Obama’s Shutdown Leverage [VIDEO]

Why cave in to GOP threats when budget gap showdowns benefit presidents? Shutdowns were created by presidents (starting with Ronald Reagan) to pressure Congress. History shows that Capitol Hill suffers the public backlash. Still, the Democrats are doing most of the compromising this week to avoid a shutdown.

In this episode of DC Decoder we take a closer look at federal shutdowns (hint: they are not as disruptive as you might think):

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191 thoughts on “Obama’s Shutdown Leverage [VIDEO]

  1. Why you ask?
    Because he’s trying to be President to all the people. That’s why.
    Oh and Woo Hoo.

  2. Why indeed? Obama should be telling Reid and Pelosi (she is house minority leader, right?) to stop compromising with the ‘can’ts and let them shut down government. BUT he should be on the tube talking to the people of the US and making clear to them that the ‘can’ts, by being intractable in their positions, are going to shut government down.

  3. Let presidential wannabe Newtie explain the shutdown
    I think Newtie is just using the presidential run to renegotiate his contract with Faux News

  4. KC, stranger things have happened. :-)
    Of course he could just be trying to remind himself that he was once relevant … under the illusion (delusion?) that he may still be.
    Oh, and I forgot to say in my comment above, O should be telling Boner and McConnell to stuff it -- he’s proposed cuts and won’t sign anything that further guts social program funding. (I wish).

  5. “Because he’s trying to be President to all the people.”
    anon, good point. too often we forget that.

  6. http://blogs.cqrollcall.com/trailmix/2011/03/greedy-teachers.html#comment-331185
    jamie, goper flu is an isolated american disease characterized by general prostrations with varying symptoms: inflamed rhetoric, hyper-allergic reactions to taxes and poor people, achy whines, itchy fingers and severely swollen bank accounts in extreme cases. highly contagious epidemic reaching feverish pitch during even numbered years with delusions, increased hypocrisy and xenophobia commonly present in early fall.

  7. I don’t think Obama should be president for people like the Huckster and others that spread misinformation and lies about the president

  8. I hate it when the so called “News” channels buy into an idea. This time it is gas prices are going up because of disruption in the Middle East.
    Not one has said that no disruption has occurred as yet. Gas available in tanks at stations was purchased at the lower prices. There is no indication that we have a shortage coming out of Mexico where we get most petroleum. Everything coming to the public now was refined ages ago.
    This is the gas/oil barons taking advantage of a situation to jack up prices and shaft the public. Of course should a REAL disruption or shortage actually happen, the prices can go even higher.

  9. jamie, the press is just like congress -- useful idiots of the energy disinformation machine, and willing to attribute price increases to what the machine tells them, accepting the reason this tim and forgetting that it is not consistent with the factors influencing energy prices the last time, and the time before. Is it supply and demand, or is it OPEC pricing, or is it potential supply disruption, or is it nervous speculators driving the futures higher -- or some combination of the above? They don’t know so they listen to people paid to convince them about it now that the price rises are caused by factors not in the control of the energy companies and aren’t in any way tied to their record profits -- again.

  10. Let’s roll back the gas tax…
    would that make me a member of the Gas Party?

  11. Gas Party — our symbol is the Jerusalem artichoke
    and/or Le Pétomane the famous fartiste
    of course I am hoping Trailmix’s own Flautus will find this an appealing political group

  12. You are all in fine form today! Ha!
    I remember one of those five shut downs. Some of our customers didn’t get their payments from the gov’t (bids) in a timely fashion, so neither did we get payment from those to whom we had extended credit.
    A gov’t shutdown will hurt cash flow, hiring, spending, etc.
    Why do GOoPers want to hurt businesses? Why do the Dems think it’s a good idea to let them do it? Angry fingers will be pointing at them, too, after all.
    ps -- Flatus, from OT -- thanks.

  13. …and all of the prices that went up because of increased gas prices the last time, well, they have not come down. Companies take advantage of the situation.
    While they may need to increase cost of goods and services due to rising fuel costs, the increases are permanent. Customers understand why the prices had to go up, now they are used to paying more, let the froggies boil slowly.

  14. The next time someone, even those close to you starts to trash teachers, nurses, state workers, etc…stop them mid-sentence and let them knowl you won’t listen to this bashing.

  15. I think there should have been a comma after “close to you” in my12:59 post.

  16. http://blogs.cqrollcall.com/trailmix/2011/03/obamas-shutdown-leverage-video.html#comment-331197
    There is NO shortage of oil or gas supplies. Saudi Arabia has said it will increase production to cover any Libya shortfall.
    Congress has failed to remove the blanket regulatory exemption that leaves the door wide open for oil and gasoline speculators trading on electronic trading mechanisms. Electronic trading platforms have become the primary means by which energy commodities futures contracts are bought and sold. This is part of the “Enron Loophole.” They have also failed to address the so-called “Foreign Markets Loophole,” like the InterContinental Exchange that operates under this loophole by trading West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil contracts out of London. The servers for the exchange are based in Atlanta, GA.
    Oil speculators like investment banks, hedge funds pension funds, etc, typically use commodity market transactions to protect themselves against financial risk from deals that have very little to do with the actual production or consumption of the commodity in question. That differs from true hedging, like Southwest Airlines, who have a direct stake in the price. Some speculators like Goldman Sacks and Morgan Stanley do take delivery of oil and store it in tankers or storage facilities to take it off the market until the price reaches a desired level.

  17. All the prices are up at the grocery ..anything that travels any distance by truck
    my favorite hot italian sausage is now 4.50 up from 4.00

  18. Purple
    I was aware of most of that and it truly infuriates me. It is a criminal activity under the cover of arranged legality that directly injures the health of the economy. If those higher prices were actually channeled to roads, transit, and transportation instead of being funneled into very few pockets, I wouldn’t be so upset. This way, they get the gold mine and we get the shaft.

  19. Obama should go to the gasoline companies and jawbone them into doing the right thing
    Let’s try to be more like JFK than Ronnie Raygun

  20. http://www.taylormarsh.com/2011/03/07/walker-is-the-gift-that-keeps-giving-to-obama/#comments
    “Walker is the Gift that Keeps Giving to Obama’
    “Pres. Obama’s first gift looking at 2012 is his pathetic, not yet announced challengers on the Republican side, unless Gov. Chris Christie changes his mind, which at least would be a fight for the Right.
    Considering Wisconsin is an important state for Obama to win, it turns out the union story has doomed Walker, while elevating Obama to new heights. From MSNBC’s “First Read”:

  21. Shut downs may not be that disruptive, but they sure are expensive. Let’s waste more money….

  22. the citadel spend millions in lawyer fees trying to keep out women……humans are pitiful. but pity ain’t no good.

  23. http://gay.americablog.com/2011/03/mormon-church-already-gearing-up-to.html
    “Mormon bigots already gearing up to repeal Maryland’s marriage law”
    “We figured the Mormon leadership was working to kill the marriage law in Maryland. Now, we’ve got evidence. The Mormons took the lead role in repealing California’s marriage law through Prop. 8. Now, they’re gearing up to do the same thing in Maryland if the marriage law passes.
    From LDSmag.org, which touts itself as “Latter-day Saints Shaping Their World,” comes the evidence that the Mormons are backing the effort to repeal Maryland’s marriage law, if it passes:”

  24. We get 2% of our crude oil from Libya. This is fear mongering. Tapping our emergency oil reserves is not the answer. The President should step in and stop the price increases before there is a REAL emergency and we need those reserves……which would only last about 2 months anyway.
    This is frustrating and transparent.

  25. Yes, Craig, I thought “Shutdowns” had begun with a Republican President, that is something a Democratic President would not do, gamble with the People’s money and benefits; that is so unethical and uncompassionate; there are many people just living above the poverty line, who live check to check and they cannot afford to have money denied them even for a day. The Era of Reagan started a lot of evils, which we are still paying for today. Long live the likes of FDR!

  26. Posted by: sturgeone Author Profile Page | March 7, 2011 8:31 PM
    March 8th is International Women’s Day
    Wonder how they celebrate at the Citadel?

  27. Obama doesn’t need to tap our reserves because speculators are causing gas, and subsequently, everything else to increase. This is not a true crisis. This is a speculator-driven, manufactured crisis.
    He should, however, call it what it is: price gouging!
    If individual gas station owners did it, they would be smacked down.
    How many of the speculators are foreign, trying to jack with America’s economy in addition to lining their own pockets?
    (Happy International Women’s’ Day. Gee, we get an entire day?)

  28. “He should, however, call it what it is: price gouging!”
    That would take some political courage. oh and he might offend some Republicans, nope don’t think so…

  29. “The Mormons took the lead role in repealing California’s marriage law through Prop. 8. Now, they’re gearing up to do the same thing in Maryland….” [from link tony posted]
    tony, is it possible that this recent lds publicity is being generated to garner tea bagger support for mitt and away from other more favored tp candidates?

  30. In Cali the Mormons and African Americans formed an unholy coalition to block gay marriage.
    On its extreme end, Mormons have to deal with pedophilia. I believe that is the reason the government intruded into the polygamous Mormon compound in Texas. And both female and male children are damaged by this pedophilia. Leave the young ones alone, elders!

  31. The GOoPers try to get on the same page in Iowa, while marginalizing other potential candidates.
    “We’re all going to have to be on the same team when this is over,” Gingrich said. “It’s going to take all of us to defeat the left.”
    And because unemployment, poverty, hunger and crime are not social issues…
    “National Faith & Freedom Coalition founder Ralph Reed…jabbed at potential presidential candidate Mitch Daniels, the governor of Indiana, though not by name, for his comment suggesting social issues take a back seat to the economy and federal debt.”

  32. “President Barack Obama will nominate commerce secretary Gary Locke, the son and grandson of Chinese immigrants, to be the next US ambassador to China, according to a senior administration official.
    If confirmed by the Senate, Locke would succeed Jon Huntsman, one of the few Republicans in Obama’s administration. Huntsman’s recently tendered resignation is effective from the end of April, and he is tipped as a potential Republican challenger to Obama in the 2012 presidential election.”

  33. “The GOoPers try to get on the same page in Iowa, while marginalizing other potential candidates.”
    I thought after the Mark Foley scandal …the goops thought getting on the same page was a bad idea

  34. “Born in Palo Alto, California, Huntsman is the son of billionaire businessman and philanthropist Jon Huntsman of the Huntsman Corporation.[11] During the 1970s, he dropped out of high school and was the keyboard player in a rock band before eventually resuming his studies[12]. He attended the University of Utah, where he became, like his father, a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity. He received a bachelor’s degree in International Politics from the University of Pennsylvania after transferring to that school.
    He spent time in Taiwan as a Mormon missionary and speaks Standard Mandarin Chinese fluently.[13] He is also fluent in Taiwanese Hokkien (Minnan).”
    riches, rock band and speaks the language of china (1,342,740,000 pop. 19.4% of world)
    what more could one ask for a viable candidate?

  35. “LONDON—Crude futures were down slightly in Europe as a lack of new threats to oil supplies in the Middle East and North Africa gave investors a reason to lock in profits.
    Fierce fighting continued in Libya, with fresh reports of bombs falling on the oil town of Ras Lanuf. The amount of oil production shut down by the fighting has stabilized at around 1 million barrels a day, with few export cargoes getting out. However, reports that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries was in discussion over whether to raise crude production helped cap any move upwards …”

  36. The local news has been playing clips of the goops go to Iowa
    and I did not hear one word about jobs or improving the economy — I only heard attacks on social issues.

  37. The economy according to Gov Potholesaplenty
    “Gay marriage is causing the recession.”

  38. Newtie claims Obama is a socialist and wants to force health care on everyone.
    The Mitten says the Mass plan is good because it is a state plan but he would never federalize anything. (really Mitten really?)

  39. Seems to me we should sell some of our strategic reserves on the open market; we (the U.S.) will make a bundle (barrel) when we replace the oil after the inevitable drop in price.

  40. mornin’,
    So politics comes back and bites O in the ass over Gitmo. Congress should be ashamed for their lack of faith in our military, ou police and our criminal justice system -- established by the Constitution they claim to love so much and carry around in their coat pockets and refer to as if it were their mother giving them wise counsel.. Guess they missed that part about rights of the accused. And OBL is still at large and SKM is still alive in Gitmo, having never faced trial. What a fucking joke (pardon my french).
    Anyone hear the absolutely idiotic rant from Newt about the Dems having no idea upon what priciples ths country was founded? What a maroon.

  41. The way to cure speculators is to deliver on their futures contracts. Where do you want your corn/sugar/oil ma’am?

  42. Excellent video Mr. Crawford. I learned more in 3 min. about the realities of shutdowns than anything I’ve seen in past days. As a longtime lurker, I finally post here because it seemed like someone ought to acknowledge your work instead of promoting their own agenda. You have more patience in this regard than any blog host I’ve seen.

  43. Welcome, Joebe.
    We are a bunch of ingrates! But, we do love Craig. He allows us to rant about anything and rarely takes offense.

  44. The way to cure speculators is to deliver on their futures contracts. Where do you want your corn/sugar/oil ma’am?
    Posted by: Flatus | March 8, 2011 8:58 AM
    That way they can pay the doctor with chickens or grain.

  45. joe, you’ll note that Craig doesn’t often engage much in the conversation here -- there are exceptions of late when he has been more actively involved in the day to day chatting here, but they are the exceptions. He puts up a post to get the conversation rolling, those that want to discuss it do, then we move on to whatever political (sometimes) news of the day strikes our fancy, and sometimes even loop back to the original topic, and sometimes never do. Craig has never insisted or even suggested that anyone stay only on the topic he’s posted, and has weighed in from time to time on subjects wholly unreleated to his own post. So feel free to jump in, engage, put your own thoughts out there, and have a littel fun in the process.

  46. I understand what you all are saying but thought it worth noting that Craig’s video unearthed some facts about shutdowns I had not seen. I had a friend, govt. worker, who was furloughed in the Gingrich/Clinton shutdown and she eventually was compensated — as she said, it turned out to be a paid vacation. In other words these shutdowns are not so scary, and as Craig says in this post, the threat doesn’t justify Obama’s cave to Republicans.

  47. joe, (or how do you prefer to be addressed?), completely agree that O should not have caved (echo of my post at the top of the thread.) He apparently didn’t go to the “Bully Pulpit” and “Brass Balls” presentations during orientation to the WH. The people shutdowns hurt most are those who live from this or that government check (SS, e.g.) to the next and don’t get their next check because the government is shut down and hasn’t appropriated the funds to cover the checks. I’m not sure how long a shutdown has to go before that occurs (and since my speakers went walkabout yesterday, can’t listen to Craig’s video), but at some point that happens. Anywho, welcome.

  48. If these were the 1990s, I would agree about a shutdown, but those on the bottom are broke. Where are they going to get money when they live from check to check. What about small business that must wait to get paid on their government contract. What about contract labor doing the job? Will they get paid because they are not employees?
    I just feel it is a bit cavalier in today’s economy to accept the fact that a shut down won’t be different today. This recession is deeper than any previous recessions. Yep, in the precious days of recovery, let’s smack the small business owner. Screw them, it makes great political statement.

  49. http://blogs.cqrollcall.com/trailmix/2011/03/obamas-shutdown-leverage-video.html#comment-331231
    That is probably why he is trying to lay low in 2012 so as not to be the “losing” candidate but rather to run in 2016 when he can come on the scene as the savior of the party.
    I don’t know whether he would be the bottom of a Mormon ticket with Romney. It may turn out that all of the potential candidates except Huntsman will drop by the wayside and Huntsman may be all they have left. Everyone else is pretty dead in a general election.

  50. Hi Joebe
    Welcome to the fray. It’s a pretty friendly group. If you’ve lurked for a while you know it’s not just politics buy whole lives moving through here. We all love Craig for creating this unique spot on the web.

  51. Blue,
    We not only get a whole 24 hours but Google has even given us a pegwoman for a day on Google maps.
    “When you use Google Maps on March 8, you’ll notice that Pegman, Street View’s trusted guide, has a new friend. He invited his colleague Pegwoman to join him on the map today to celebrate International Women’s Day!”

  52. KGC
    I fear the same for my neighborhood if fire breaks out. Most of my landscaping is dead from the arctic blast. The cost to remove the landscaping (and we have been advised to wait until spring in case anything grows back) is mega bucks we don’t have at the moment. We are not alone in that…many residents are stuck. It is like living in the middle of kindling.

  53. Actually Pogo, SS and other benefit checks are not suspended during shutdowns. They are among the exemptions Craig described in his video. When you look at the few things that are shutdown (closing museums, not processing passports, etc., they are not that big a deal). The president can cherry pick what is shut down, so why should he fear it?

  54. “these shutdowns are not so scary”
    joebe, i agree with bw that shutdowns are dern scary right now to some. even if in reality they have nothing to fear, the perception adds one to many more worries to some awfully fragile folks.
    btw, welcome aboard and, yes, gracious host’s vid is excellent as always and his patience with us exemplary; but we must be measured in our applause and devotion so as not to spoil him.

  55. Social Security checks come from payroll taxes, not congressional appropriations, and therefor exempt from past shutdowns. Obama was simply lying about that other day when he threatend that possibility.

  56. Well maybe he wasn’t lying. Maybe he just didn’t know what he’s talking about. Not sure which is worse.

  57. “closing museums, not processing passports, etc., they are not that big a deal”
    those who saved up for their big trips of a lifetime just to be turned away at the last minute might beg to differ with you

  58. During the last shutdown, many were impacted here in Las Cruces as they work at White Sands or NASA. Sure it is great to eventually be compensated, but today most have lost their savings and are treading water. Even in the 1990s, many did not have the money to buy food, pay the mortgage on the trailer, etc. because this is a poor, rural area. We are a B or C city when it comes to pay scale. So, again, I think we are losing sight of the little people again. No matter what there is a cost to a shutdown. What happened to more job creation? All I see are social issues, reading of the constitution, layoffs and shut down. I really do not see what this has to do with job creation we were promised by both parties!

  59. Thanks for your kind welcomes, by the way. I don’t get stirred up that often but will weigh in when I do.

  60. Patd, which worse? Waiting for a passport or Obama dealing with Republicans to cut student loans to avoid a shutdown?

  61. msm feed on political feuds, scandals and shutdowns. and those up to no good like it when such drama keeps the unwashed entertained and distracted.

  62. BW, it’s a game of chicken and Obama flinched and chose not to play the game. I don’t believe a shutdown would be allowed to happen in this political climate, and like I said “The people shutdowns hurt most are those who live from this or that government check (SS, e.g.) to the next and don’t get their next check because the government is shut down and hasn’t appropriated the funds to cover the checks.” The issue for me isn’t about whether to allow a shutdown or not -- it’s to press your position as far as it can be pressed before conceding -- and I think that is what O did not do, choosing instead to concede too quickly instead of making the ‘can’ts blink by addressing the public, laying the fault for a potential shutdown on the ‘can’ts’ doorstep, then daring them to shut the sucker down, knowing that the political price to them will be too high to take the dare.

  63. Pogo, your link: Just about all of which Craig covers in his video. Why is it so hard to understand his point (and why is he the only media type i’ve seen make it?): Shutdowns are not scary enough to justify giving the Repubs nearly everything they want. Is Obama making up stuff (like SS checks) to scare liberals into letting him agree to GOP budget cuts? I just don’t get it.

  64. joe -- I understand that SS checks won’t be affected (that was a bad f’rinstance). I really do agree with you on this point -- of course I have a vested interest in seeing the checks keep coming (being that they pay my salary and all) but we have contingency plans to cover that eventuality, so I say Buck up, O.

  65. Oh, and speakers are back (just had to restart the damn thing) -- now to go listen to Poobah expound….

  66. Got to run…hubby’s surgery is happening for tomorrow as they found a doctor to approve his chest x-ray and EKG. On Friday, he was told no WC doctor would read his chest x-ray and EKG and approve. Surgery was postponed until he could get into his PCP for the approval. She is on vacation and the office told him the PCP could see him on March 31st. That plan was scraped yesterday and I guess they found a gullible doctor with good insurance. Hubby was told ‘no one wanted to sign-off on his surgery in case he died on the table.’ Got to love the staff! Just as stressful as the cancer surgery when the made him do the stress test days before the surgery and he lost his place in the surgical line-up because of the delay.

  67. Welcome aboard joebe, always good to see a lurker “convert” to commenter.

  68. crackers -- Your page joke -- LOL
    The GOoPers stiiillll have no real answers about the economy/jobs. Only their Chicken Little (the sky will fall if you tax the rich) attitudes & distraction of “social” issues.
    joebe -- Welcome

  69. Gov. Rick Perry’s Texasland -
    “…budget cuts and what he calls a pro-business climate in Texas.”
    “Texas Workforce Commission is issuing up to $3 billion in bonds and raising 2011 taxes for employers to replenish the state’s ailing unemployment trust fund.”
    “Gov. Rick Perry can’t quit talking about jobs. But if he realizes his vision of a budget balanced through cuts alone, 100,000 teachers could lose their jobs.”
    “…lawmakers approved controversial legislaton that
    requires mothers seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound examination…”

  70. Supply Side Theory claims that as prices rise, there will be a greater effort to produce until a new price/supply equilibrium is established.
    Well, that may be for renewables like melons and mellon-headed morewrongs. However, petroleum is a non-renewable resource, the production of which is dominated by a tiny Brotherhood of Murderous Tyrants and Texas B!ll!onaire Bandits. When the price of oil goes up, the BMT & TBB don’t need to sell as much to keep their harems fed and their mercenaries high. These murderous scum realize something that American voters and drivers don’t -- there is a finite amount of oil down there, and they want to save a wee bit for their rapacious sons and their fanatical religious institutions, whether they be Muslim or Sudden Baptist. The point is, when the prices for non-renewables spike, production is more likely to decrease fhan to increase, at least until some member of the BMT & TBB breaks ranks. A break in the ranks may not happen this time around, as there is an interlocking directorship in the form of news corp, where bandit Texans and Murderous Tyrants of the Middle East meet to chow down on your future.

  71. Blonde -- Keeping you in thoughts for tomorrow.
    pat d”closing museums, not processing passports, etc., they are not that big a deal”
    those who saved up for their big trips of a lifetime just to be turned away at the last minute might beg to differ with you
    Posted by: patd | March 8, 2011 10:44 AM —
    Since when has anyone in gov’t been able to see more than one move at a time on the chessboard?

  72. Joebe
    The Social Security checks for those already approved continue to go out. New applications and disability payments are not as sure. While payroll taxes cover the payments, the admin costs are not and during the last shutdown, a skeleton staff was kept on, but services sharply declined which can be devastating on an individual basis.

  73. Meet th’ new boss, same as th’ old boss…
    “Rep. Peter T. King (R-N.Y.), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said the order vindicated Obama’s predecessor. “I commend the Obama Administration for issuing this Executive Order,” he said in a statement. “The bottom line is that it affirms the Bush Administration policy that our government has the right to detain dangerous terrorists until the cessation of hostilities.”
    Wait, I thought the line was “We won’t get fooled again, no, no…”
    What bullshit. (Again, pardon my french).

  74. The other rightwingnut fairy tale is that greed will always cause some Murderous Tyrant or Texas Bandit to break ranks.
    However, this is ever a mere possibility. Neither the Koran nor the Book of Revelations guarantee that one of Satan’s kapos will break ranks to ease the price of gasoline.
    Nonetheless, through fox, wsj, barron’s, forbes, the national review, humanities, the spectator, tribune corp, washington times, and commentary, republicans keep this asinine fairy tale alive.

  75. hmmm, I wonder if this means anything
    “A new report finds that the disappearing [Arctic] ice has apparently triggered another dramatic event -- one that could disrupt the entire ecosystem of fish, shellfish, birds, and marine mammals that thrive in the harsh northern climate.
    “Each summer, an explosion of tiny ocean-dwelling plants and algae, called phytoplankton, anchors the Arctic food web.
    “But these vital annual blooms of phytoplankton are now peaking up to 50 days earlier than they did just 14 years ago, satellite data show.”
    Nah, doesn’t sound all that significant -- unless you think ecosystems are significant….

  76. From Denver’s outskirts to exclusive mountain communities,
    story line is similar. Developers and corporations more interested in bulldozing land for houses and strip malls than raising cattle or crops are saving millions of dollars in taxes by taking advantage of a state law meant to help struggling farmers.
    A Denver Post investigation of property-tax records sheds new light on the extent of the practice: Developers and firms with little or no ties to actual farming own at least 40 percent of the nearly 54,000 parcels classified as agricultural in eight Front Range counties.
    Read more: Colorado tax break intended for struggling farmers enriches developers, investors -- The Denver Post http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_17549051?source=pkg#ixzz1G2BWiAXR

  77. Pogo -
    Another study last week , reported on how plants have been losing their pores that take in CO2, and release water vapor and O2.
    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — As carbon dioxide levels have risen during the last 150 years, the density of pores that allow plants to breathe has dwindled by 34 percent, restricting the amount of water vapor the plants release to the atmosphere, report scientists from Indiana University Bloomington and Utrecht University in the Netherlands in an upcoming issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (now online).

  78. “…our government has the right to detain dangerous terrorists until the cessation of hostilities.”
    Ya, so just when is this dam’ administration going to cease hostilities ?
    jellobama promised that we’d be out of Iraq in by Oct. 2009. In April he’ll be a year and a half past due. Time to foreclose.

  79. Ms Wino,
    I’m wishing for the best possible outcome for you two. Plus a super speedy recovery.

  80. Bob, we really don’t get the significance of what we’ve wrought. And I was a biology idiot -- in fact took chemistry because it required less memorization -- but if that means that the plant biomass is converting 34% less CO2 into oxygen that it was 150 years ago, that means something.

  81. I have a Roy Roger’s Silver City tin towns by Marx. One was my own toy and the second was an unsold collectible piece leftover when I closed my antique shop 20 years ago.
    I had always thought that the toy Silver City was supposed to evoke Silver City, NV. But maybe it was supposed to be Silver City, NM.

  82. A small colony of emperor penguins on an island off the West Antarctic Peninsula is gone, and the most likely culprit is loss of sea ice caused by warming. Although it has been predicted that penguins could suffer greatly because of global warming, this is the first time the disappearance of a colony has been documented.
    http://www.livescience.com/ 13092-emperor-penguin-colony-antarctic-climate-change-ice.html

  83. My mistake : not “a…tin towns”, but 2 tin towns. Wherzat proof reader ??? I’m gonna kill him.

  84. BW
    I hope the fire danger diminishes soon -very scary stuff
    As always I am amused

  85. pat, I saw that. It was depressing.
    2 of the 6 states I’ve lived in -- WV and AL -- the two where I spent more time than in the other 4 -- are in the top 5. NH is in the top tier, and the other 3 are in the middle tier. That actually is a wellbing survey -- whatever that is. I suppose I have no right to be as happy as I am. ;-)

  86. Pogo -
    Coal is a grim friend, every place that ever dug coal, has paid a heavy price.

  87. Pogo -
    2 more studies in the last 6 weeks , the first one reports that the Labrador Current has reversed for the 1st time in at least the 2,000 years. Warm water is now moving up the West Side of Greenland . The second reports that the East side of Greenland is seeing the warmest currents in the past 2,000 years.
    ScienceDaily (Jan. 28, 2011) — The temperatures of North Atlantic Ocean water flowing north into the Arctic Ocean adjacent to Greenland — the warmest water in at least 2,000 years — are likely related to the amplification of global warming in the Arctic, says a new international study involving the University of Colorado Boulder.
    A stretch of water east of Greenland, considered to be the Arctic’s main source of heat from the North Atlantic, is warmer now than it has been in at least 2000 years. That is the claim of researchers in Europe and the US who suggest further warming will amplify the effects of climate change in the Arctic region….

  88. dead -- where is that proofreader?
    Yes. Bob, it is, they have. People around here drive around with “Friend of Coal” stickers on their cars & trucks, and the mining cos. (Massey) put up stupid shit like “Coal is Carbon Neutral” billboards. The workers work the mines, get black lung, asbestosis, silicosis …. sue the mines and die. Assholes like Don Blankenship get richer than god and laugh all the way to the bank. And WV tops (bottoms) list after list -- wellbeing being just the last one to earn WV that dubious distinction. I work on a stretch of I-79 called the high tech corridor -- marketing BS for WVU joint tech ventures in about 3 office parks -- I spend more time behind coal trucks and log trucks than Carter’s has pills. Yes, high tech corridor, indeed.

  89. What Bob, you suggesting that’s not just weather fluctuations? Silly boy. :-)
    Well, gotta run. C ya.

  90. Posted by: Blonde wino Author Profile Page | March 8, 2011 11:55 AM
    Hoping for the very best outcome

  91. And it’s still raining in Australia -
    Forecasters say north Queensland can expect more torrential rain in coming days.
    The heaviest daily fall was recorded at Black River with 260mm, Bushland Beach had 265mm, Paluma Dam had 210mm and Cardwell Gap 213mm.
    Meanwhile, parts of far western Queensland have turned into an inland sea with floodwaters spreading 20 kilometres wide.

  92. BlondeW…
    I’ll be thinking of you as well. Because of the ice storm from several years ago, there’s lots of dead wood lying around our home as well. It’s kinda hard to clean up 3 acres of woods.
    If we experience a drought I’d be scared shitless.
    oh… of course NH is a happy place…. I LOVE living here…
    well… maybe not so much in the dead of winter… but Rick loves it then.
    So far Rick reports the skiing is great and I report that the hot tub is warm. The restaurants up here are fantastic.
    A hearty welcome to Joebe.

  93. “William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, has told MPs that he is considering the case for international action to divert oil revenues into an escrow account that would be administered by the UN on behalf of the Libyan people.
    The plan, similar to the oil-for-food system imposed on Saddam Hussein’s Iraq after the first Gulf War, would require the UN Security Council to invoke its powers under Chapter VII of the UN charter.”

  94. WASHINGTON, March 8 (Reuters) -- U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron agreed on Tuesday that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi must leave power quickly and weighed steps to stop the bloodshed, including a no-fly zone.
    As Obama faces growing calls at home to help Libyan rebels seeking Gaddafi’s ouster, he and Cameron discussed a “full spectrum of possible responses” during their telephone call, the White House said in a statement.
    The two leaders would work on planning for several options, including surveillance of Libya with spy planes, humanitarian assistance, enforcement of a United Nations arms embargo and a no-fly zone, it said.

  95. I was watching “Big Love” today and was surprised to see Larry O’Donnell as the attorney on the show. More confirmation that politics is really entertainment and has nothing whatsoever with actually being of benefit to the nation.

  96. http://www.taylormarsh.com/2011/03/08/international-womens-day-question-when-will-u-s-catch-up-with-liberia/
    “International Women’s Day Question: When Will U.S. Catch Up with Liberia?”
    After Clinton’s speech, the women asked questions of Undersecretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Judith McHale, Assistant Secretary of Education Ann Stock and Clinton’s chief of staff Cheryl Mills.
    One woman from Latin America left the panelists momentarily speechless.
    “Do you think now that your country is ready for a woman as a president? I am not sure any of the three of us should answer that,” she said.
    Clinton’s chief of staff Cheryl Mills said she does not think the U.S. is quite ready to elect a woman as head of state.
    “I certainly think it is the case that our country demonstrated ably in the last election that they are more than willing to support women in a leadership role and more than willing to actually see a woman as their leader,” said Mills. “But I think for getting over that final hurdle, I think we are a little bit away.”
    Why does Ms. Mills think we’re “a little bit away” from electing a female president? Part of the problem is that not enough women in the United States think it’s important.
    In the last election cycle when Hillary Rodham Clinton took center stage, vast swaths of females simply shrugged, including on the Left and in progressive quarters. Called the “vagina vote,” women insisted, some would say rightly, that issues mattered more and allowing for a woman to make similar mistakes as a man on war and peace. Electing her to make a point and move women forward was not thought worth the fight, especially by the younger generation.”

  97. Pogo -
    Tel your son to read my stuff. Tell him he must grow up very fast. Faster than I ever dreamed, tell him I have no sons.
    Tell him that the tundra will burst into flames, that giant areas of the Arctic will burn. On clam days in the Arctic from now on, huge pools of gas will mix with the atmosphere. There are 3 things that make fire, spark, fuel, and O2.
    To quote the people of Greece 4 years ago. ” We’ve never seen this before”.

  98. 82 stations out of over 11.000 have set new records this month. There is one thing that save’s us. The storms are moving 60 mph an hour. When they slow down we are in trouble. The water machine is coming to North America, rain like we’ve never seen.
    Yesterday was the most intense so far , this month:
    To quote the people of Greece 4 years ago. ” We’ve never seen this before”.

  99. The artiface of the modern world is being peeled away whether the Tea Baggers like it or not.

  100. If we had changed when Jimmy Carter asked us to, we might have had a chance. But we chose the fiction that was Reagan, and now our fate is sealed.

  101. Will our pussy president bomb for “freedom” ?
    He’s screwed every pooch since he got the job.

  102. The president needs to go back to Springfield , and tell everyone why he ain’t Lincoln.

  103. nature is about to run over the stock market like the cross town bus which ground margaret mitchell beneath its wheels.

  104. Obama is too much of a pussy to bomb a 42 year long dictator.
    Note to the president, please spent some of that fire power we have spent Trillions of dollars on. Bomb this jack-ass above all others, and do it today.

  105. I was in the fourth box-car on the hell bound train, holding on for dear life and praying for redemption…….

  106. Strug -
    When I voted for Obama in the Texas primary, I told an old white man that he was our first black president. The old man fumed, and I left him.
    The president is lucky, he is running against fools.

  107. i had spoken with the engineer short before we pulled out
    he smiled and said “not a worry” .

  108. If the president had rolled in with the energy bill , the world would be different. Everything comes down to energy. Our giant debt, the future of the world, the national debt is flea against all this. But like the Charlie Sheen we party on.

  109. The history of great writing here :
    ” It’s not nice to fuel Mother Nature.”
    This best is still to come, but this is pretty close.

  110. By the time obama makes a move to help the revolutionaries in Libya, ‘daffy will be dead of old age.
    He must consider ‘daffy to be a republican.
    I do too.

  111. Only 7 words , very good.
    The gold standard …….
    “fecal matter enters the rotating device”
    6 words.

  112. sheen still has money? I thought the pimps and pushers cleaned that fool out.
    I wonder how many guns his habit has purchased for the Mexican drug gangs.

  113. I figure that sometime tomorrow I probably will make a nazi reference and so I am doing penance now……..

  114. I’ve always loved this tune. Jimmy Charles and The Revelettes from Paterson, NJ. I love the NJ sound. Northen? NJ (Newark, Elizabeth, Linden, Jersey City, etc) had a sound of it’s own in the 50s. Lots of piano and sax work and almost always a clear but punchy snare drum.
    —comment on the you tube

  115. “i must be too young to know the meaning of love……”
    younger than springtime, sturge?
    gayer than laughter, tony?
    our lyrical trail in spring

  116. Pat,
    What a gem.
    “Why the Democrats Should Never Have Started Paying Ransom to Avoid a Shutdown.
    “It’s called ransom. That’s what Republicans are demanding from the White House and congressional Democrats for not pulling the plug on the government.
    Problem is, when you pay ransom once, you’re almost begging to pay it again. And that’s exactly the pickle the Obama administration is finding itself in.
    In order to avoid a shutdown last week and buy time until March 18, the White House agreed to more spending cuts for the remainder of this fiscal year than it originally put on the table. Now, in order to get past March 18, Republicans want even more. Democrats have offered to cut an additional $10.5 billion but Republicans want $61 billion. The White House is hinting it’s ready to compromise further.”

  117. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/03/08/matt-damon-obama-has-roll_n_832795.html
    ‘Matt Damon: Obama Has ‘Rolled Over To Wall Street Completely”
    “Damon also zeroed in on the Bush tax Cuts that Obama recently extended, a move which has been met with significant criticism. However, when The Independent inquired whether he’d be voting Republican in 2012, Damon was emphatic.
    “Good God, no! I just got a 3 percent tax cut,” Damon seemed to joke”
    Not that i care what Damon thinks but its yet another example that liberals have know where else to go..

  118. Callyforneeya
    “Voters in November took the job of redistricting away from politicians and gave it to a citizen panel, meaning lawmakers in 2012 will have to compete in constituencies not designed to keep them in office.”
    “…the joke in the capitol in Sacramento is that “everyone’s got a U-Haul parked in their driveway” because they may have to move to be re-elected.”

  119. http://gay.americablog.com/
    “Hey Apple, are you trying to kill gay kids with the I-Phone?”
    “Pardon my French, but WTF? Why does Apple require you to click some “yes I’m old enough” button when downloading gay apps on the iPhone, but when downloading “ex-gay” apps -- i.e., apps built by hateful anti-gay bigots who falsely tell young impressionable children that they can pray away the gay -- Apple has no restrictions at all on that app. In spite of the fact that federal statistics show 1 in 3 gay kids tries to commit suicide. In spite of the fact that the very first thing in the FAQ of the app is focused at kids.”

  120. mia gracious host must have had to much gras in his mardi….
    the lab rats are getting bored and the kibbles are running out.

  121. “The video captures Ron Schiller, NPR’s senior vice president for development, making the disparaging remarks about the conservative grassroots movement during a Feb. 22 lunch meeting with two O’Keefe associates, Shaughn Adeleye and Simon Templar, who were pretending to be Muslim donors sympathetic to the broadcaster.
    Prompted by one of the undercover activists, Schiller argued that the Tea Party is “not just Islamophobic, but really xenophobic.” He said, “I mean it’s scary. They’re seriously racist, racist people.”…….
    …..NPR moved quickly to distance itself from Schiller and his comments, but also took aim at O’Keefe’s collaborators, who presented themselves as part of a group with ties to the radical Muslim Brotherhood.
    “The fraudulent organization represented in this video repeatedly pressed us to accept a $5 million check, with no strings attached, which we repeatedly refused to accept,” NPR spokesperson Dana Davis Rehm said in a statement posted on the broadcaster’s Web site.”
    o’keefe of acorn pimp fame. rw’s dirty trickster and answer to m moore.

  122. imo, wh should offer cuts in compromise such as those military bases id’d as unnecessary coincidentally found in goper districts.

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