What Would GOP WH Hopefuls Do?

Good luck answering this question. While House Speaker John Boehner wrestles with the math of a debt deal and dominates headlines, his party’s presidential wannabes stick to the sidelines with platitudes.

Ron Paul says he hasn’t seen “enough cuts” in any of the plans to justify voting to lift the debt ceiling. No idea how much is enough for him.

Newt Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty join those candidates who are sticking to the safe ground of railing against any tax increases in a debt deal. “The United States federal government is not under-taxed,” Pawlenty says. “It spends too darn much.”

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Michele Bachmann says she will vote against a debt-ceiling hike no matter what because she doesn’t even believe warnings of catastrophe if the government defaults.

Mitt Romney is the quiet one of the bunch, aside from attacking Obama for spending too much. His spokesman says the supposed frontrunner won’t take a specific stand on the various debt plans out of fear that it would “shake the confidence of the financial industry.” When Romney suppposedly broke his silence, he blew past the current debt debate and endorsed a balanced budget amendment.

Republican candidates enjoy the luxury of gearing their pitches to Tea Party conservatives, as none of them bear any responsibility for negotiating a deal. Only Romney seems to be thinking long term toward appealing to independents in a general election – by saying as little as possible.

How President Obama’s image emerges from this fiasco will be surely be a contributing factor to his reelection chances, so the wait-and-see stance before endorsing any specific proposals makes political sense for the GOP hopefuls.

But despite their bluster, if any of them were in the Oval Office today would they really risk being the first president to default? I’d even bet against a President Bachmann going there (OK, I wouldn’t bet much).

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  1. And they all yammer on about “Spending”. We need to raise the debt ceiling for one reason and that is to pay the bills that we have already agreed are owing. This isn’t spending. This is not declaring bankruptcy. Think of the US as Donald Trump. The casinos are going broke because there aren’t enough guests in the hotel or gamblers on the floor, but you think you can turn things around so you visit your friendly banker. Banker says, well if you go broke we are all up a creek so here’s some more cash on your credit line to pay the croupiers and bartenders. That is the debt limit.

    The cuts in future spending needs separate legislation as does finding another source of money other than the banker (i.e. job creation, closing loopholes, and restructuring tax graduation levels).

    So pass a clean bill raising the limit until after the election and in the meantime, go to work with a yard sale and getting a second job until we get out of this mess.

  2. Ha. Michele Bachmann is a non-believer in the wrong thing.

    I heard Ron Paul talking about bankruptcy being the way to go, too. He sounds so reasonable and then he says something so off the wall.

    Clearly, Romney is using the “better to be silent than remove all doubt” that he has no clue what he would do. Best not to alienate anyone. A bit different than John McCain jumping back & forth across the fence, but the same result.

    I still say Obama will come out of this smellin’ like a rose.

  3. speaking of “smellin'”… I’d bet that if someone threatened to smear feces on Michele Bachmann’s butt, she’d claimed she didn’t believe she’d come out smellin’ like shit… 😎

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  6. Craig… yeah… I get those cleanings once a year too… they’re not fun… but I LOVE the way my mouth feels so clean afterwards.

    Bachmann makes me feel dirty just thinkin’ about her.

  7. “Ron Paul says he hasn’t seen “enough cuts” in any of the plans to justify voting to lift the debt ceiling. No idea how much is enough for him.”

    Sometimes Ron Paul says the dumbest things…but…

    The R’s have their favorite corporations, and the D;s have theirs; they have no honor, no scruples,… for us, it is all the same..we get robbed….

    “Alliance: In international politics, the union of two thieves who have their hands so deeply inserted in each other’s pocket that they cannot separately plunder a third.”

    -Ambrose Bierce

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    and we are lucky to have a very good dental plan.

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  12. He was a terrible dentist…..to begin with, he had large paws….he was 6’6″ or so and just a very large clumsy guy….a real gouger……

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  14. I’m not 100% certain but I have a still nagging suspicion that he didn’t mind seeing the reactions to some pain or other that he may or may not have caused……

  15. Tea party rally on Capitol Hill draws thin crowd
    By MARIN COGAN, July 27, 2011 3:20 PM EDT

    It had all the makings of a big time tea party rally: Presidential candidate Herman Cain, conservative Sens. Jim DeMint of South Carolina, Rand Paul of Kentucky and Mike Lee of Utah all showed up outside the Capitol Wednesday to urge members to “hold the line” against a deficit reduction compromise.

    The only thing missing? A big audience.

    Love to watch the billionaires battle. You can see that the Koch brothers really do control and fund the Tea Party. I just hate to see the Koch brothers win anything.
    T. Boone Pickens-Koch brothers feud tests Republican principles

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  21. hey Sturg… dental stories… gotta love em…

    Craig… I bet your periodontist is in DC… gotta be for that price. If this is something you now have to get once a year, it might be worth your while to seek another such person about an hours drive outside of DC.

  22. Btw, sturgeone, i appreciate you paying the ultimate price by clicking Coulter and Santorum ads. While painful, I know, take heart in knowing that helps pay the bills for my expensive server capacity.

  23. Craig,

    I clicked on the soda pop ad because I’m actually thinking of buying one. They even helped me find a store just a few miles away. The Bad Idea T-Shirts make good reading as well.

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  27. I just saw some ad for a tool that I don’t have any idea what it is, but it looked a lot like a new version of sturges’ Gravely, so I clicked on it. I still don’t have any idea what it does but it is a cool tool maybe I want one.
    We must sound like business types because there are a number of business ads, along with the backrupt att. ad that pops up once in a while, just like the ocassional bad deal does in life.


  28. Just figured it out, everybody has been talking about scrapeing, it was a concrete scraper.


  29. Pelosi Falls to Austerity Craze, Clyburn – Becerra Cite 14th Amendment
    by Taylor Marsh

    Rep. Pelosi has done another cave to Pres. Obama, this time to the President’s austerity fetish. It’s not getting any attention, but it proves she’s no longer the person to lead Democrats in Congress.

    “It is clear we must enter an era of austerity; to reduce the deficit through shared sacrifice.

    “The President has called for a ‘grand bargain,’ which provides long-term deficit reduction based on shared values and sends a message of confidence to the markets. […]

    The only thing that’s clear is that establishment Democrats can’t be trusted to protect the basic underlying principles of what it means to be a Democrat. I walked away from then Speaker Pelosi when she and Pres. Obama sold out women for the Stupak amendment, plus an executive signing statement, so her latest collapse to Obama’s conservatism comes as no surprise at all to me.

  30. Sturge about your question last night. I typed up a long answer then the web site decided I wasn’t registered so I had to sign in and lost it all.
    Just like my trip to myrtle beach in a way.
    In short my myrtle beach experience was food poisoning and rain. I did get a couple of hours on the beach in front of the hotel and did the swim in the ocean thing but never saw any of the tourist fun stuff except for what we saw driving in.
    I think that once you deduct the time I spent on the toilet. I spent more time in the O’Hare airport in Chicago than I did at Myrtle beach.
    Final insult on the trip. The air conditioning went out on the flight from Chicago to KC. So about twenty minutes in they decided to return back to Chicago. What gave them the clue that the AC was broken must have been the site of all the passengers busy fanning themselves with the safety manual. It looked like a baptist tent revival in the middle of august.after they got us on the ground they made us wait until they could find a parking spot.

    So all in all I’m glad to be home.


  31. From my experience,$800 is about twice the cost of a full deep cleaning here.

    Of course, I’m sure there are varying types of deep cleaning just as there are many kinds of heart surgery.

    I don’t know where you go to find out the standard costs. Your insurance company may be helpful.

    I am very fortunate to have good insurance.

  32. Oregon’s Congressman David Wu announced plans to resign today. I hope he will get treatment for what may be some type of mental illness.

    I’ve seen Wu several times over the years and feel badly about the recent events. He always seemed very nice and didn’t have the politician’s slick persona.

    I find jackasses like John Stewart reprehensible for knocking someone like Wu when he is obviously in such distress.

    I think it was right that Wu resigned. Despite Republican claims that they will win the seat, I predict the seat will remain Democratic as it has been since 1972. The suburban Portland district was once Republican, then a toss-up and now it more blue each year. Recent redistricting by the state legislature will make the district slightly more Republican, but not enough to change the trend. Plus, the Republican Congress is not very popular in Oregon Land.

    There are plenty of serious reasons for Wu to resign…but…the tiger suit thing has been totally blown out of proportion by the press.

    While I’ve always found it nauseating that adults have taken over a children’s holiday, wearing a tiger suit just before Halloween and sending a picture to staff and friends doesn’t seem like such a horrible thing to me.

  33. I retired early and knew I was forfeiting my great dental plan, and I have been paying as I go ever since…except now I just plum can’t afford these visits which set me back $1,000, $1,200 sometimes.
    So, I investigated the V.A., you know, the vets.
    No dice…I don’t qualify. Oh well. I am the ultimate optimist: I SHALL win the Powerball! Damn straight!

  34. Having never heard of deep gum cleaning before, I now know enough about it to never have it done.

  35. I occurs to me that people like bachmann use the cover of accusing others of not being patriotic to actually be very un-patriotic. They really have hopes of re-writing the constitution, keeping much of the phraseology to fix some of the inherent loopholes, i.e, get rid of that pesky “equal
    protection” phrase. One of those amendments would have to be modified, also.

    That may seem as if I exaggerate, but I really mean it. Think of their references to the 14th, and doma, and balanced budget – no need for amendments. Jusr re-write the whole thing and get rid of the amendment process, too. I think they really believe they could get away with it.

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