Deficit Hawk Eats Republicans

That’s how the president’s reelection team would like to see a debt deal portrayed.

With Obama’s former campaign chief spearheading debt ceiling strategy it’s a tad obvious that politics are afoot. Now a senior White House adviser, David Plouffe has “seemed to move past the president’s economic team as a lead behind-the-scenes voice,” according to Politico.

Today’s headlines screaming about Obama’s call for trillions in cuts are just what his political squad wants in their efforts to deny the GOP its favorite rallying cry against Obama, that he is a big spending, big government neo-Socialist. Some will vote against the package to deny him the chance, even if it includes entitlement reforms they have long wanted.

You’d think the White House would be afraid of undercutting its political base with these whispers of the president backing Social Security cuts and up to $400 billion in Medicare and Medicaid savings.

But a cynical fact Obama campaigners well know is that their core voters have nowhere else to go. No serious or even unserious Democratic challengers are emerging to complicate his party nomination. And these voters won’t be suddenly turning Republican for the general election.

With his left-leaning supporters grounded, Obama is free to take wing toward the right. This is bad news for the left and the right.

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  1. woohooooo

    And if he keeps up annoying people who have no place else to go
    we will find one

  2. All this economic talk is sooooo frustrating. I grew up being told that if you worked hard, spent frugally, and saved for a rainy day you’d be financially fit.

    Now, through no fault of your own, one can be financially ruined despite doing everything right because some assholic Greek oil magnates cheat on their taxes, take down their economy and threaten the Euro Zone.

    I do know it’s a bit more complicated than that… but my point is that as a middle class American I’ve never felt so out of control over my own circumstances as I do lately.

  3. oh yeah… I may vote for Obambi again…
    but to me he’s nothing but a sumbitchtoadyasslickincorporatewhore…

  4. The Prez knows it’s good to be the only game in town – for now.
    If the GOP will give Romney the nom (if the right isn’t afraid), I can actually see myself voting for him. If Obama fears anything in 2012, it should be the middle.

    Foghorn Leghorn: Ah, say, what’s the matter, son?
    Henery Hawk: You’re a chicken and I’m a chickenhawk.

    rr – That looks like Dusty, one of my childhood cats.

  5. Greetings from the desert. I think the desert moved into our backyard as we continue to clean up and brace for the next one. We’re hopeful that the next one won’t be a monster like two days ago.

    No deanship here; Jamie is the dean of TM along with several others who haven’t been here in awhile: Sheila; Mad Mustard; Brian; Nanny; Trial Lawyer Richard; 9/11; to name but a few who were on board very early.

    Yes, Craig, there is someplace else to go: stay at home. How could things be worse? Bush made the SCOTUS; Republicans continue to block Dem nominees; Republicans keep moving the goal post for Obama to try and kick a field goal resulting in a huge move to the right for the entire country. Dems had a chance in the past two + years and blew it. How do you have majorities in all the Congress and the WH and still the Republican agenda prevailed. Do you really want me to list all the Republican achievements in the past two + years? It’s an ugly list for progressives and, yes, socialists.

  6. Eprof,

    You might want to see how this little critter does so well in the desert. On the left hand side; move your cursor around and find the first of four information boxes:

    “desert felines grow an extra layer of fur on their mitts to insulate sensitive paw pads”

    love these bing pics..everyday a new pic, and something new to learn…

  7. That was very interesting, Solar. I think I need thicker paws as the pavers, concrete, and sands are really hot in the summer.

  8. Proffesor,

    Concrete, CONCRETE. Where is the truck?>>>>>>>>My workers say that Im a completely different person when the Concrete trks arrive….they all become very quiet, and do as I ask of them….mmmmmmmm whew, glad thats over with…just don’t say…….again.!

    Just got back, and im talking too much already…back to lurking for a little…

  9. I lied; uno mas.

    Craig, about these last cpl of threads: Many Americans spend their entire lives trying to climb (further) up that social pyramid; simply to impress each other.

    We are more interested in working harder; so that we can more $; so we can be admired for it than in the wealth itself; they almost are not even needed…ie…the 5 bedroom; 3 bathroom house for a family of 2….lots of it is all our own fault; we enable those that take advantage of this no?…just saying….

  10. LONDON, July 7 (Reuters) – In a breathtaking response to a scandal engulfing his media empire, Rupert Murdoch moved on Thursday to close down the News of the World, Britain’s biggest selling Sunday newspaper.

    As allegations multiplied that its journalists hacked the voicemails of thousands of people, from child murder victims to the families of Britain’s war dead, the tabloid had haemorrhaged advertising, alienated millions of readers and posed a growing threat to Murdoch’s hopes of buying broadcaster BSkyB .

    Yet no one, least of all the 168-year-old paper’s 200 staff, was prepared for the drama of a single sentence that will surely go down as one of the most startling turns in the 80-year-old Australian-born press baron’s long and controversial career.

    “News International today announces that this Sunday, 10 July 2011, will be the last issue of the News of the World,” read the preamble to a statement from Murdoch’s son James, who chairs the British newspaper arm of News Corp .

  11. bloomberg:

    Rupert Murdoch’s decision to close the News of the World is not enough and News International Chief Executive Officer Rebekah Brooks should quit over phone-hacking and payments to police, opposition Labour Party leader Ed Miliband said.

    Brooks, who was editor of the News Corp.-owned British tabloid newspaper when an investigator working for it is alleged to have hacked into the phone of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler, should be accountable for what happened on her watch, Miliband said.

    whatayabet that rebekah the redhead lands a big position on faux

  12. I wrote in Hillary Clinton in 2008 and I have a deep suspicion that I will do so again in 2012.

    If the Republicans nominate someone who is not demented, they have a real chance of defeating Obama.

  13. Methinks Rebekah had better go down in flames or Wendi Deng will personally set fire to her. Rupert has never had any compunction about dumping his offspring, so James may be the next to go.

  14. Does anyone have a feel for how large a percentage of radio, TV, and motion pictures in US that Rupert Murdoch either owns virtually outright or has a controlling interest?

    We really have to change the rules about how much any one person can control a percentage of the media before it totally destroys the flow of information and propaganda.

  15. Well, Jamie, I was with my brother in a McDonald’s two years ago and on the wall were two TVs , both tuned to FOX news.
    Brother asked for the remote to change the channels and was told no one has a remote, that all programming was done by corporate, far away. So Murdoch apparently has control of captive MickeyD customers, or the McDonald’s employee just wanted to shut my brother up.

  16. murdoch’s corp profile from

    Company subsidiaries include Fox Entertainment Group and the Twentieth Century Fox movie studio. It has 34% stake in the DIRECTV Group. News Corporation also owns over 30 American television stations, the New York Post and Boston Herald newspapers and a number of Britain’s largest circulation newspapers (The Times, The Sun, The News of the World). The company has extensive operations across Asia, Australia, Europe and Latin America.

    In July 2005, News Corporation bought Intermix Media, Inc., owner of the social networking portal and about 30 other web sites, for $580 million. Along with the recently announced formation of Fox Interactive Media, the Intermix acquisition underscores News Corporation’s commitment to expand its Internet presence.

    In December 2007, the company acquired Dow Jones & Company, publisher of The Wall Street Journal and other business news and information

  17. jamie, the above acquisitions by rupert establishes what a reasonable person might consider excessive control of “the flow of information and propaganda”

    too bad reasonable people aren’t running things

  18. today’s wall st journal:

    Federal regulators may face more pressure to overhaul laws governing media ownership in the U.S. after a federal appeals court Thursday threw out a 2008 government decision to relax restrictions on companies seeking to control both newspapers and television stations.

    A panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals in Philadelphia rejected Federal Communications Commission rules that made it easier for media companies to own a TV station and newspaper in the same market. The court said the FCC erred by failing to give the public enough time to comment on the rules, and sent them back to the agency for further review.

    Former FCC Chairman Kevin Martin announced the rule change in a newspaper editorial in 2007 and allowed “only 28 days for response, not the usual 90 days,” the appeals court said.

    The court’s decision upheld much of the then Republican-controlled FCC’s 2008 revamp of the nation’s media-ownership rules. But it returns the highly politicized issue of newspaper and television cross-ownership restrictions to an agency where power has shifted toward Democrats, and which has shown more interest lately in the Internet than older forms of media.

  19. It’s completely insane. No single entity should be able to monopolize a market and it seems that Murdoch has done that all over the country. It’s time to slash and burn.

  20. Following Obama’s Buzz Words
    by Taylor Marsh

    Maybe the Tea Party will save Democrats from their feckless “leader.” Just maybe they’ll be stupid enough to stiff Pres. Obama on the “deal of the century” he’s offering.

    Go Eric Cantor, come on, baby, be your bad self and stiff the President. You know you want to.

    …or just maybe, maybe, Nancy Pelosi will finally make up for her horrendous cave-in to the Catholic Church during health care, to draw a line where any principled Democrat would.

    [… It’s safe to say at this point that the White House is starting to get the credit it wants for working hard to find a compromise even as Republicans work hard to resist one. But that’s not a triumph of messaging. It is, if anything, an understatement based on the White House’s willingness to give congressional Republicans a much more lopsided deal than Reagan, Bush or Clinton presided over. Republicans might be fools for passing on it, but if and when they finally say “yes,” a lot of Democrats are going to be wondering whether the Democrats were suckers for offering it. – Ezra Klein

    It’s not over until the Tea Party squeals.

    Man, the chart here, spending cuts vs tax increases is amazing!
    President Obama is making it VERY difficult for me to vote for him again???? I’m like Solar, an Independent comes along its bye bye Obama..

  21. Reports: Obama pushing for cuts to Social Security, Medicare

    What’s particularly revealing in the Social Security/Medicare assault is the political calculation. The President obviously believes that being able to run by having made his own party angry — I cut entitlement programs long cherished by liberals — will increase his appeal to independents and restore his image of trans-partisan conciliator that he so covets. But how could it possibly be politically advantageous for a Democratic President to lead the way in slashing programs that have long been the crown jewels of his party, defense of which is the central litmus test for whether someone is even a Democrat?

    Obama knows full well that he can slash Medicare, Medicaid and even Social Security — just like he could sign an extension of Bush tax cuts, escalate multiple wars, and embrace the Bush/Cheney Terrorism template recently known in Democratic circles as “shredding the Constitution” — and have most Democrats and progressives continue to support him anyway. Unconditional support ensures political impotence, and rightly so. He’s attending to the constituencies that matter: mostly, Wall Street tycoons who funded his 2008 campaign and whom he hopes will fund his re-election bid, and independents whose support is in question. And he’s doing that both because it’s in his perceived interest and because, to the extent he believes in anything, those are the constituencies with which he feels most comfortable.

    Very good piece, long but good..

  22. Mr. President; You Are Out Of Touch on Debt
    By: Jon Walker

    President Obama is now suggesting that Medicare and Social Security benefit cuts be a part of a deal to address the federal deficit. This is exactly the opposite of what the American people what. From Pew:

    On the broad question of whether it is more important to reduce the budget deficit or to maintain current Medicare and Social Security benefits, the public decisively supports maintaining the status quo. Six-in-ten (60%) say it is more important to keep Social Security and Medicare benefits as they are; only about half as many (32%) say it is more important to take steps to reduce the budget deficit.

    Half (50%) of Republicans say that maintaining benefits is more important than deficit reduction; about as many (42%) say it is more important to reduce the budget deficit.

    Even a majority of regular Republicans think it is more important to maintain current entitlement benefits than reduce the deficit. It is a position held by people across the political spectrum. There is no legitimate political excuse for Obama to be putting these cuts give that the debt ceiling vote unconstitutional.

    It is no wonder that the American people are so unhappy with the current job performance our “elected representatives.” They are simply not representing us.

  23. Pelosi: Medicare, Social Security Benefit Cuts Are Line In The Sand On Debt Limit Bill
    Brian Beutler

    After a contentious White House meeting with President Obama and other Congressional leaders, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) returned to the Capitol and drew an important red line: Members of her caucus won’t vote for a grand bargain to raise the debt limit and reduce future deficits if the final deal includes cuts to Medicare and Social Security benefits — and that means it probably won’t pass.

    “You [asked], ‘could the changes compromise the vote?'” Pelosi said at a Thursday afternoon briefing near the House chamber. “I said yes.”

  24. Dr. Marcus Bachmann speaks about homosexuality


  25. The Hillary Effect: Bachmann ‘Sex Appeal,’ Elizabeth Warren ‘Know-It-All’
    by Taylor Marsh

    “She’s got hometown appeal, she’s got ideological appeal, and, I hate to say it, but she’s got a little sex appeal too.” – Vin Weber

    Remember the Drudge photo and Rush doing a monologue on Hillary’s wrinkles? Remember when Harry Reid had to apologize for his comment about Sen. Gillibrand? Where would Michele Bachmann be if she was ugly? Just look at her opening ad in Iowa to see how she trades on style, which for politicians matters.

    There’s a reason Rep. Bachmann all of a sudden showed up with a great new look when Sarah Palin came to town one day last April and it wasn’t because “sex appeal” is unimportant. John McCain would never have picked Palin if she wasn’t a knock out. It’s her strongest attribute. She knows it and uses it, as she should.

  26. Just listening to Steny Hoyer on L. O
    Pretty much sounds as though dems. will fold in the end.
    Couldn’t or more likely wouldn’t answer even the most straight forward questions. No wonder the republicans always win, what hapless, pathetic party the dems. are.

  27. When republicans say no, they mean it. When dems. say no
    they they just cross their fingers.

  28. Oh my just love when my instincts are validated. Guy on Olbermann just mentioned that Wendi and Rebekah weren’t close and that dear Murdoch might be between two women … chortle chortle glee glee bring on the gossip columnists

  29. The poor pundits, they are about to piss down their legs over the Obama administration’s willingness to put social security and medi-care on the table.
    Strangely, the ones crying the loudest are the ones who went into the tank for him in 2008.
    They touted and praised him without shame, all at the expense of Hillary Clinton.
    Hillary was not perfect, but at least she had a spine and without a doubt she was a fighter, traits which Obama lacks.
    These people have very short memories regarding their complicity in this current disaster.
    Just once, I would like to hear one of them say, “we blew it”.
    Fat fu–ing chance!

  30. Been offline for the last two weeks. Just moved into my new home and two days after moving in my air went out.

    Also I lost my job and was one of many that were let go at the end of June. For me that is a forced retirement a year before I can collect full social security or at least for nine more months.

    I imagine that I will be following one of Dave Ramsey’s guide to financial freedom which is beans and rice and rice and beans for the next year possibly.

    Well later gang. I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July and are doing well.

  31. Hi, Anon. I missed listing you to the early clisters in an earlier post. Sorry about that. I’m distressed to know that you lost your job. You should talk to your ss counselor in person and see what the difference in early versus full ss retirement might mean monthly. I enrolled one year early and it cost me less than $150 a month. I know that’s a lot over a life-time of benefits but between eating rice and beans for a year it’s worth exploring the differences. Good luck! And, it’s good to see you here.

  32. Anon, glad to see you made the journey to our new little corner. Hang in there bud. As one who’s been there sometimes trouble begets opportunity.

  33. AP,
    Good to see your name and posts again.
    Sorry to hear about early and involuntary retirement.
    Hope all works out well.Keep us posted.
    Hang in.

  34. Am off tomorrow for WY. and NE. Very much looking forward to the change in scenery.
    I imagine by the time I get back, either the sky will have fallen or the debt ceiling will have cracked.
    Perhaps both.
    Will have to drive to use a cell phone and will not have a computer. May be very relaxing.

  35. Tony: At the next White House press conference, someone needs to directly ask the President.

    Mr. President: If you were a member of the New York Senate, would you have voted:

    A. For Gay Marriage
    B. Against Gay Marriage
    C. Present

  36. OD,
    Obama’s answer would be ,”maybe yes, maybe no, I think that there is room for compromise, providing every thing is on the table, next question.”

  37. jace…I think you are correct.

    Also,this new site is superior to the old easy to use with good new features.

    Thank you to all those who worked through the difficult process to make this happen. I think more contributors will be attracteed to this site.

  38. OD,
    I take that back. Obama’s answer would be; “My position is evolving, depending on which position won’t make the republicans too mad.Perhaps we could reach a grand compromise, perhaps same sex couples could be married on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and not married on the other days. I really want every body to be happy, especially republicans.”

  39. OD,
    Wrong again, Obama’s answer would be; “I really don’t think that people consider these types of issues when they cast their ballots, not straight voters anyway.This is really silly.”

  40. OD,
    You are right, this site is fun, I just wish I could perfect all the cool little gizmos that the tech. people and Craig put together.
    They all did a great job.

  41. I wish we could put Obama in a locked room with Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson. He would never be the same.

  42. To paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill,
    “President Obama is a modest man, and he has much to be modest about.”

  43. Question for any one out there.
    If Obama were to suddenly grow a pair of steel balls(don’t hold your breath) and not give an inch on the debt ceiling, how many banks and insurance companies would the tax payers have to bail out? More to the point, with what would we bail them out, and how would we get it?

  44. If Obama Prays at night, it may be going something like this about now.

    “Stand still, you ever moving spheres of heaven, that time may cease and midnight never come.”

    Christopher Marlowe

    I guess this is what happens when you bargain with the devil.

  45. “Is it not brave, Usumcasane,
    to be a king and ride in triumph
    through Persepolis ?”
    – The Trajickal History of Tamburlaine by Phillip Marlowe.

    I guess Tamburlaine isn’t the Marlowe play that best describes the Trajickal History of President obama.

    obama is more like
    J. Alfred Prufrock
    or Walter Mitty
    than a Tamburlaine,
    more is the pity.

  46. Here’s my take on obama’s Soc Sec ‘stand’ and other screwball campaign moves : he must figure that Blacks will enthusiastically vote for him simply because he is a Hemi-Black, and that Dems will enthusiastically vote for him just because he claims to be a Dem.

    I want michele bachmann to be the candidate; I want her and the puguglican candidates for House and Senate to be so repellant, that all the indies and even a sizeable % of repubicans vote Dem.

    With a huge majority in both the House and Senate, Dems could repudiate and remove obama themselves. A boy can dream, can’t he ?

  47. Hi eprof, Craig and Jace…

    Good morning to all.

    eprof, I will lose $120 a month if I take it now. My pension currently will be paying my insurance from my job under the retiree plan which will be my secondary insurance with Medicare being my primary.

    My Medicare cost is $115 and loose change a month while my work insurance runs a little over $338 dollars a month. What’s left is a little over $150 dollars a month.

    I get my last paycheck the 15th and my accumulated sick time I will not be able to get for 30 days after the company that manages the retirement pool. It pays 2% interest while its with them, however I will take that money, pay the taxes on it and use it with what is left of my small savings to carry me until next April. It will be tight, but I think I can manage it until them.

    When I start my ss Medicare will come directly from it and I will actually come out $5 dollars more in the process. Anyway you look at it its going to be tight for the rest of the year though I should be alright I believe.

    Got to go now and change my address on my drivers license and my voter registration card.

    Jamie or anyone, how do I get my avatar to show up? Any help would be great and I’ll be back later.

    Take care and have a great day.

  48. Just came back from the V A, pain clinic and saw this marvel of the modern world. I think that we would have lost the war if we didn’t have the ability to use it when we needed to. Today’s Bing Pic, and information….not mildly interesting like yesterdays …very interesting. Not much real history is taught (none?) in our schools about how it came about ( our involvement, both good and bad)….but the us military corps of engineers were the best; they got er done when no one else could:

    “After Panama declared it’s Independence in 1903, it made a treaty with the us to build something big”

    I think we made them make this treaty and one of the seven marvels…..

  49. Craig,

    Really, like that edit button…instead of posting a whole new post; I just adjusted the original one…thanks to you and your tech team. Friday night and I would like to buy them a drink after work….they don’t drink…ok it was that thought that counted no? :)) :))

  50. AP, ditto what Craig said to you.

    Jace, have a great trip, enjoy your time away from the heat. I hope your withdrawal pains are minimum.

    Headlines here today screaming about social security cuts. Letters to the editors should be interesting tomorrow.

    Good day, everyone.

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