Obama’s Talk vs. Walk

This week’s President is conciliator – in stark contrast to last week’s Obama, the combatant.

In a June 29 press conference the Republicans were a bunch of children, the President said, refusing to get timely work done on the debt limit debate – more irresponsible than his young daughters, who finish their homework in advance.

Despite no firm signs of Republicans relenting, this week Obama is touting “progress” in the budget talks, dropping last week’s fiery broadsides at the GOP for defending tax breaks for the wealthy and “corporate jet owners.”

Sure, some of this is the predictable good-guy-bad-guy routine designed to force foes to the negotiating table.

But was Obama also serving up the hot rhetoric to mollify supporters who sometimes grumble at his compromising ways? It did stir hopes on the left that he was finally standing up to Republicans.

It might even be true that his angry words were primarily meant to soften his base for compromises to come – like $200 billion in Medicare and Medicaid cuts. If so, add this to a string of examples spotlighting Obama’s governing style: Talk Left, Walk Right.

131 thoughts on “Obama’s Talk vs. Walk”

  1. Hey… I just saw Obambi in my yard. What’s that you say… the prez is not a deer. Well, when it noticed me it had that caught in the headlights look… jeesum…. they looked just like twins to me.

  2. Was there not an old nursery rhyme, about a “crooked man who walked a crooked mile’?
    Not suggesting that Obama is a crook, but he has the crooked walk down pat.

  3. Why is CNN STILLLLLLLLLL yammering about Casey Anthony? Talk about garbage programming. Somebody else must have died by now. At least change the pretty white child or pretty blond teen image as a reason to get obsessed and horrified.

  4. yeah…. but… Jamie,
    what I really want to know is did Nancy Grace’s head explode…

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    with all this debt talk, this video is appropo…


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  8. RR, I noticed your video when clicked says “disabled by request” — Not your fault, some youtube sites do that to force viewing on their site even if it is embedded

  9. I hate it when politicians or the TV idiots say they that the federal government should be run like families have to budget. American families have $10.5 trillion in mortgage debt, $1.638 trillion in non revolving consumer credit like auto loans and $790 billion in credit card loans for a total of about $13 trillion. The government is emulating the American family.

    Business and government are both pushing consumers to borrow and spend. Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead; spend, spend, spend! The U.S. GDP is 70% reliant on consumer spending!

  10. Craig…
    I noticed it. But all you have to do is click on “Watch on Youtube” and it brings you to the video and immediately plays.

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  14. “Obama also serving up the hot rhetoric to mollify supporters who sometimes grumble at his compromising ways? It did stir hopes on the left that he was finally standing up to Republicans.”

    Fat chance.! And it is cause he is a Republican. Didn’t he not too long ago trade the Democratic domestic agenda for his military surge?? That is what an R would do,no?

  15. let me see if I can do it

    Born to be wild

  16. Mental problems of soldiers’ kids tied to wars

    “WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The longer U.S. soldiers were deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan, the more likely their children would be diagnosed with mental health problems, according to a study published Monday.”


    Aren’t we always saying children are our future….

  17. Solar
    That’s why lots of us tried so hard to get base housing when we knew we’d be going TDY often–kids being with peers with the same problems helped them sort through things. And, the mutual support for spouses certainly helped as well.

  18. Obama is too busy being all things to all people, when you straddle the fence that way your private parts tend to get hung up on the barbwire.
    Ouch! I hate it when that happens;-0

  19. The Republican and Obama’s deficit reduction plans are all like the dairy farmer who can’t pay his mortgage so he quits buying feed for the milk cows. The cows are his only source of income, yes his expenses go down but because he is starving the cows so does his income. Governments are funded by the productive power of the governed so it is a false saving to cut things that reduce that productive power.


  20. Greetings from the desert. Still cleaning up from last night’s debacle. My sister called from England as they showed the rolling wave of dust and dirt as it hit Phoenix on the international news. Nasty.

    Craig, is there a metric on how much the president’s Talk Left and Walk Right calculations are? I’ve always thought he talked center and caved right on just about everything.

    And, this morning it was reported that he wants to keep 10,000 troops in Iraq indefinitely. Nation building everywhere on the American taxpayer and not much for the US, except for the very rich that is.

  21. This is the “haboob” that went through our backyard about twenty minutes before this video was shot.


  22. Out of the Mouth of Patrick J. Buchanan

    by Taylor Marsh

    Mika asked Buchanan this morning why, putting aside the Republicans’ constituency, “why Republicans can’t give in some way, shape or form on taxes?” The reason Pres. Obama can’t get a deal with Republicans?

    “It’s not only politics, it is principle and philosophy. They think it’s the wrong way to go. .. You don’t do it simply because someone says wouldn’t it be nice if we both gave something.” – Patrick J. Buchanan on “Morning Joe”

    Republicans have principle and are wedded to their philosophy, Democrats are not, with Pres. Obama playing negotiator in chief with his own party and foundational principles.

    This is by design.

    The President is doing what he wants, getting the deal he wants, carving a path beyond political principles or philosophy, neither of which he’s interested in.

  23. Would Obama Violate Constitution and Actively Damage Wall Street? by Jon Walker

    It is clear that what Obama really wants is for the Republicans to use this debt ceiling to “force” him into doing something big on the deficit. Since the moment Obama took office, he has been pushing the idea that deficit reduction should be a top priority. One of his first acts as President was to hold a “fiscal summit.” Obama also made “bending the cost curve” a line in the sand on health care reform and created his own deficit commission after Congress tried and failed to create their own. Rightly or wrongly the Obama campaign believes getting the headlines “Obama brokers big bipartisan deficit deal” in itself would a be big boost to his political brand, especially if they can try to blame GOP for the unpopular components of the deal.

    From the Obama administration’s perspective the best outcome is for them to give into almost every GOP demand, win a few token concessions and have Obama be the President that did “something big” on the deficit. Obama isn’t lacking the resolve to threaten to use the 14th amendment option, he is lacking the desire.

  24. Standing up to hostage-takers
    The president has already compromised too much over a debt ceiling that was raised seven times under President Bush VIDEO

    David Frum blames the standoff partly on Republican extremism, but also on Obama’s conciliatory negotiating style, in which he opens every discussion telegraphing his readiness to compromise and offers too much right away. Frum (and others) point to a missed opportunity to slip the debt ceiling vote into the December deal to extend all Bush-era tax cuts in exchange for unemployment insurance extension and a payroll tax holiday. The Atlantic’s Mark Ambinder asked Obama why he hadn’t forced the deal into the package (at that point we were supposed to reach the debt ceiling in early spring). The president’s response is telling:

  25. E prof numero UNO,

    …..don’t think that we are ever going to leave Iraq….unless it runs dry of energy. I do know that we have about 12 military bases; they will need a new paint job twice per yr in that climate….lots of new $ goes down the drain over there….here is a list of total facilities:


    Here is an article from the all new independent Iraqi news paper:


    ps….the only facility that I would leave open….is the one that is called “Cuervo” :))


    Thanks, and that was a great thing that you did about the young…we are both (were) military, but It drives me nuts that for the past, and for the next cpl of generations….they are all going to think of war as a norm…part of growing up…..the ones that make it that is……

  26. We’ve seen this choreography before. Combatant to conciliator to abject surrender.

    Hi Solar ! Long time no read. It’s good to see you back, although it probably means you have time on your hands. I hope not. I hope you are building us back to prosperity, and getting to keep some for yourself.

  27. Hi Solar nothing….put em up; everyone around here has been way to agreeable with the way things are. I was around last wk, and invited you to buy a Pizza over at Ninos….no reply. You still tickle me tho…

  28. Since I was here last, I see that Whskyjack has gotten a ‘new’ avatar. It’s a still of Justus T. Barnes, the first guy to shoot into a motion picture camera. It’s from Edwin S. Porter’s marvelous, 1903, 12 minute long film The Great Train Robbery.

    Anyway, I commend this avatar, although I am too dam’ lazy to find one for myself.

  29. Saw the movie avatar on the tv a cpl of wks ago…liked it in-spite of it being an old, old story of human nature, the politics of war…

    ….have immensely been enjoying Morgans Freemans “through the worm hole series”….. will see these as many times as it takes for this old cabeza to understand it all….

    I have the CD, but am taping his new shows on Wed nights….later

  30. No, Solar, you commandeered the only one big enough to contain me. I have been expanding to fill the universe. How about you garnitas and pizza man? Are you still slim as a maiden?

  31. Solar, I am sorry that I missed your invitation to Nino’s. The last time I passed through there, the place was closed. That was 2009. I couldn’t believe it. I had to get my garlic fix down the street at the Lebanese place.

  32. That is caus U have a grande corazon….will look around and find one suitable for you….

  33. like that kid in Florida with the dillos for pets say’s “u-funny” expanding like the u-verse :)) :))

  34. The Lebanese place (I suspect that it is really Greek) is Michael’s, on the north side of the Lincoln Highway, just a frog hair east of the bridge crossing I57. Michael’s is family style, slow food, breakfast, lunch, and dinner place. It’s mellow to the point of sleepy. Not exciting enough for a guy like you, Solar, but they have waitresses for you to flirt with. They’re mostly your age.

  35. “Grande corazon”…are you saying I have an enlarged heart ?


  36. “It’s mellow to the point of sleepy. Not exciting enough for a guy like you, Solar, but they have waitresses for you to flirt with. They’re mostly your age.”

    Hey.! Is this some kind-a shot at me or something? Will have to make up my mind….if it is or not…..

  37. Sturg,

    U Talking to me….U Talking to me….X might be over 62….im just a puppy….

  38. “I heard that if youre over 62 you get a free pass to all the national parks……”


  39. Dang,

    Sorry Craig…that v thing didn’t work for me…will try again later on…

  40. Not true…U talk about the Geeks, and the Romies all of the time….I like it when you do….or that other feller…willim something or other….

  41. The senior pass, which used to be called the Golden Age Passport, is one of the best bargains from the Federal Government ever. $10 signs you up for life, lets you and three others into any National Park or National Park run facility, including historical landmarks, of which there are more than 4,200 right now. We live close by the Casa Grande Ruins, so we take all of our out of town visitors there to see what life in these parts might have been like in 250 AD through 1100 AD when the residents disappeared. Maybe too many dust storms?

  42. I absolutely love the greeks, the romies, the hebrews and the plantagenets……there’s just something about a good story that stirs my inner hemingway-steinbeck-fitzgerald.

  43. when I was a younger shaver in a far simpler time the black lady who was in essence my second mother would say something like “He make my butt wanna suck a lemon.”

  44. Sturg,

    Im like that guy that found out that we were all rodents with tails at one time….he said something like ” I wish that I would have taken time to read more, and listen to music more”….cpl of ice cold buds wouldn’t have hurt him either….

    He would be surprised that we are still a bunch of rats most of the time….look like apes, but……

  45. I still cannont figure out how it’s ok to have a television show which daily calls out trying to influence the decision of a jury. that really chaps my ass.

  46. Was going to erase that one….but like Renee, I feel that If you post it…you live with it….

  47. As to Pogo, he has a new job that prevents him from coming around during the daylight hours. However, watch out when the full moonn rises, and Pogo comes prowling like the eldritch werepossum that he is.

    Pogo, Pogo, burning fierce,
    In the land of Pioneers,
    What crooked DA or bent cops
    Could frame thy one toke wild hops ?

  48. sturgeone says: July 6, 2011 at 7:52 pm
    “i seldom talk about other people….I’m much too fond of talking about myself……”

    Ya, we like you too. That’s why we each talk about ourselves : we’re just emulating you.

  49. sturgeone says: July 6, 2011 at 8:18 pm :
    “I still cannont figure out how it’s ok to have a television show which daily calls out trying to influence the decision of a jury.”

    That’s why we sequester juries. Naturally, in the 19th century the rightwingnuts opposed sequestration because it cost city and county taxpayers. They considered money to be more important than mere justice. Sequestration was just the camel’s nose under the tent. Next came publicly employed district attorneys, and like a tidal wave, the “fiscally irresponsible growth of government” hit the brie and chardonnay consumers of the librull east coast.

  50. there was a time when I thought that maybe having emulators was the way to go……then I thought that maybe I might emulate my own ideal……then I thought that emulation is the sincerest form of flattery……then I quit thinkin’ and started drinkin’

  51. So, where are the ads for ‘clean coal’, clean nukes, and b pee to support this blog, and keep our host in the lap of luxury ?

    I’m sure that I would buy more F22s if Lockheed would advertize at this site. Wouldn’t you guys/gals ?

  52. I just looked at our group video again…and once again started thinking of people who have fallen by the wayside…anyone know where Rezdog is? Sea? Are you still in contact with him? I know Jason was finishing his PhD…any word after that?

  53. Freedom Rider: The Evil of Two Lessers
    by Margaret Kimberley

    “Not only is Obama keeping the country in a perpetual state of war,” but he abandons core Democratic programs “at the first sign of Republican resistance.” As a consequence the GOP, which has fought and schemed for decades to “starve the beast” by cutting social programs while fattening the military and the wealthy, “are closer than ever to seeing their dream realized.” No longer can it be said that the Democrats are the “lesser of two evils,” since they are the party in charge that is making the evils possible.

    Wow, what a powerful statement!

  54. Here’s a scenario for Trail Hands to think about :

    1. ripuplican congereels refuse to compromise their ‘principles’. Snicker.

    2. Obama pleads with the ripuplican congereels to consider a tax on abortions and birth control.

    3. puguglicans hold firm on their ‘ideal’ of no new taxes.

    4. The August deadline comes and goes. Federal employees are sent home. A month passes. To save money, the Treasury does not cut checks for congereels their staffs, their pension funds, their med insurance.

    5. In response to 4, puguglican congereels assemble to vote the impeachment of President obama.

    6. To save money, the Administration cuts all the lights, phone, internet, cel, tv, radio, and fax services on Capitol Hill. Senator midge mcconnell, caught in the dark in the men’s room, has a panic attack followed by a stroke that fells him. The Senate leader’s head lands in the commode and he is permanently incommoded. As no one can seem to find mcconnell, so not only the possibility of a budget compromise, but also the trial of the president for high crimes and misdemeanors, are permanently incommoded.

    None of this affects michele bachmann, who is mis-representing her constituents on the campaign trail in IA.

    7. House Speaker john boehner manages to crawl, weeping, from the Other Chamber to the steps of the Capitol. There, the newshogs jam microphones into boehner’s face. boehner calls for the military to depose President obama, for the people (in the guise of the teepers, birtherz, Wall Street Bankers, and OIL B!LL!ONAIRES to rise in rebellion. He also demands that the Supreme Court to call boehner’s proposed coup legal.

    From IA, bachmann calls for America to overthrow the AndyChrist.

    8. Over at SCOTUS, Associate Justice antonin scalia yammers to the assembled faux news reporters that in order to save democracy, the military has to destroy it. Associate justices thomas, alito, kennedy, and roberts nod vigorously,

    9. teepers, birthers, anti-warmers, and flat earthers hit the streets, along with xe, and oil company employees. Texas Governor rich perry calls for America to seceed from the US. Each of the republican presidential candidates suddenly claim that secession was her/his idea first.

    10. The President of the United States, citing unrest and the possibility of “the perpetration of terrorist acts by ‘certain parties’ known to our intelligence agancies”, declares martial law and suspends habeas corpus. In pursuance of the Homeland Security Act, the FBI, ATF, NSA, and Military and Naval Intelligence, in co-operation with the Washington D.C. Police, rendition the 10,000 most obnoxious ripuplicans to abu ghraib, where 10,000 brand new water boards await them.

  55. Obama: I Underestimated Magnitude Of The Recession
    Susan Crabtree

    President Obama openly acknowledged underestimating the length and magnitude of the worst recession since the Great Depression in a response to a question during his Twitter town hall.

    Always a tough question to answer, Obama was asked what mistakes he made in handling the economic crisis and what he would have done differently looking back on his first months in office.

    Obama freely admitted that he would have tried to do a better job explaining “to the American people it was going to take a while to get out of this.”

  56. In a Bill, Wall Street Shows Its Clout

    Wall Street often tries to play down its influence in Washington. As Congress pushed through financial regulations that seemed to get watered down last year, Wall Street’s chief executives tried to suggest, somewhat surprisingly, that their highly paid lobbyists did not have much sway.

    If there is still any question about how much power Wall Street actually has in Washington, here is some fresh evidence worth examining.

    In a piece of legislation recently passed by the House and the Senate to revamp patent law, a tiny provision was inserted at the last minute called Section 18.

  57. Watching Ed Shults just now.
    According to him Washington Post is reporting that the ‘fix’ is in on the debt ceiling negotiations.
    What is the story, anybody?
    Has the store been given away?

  58. I am sorry that I violated the bandwidth etiquette. I’m ashamed of myself. Please forgive me.

  59. For future reference to video posting instructions you can click “How to Comment” or “Video” in the top bar (below the logo) and scroll to the end.

  60. However, I should have posted it in chapters.

    I should have added in Chapter 4 :
    The Capitol police, no longer being paid, are at the President’s order, replaced by a National Guard unit from Chicago.

    I Chapter 10 I should have noted :
    a. the tea peers and their associated news outlets, the heritage foundation, news crap and faux broadcasting, the eagle forum, the union and university clubs, the bohemia club, newsmax,the cato institute, and a score of other niche batshitcrazy manure spreaders are all declared to be a terrorist organizations.
    b. gunfights erupt between private security personnel and the US Marines as the latter move in to apprehend certain Oil Billionaire around the country. Federal forces use horses to apprehend baby george bush at his Crawford ranch. bush sees a horse, and suddennly suffers from a nervous breakdown. dick cheney avoids arrest by committing suicide, swallowing an entire fifth of Louis XIII cognac.

  61. 11. michele bachmann and mark foley are not arrested.

    Following baby bush’s popular deeds in Iraq, bachmann is named the Presidential candidate of the Conservative Party by a special blue riband commission. The same commission names mark foley the candidate for the Republican Party. obama emerges from a closed convention as the Democrarts’ candidate.

    The Roman Catholic Cardinals recommend that Catholics vote against both the ‘pro-abortion candidate’ and the anti-Catholic candidate. That leaves foley as the only candidate acceptable to church heirarchy.

  62. 12. November 2012 : Dems win the New House and New Senate, taking 283 seats in the former, and 85 seats in the latter. DC gets 4 reps and 1 Senator.

    The Conservative bachmanniacs win 30 House seats to the Republicans’ 25 In the Senate, the Conservatives win 8 seats to the Republicans 6.

    The popular election for president produces a surprise, as half of all Dems reject obama, split their tickets, and vote for foley. The electoral college elects mark foley the 45th president of the United States.

    The End

  63. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1bFr2SWP1I&playnext=1&list=PL6F9EA2DDF0E60DDC

  64. Pat, Xr, Nice music links….im the weak link in the chain around here, and there are no fools. Love the way this gal sang this song:


  65. wrong one…thats a good one also….this is the one


  66. Apparently You Tube discovered that I was posting videos here and all I can see now are black boxes w/o sound.

  67. Can u blame them?

    Well now that I did that right…off to bed.! night twinkie

  68. I shall never hear the mmusic of the chordettes again. Or, Kieth Jarrett, Domenico Scarlatti, Cisco Houston, Modest Moussorgsky, Etta James, Josquin Desprez, Odetta, Gene Autry, Michael Hayden, Helen Kane, Thelonius Sphere Monk, the Brule Quartette, or The Nairobi Trio.


    I might as well go deaf.

  69. Last thing…X thanks for that Over the rain bow u tube…I liked it so much, that I bkd it….hope its not too much weight for my desk……

  70. I suppose almost all of you have Kindles or Sony Readers…I have spent six hours trying to get my Sony Reader up and going, but it won’t send me to the page to authorize my device, and now it says I don’t exist and I need a new password, which it then also rejects. My patience has run out.

  71. Well, a little bit of luck…I got squared away and am ready to upload books, but wouldn’t ya know it, my local library does not participate in this ebook business.

  72. How dare they say you don’t exist Dex? Let me warn you, as a friend of a former CBS record executive who has been suing Sony for several years — that company is BRILLIANT at pretending people don’t exist….

  73. How many years is Obama gonna cave on retirement age?

    Will they understand the problem with the job market in general, and specifically, as it pertains to hiring practices of older workers?

    Eric Can’tor is quite the little wordsmith, isn’t he? I wonder if he’s gonna take his ball and go home, again?

    “Any discussion of loopholes must be accompanied by off-setting tax cuts. We are not for increasing revenue.”


    Any chance of a Craig Crawford on Current Events on Current TV show?

  74. Well, this is a new step to the debt dance I hadn’t heard before.

    “President Obama could simply declare the debt ceiling unconstitutional and be done with it.”

    “Advocates of this approach cite the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, which states that the “validity of the public debt of the United States . . . shall not be questioned.”


    And speaking of actual dancing, what’s up with Michelle Bachmann & hubby? Have you guys seen the clip of them?

  75. Post and Times: Obama to Serve Up Social Security in Debt Talks
    by Taylor Marsh

    Pres. Obama’s rightward shift has set up a situation that allows him a chance to play for history. If he succeeds, with Social Security becoming part of the debt ceiling deal, can’t you already imagine Pres. Obama being hailed for doing it? The traditional media will fall over themselves to praise his seriousness. He will also have out played Paul Ryan on audacious idiocy.

    In November 2008, the conservatives were gasping for air. Pres. Obama has become the wind beneath their wings.

    As for the New Deal Democratic Party, say goodnight, Gracie.

  76. Every time Cantor opens his mouth, I start looking for the disinfectant. Love the way he twists things backasswards. “We can’t continue to borrow 40 cents of every thing we spend”.

    Well gee maybe if we hadn’t taken a voluntary slash in wages with the Bush tax cuts while signing up for a trillion dollar war and then gambled away the milk money, we wouldn’t have to borrow the money.

    He is a gross piece of slime = pass the bleach.

  77. The Bachmanns’ unrelenting, obsessive homophobia garners national attention
    Posted by Joe Sudbay

    And, in another section of today’s Washington Post, there’s another article on two major purveyors of homophobia: Michele and Marcus Bachmann. Their exact message may not be a blatant as that preacher in Columbia Heights, but they send a similar signal.

    That duo really hates the gays — and have built their careers on gay-bashing. We wrote about Marcus Bachmann last week, when he said gays are “barbarians” who need education and discipline. And, Marcus made those comments last year. The couple and their homophobic ways have captured the attention of the traditional media. Jason Horowitz did the profile:

  78. Obama is just nuts. With the jobless rate over 10% Obama killed the Space Shuttle program, without a placement, which after the Atlantis launch maybe this Friday, will put 7,000 to 8,000 people out of work. Yesterday Obama’s Republican Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood signed a three-year cross-border trucking memorandum, which is based on an agreement announced in March by Presidents Barack Obama and Felipe Calderon. Obama is shipping the truck driving jobs to the Mexican truck drivers when the jobless rate is 9.1%.

    Mexico is a third world country! Just like Obama is creating here in the United States. In 1985 we put in a 2 mile microwave link to connect our factories in El Paso, Texas and Juarez Mexico. I learned all about how to legally handle the corruption and Mexican government payoffs. We didn’t have the Mexican drug problem that exists today, then it was in Columba.

    The 2007 Cross Border Demonstration Project under George W. Bush had enough opposition to kill it in 2007. Now Obama accomplishes what George W. Bush could not. Obama just threw the unions under the bus. Obama is truly a Republican that the Democrats elected.

    NAFTA, signed in 1994, called for Mexican trucks to have unrestricted access to highways in border states by 1995 and full access to all U.S. highways by January 2000. Thank you Bill Clinton for NAFTA and the Great Recession! Clinton and Obama should write a book “How We Destroyed America.”

    Feds to Allow Mexican Truck Drivers on U.S. Roads
    By Jonathan Humbert, July 6, 2011

    Starting this weekend, the U.S. Department of Transportation will allow Mexican trucks and truck drivers to cross the border and haul anywhere in the country. American drivers aren’t just concerned about safety; they’re also concerned about their bottom line.

    US, Mexico sign cross-border trucking agreement
    By JONATHAN M. KATZ, July 6, 2011 6:03 PM EDT

    MEXICO CITY (AP) — U.S. and Mexican officials signed an agreement Wednesday allowing each country’s trucks to traverse the other’s highways, implementing a key provision of the North American Free Trade Agreement [NAFTA] after nearly two decades of bickering.

  79. “and now it says I don’t exist and I need a new password”

    dex, how can someone who isn’t get a new password much less possess an old one?

  80. Pat
    Shame on you, trying to palm off that poor old stuffed canine as an avatar for a chronologically challenged human being. More seriously, I hope the dog died a natural death as a loved companion. In the part of the world where the photo was taken, natural passings were not guaranteed.

  81. I don’t think that raising the retirement age for social security will do much good. I know quite a few people who have retired a good deal younger than the current retirement age, They are called unemployed.

    Seems to me like putting those people back to work might be the quickest and easiest way to bring more money in to the coffers. If we try that and it doesn’t work then we can talk about, lower pay outs, later retirement, and additional contributions, until then leave it alone.

  82. The debt ceiling bill should be a clean bill nothing more nothing less. It is a testament to the president’s lack of leadership that it has turned into a grab bag for every long held republican desire to dismantle the social safety net.

    I can not imagine a circumstance in which I would not vote in an election, however I can now easily imagine writing in my choice for president. If for no other reason than to protect my right to bitch. No Obama for this kid. Consequences be damned. I am equally as eager to see the last of him as I was his predecessor.
    Every day in every way looking more like a one termer.

  83. flatus, i prefer to think of the “inner peace” picture as photoshopped, not stuffed. more along the lines of william wegman’s weimaraner works which are very much alive. here is an unusual clip of a spelling lesson with one of his models.


    btw, my captions for that inner peace is “do i have buddha nature? does the pope poop in the woods?” and “what is the sound of one hound baying in the forest?”

  84. Sorry to be so pissy this morning.
    I guess cynicism is a lot like great food, no matter how much you have, there is always room for just a little bit more.
    It is too nice a day to feel that way. Perhaps this will all come right in the end.

  85. To quote a certain female sheriff in the movie Fargo,

    “and for what?, for a little bit of money,”

    Are you listening Mr. President?

  86. Come on my White House. I’m going give you EVERYTHING!


  87. in this morning’s atlanta post:

    “I can’t help thinking since we just celebrated the Fourth of July and we’re supposed to be a country dedicated to liberty that one of the most pervasive political movements going on outside Washington today is the disciplined, passionate, determined effort of Republican governors and legislators to keep most of you from voting next time,” he said on Wednesday.

    He specifically called out Florida Governor Rick Scott who is currently trying to reverse longstanding re-enfranchisement rules, which would allow felons to vote after concluding their probation, BV reports. “Why should we disenfranchise people forever once they’ve paid their price? Because most of them in Florida were African American and Hispanics who tended to vote for Democrats. That’s why,” Clinton said.

  88. Purple,

    “Thank you Bill Clinton for NAFTA and the Great Recession! Clinton and Obama should write a book “How We Destroyed America.””

    We can also thank him for showing the Large corps how to avoid paying any taxes, by setting up a mail box # in a foreign country.

    We can also thank the D’s (Clinton ) for showing the Cheney/Bush Administration how to do t he “shock and Awe” and how to go to war without the getting Congress involved in the decision: Up until then Congress were the ones that could approve going to war…thanks a lot Clinton.!

    And if we go back a little further…can’t we thank Jimmy Carter for showing Ronald Reagan how to circumvent the then existing or changing (deregulation) the regulation laws?….he had a lot to do with Reagan’s success.!!


    ps, didn’t he have something to do with the deregulation of the oil industry? and start them off (and of hughe corps) with the windfall tax breaks……

    I don’t think that the R;s are anywhere as near as bright as the D;s they just are a lot smarter about stealing, and making things their own no? And the D;s don’t want to point out how they were the first to think of them…they don’t want the blame.!

    Like I always say….the good cop, bad cop routine gets us every time…there is really only one party, the GREEDY party…just one of them puts on a red uniform, the other puts on a blue uniform…..we chose a team…buy the tickets to see them play…and then root for our team…

    That is why I will keep watching out for any independent…no matter if they don’t have everything right like Ron Paul……but he has been mostly correct on most things….he really does understand that:

    The only winners in the Colosseum are the Lions, we just buy the beer and popcorn to watch…

    Thanks purple for your candidness.!!

  89. Eprof,
    Watched film of those storms roaring through your part of the state, looked like something out of Lawrence of Arabia. Son was headed home yesterday, and ran into a wicked one down around Tucson, just kept the hammer down until he got to Lordsburg.

    Hope all is well.

  90. After deregulating airlines, the Carter Administration looked then to doing the same for trucking and railroads……I remember ( I was in the teamsters local 786-Concrete trk driver)that Reagan received the endorsement from the Teamster’s Union in exchange for his promise that he would delay deregulation of trucking. While the ICC was dismantled during the Reagan year.

    Is it safe to say that J, C…..no not that one…Jimmy Carter…sealed it’s doom?..later but lots of things are rushing in….something about Carter getting involved with AT & T…….


  91. Patsi,

    Before I go….lay of the Sweets; and the junk foods; and yeah your fried baloney samich’s…there are foods that can give you more energy…


  92. So far as I know, eProf is the Dean of these environs. It’d be a damned shame if he were lost to a damned sandstorm rather than the looming cuts in the social contract we thought we had with our government.

  93. Speaking of contracts, in the English Common Law, which is the basis for most of our contract law, it’s the written contract that is germane–screw all the promises and rhetoric and kisses that led up to the writing.

    That’s a big difference from Europe where those words of love and other enticements are all germane when it’s time to sort things out.

    Clearly, our Republican friends are Redcoats at heart while Democrats believe a genuine. enforceable, social contract does indeed exist between our Government and the Governed.

    The salient question, then, where is Lafayette when we need him? Along with all those other magnificent soldiers from continental Europe who viewed our struggle as theirs.

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