Trumped Out

The pollsters who claimed Donald Trump topped the GOP field now show him at the bottom among possible White House contenders.

The Donald’s fall seems due to a significant drop in the number of Republicans who believe the President is not a natural-born American, an issue that Trump championed until the White House release of Obama’s Hawaii birth certificate.

Roll Call: Gingrich Gets In

The survey by Public Policy Polling, a Democratic firm, shows that 34 percent of Republicans remain convinced that Obama was not born in this country, down from 51 percent before the birth certificate was made public. You would think that is still enough birthers to keep Trump from plummeting to a tie for fifth place.

My guess is that President Obama’s merciless drubbing of Trump to his face at the White House Correspondents dinner accelerated the entrepreneur’s demise. Seeing how skillfully the President would be able to ridicule a Trump candidacy had to give pause to many of those thinking of getting on board.

The C-SPAN video of the April 30 speech became the most-watched Obama public appearance ever posted on YouTube, now at 7.5 million viewers:


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  1. “Seeing how skillfully the President would be able to ridicule a Trump candidacy had to give pause to many of those thinking of getting on board. ”
    Really the thanks goes to Truck Frump for prividing the material.
    As for Newtie –he just blamed his serial infidelity on being patriot. He was so busy loving America his personal life fell apart –I don’t think anyone is going to buy that piece of craptastic nonsense
    If I’m the woohoo –then I woohoo in Pogo’s name today

  2. It is a repulsive field of can’t candidates!
    And Prez Obama has great comic timing…it is one of his best abilities, IMHO. Hey, he kept an ‘eye out’ for Osama all these years!

  3. Doug Adams has been dead for ten years and he is still way ahead of us. From “How To Stop Worrying and Learn To Love The Internet”
    1) everything that’s already in the world when you’re born is just normal;
    2) anything that gets invented between then and before you turn thirty is incredibly exciting and creative and with any luck you can make a career out of it;
    3) anything that gets invented after you’re thirty is against the natural order of things and the beginning of the end of civilisation as we know it until it’s been around for about ten years when it gradually turns out to be alright really.

  4. a Democratic firm, shows that 34 percent of Republicans remain convinced that Obama was not born in this country, down from 51 percent before the birth certificate was made public.
    Craig, I am surprised by these numbers..that many actually had to see the long form before being convinced…and actually admitting to it! Well, it has been said, humans learn by hearing, seeing and/or doing. So I guess ‘seeing is believing’ for the can’t party.

  5. It really doesn’t matter which of the currently mentioned potential Gooper candidates you put up against the President, they all look like Lilliputians biting his ankles. About the only one I envisage on the horizon who might present some sort of challenge would be Huntsman. Even he would take a whole lot of Koch money to even make it a race.

  6. trumped out is exactly how I feel…. I’m completely bored now by the mere mention of his name….
    Newtie, OTOH, is whole ‘nother subject….. can’t wait to see Obama eviscerate him…. now that’ll be fun.
    Jamie…. well, I’m going deaf…. so if we get together, I can be your eyes and you can be my ears.

  7. The problem I have with Prez Obama v candidate Trump is that Obama is just playing the charm game, again. I usually feel like I’m being snowed when his mouth is moving.
    But if Trump doesn’t run, you can buy his doll from the NBC store.
    “Show your love for Mr. Donald Trump with The Apprentice Donald Trump Talking Doll and enjoy all 17 of his phrases! ”

  8. patsi…that photo of her makes her look like ‘The Breck shampoo girl of yesteryear!

  9. Newt is a laughing stock of even the Repubs. # of marriages and his total debacle when he was in Congress.
    Another miserable failure.

    “Democrats Aren’t Just the ‘Mommy Party’ Anymore”
    “Presidential reelection Candidate Obama’s got a new applause line and it sings, baby: “Osama bin Laden will never again threaten the United States.”
    I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell like Candidate Obama better than I do Pres. Obama.
    His bin Laden applause line won’t mean much if Obama can’t make a dent in the economic message, which is dragging him down to earth after a phenomenal point of leadership. But thanks to Rep. Paul Ryan, who is about to become the man under the GOP 2012 bus, Democrats have a real opportunity in ‘12 to make congressional Republicans squeal.
    After getting creamed by his Hispanic critics recently, who were standing in line behind everyone else screaming at Obama for his compromise and capitulation presidency, Obama is now also paying lip service to immigration. That he did so at the expense of Fox News Channel’s chief honcho is hilarious.”

  11. Maybe we can get Mrs Huckabee to mete summary shotgun justice to all those sorry inhuman candidates who claim they hold Lincoln’s mantle.

  12. “First Guess: Moore On Moore, Excellent Mr. Burns”
    was that “Guess” a typo on ko’s part or his clever new game of anticipating how many and who will show?
    as it’s on twice (at title and before comments) it seemed written on purpose.
    on second tho’t, maybe that’s how he sees his guests’ role

  13. mqw, how ya doing on the more mighty than usual mississippi? is the flooding any danger for you on the ship? hope your family and friends are okay and well inland.

  14. “Sen. John Kerry (D, Mass.) said on Wednesday that he is writing legislation to authorize the transfer of cash assets to the Libyan Transitional National Council. The Obama administration and other nations froze Gadhafi’s assets earlier this year after his forces moved on the rebel capital of Benghazi in an attempt to squelch an uprising against his government.”

  15. speaking of floriduh…. here’s hiaasen:
    “Legislature’s zaniness pales next to Scott’s
    Having a radical wingnut for governor has proven to be a blessing for other top Florida Republicans. No matter what kind of reckless mischief they devise, they still appear almost sane and levelheaded compared to Rick Scott……
    …..The two Republicans benefiting most from the distraction of the governor’s glassy-eyed extremism are House Speaker Dean Cannon and Senate President Mike Haridopolos. Both are ambitious and trying hard to look like grownups, though in fact they’re not all that different from Scott — just more polished.
    Haridopolos is gunning for the U.S. Senate seat held by Bill Nelson, so he’s been more careful than Cannon about letting his true colors show….”

  16. Me thinks Truck Frumps precipitous plunge will take him out of the race sadly no confrontation between Truck and Newtie.
    The clash of the giant as—– and Newt even has a mini comb-over now

    “Oh, Newt Gingrich. Why couldn’t he just disappear with lots of other flash-in-the-pan, annoying things from the ’90s, like Airwalk shoes, JNCO jeans and Milli Vanilli? Nope, instead, he had to decide to make a “comeback,” and today, finally make an official announcement that he’s running for president in 2012.
    In a YouTube video after announcing his candidacy on Twitter, he said he believes “we can return America to hope and opportunity” and …
    I want your help, because no one person in the Oval Office can get this done. We Americans are going to have to talk together, work together, find solutions together and insist on opposing … those forces that don’t want to change.
    What’s that, Newt? You want … HOPE and CHANGE? Hmmmmm!!! That sounds suspiciously familiar!
    Political rhetoric stolen right out of our current President’s playbook. Nice one, Newt.
    Forget that this is man who is haunted by a past of affairs and two divorces, and is now trying to talk the same talk and walk the same walk as social conservatives. How about the fact that he’s clearly trying to act like he’s inventing the wheel with a campaign steeped in tough talk about taking on The System? The same entity — and party, might I add — that he’s been a part of for over two decades? …”

  18. There’s a sidewalk Breeze Burn’s deli on the ground floor of the hotel. Really good.

    Nothing surprises me in Florida anymore! Damn, after that lunatic Governor Rick Scott was elected anything goes. I’ve been hearing on the news how because of education cuts some schools may go to 4 days and shorted days for others. Also, school closings, my god what are these Republicans thinking?? I said that to Grace today and all she could say was throwing money at the schools doesn’t fix the problem and of course i said and tax cuts do,silence. I told her Republicans prefer to right off public school kids and build more prisons, warped..

  20. trompe was only an illusion of a candidate from the start. The entire charade (or trompe) was mounted to boost ratings fo his ghastly apprentice soaper.
    Beware spin quacks who talk up huntsman. There is nothing to it. huntsman is a Mormon who worked for obama under Hillary. So, the man has 2 big black marks against him. He may be a cat’s paw for willard.

  21. There are only 3 credible candidates for the puguglicannamination.
    The huckster is well-loved in IA and SC, and unlesss he boots it, He will reap 2 of the first 3 contests. Grassroots organizing rather than astroturf. A rube and small state guy. May have trouble appealing to the Wall Street Grifters.
    willard, lord of the rats, will win big in NH, and has the looks and urbanity to do well in big market suburbs, on Madison Avenue, Wall Street, and the West. Hated in the South. He has more $$ than the huckster, and real pros ad execs on his staff. Astroturf, except in NV, UT, and ID.
    nude gingrich has more $$$ than all of the other regustlican candidates combined. His image is as a superannuated dinosaur. He also has a reputation as an ultra-partisan thug and ‘bomb thrower’. These are characteristics that polling repeatedly shows indie voters hate. The winner of the election is the candidate who captures the hearts and minds of these Indies. Also, nude can buy tv ads up the woo hoo ha in big markets, and ads may boost his chances.
    The huckster will probably be the nominee, because he owns the fundamentalists & confederacy, while nude and willard split the rest of the rebuglican voters.

  22. blue, wonder if we’ll be seeing more brownouts and shutdowns with an unusually hot summer coming on at the same time that plants affected by the storms are having problems. like the one in alabama:
    “An Alabama nuclear plant that recently shut down after losing power during a severe storm has been cited for an equipment failure of “high safety significance” by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
    The equipment failure at the Browns Ferry plant occurred last year, and the public was never endangered, the nuclear agency said Tuesday.
    Still, the agency said it would step up inspections and oversight at the Athens, Ala., facility.
    “Significant problems involving key safety systems warrant more extensive NRC inspection and oversight,” said Victor McCree, the agency’s administrator for the southeast region, in a statement.
    The Browns Ferry plant has been shut down since severe storms knocked out power transmission lines in northern Alabama on April 27. At the time, officials said safety systems operated as needed when the plant lost power.”

  23. “North Atlantic Treaty Organization airstrikes struck Col. Moammar Gadhafi’s sprawling compound in Tripoli and three other sites early Thursday, hours after the Libyan leader was shown on state TV in his first appearance since his son was killed nearly two weeks ago.
    Explosions thundered across the Libyan capital and wailing ambulances raced through the city as the last missile exploded. Government officials and state-run Libyan television said the strikes early targeted Bab al-Azaziya, Mr. Gadhafi’s sprawling compound in Tripoli.”

  24. A reactor at Japan’s crippled nuclear plant has been more badly damaged than originally thought, operator Tepco has said.
    Water is leaking from the pressure vessel surrounding reactor 1 – probably because of damage caused by exposed fuel rods melting, a spokesman said.
    But a spokesman for the power giant said when a faulty gauge had been repaired, it showed water levels in the pressure vessel 5m (16ft) below the level needed to cover fuel rods.
    “All the fuel is unprotected at this point and the water levels are below that,” said Junichi Matsumoto. news/ world-asia-pacific-13374153

  25. Sea samples taken in the area had contained concentrations of caesium-134 at 18,000 times the permitted level, it said.

  26. Sick fish in Gulf are alarming scientists
    Unusual number a ‘huge red flag’ to scientists, fishermen
    “I’ve had tens of thousands of fish in my hands and not seen these symptoms in so many fish before,” said Patterson, who has been studying fish, including red snapper, for 15 years. “All those symptoms have been seen naturally before, but it’s a matter of them all coming at once that we’re concerned about.”
    ABC News reported last night that the E Coli bacteria count in the flood waters at Memphis was 2,000 times above “normal” readings.

  27. Sick fish, AQ is threatening Obama’s grandma in Kenya, and, bedbugs in a Vancouver hospital are now infected with uber-staph. If the world comes to an end a week from Saturday, it may not be soon enough.

  28. geez, CBob… makes me glad I’m not a fan of seafood.
    the world is coming to an end the day before we leave for vacation… booking that was pretty bad timing… 😉

  29. “If the world comes to an end a week from Saturday, it may not be soon enough”
    blue, not to worry. the world doesn’t come to an end they say until october 21st. the rapture is first. on may 21st.
    renee, re vacation, ya got plenty of time. enjoy.
    course now you both might be taken up saturday after next so condsider a plan b.

  30. The Rapture’s been and gone. You’re too late for heaven. Tough luck. Now, get back to work.

  31. If nude gingrich thinks it’s okay for corporations and private groups to pay politicians, then why did he waste $75 M!LL!ON of my tax money to investigate Bill Clinton’s commodity trades, Whitewater, and Tyson ?
    If buying pols is okay, then nude owes me $75MM !
    The guy’s morals combine charlie sheen’s with tom delay’s.
    I shouldn’t fuss about it. The huckster is going to cost nude an $75 M!LL!ON failed candidacy. For this small sum nudie will receive a lovely public humiliation. Geriatric hippies will mutter, “What goes ‘roun’, comes ‘roun’.

  32. Nude Gingrich….X-R you devil you.
    I think the Huckster is going to wait for a draft…and given the current field there will be one.

  33. It’s sad when the Huckster looks good to me..but it could be that I haven’t seen him in action lately.

  34. Between Nude and Huckster if your disgust hasn’t reached the bottomless pit, there is always Beck.
    Someone send this man to well deserved oblivion. Beck Warns “Radicals Are Killing Us From The Inside”

    “Serial Philanderer Newt Gingrich Hearts Health Care Mandate”
    “Newt Gingrich is so shameful he even stole Pres. Obama’s slogan and took it as his own: “Together we will win the future.” I guess by adding a few words he feels authentic.
    “Gay and secular fascism.”
    “Latina woman racist,” speaking of Justice Sonia Sotomayor of the Supreme Court.
    Infidelity hypocrite of modern times, impeaching William Jefferson Clinton while he was doing the same thing in private.
    But nothing is going to cause Newt more trouble than the health care mandate issue. Sam Stein reports he was more excited about it than Mitt:”

  36. The last time Nude hopped in…he hopped out ..right out because no one gave him any money….now I guess because of Nude Inc he can be self-financed but that will only mean he won’t have the natural balance of knowing when to get out because you can’t raise a dime.
    I would like to see Nude, Palin and Truck Frump together –talking to Republicans–
    And about Truck..this is third time…when does the media label him a perennial also ran or Harold Stassen or some other dismissive nickname

    “Why Obama’s Not a Lock”
    By Joe Klein
    “Obama could lose too, even to someone who seems silly to fusty opinionators like me. He could lose if he keeps playing on the Republican field — deficits — rather than in the arena preferred by most Americans: the sputtering economy. He needs some big, new, easy-to-understand economic initiatives. He could lose if he doesn’t remind the public that he cut their taxes, as promised, and their Medicare drug bills. He also has to prove that, despite the bailouts, he’s not Wall Street’s sucker.
    (See “Bin Laden Is Dead. Now It’s Time to Fix the Economy.”)
    There is a grand history of populist loudmouths like Trump making an early impression in presidential campaigns: Pat Buchanan, Pat Robertson and Howard Dean all had their moments. And so did John McCain, who lost his shot in 2008 when the financial crisis came and he didn’t know how to react. Obama was calm under fire then, and ever since. It is why he’s likely to be re-elected: we prefer Presidents who are adults over those who are angry. But he is certainly not a lock.”

    “McConnell: Agree to Cut Medicare or I Will Destroy the Economy”
    “The cynicism of American politicians is a strong and persistent theme, but this most recent move by Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell takes it to a whole new level. A mere six months after Republicans won big by attacking Democrats for “cutting Medicare,” McConnell is now demanding cuts to Medicare or else he will do serious damage to the American economy. From the Washington Post:
    Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell told President Obama on Thursday that he must agree to cut spending on federal agencies over the next two years and make significant changes to Medicare and Medicaid as part of a deal for raising the legal limit on government borrowing.
    During a White House meeting with the entire Senate Republican caucus, McConnell (Ky.) told the president that the battle over the debt limit is a critical opportunity to overhaul the popular health-care entitlement programs, which are projected to be the biggest drivers of future borrowing.”

  39. OMG Did everyone see the Maddow piece on Huckster Huckabee???
    I don’t know which is worst – The revised really bad history, the whiff (okay stench) of racism, or as a shill to drag money monthly from the gullible.

  40. Unfortunately (NOT) I do not get MSNBC so no Maddow no how– but I am glad people are focusing on the real Huckster and not the guitar playing jokster….the media are so shallow and ez

  41. any jerk-off in the damn streets of nashville could play mustang sally-esque rings around his broke-ass.

  42. Huckabee is a really creepy creature. I’m watching the replay of Rachel. Huckabe is a moron.

  43. I missed Huckabee but I did watch Piers Morgan i-view Chaz Bono. Chaz really has a handle on his life now, it seems.

  44. C-Bob, I don’t think we’ll ever get the truth about the effects of the radiation on fish. It’s bad.

  45. Thanks for that, tt. Clay Bennett has always been one of my favorites–I wish we had a decent editorial cartoonist in Columbia.

  46. “drag money monthly from the gullible”
    jamie, i haven’t seen the maddow piece on huck yet. was this comment regarding his passing the plate as a preacher?

  47. “I wish we had a decent editorial cartoonist in Columbia”
    flatus, even an indecent one considering your sc pols….
    however, with all that rich ore to mine and pork to ingest, any artist would surely od.

  48. meanwhile back in the virtually unreal world:
    “Facebook’s surreptitious public relations campaign against Google shows how intense the competition has become between the two companies — and what lengths Facebook will go to in the fight……
    …..Facebook admitted this week to hiring a well-known PR firm to plant anti-Google stories in the media.
    Both Facebook and the PR firm, Burson-Marsteller, admitted Thursday to trying to get journalists and bloggers to write negative articles about Google’s privacy practices. While Facebook denied that it was pushing a “smear campaign,” industry analysts said the surreptitious back-stabbing is a clear indication of how heated it’s become between the two Internet behemoths….”

  49. Somebody needs to do a mash-up of the “put your pants on statement” to Ensign & the Idol contestant singing, “pants on the ground, pants on the ground.”
    Have a good weekend.

  50. BW
    I got that What is the square root of 6.25 tweet when he sent it out. Cute joke.

  51. OK, we are all Trumped out. Any chance of a new thread? Ron Paul announced. Can we be Pauled out, or maybe just a-PAUL-ed?

  52. I do think that Ron Paul is a bit of a nutcase….. but I have to admit that I admire him for remaining so calm and sticking to his guns in the face of so much ridicule even from his own party.
    If only Obama had as thick a skin…..

  53. “Can we be Pauled out, or maybe just a-PAUL-ed?”
    blue, if/when rand gets in the race we then can be bi-paul-er

  54. patd….
    Ron Paul did announce his candidacy this morning in my state, NH….. he has a lot of supporters here.
    and no, I’m not one of them…..

  55. “The elite military personnel who took part in the May 1 raid that resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden are to receive additional protection in light of al Qaeda threats to avenge the terrorist leader’s death, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday.
    He told Marines during a town hall at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, that members of Navy SEAL Team 6 expressed concerns about security, “and particularly with respect to their families,” when he met with them last week.
    The identities of SEALs and other special forces personnel are kept secret as a matter of policy, but details about the dramatic operation in Pakistan have filtered out.”
    the navy could do a “spartacus” and declare they’re all team 6

  56. pat…. no it was my stupid for not seeing the “bi” part…
    and I heard on the Diane Rehm show this morning that the fact it was Team 6 should have never been disclosed.
    The entire team is housed in one small town… thankfully the name of said town wasn’t mentioned…. so they’d be easy to locate and target.

  57. renee, that story on diane rehme was what started me thinking about how the team could best be protected (even from themselves…. assuming that sooner or later a member inadvertantly talks). solution was renaming and renumbering all navy special teams “team 6″

  58. wh leaker/ider of seals must have felt pressure from media and from the death-deniers (who were insisting on grisly photos) and provided too much info just to prove it actually happened.

  59. and remember how our tmr friend, the seeker of real half truths, wanted everything disclosed, displayed and didn’t worry about who was left dangling in the wind.

  60. dangling in the wind in this case are not only members of team 6 but wives, children and friends (maybe whole small town) of same.
    just this a.m. taliban retaliated by suicide bombs in avengence…. not much would keep that kind of insanity from happening in an unprotected small town over here.

  61. Obama went to the town in Kentucky to say thankyou
    it has already been in the news
    Obama visits Fort Campbell, thanks troops – Navy News | News from …
    May 6, 2011 … FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. — President Obama on Friday met privately … “I came here for a simple reason,” Obama said. “To say thank you on behalf of America.” … that during the visit they met with the members of Navy SEAL …

  62. Note to the reader :
    The internet’s power to improve is logarithmic,
    It’s power to disappoint is infinite.

  63. I got that from Buddy’s ghost. All these years his face pointed west in this little keyhole west of our tornado re-build. Now he’s downtown with us, Next to the big glasses, facing east every morning. This has made a big difference here. Rule #1 of statues, they face east, to catch the morning sun.
    It’s a temple folks, because 75 yards west of all that, beautiful Texas music floating out of my mother’s garden tonight. The Hollyhocks are at their peak.
    I told my friends 3 or 4 years ago, that we had Buddy’s ghost trapped in our building. They became upset. “Robert, don’t you tell people that”. From then on I teased them with it,
    Buddy’s not in our building anymore, he’s 75 yards west of us looking into the sun.

  64. Lot of musician’s will becoming to play in this garden from now on.
    My friends are about to be famous, they’re a lot more fun than whiny “loggers” pulling stumps from the mud. They got their own Tesla coil, they just built an air cannon. All at the “Head of the Barazos” with little or no water.
    We hide Buddy’s ghost when he asked us.

  65. Austin music’s secret is Lubbock never forget that Bunch of Lubbock people were standing around when they laid that stone.

  66. Now, let’s put Natalie Maines on our walk of fame, because by God she’s famous. We’ll sticker her next to Mac Davis, he’s famous too.

  67. And she ain’t on our walk fame, we got Barry Corbin, but no Natalie Maines.

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