Iowa Short Straw Watch

Herman Cain, Jon Huntsman, Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum top my list for potential GOP dropouts after Saturday’s straw ballot in Iowa.

As dumb as this state’s influential-for-no-apparent-reason caucuses are, its August straw poll of an insane subset of traditionally bonkers Iowa Republicans is usually good for at least winnowing the field to something manageable.

Cain is already signaling the end if he doesn’t finish in the top tier.

Pawlenty will be so damaged if he doesn’t best Michele Bachmann that he ought to cash in, but I suspect he’ll pretend otherwise in his obvious bid to be running-mate potential for the big boys.

Huntsman, who is probably the only sentient adult in the field, will likely do so poorly that he should just give up and apply for another job with President Obama.

Santorum? He so disappeared in Thursday night’s GOP debate that had to pick a fight with Ron Paul for air time.

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  1. Woo Hoo

    I was watching Hardball on Tuesday and I could not believe what I heard. Chris Matthews actually put forward a pretty good plan to create jobs! It is detailed and “in your face.” The problem is that it will take research, planning and effort to accomplish. Obummer does not do any of that.

    In a nutshell it’s a public works infrastructure program that creates jobs for fixing and building bridges, roads, water systems, and sewage systems. The trick is the way you get the money passed by Congress. History and common sense tells us it’s hard for a politician to say no to a job site in his or her own district.

    What you do is, you go into Congressional districts. Your teams find all the public works projects that needs to be done that are safety problems right now. You go to the project sites in their districts that are either safety problems or need to be built right now. You record the address, take pictures or video, and document the problem or need for the project.

    So just put it in their face and list all of the public works projects with work that needs to be done, safety that needs to be protected with bridges that are safety problems right now

    Take that information to the local newspapers, take it to local TV affiliates, blast it all over the place and demand that they vote up or down on it. You show them the bridge that the school bus is going over this September. How about we make it safe? That way, you’re playing offense not defense.

    ‘Hardball with Chris Matthews’ for Tuesday, August 9, 2011 Transcript

  2. These are relatively intelligent people, with, perhaps, a few “gaps” in their education. What makes them appear so mindless is the audience they have to address.

  3. Those Iowegians can winnow even further as far as I’m concerned. Can’t they give a pre-emptive winnow to Rick Perry who is probably trying to pray his way into their hearts right now.

    I love Tim Egan’s column in the NYTimes pointing out that Perry’s pray-for-rain declaration has “resulted” in an extended drought for Texas and his big prayer rally last weekend for the economy “resulted” in the stock market crash.

  4. PIT

    After the bridge collapse in Minnesota, there was something like that…all the projects were posted on a website and people could register their opinions

  5. “Gaps” in the education of GOP presidential contenders…
    – evolution
    – concept of “separation of church and state”
    – the Bill of Rights
    – global warming
    – the tendency of unregulated capitalism to self-destruct
    – geography, history, ethics, and logic
    – the Renaissance, Reformation, and Enlightenment
    – basic principles of government macro-economic policy
    – why we fought the Civil War
    – the location of the battles of Lexington & Concord

    and finally…

    – the plot of all classical Greek tragedies: hero doomed by own arrogance.

  6. I want to change my position on Obummer and the upcoming campaign.

    Even though I posted that people do not look fondly on the Shrub years, I think the lesson of history is that having elected Shrub, we now know anyone can be elected.

    The idea of president anyone of those republican candidates would be a pretty revolting development.

    So I’m for Obama and at least he’s not batshit crazy

  7. 10 Little Iowans

    I expect Potholes Aplenty to stay in at a bare subsistance level through the So Carolina primary, just in case someone discovers human remains in romney’s fridge.

    Pro-death activist rick santorum picked a fight with sissy pacifist weenie wrong paul over the former’s perceived need to get more American soldiers killed in Afghanistan for no good reason. I think santorum is heading straight from Iowa to the PA primary with no stops in between. He’ll be hoping to luck into King Maker position, weaseling for a job as VP, or at least Sec’y of HHS.

    Herman Cain may not know a thing about government, but he is no fool and no one to pee away good money in hopeless causes, except for Afghanistan. If Cain doesn’t poll in the top three as he predicts he will, he’ll go home and leave America to it’s own devices.

    nudie hasn’t much support apart from his wife de jour,rupert murdoch and the Saudi Royals. The enormous war chest has been peed away on dopey old-fashioned videos (betamax?) that no one will ever watch. If he finishes in the top 4, he may go forward. Fat chance. But if he finishes below Cain or Santorum, he’ll go into a state of occultation, selling his worthless services as a political insider/man-in-the-know to the dying ‘news’ empire. If he finishes behind huntsman, he may convert to Islam, move to his boss’s native land, and gather a harem of rich widows and spinsters.

    Watzisface Huntsman will disappear from history sometime Saturday evening. He may hang around willard’s campaign hoping for a Sec’y of State job, but we’ll never know. j. h. will be as gone as if his initials stood for jimmy hoffa.

    baer ? bier ? Who was the gibbering stoner ? I guess we’ll never find out who the hell he was.


    Ten little Iowans standin’ in a line,
    One toddled home and then there were nine;
    Nine little Iowans swingin’ on a gate,
    One tumbled off and then there were eight.
    One little, two little, three little, four little, five little Iowa pols,
    Six little, seven little, eight little, nine little, ten little Iowa pols.
    Eight little Iowans gayest under heav’n ! ! !
    One went to sleep and then there were seven;
    Seven little Iowans cuttin’ up their tricks,
    One broke his neck and then there were six.
    Six little Iowans all alive,
    One kicked the bucket and then there were five;
    Five little Iowans on a cellar door,
    One tumbled in and then there were four.
    Four little Iowans up on a spree,
    One got fuddled and then there were three;
    Three little Iowans out on a canoe,
    One tumbled overboard and then there were two.
    Two little Iowans foolin’ with a gun,
    One shot t’other and then there was one;
    One little Iowan marchin’ all alone,
    A landslide caught her and then there were none.

  9. The Republicans should try to lure Lincoln Chaffee back
    and run him as The Candidate for Sane Republicans

  10. I always want both parties to give us their best as their presidential candidate…which means I would opt for Huntsman on the Repug side. Sad that they’re so far gone that there’s zippo chance of that happening.

  11. Ooohhh…I could go for Lincoln Chaffee, too! Good call, KGC!

    Maybe it just boils down to the desire for a sane candidate with an actual, functioning brain….

  12. Maybe it just boils down to the desire for a sane candidate with an actual, functioning brain….

    Instead being hoped for dream it should be the minimum standard

  13. “As for Rick Perry –lol people will look at him and see Shrub”

    kgc, that must be why he’s now sporting a ronnie reagan hair cut, speaking style and gestures. he’s trying to cover up the shrubbiness.

  14. The other thing that could kill a Potholes Aplenty candidacy, as if his I35 bridge killings weren’t enough, in the 3d year of his 2d term the Dem Legislature voted a budget, which he vetoed. They reworked things and at the last moment voted another budget, and he vetoed it after the legislature adjourned and went home in May. Potholes then proceded to write his own budget instead of calling the legislature back into session.

    When the legislature returned in January, the (Dem) Speaker sued Potholes (instead of impeaching him as should have been done) and the MN Supremes (majority puguglicans) ruled unanimpously that Potholes had unconstitutionally exceeded his power and encroached on the powers of the State House & Senate.

    Iow, he’s a nixon or charles I or Napoleon in sheep’s clothing.

  15. Well, there’s no doubt that we need an Irishman in the White House. So, here’s for O’Bama. But, I _really_ want Ms Rodham as my candidate.

  16. For those who don’t remember what Potholes Aplenty’s penny-pinching wrought :


    13 dead

  17. Here’s my dream ticket

    Lincoln Chaffee and Russ Feingold

    they can flip a coin to see who gets what title but I want them to serve as co-presidents.

    Like Flatus I would prefer Ms Rodham but I think that ship has sailed — for the time being.

  18. Rick Perry looks odd – very unnatural is the way he carries he so muscle bound he can’t move? that would account for his thinking

  19. No doubt, KGC, sanity and a brain should be the minimum standard, but that ship has sailed, too…at least, with the Repugs.

    I would take Russ Feingold as a presidential candidate in a heartbeat! If he’s paired with Chaffee, I want Feingold in the top spot. Well…if he’s paired with just about anyone, I want Feingold in the top spot. Now there’s your challenge from the left!

  20. KGC,

    Here is a link that should contain the Highway and Bridge information. Last updated in 2007. Useless!

    The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials advocates transportation-related policies and provides technical services to support states in their efforts to efficiently and safely move people and goods.

    I am proposing an aggressive “in your face” effort. Not some Democratic pusillanimous or wuss jello spine typical effort. Play on offense not defense! Democrats cave too quickly! The highway and bridge data on this site has not been updated since 2007. That is disgraceful!

    That is no way to run a railroad. We should add the railroad tracks, crossings and bridges to the mix. Have the Warren Buffet’s and CSX’s of the of the U.S. kick in some big bucks for the government fixing up their facilities. Use their engineers for the design, specification and project management, at a reasonable price. Use their maintenance crews to implement new designs and upgrades again for a reasonable price.

  21. KGC,

    I believe Lincoln Chaffee is now an independent. Moderate Republicans are now extinct in the Republican Party.

  22. New Yorkers & Obama
    by Taylor Marsh

    Hey, they like spine.

    Quinnipiac (via Halperin):

    New York State voters disapprove 49 – 45 percent of the job President Obama is doing, a huge drop from his 57 – 38 percent approval June 29 and the first time the president ever has had a negative score in New York, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

    Democrats approve 75 – 19 percent, down from 82 – 12 percent in June. Disapproval is 86 – 10 percent among Republicans, compared to a 74 – 23 percent disapproval in June, and 58 – 36 percent among independent voters, compared to a slightly positive 49 – 45 percent in June, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll finds.

    Halperin notes: And: It’s the first time a president has ever received a negative score in New York.

  23. One thing I don’t understand is how someone unemployed can get a job when there aren’t any jobs. The jobs have moved away from the USA. So what kind of jobs are they talking about when they say we must create jobs. Infrastructure is all well and good but how many jobs would that be? Where, exactly, are all these unemployed people supposed to be employed as a result of congress’s machinations?

  24. I never thought this abortion of a health care coverage bill was constitutional. Even if I thought it were, the SCOTUS has ruled that spending in the private sector is speech. Therefore, forced spending in the private sector must be coerced speech. You get to choose your doctor, but not yor insurer. Sheesh. This is what you get when the foghing insurance companies write the insurance laws to maximize profit and minimize responsiveness, efficiency, affordability, accessability, and legality. What have I left out ?

    Anyway, expanding Medicare would have provided cheaper, more responsive, more efficient, more accessable, and PERFECTLY LEGAL insurance. It’s a no-brainer. What a byzantine, fascist, monstrosity these devils created.

  25. The straw poll is a pay to play – so it’s really a test of fundraising or how much money you can spread around

    Here’s how it works

    I don’t agree it means nothing. It is a test of a a campaigns organization and understanding of what is going on.
    I think Potholes loses because he is taking it too seriously or letting other people say he must win

  26. Yup, Tony. The difference between cash payment by you and payment by your insurance compamny = the gouge your insurance company cuts out of you and your doc ! Therefore, using insurance actually costs you more than not. And for this favor, your insurance company charges you premiums.

    This is exactly what Max and our other republican Trail Hands refused to admit during the ‘health care’ debate.

  27. So doctors are doing what congress refused to do….cutting out the insurance companies and making health care cheaper

  28. Ms Cracker,

    Some are. That lessens the utility of insurance, Then fewer people are insured. Then the big bill hits, and the family is left dependent on the county and can never get insurance again.

    Neat system, eh ? And, that is what we are left with cuz oh,bummer worked with Big Insho to create an unconstitutional system.

  29. “If we would learn what the human race really is at bottom, we need only observe it in election times.”
    – Mark Twain’s Autobiography

    Some of my otherwise intelligent friends are worried that a Romney campaign and White House would be “run from Salt Lake.”
    Ha. Just as JFK fought the “..will be run from Rome” nonsense, Romney is taking it on the shins because of his religion and lifestyle.
    It’s all bull, you know it is.
    Charlie Finley, the late insurance whiz who made a fortune selling the first comprehensive malpractice insurance policies to medical doctors, and who later owned the Oakland A’s baseball club, only hired Mormons to run his business affairs, because he said they were the most honest people in the world.
    Howard Hughes , the same. Only Mormons had the business under control.
    Please criticize Romney because he’s out of touch with reality , being a millionaire and all, but lay off him because you may hate Mormons.
    Romney got lit-up good in Des Moines when he told a heckler “corporations are people so people benefit from corporations.” Yeah, I know…he’s gotta do better than that.

  30. My $2 Superfecta

    1. michele bachmann
    2. willard romney
    3. ron paul
    4. Potholes Aplenty

    Now off to brunch with Sweetie.

  31. Dexter,

    Except for their splinter groups, Mormons aren’t much different from other people.

    But in those places where Southern Baptists, Pentacostals, 7th Day Adventists are thick on the ground, Mormons (and Catholics) are anathema until after the rippers’ convention. While dixie may viciously oppose Catholics and Mormons in presidential primaries, they voted heavily for Catholic Al Smith way back in the dark ages of 1928. I presume that in the presidential general election today, a Mormon puguglican would defeat the Democrat in SC, GA, TN, AL, MS, LA, AR, and TX.

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