed to hearing malicious falsehoods about myself–such as that old, worm-eaten chestnut that I have represented myself as indispensable. But I think I have a right to resent, to object to libelous statements about my dog.”–Sept. 23, 1944, address to the Teamsters Union

    “Log Cabin Republican’s asks Supreme Court to reinstate ban on ‘don’t ask’”
    “A gay GOP group is asking the Supreme Court to reinstate a lower court’s order banning the military from enforcing the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy which prohibits openly gay service members.
    The Log Cabin Republicans, who filed the suit that produced the short-lived injunction against “don’t ask,” submitted an application Friday asking Justice Anthony Kennedy to, in effect, ice the policy while the Justice Department pursues an appeal to revive it. (Read the application here.)”

  33. renee, whatever you do, please, try to keep your mom’s spirits up and toward the future. breaks in mobility sometimes make us face morbidity and question the worth of the fight.
    tell her there’s a bunch of people all across the country that are waiting to hear if she’s being a good girl and doing her rehab exercises. no excuses. we’re all in this together as red green would say.
    and try to keep your own up at the same time….understandable, it’s hard on you, too, kiddo

  34. “I expect President Obama to announce that he will not be running for President in 2012.”
    purple, i wouldn’t be surprised about that either given his track record of moving up the job ladder. is it just boredom or ambition to be ruler of the universe ultimately?
    the feeling of “been there, done that” could certainly quench the fire to trudge on thru the mire and muckraking before him.

  35. Gee I get to do a protest tonight. No Olbermann, the clicker just went to CNN and the new Spitzer program.

  36. Hello everybody, how is everyone today.
    Jamie, I would be watching that but I need to be well rested for tomorrow
    I will be away for just about 10 AM to 2 30 PM with an orchestra event.
    Everything in sunny Florida has been cold and muggy for 2 days. We where good in the afternoon, but in the morning I was a walking ice cube.
    Is anybody else having the same weather? I hope so, because up north they are freezing to death, like I believe OSH is right now, and Craig, and others.
    Still trying to find out where DL is.

  37. Sorry about that, its my coment, but me and purple using the same computer, i forgot to log out of purples acout. sorry about that sooo much

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