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  1. Why does MoJo continue to have Donny Deutch on? He said something to the effect that, he doesn’t want anyone to die, but what the Occupy Wall Street movement needs is a Kent State moment. Suggesting such a thing, even with the disclaimer, doesn’t make it right, does it?

    That’s how Faux plays it. When someone said it was non-violent last week, the talking-head-of-the-hour sounded absolutely hysterical, pointing out there had been 700 arrests. The other person couldn’t even get a word in to tell the viewers that those people were having a sit-in on a bridge.


    “Occupy members have to walk as much as a half-mile to find the nearest public restroom that’s open. “This is all about sanitation and health and safety of our members,” he said. “I think the more real threat is our people having to walk through the streets at 3, 4 a.m. just to find a public restroom.”

    It’s not safe to walk in some areas of downtown Dallas during the day, let alone at night.


  2. Great conversation, but noticed the business guy was moaning about the thousands of jobs lost on Wall Street and the city needing a vibrant business community as if it were the OWS protestor’s fault.

    Brokers and traders always lose jobs in a downturn and the OWS people didn’t cause the downturn, Wall Street did. Just one more case of those in the drivers seat blaming the people forced to ride along for an accident the driver caused.

  3. Listening to Perry’s speech. He could be an Einstein and I wouldn’t be able to take that voice for more than five minutes. After 8 years of Bush, it is just too much to ask of any human being.

  4. “Jamie says Great conversation, but noticed the business guy was moaning about the thousands of jobs lost on Wall Street”

    Yes, i wonder if any of them join the protest. you never know

  5. btw, I especially liked Matt’s point that by keeping it somewhat vague these protests tap into a wider universe of the disaffected without driving some away with specifics. What’s signficant about OWS is how real and widespread the anger against political and economic elites

  6. Jamie… if I hear another business guy/rightwinger say that the protestors want to take money away from Wall Street and give it to themselves… I’m going to start throwing shoes at my tv.

    People want jobs… they want a financial system that isn’t rigged… they want to be able to work hard, make a decent wage, and retire with a little dignity. They don’t want handouts.

  7. Matt Taibbi gets it…hopefully, the Wall St. guy heard at least some of what he was saying….

  8. hey Blue…
    if you want to push a like button…. may I suggest you go to CNN.com. Their quick vote today is: which protest movement do you favor more, Occupy Wall St. or the tea party?

    So far Occupy Wall St is winning by a 3-1 margin.

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  14. Obama sends 100 U.S. military advisers to Uganda
    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama said in a letter to Congress Friday he is deploying around 100 U.S. military advisers to Uganda to help battle the notorious Lord’s Resistance Army.

    The rebel group is accused of a campaign of murder, rape and kidnapping that began 20 years ago.

    The White House said the first troops arrived in Uganda on Wednesday. Ultimately, they’ll also deploy in South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

  15. So we need a Arab spring type movement to depose the current repressive regime , that would be the Obama administration , ok

  16. The reason that the Occupy Wall Street movement doesn’t have a detailed agenda (at the moment) is that it is a rapidly growing and evolving “network.”

    As in the Arab Spring, protesters are using social media like Facebook and Twitter as their primary communication systems. They don’t NEED bullhorns; they are using smartphones, cellphones with internet connectivity. Bullhorns don’t allow you to communicate with people in multiple cities, simultaneously. Unlike demonstrations in the past, all communication is two-way.

    In a network, there is no “central node” that controls everything. Ideas and plans slosh around and grow organically, with multiple network members adding or modifying “content,” like wikipedia entries.

    This makes it nearly impossible for repressive governments to suppress movements by arresting the “leaders,” because there are none.

    Eventually specific demands will emerge. An example would be Egypt where “Mubarak must resign” emerged as the #1 demand.

    “Break up the big banks,” works for me.

  17. Perry is pushing the environmentally disastrous “Drill Baby Drill” plan that is nothing but a gift to the oil corporations.

  18. actually the repressive regime is only 1/3 the obama administration. Remember your constitution. Executive legislative , Judicial.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing two of those being replaced next year.
    A massive slaughter at the polls of incumbents might get our voices heard above the rustle of $100 bills.

  19. Like: democracy, white birch trees, and cheap Merlot.

    Dislike: genocide, malaria, and debit cards.

  20. I think I dislike the like button, although it does give the posts a pop of color.

    What I was wanting to like, ya know, like earlier without going to the trouble of posting, was the link to Ezra’s interview. It reminded me of “Horton Hears A Who.”
    More Whos need to make some noise for everyone holding power to hear.

  21. A third party, Americans Elect 2012, that is trying to get on the ballot in every state.
    You or any registered voter can participate in their on line convention next June and help select the nominee.
    Here is an article about them

    Interesting imo


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  23. Is Obama doomed?
    Commentary: One campaign veteran’s smart bets on the 2012 race

    McKinnon has looked back over previous election years. Presidents have typically been re-elected when consumer confidence numbers have been high, and have lost when they’ve been low.

    Today? The figures are so low that Obama has to improve the number “by about 20 (percentage) points” just to get it to the average levels for a presidential defeat, he says

    Eyebrow-raising stuff. While McKinnon worked for Republicans, he’s really more of an independent. He started out his career as a Democrat. And he was quite positive about Obama when we talked about the race four years ago.

    Also other interesting political stuff; like Why Rubio for VP


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  28. Obama Deploys 100 Troops to Uganda
    by Taylor Marsh

    Log this one under the same humanitarian emotionalism that convinced Pres. Obama to bomb Libya.

    All of those Democrats and progressives who utilized candidate Obama’s anti Iraq war speech to elevate him above all of the other Democrats really do look foolish today.

    At this rate, Iran will be next. We’re in the conservative throes of a presidential election season where the Democratic president and his people think his best card is military. I mean, really.

  29. Hillary Clinton Over Joe Biden in 2012? Possible: Jonathan Alter
    By Jonathan Alter

    Obama, Biden and Clinton would not want to do this. But like most politicians, they are genetically disposed to do “what it takes,” to quote the title of Richard Ben Cramer’s seminal campaign book, which included several chapters on Biden. “What It Takes,” published nearly 20 years ago, focused on the character traits necessary to survive a grueling campaign. The concept also applies to the decisions necessary for victory.
    Obama, Biden and Clinton are on good terms with each other, and they view the stakes — a possible conservative takeover of all three branches of government — as extremely high.
    If it’s clear that Democrats need to do something dramatic to avoid losing the White House, the Switcheroo will happen.

    Wow, things must be bad for the president if Alter(Obamabot) has resorted to having a Clinton on the ticket!

  30. The man who blocked John Lewis speaks
    Occupy Atlanta backer Joe Diaz isn’t a white anarchist. He’s a multiracial Obama voter who’s given up on Democrats.

    Joseph Diaz, 24, is a Ph.D. philosophy student at Emory University looking for a career in political theology. Describing himself as of “Afro/Cuban/Italian descent,” he grew up Catholic in the New York suburb of Pearl River, the son of a Cuban immigrant New York Police Department detective and a Bronx Italian mother. He graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a degree in philosophy and political science, and a minor in Latin American studies, and got a fellowship to study at Emory. In 2008, he voted for Barack Obama – but he’s been on a steady odyssey to the left ever since.

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  32. I really don’t understand why the administration is so upset about Iran ordering a assassination, after all there not doing anything that we don’t do.

    Hell, we even assassinate American Citizens without due process of our own laws so why should we care that they do the same thing.

    We are no different than any third world county now. In fact after the Bush\Cheney War Crimes Family we are a third world country.

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