Obama’s Nuclear Double Down

With the same rationale as Japan once had, the President still wants more nuke plants.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu is not backing down from the President’s budget request for adding $36 billion in federal loan guarantees for new reactors. Why? Because it will help the U.S. meet Obama’s goal of getting 80 percent of the nation’s electricity from “clean” sources by 2035, he said.

That’s the same reason Japan put itself at risk with plants that we now know to be unstable. Until now, Japan was boasting that nuclear power was well on its way to reducing the nation’s carbon emissions to 75 percent of 1990 levels by 2020.

Longtime nuclear foes in Obama’s party are not heeding his call, using this moment to press their cause:

“Congress “should not accept the industry’s assurances without conducting our own independent evaluation of the risks posed by nuclear reactors in the United States and the preparedness of industry and regulators to respond to those risks.” — Massachusetts Rep. Edward J. Markey

Japan’s gamble was especially risky for such an earthquake-prone nation. But the U.S. also has plenty to worry about.  Sen.  Dianne Feinstein  (D-Calif.) is raising concern on Capitol Hill about two nuclear plants in her state that are designed to withstand earthquakes only up to magnitude 7 and 7.5. The earthquake that devastated Japan last week measured 9.

Worried nuclear industry lobbyists, who spent around $6 million in Washington last year, are assuring lawmakers that all is well with our plants. That’s probably what the Japanese were told.


50 thoughts on “Obama’s Nuclear Double Down

  1. clean (lie) and cheap (lie)…cost is actually in the billions of dollars and many lives. Coal ranks better, but is the dirty sister of nuclear. Dr. Chu chasing down the dirty sisters to throw money at them. Who knew the team of Chubama had a thing for freaky energy!

  2. Slightly off topic (sorry) : When I film my biopic of lee harvey oswald, DOUBLE DUPED DUDE, I want jimmy o’keefe to play in the starring role. Every time I see him, I see oswald.

  3. We could burn presidential promises for energy, then we wouldn’t need more nukes.
    Now I’ve gotta go stimulate berlusconi’s economy. Someone around here wants a bottle of chianti to go with spaghetti and foiled NFZs.
    The berlusconis of the world are always saying, “whatever happens between 2 consenting adults is no one’s business”. By ‘consenting adults’ they mean the john and the child’s pimp.

  4. As long as there is no safe way to dispose of the waste, nuclear energy is neither clean or cheap. All it takes is one event such as Japan to be one too many. Then there is the whole matter of long term effects for human beings, animals, and the environment.
    Coal is filthy and does long term environmental damage and human beings dies from the by products. Oil is filthy, human beings die from the by products, and it causes death in the environment.
    We’ve got one little blue ball and there is no getting off this ride. What does it take for these idiots to say we have to change our way of doing things even if it means going backwards for awhile until solar, wind, and geothermal can be sufficiently developed to provide the energy we need. It beats the hell out of dying and killing everything around us int he process.

  5. ps alqaeda now has a magazine for women. First ish has tales of the wives of suicide murderers.
    Now all you gals can experience the thrills of being married to criminally insane mass murderer wannabes without actually having to wed the bastards. Pretty neat, huh ?
    I gotta run.

  6. >>>The human race sucks. Im’ thinking of converting to something else.<<<
    Stop it, XREP — yer killin’ me.

  7. xr,(from prior thread) a lot less than Chinese Foxcomm workers I’d sadly wager.
    Until you know what to do with the waste, expanding nuclear power is nutz. Jamie’s right -- solar, wind, geothermal, and throw in tidal, hydro… Otherwise, bad juju.

  8. Anyone who does a few hours research on the web can figure out the obvious fact that …
    The nuclear power industry knows this, but they also know that they can make a lot of money up until an accident occurs, and then they are…
    Got that? If a U.S. plant melts down and causes BILLIONS or even TRILLIONS of dollars in damages, the corporation that owns the plant has ZERO liability, by federal law.
    Who would pay? Well..MAYBE the government, unless its run by Tea Party types, and then …. sorry suckers. You have to take “personal responsibility” for your losses.
    But it all wouldn’t matter, because you’d be dead.

  9. Nash, of course you are probably right. I sure wouldn’t trust one upwind of my place even if they had a bombproff way to deal with the waste, so feel free to ignore the first phrase in my post above.

  10. As a trailmixer on the west coast, if I wake up in the middle of the night and glow in the dark, I will be sure to let you all know in advance.
    Growth of extra appendages may be useful and will not be mentioned.

  11. Nuclear energy has to have massive infusions of subsidies for it to be “cost-competitive”. Now Obama has jumped to the other side after all his campaign promises.
    Biomass, solar, and wind are all supported by Obama. .
    He’s not the fanatic that old man Reagan was—”tear down those solar panels!”

  12. I’m still in the throes of computer problems but thought I’d drop in to warn you that I’m still here, and if I can get this really nice computer geek to believe that I need familiar choices on my computer, I will use the machine as much as I used to. He thinks there’s nothing more interesting than the new ways!

  13. “why?” because it was a huge amount of nuclear money that got him elected. Wherever you are Gordo- you were right.
    This is the same man who is shoving Cape Wind down our throats despite the passe technology, better sites exist in the area with more consistent wind in MA and the cries of the Wampanoags & every surrounding town., Money, ego. Obama doesn’t give a shit about Gaia just money, his ego and his twisted vision of his legacy.

  14. Bethy, simply grab the geek by his glasses and shake him until his pocket protector loses all its pens. Then he’ll listen.
    The other thing you can do is ask him to show you how to operate things in XP emulation mode.

  15. No, GORDO’s schtick was that obama was British, loyal to the Crown, and therefore constitutionally barred from being the president.
    GORDO didn’t accuse obama of being a grafter for the nukers. I wish he had, for it might have helped the better candidates.

  16. Taegan Goddard’s Flashback Quote of the Day
    “We talked about nuclear power, well it has to be safe, environment, blah, blah, blah.” -- Sen. John McCain, quoted by the Chicago Tribune on October 26, 2008, referring to his presidential debate with Barack Obama.
    We had a coin flip of an election. The coin had two tails, so no matter how you flipped it, the ass side would show.

  17. x he did, he focused of course on the birther thing but he was pretty upset about the money supporting him as well.

  18. Okay. I don’t remember that part; I just remember GORDO’s incessant spouting of birthism garbage.
    I’m beginning to think that the birther bilge was a boon to obama because the MSM picked up on it. The more time that the MSM spent on the weird sjit, like birtherism and the preacher, the less time it spent on obama’s ties to Wall Street grifters and Big Pharma.

  19. http://www.taylormarsh.com/
    “2012: How Does Obama ‘Fire Up’ His Base?”
    “Then there is Pres. Obama’s bipartisanship fig leaf covering his corporate soul that let Wall Street off the hook and too big to fail still a reality. The appointment of Bill Daley sealed the deal, which also sent the message that when it comes to importance, firing up the base to Obama actually means the money men and women, not progressives and liberals, who are last in line just after independents.
    The 2010 midterms were delivered to the Right because Pres. Obama never could quite figure out what the election was about for Democrats. Besides, he’d been moving Right since his inauguration, because his natural place on the political dial is Right.
    Then in December, after refusing to make the tax argument for November, Pres. Obama led the Democrats to cave on Bush tax cut extensions that added to the deficit while not solving squat, but in the process had Democrats embracing the voodoo economics of Republicanism that tax cuts solve economic woes. It didn’t faze Barack Obama one iota that this simple act of embracing tax cut economics obliterated 10 years of work by Democrats, not to mention ignored what Bill Clinton accomplished in the ’90s by raising taxes. (You’d think Reagan finally sucking it up to raise taxes would have been an inspiration for Obama.)
    On top of all of this is Pres. Obama’s vacillating on any number of issues from DADT to Afghanistan to Gitmo, not to mention his incomprehensible lack of leadership during the BP oil disaster, which is never mentioned, nor was Sect. Ken Salazar’s ineptitude ever addressed.”

  20. For 2 years, Clinton has been a great Sec’y of State.
    It has been the meanest, toughest, most roiled 2 years that any Sec’y of State has seen in 70 years. I have not agreed with every one of her actions, but her performance in these troubled time has been outstanding. I can’t think of any Sec’y of State in our history who has done as well. The nation would be hard-pressed to find worthy successor.

  21. Fearless Prognostications
    All Stars
    AL over NL 5 -- 3*
    Twins** beat Rays in 6 for AL Pennant
    Phyllis*** beat Giants*** in 5 for NL Pennant
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    **aka (The Original) Washington Senators
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    ****the former New York Giants of New York City, but now in Ultra-Liberal and Gay-friendly San Francisco.

  22. Am I the only person who has seen Starz is showing Godzilla vs. Mothra and wondering if this nuclear disaster in Japan is the birth of the reality show by the same name?

  23. Watching the Japanese drop water from helicopters today on those wrecked twisted buildings with hundreds of tons of death inside, like fighting a forest fire with a water pistol.
    Now the thing really goes down hill, it will become so hot that even sending old men on suicide missions won’t work . They will die before they reach their objective.
    In 2 days the wind will change, blowing the plume south towards 34 million people.

  24. Anybody thinks that private enterprise does everything better , take a long hard look at Tokyo Electric.

  25. Thirteen years after the Chernobyl disaster, the incidence of pediatric thyroid cancer is fifty-two times the region’s pre-1986 level. In Belarus, where the fallout blew, it was 113 times higher than the country’s pre-1986 diagnosed incidence of thyroid cancer. In the immediate area surrounding Chernobyl, the incidence of pediatric and adult thyroid cancer remains the highest found anywhere in the world, more than 500 times the pre-1986 levels for the region and an order of magnitude higher than anything ever seen in any other location on earth, including Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The rate of thyroid diseases--including non-cancer conditions such as Graves and Hashimoto’s dysfunctions--is extraordinary. Fourteen years after the accident, thyroid diseases of various kinds were diagnosed in these Ukrainians at a rate of about one per three thousand local residents annually.

  26. from that atlantic article linked by cbob yesterday:
    “…. the problem here isn’t that nukes are genuinely more dangerous or more expensive than other forms of power generation, it’s that other forms of power generation aren’t forced to pay for their own externalities. Charge them properly for the carbon they emit and the mercury they spew and the particulates they make us breathe and they’d be just as expensive and just as dangerous as nuclear power.”
    there’s a whole lot of truth in that, folks. nukes just kill faster. which would speed-up xr’s “The human race sucks. Im’ thinking of converting to something else”
    btw, xr, we are all “converting to something else” at this very instant. the conversion rate for some slower than others….

  27. LAHORE, Pakistan – An American CIA contractor who shot and killed two Pakistani men was released from prison Wednesday and left Pakistan after more than $2 million in “blood money” was paid to his victims’ families, defusing a dispute that threatened an alliance vital to defeating al-Qaida and ending the Afghan war.
    In what appeared to be carefully choreographed end to a crisis that had stoked anti-Americanism to new heights, the U.S. Embassy said the Justice Department had opened an investigation into the killings on Jan. 27 by Raymond Allen Davis.

  28. If nuclear energy was such a great deal, wouldn’t private investors have gone in heavy & long before now? Why does Obama want us to fund that industry?
    Prez O has come down on the wrong side of just about everything. I was disappointed when he became the Dem nom, but was hopeful that he, at the very least, had good instincts. Nope.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of my green-blooded brethren. And to think, the guy putting green coloring in the White House fountain is a paid fed’l employee. How much did that cost us?

  29. x- excellent pint about the press- it was used to prove that anyone not supporting him was some sort of loon, and of course we were all racist too.
    Tony, how are you and your niece? You’ve been in my thoughts. Hang in there kid. I’m ok, glad winter is coming to an end. I seem to have survived another and remain for the most part sane. Wasn’t sure that was do able in February!

  30. Anderson Cooper sounded really po’d at the lack of info from the Japanese gov’t last night.
    While some of the lack of good info may be a cultural predisposition to not be direct, as it seems impolite,
    c’bob brings up an excellent point about private enterprise: Do the Japanese have even fewer regulations and less oversight than we do?
    “…a dog, shivering and disoriented, remaining loyally by the side of a stricken fellow canine amid the devastation of the Japanese tsunami…”

  31. I have a great idea……lets build nuclear reactors and such over where the earth is liable to split apart underneath them……
    human not too bright with his monkeying around…..

  32. “…lets build nuclear reactors and such over where the earth is liable to split apart underneath them…”
    yeah, sturge, and be sure to locate them on a coast where cyclones, hurricanes and tsunamis happen or for those inland, in tornado alley. and don’t forget to cut corners in design and to use the cheapest construction material.

  33. mornin’
    Happy St. Patty’s day (hope I spelled that right -- don’t want any visits from snakes or anything).
    Great suggestions about where to build nuc plants -- but really, too late -- they already figured that out. Sturg, you referring to the group or the form of water from Cat’s Cradle?

  34. Happy St. Patrick’s day to all
    I can’t claim even one drop of Irish blood, but I do enjoy the food, even though I am told by those in the know that the whole corned beef thing is more American than traditional Irish.
    Part of the reason i like it I think is because it provides an excuse(as if any were needed) to go to the store and stock up on different beer and ale, goes with the food you see. I also like the fact that the whole works can be cooked in one large pot, cuts down on dishes.
    Took a day trip to Vegas yesterday, went shopping with my wife, and had dinner out. I did little to stimulate the economy however. I just got tired of looking at clothes made in China or elsewhere so I came home with nothing.
    Do we make anything in the USA anymore?
    Guess I’ll go on line and see if I can find some Bill’s khaki’s
    Checked out the news when I got home, and I have to say that those helicopters looked pretty feeble dropping water on the reactor. I think that this a bit more serious than we are being led to believe, even by the most skeptical reporters and experts.

  35. How can ANYone with any common sense make-believe-pretend-cross-your-fingers-hope that nuclear energy is anything but unsafe?
    It shouldn’t have taken a Japanese disaster to make people sit up and take notice. We already had Chernobyl and Three Mile Island. It wasn’t an “if” but a “when”…
    No nukes. Nothing else makes any sense at all.

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