Was 2008 the Outlier?

How can elections two years apart look so different? But Tuesday’s vote seems to be the norm. Its center-right results fit into the main stream of the last 30 years far more than 2008′s assumed lunge to the left.

Even the Democratic congressional sweep of 2006 was actually more in keeping with tradition. Democrats won Congress largely by recruiting centrist candidates – which created a time bomb that exploded in their faces this week, as voters in those right-leaning districts and states switched back to the Republican column.

This has me wondering if Barack Obama’s election was merely an exception made possible by the alluring uniqueness of his personal history and appeal. If so, the biggest mistake Democrats made was in assuming that their recent successes were transformational, instead of merely temporary.


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  1. WOO! WOO!
    Thanks for the well wishes for my mom everyone. She’s doing much better today. She can’t have surgery until the swelling goes down…. she’s scheduled for Nov. 15th.
    I told her about all of you and she appreciates all of your sentiments.
    Now I have to catch up…..

  2. Good news RR, give her a collective Trail Mix hug for us.
    Also, our pal Lard is well into recovery from another brain surgery, he’s planning to update this weekend with details on his always great blog.. http://bit.ly/DRPIz

  3. Craig,Renee,
    Good news!
    Lots of Nice pics of Hillary with world leaders and the story with pic of the New Zealand Prime Minister calling Hill President Clinton…
    “My $0.02: Saturday is for Sisterhood
    06 November 2010 10:15 am by Wonk the Vote”
    “Good morning, everyone. Wonk the Vote here, with my Saturday offerings. First up, some odds and ends from down under in New Zealand, where Secretary Clinton has been traveling the past few days. She fielded a couple questions yesterday about the chances of her running for president again. The following tidbit was from an interview on Friday, with Guyon Espiner of TV New Zealand (link goes to the Foggy Bottom transcript):”

  4. FLATUS wrote: “I need a more clear definition of Progressive. Spoken as a committed Liberal, a term which, in my own mind, I understand.”
    GREAT post, Flatus (the whole thing, not just the part I quoted.)
    Oh, and Jace — you had a number of posts on that last thread that I rad and said “Hear, Hear!”

  5. Very good thought, Craig. I fear it was exactly as you speculated. Excitement over a bio.

  6. Ha, Patsi, I know it’s a depressing thought but why should I suffer alone, just had to share

  7. “XRep — re: your adultery list….is the Mrs. Reagan you mention Jane Wyman? Because if so, I thought she is the one who left him, and not because of other woman…” -Patsi, Nov 5 @6:38 am.
    I would never blame Jane Wyman for anything beyond bad taste in men.
    Back around the time that ronnie had ed meese bomb the SF hospital, I got 2 different tales from two different people who had worked for ronnie when he was still just a shill for Boraxo. One tale was that ronnie had a girlfriend who came over drunk and chatted with Jane & it ‘kinda slipped out.”
    The other is that Jane was tired of ronnie’s indolence (from bed to lounge by the pool, to nap on the sofa, to bedtime) and his lack of interest in seeking roles.

  8. craig, your theory doesn’t explain hillary coming so close to winning. well, on second tho’t, yeah, she was deemed by the left to be centrist. nevermind.

  9. i think of the clintons as being pragmatic liberals. the thinking kind, not of the kneejerk ilk. perhaps pragmatic, practical, productive, constructive could mean “center” but not necessarily “center-right” .

  10. like flatus, i don’t know what the hell “progressive” means, but am quite comfortable with the liberal label…. [cue in the song "look for the liberal label..."]

  11. If I had any tolerance for Trusts and monopolies, I would be a Progressive. Except for that, I’d be a T.D. Roosevelt Bullmoose.

  12. Craig,
    I think that you probably have it about right.
    The prevailing conditions in the country at the time and a very
    lack luster republican candidate, proved to be the perfect conditions for Obama.
    Unlike some former presidents who seemed to have at least a little teflon about them, this president seems to have none at all, nor does he seem to have the ability to acquire any. Everything sticks to him.
    I am not convinced that even in an improved economic climate
    that Obama can replicate any thing like his 2008 election drive in 2012.
    As I have said here before he is still seen by many as something of an experiment and by many others as an experiment gone bad. “An experiment gone bad” not the most compelling of campaign slogans.
    All that said, he will probably win in a landslide. My political predictions are usually way off the mark.

  13. On the other hand it is probably worth remembering that
    President Lincoln was the political equivalent of dead meat up until a few short weeks before his reelection.

  14. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1110/44770.html
    “Keith Olbermann move highlights MSNBC’s identity crisis”
    MSNBC wants to “Lean Forward” — but apparently not that far forward.
    “Keith Olbermann’s suspension over three donations to Democrats prompted an outcry from across the blogosphere Friday as writers from the liberal Daily Kos to the conservative Weekly Standard criticized the move.
    They agreed about one thing: It didn’t seem fair that MSNBC had so quickly and severely punished its flagship personality over something that seemed quite in line with what he did on the air five days a week: support liberal candidates and causes.”

  15. I tend toward the latter tall tale, but in view of the lying stories puguglicans spread about ronnie, the present prez’s religion, ACORN, Joe Biden, the LAPD, Nancy Pelosi, Billary, health insurance, global warming, WMDs, dick cheney’s shooting victims, Iran-Contra, the bp oil eruption, exxon valdez, birth certificates, France, San Francisco, New Orleans, Hollywood, NYC, Chicago, homeless people, people out of work, people who lost their homes, Islam, the ‘clash of civilizations’, Wall Street criminality, gulf fiasco I, gulf fiasco II, blackwater, cheney’s halliburton bonus swindle, and the tbagger party being a grassroots movement, tom delay’s crimes, larry craig’s sexuality, “I am not a witch”, the stoned kidnaper, & God hating dark people, I figure their icon can use a little smirching.

  16. Jace,
    I think Lincoln winning the Natchez, Gettysburg, and Chattanooga trifecta boosted his flagging fortunes considerably.
    So, what or where is Obama’s Natchez ?

  17. I think people are freaked out. They don’t have a clue as to what is going on. I think Ohio will go red then blue then red then blue then red until the unemployment rate drops down to a reassuring level. I don’t think they give a crap about the details -- the only that counts is results. I think there is something to the idea of the “first black president..” although first woman president would have been a good deal too.
    Also just the backlash from the overall ickiness of Shrub. I cannot believe he has the gall to try to pretend he is anything but the most incompetent president ever. Even if all he did wrong was lose all that money in Iraq --literally wouldn’t that be enough.
    The Democrats better get a big damn megaphone and start talking about the improving jobs picture before the big fat liars try to claim it for themselves
    I think America is better than Republicans and we deserve a better government. I am appalled that many people believe just electing the “slightly less corrupt ” is a victory.

  18. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/miles-mogulescu/oops-he-did-it-again-obam_b_779521.html
    “Oops, He Did It Again: Obama Already Caving in to Republicans on Tax Cuts for the Rich”
    “While I don’t want to exagrerate the meaning of one blog like this on a major progressive website, the number and ferocity of the comments below should serve as a warning to the Obama White House that caving in and compromising on his signature campaign promise of returning the tax rates of the wealthiest 2% to where they were under President Clinton could be, as Sen. Jim DeMint presciently warned about HCR, the Waterloo for Obama’s second two years.
    In nearly 4 years as a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, I’ve never received so many impassioned comments so fast as I have to this blog, nearly 500 in less than 18 hours after being posted. Like most sets of comments, they range from the sublime to the ridiculous, the brilliant to the idiotic. But the majority express intelligent disgust at the possibility of Obama caving to Republicans on tax cuts for the wealthy and serious warnings of now much harder it will be for Obama to rally support in 2012 than it was even in 2010 if he caves in.”

  19. xrebublican,
    All of these things helped but it was probably the fall Atlanta that
    got him over the top in terms of public opinion. As for Obama I don’t think that he has a great victory on the horizon,
    because before you can have a victory of any kind, you have to fight.

  20. KGC,
    It is going to take a bigger megaphone than any of us realize.
    The money raising machine that was the Obama campaign
    is about to be swamped by unrestricted money from corporations. Only a small amount of it will go to Dems. or to Dem. causes.
    Sadly he who has the biggest bankroll will have the biggest megaphone. That seems to be the only thing that counts now days.

  21. For whatever reasons the most money did not win in California and while I think Citizens United is a problem and a big one — money can be defeated.

  22. Craig,
    You got me. Good on you!
    I hope Dems. don’t have to start burning down cities to win reelection, but then we are living in a time of scorched earth politics.
    KGC, I can yell with the best of them, there used to be a time when yelling made a difference and I hope that is still the case.
    I fear however that the contemporary response to the yelling will be best be described by former vice president Cheney.

  23. http://politics.usnews.com/opinion/mzuckerman/articles/2010/11/05/mort-zuckerman-americas-love-affair-with-obama-is-over.html
    “Mort Zuckerman: America’s Love Affair With Obama Is Over
    The administration is running out of time to lower unemployment and fix the economy”
    “Why did Obama put his health plan so far ahead of the economy? To do what the Clintons couldn’t? His rush to do it sparked a broad resistance that has only spread since the bill was passed. The public sensed that healthcare was a victory for Obama, and maybe for the Democrats, but not for the country—and contrary to Democratic hopes, public support for the measure has continued to drop to as low as 34 percent in some polls. A significant majority, some 58 percent, now wish to repeal the entire bill, according to likely voters questioned in a late October poll by Rasmussen.”

  24. Rez,
    I don’t think their necessarily fair or objective in the same way Newsweeks polls aren’t but i listen to Mort on Mclaughlin Report and he seems more than fair.I also wouldn’t get caught up in the numbers of these polls or any other’s at this point,regarding Obama.I feel there’s an important truth in this piece for Dems and the President but will they heed it???

  25. Well Tony, The Rass poll has a 22 point spread in the fav/oppose on HC, while there are several others with only 5-7 points. Not saying Americans favor Obama hcr but that poll was not about repeal either.
    That a real subjective opinion on the “running out of time” for an employment situation that’s turning upwards and Mort calls himself a dem but most of his opinions run on the conservative side, USNWR runs conservative imo.
    Hey I’ll agree to disagree no BD.

  26. Rez,
    Good Points! Employment is turning upwards but according to Robert Reich we have lost a real 22 million jobs since the great recession began,so we have a long way to go..I also agree a lot of Morts opinions run more conservative but a he’s a billionaire business person i would kind of expect that. Mort voted for Obama and has even met with him in the Oval office so i think he has a good insight into what’s going on..Lov chatting with you always and we don’t have to agree,you nice!!

  27. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robert-reich/americas-two-economies-an_b_779918.html
    “America’s Two Economies, and Why One Is Recovering and the Other Isn’t by Robert Reich”
    “Last Friday’s jobs report showed 159,000 new private-sector jobs in October. That’s better than previous months. But 125,000 net new jobs are needed just to keep up with the growth of the American labor force. So another way of expressing what happened to jobs in October is to say 24,000 were added over what we need just to stay even.
    Yet the American economy has lost 15 million jobs since the start of the Great Recession. And if you add in the growth of the labor force — including everyone too discouraged to look for a job — we’re down about 22 million.
    Or to put it another way, we’re still getting nowhere on jobs.”

  28. The best motivation for looking for a new candidate is Jeb Bush. I hope people keep mentioning Hillary for pres so she’ll have that possibility steadily in her mind.
    There needs to be loud discussion of the dnc’s needing to modernize and clean up the primary system -- one voter, one vote only..

  29. I just learned of this piece, I’m sure most of you have already read this.
    So this is what the Left believes will happen? Jonathan Chait, of the New Republic magazine writes, “Hear me now and believe me later. If Republicans win control of Congress, they are going to impeach President Obama.”
    This is the paranoia of the Left. Pray tell on what grounds would they impeach him? What I think matters little, but I think the Left hopes the R’s would start the impeachment process as that would swing the pendulum back again in their direction. Impeaching Obama is the furthest thing from the R’s mind if the want to retain power and expand their footprint in Congress, which they ,most certainly do. Such silly notions from supposedly well educated people.

  30. I just learned of this piece, I’m sure most of you have already read this.
    So this is what the Left believes will happen? Jonathan Chait, of the New Republic magazine writes, “Hear me now and believe me later. If Republicans win control of Congress, they are going to impeach President Obama.”
    This is the paranoia of the Left. Pray tell on what grounds would they impeach him? What I think matters little, but I think the Left hopes the R’s would start the impeachment process as that would swing the pendulum back again in their direction. Impeaching Obama is the furthest thing from the R’s mind if the want to retain power and expand their footprint in Congress, which they ,most certainly do. Such silly notions from supposedly well educated people.
    I just learned of this piece, I’m sure most of you have already read this. So this is what the Left believes will happen. Jonathan Chait, of the New Republic magazine writes, “Hear me now and believe me later. If Republicans win control of Congress, they are going to impeach President Obama.” This is the paranoia of the Left. Pray tell on what grounds would they impeach him? What I think matters little, but I think the Left hopes the R’s would start the impeachment process as that would swing the pendulum back again in their direction. Impeaching Obama is the furthest thing from the R’s mind if the want to expand their footprint in Congress, which they ,most certainly do. Such silly notions from supposedly well educated people.

  31. Sorry about that, but that is what happens when I learn of the Left’s most inner private conspiracy thoughts. lol

  32. Like the Republicans have never tried to impeach a president over nothing
    I think Democrats in Congress are concerned and should be because one of the biggest liars and jerks in America Darrlyl Issa will have oversight responsibilities
    Democrats should be concerned because Republicans are insane and clearly will do anything to appear to win

  33. Shrub — the low point of my presidency is when Kanye West called me a racist. Really --that’s the low point.
    I think he picked that because West later apologized for saying it.
    Shrub is a racist but learning that is far from the low point of his presidency. I can think of a lot better examples

  34. KGC, I really agree with you about Issa. He was so repulsive when he tried to buy California! It’s like seeing Satan in charge of the pearly gates.
    I nominate Alan Ferguson to be the next head of the DNC. Some one in that group needs to know how to throw a punch back!

  35. Xrep
    If you’re going to recite history at least get it right
    That was Vicksburg ‘ not Natchez

  36. Is that going to be the new democratic strategy”
    Continue pushing hard left policies ” call anyone that disagrees racist ”
    Stupid ‘ bigots ”
    Oh yea that’s been working out so well ” don’t change now

  37. “Except for that, I’d be a T.D. Roosevelt Bullmoose.”
    xr, just curious, but was that a philosophical or physiological description?

  38. Bear,
    Thanks for that link, great way to start a beautiful Sunday morning. Always liked the Moody Blues. Have a good one.

  39. Some of the comments about the article are spot on, though. This “not my president” was horrible during Clinton’s time as well.

  40. I would hope that everyone, except Craig, on this blog did vote on Tuesday.
    In Florida the Democrats did not turn out to vote. I voted a split ticket but mostly Democratic because I considered most of the Republicans far right Tea Party crazies.
    If you didn’t vote you can not complain!
    If the Democrats ignore the moderate independents and allow Nancy Pelosi to stay Democratic Leader of the House, they will lose a lot more elections.
    Rep. Alan Grayson: “Bipartisanship Has Become Code Word for Appeasement”
    REP. ALAN GRAYSON: Well, my defeat was part of a wave across the country that had Republicans winning because Democrats didn’t vote. We have the results from the pre-election turnout; we don’t have the results from the Election Day turnout yet. In my district, when you compare that to 2008, the Republican turnout in the early voting was down by 20 percent, and the Democratic turnout in early voting was down by 60 percent. And that wasn’t true just in my district; that was true all around Florida and pretty much the whole country, except for the West Coast and New England. And as a result of that, virtually every Democrat who won in 2008 by less than ten points loss this year. There was only one exception out of twenty-four. And there were forty-four more Democrats who won by more than ten points in 2008 who managed to lose this year, because their Democratic voters didn’t turn up. It’s not a situation where Democrats—Democratic voters decided to vote Republican; it’ a situation where Democratic voters didn’t vote. And when Democrats don’t vote, Democrats can’t win.

  41. THE belief that burqas should be banned in order to stop suicide bombers disguising themselves is a legitimate one, according to United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton……….
    ”I know that in Pakistan, many of the men who are conducting suicide bombing missions arrive covered in a burqa,” Mrs Clinton said in response to a question from a young Muslim woman.
    ”If you’re a Pakistani police officer, respectful of the women of your culture and that’s being abused and misused by the suicide terrorists, that causes a real dilemma. So if you are looking at other countries that are understandably nervous about extremist activity, like France and other European countries, I think it’s a close question.”

  42. purple, the question is can indies complain if they have no one to vote for due to the closed-ness of primaries or certain state election laws isolating/minimizing them and therefore don’t vote?
    be prepared to duck when jack throws his ” i have a constitutional right to complain” at you. he’s got a pretty strong throwing arm.

  43. Patsi,
    Good link, good article. I have been unusually frustrated by Obama’s approach to the presidency, but I continue to believe that he is a decent and well meaning person.
    The article really brings into sharp focus the lengths the opposition are willing to go to bring down this president.
    In 2012 the republicans will be able to say, “we let the country go to Hell in a hand basket but at least we brought down Obama”. and stupid voters will reward them for their efforts.

  44. patsi,
    Perhaps Obama should just tell the Republican leadership that from here on out that he intends to govern as a Republican. You know, lots of recess appointments, lengthy
    and questionable signing statements, numerous executive orders, and the occasional veto. Maybe they would like him then. If that wasn’t quite enough to seal the deal, he could always throw in a few illegal wire taps. I know that they would go for it , because they are such a ‘Country first’ group,you know.

  45. One fact of modern life that neither party is willing to confront is education. We know that high schools all over the nation are failing to graduate students even minimally able to be employed.
    Chart from 2006 and it’s gotten worse
    Schools used to do better and for the students that couldn’t handle college level work, there were the JCs, trade schools, and unskilled labor jobs such as assembly lines. While there are still jobs in the trades (plumber, auto repair etc) most of these jobs have been outsourced. Drugs, crime and the almost complete breakdown of the nuclear family structure have impacted children as well.
    In the Republican scheme of things, almost all benefits go to the most able and already successful. In the Democratic scheme of things benefits go to perpetuating a poverty system that almost encourages multi generational failure (It’s cheaper to pay people once a month than it is to educate and rehabilitate).
    There has to be some way, that a broad, progressive middle can come up with a system that works for the majority of the population.

  46. http://blogs.cqrollcall.com/trailmix/2010/11/was-2008-the-outlier.html#comment-320569
    Since I started voting in 1964, most of the time I hold my nose and vote for the “lesser of two evils.” This time I did the same thing. Both Alex Sink and Rick Scott are crooks. I held my nose and voted Sink. I also voted for Charlie Crist for Senate. The Democratic Party had some weak candidates like Meek for Senate. The Democrats ran a good 2004 Senate race with Betty Castor against George W. Bush’s pick, Mel Martinez. In 2006 Bill Nelson won handily against the far right Katherine Harris.
    BTW it is a Constitutional responsibility to vote. I will repeat, If you do not vote then do not complain! The 2000 election in Florida showed that every votes counts, until the U.S. Supreme Court gets involved.

  47. Good morning all,
    Very good reading here this morning! Patsi thanks for the link on Obama..I don’t much care for Obama but he is the President and i do hope he changes his ways and does well..
    Wow,the graduation rates chart is shocking,i knew they were bad especially where i come from in Michigan but DAMN!! Right wing nuts answer,build more prisons..The Democrats answer,well i don’t know???
    “Robert Gates: Repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Now, Before GOP Takes Control Of Congress”

  48. The article Patsi posted above is well worth reading. The absolute hatred for our President hasn’t really been seen since the Kennedy era. It truly is down right dangerous and the Republicans keep egging on the haters to more and more craziness.

  49. http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2010-11-06/obamas-tax-cut-how-rush-limbaugh-misled-the-country/?cid=hp:mainpromo2
    “How Obama Enables Rush”
    “President Obama lowered taxes. Why doesn’t the country know that? Rick Perlstein on how Rush Limbaugh helped mislead a nation—and why the Democrats let him get away with it.
    We live in a mendocracy.
    As in: rule by liars.
    Political scientists are going crazy crunching the numbers to uncover the skeleton key to understanding the Republican victory last Tuesday.
    But the only number that matters is the one demonstrating that by a two-to-one margin likely voters thought their taxes had gone up, when, for almost all of them, they had actually gone down. Republican politicians, and conservative commentators, told them Barack Obama was a tax-mad lunatic. They lied. The mainstream media did not do their job and correct them. The White House was too polite—”civil,” just like Obama promised—to say much. So people believed the lie. From this all else follows.
    And it was all too predictable.”

  50. KGC,
    Doesn’t look good! President Obama has not fought to get this done! The President didn’t even try to strong arm getting the votes for repeal and it doesn’t look like after the mid-term loses that he will..If only Obama would call off the DOJ…

  51. Jamie — agree about the tone of the country being like 1963 when they had wanted posters against Kennedy in Texas. The degree of ugly is at a record high. It makes me nervous that Obama seems to get in the public quite a bit, too.
    As far as Democrats criicizing him, I think that’s a positive about our party. We are not going to march in lock step like bobble heads. I bitched about Bill Clinton at times — and he was my all-time favorite president. Doesn’t mean I don’t hold someone accountable.
    And of course, the hatred for Pelosi is palpable too.

  52. Bill Moyers speech at Boston University on October 29, 2010, as a part of the Howard Zinn Lecture Series.
    I was honored when you asked me to join in celebrating Howard Zinn’s life and legacy. I was also surprised. I am a journalist, not a historian. The difference between a journalist and an historian is that the historian knows the difference. George Bernard Shaw once complained that journalists are seemingly unable to discriminate between a bicycle accident and the collapse of civilization.

  53. Craig
    you are missing the obvious
    Both 2008 and 2010 are outlier.
    The public isn’t in a left/ right mood. They are in a pissed at the bankers and insurance companies mood.
    That is what all the anger about tarp and healthcare is about.
    The voter voted for change and what they got from the Democratic congress is more of the same with more welfare spending tacked on to appease angry liberals.
    The public is totally fed up with the incompetence they see coming from DC.
    The Democrats have been acting like the philandering husband that tell his wife how much he loves her as he heads out the door to carouse with his buddies. At some point the wife meets his sorry ass at the door with a shotgun and blows his sorry ass away.
    That is what happened to the Democrats last tuesday.
    It may have not been the smartest thing to do but oh the satisfaction of the moment.

  54. “In the Republican scheme of things, almost all benefits go to the most able and already successful. In the Democratic scheme of things benefits go to perpetuating a poverty system that almost encourages multi generational failure (It’s cheaper to pay people once a month than it is to educate and rehabilitate).
    There has to be some way, that a broad, progressive middle can come up with a system that works for the majority of the population”
    Best thing I’ve read today.

  55. RR -
    Hoping your mom’s swelling goes down sooner , a week seems like an eternity …………

  56. I wonder what will happen when the idiots who voted for Republicans find themselves with chronic or devastating illnesses that need coverage and their REPUG friends deny funding the law. What goes around, comes around. Voting stupid can be dangerous to your health, not to mention your brain cells.

  57. Can we possibly get rid of the two party system? And hav public financing of elections where everyone gets the same dollar amount and when it’s gone, it’s gone???

  58. I am sorry to read that Hillary insists she will not run for President again…

  59. Sarah Palin is nuts, but she’s the Repugs problem. Not too smart when you start attacking the biggest Repug icon of all time, Reagan. It’s a sad state when one of the dumbest Presidents in modern times is 10 times smarter than this idiot. Truly, can we get away from this goddamned cult of personality who is obsessively uplifted by the media?
    Is “goddamned” considered to be swearing???

  60. “The statute of limitations of attacking President Bush has passed,” said Don Stewart, a spokesman for Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader. “They spent a lot of time attacking President Bush, and they got unelected.” Yeah right.. a Nutella Jar has more intelligence than that fool.

  61. Independents swung 8 points toward Obama in 2008, they swung back 15 points to Republicans in 2010, that’s a swing of 23 points in Tuesdays election. In between Independents got Scott Brown elected to the Senate from Massachusetts.
    When Scott Brown was elected, President Obama stated: I understand what got Scott Brown elected, it’s the same anger and frustration that got me elected.
    Because George W Bush pushed and got the 1st TARP passed. It made people angry. What did Obama do after he was sworn in? The Independents that voted for Obama expected him to do the opposite of what George W Bush did. TARP II, Stimulus, Auto Bail Outs, GE bail out etc….
    The only question I have is, if Obama understood why the electorate was shifting why didn’t he move to the center before? I suspect because the leadership in the Senate and House were blocking him from moving to the middle.
    Independents decide elections.
    It’s possible that the Independents saved Obama’s Presidency….time will tell.

  62. Craig are you thinking of going on MSNBC again after Comcast takes over just curious? I am wondering if things will loosen up at MSNBC when Comcast takes over toward the end of the year of NBCU.
    It would be great to see ya back on air on a regular basis SMILE.

  63. News papers should be much more readable and enjoyable
    in the absence of any comments from the Perrys, and Palins of the world.
    For the love of God Texas, please leave the Union and take Rick Perry with you! Spare us any more presidents form

  64. An example of Republican hypocrisy.
    They are saying now that they will only accept a permanent extension of the Bush tax cuts…if that were the case, why didn’t they do so when they first enacted them?

  65. thanks, cbob, for the heads up on lard. to think how we’ve been grousing here over inane pols and wretched elections in comfy circumstances, coffee and fuzzy slippers, while he was on his back for 8 days just trying to get thru the territory.

  66. I am sorry to read that Hillary insists she will not run for President again…
    Posted by: eurotom.myopenid.com Author Profile Page | November 7, 2010 2:19 PM
    I know I think she is the only one who could challenge in the 2012 primary but it looks like she’s adamant she isn’t running.
    Assessing midterm losses, Democrats ask whether Obama’s White House fully grasped voters’ fears.

  67. The stimulus package was too small. It was not going to do enough, and quickly enough. The greater problem I think is systemic. When 2% of the population hold 98% of all the money, we have serious problems. These are the same ones who are financing right wing “movements” such as the “tea party”. The problem is systemic, as I have already written… As long as the money and power junkies keep on needing bigger fixes to satiate their addictions, we are all going to be disappointed.
    Furthermore, with the middle class slowly but surely dissipating, the US is in real threat of becoming a third world country, which is usually defined as a land where the there are super rich and super poor and nary anything in between.
    The Repugs wanted everything deregulated and they were quite successful in their quest and look what happened. Bush wanted private investment accounts for social security. I bet most people who were initially in favor of this, are damned well glad they didn’t get the “opportunity”.

  68. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/07/opinion/07dowd.html?_r=1&nl=todaysheadlines&emc=tha211
    “‘Blindsided’: A President’s Story”
    “W. never sweated the small stuff.
    Unfortunately, he didn’t much sweat the big stuff either.
    Often the thing the former president was sweating most was, well, sweating — making sure he got in quality time for his cherished workouts.
    In his deftly crafted and utterly selective new memoir, W. is the president we all wished him to be: compassionate, bipartisan, funny, charming, instinctive, independent, able to admit and learn from mistakes — and a good dad, who sang his twin girls the Yale fight song as a lullaby.
    Heck, after I finished reading it, I was ready to vote for the guy.”

  69. Is Robert Gates daft? Dems. didn’t have the guts to repeal DADT before the election when it might have done them some good. Does he really think that having just had their asses handed to them that they will suddenly wake up and show some spine? Sorry Mr. Gates this lame duck session is going to be about cleaning out offices and getting in the pension line.
    These sorry bastards spent the last two years running from doing the right thing. That is why many of them now have the title of ‘former congressman’.

  70. “…. private investment accounts for social security. I bet most people who were initially in favor of this, are damned well glad they didn’t get the “opportunity”
    et, it’s just a matter of time.
    probably bump into you and them on a future ice floe floating out of town when they finally get their wish.

  71. Thanks Harbor… and hi Tony, and everyone.
    We’ve had standard time for a week now. We always seem to change a week earlier than in the UsA.
    As for the “left”, in the political sphere there is no “left”. In a two party corporate capitalist controlled system, there are differences but the political spectrum is narrow. Remember the basic economic formula since Bretton Woods…
    Expansion abroad + growth at home = unified interests. Sadly, the growth at home has dwindled and thus, many problems.
    once again…
    difference between a “conservative” and a Liberal” (this is a joke but it sort of raises the issue of just how different are they really…
    If there is a concentration camp in your area, and you are of course outraged… the conservatives will say “stay the course, a thousand points of light and the magic of the market will fix any anomalies.”
    The radical would want to tear down the place and create a more equitable system.
    The “liberal” would ensure that all prisoners were entitled to fresh Starbucks coffee…

  72. A late comment because of a computer malfunction.
    About Olbermans firing.
    I quit watching him years ago and I can see lots of reasons to fire him but this one is the most laughable one.
    “Anyone working for NBC News who takes part in civic or other outside activities may find that these activities jeopardize his or her standing as an impartial journalist ”
    LOL “impartial journalist” Olberman?
    Let’s get real,
    So is MSNBC now changing format?

  73. The “liberal” would ensure that all prisoners were entitled to fresh Starbucks coffee…
    Posted by: eurotom.myopenid.com Author Profile Page | November 7, 2010 3:00 PM
    I do like my morning coffee ;)

  74. So is MSNBC now changing format?
    Posted by: whskyjack Author Profile Page | November 7, 2010 3:14 PM
    Comcast is taking over interest in NBCU toward the end of this year. I read where Keith’s contract is like for 30 Million dollars, he gets paid what 7 million a year? This could all be about business and profit.
    Steve Burke of Comcast already fired Zucker. Ask Craig about Cable News, it is not a vocation for the feint of heart LOL!
    If you look at the Open Secrets Org link, I posted above you will see what Comcast gave by political party this last Election Cycle.
    For 2010 Comcast donated. 63% Democrat and 36% Republican
    Comcast Corp $11,254,013 63% 36%

  75. my little republican friend tells me that a liberal is someone who still thinks you can pick up a turd by the clean end……..
    first time he’s ever made me laugh about politics……..

  76. the elk hide vest made its first wearing of the year……..
    i saw 6 crows having a dogfight in the air with a hawk…….is that an omen?

  77. if it is an omen, is it a national omen or a local omen……this is going to take a bit of ponderation………but i think i know how caesar would spin it……..he’d interpret it as a good sign for his side against the “boni”, the “good men”, the at that time so-called republicans…….

  78. http://blogs.cqrollcall.com/trailmix/2010/11/was-2008-the-outlier.html#comment-320600
    The Bush tax cuts were pasted in the Senate using budget reconciliation rule to avoid a Democratic filibuster. I do believe that the rules require tax cuts and other provisions passed using reconciliation have to sunset in 10 years.
    Reconciliation is a procedure under the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 (the ‘‘Budget Act’’) by which Congress implements spending and tax policies contained in a budget resolution. The Budget Act contains numerous rules enforcing the scope of items permitted to be considered under the budget reconciliation process. One such rule, the so-called ‘‘Byrd rule,’’ was incorporated into the Budget Act in 1990. The Byrd rule, named after its principal sponsor, Senator Robert C. Byrd, is contained in section 313 of the Budget Act.
    The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 (EGTRRA) contains sunset provisions to ensure compliance with the Budget Act. Under title IX of EGTRRA, the provisions of, and amendments made by that Act that are in effect on September 30, 2011, shall cease to apply as of the close of September 30, 2011, except that all provisions of, and amendments made by, the Act generally do not apply for taxable, plan or limitation years beginning after December 31, 2010.

  79. they got him……..but as usual, he was 13 steps ahead of them……..Caes was one of those extremely intelligent fellers who was able to outthink any one of his contemporaries………but he was also one of those fellers able to look into the future accurately, and he was deathly afraid of old age……he’d seen it first hand where good and honorable men like Gaius Marius and, arguably, Sylla had turned in old age into bloody monsters and was determined not to make it to that stage of life…..when he encountered Octavian he knew he’d encountered the spark to which he would add the fuel of his accumulated wisdom and accumen…..Nobody around him knew that he would not make Marc Antony his heir……..till they found out the hard way.

  80. octavian, on the other hand, rejected his mentor’s highly touted clemency ideal and vowed that he would not make that particular mistake…….he didn’t, and the fabled pax romana was won by the splashing of blood all over the forum…….the two images are stark……..a drooling gaius marius with crazy eyes waving his bloody sword on the steps and little 20-something octavian calmly surveying the bloody drippings from the severed head and hands of cicero….
    the bloody head of cicero with the tongue pulled forth by fulvia and a stylus jabbed thru it so that it remained so………..

  81. alas, poor Yorick…….I knew him, Horatio……a fellow of infinite jest………

  82. The death of Julius Caesar is mentioned thrice in “Hamlet.”
    1.In ActI sc.1. Horatio tells Bernardo and Marcellus that in ancient Rome just before Julius Caesar was assasinated “The graves stood tenantless and the sheeted dead/Did squeak and gibber in the Roman streets.” The appearance of the ghost is a bad omen and Horatio warns that something evil will soon befall the nation, for young Fortinbras of Norway in violation of an earlier treaty is about to invade Denmark.
    2. In ActIII sc 2. when Hamlet is getting ready to stage his play Polonius remarks :”I did enact Julius Caesar: I was killed i’ the/Capitol, Brutus killed me.” This clearly proves that the same actor who played the role of Julius Caesar is now playing the role of Polonius. It supplies important internal evidence in dating “Hamlet.” It helps the critics to establish that “Hamlet” was premiered in the same season that “Julius Caesar” was staged. But more importantly, there is the sharp ironic contrast in the character and death of Julius Caesar the emperor and Polonius the sly courtier: Polonius is killed in the bedroom of the queen in ActIII sc.4: “Thou wretched, rash, intruding fool, farewell!”
    3. In Act V sc1 at the cemetery Hamlet tells Horatio: “Imperious Caesar, dead and turned to clay/Might stop a hole to keep the wind away,” cynically emphasising the wothlessness of all human life and its endeavours.

  83. HAMLET
    Hamlet picks it up, and decides that it is time for another “famous line.”
    No, faith, not a jot; but to follow him thither with
    modesty enough, and likelihood to lead it: as
    thus: Alexander died, Alexander was buried,
    Alexander returneth into dust; the dust is earth; of
    earth we make loam; and why of that loam, whereto he
    was converted, might they not stop a beer-barrel?
    (singing) Imperious Caesar, dead and turn ‘d to clay,
    Might stop a hole to keep the wind away:
    O, that that earth, which kept the world in awe,
    Should patch a wall to expel the winter flaw !
    But soft! but soft! aside: here comes the king.

  84. course that don’t work in the real world cause they burned the bodies of those two…..

  85. sturgeone,
    “can pick up a turd by the clean end”. Priceless!
    I’m laughing with you!
    Who says liberals don’t have fun?

  86. None of this happened quickly, of course. The preparations for Alexander’s entombment had to be appropriate not only for an incomparable military leader and emperor, but in fact for a “god.” A funeral pyre in the old style was not for Alexander, whose body was, to his followers, both a sacred relic and a political token of the greatest importance. It was to be preserved. Diodorus Siculus, a Roman historian who wrote during the first century BC, gives the most detailed description. First, Egyptian and Chaldean embalmers worked their skills “to make the body sweet-smelling and incorruptible.” Then, further following Egyptian custom, the body, clothed and in armor, was sealed in beautifully formed, close-fitting, heavy sheets of beaten gold, which were shaped so that even the features of Alexander’s face were recognizable. None of the ancient historians mentions the use of a stone sarcophagus, though the body had to be safely transported over more than 3000 kilometers (nearly 2000 mi) of rough terrain.
    The funeral cart, or catafalque, that was to bear Alexander’s body was beautifully designed, sculptured and decorated, a gold- and jewel-covered extravagance that surpassed anything known in history or legend. It took two years and many skilled craftsmen to prepare it, with cost no object. Sparkling brilliantly in the sunlight, the heavy, roofed funeral carriage was pulled by teams of 64 matched mules. An army of honor guards accompanied it, under the command of a distinguished Macedonian nobleman, one of Alexander’s staff officers.
    Departing from Babylon, the funeral cortege traveled north a short distance along the Euphrates River, then east toward the ancient Persian city of Opis, then northwest along the banks of the Tigris. Ahead of the procession, road-builders smoothed the way, and thousands of people traveled to gather all along the route to see the magnificent spectacle pass. The cortege proceeded slowly, probably no more than 15 kilometers (9 mi) a day. Its route then skirted the northern edge of the Syrian desert, and headed toward the coast at Alexandria ad Issum (now Iskenderun, Turkey), a city founded by Alexander in 333 to consolidate his victory over the Persians at nearby Issus.
    At this point, the procession reached a crossroads of sorts. If it were to proceed to Macedonia, it would have to continue west along Turkey’s southern coast, either overland or by ship. If Siwa were the destination, then it would either sail southwest across the Mediterranean to Paraetonium (now Marsa Matruh) on the Egyptian coast, or travel by land down the Palestinian coast to Gaza and then turn west. Travel by sea was easier, but if the intent were to allow the largest possible number of people to see the funeral procession pass, then a land route would be preferable.
    Whatever the aim, it was another of Alexander’s generals who determined the direction of the next leg of the long journey. Ptolemy, who had been made governor of Egypt, arrived with a sizable army to meet the funeral procession. In what biographer Mary Renault called “a reverent hijack,” he forced it to take the overland route south toward Egypt. And though he may have appeared to be acting to fulfill Alexander’s personal wish, Ptolemy had no intention of burying Alexander at Siwa. He wanted the body for his own capital of Alexandria in Egypt, the better to bring honor to his own domain. But as these events took place before a suitable mausoleum—prominently located in the center of the city—could be constructed in Alexandria, Ptolemy brought the body first to the old pharaonic capital of Memphis, where it was to remain for some years.
    guess they didn’t burn alex……

  87. Lard……i continue to wish for Hope and Change……fight fight fight and then fight a little more……….it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog……..so howl at the moon and will them cells to ack right……..

  88. oops. rats.
    Are we MEN? Or are we mice with fully functioning human brains?
    (prithee kindly consider that a double post)

  89. Ree
    Excuse me but my pun loving, Freudian slip appreciating heart loved this: “Ask Craig about Cable News, it is not a vocation for the feint of heart LOL!”
    Does this mean that the faint of heart get skewered?

  90. Sturgeone
    I don’t know if you saw it when originally aired, but PBS has put the full version of Hamlet played by David Tenant on the net. You can kick back in front of your computer for a bit of genius as Tenant and Patrick Stewart tear up the stage.

  91. ‘All Is Vanity,’ Saith the Preacher
    by Lord Byron
    Fame, wisdom, love, and power were mine,
    And health and youth possessed me;
    My goblets blushed from every vine,
    And lovely forms caressed me;
    I sunned my heart in beauty’s eyes,
    And felt my soul grow tender;
    All earth can give, or mortal prize,
    Was mine of regal splendour.
    I strive to number o’er what days
    Remembrance can discover,
    Which all that life or earth displays
    Would lure me to live over.
    There rose no day, there rolled no hour
    Of pleasure unembittered;
    And not a trapping decked my power
    That galled not while it glittered.
    The serpent of the field, by art
    And spells, is won from harming;
    But that which coils around the heart,
    Oh! who hath power of charming?
    It will not list to wisdom’s lore,
    Nor music’s voice can lure it;
    But there it stings for evermore
    The soul that must endure it.

  92. Cell
    Yesterday when I was young,
    The taste of life was sweet as rain upon my tongue,
    I teased at life as if it were a foolish game,
    The way the evening breeze may tease a candle flame;
    The thousand dreams I dreamed,
    The splendid things I planned I always built, alas,
    on weak and shifting sand;
    I lived by night and shunned the naked light of day
    And only now I see how the years ran away.
    When I was young,
    So many drinking songs were waiting to be sung,
    So many wayward pleasures lay in store for me
    And so much pain my dazzled eyes refused to see,
    I ran so fast that time and youth at last ran out,
    I never stopped to think what life was all about
    And every conversation I can now recall concerned itself with me,
    and nothing else at all.
    Yesterday the moon was blue,
    and every crazy day brought something new to do,
    I used my magic age as if it were a wand,
    and never saw the waste and emptiness beyond;
    The game of love I played with arrogance and pride
    and every flame I lit too quickly, quickly died;
    The friends I made all seemed somehow to drift away
    And only I am left on stage to end the play.
    There are so many songs in me that won’t be sung,
    I feel the bitter taste of tears upon my tongue,
    The time has come for me to pay
    for Yesterday When I was Young.
    --charles aznavour

  93. the real aznavour, actualment…….
    Hier, quand j’étais jeune
    Le goût de la vie était douce comme la pluie sur ma langue,
    J’ai taquiné la vie comme s’il s’agissait d’un jeu stupide
    La façon dont une brise du soir serait tease flamme d’une bougie,
    Les mille rêves, j’ai rêvé, les belles choses que je prévues
    J’ai toujours construit pour durer sur le sable faibles et changeants,
    Je vivais la nuit et fuyait la lumière nue du jour
    Et c’est seulement maintenant que je vois la façon dont les années se sont enfuis
    Hier, quand j’étais jeune
    Il y avait tant de chansons qui ont attendu pour être chanté,
    Tant de plaisirs sauvages qui se trouvait dans le magasin pour moi
    Et tant de douleur mes yeux éblouis refusé de voir,
    J’ai couru tellement vite que le temps et les jeunes à la dernière sortis en courant et
    Je n’ai jamais cessé de penser ce que la vie était tout au sujet,
    Et toutes les conversations que je me souvienne
    s’est intéressé à moi, et rien d’autre à tous.
    Hier, la lune était bleue
    Et tous les jours fous apporté quelque chose de nouveau à faire,
    Et j’ai utilisé mon âge magique comme s’il s’agissait d’une baguette
    Et jamais vu les déchets et le vide au-delà,
    Le jeu de l’amour que j’ai joué avec l’arrogance et l’orgueil
    Et toutes les flammes, j’ai allumé si vite, vite éteint
    Les amis que j’ai fait tout semblait, en quelque sorte, à la dérive
    Et que je suis à gauche sur la scène jusqu’à la fin de la pièce.
    Hier, quand j’étais jeune
    Il y avait tant de chansons qui ont attendu pour être chanté,
    Tant de plaisirs sauvages qui l’attendait pour moi
    Et tant de douleur mes yeux éblouis refusé de voir,
    Il ya tant de chansons en moi qui ne sera pas chantée
    Parce que je sens le goût amer des larmes sur ma langue
    Et le moment est venu pour moi de payer pour
    Quand j’étais jeune.

  94. Play it, Sam……you played it for her, you can play it for me…….
    --da Humph ( I came here for the waters) to Dooley

  95. Elvis remains one of the few mega-celebrities to have been officially listed as “died at stool”.

  96. i think i’d rather fall face-down into the mashed potatos……………………………..

  97. these two guys are trapped in a snowy place with no food way up in the mts…….lost and forlorn they gloomily confront their future……one guy thinks to himself…..well, no, I just can’t bring myself to killing and eating this guy just to survive……couldnt do it……no way……..He then, after a bit of paradigm , becomes aware that his partner, whom he knows to not share quite the same scruples as he, himself possesses, is beginning to act a bit goofy……and maybe he catches him in the act once, and it’s explained with a sheepish grin and a great big ha ha i was just kidding……this guy of a sudden has seen the gruesome future and has decided to cut it off at the pass by throttling guy #2 forthwith………then he might figure……what the hell……might as well eat him…..guy’s gotta eat……….

  98. “The Repugs wanted everything deregulated and they were quite successful in their quest and look what happened. Bush wanted private investment accounts for social security. I bet most people who were initially in favor of this, are damned well glad they didn’t get the “opportunity”.”
    Just so you know, social security max retirement benefits stand at approximately $2400 a month.
    You and your employer both pay 6.2% of you gross wages into social security.
    If you are 35 and make $52000 a years your Social Security Benefits at age 65 total $19,012.
    If on the other hand you were 35 years of age, and started with a zero balance and saved $6000
    into a Roth tax Free Account for 30 years at a before tax rate of 8% on your return,
    you would have accumulated you will accumulate $625,209 by the age of 65. Then at age 65
    you could if you wanted to start withdraw just 3% or $18756.27 a year. But you say this
    is a smaller amount than what you would receive from social security benefit, yes it is but it is also tax free.
    At a 10% return nest egg would be $814,294.00
    At a 12 return your nest egg would grow to $1,070,347.00
    Can the stock market be volatile, of course it can, but if you invest conservatively a mixture 50% stock,
    50 bonds you meet or exceed the 8% rate year after after year.
    If I was in my 20′s, 30′s or and even 40′s and was given the opportunity to chose either social security
    or a private retirement account I would take the private account any day of the week.
    ET not sure how this would affect your work situation. Now providing the law hasn’t changed for US citizens living and working in a foreign country, if I am not mistaken most if not all of your income, including rent, is shielded from paying US income tax. That base use to be on the first $85,000 was tax exempt, and as I said this does include your living expenses. But as
    Kat Von D would say, “Sweeeeet!”

  99. sturg,
    I’m with you I want to do the mashed potato thing.
    All the other options are just too morbid.
    Besides eating a good meal is the only to go or in this case go out.

  100. http://blogs.cqrollcall.com/trailmix/2010/11/was-2008-the-outlier.html#comment-320640
    Those investment figures are very interesting but they omit a very important aspect of Social Security … What happens if you die young or are severely disabled? The cost of an insurance policy that would help raise your children would be horrendous.
    Only a system that encompasses the whole of the population can guarantee that kind of safety net. Now I can see means testing or a combination of public / private, but you have to allow coverage of the whole of the benefits of SS not just the old age pension if you manage to beat the actuaries figures on life expectancy.

  101. Jamie,
    Your 9:26 PM has it right. Good for you.
    My BIL has had to put off his retirement for two and a half years due to the loss in value of his retirement fund. He will probably work until he is 68, which he says is the age at which his SS benefit will be the highest. Can not see him ever supporting a privatized retirement system after the beating that he has taken.
    I don’t think that the Republicans should plan on a long term majority status if that is their plan.

  102. “If you look at the US, you look at who we’re electing to Congress, to the Senate — they can’t read,” he said. “I’ll bet you a bunch of these people don’t have passports. We’re about to start a trade war with China if we’re not careful here … only because nobody knows where China is. Nobody knows what China is.”
    Bloomberg pointed to the anti-Chinese sentiment in the recent election cycle as evidence that the US is taking the wrong approach.
    “I think in America, we’ve got to stop blaming the Chinese and blaming everybody else and take a look at ourselves,” he said.

  103. Blogs, Tweets, personal websites, email, and message boards. Without any of these, KO stays on the shelf.
    But we do have these things, and KO is coming back with both barrels blazing and fire shooting out from his lungs, Tuesday evening.
    Yes we can. We did it in this case. We won.

  104. I started my shift here at TrailMix Studios on time to perform my night watchman duties. In the break room where the TeeVees are … a brutal sight
    Some cowboys from Dallas had been in there and were all bloody on the floor, hacked up badly , and they had packers’ cleavers stuck in the backs and necks.
    By the other TeeVee, there were several men and ladies dressed in triangle hats and long coats and powdered wigs, but their long rifles were apparently no match for this strange nasty brown sludge which had smothered and killed them all.
    The brown sludge seemed to come up from the bottom and knocked these patriots off their high perch. It had to have been the work of a mangenius.

  105. Hey, EuroTom, nice to see you back. I agree wholeheartedly re Hillary, and I think we should all be saying it a lot. Who Knows? How’s your new house?

  106. “……a drooling gaius marius with crazy eyes waving his bloody sword on the steps and little 20-something octavian calmly surveying the bloody drippings from the severed head and hands of cicero….
    the bloody head of cicero with the tongue pulled forth by fulvia and a stylus jabbed thru it so that it remained so…….”
    what have we here but a scene
    of wars internecine
    the honorable de minted marius
    and randy octavian, mitch bloodied, play before us

  107. Craig, Keith is back; so I guess he is in his proper venue!
    Pres. Obama won not just because of his bio; but because he inspired people to hope and believe again; he also warned that Change would not be easy and is has not been; that special money interest would fight back with a Vengance and it has!
    Let us realize that it is Everyday, average Americans that shoulder the tax burden in this country, due to tax loopholes and tax breaks for wealthy Americans and Corporations. Every time corporations and smaller businesses get tax breaks, guess where the taxes rise? Locally and at state levels. Why in the world would Wealthy Americans need tax breaks when they pay very little taxes anyway?
    In regards to Health Reform, the health premiums one would pay would be a LOT LESS if it were to become universal. Prescription medicines would become more affordable! And no one would be denied health coverage due a pre-conceived condition…. , Come on people, we got to get Smarter and wiser here!

  108. “In regards to Health Reform”
    Are you talking about the “Health Insurance Bonus Protection Ac” ?

  109. That Kantor is sure a piece of work. If anyone will get out Democratic troops it is he.

  110. corey -- You make me laugh. Why not, indeed?
    Since I haven’t watched KO in a couple of years, it doesn’t effect my viewing habits. However, I wonder why he felt the need to give money to campaigns when his large, electronic soapbox could do so much to promote his candiates?
    KO’s over-the-top, self-important, blustering and derision of Hil’ry took her out of contention for the Dem nom, putting Obama in the WH and hurting the Dems in last week’s election.
    Yes, I think so little of KO as a journalist anymore, that I’m playing connect-the-dots this morning. Probably because I used to think so much of his ability and integrity that it led to extreme disappointment when his ego was unleashed by those ~oh-so-special~ comments during the Bush admin.
    I now think even less of MSNBC for letting KO call the shots there, with Maddow, Shultz and the lot. That’s entertainment.

  111. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/07/opinion/07rich.html?src=me&ref=general
    “Barack Obama, Phone Home”
    “AFTER his “shellacking,” President Obama had to do something. But who had the bright idea of scheduling his visit to India for right after this election? The Democrats’ failure to create jobs was at the heart of the shellacking. Nothing says “outsourcing” to the American public more succinctly than India. But the White House didn’t figure this out until the eve of Obama’s Friday departure, when it hastily rebranded his trip as a jobs mission. Perhaps the president should visit one of the Indian call centers policing Americans’ credit-card debts to feel our pain.”

  112. The computer I bought 3 months ago crapped out Friday. I spent half the day Saturday convincing the tech support people that it really is broke. This morning I packing it up and sending it to the service center. With luck they won’t decide it is all my fault and charge me twice what I originally paid for it.
    I’m getting the best of both worlds. Chinese manufacturing with American customer support.
    So I went out Saturday and bought me a new laptop.
    Got to feed the addiction.

  113. baca -- Dems are still doing a poor job of explaining healthcare reform. Nobody thought there was anything good in it until they found out they could cover their kids until they were 26, even if not claiming them as dependents. Now I’m hearing folks say that, somehow, interstate insurance that will increase competition will raise premiums. It’s just silly.
    Sadly, I’m sure the GOoPers will do a much better job of explaining their side when they try to dial it back a bit.
    ps -- Y’all let me know if KO apologizes to his viewers for, well, for anything at all.

  114. Actually, I first saw Craig when KO did a show out in Herald Square before the Republican convention. I just remember how much I thought of MSNBC in those days; actually having lengthy dialogs instead of reporting on soundbites from speeches. I miss those days. KO & his baseball cards even made it onto the first T’Mix anniversary video.
    Well, onward and upward. Reactors keep leaking, volcanos keep erupting, and, the world keeps going around.

  115. The other lie that Conservatives tell about Social Security is that it is going broke. Social Security is just fine. No real problem at all. The “going broke” part is in Medicare which was the WHY behind the Health Care reform bill.
    The right fought tooth and nail to prevent taking the profit out of healthcare so they bear the blame for not fixing Social Security.

  116. w’jack -- Wow. American customer support. You must have purchased the premium warranty.

  117. Blue
    Don’t confuse customer with tech support.
    Tech support was from India
    Interesting little factoid. They are now letting the tech support use Indian names instead of some fake American sounding name.
    Flatus thanks for the link will read it later.

  118. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-11-07/pelosi-reid-may-have-passed-their-sell-by-date-commentary-by-albert-hunt.html
    Pelosi, Reid May Have Passed Their Sell-By Date: Albert Hunt
    Republicans, after picking up 61 House seats, six Senate spots, seven new governorships and 680 additional state legislators, received two more gifts: Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.
    In U.S. elections where voters expressed disapproval with Washington, the decision of the House speaker to remain as the Democratic leader of the minority, following Senate Majority Leader Reid’s re-election in Nevada, means that the face of the congressional party will continue to be yesterday. After Pelosi’s surprise announcement Nov. 5, Republicans were jubilant. Leading Democratic strategists were despondent.
    Before her announcement, several House Democrats who barely survived the Nov. 2 elections said it would be a mistake for Pelosi to stay on as leader.
    “A change in leadership,” Democratic Representative Joe Donnelly of Indiana said, is necessary “to reflect the desires of the millions of people who cast votes in this recent election.” Only with new leadership, said Representative Larry Kissell of North Carolina, can House Democrats “become a national party again.”

  119. GMA is doing the dead blonde white girl this morning.
    The remote is over by the wife
    I grumbled something about a shotgun and now we have blessed silence.

  120. Just because Shrub and the Big Prick are making rehab tours why do they have to haul out all the Shrubian apologists like Mnahand Hughes and the Frozen Face of the Goopers Mrs. James Carville
    and when is there going to be going to be a new head of the Democratic Party
    Why aren’t they corrected when the losers on the right call it the Democrat party --are they the Republics? (well hardly they would be called fascists if we were doing it that way.)

  121. Purple
    That is funny, Blue Dogs, who lead the charge in kissing the bankers and insurance industries asses, complaining about Pelosi.
    and they got their heads handed to them for it too.
    The Bluedogs were so decimated that all they can do is whine to the media.

  122. I support Nancy P being minority leader. Steny Hoyer is a big sell-out and would grovel and play golf with Boner.
    Basically what Jamie said about Speaker Pelosi’s effectiveness and she raises beaucoup bucks as well
    Also I want a cadre of Democrats to spend their all their time publicly making fun of Boner…regardless of whether they have to tell the truth to make it work. Let’s see how the orange man likes that.
    I particularly want to know if he is still smoking and where?
    I want to know if he allows his religious views to inform his votes. I guess he doesn’t believe in separation of church and state. What does speaker Boner believe? I want to know. He has said so many things it is hard to know what he really thinks. One thing for sure. He thinks Americans who don’t have jobs aren’t trying hard enough. He thinks everyone should be like him.

  123. gee…. Olbermann gets canned and rehired before I have a chance to make a comment. Haven’t watched Countdown(except when Craig was on) for a couple of years. But all this firing of this commentator and that commentator is BS, IMO. It’s turning into an uncontrollable disease. I’m glad Keith was rehired….
    and I just might watch his show this Tuesday.
    Blue…. you’re right…. the shows on cable news at prime time are entertainment. And people such as KO, O’Reilly, Spitzer, etc. are not journalists. But doesn’t everyone know this…. as long as it’s upfront, I don’t have a problem with it. The editorial pages in newspapers are the same thing…. having opinions is their function.
    ps… I’d bet good money that bacaangel is a paid Obama shill…. I said the same thing when he/she posted here during the primaries. I’d also bet good money that he/she doesn’t read one comment on this blog.

  124. pss…. I wish Shrub would crawl back into his hole….
    psss…. Go Nancy! Show them how “girls” can have big balls too…..

  125. mornin’
    I want the dems to focus on a lot of stupid shft that the ‘can’ts have, will do. McConnell having NO OPINION aobut US foreign polciy with China -- only the most important foreign policy issue we have been and will be dealing within this century; Cantor’s BS about the sunsetting Bush tax cuts not being tax cuts; Boner having no idea where the ‘can’ts would propose cutting spending -- all the while saying that defense spendingis off the table for cuts.
    Nancy P deserves to be minority leader -- as speaker she shepherded Obam’s agenda through to passage -- that it was unpopular is more reason she deserves the spot.
    PiT, Scarborough made the point this morning that while the ‘can’t gains were impressive, half of the house seats they got back were in districts McCain carried in ’08, so they would have gone back even if the UE rate was 5% in his humble opinion. Reid may be past his sell by date -- passing legislationin analmost filibuster proof senate isn’t earth shattering, and he is pretty much a milquetoast leader, buthe’s well liked from what Igather, and it is, after all, politics.

  126. Jamie & Jack,
    Pelosi’s great leadership in the House and Obama’s reliance on her, instead of his own leadership, was a major reason for the Democrats defeat. Pelosi is like a lighting rod. It takes moderate independents to win elections. If the Democrats want to be just the liberal wing of the party good luck in winning elections.
    REP. ALAN GRAYSON: Well, my defeat was part of a wave across the country that had Republicans winning because Democrats didn’t vote.
    Poor Democrats were upset and did not vote. Good way to win elections?
    BTW, first time I ever heard Al Hunt referred too as a Republican or a Blue Dog.

  127. Renee, i think you may be right about bacaangel -- has he/she ever responded to a question? I can’t recall the time that happened. Not that I object to the content of the messages by and large, but I don’t like people dropping blog bombs no matter which perspective they represent.

  128. Pit, nothing you said is wrong IMHO. Not voting is a good way to lose elections. If that was meant to send a message, it’s one that cuts off one’s nose to spite one’s face IMHO. Yes, independents are the key to winning elections IF the base votes. If the base stays home free BJs to independents won’t bring the election home.

  129. “Pelosi’s great leadership in the House and Obama’s reliance on her, instead of his own leadership, was a major reason for the Democrats defeat.”
    ” Pelosi is like a lighting rod.”
    The position is a lightening rod not the person.
    ” It takes moderate independents to win elections”
    It takes votes to win elections, if you run your base off you lose. because you need your base + like minded swing voters.
    The whitehouse and the Senate cost the Democrats this election. They did so by ignoring the public outrage at banks and insurance companies and playing the same chase the money politics.
    Pelosi did her job and did it well. Reid and Obama should be fired.
    BTW, who was talking about Al Hunt? Is he now in congress?

  130. Pogo,
    I take anything that Scarborough says with a grain of salt. If the unemployment rate was 6% it would have been a landslide Democratic win. Obama’s dismal economic team and the Democratic Congress managed to screw-up the economy more than it was. This “great” jobs report on Friday was mostly “Temporary help services” and “Education and health services.” You do not grow an economy that way. The stimulus was too small, had too much “pork” in it and was mismanaged. We are still running weekly job loss claims around 450,000 instead of 250,000. High job losses create home foreclosures that destroy the housing market. Treasury has messed up the help for foreclosures.
    What Obama, Reid, and Pelosi don’t get is that “it is the economy stupid.”

  131. better read the fine print..probably says it only works for goopers
    Posted by: pogo Author Profile Page | November 8, 2010 9:30 AM
    Crap, I already find myself supporting something a ‘can’t is proposing.
    ” Indiana’s Senator-elect Dan Coats is endorsing filibuster reform, becoming one of the few Republicans to back a legislative proposal to change the way the Senate works.”
    Posted by: pogo Author Profile Page | November 8, 2010 9:35 AM

  132. Pogo
    I am sure you know this, it only takes 51 votes at the start of the Senate secession to change the rules including the filibuster rules. Now or never.

  133. gotta run…. my mom is being transferred to a nursing home today to await her surgery….
    BTW… Patsi… Sturg’s post are brilliant, IMO…
    they show how politics has always been and will always be…. the party in power trying to maintain that power while the party out of power tries to regain back that power…. the country, the parties, the people… are all interchangeable.

  134. Oklahoma voters may have inadvertently voted against Ten Commandments when voting on banning Sharia law…
    “The courts shall not look to the legal precepts of other nations or cultures.”
    roflmao, law of unintended consequences.

  135. I’m aware who Al Hunt is, (aka Mr. Judy Woodruff)
    Who was even talking about him?
    When I want to make a direct reference to the author of an article I do so by name and reputation otherwise I direct my comments toward the article. And the article was quoting blue dogs in full whine.

  136. PiT, on the demo landslide, like Joe you could be right, you could be wrong -- it’s certainly easier to predict the past that wsa than the past that might have been. :-)
    Yes, it only takes 51 votes to change Senate rules -- each time the Senate goes into session. “Now or never” perhaps -- or more likely -- now or the next time the party in power wants to stop the party not in power from screwing up the process with unfounded filibisters (at which the ‘can’ts excel I might add). I’ve been a critic of filibuster rules and abuse thereof for the past 20 years or so -- which is consistent with when I became aware of their abuse.
    KC, my agreement is in broad strakes, and as they say, the devil is in the details. Filibuster should be reserved as a prociedure for use only after a bill has been debated on the floor. Beyond that, I’s have to see the proposed rule change before I could voice my worthless opinion (see, I don’t get to vote on that).

  137. Hey chill’en,

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