Values Erupt at ‘Values’ Summit

Now here’s some news. Someone stood up against bigotry at the “Values” Voter Summit, even if it was in order to defend a fellow Republican.

Longtime GOP personality Bill Bennett angrily reacted to a Texas preacher’s attacks yesterday at the summit against Mitt Romney’s Mormon religion, drawing applause and a few gasps from the audience of social conservatives with this line: “Do not give voice to bigotry.”

Romney himself offered a rebuke for another bigot allowed on the summit’s stage – Christian radio host Bryan Fischer, who makes a living spewing anti-Mormon, anti-gay, and anti-Muslim slurs.

One of the speakers who will follow me today, has crossed that line. Poisonous language does not advance our cause. It has never softened a single heart nor changed a single mind. The blessings of faith carry the responsibility of civil and respectful debate. The task before us is to focus on the conservative beliefs and the values that unite us – let no agenda, narrow our vision or drive us apart.” – Mitt Romney, Values Voter Summit (10/8)

Unlike his silence last month when the Florida debate crowd booed the gay soldier Romney gets riled up when bigots target him. Still, keep up this sort of talk and bigoted speakers might no longer be valued at the “Values” summit.

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242 thoughts on “Values Erupt at ‘Values’ Summit”

  1. My comment on the NY Times “desperate” article from previous thread: “Let’s face it. All of the current GOP leaders are either by association or inclination aligned with folks who should probably be doing jail time either for economic felonies or war crimes. It’s a little hard to find a candidate in among the guilty and the not guilty are so Jesus intoxicated they are incapable of coherent thought or grammatically stringing two sentences together in the same speech. If and when the Republican party returns to sanity, it can once more be considered for national office.”

  2. Another commentator by the name of “Stormkite”, came up with this comment on that same story. Struck me as both funny and accurate:

    The Republican Strategy is actually pretty simple:

    If we can focus our energy and work together, the upper 1% of the community will prosper AND Jesus will help us repeal the 20th century in its entirety. The question which divides us is whether we should stop at 1850 or go for the whole thing and get rid of that Magna Carta mistake as well.

    In any case feudalist theocracy is obviously a better way of life for everyone… we at the top can do whatever we like (in the Name of God) without worrying about you at the bottom, and you at the bottom can… well, nobody who matters really gives a rat’s about you at the bottom, so it doesn’t matter much, does it?

  3. One of the reasons that the republican party can’t be taken seriously is because when they have the chance to distance themselves and call out the most outlandish comments from the fringes of the party they generally agree or remain mute.
    I detest Bill Bennett, but on this at least he and I can agree. Others should follow his lead and with a good deal more fervor and regularity.

  4. Texas preacher huh? Poor little richard, before this is over he is going to have a lot of Reverend Wright problems. Or perhaps that should read Reverend Wrong.

  5. Strong on values. Strong on religion. Strong on money.

    Not so strong on the faith thingy. To inconvenient I suppose.

    Value voters my ass.

  6. More hits from the “Values” Summit: Glenn Beck just blamed unemployment on the “fun” jobless, people “who don’t want to work”

  7. Ok guys, I am confused, as usual. Watched the interview with Rev.Jefferess and I watched some of the interview that he did with Blitzer last night.

    He talks about the need for born again Christians to support a candidate that embraces historical Christianity. No problem if that is how he feels.

    But the last time I checked, historical Christianity, involved embracing ideas like this. “Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus”.

    I am not all together certain that Rev. Jeffress has wrapped his loving arms entirely around ‘historical Christianity’ in that context, but maybe that’s just me.

  8. Of course why would you want to work when you could be jobless and have all the fun. Losing your home, losing you car, losing your retirement, watching your kids suffer. I mean really does it get any more fun than that?
    It’s so much fun that before long every one will be doing it.

    There is no afterlife that is wretched enough or long enough for the likes of Beck.

  9. If he thinks it is violent now, wait until the Left becomes ambidextrous. A pitch fork in each hand.

  10. God Craig,
    I don’t know how you listen to that with out holding onto a barf bag!

  11. Straw Poll:

    37% Ron Paul
    23% Herman Cain
    16% Rick Santorum
    8% Rick Perry
    8% Michele Bachmann
    4% Mitt Romney
    3% Newt Gingrich
    0% Jon Huntsman
    1% Undecided

  12. I listened to Romney making his presentation at the ‘I’m a Bigger Pig Than You’ conference. He was/is. There’s no way in Hell that I would vote for such an individual.

    Why don’t these people have the courage to go into such an environment and say the ‘right’ thing as Bennett did?

  13. Sturgeone, just discovered your Tweet page, and you led me to @Mort Sahl and @the unknowncomic. They’ll be fun to follow, thanks for that.

  14. Eckshully, Sturg, it seemed to be out of dismay and anger at what the fools were doing to the party he screwed-up as a matter of principle.

  15. I sing a song of ignorance
    Ignorance keeps us free
    Ignorance is the key
    Ignorance is bliss
    Ignorance makes the world go ’round
    In Ignorance we trust and call it “god”
    It’s Learning we renounce
    It’s Learning makes us weak and will-he, nill-he
    It’s Learning which is the enemy
    It’s Learning my kids will have no part of
    From my porch of ignorance I can see russia
    And I just don’t trust those eggheaded pencil-pushers
    They’re not like us
    And always have been.
    I can’t hear them, la-la-la-la-la-la-la

    MORAL: Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on……bra.
    La-la how the life goes on.

  16. With this last recession I guess most of the sane people have left Florida. There are a few of us left including Tony and Anon. Craig is just a visitor.

    Florida Legislator Seeks To Legalize Dwarf-Tossing

    Florida may be facing rising unemployment, funding cuts of major social programs, and environmental threats, but Rep. Ritch Workman (R-Melbourne) has stepped forward to tackle an issue that few have even acknowledged, let alone addressed, in the halls of power: dwarf-tossing. Workman is seeking to lift the ban on dwarf-tossing and to return Florida to a competitive position in the sport.

  17. cc….please to excuse my munchkinish criticisms….i’m a fine one to talk about saying something….it was not that bad an appearance as appearances go, it’s just that sometimes of a friday night after the ritual eleven o’clock rendering of the mustang sally i have a tendency to gravitate to the stupid side of thought just as a further means of self-entertainment and wax-on-wax-off-dom……

  18. Purple…

    Careful there or you might give me a bad rep, calling me sane.LOL…LOL…LOL…

    On the other hand though, thanks for the compliment.

    Have a great day.

  19. I don’t think a one of the Values folks can say, ‘Jesus Christ would approve of our message.’

    And republican midget minds in Florida want to be #1 in Dwarf tossing.

    Yep, real fine, Christian ethics and values.

  20. Were guns allowed inside the values summit, Craig? Or did Beck check his at the door?

  21. And of course many thanks to all who’ve donated to cover TM expenses, rebellious, tony, jamie and many others. Also to those who click ads to fill our cookie jar!

  22. Here’s your entertainment for the weekend. If you haven’t seen Real Steel yet – GO!!! It has every father/son, redemption, everyman against the odds cliche that has ever been written. It also has great acting, a child with the eyes of an angel, unbelievable fight scenes and an audience that is punching the air along with the robots. It is just plain fun. Skip the political thriller “Ides of March”. Who needs to think on the weekend when you could be bouncing, clapping, and woo hooing?

  23. I ran across this blog regarding Ron Paul and what one Christian perceives —

    I have been so ignorant, so many kinds of Christians and not under one tent, but separate tents. It is a good read.

    And thank you Mcq, Jamie, Renee for keeping us here…I am of the Clicker Class, but I am also OCD…so it works out!

    Sorry not the greatest YouTube…hard to find a live Roger playing autumn leaves.

  24. BW,
    What a joy you are to me and all of us here! I mean it too, your commentary here means a lot to me..In fact TM is priceless and your ad clicks are the very best and easiest way to support TM, so i thank you as well..

  25. From a previous thread:

    Laura Ingrahm is not a great talent. As shows go hers is one of the worst. I can’t help but believe that in any other country she would not even be a blip on the radar.
    In this country however she has enjoyed the opportunity to turn her average abilities into a very lucrative living.
    I am damned if I can understand why she and others of her ilk are so reluctant to allow others the same opportunity.
    I am not all that inclined to hug the rich, least of all her.


    BW and Anon,
    Here’s a sight i found that will allow you to watch stations like MSNBC and CNN live through your computer. If you hook your computer up to the big screen LCD or LED like mine you can watch on the big screen..

  27. Jamie,
    I can’t wait to see Real Steal. Sounds like great fun.

    As for the Ides of March , not so much.
    I am thinking that it just reinforces what most of us here already know. Our political system and those who prosper from that system are rotten to the core.
    We don’t need a movie to tell us that. We see it live every day.

  28. Jace

    I currently have only a few more “Under serious consideration” movies on my list for the year unless I hear of something unexpected:

    J. Edgar
    Sherlock Holmes
    Adventures of Tin Tin
    War Horse

    Real Steel was just a great FUN movie. The whole audience gets into it which is unusual for a motion picture. Live theater yes, but a movie?

  29. Jamie,
    I thought the trailers for J. Edgar looked fascinating and I immediately put it on my must see list. Same for Anonymous. Don’t know about War Horse.

    On the other hand, what do I know? I liked Money Ball.

  30. Just watching Chopped.
    I am thinking that at the end of each future Republican debate, one candidate should be chopped.
    I get to be one of the judges. 😀

  31. War Horse is the movie version of the Broadway play. I cried watching the previews for the play. I cried during the song tribute that I wrote up for memorial day. and today I cried during the preview for the film. Bring tissues.

    My Memorial Day blog was dedicated to the animals because “They Had No Choice” with a link to a video about the stage version with the amazing puppets

  32. Oh and you are not alone about Money Ball. It is getting rave reviews just not the kind of movie that gets me out of the house. I’ll catch it on pay per view.

  33. Tonyb…

    Thanks, I bookmarked it. I watch Rachael and Ed on MSNBC TV and the other ones I don’t look at.

    On your link under Movies Thor just finished and Transformers Dark Of The Moon was just starting.

    There’s a movie after that and the last one listed on the users site for the lineup is XMen. On to late for me so maybe I’ll check it out tomorrow and see what’s he has playing.

    Later buddy and have a great day.

  34. tony…I did link MSNBC…LOCKDOWN is on! It reminds me of Pogo…for Mrs. P was like me, always bitching about the cheap weekend programming of MSNBC.

    Jace…would their republican heads appear under the cover reveal like the losing course of Chopped? I watch the food network (it is on economy cable) and I enjoy Chopped, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (Like RR) and the Iron Chef.

  35. Thanks for the links, Jamie. Never get enough of the ‘animals.’ I sure wish humans could understand how the animals ‘do it’ and ‘live it, so naturally.’

  36. Craig…you have an impeach Eric Holder Ad on the site…I am clicking away…

  37. BW,
    Heads under plates, I hadn’t thought of that, but it would be delicious. Heads on platters, sort of biblical don’t you think?
    How appropriate. Would you care to help judge? 😉

  38. Jamie,
    Yes! War horse. I saw those trailers and remembered thinking that was a movie Cheryl and I should see.
    One box of popcorn and one box of tissue. What a tribute to the endurance and majesty of our animal friends.
    Thanks for reminding me.

    BTW I think that you should take a run at the ministry. I don’t think that God would be sorry at all.

  39. next time when you go to one of those values summit things, you might want to wear a brain slug just like in the video below in order to “understand” what they’re saying lol


  40. It is hard to understand what these values types are saying, because they don’t understand what they are saying.

  41. I have not heard the following words from any of the Values Republican candidates…


    Where is Jesus when we need him? Values, my ass.

    I know the ‘Let them eat pizza party.’

  42. oh dear, been watching Sunday MSNBC for the first time in months…that made me hungry. Started watching CNN and that made me poor. Crap news.

  43. Blonde,
    they don’t remember the poor and the hungry, but being the good values types and having a passing regard for Christianity they know that “The poor will be with us always”. If that is the case why worry about their plight.
    They have values for sure, and a lot of their values suck.

  44. httpv://

    Much in this thread has been said that causes me to think of Don Quichotte a Dulcinee. For all here who would tilt with windmills. Enjoy!

    Sunday Sublime.

  45. for jamie, thanks for the roger williams piece and, on behalf of the animals, thanks again. btw, i think you make a fine preacher.


  46. Jace…I read the post. Greed, hunger and poor have been with us since the beginning of time. How foolish we are to think we have moved beyond that reality.

  47. Bill Bennett standing up against bigotry…what are the odds?

  48. BW.
    Clergy Join march.
    Oh those violent left leaning clergymen.
    Next thing you know they will be promoting common values and social justice. We should all be very afraid.

    Cantor and Beck will wet themselves.

  49. Hey BW…

    Speaking of pizza, beware and be wary…

    If your gonna smoke pot and order pizza I would suggest not ordering from Papa John’s or you could find the police knocking at or knocking down your door.

    DENVER — A Colorado man who got a visit from police after a pizza delivery driver smelled marijuana at his home is getting free pizza from a rival restaurant.

    Back in my younger days I and a lot of those in my old neighborhood would all go over to a friends house on the weekends.

    We would sit around and either watch tv sports, a movie or listen too music either on album or radio. As the night would progress of course we would all get hungry from smoking that devil weed and order pizza.

    Of course when the driver would deliver it we all knew that the smell was quite prevalent in the air and never did we worry that the driver would call the cops on us.

    Well today it is quite a different story. We always here that if we see or hear something that don’t sound or look right we should notify the proper authorities.

    And of course it happened now with a person smoking pot. Funny thing is though that one time the police did show up at the door, but it was to tell us to turn down the music as it was after 10pm and a neighbor complained about the noise. And yes the smell of pot was in the air, however the policeman that showed up never said anything about it.

    Today not so. We have become just like the good Germans who would report their neighbors for hiding someone of Jewish heritage or faith, I know apples and oranges. This is what Republican policies have done to our country.

    We saw it also with the Values Summit were Romney’s faith was brought up. To the Repulicans he’s not a true Christian like they are and even if he wins the nomination (which I don’t think he will because of his faith) they will never vote for him.

    In closing I would just like to say to all pot smokers that may read this comment if your going to smoke pot and order pizza, DON’T ORDER PIZZA FROM PAPA JOHN’S….

    Have a great day…

  50. Talk about biting the customer that feeds you, AP! It is the munchies that keep that crappy food in business~

    Jace…the last time I protested with clergy…it was at Rocky Flats with the Berrigan brothers.

  51. jace…C-bob was there, too. I am assuming more than a few mixers have their protest pedigree.

  52. I look at the protests the same way the protests of the late 80s were market basket protests –big consortium of groups until we went to war — anti war is a good common cause.

    What Wall St represents to many people is “getting away with it” and “getting someone else to pay.” And I think for the folks who have been stuck with the bill – they have had enough of “Wall Streets” antics.

  53. The insanity within Florida’s public officials continues. In the movie Dr. Strangelove the character General Jack Ripper (Sterling Hayden) was based upon the 1950s John Birch Society’s anti-fluoridation campaign. Fred Koch, founder of Koch Industries, was one of the founding members of the John Birch Society and father of the brothers David and Charles Koch. In the true family tradition David and Charles Koch are the major funders of the Tea Party.

    Tea party influenced Pinellas commission vote to eliminate fluoride in drinking water
    By David DeCamp, October 6, 2011

    Eight years ago, Pinellas County commissioners decided to add fluoride to the drinking water.

    On Tuesday, the board eliminated fluoride despite pleas from dentists who said its absence would cause more rotten teeth.

    Credit tea party activism for the reversal.

    Vote on fluoride is hard to swallow
    By Daniel Ruth, October 7, 2011

    If you are of a certain age, you could be forgiven for thinking that you were caught up in a perverse sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 Dr. Strangelove, in which a deranged rogue military officer sets off nuclear Armageddon because he thinks fluoride in the water supply is a Kremlin conspiracy to destroy America. • “You know when fluoridation first began? Nineteen hundred and forty-six. 1946, Mandrake. How does that coincide with your postwar commie conspiracy, huh? It’s incredibly obvious, isn’t it? A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual. Certainly without any choice. That’s the way your hard-core commie works.” • Whew! For a moment there, while Pinellas County Commissioners Norm Roche, John Morroni, Nancy Bostock and Neil Brickfield wrung their hands and bemoaned the socialist plot to induce fluoride into the water supply, you half-expected them to fret about losing their collective “essence” by gargling.

    Nature’s Way to Prevent Tooth Decay
    Water Fluoridation

    American Dental Association Statement
    Since 1950, the ADA has unreservedly endorsed the fluoridation of community water supplies as safe, effective, and necessary
    in preventing tooth decay.

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Statement
    CDC has recognized the fluoridation of drinking water to prevent dental decay as one of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century. Over the past 60 years, optimal fluoridation of community drinking water has been a major factor for the decline in rates of tooth decay.

    U.S. Surgeon General Statement
    “Community water fluoridation continues to be the most cost-effective, equitable and safe means to provide protection from tooth decay in a community. A person’s income level or ability to receive routine dental care is not a barrier to receiving fluoridation’s health benefits. Water fluoridation is a powerful strategy in our efforts to eliminate differences in health among people and is consistent with my emphasis on the importance of prevention.” Vice Admiral Richard Carmona, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.S., 2002-2006

  54. purp, here’s another story from your part of the woods debunking another fluoride conspiracy theory:

    btw, there is an element on the left that now and then whispers about fluoride’s inception being only a profit plot for some chemical company to make money off of mining byproducts that would otherwise be wasted. (some german health food promoting doctor wrote about it and the mercury in dental amalgum scare)

  55. oh yeah, dr max gerson. here’s a documentary about his cancer cure theory among other things (including the fluoride bit). beware it’s 92 (ninty two) long minutes.


  56. The Big Wall Street Banks Shall Rule!

    I have to give the Obama Administration credit for having developed Plan B and probably Plan C and maybe Plan D to protect the Wall Street Banks. If the 50 state attorney general settlement unravels as it currently looks like it will, they already have Plan B in motion for the whitewash.

    More Proof of Federal Coverup of Mortgage Fraud: Robosigner-Equivalents Hired to Review Foreclosure Files in Required Audits
    By Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism, October 9, 2011

    Georgetown law professor and securitization expert Adam Levitin has come upon a real doozy in terms of how banking regulators aren’t even bothering to mount a serious pretense that their much-touted efforts to rein in mortgage abuses are anything more than a coverup for the banks. And he is suitable irate.

    If you’ve been following this sorry saga, you may recall that in April of this year, major servicers entered into servicing consent orders with the OCC and Fed. They were clearly all for show. Rather than observer the normal procedure, and have a regulator conduct the exams, the consent orders instead provide for the banks to hire soi-disant independent parties to conduct the reviews. As we and more recently Francine McKenna pointed out, there is pretty much no one with a brand name that is worth renting that doesn’t either have a relationship with the big banks or is keen to develop one. Since the reviews won’t be made public, there is every reason to expect that any problems reported will be strictly cosmetic.

  57. Hey, Herman baby,

    Well honey it ain’t your money
    ‘Cause baby I got plenty of that
    I love you for your pink Cadillac
    Crushed velvet seats
    Riding in the back
    Oozing down the street
    Waving to the girls
    Feeling out of sight
    Spending all my money
    On a Saturday night
    Honey I just wonder what you do there in back
    Of your pink Cadillac
    Pink Cadillac

  58. Jack…thanks for pink cadillac.

    Cain is so out-of-touch…really, a Cadillac is nothing to the Prius and scooter crowd!

  59. patd

    Thanks for the link. The tea party here are just sheep being directed and funded by the Koch brothers. An extension of the Nazi crap is that the fluoride salt came from Russia which makes it the “commie conspiracy.”

  60. The JohnnyCashmobile is one of those cars you used to get into and you’re halfway there!!

  61. Kristin Chick from Cairo 2 hours ago.

    kristenchick Kristen Chick
    The scene at the Coptic hospital is unbearable.

    There are reports of gunshot wounds as well as people being run over by military vehicles at Coptic protest in Cairo. Trying to get there

    ichardengelnbc Richard Engel
    ​seems like all #egypt’s demons bubbling up. Anti-israeli rage, copt- muslim tension #egypt
    1 hour ago
    Richard Engel
    Told copts at protest were pelted with stones by passersby and all hell broke out..

    Kristen Chick
    Just counted all 16 bodies w my own eyes. Some dead from gunshots, others are smashed apparently from being run over. Ppl say more outside

  62. nytjim Jim Roberts
    by BreakingNews
    State TV asks “honest Egyptians” to come out of their homes and protect security forces.

  63. Sturg,
    Just looked at huff po. Cairo is defiantly not the place to be today. Too many dead and revenge is in the air.

  64. Egypt? Not much better in Mexico, either. I fear it is beginning to happen…the global feng shui alignment is for more WAR.

  65. Jace

    Glad you liked them. Anyone can become a regular reviewer at IMDb plus it is a useful site. Anytime you want the plot, cast, reviews, etc on any movie, just go to IMDb and enter the title of the movie or in google put in IMDb and the title to go direct to its page.

  66. Every great economic downturn has been followed by some form of global war. Wall Street should be proud of themselves — The greedy bastards just didn’t pay attention when someone told them that history not learned is history repeated.

  67. Jamie…good point, but we have been at war for ten years in Afghanistan at a cost of $444 billion. I do not think we can afford another war and we have millions of vets who can do nothing else but war. There are no jobs when they come home. Very unbalanced, ,lopsided economy and the corruption and greed may have done us in this time. A nose dive, for sure.

  68. And the banker types get bored by academics and history…it is about guts, glory and guns. And Mayor Bloomberg is crying about his banks. You should have started your tears about four years ago, Mr. Mayor.

  69. Ruth_A_Buzzi
    What’s the difference between a bassoon and a baboon? You can make a living if you know how to play a baboon.

  70. Kristen Chick
    Think about this: after the initial violence at Maspiro, when clashes broke out in front of hospital, police/Army were absent for hours

    nbc Richard Engel
    By the way, ethnic tensions in #egypt, #iraq only help #asad. Prove his theory that the region needs strongmen. Not good

    Kristen Chick
    The rhetoric tonight was scary. People saying things like “civil war” and “no place for us here” etc. I know ppl were heated but scary stuff

  71. nytjim Jim Roberts
    Conservative journalist says he infiltrated protest at DC Air & Space Museum and instigated clashes.

  72. The Top Five Reasons To Move Your Money From Bank Of America
    By Zaid Jilani

    5. Despite The Poor Economy, Bank Of America Continues To Reward Its Executives With Multi-Million Dollar Salaries: Despite blaming economic woes for layoffs of employees and its new debit card fee, the mega-bank continues to deliver huge paydays to its executives. The bank just announced that two of its former executives, Sallie Krawcheck and Joe Price, will receive a salary of $850,000 and a payment of $5.15 million and a salary of $850,000 and a payment of $4.15 million respectively. Meanwhile, BOA maintained its CEO’s salary of $950,000 plus $9.05 million in performance-based stock awards this year.

  73. Of course it was a joke. Is there anyone who heard it and didn’t know it was a joke? Mr. Brown must be kind of obtuse.

  74. Power to the people

    Happy birthday John Lennon


  75. craigcrawford says: hey Heather. yep got a huge kick out of the brain slug, thanks. So many occasions that’d be good for

    hehe you’re welcome, so glad you liked it 😀

  76. Warren Vs Brown is the classic example of the difference between left and right humor.

    Warren Left – witty play with words
    Brown Right – infliction of pain or embarrassment

  77. Blake Hounshell
    RT by kristenchick
    With the army killing protesters there may be a Leahy Law issue here. In other words it may be illegal for certain units to get U.S. money.

  78. Sharif Kouddous
    by kristenchick
    I was there when it began. Some soldiers got pushed a bit. Then they attacked, beating people and sound of sustained gunfire filled the air
    9 hours ago

    Sharif Kouddous
    RT by kristenchick
    Egyptian State TV is completely distorting tonight’s events. Airing interviews of soldiers saying Copts began by beating and shooting them

  79. kristenchick Kristen Chick
    MENA says dozens of ‘instigators of chaos’ of last night were arrested. The real instigators were Army and state television.

  80. Hank Williams Jr. is about to have his say.

    Williams’ has cut new song “I’ll Keep My …,” calling out “Fox & Friends” and ESPN after an interview last week on the Fox News talk show led to the end of his association with the sports network and “Monday Night Football,” long home to his “Are you ready for some football?” theme.

    He’s also scheduled to appear on “The View” and “Hannity” on Tuesday to discuss the uproar that sprung up after he made an analogy that President Barack Obama and House Speaker Rep. John Boehner golfing together was like Nazi leader Adolph Hitler and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu playing a round.

    ESPN decided to pull Williams’ intro from last Monday’s “MNF” telecast after the comments and the move became permanent Thursday when both sides said they’d decided to pull the spot.

    Williams wrote the topical third verse of “I’ll Keep My …” when he woke up Friday morning and he and a group of players laid it down in a Nashville studio by Friday afternoon. It could be on iTunes late today or early Tuesday.

    In the song Williams, son of country music icon Hank Williams, says “Fox & Friends” hosts twisted his words: “So Fox ‘n Friends wanna put me down/Ask for my opinion/Twist it all around.” He finishes the verse: “Well two can play that gotcha game you’ll see.”

    Early in the song, he says the U.S. is “going down the drain” and says it’s becoming “The United Socialist States of America.” He mentions keeping “Fox & Friends” and ESPN out of your home toward the end of the song.

    detroit free press

  81. from 2001 until 2008 or so the automobile of state was driven by GW Bush with Cheney riding shotgun, Rumsfeld in the back, and towing the Halliburton trailer as they were busy throwing armloads of currency out of the windows and sunroof. The Halliburton trailer had a big scoop, of course, to catch all they could of the flying bills which were being tossed from the auto after being grabbed thru a trap door from the wads of cash stashed in the trunk.
    Not a republican (except for our old pal, Ron Paul, that is) said an effing PEEP about the cash flying out the windows.
    Now that obama wants to get a new set of tires, and maybe an oil change and tune-up the republicans are setting up a veritable howl: “Oh, my goodness, how will we ever pay for such frivolous notions as new tires?”

    Yeah, right. getting new tires is a socialist plot.

  82. httpv://’t+you+love+me+like+you+used+to+do&mid=4FABB2D174394A426C6C4FABB2D174394A426C6C&view=detail&FORM=VIRE5

    Hank Jr. is asking this question a lot now days.

  83. httpv://!

    Hank Jr. has a new theme song. Courtesy of his dad. 😉

  84. Sturg,

    The problem is that the Bush Cheney crowd was driving the aforementioned Pink Cadillac. When they skipped town,they left Obama an Edsel.

    Lousy bastards. 😉

  85. Ron Paul won the values voters straw poll

    why isn’t he the new front runner for the Republican nomination?

    Are they cheaters or what?

  86. KGC,
    I thought that the Cain train was leaving the station.

    Guess someone forgot to tell the Paul voters.

  87. The Cain Train..oy vey Once again the media takes it upon itself to make the news not report it.

    Happy October Federal Holiday I think it should have been renamed Queen Isabella Day after all she hocked her stuff to pay for Columbus’s trip

  88. Bill Bennett standing up against bigotry –too bad it only extends to his own self-interest. What a phony he is big fat liar fits him perfectly

  89. KGC,
    Personally I think that Cain is delusional, and the press isn’t far behind.

    If he or they think that this country is going to replace a black socialist president with a black conservative, then they have not been paying much attention to what has been going on in the republican party the last three years.

  90. Eric Cantor –what a freakin hypocrite

    He loves the Tea Party and never said one word when they were
    disrupting events and stepping on people’s heads

    but he thinks the occupy wall street people are bums

    Kind of like most goopers he only objects to things that don’t serve his self-interest.

  91. Cain — it would like electing Clarence Thomas president..

    It would prove once and for all …anyone can be president.

    And no offense to affirmative action hires…but that’s what Cain is. He worked for the government and for big companies all of which had goals for adding people of color in management.
    He could be very good at what he does but he got his foot in the door because of the work people did before him he did not get there on his own.

    And by the way..have anyone here ever had a godfather’s pizza…not me they don’t seem to operate around here

    ps I added this later
    I looked up yelp reviews of Godfather Pizza and yikes…not so much.

  92. Cain — it would like electing Clarence Thomas president..

    Brilliant observation, KGC.

    The corruption level is so high, we have reached the point of no return.

  93. Now this young lady could teach Kapo Eric Cantor (R-VA) what it means to be a real Jew.

    “A little more than a month ago, I became a Bat Mitzvah. In Judaism, that means I am now an adult and have pledged to keep the traditions of my faith. And yet it was for those very reasons that I decided to spend Yom Kippur – the holiest day of the Jewish year – joining the protesters of Occupy L.A. instead of going to synagogue.”

    Have a great day… 😀

  94. Well I think I finally figured it all out. It’s about caffeinated drinks. Mormons have dietary restrictions against

    Pepsi is fighting back with Herman Cain. the champion of sugary caffeinated drinks

    The Cain-Christie ticket “The Good Die Young and that’s a Good Thing” Eat yourself to death and help your country through this deficit.

  95. I am a big fan of coca cola (and I can tell the difference between the real things and all pretenders) and I used to drink a lot of it and over the years I have cut back. But I always thought of it as having a cocktail – no real redeeming value but not all that harmful. Walter Willet from Harvard school of Public Health in an interview with the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s like cigarette smoking.
    “..sugary beverages are the number-one problem in the American diet.: They are the number one sales item in grocery stores…”

    Herman Cain is NOT going to stand up against the soda industry and make them pay a fat tax. He is going to tell you that the American way is free choice (except of course for those instances in which he knows better)

    We need leaders not people who take advantage of our bad habits

  96. as noted before the protestors’ name “ows” befits the current conditions. still looking tho’ for some “ouch”es to show up.

    a subculture of the “ows” may also be a new group i’ve dubbed “yuk”s or “yukkies” which stands for the youthfully urban knowledgeable (or know-it-alls in some cases).

  97. Poor Herman Cain, he just can’t bring himself to admit that his opportunity to make millions was the direct result of a bunch of mostly poor black people standing up and just saying no. No to riding in the back of the bus, eating at separate lunch counters, separate education, and voter intimidation, just to mention a few.
    He took advantage of those opportunities and made millions, good for him.In this country we respect and admire that.
    Just don’t tell us that you did it all on your own.
    A lot of people withstood fire hoses and night sticks so he could peddle pizza and run for president.Cain himself was notably absent.
    Now he has the nerve to disparage those who would like to have the same opportunity.
    They are in the streets just saying no. Once again, Cain is notably absent. Go figure.

  98. KGC…poor Mothers know that filling a toddler’s stomach with pizza and soda, leaves the child feeling full. Malnourished, but full. They stop complaining they are hungry. Those are the ‘pizza pimp’s products.’ Herman Cain pushes garbage…ignores early detection for cancer…pretty much a toxic guy.

  99. so he could peddle crappy pizza and make millions off of people looking for value for their dollar…a lot of the locations are around military bases — where I am sure Herman Cain is campaigning for better military wages.

    Cain is a lobbyist for the restaurant industry and opposed health care reform. We have indeed jumped the shark

    In SF the restaurants opposed paying for their employees health care and when forced to do so..figured out ways to steal the money instead…

  100. The restaurant association is one of the worst trade groups
    their goals are low wages, no health care, take advantage of undocumented workers, no food safety laws, no food information laws, tax breaks for paying crappy wages

  101. Cain says you should be able to make it on your own

    I wonder how Pillsbury etc will feel about losing all their tax breaks.

  102. Jack,
    Saw that chart this morning. Thanks for linking it.

    The recession is over and has been for a while.
    Someone just forgot to tell the ‘average’american household.

    The political types on both sides don’t like to go there because it points to both failure and blindness on their part.

  103. The US economy is in BIG trouble, and if we don’t make some radical changes fast, we are heading towards conditions not seen since the “Great Depression.” 25% unemployment, tent cities in public parks, soup lines, etc.

    The elites of BOTH political parties, who live in an affluent bubble, don’t see this.

  104. Can anyone follow the money?

    “…cavity rates in both towns either remained the same or decreased six years after fluoridation was stopped…”

    “…swallowing fluoride doesn’t reduce tooth decay but does cause dental fluorosis — white spotted, yellow or brown stained and sometimes pitted teeth…”


    And here’s your Occupy Wall Street/flouride moment:

    “…a doctoral student, Elise Bassin, reported in her thesis that there was a correlation between fluoride and bone cancer… When her thesis was released by Dr. Chester Douglass, the head of the Harvard Dental School, that correlation was omitted…she blew the whistle…While that investigation was going on Dr. Douglass donated $1 million to Harvard. He was found innocent of any wrong doing..Douglass is on the payroll of Colgate/Palmolive also.”

    “…over 1.2 ppm was toxic. The NRC also found that fluoride interfered with kidney function. As a result, the National Kidney Foundation withdrew their support of fluoridation.”

    “The National Kidney Foundation withdrew its support of water fluoridation…”

  105. My 401(k) has been savaged over the past several years. It leaks like a sieve & where has it all gone? It would’ve been better if I had put it in a coffee can on a back shelf. I was closer to retirement 5 years ago than I am now, and I know I’m one of the lucky ones.
    Did anyone ever look into that tiny, tech blip that caused havoc in the market about six months ago? That story got buried quickly.

    Saw a ~fun~ show this weekend on The History Channel re: Is there still any gold in Ft. Knox? Oh, yeah, they mentioned Ron Paul.

    “This is one of the few legitimate functions of government: To check our ownership and be fiscally responsible…”

  106. Re: Blue’s post on fluoride.
    To me this issue makes the point that each person should make their own medical decisions and that nothing should added to the water supply

    The medical and pharmaceutical industry has smoked its objectivity and the government is nothing but their enablers

  107. Barry Ritholtz over at the The Big Picture Blog has posted a bunch more charts

    When you look at all the charts in one place with time lines, one thing pops out. This ain’t your fathers recession.

    This time it *IS* different.


  108. Ron Paul and gold,

    There is one of the major proofs that RP is a nutcase.


  109. Nash,
    The elites have had blinders on for a long time.
    Sadly I see no indication that they will be taking them off any time soon.

    Certainly the Bush crowd made a hash out of our economy,
    but they had a lot of help beginning with Saint Ronald, and continuing with the current messiah.

  110. ” Again, it is common knowledge that the movement against the fluoridation of municipal water supplies has been catnip for cranks of all kinds, especially for those who have obsessive fear of poisoning. It is conceivable that at some time scientists may turn up conclusive evidence that this practice is, on balance harmful;and such a discovery would prove the anti-flouridationists quite right on the substance of their position. But it could hardly, at the same time,validate the contentions of those among them who,in characteristic paranoid fashion, have charged that fluoridation was an attempt to advance socialism under the guise of public health, or to rot out the brains of the community by introducing chemicals in the water supply in order to make people more vulnerable to socialistic or communist schemes.”

    Richard Hofstadter

    Paranoid Style in American Politics-1964

    I guess you could say that these folks have been at it for a spell 😉

  111. Nash 12:17 post…true enough. Today we are at an effective unemployment rate at 25%, with those working at hourly jobs not getting a full 40 hour week, people living in parks, underpasses, rundown rvs, soup kitchens, food banks running empty…child abuse on the rise and now cities are not going to prosecute domestic violence….it a rampage on the bottom.

    It is a digital depression which the economist did not understand because it has never been seen before. They did not understand the quickness of it all falling apart…the decline towards the bottom of the sine curve. They killed the golden goose, the top heavy fell on the bottom 99%.

    I tried circling the wagons in 2007, but I lost so many wagons…I just don’t know. I am a stranger to poverty, but I feel I will become very good friends with poverty in the next few years. Most already here know how to work it.

  112. If a bald guy lies about his hair, what the heck else is he lying about…..I mean that’s pretty blatant to go around acting as if you had hair on your head.

    Unless you’re doing it for a gig, like george burns or john wayne……that’s just sho-biz……

  113. Ruth_A_Buzzi Ruth Buzzi
    Do you know the difference between a studio drummer and a 2-pound chicken? A 2-pound chicken can feed a family of four. #musicianjokes

  114. To even it out for our drummer friends:

    What’s the difference between a drummer and a toilet seat?

    A toilet seat only has to put up with one asshole at a time.

  115. Just looking at some photos of the Occupy Wall Street crowds over at Huf Po.

    Ye gods and little fish hooks they look like a bunch of wild eyed anarchists, bent on the destruction of civilization as we know it! The barbarians are at the gates run for your lives! 😉

  116. I just saw Erin Burnett’s new show on CNN Outfront
    her first guest was Donald Trump – spouting the don’t tax the rich we are the job creators…nonsense.

    First of all the show should be called the Affront
    and really Donald Trump is there a bigger bag of wind on the planet. What worthwhile contribution has he made to the national political conversation?

  117. The other pile of poop the Donald was hopping all over was Buy American…and the example he gave was his son would only have three toy trucks instead of the nine he might have if they were made in China.

    She should have asked him what are the wages paid to the people who mfg all the crap carrying his name and where is it made

  118. The Daily Occupation: High-Profile Speakers Must Follow Format

    One of the most recognizable features of the “occupations” taking place across the country is the leaderless form that they have taken. Together with a new, sometimes idiosyncratic vocabulary has emerged a structure that allows all participants equal opportunity to speak.

    A deep ambivalence towards breaking this format on behalf of high-profile speakers has emerged at several sites of the Occupy Together movement, as politicians have sought to schedule addresses to the assembled crowds—only to be told that they, like everyone else, must wait their turn …………………………………………………….Lewis, a Democratic member of Congress and Civil Rights veteran, attended the Atlanta group’s General Assembly on October 7 but was unable to stay long enough to reach the front of the queue that had assembled to speak. While Fox News ran the headline “ ‘Occupy Atlanta’ Silences Civil Rights Hero John Lewis,” a statement from Lewis’ spokeswoman said that not only was he not offended, but the group’s organizing process reminded him of him of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), with whom Lewis organized a number of iconic Civil Rights-era protests.

  119. Trump is unamerican...again

    I guess if asked about this he would fall back on the traditional gooper response — I didn’t mean to say what I was saying would apply to me or that my comments were in any way meant to be accurate or factual

  120. KGC…hubby started writing CNN last week about Burnett. I will let him know about your clever ‘Affront.’ More recycled trash from cable news. She will eventually join the revolving door of CNN unless she really did nail a good contract.

    And I am going to say something that may piss-off a lot, but Steve Jobs…a wonderful designer. But, he manufactured his product overseas. Design here, manufacture there. He would have love the newest patriotic proposal from Hagin and McCain.

    PS..KGC…the gun law Brown signed today was a move so against the republican agenda!

  121. Sturg…what is the difference between ‘I was joking’ and ‘I am a joke.’ Scott Brown! What an ass.

  122. I am disappointed that even link tv has had very little on what is happening in the middle east at this time.

  123. Blonde Wino

    The response from the open carry people was to state they would be carrying unloaded shotguns which are not mentioned in the legislation

    Soon they will be wheeling cannons down the street

    On the buy American front..what a fake argument and a lot of hooey. And most of the buy American shouts come from hypocrites like Trump who mfg overseas

    It’s our American value to be cheap especially when it means screwing some poor schmuck –that makes us very happy.
    But we like the appearance of being charitable –so we cheap out on our employees but make large tax deductible donations.

  124. ‘Wheeling cannons down the street…’

    or tanks.

    The Republican message is so off from the reality of the American scene…propaganda without cloaking. They do not give a rat’s behind anymore.

  125. BW, The republicans have gotten away with their lies and propaganda for so long that they no longer care. They know to a certainty that they will never be called to account.
    I mean really what have they got to lose?

  126. BW,
    I think that after they start wheeling the cannons down the streets they usually start wheeling the guillotines down the street right behind. That is when the fun really begins.

  127. Jace…guillotines…as in Chopped!

    Tony…have been able to watch MSNBC for the first time in months. I saw a Bill Maher clip from Real Time on Jansing & Co.. I feel almost full cable. Thanks.

  128. BW,
    So glad! I searched for a way to stream MSNBC because of you and ANON. I’m thankful to Google..Glad your watching, lov Jansing! Bill Maher, well, he’s extra special…

  129. Wheeling guillotines down the street can’t happen soon enough.

    Yes, what a wonderful sight that would be watching the back of their necks feel the sweet kiss of Madame Guillotine as she cleaves their necks from their heads.

    Can we have Beck be the first? Followed by Cantor, McConnell and the rest of the Republican Fascist Nazi’s.

  130. Hey tonyb…

    Just finished watching Lawrence, Rachel and Ed from the link you posted the other day.

    Also since then watched Columbiana, Fast and Furious 5 and a couple of other movies as well. Also like the Kung Fu Movie channel under the movies link.

    Thanks again as it means I can watch them in real time instead of having to go to MSNBC TV for O’Donnell and Ed and Rachel Maddow’s link.


  131. AP,
    We may joke about this, but as the income inequity gets worse as it surely will, the prospect of the guillotine will become more real.
    “Let them eat cake”, or “go out and get a job” is just not going to cut it anymore.

    If those who have been so instrumental in causing the existing state of economic affairs are failing to take notice, then they may well be the first in line for headache relief.

    For them life may become a bitch.

  132. Best to remember however that a popular uprising , soon gave way to the likes of the Dantons and Robespierres of the world.

    Let us be damn careful what we wish for. 😕

  133. jace says: 10/09/2011 at 2:01 PM BW.Clergy Join march.
    “Oh those violent left leaning clergymen.
    Next thing you know they will be promoting common values and social justice. We should all be very afraid.

    Cantor and Beck will wet themselves.”

    According to the bible beater at the valueless conference, cantor and beck aren’t Christians. The bigot forgot to mention that he’s a Mammonist, himself.

  134. httpv://

    Millions of unemployed Americans and the folks of Occupy Wall Street, are asking this question. so far the answer is a resounding, NO.
    You gotta’ love John Adams.

  135. From the Desk of Ms KGC : “…1950s John Birch Society’s anti-fluoridation campaign. Fred Koch, founder of Koch Industries, was one of the founding members of the John Birch Society….”

    red fred koch was trying to help his employer joseph stalin destroy America, one tooth at a time. The john birch society was a front for this diabolical commie plot. The koch family hasn’t changed a bit. They are still out to destroy America. Presently, they are out recruiting the next stalin.

    Save America ! Boycott blue planet gas, and georgia pacific products.

  136. XR,
    Cantor is not a Christian, and that goes with out saying.
    I don’t know what Beck is other than a dry drunk, but I really did want to see them wet themselves. Damn it all!

  137. In 1936&37 unemployment stood at or near 16%, nobody was afraid to use the term ‘depression’.

    Today, we gauge unemployment somewhat differently.
    We have 9.1%of the work force that is officially unemployed, plus those who have dropped off the radar, plus those who work only intermittently.
    There are those who speculate that the true number of unemployed could reach as high as 16%.

    Why do we insist on referring to this as a recession, rather than what it actually is, a depression?

    Just wondering.

  138. I fear that I have broken the cardinal rule of sensible libation. I have mixed grape with grain.

    I go to seek slumber. Counting sheep or anything for that matter will be unnecessary. 😕

  139. “Every great economic downturn has been followed by some form of global war.”

    Na. From China to India to the Near East, to Central Europe, the world was prosperous in 1212. The global wars of 1740 &; 1763 were not preceded by economic catastrophes. There was no global war after the collapse of 1893. The world was booming once again in 1913-14.

    I see the Thirty Years War as European rather than global, although there were occasional skirmishes in the Caribbean Sea and along the sea lanes between Europe, India, and Indonesia.

  140. I. faux news employs fake demonstrators to give interviews, in which the fakes claim to hate America, capitalism, Jews, nato, and to be socialists and commies. Of course, no one mentions that Wall Street’s closest ally is red China, home to 95 % of the world’s commies, or that the Saudi royals have more clout on Wall Street than Jews do.

    Hiring fakes is a trick faux ‘newsmen’ learned from jerry springer.

    II. It’s time to surround newsCrap’s New York Castle and demand that the Justice Department investigate murdoch’s/ailes’s eavesdropping on citizens and officials (espionage), corruption of government, sabotage, and failing to register as an agent of the Saudi government.

  141. III. The Road to Freedom began in Madison, WI, wound its way to Thailand, Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrein, Yemen, Libya, and India.

    Now it is in New York. If the action against Wall Street succeeds, the repercussions could soon shake Saudi Arabia, red China and putan’s russia down to their poisonous fundaments. All that would make life extremely icky for the dictators of the UAE, Cuba, Belarus, Kuwait, Syria, Iran, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, and north Korea.

    Lets play dominoes.

  142. In order to succeed, the Wall Street Occupation has to
    1. spur the oh,bummer Admin into serious action against the Wall Street managers, and/or
    2. spur Union pension managers into kicking some serious ass. Wall Street’s corporate execs are really serious asses. That is, when they aren’t pigs, they are serious asses.

    Viva l’Revolution !

  143. creepy george will bemoans the protester’s attack on property rights. That’s the way spidery george spins the sit-in : a threat to property rights.

    That’s really pretty funny coming from an embezzler.

  144. Wiki:
    The phrase is sometimes adapted in modern usage, in a learned reference to total warfare, The English minister Anthony Ashley Cooper (Earl of Shaftesbury) revived the phrase (rendered as “Delenda est Carthago”) in a famous 1673 speech before Parliament during the Third Anglo-Dutch War, comparing England to Rome and the Dutch Republic to Carthage.

    Ha….Anthony Ashley Cooper…..charleston’s own little Lord Proprietor……

  145. regarding Bill Bennett, before he was a drunken gambling addict, Bill was a devout Catholic, who worked for JFK, and who was a strong voice for racial equality.

    In his enstuporment, he fell among thieves.

  146. Ya, Sturgeone, and it wouldn’t be long before the Dutch Republic would supply the English throne with a Dutch soldier to run things.

    Cato the Bitterly Jealous kept saying, “Carthago delenda est”, yet it was his mortal enemy, the religious fanatic/nut case Scipio, who would actually delenda the ‘enemy’.

    By the time of the battle at Zama, Carthage was no longer a threat to anyone but Mauretania. The army Scipio defeated and annihilated was a shadow of what it had been in the days when it represented itself to the rest of the Mediterranean World as the only obstacle to Rome enslaving everyone. If other nations around the Mediterranean had pitched in during the 2d Punic War, perhaps together they might have saved themselves. Syracuse, Macedonia, and the Gauls did themselves no favor by sitting it out.

  147. newsCrapo delenda est.

    saudiArabia delenda est.

    redChina delenda est.


  148. The MSM is behind the curve, again. Now they are focused on Cain. That was sooo last week. The GOoPers may put him on the ticket as veep, but shouldn’t. After the things he’s said this week, it will come back to haunt them in the general. Team Koch/Rove can spend all of their ill-gotten money on smarmy ads, but they can’t play the fear-of-what-might-be card this time…cause what might be already is.

    What I’d like to say to politicians (right, left and center) and the corporations who OWN them:

    I’ve been working since I was 13. I grew up in a house without hot water, insulation or a flush toilet. I’d like very much not to spend my dotage in that situation.

  149. Oh, and NBC buried the Occupy Wall Street protests, again, last night. The opening story was about women and the help/harm of taking suppliments!

    Network news is going the way of print media. The more people are connected, the less they can be spoonfed the corporate agenda.

    Do any of you guys think cable news (omitting Faux) is much more honest?

  150. Blue…It was the lead story on CBS…Nora O’Donnell was the anchor last night.

  151. BlondeW – Thanks. Maybe I need to watch a different channel.

    So, I wonder what’s going on at NBC? First their rabid defense of the hpv vaccine & now vitamins as lead stories. They can’t be that out of touch with what’s going on in the streets, can they? (Had no idea Nora had gone to CBS.)

    Do you think Rick Perry be allowed to stand in the middle with Mitt Romney tonight, now that his numbers have slipped? The veep hopefuls seem to be out on the ends of the debate line for the sake of visibility. The riff-raff gets placed in the middle.

  152. I would love to get rid of my cable bill, but have unhooked it and can’t even get local stations. Still, good to know their are ways to get CNN without it, if necessary some day.

    Stephen Colbert’s Superpac/money laundering segment last week was wonderful.

  153. States Adding Drug Test as Hurdle for Welfare

    In Florida, people receiving cash assistance through welfare have had to pay for their own drug tests since July, and enrollment has shrunk to its lowest levels since the start of the recession.

    The law, the most far-reaching in the nation, provoked a lawsuit last month from the American Civil Liberties Union, arguing that the requirement represents an unreasonable search and seizure.

  154. Cornell West and Tavis Smiley were excellent on Morning Joe. The PBS show about their “Poverty Tour” should be well worth seeing.

  155. Scott, one of the most corrupt governors in history (medicare fraud) has a hand in the drug testing business (his wife now owns the company). Drug testing takes 40 cents in chemicals and charge big bucks for testing. He should make a big profit off of that, too.

    Class warfare, for sure.

  156. Sturgeone

    Every day you make me glad that there was a time when California schools were the best in the nation, they actually still taught Latin, and I was there. :smile:

  157. As I posted before, this is a Digitial Depression..moving too quickly for the economists who were studied in the ‘old fashioned paper’ depression of the 1930s.

    Meaner and faster and mutating all of the time.

  158. Everyone knows that the Tea Party crowd will vote in 2012. Will the Occupy Wall Street et al vote in 2012? I think not.

    Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party compared
    Eric Alterman, James Antle, Ayesha Kazmi, Sally Kohn, Doug Guetzloe, Frances Fox Piven and Douglas Rushkoff
    October 7, 2011 09.00 EDT

    Frances Fox Piven: At a glance, all popular risings look alike with their crowds, banners and noise. But look a little closer and they can be as different as the peoples and cultures that comprise a society. The Tea Party, under one name or another, has actually been part of American politics for a long time. It is a movement that yearns for the restoration of an imaginary past, when the world was simple, men were men, women were women, leaders were white males, when the church steeple reigned over little towns and, aside from vaudeville, minorities had no public presence. Consistently, the Tea Party sympathizers in American politics today are almost all white, and they are better-off and older than the general population. That is why they chant “Take it back! Take it back! Take it back!” at their rallies. And their politics of hazy nostalgia is also why they are eagerly supported by rightwing business leaders.

    By contrast, the Occupy Wall Street people are mainly young, racially diverse, happily countercultural and, above all, eagerly inclusive. And contrary to early media reports, they are thoughtful and well-informed. Where Tea Partiers chanted confused slogans like “Get government’s hands off my Medicare!”, the Occupy Wall Street protesters issue well thought-out proclamations about a future defined by cooperation and a democracy freed from the clutches of economic oligarchy. And they invite Joseph Stiglitz to address their general assembly.

  159. Young people voted in 2008 and a lot of other first time voters as well. I think the occupation of Wall Street or where ever you are is a reflection of the failure of their vote.

    They voted for the Obamarama and it got them nowhere and in fact – the Obama administration has treated many of the issues of concern with great disrespect.

    Progressives want young people to vote because they think it’s helpful. Young people are seeing voting as a makes you part of a corrupt process.

  160. Really, with the electoral college, corrupt campaign financing, voter suppression,etc. does anyone’s vote count? Plus the Supreme Court is the ultimate vote as it was in 2000. And we know they were rigged republican.

    The only enjoyment in watching the Occupy movement unfold is that Glenn Beck soils himself.

  161. Jamie,
    My youngest is in the process of getting her CA. Teaching credential. I can’t speak to the quality of the California public schools, but their teacher preparation program is very sound indeed. 😀

  162. The mainstream media doesn’t seem to understand that the Wall Street demonstrators are protesting OBAMA.

  163. Blonde wino:

    Most “economists” (the ones with PhDs) are experts on what happened in the past.

    They are not very good at what is understanding what is happening right now, especially if it is new and different.

    Most of them have never had a creative thought in their lives. Creative people are weeded out in graduate school.

  164. Harborwoman,
    You are correct, Beck is a Mormon.
    He is also a moron, and that has nothing to do with his faith, apparently he came by it naturally.

  165. The GOP primary field:

    Romney: Mormon.

    Perry: Moron.

    Cain: Doesn’t have a chance, even if he tattooed a Confederate flag on his forehead. (Which he would do, if he thought it would help.)

    Bachmann: Crazy.

    Ron Paul: Crazier.

    Gingrich: Never should have taken that vacation cruise to the Greek islands.

    Christie: Yeah, I know, but think of the drama of a “nomination from the floor” of the convention, when it’s clear that just about everyone in the hall hates the winner of the primaries.

    Jeb Bush: “Hi, this is Jeb. I’m out of the office until 2016. Leave a message.”

    Dick Cheney: Has been watching the movie “Seven Days in May” and talking to generals.

  166. I’m going with Gail Collins of the NY Times — why not Butch Otter governor of Idaho….

    It’s just a fun name to say and he couldn’t be any worse then the current field.

    And Craig…you should always go with your first instinct
    Perry is like Fred Thompson

  167. Nash, You are such a rascal!

    I’d reword your first bullet to say something like …most PhD’d economists know the research librarians who can get them popular time series of past periods.

    Your fourth (added) bullet should say something like: The really good economists were mentored from childhood by passionate teachers who recognized the spark in their students’ eyes and passed them on to teachers who would continue to nurture then mentor them.

  168. Nash,
    If the protesters are waiting for the action to match the rhetoric, they will be in for a long wait.
    Hell doesn’t freeze over night.

  169. BW,

    The problem is that economics has become so dependent on statistical and mathematical techniques such that if something can not be represented by an equation it is ignored. Economics is a social science, not a physical science, and changes constantly with the moods of people. You are correct in “meaner and faster and mutating all of the time” and the economists cannot update their models fast enough with the correct equations. When we ignore people and their effects that can not be put into equations or use the wrong equations we develop failed economic models. It is like a weather forecaster that refuses to look out the window.

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