GOP Water Torture

With each budget extension Republicans cut another $2 billion per week. The total reaches $10 billion with the next 3-week delay aimed at avoiding a federal shutdown.

At this rate they’ll need nearly ten more extensions to reach their goal of $61 billion in cuts, which creates the laughable scenario of still passing this year’s budget when the year is ending.

“We’re on a path, a slow path, but a path nevertheless,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said on FOX News over the weekend.

So far, Republicans are getting by with cuts that Democrats don’t have the will to fight. But that will change when it comes to cutting entitlements, Obama’s health overhaul and such.

This next extension of the budget — – until April 8 — sets up more than a showdown over shutting down the government. That date falls just shy of the deadline for raising the debt ceiling, the point when the Treasury Department cannot legally borrow more money.

At some point you’d think tea party types, who vow to vote against more borrowing without bigger cuts, will no longer tolerate postponing the inevitable.

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105 thoughts on “GOP Water Torture

  1. I love the word “entitlements.” With all of the corporate welfare queens & bailout junkies who line so many pockets, they have the nerve to go after the little guy.
    A bunch of ball-less wonders up on The Hill.
    “We’re on a road to nowhere…” -The Talking Heads

  2. Craig,
    The tea party types don’t even know what the debt ceiling is. They just know that they are against it.

  3. SOMA, Japan – Water levels dropped precipitously Monday inside a stricken Japanese nuclear reactor, twice leaving the uranium fuel rods completely exposed and raising the threat of a meltdown, hours after a hydrogen explosion tore through the building housing a different reactor.

  4. What are you doing at home today, Jace? Hope you haven’t been ‘furloughed’ along with the redundant-rest. :(

  5. I saw a report last night that said the Japanese are using fire trucks to pump water into the #1 reactor. If this is true , the exposing of the fuel rods makes perfect sense , as those trucks were no doubt destroyed by the second explosion, which was heard 25 miles from the plant. Even if the back-up generators were running, the second explosion, would have knocked out them as well.

  6. why can’t they use some of that $168 billion that gates proposed to cut from defense to reach “their goal of $61 billion in cuts”? have they taken him up on any of that?

  7. Meltdown alert at Japan reactor
    Technicians are battling to stabilise a third reactor at a quake-stricken Japanese nuclear plant, which has been rocked by a second blast in three days.
    The fuel rods inside reactor 2 at the Fukushima Daiichi plant have been fully exposed on two separate occasions, raising fears of a meltdown.
    #1 reactor building has exploded , #3 reactor building has exploded , and #2 has had it’s core exposed twice.
    When the folks say that this isn’t 3-Mile Island or Russia, we’re right. It’s much much worse.

  8. Ah, yes. My first trip to DC -- the Carter/Sadat/Begin signing…and a couple of days later we drove by Harrisburg, PA. We didn’t hear about 3-Mile Island until we got home the next day.
    Yes, this is much, much worse than anything except when we actually dropped nukes. And now we build non-military things and risk nuking ourselves.

  9. OK, the first cut on the list is the 2010 census? huh???
    Posted by: blueINdallas
    blue, they’re saying that cut was money that was leftover from the last census and not spent

  10. which, btw, raises the question, if it’s money you weren’t going to spend anyway, how is that a cut?

  11. Blue….
    I heard on NPR this morning that the sea water they are pumping in to cool off the rods turns into steam. And at some point they will need to release this steam. I don’t know if the steam is radioactive or not.

  12. and of course that “cut” likely comes back when they appropriate funds for the next census — geez, the more you think about this stuff the loopier it gets

  13. Blue….
    oh yeah… I forgot to mention… on NPR it was also stated that using sea water is a last ditch desperate act because it causes salination of equipment and that plant can never operate again.

  14. Flatus,
    No I am still employed. Spring break at school, so they have no need for the transportation director.
    My wife and I are both at home and discussing all the things that need to be done this week. Hopefully nothing will come of the discussion, other than a short trip to St. George to visit our son.

  15. The party of Michele Bachmann running the budget? Golly! I can’t wait until she is prez. She is purely radioactive.
    Typical republicanti message….it about the budget when it is really about social issues. It is about jobs when it is really about destroying democratic voters. They are masters of the illusion of being for the taxpayer when they are the tools of the wealthy.

  16. Whatever new scam the GOP comes up with, you can count on Obama to fall for it.
    They are keeping the economy in a dormant state where corporate profits are rolling in but unemployment stays high, and Obama has NO idea what to do about it.
    He won’t call them out because he can’t let go of his “We have to work together” mantra. After three years of GOP stonewalling, does anyone still believe that crap?
    His only strategy appears to be “Maintain the status quo and hope that the GOP nominates a Tea Party fruitcake.”
    That’s all he’s got.

  17. Jace, that was a great start on the talking points.
    Here’s a couple more.
    Republicans are all about jobs, so our fourth order of business is to get rid of California’s Clean Air Act exemptions and make them pollute more, like the rest of the courtry. More jobs for DOE regulators and lawyers to make sure CA doesn’t try to sneak in those burdensome state regs about cars, trucks and gasoline.
    Republicans are all about jobs, so our fifth order of business is to repeal Obamacare. More (well, actually fewer) jobs for private sector medical providers and, well, fewer jobs for insurance company bureaucrats, but hey, we’re about jobs.
    Republicans are all about jobs, so our sixth order of business is to oppose increasing the debt ceiling. We don’t really know what that is or what it means, but those damn Tea Partiers tell us we should oppose it, so we will -- to preserve OUR OWN jobs.

  18. Blonde,
    It is always about social issues, even when it isn’t.
    I always have to laugh at rural Midwestern areas who consistently and to their own detriment vote republican because they are the party of values and social issues.
    Then after the election have to run, hat in hand, to the last democrat left standing in an attempt to preserve the farm bill.
    They just never learn.

  19. The way the GOP is going, these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to try to cut Social Security and Medicare.
    And the way the Democrats are going these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if they went along with it, led by Obama, who has demonstrated that he will compromise on anything.

  20. pogo,
    splendid effort much better than mine. Keep going.
    I do think that it is a bit unfair to have all the fun ourselves,
    perhaps we should encourage others here to offer their input.
    I have little doubt that it will make for great reading.
    Now I fear that i have to go trim mesquite.
    Where is the justice in that I ask you?

  21. WTF Dr. Chu?
    One look at this site and I know we are headed for trouble…where is our comprehensive energy policy? A low mileage car for wheel chairs? Smart meters instead of smart electrical grids?

  22. Blue -
    Do you know if they pump the seawater in and recycle it like a radiator coil, or, is it going back out to sea?
    Blue, The venting they speak of is the water getting boiled to steam. It must be released to keep the reactor vessel from exploding, and more water is pumped in. The cooling loop was not designed to exchange water from the sea. There are 2 loops, one is a loop with the cool sea water being pumped through a heat exchanger, there the reactor loop gives up it’s heat . I am convinced that the Tsunami was funneled into the intake bay , and forced water much higher than if the quake had been to the south, the opening points directly at the epicenter. The waves put sea water in places they never designed for. My guess is there was zero electrical activity at the whole complex, once this happen. No computers, no motors, no pumps.

  23. Stupid is as stupid does, sir.
    “Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) recently signaled the first thing she would do in the premiere presidential debate of the next election cycle should she make a run for the White House.
    “Speaking to conservative radio host Jeff Katz in an interview last week, she said, “I think the first thing I would do in the first debate is offer my birth certificate so we can get that off the table.”
    …because it is so important… but….
    “After being pressed to more clearly define her position, Bachmann said that those who question whether the president was born in the U.S. should “take [him] at his word.”
    Do what?

  24. In a “China Syndrome” the molten mass of fuel rods is 4,000 F. This melts everything it comes in contact with. But explosions of steam from groundwater will scatter these blobs all over the site.

  25. According to House and Senate Republicans, public schools should be abolished and only charter and private schools be able to flourish, although most of them probably got a very good public school education!!!!
    And according to House and Senate Republicans, Big Oil: Exxon, Sunoco, all need tax subsidies instead of public schools because without these subsidies, Big Oil is liable to go out of business, even though they record quarterly profits in the billions of dollars while at the same time Receive millions of dollars in Tax Refunds, while paying no taxes or very little taxes at all. Go figure!
    It is the American middle-class and working poor that pay the Salaries of these GOP Senators and Congressman and they also pay for their Healthcare too, but shamelessly they bite the Hands that feed them, but not for long, not for long!
    Pres. Obama always said “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for’! More than anything, Obama has been a catalyst for change, for revolution for movement. In his own quiet way he stimulates the people to make change; for after all it is only the united will of a people that can do so.

  26. According to House and Senate Republicans, public schools should be abolished and only charter and private schools be able to flourish, ……..
    It’s worked so well for Haiti, 90% of children in a school are in a private school.

  27. Something about these reports these past few days, the Japanese are indeed an old population. I’m amazed at all the ones that made it through the thing.
    So many that couldn’t move fast enough to flee death.
    The only clue we have in the images as it happened, are people driving cars being trapped, none of those scenes in the Indian Ocean with single people on foot If they didn’t have that training , ……. their culture saved many lives.

  28. All that Japanese damage that still floats, is going to cover the beaches in Alaska.

  29. Untapped Crop Data from Africa Predicts Corn Peril If Temperatures Rise
    “The pronounced effect of heat on maize was surprising because we assumed maize to be among the more heat-tolerant crops,” said Marianne Banziger, co-author of the study and deputy director general for research at CIMMYT.
    “Essentially, the longer a maize crop is exposed to temperatures above 30 C, or 86 F, the more the yield declines,” she said. “The effect is even larger if drought and heat come together, which is expected to happen more frequently with climate change in Africa, Asia or Central America, and will pose an added challenge to meeting the increasing demand for staple crops on our planet.”

  30. Pompeii.
    Yes, I gave them a thought as well water instead of ash though. Either way it’s a mean geology lesson. A team has announced the finding that they may have found Atlantis, in Spain. Buried by a Tsunami.
    Right where the Greek said it would be, the ” Pillars of Hercules “.
    They call this a ” splash tsunami ” where the side of a mountain slips into the sea, whole sides of volcanoes. Make waves 200 feet high.

  31. Arctic on the Verge of Record Ozone Loss
    Air masses exposed to ozone loss above the Arctic tend to drift southwards later. Hence, due to reduced UV protection by the severely thinned ozone layer, episodes of high UV intensity may also occur in middle latitudes. “Special attention should thus be devoted to sufficient UV protection in spring this year,” recommends Rex.

  32. Greek philosopher Plato wrote about Atlantis some 2,600 years ago, describing it as “an island situated in front of the straits which are by you called the Pillars of Hercules,” as the Straits of Gibraltar were known in antiquity. Using Plato’s detailed account of Atlantis as a map, searches have focused on the Mediterranean and Atlantic as the best possible sites for the city.
    Tsunamis in the region have been documented for centuries, Freund says. One of the largest was a reported 10-story tidal wave that slammed Lisbon in November, 1755.
    Debate about whether Atlantis truly existed has lasted for thousands of years. Plato’s “dialogues” from around 360 B.C. are the only known historical sources of information about the iconic city. Plato said the island he called Atlantis “in a single day and night… disappeared into the depths of the sea.”

  33. All that Japanese damage that still floats, is going to cover the beaches in Alaska.
    Posted by: Colorado Bob Author Profile Page | March 14, 2011 4:47 PM
    I think Sarah Palin should be put in charge of clean up and salvage

  34. “Libya’s revolutionary leadership is pressing western powers to assassinate Muammar Gaddafi and launch military strikes against his forces to protect rebel-held cities from the threat of bloody assault.
    Mustafa Gheriani, spokesman for the revolutionary national council in its stronghold of Benghazi, said the appeal was to be made by a delegation meeting the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, and the US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, in Paris on Monday, as G8 foreign ministers gathered there to consider whether to back French and British calls for a no-fly zone over Libya.”

  35. “pressing western powers to assassinate”
    why not look eastward where there’s more historical expertise?
    “The Assassins (Arabic: ????????? ?ashashin, also Hashishin or Hashashiyyin, Persian: ??????? / Hašišiyun (UniPers)) were an order of Nizari Ismailis, particularly those of Syria and Persia that existed from around 1092 to 1265.”

  36. at Saturday night’s Gridiron Club dinner,……
    …. A journalist playing Paul and another playing Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., sang about those Maine Republican moderates, Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. The lyrics are to the tune of “Ladies of Spain.”
    Here they are:
    “Ladies of Maine, we abhore you
    “Loyalty means nothing to you
    “How could you work with those yahoos?
    “Just when we needed you most?
    “Stimulus money -- how could you?
    “Gays and abortion -- why would you?
    “Tea party’s now aiming for you
    “Ladies of Maine, you’ll be toast!”

  37. Too bad the Tea Party people only think of themselves as funny --their sense of humor vanishes when they are the subject

  38. KGC,
    I guess some people think of the Tea
    party as funny, of course these would be the same people who think that train wrecks are funny.

  39. Jace
    I was referring to their little ditty about the two ladies from Maine..but when people made fun of Rand Paul, his supporters stomped on their heads

  40. If you look at any attempt at far right or tea party “humor”, it always involves bitterness, pain or injury to another person. The left might be guilty of this at times, but usually they go for a play on words or some bit of wit not actual injury.
    There is truly a psychological difference between the political extremes.

  41. And of course no one is faster at demanding an apology for some imagined slight than the dickheads of the right.

  42. There are too many pseudo journalists in the earthquake area and ones like Diane Sawyer need to get the f out.
    What is she doing there anyway except getting in the way
    CNN doesn’t need a bunch of reporters either.
    And dealing in Japanese stereotypes -gag me with a chopstick

  43. Analyst: Edit of hidden cam video misled
    Analysts from Glenn Beck’s site and Poynter say cut version of video by conservative activist James O’Keefe targeting NPR was deceiving.
    Gee I’m shocked
    Will ABC and every other major news outlet (based on viewers and ad dollars not quality of work) that pretended he was a cool guy now apologize (don’t hold your breath)

  44. Jace
    When I lived in the eastern US the folks I hang out with were professionals and all of them used the f world freely and told very funny if not in poor taste dirty jokes.
    The western US is a little more old school
    I like to talk dirty from time to time especially about the right

  45. KGC,
    I was born and raised in the West and I might even be considered old school by some, but a blue story or the occasional f bomb bothers me not in the least, especially when it is directed toward deserving recipients,. Off hand i can’t think of anyone more deserving than the right and or the tea party, and of course morons and idiots.

    “Favorite comment so far on Manning — Obama said his treatment (standing naked outside his cell while it was searched) was for his own safety.
    Obama I never liked him and now I once again know it’s best to trust my instincts. Obama is nothing but a phony baloney and all he cares about is $$$$$. And once again he used the phrase “clean coal” an oxymoron --but what would you expect from gooper lite.”
    This comment of yours deserves repeating, its just how i feel!

    “Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Worse’
    “Oh, for Christ’s sake.
    That’s when things got really bad and really crazy. Alone, distraught, and frightened, Taylor confided in the nurse treating her that she hadn’t always been sure she’d wanted this baby, now that she was single and unemployed. She’d considered both adoption and abortion before ultimately deciding to keep the child. The nurse then summoned a doctor, who questioned her further about her thoughts on ending the pregnancy. Next thing Taylor knew, she was being arrested for attempted feticide. Apparently the nurse and doctor thought that Taylor threw herself down the stairs on purpose.
    What’s “feticide”? In Iowa it’s “to intentionally terminate a human pregnancy, with the knowledge and voluntary consent of the pregnant person, after the end of the second trimester of the pregnancy.”
    The good news? The D.A. decided not to prosecute.
    This shit is never going to end.’

  48. No Tony it is not going to end, because these people are fu—-g
    lunatics. these are people who make Palin and Bachmann appear reasonably sane. What does that tell you?

  49. Let’s get this straight. Unless she is under the influence of drugs or alcohol (and sometimes not even then) no woman gets an abortion without a whole lot of thought and anguish.
    It is not some “whoopeee lets do it” easy decision. How do I know this for a fact? Because even a 13 year old will circle her belly with her arms and say, “My baby”. I handed by daughter the choice and “My baby” is now my 30 year old granddaughter. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t wonderful. We really had difficulties with that decision and almost gave the result up for adoption.
    On The Other Hand Theresa is definitely wonderful. I really resent these men who don’t have a clue about what it means to carry a child interfering in a woman’s decision.

  50. here, perhaps, is the place to notice the unsubstantial legend of the Lost Atlantis. Quite a large number of people are persuaded that there is evidence of a great civilized state that existed three thousand years ago or so in the Atlantic beyond the Straits of Gibraltar. It was a large country, a “continent”. There was the Garden of the Hesperides. Their belief is sustained by numerous allusions in Greek and later literature to such a vanished land. The story is of the quality that makes things acceptable to cinematograph producers and audiences. It has no support at all in geographical, geological, or archaeological fact.
    At a remote period in geological time there is good reason for supposing that there was land where now the Atlantic waters roll, but there is no evidence for and much against any westward extension of Europe or Asia since the Miocene period. But civilization is a matter of at most the last twenty thousand years and probably only of the last ten, and man has been man only since the Pleistcene. The human remains we find in Spain and North Africa give no indication of any higher state of culture to the west, and in the earlier Greek literature, in Homer and Hesiod, there is a total ignorance of the existence even of Spain, much less of the Atlantic Ocean.
    Mr Reginald Fessenden has made a very careful study of these Atlantis stories, and he has come to the conclusion that they refer not to a lost land in the Atlantic but to what is an altogether more probably thing, a once much more important civilization in the region of the Caucasus. We do know that waters have spread and receded over the south of Russia and over Central Asia within the human period so that what are deserts were once seas, and where now there is hardly herbage enought to sustain life there were once dense forests. We have every reason for believing that considerable finds of early civilizations may be made in that part of the world. The coast of the Black Sea may have been flooded out in some catastrophic manner at some date before the southward movement of the Aryan peoples. There may have been sudden submergences. A rise of only fifty feet in the sea-level would join the Black Sea to the Caspian now. A cycle of wet cold years which would check surface evaporation from these waters might also achieve that. At the present time we are all so well equipped with maps, and have such definite geographical ideas, that it is difficult for us to imagine the geographic vagueness of even the best-informed people in the second millennium B.C. Wonder stories about a lost country to which one once went by sea through the Dardanelles, might easily get changed, as the Greek and Phoenician traders opened up the western end of the Mediterranean, into wonder stories about the same legendary land transplanted now to beyond the new-found straits. Georgia is undoubtedly a country of great archaeological possibilities, and information of primary value in the relationships of the early civilizations very probably remains to be discovered some day in the region between the Black Sea and Western Turkestan. A remarkable number of Greek fables and legends concentrate on Georgia; it was the land of the Golden Fleece, the goal of the Argonauts, and there Prometheus was chained with the vulture gnawing at his vitals. No less an authority than Sir Flinders Petrie gives countenance to the idea that there was some very early connection between Colchis ( there country to the south of the Caucasus) and prehistoric Egypt. Herodotus remarked upon a series of resemblances between the Colchians and the Egyptians.
    --H.G. Wells…..1920
    typed this out letter by letter, not coprious and pasted
    also….I got no opinion on atlantis .nary an Ope……..

  51. HG Wells, 1920 and updated along the way by him and his kid…..

  52. “…Palin and Bachmann appear reasonably sane.”
    This is pure sci fi fabulizing. There is no way that this could ever be accomplished.

  53. Strug,
    Thanks for the HG Wells. I was practically introduced to reading when I was a kid by my grandfather who suggested that I would enjoy Twenty Thousand leagues Under the Sea.
    Enjoy it I did, as well as learning to enjoy reading reading for the pleasure of it.
    Couldn’t put it down.

  54. Atlantis was clearly the French Rivera, particularly the Casino at Monte Carlo. A quick glance at a map will show you that sailing west from Plato’s yard to the Pillars of Ercole, one arrices at the French Riviera first. Therefore the Riviera is “before the Pillars…” as Plato wrote. The Casino is where Conan the Barber lost his fortune and took up the trade of assassin in order to recoup.
    Conan’s first hit was Don Aldo Trumpus. Unfortunately, the hit was a miss. Don whined, “Yer fired”, at the captured would-be assassin, and prepared an inferno into which he planned to cast Conan as a popular public spectacle.
    Fortunately for Conan, billionaire boat racing enthusiast, Pill R. O’Herculies was juast then in need of strong oarsmen to staff his latest, most advanced, racing trireme. The rest is Herc’s story.

  55. God Sturg must have had way too much wine, Jules Vern was my story not HG wells. At any rate it was a damn good story.
    Never never post while drinking! Jesus Christ.

  56. Atlantis was clearly the French Rivera, particularly the Casino at Monte Carlo. A quick glance at a map will show you that sailing west from Plato’s yard to the Pillars of Ercole, one arrices at the French Riviera first. Therefore the Riviera is “before the Pillars…” as Plato wrote. The Casino is where Conan the Barber lost his fortune and took up the trade of assassin in order to recoup.
    Conan’s first hit was Don Aldo Trumpus. Unfortunately, the hit was a miss. Don whined, “Yer fired”, at the captured would-be assassin, and prepared an inferno into which he planned to cast Conan as a popular public spectacle.
    Fortunately for Conan, billionaire boat racing enthusiast, Pill R. O’Herculies was juast then in need of strong oarsmen to staff his latest, most advanced, racing trireme. The rest is Herc’s story.

  57. 3 coronas……does that count?
    every now and then i pick up the outline of history and give it another go…..just passed that section last night and then saw bob’s post today and well…..the rest is…..history…….the outline of history……..seems like there was a xenophon reference to it also which i will endeavor to findeth…….

    Yep, Jace,
    Lunatics they are!
    “On The Other Hand Theresa is definitely wonderful. I really resent these men who don’t have a clue about what it means to carry a child interfering in a woman’s decision.’
    Well said! I just don’t get why its allowed to stand that men seem to think they own a woman’s reproductive decisions?? These said men use their BS religion to justify all and at the same time never wanting to assist these children once their born, warped!

  59. xr, post when it suits you regardless of condition, but beware
    like me you could end up as red as the wine.
    In a pinch, plead early onset. If all else fails drink more and just say screw it. I am following that path at the moment.

  60. xr, post when it suits you regardless of condition, but beware
    like me you could end up as red as the wine.
    In a pinch, plead early onset. If all else fails drink more and just say screw it. I am following that path at the moment.

  61. I’m not in favor of this here Chinese water torture. I prefer old fashioned French wine torture.
    Drip, drip, drip.
    Italian and Spanish can be good, too. California, Oregon, Washington, New Zealand, Australia. Rhine. Wurzburg. Balaton. Hvar. Hermon. Hic.

  62. Latest update: reactors in Japan are, in fact, melting down.
    They have NOT got the situation under control.

  63. XR,
    you are not seeing double, i am off to BR to get ice cream, my bride is driving. This is what happens when you have a spring vacation.. No excuses just momentary stupidity.

  64. Here ya go folks, write this down . Three reactors won’t hold water. That is clear ………. sea, fresh , it makes no difference. Tha’st why they can’t keep water in these bottles. They are cracked, all of them , there has been this theory that the intense heat and flying of electrons would make stainless steel ” brittle” …………. we have our answer.

  65. Think of eggs that have boiled for decades, that is our problem.
    The shell’s have cracked.

  66. A nuclear engineer, a gas driller, and a hippie are sitting at the same table.
    The hippie brings a dozen cookies. The gas driller and the engineer shoot each other over the crumbs.

  67. I’ll bet 5 bucks, that I have solved the problem in Japan. The reactors are all cracked. Months from now we get the answer.

  68. If the fuel doesn’t do that steam explosion deal I mentioned earlier here.
    If that happens, cesium 137 has a half life of 30 years. . One of these particles will make gamma rays for 30 years as it decays by half. It’s the gamma rays that fry your bacon.plutonium does it for 250,000 years, and Iodine 131 gives little kids thyroid cancer in 15 years as the gamma rays work in their throats,
    This is why they give out these iodine pills, one fills the thyroid with iodine, and the iodine 131 can’t find a home.

  69. Growing thyroid’s need iodine whether from sea salt or reactors. The one from reactors comes with gamma rays.

  70. Gamma Rays -
    If they come from deep space in a focused beam, , they peel all life from the surface of the earth. Right down to the viruses,

  71. There is a whole alphabet soup of of elements making gamma rays in these broken 40 year-old bottles.
    One of them has MOX fuel , look that one up kids.
    Nasty stuff.

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