Class War over Tax Cuts

Liberals aren’t happy with Obama’s shift on tax cuts but he did put the GOP at a disadvantage by how he framed it.  The negotiation, as he described it, is about Democrats protecting the middle class and Republicans protecting the rich.

The Bush 2001 and 2003 tax cuts expire in less than two months, meaning that the lame duck Congress must act if the cuts are to be extended. If Obama and Democratic leaders succeed in making middle class tax cuts permanent in exchange for a short-term extension for the wealthy, that would set up a politically advantageous showdown with the GOP’s advocacy for the rich during the next presidential election.

Of course, Republicans are hip to this plan and will resist. But however this pans out, Democrats have an opportunity to once again portray the GOP as the party of the rich. While that’s obvious to many voters, it never hurts Democrats to reinforce the point.

CQ Roll Call: Sparring over tax cuts underway


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  1. Woo Hoo
    Heads UP -- Tonight’s “Nightline” Interview with Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates

  2. Darn came in second.
    We are keeping both the tax system that gave us 10 years of little to no investment in capital goods by favoring speculation over investment.
    and a regulatory system that let the speculation go wild until it collapsed and had to be bailed out by the government..
    Reminds me of my computer problem.

  3. “argument” here is fairly pointless and rarely acheived……….”troll” is an offensive epithet………i like “ogre” much better, but i’d never call anyone that, that i can think of………..well, maybe cept vice-dick……..
    I don’t see how any one who pilots a riverboat could be a troll, even were said pilot to hold views to the right of stalin……
    but it’s no skin off my nose………

  4. As far as I’m concerned mqw can troll all he wants he is not particularly offensive with his trolls as some we have had in the past.
    But he is not really effective either.
    Thus my original comment.

  5. “Class war over tax cuts” What year is it?….im lost….the same things over and over…..who said time travel wasn’t possible…or have we just passed through that worm hole.??
    From last thread:
    Whats up buddy? Miss your reports at night about the rivers, lets hear them again no?
    Ok, now about what you said about t he D’s blaming the R’s for the healthiness bill that the only thing that it achieved was to bring a lot more of clients ( forced ) to the ins Corps.
    I agree with you and this 90%, it is just the way that you said it…t he R’s did thier job in what they have done best since Obama took over….they stopped him from giving us what he promised.!!!
    But in the end, it was all the faults of the whole entire Demcrats that were in position to give us universal health care…..they used the R’s in order to not do this..and to have a cover for not doing what the Ins. Corps told them to do…and that is not to give us any meaningful health care…..the good cop, bad cop routine works every time no?……
    Pogo, what U been having for lunch lately? have you found any good places yet….taco bell>>>>>would rather brown- bag it for lunch….if it that was me……..
    Thanks for the info…I like going to the Library since I walk there; it’s about 1-1/2 miles from me. I like looking at the people and wondering what they are reading, looking at, and just people watching….
    I also love to look at all of the Magazines….that are free, it takes up quite a bit of time to read them all, which I never have time for……..Did you see the Cover of the Economist??
    If you haven’t …….take a look…..if you do find it, link it so the others can see it……I will if I don’t have to go to work, im on call all of the ti me…….good thing that I don’t need much sleep to go on; not too much going on in construction yet….
    Patd, Tony, Chloe, C-Bob, thanks.!!!
    Looks like a done deal right now…and Im getting a little exited about building these homes. Just finished a cpl of meetings with the owner of the Solarcrete homes system…(will be a distributor) and all looks like I want it to.!
    MY partner Richard; ( I never had a partner before) which I have known for over 20 yrs, that owns a mortagage company is setting up the customers, and the financing that will all be in place….before I start building……no cash to put out from me, and construction $ ……working $ to be available….is more than any builder can have right now.!
    Take a look at…..these are the homes that should be built……..all over the world. ( they have been talking to Mongolia about them)…..don’t have to rely on solar panel, wind, or anything else…..should have had these over at Catrina…..instead of the thousands of……fkn…..ROTTING…..trailers that the tax payers are still paying for….both party need to correct a lot of mistakes….if they did…..we could cut down the cost of things….drastically no?…..instead they are creating a bunch of new problems for the country……
    If we were to combine these homes with the programs that never went any where….the Obama program of insulating existing homes………these are the real shovel ready things that would put people to work …..right now…..I think that there is still 1/2 of the stimulus $ not spent, or allocated?? maybe more…..not what they sometimes report…but from a state to state knowledge of what has been used, not used, and what is left to be used……
    .How is the Maria’s going?….I love that project….makes so much sense, and it has the perfect name… Sister’s that passed away a few years back….or was that just yesterday……sighhhhh later

  6. Solar, lunch is a constant struggle. There’s a pretty decent Mexican rest. in the mall at the top of the hill, started by a defector from one of my old favorite Mexican rests. in my fair city, but I haven’t gone there since I changed jobs -- not taking that kind of time for lunch. (ironically, I used to live just up the road and went there regularly back then). I do have an appreciation for Arby’s deli sandwiches -- the bread is really very good -- I’m partial to the turkey and ham versions -- not those god awful original shaved beef sandwiches, which I haven’t eaten in a couple of decades because they suck. Today was leftover Chinese for me -- which looks healthy enough, but we all know better.
    Delighted to hear you have some work in the pipeline. I worry about things like that.

  7. Just decided what Im going to read: My son Tom gave me for Fathers day the…DK…book of ” History, the definitive visual guide from the dawn of civilization to the present”…..will see how it compares with some Anthropology findings…..
    Just picked it up……and am no wondering…pondering……some heavy thoughts……………
    Will it tilt me forward when I take it and read it in the bathroom??????? only one way to find out………huh? be right back……..maybe :-)))))

  8. about $2.65 billion in the value of goods and services from damaged buildings to lost business operations.
    30 years ago Dr. James Hansen , and others told us that as the climate warmed , we would begin to see more and more extreme rain events. The largest re-insurance company in the world, Munich Re , has just reported they have received more claims in 2010 due to “weather” than at anytime since they began keeping records. And that was for just the first 9 months of this year.
    I’ve paid attention to this stuff for about 10 years, I can say now that this year will be remembered as the year when a sharp jump in these extreme rain events took place. Their frequency , intensity, & duration have taken a sharp jump. They are a new weekly feature in the system, the only question is, will it rain 14 inches like Nashville, or 72 inches like Vietnam ?
    It rained 11.5 inches in New Brunswick, Canada this week.

  9. oh, as to the topic -- I wonder why Obama doesn’t “compromise” and extend the tax cuts to the middles class and have the top 2% rewritten to apply only to the bottom half of that group, effectively letting the cuts expire for the top 1%, o rmaybe se tthe threshold at $1M, but make clear it is only for AGI -- which excludes the cost of salaries wrt businesses. I have no idea how that would affect the cost of the tax cuts, but just about everyone prolly agrees that those who make $1M/year are “rich” and small businesses don’t really fall there with any frequency. Even letting the 2% tax break expire only affects 3% of “small businesses.”

  10. mqw, sorry if this is not documented enough for you:
    “……the law reflects many other ideas that enjoyed Republican support in the past. Here are 10 of those ideas.
    1. The Affordable Care Act is built on the same scaffolding as former Gov. Mitt Romney’s health reform approach in Massachusetts. Both reforms create new coverage options through insurance reforms and Medicaid expansions, improve the affordability of coverage, and require shared responsibility for health care financing across individuals, employers, and taxpayers.
    2. The new law requires all individuals to hold health coverage—an idea advanced by Stuart Butler and Ed Haislmaier of the Heritage Foundation as far back as 1989. Other conservative scholars and Republican policymakers who have embraced the idea of shared responsibility include Mark Pauly, a health economist at the University of Pennsylvania; Sen. John Chafee; a group of the health care law’s cosponsors—including Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT)—who introduced similar legislation in 1993; and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.
    3 The Affordable Care Act requires health insurers to pool the risk of small businesses and individuals through the health insurance exchange—thus giving them greater bargaining power and better rates. Enabling individuals, small businesses, and trade associations to band together and obtain better prices was a key plank in the House Republican leadership’s “Solutions for America.”
    4. The Affordable Care Act gives young adults new coverage options. These include staying on their family coverage through age 26 just like the proposal the House Republicans offered during the health reform debate.
    5. Employers may automatically enroll their workers in health insurance. This was proposed by the Republican Study Group and the House Republican leadership during the health care debate last year.
    6. Employers may use premium incentives and other tools to encourage workers to participate in a range of workplace wellness programs. This idea enjoyed widespread Republican support. Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE), the Republican House leadership, and the Republican Study Committee introduced proposals during last year’s health care debate. A bipartisan group of senators led by Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH) also championed this approach in the Senate HELP Committee.
    7. States may use federal funding to experiment with medical liability reforms. This is similar to the proposals advanced by Sens. Mike Enzi (R-WY), Richard Burr (R-NC), and Tom Coburn (R-OK), and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) during the reform debate.
    8. Families and businesses may purchase coverage across state lines. This was an idea shepherded by Rep. John Shadegg (R-AZ) and others, including the House Republican leadership, during the health care debate.
    9. States may pursue their own approaches to health reform as long as they can provide equivalent or better coverage at a comparable or lower cost. The House Republican leadership championed state innovation in their alternative proposal to health reform.
    10. The Affordable Care Act establishes high-risk pools that provide access to health coverage for those who generally are unable to find affordable insurance in the individual market, particularly those with a preexisting condition. This is an idea Republicans endorsed in their alternative proposal.”

  11. “….what Democrats have done is produce a Republican health care bill that Richard Nixon would have loved.
    From Steve Pearlstein back in August 2009:
    It was back in 1971 and President Nixon was concerned that he would once again have to face a Kennedy in the next year’s election — in this case a Kennedy with a proposal to extend health care to all Americans. Feeling the need to offer an alternative, Nixon asked Congress to require for the first time that all companies provide a health plan for their employees, with federal subsidies for low-income workers. Nixon was particularly intrigued by a new idea called health maintenance organizations, which held the promise of providing high-quality care at lower prices by relying on salaried physicians to manage and coordinate patient care.
    At first, Kennedy rejected Nixon’s proposal as nothing more than a bonanza for the insurance industry that would create a two-class system of health care in America. But after Nixon won reelection, Kennedy began a series of secret negotiations with the White House that almost led to a public agreement. In the end, Nixon backed out after receiving pressure from small-business owners and the American Medical Association. And Kennedy himself decided to back off after receiving heavy pressure from labor leaders, who urged him to hold out for a single-payer system once Democrats recaptured the White House in the wake of the Watergate scandal.
    But it should tell you how far the country has moved to the right that the various proposals put forward by a Democratic president and Congress bear an eerie resemblance to the deal cooked up between Kennedy and Nixon, while Nixon’s political heirs vilify it as nothing less than a socialist plot. [...]”

  12. Ocean acidification, a potentially disastrous consequence of global warming, is threatening the early life cycle of coral reefs near Florida and throughout the Caribbean, according to a new study published Monday.
    “We’re affecting the chemistry of the oceans at an unprecedented rate,” she says. “It’s a rate that hasn’t been known to occur naturally for the last 60 million years.”

  13. patd…. wow…. you go, girl…. :)
    “It rained 11.5 inches in New Brunswick, Canada this week.”
    CBob…. shit…. my relatives must be drowning…
    BTW…. my brother the lobsterman says if anyone wants to know what climate change is doing to the oceans, just ask a fisherman…. he’s be fishing for over 30 yrs and says he hasn’t met a fisherman yet that denies global warming.

  14. Craig,
    Question for you…while you were still at MSNBC, did you ever have occasion to bump into or speak to Susan Filan, the legal analyst?
    I have noticed that she hasn’t been on the network in a while, until today and it her speech sounds a little slurred so I wonder if she had a stroke or other health issue…

  15. Conservative principals in action -
    Here’s what Paul told the Wall Street Journal over the weekend:
    In a bigger shift from his campaign pledge to end earmarks, he tells me that they are a bad “symbol” of easy spending but that he will fight for Kentucky’s share of earmarks and federal pork, as long as it’s doled out transparently at the committee level and not parachuted in in the dead of night. “I will advocate for Kentucky’s interests,” he says.

  16. RR -
    Since the weekend, some areas have received “in the order of about 250 millimetres of rain,” Dexter told CTV News Channel in a telephone interview from Halifax on Tuesday morning.
    That means that in areas such as Yarmouth County, residents are seeing the equivalent of two months of rain in less than a week.
    Weeks of extra rain preceded recent storm
    Dexter said the downpour that began on the weekend came in addition to heavier-than-average rainfall in recent weeks.
    “This four-day event, in and of itself, is really adding to what were water levels that were already climbing and water tables that were already high.”
    The result of so much rain is a general overwhelming of infrastructure that wasn’t built to withstand such volumes of water, Dexter said.
    Parts of New Brunswick along the Bay of Fundy have also been hit with major rainfall, as much as 300 millimetres of rain in some cases.
    Battis said the rainfall in New Brunswick amounts to the equivalent of three months worth of rain in just a few days.

  17. The result of so much rain is a general overwhelming of infrastructure that wasn’t built to withstand such volumes of water, Dexter said.
    300 mm is 11.8 inches of rain.

  18. Renee,
    Hi, what have U been up too? Im a little bit bored and fixin to start a little trouble…………..maybe…..
    I was driving home yesterday after a few budwiesers and tequillia chasers; and guess what happened to me?:
    I suddenly had to swerve to
    avoid a tree, then another, then another.
    A cop car pulls me over as I was veering about all over the road.
    ………tells the cop about all the trees in the road.
    Cop says “For gods sake Solar, that’s your air freshener swinging about!”
    —little Diablito

  19. RR -
    Not just fishermen ………………
    “I think there’s a general sense within the forest community that we’re seeing the beginning of the loss … of sugar maples,” said Rock, a professor of forestry and botany at the University of New Hampshire, who has studied New England’s woodlands for decades.
    Decreased levels of sugar in springtime sap as determined by the number of gallons of sap needed to make a gallon of syrup. In the past it took between 32 and 35 gallons of sap to make a gallon of syrup, while it now takes between 45 and 50 gallons of sap to make a gallon of syrup.

  20. The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, a conservative public policy research organization commissioned a study aimed at determining the level of basic civics knowledge of Oklahoma High School students. To their dismay the study revealed that only 23% of students knew that our first President was George Washington and only 2.8% of the students scored well enough on the test to be eligible for US citizenship.

  21. “but he did put the GOP at a disadvantage by how he framed it. The negotiation, as he described it, is about Democrats protecting the middle class and Republicans protecting the rich.” -- Craig at the top of the column.
    Harming America for partisan advantage is not admirable.
    The Congress should pass the bill with the republican’s ‘rescue of the poor rich people’ clause, and then the President should use the line item veto to
    eliminate that clause.
    rapeblicans screamed, hollered, and made themselves even more obnoxious for a decade before they got their beloved line item veto. It’s time to teach them that cutting educational opportunities, medical care, and food for poor people isn’t the only use for that veto of theirs.

  22. CBob, is this a good enough reason to take citizenship away from the Oklahoma Dep’t of Education ?

  23. The bush tax cuts sunset was passed by a republican house of reps and republican senate, and signed by a republican president.
    If republicans don’t like republican laws, let ‘em all move to red China, where they’ll feel more at home, and be able to keep a closer eye on their factories.

  24. Funny story, Paul. May I borrow it ?
    I miss the rowdy dust ups we used to have. I hope that you’re making money nowadays.
    I been busy a lot around here lately, mostly with being sick, the occasional emergency surgery, etc. Otherwise I’d have kidnapped you and forced you to have dinner w/me at Nino’s.

  25. The top ‘earners’ ought to pay taxes at a rate at least as high as folks making 30,000/yr do. The richest bastards, including foreign bastards like rupert mudoch, and criminal bastards like bernie ebbers, jeff skilling, and brutish petroleum get TR!LL!ONS of $$$ every year in Federal Government services to protect their assets, but the lowest 50% of earners get absolutely no protection for their assets. These rich leeches are costing us a ton of money, so it’s time they start pulling their own weight. In fact, since they’ve paid at lower rates than ordinary Americans since 2001, they ought to pay a higher rate plus a 20% surtax for the next 5 years to make up for their windfall.

  26. Hey, Paul,
    PS, you are absolutely right about the homes we should have made after Katrina !
    With solar power they’d be especially good. Damn, but I hope you win, but there are powerful and obscenely rich robber barons who are intent upon preventing new and better technologies from emerging -- flatearther Goliaths. You are more like David than you know. I just hope that you can sling more than the bull.

  27. “mqw has always been more than welcome. We may not agree, but he actually carries on conversations and argues his position rather than dropping talking points and running for the hills.”
    Posted by: Jamie | November 9, 2010 1:31 PM
    Concurring opinion. mqw is not troll. His is not a cad. He is not a fraud. He is not a thug. He is not obscene. This seperates him from others we know who infest the camp I left. In fact, mqw is a noble man among right wingers. They ought to pay him for bringing some respectability to their side.
    Be that as it may be, mqw is frequently wrong. I can’t figure out how he can be over on that side. (scratches head)
    Btw, why are we exonerating mqw anyway ?

  28. Pat,
    So, instead of Obamacare it ought to be called nixoncare ? romneycare ? heritage foundationcare ? grassleyhatchcare?
    Or, just plain gopcare ?
    Btw, the late John Chaffee was no conservative in the crazy modern definition of the word :
    Gullible tools of Big Money, who are deathly afraid of shadows and bogey men, and who cherish fantasies of a flat earth and a foreign birth. In Minnesota, Chaffee would have been a middle-of-the-Road Dem.

  29. bush gotta be nuts going out there with all this…….what the hell’s going on……..and matt lauer? WTF?

  30. It’s never just one thing with the goopers…if you extend these tax cuts they will just ask for more. I say let them expire and the then pass a new bill with the same tax cuts and call them the Obama tax breaks and call it a day

  31. today in my local paper in color above the fold was a picture of Keef Oberman…… could be as simple as that………

  32. the most fun thing i ever installed was a roll around ladder in a very tall cherry closet……the worst was a murphy bed……..

  33. XR,
    As Solar, I can let some of that stuff go, but Paul doesn’t know you all that much.
    Yeah u can barrow that story for 50 bucks….in advance.!!
    Yeah Solar misses those day also..believe it or not ( good name for a show or something no?) I was thinking the very same thing, when I saw a note that reminded me of what you once told me a while back on my desk:
    “I believe in what the History that the Bible teaches us” I was going to start something here…but will wait until you get gooder….would hate to pick on you when you are all sickly…all you would do is cry about it any way….so hope that you did not, are not, and will not hurt too much, by what the Doctors did to you…….making you hurt…….that’s my job……
    Ninos, me and you, you and I…..we would attract a lot of attention….they would sit and laugh at the way we acted…..but would be laughing with us…not at us, a friend of mine from childhood, and myself, go toe to toe just about everthing for 4-6 hrs every two or three months, they give us all the free coffee that we want, just to watch the show, the waitresses are great, Ninos aint bad iether :-)).!
    ….Not making any $, mostly driving a trk for a friend….and spending it on my son Tom. We decided for him to go back to school, and become a Lic. physical therapist…..what he doesn’t know…is that Im putting everything down, counting every penny…..and will demand a lot of phyiscal therapy on my old body later on…..HA.! that will show him…….
    The solarcrete homes don’t have any foundation walls made out of concrete…..well they do…but it is on the inside, and the outside, 2-1/2 inches on either side, of 8 inches of insulation, and with the electrical, and plumbing already built into it….well the slots are there……
    Over a concrete footing….imagine interlocking panels of 8″ insulation…and the inside of the house being cooled, or warmed by mother nature… a bears cave…”just right” :-)
    “hope you can sling more than the bull”
    HuH? keep talking like this and those dust up day’s will be here sooner than you think….get well soon. Meanwhile I will see if that goodie two shoes Tony the Baloney wants to argue a little……never mind, he does enough of that with his side kick Gracie……XR say good night Gracie like…..U know her side kick …..what was his name…….oh yes “God”

  34. XR,
    Get well soon buddy…….Im laughing may ass off over here: During one of those “dust ups” I once told you that you can tell your lies like you wanted to, and that I would tell my lies like I wanted too also…….but that mine would have some facts in them.
    You responded by saying ” you don’t own a fact to your name”…..hahahaaaaa ” U funny”.!

  35. And it was all for Tony’s amusement, he will have to get in, or stay out from now on….he can’t have it both way’s……or did he?….get in or stay out…mmmmmm

  36. that cherry closet had a 5 foot wide by 7 foot high and a foot deep cabinet (starting at 3 foot off the floor)…..foot square cubby holes…….5 wide by 7 high……35 little foot square cubbys………all for sweaters.
    lets say, what……5 sweaters to the cubby? 6? thass a ass of sweaters no matter how ya slice it……..

  37. you could get on one end with the ladder, give a shove and go all the way around the big “U” shaped track……..maybe a couple of booster shots along the way, but what a nice mechanism……..

  38. I hope every cubby had a cedar lining.
    If I was to need an occasional overnight room, a Murphy bed would seem a practical way to go. Sure beats a sleeping bag under the conference table.

  39. OMG,watching Parker/Spitzer,why carry Sarah Palin’s speech live?? Breaking News??? WTF is wrong with the media??

    “Yes We Can’ in Smithereens”
    “Pres. Obama’s naivete has caused a calamity, the list long, the latest DADT, where we’re back to an Executive Order or bust, something that could have been done months and months ago, but Mr. Obama didn’t want to take a stand and possibly alienate… whomever. It can be seen on ducking a foreclosure moratorium, or the middle class tax cut fight only to end up caving to Republicans, sending a message of weakness that has been evident from his lack of convictions all along, because he came to a hostile city without a compass that could map his own mind. It’s why the Tea Party was able to take so many Democrats out last Tuesday in a political bloodbath of historic proportions.
    Barack Obama stood for nothing at a time when people were looking for answers from leaders who knew where they were going, so it’s not like they had a choice on whom to follow.
    Of course, all of this can be altered. But a different Barack Obama would have to show up to do it.”

  41. murphy bed ok for sleeps and silent movies and old tv shows, but to put one in is a different kettle of quiche……….

  42. why, one time in the middle of installation i found myself being slammed by the bed into the closet and then whammed down horizontal again from bouncing back then slammed back up into the closet before my helper could grab ahold of it and after a couple more slams both ways with him flopping around like a sack of potatos we came to a halt and I bounced forthwith to almost halfway out the window opposite……..

  43. Solar Paul,
    Ya, I know the reason your maker put you here is to pain me. HAHAHA. You funny too.
    What I meant by believing in the history (you say that the bible teaches us, not me) that is in the Bible. I also think the fables and myths are fables and myths. But when for example it says that “Sennacherib descended like a wolf on the (sheep)fold” intent upon laying siege to Jerusalem, and that his army up and died on him. Ya, I believe that. Do I believe that God killed the 100,000 soldiers and camp followers ? No, I believe that was a pious person’s explanation of an extraordinary event -- so extraordinary that nothing like it was ever recorded before or since in the 5,000 years of human history. And, Assyrian records were found in the 1800s that tell the same tale. So, if you want to call the Bible a liar, be careful cuz Sennacherib will getcha if you don’t watch out. HAHAHA.
    About you makin’ me cry, ya so what ? You ain’t got tear ducts ? I’d turn you inside out and rent you out as a prop for biology classes. Grrr. Lemme adam. Lemme adam.
    You made me think hard and do some research. Cruel man. HAHAHA.

  44. thank god my helper had a crowbar to stick into my nose to help me back inside…..

  45. Paul/Solar, re, your construction system :
    Ya, I knew it wasn’t a solar house, and I still I think that it is brilliant. 40 years ago, I wanted to build a house out in woods using a very similar idea. I hadn’t yet done any development, had no building skills yet, and was nearly destitute. But I did own some land on a lake. The bank would lend me$$ for a lead paint covered, crappy wood chip siding, energy wasting rambler or ranch house, that probably would’ve rotted away by now.
    If I were to construct a house in MN, I’d want to use your system with either a solarelectric or solar heating on the roof. I hope some rich baker discovers you and makes you and your building system the rage. America needs it.

    I actually saw a Murphy bed in one of those LA central city apartments that could have stepped out of a Marlowe novel. Ever since, I’ve wanted one in a house.
    They are getting really fancy these days
    but the old time ones were even memorialized in the musical Sunset Boulevard
    “A Murphy bed a rancid smell”

  47. Sturgeone, It sounds like the kind of closet they must have in heaven (hear that, Paul). I would love one for Sweetie, too. Or, especially for sweetie. Anywhat, as soon as that lottery ticket comes in….
    The way things are now, the floor is generally where I hang things.

  48. Solar/Paul,
    I’m a better duelist since dueling with you. Thanks.
    The doc carved an abcess outa me today. They wanted to keep me in the horsepistol, but I escaped and made my way back to my hideout.
    The wound doesn’t hurt much (nothing compared to the abcess that was occupying that spot 12 hours ago) cuz God created Percocet with me in mind. This is an example of a personal God, and his only begotten Pharmacist. I have just had 16 ounces of okay Pinot Noir over 2 Percocets and OI am feeling no pain. I’d better pack myself off to bed before lord bloggingingam flays for picking on Christianity.
    Good night.

  49. “I have just had 16 ounces of okay Pinot Noir over 2 Percocets and OI am feeling no pain.”
    Glad your feeling no pain!! Also so glad you here sharing your smartness!!

  50. We don’t need to wait for the end of the world in 2012, as Arrmageddon may have already arrived. I’m agreeing with Sarah Palin in her dust up with the Wall Street Journal.
    There won’t be a raise in the SS as according to the governments “Shopping basket”, inflation doesn’t exist.
    Well you couldn’t tell it from my shopping. The food budget has jumped from $250 to $300+. Whatever that basket is measuring, it has no relation to real life.

    “Americans and Independents Want Jobs, Not Tax
    “Cuts From New Congress”
    While pundits like Lawrence O’Donnell love to push every piece of analysis through the right/left puke funnel, the public judges the political landscape based on how their own lives have been impacted. And in 2010 they did not feel that the Obama administration spent their time and their energy on things that made their lives appreciably better. So they voted out the people they blamed for not getting it done, just as they did in 2006 and 2008.
    The only mandate that the public is delivering with their votes is to make things better in ways that are meaningful to them. That should be obvious to everyone by now.
    Update: I sincerely hope O’Donnell apologizes for the attack he made on Glenn Greenwald for living in Brazil when Glenn appears on his show tonight. Glenn lives there because the US does not recognize same-sex marriages, and his Brazilian partner cannot live in the US. Some minimal research would have turned up that fact.”

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