Even Obama Disses ‘ObamaCare’

Here’s something protesters could get worked up about: President Obama caves to industry and savages his own health reform law, beating Republicans to the punch.

Citing cost concerns, the White House announced on Friday it has scrapped the long-term insurance program that was a key part of the President’s massive legislation passed last year.

The reason for abandoning this effort to persuade Americans to invest in their long-term care? It was voluntary, and officials surmised that not enough people would pay premiums if they don’t have to. And it would have threatened the private plan market. In other words, if the insurance industry loses money forget about it.

Which points to how the Obama health law could unravel if the individual mandate to purchase insurance for current care goes away. As the demise of the voluntary long-term care plan demonstrates, unless everyone is forced to buy insurance, the industry won’t play ball. There just aren’t enough premiums collected to cover benefits in a system that must also generate huge profits for companies.

The bottom line is that Obama’s insistence on keeping the private insurance industry the boss of our health care system could well doom his reform effort.

Why didn’t the President choose Medicare for all when he had the chance? Because he was obsessed with winning bipartisan support, which didn’t happen. Now Republicans can’t wait to dismantle his health law bit by bit – and, incredibly, he just showed them where to start.

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  1. Arrrrrrrrgh….
    just when I was making an effort to stay positive on this president, he gives me a reason to cave on that effort.

    Some people have brass ones (think Hillary)…. our president apparently has cotton ball ones.

  2. oh sheeesh… I forgot…. WOO MAN CHOO!

    Heather… you’re a sweetie… I would really love to know your opinions on what’s happening in this country. Please don’t hesitate to give them to us.

  3. rene: I don’t think Hillary would have been any better. Most of our economic problems today can be traced back to Reagan AND Bill Clinton, who de-regulated the banks, cut welfare, and advanced the “neo-liberal” agenda.

    A neo-liberal is one who serves the interests of big business (just like the GOP) but is “liberal” on social issues like abortion.

  4. In response to yesterday’s post:

    Craig.with the OWS movement..I like the fact that they don’t yet have a clear message or set of demands. There’s a lot of stuff that is broken and none of us know exactly how to fix it..none of us. I’m just glad to see that people..as a group.. are finally starting to mobilize and shout that things do stink and something needs to be done.

    Many of us here are from a generation where we do remember when there was real passion about our country and the world. This is what you guys here are all about but you don’t have the answers either. I’m happy to see that that passion is back out there. Maybe the antidepressants haven’t turned everyone into pod people yet.

    We tried hope and change and that didn’t work but many of us knew it wouldn’t. It can’t in this political environment..the environment is too corrupt. I was thinking yesterday that Obama couldn’t have fixed anything even if he wanted to..not when he needed money to stay in office. Our only chance now..if some other miracle doesn’t pop up..is that maybe.. if Obama gets a second chance..when he no longer needs that financial backing to get and stay in office..his hope and change may finally show up. It’s probably our only chance. A president has to be in his/her second term to do what he/she may have wanted to do in the first place.

    Oh..and I liked this guy’s advice for those OWS people..


  5. Good morning all,

    So good to see you! Hope little Maggie is good too..

    Wow, this president, a nice man probably but he never should have been president! President Obama isn’t a leader he’s a follower. Ha, and a strange one at that cause he won’t even fight for and follow his own policies! The Republican’s choice better scare the hell out of me cause that’s only way this president will ever get my vote again!

  6. “The bottom line is that Obama’s insistence on keeping the private insurance industry the boss of our health care system could well doom his reform effort.”

    Obama had his chance to expand Medicare and include the “Public Option” in 2009, instead of working on a jobs program first. Obama thumbed his nose at his supporters and the voters who elected him and went with his virtual constellation of Bill Clinton’s former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin Goldman Sacks based Wall Street loving players who believe in balanced budgets, free trade and deregulation and subscribe to the Supply Side laissez-faire economic theory that tells them anything that increases corporate profits are good for the economy and if government quits regulating and stays out of business, business will grow jobs. Bull Manure!

    Obama administration pulls part of healthcare law
    By Anna Yukhananov and Donna Smith, October 14, 2011 10:22PM EDT

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Obama administration is pulling the plug on a long-term, home-care program included in the 2010 healthcare reform law that Republicans have derided as a budget trick.

    U.S. health officials said on Friday that after 19 months of analysis, they could not come up with a model for the so-called CLASS Act that keeps it voluntary and budget-neutral.

    “We do not have a path to move forward,” Kathy Greenlee, assistant secretary of aging from the Health and Human Services department and administrator of the program, said in a call with reporters.

    “Everything we do to make the program more (financially) sound moves us away from the law, and increases the legal risk of the program.”

    The Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) program was designed to give the disabled and elderly cash to receive care at home instead of usually more expensive institutional care.

    And 73 percent of Democrats and 78 percent of Democratic primary voters say they want their party to nominate Obama again as its 2012 presidential candidate. WHY?

  7. And 73 percent of Democrats and 78 percent of Democratic primary voters say they want their party to nominate Obama again as its 2012 presidential candidate. WHY?

    Yep why? Partisanship that’s why! That and fear that dumping Obama would give us a Republican. Ha, funny but we have a moderate Republican president now..

  8. The 1930s Sure Sound Familiar

    It also turned out to be something else: a reminder of why history matters. It is impossible to read “Since Yesterday” without reflecting, again and again, on the parallels between then and now. The Great Depression, of course, dominates the book — and is far worse than anything we’ve been through. Still, when Allen writes about Ivar Kreuger, the industrialist who built an empire that some considered a Ponzi scheme, you instantly think of Bernie Madoff. The country’s fixation with the Lindbergh kidnapping seems strikingly similar to the country’s fixation with Casey Anthony.

  9. Obama’s Performance Rating Slips Again
    Disapproval of Obama’s agenda has begun to harden among voters.
    By Ronald Brownstein

    Equally ominous for the president: 70 percent of those polled in the new survey said that the country was on the wrong track. That’s a sharp increase just since the most recent Heartland Monitor in May—and by far the highest level of dissatisfaction over the country’s direction recorded in any of the 10 polls. (The previous high was 62 percent in August 2010, just before the GOP landslide in the midterm elections that year.) Only one-fifth believed the country was moving in the right direction.
    Most political scientists and pollsters agree that, especially in presidential races involving an incumbent, those bottom-line measures—the approval rating and the right-track/wrong-track assessment—are the most powerful predictors of the vote. Obama still has time to regain lost ground, but on both fronts, his position today more resembles the profile of incumbents who were defeated than those who won reelection.

  10. The Tax Hikes That Republicans Love
    By Joe Conason

    This is the Democratic “fairness” argument turned upside down, which may prove to have limited appeal. What will appeal to most Americans even less are the proposed Republican solutions, like a national sales tax. And what might surprise them is that the first president to expand tax relief for the working poor was that almighty Republican icon, Ronald Reagan, whose name is constantly invoked by politicians unworthy of his legacy.

    However piously they cite the Gipper as their idol, the Republican candidates for president seem united in their desire to repeal the earned income tax credit, which he justly praised in 1986 as “the best anti-poverty, the best pro-family, the best job creation measure to come out of Congress.”

  11. Will tea party purists back imperfect Romney?
    By Gloria Borger

    After watching the GOP presidential debate the other night, it was hard to avoid this conclusion: Mitt Romney looks more and more like the GOP presidential nominee. He’s the best debater. He’s got his issues and his rejoinders down pat. He brushes away his opponents like lint on his lapel. And all with such ease.
    That said, there’s a teensy problem he just can’t seem to beat: Conservatives don’t like him. Or trust him. Or really want him to be the GOP nominee.
    Sure, you say, Republicans never like their nominees, and they still manage to vote for them. There is truth to that: At this point in 2007, John McCain was still at 17% in the polls. Eventually, only Sarah Palin could make him palatable to conservatives. The Bushes were never right-wing faves. Neither were Richard Nixon or Gerald Ford. Even Ronald Reagan had candidates running to his right. And as for Bob Dole, well, he was suspect, but at least he was a war hero.

  12. A blog comment I found while surfing the internet tubes. from a discussion about the occupy movement.
    It maybe my comment of the week,if not all time

    pen isbreath says:
    October 14, 2011 at 1:39 am

    the top 1% can have their goddamn money, but i don’t want them to control the government too. I’m fine with them being richer than me; I’m not ok with their voices being louder than mine.

  13. Anon,
    Here’s a piece that makes your point from the previous thread..

    The LA Times notices the “double standard” on Iran

    Today we have a pleasant and exceedingly rare surprise: a major media outlet noting that the very behavior which the U.S. Government and all Serious People are now righteously condemning is behavior in which the U.S. itself routinely engages. From The Los Angeles Times Editorial Page, entitled “Iran’s plot — and a U.S. double standard?”:

    But wait a minute. Two weeks ago, the United States assassinated one of its enemies in Yemen, on Yemeni soil. If the U.S. believes it has the right to assassinate enemies like Anwar Awlaki anywhere in the world in the name of a “war on terror” that has no geographical limitation, how can it then argue that other nations don’t have a similar right to track down their enemies and kill them wherever they’re found?

    It’s true that the assassination of Awlaki was carried out with the cooperation of the government of Yemen. That makes a difference. But would the U.S. have hesitated to kill him if Yemen had not approved? Remember: There was no cooperation from the Pakistani government when Osama bin Laden was killed in May.

  14. Here’s a radical idea: “Occupy Wall Street” and some of the actual grass roots members of the “Tea Party” could merge and form a new “populist” third party.

    The populist party would form around the idea of taking control of the government away from big business and creating a more “Jeffersonian” democracy. (Where power is centered on Main Street, not Wall Street.)

    Standing in opposition would be all of the Republican AND most of the Democratic establishment politicians, including Obama, whose top priority is to protect big corporations.

    This could lead to a major realignment of political parties, which we haven’t seen since just before the Civil War.

  15. What do the “1 percent” actually do?
    The vast majority are in finance or high-level management — and their wages have skyrocketed

    One of the best things about Occupy Wall Street is that there is no chatter about Obama or Perry or whatever is the electoral political issue of the day. There are a lot of people rethinking things, discussing, learning, and conceptualizing the kinds of world they want to create. Since so much about inequality is a function of the legal structure known as a “corporation,” I’d encourage you to check out Alex Gourevitch on how the corporate is structured in our laws.

  16. Nash
    The ptb will use the culture wars to keep the two groups separated. Notice how many people here are voting for Obama simply over culture war issues.


  17. Craig, will you please tell me exactly WHEN it was that the president had the chance to get Medicare for all and passed up on it? I don’t seem to recall the day congress passed it and put it on his desk and he vetoed it?

    The Liberal hero presidents we all so admire, like JFK, LBJ and FDR all had significantly larger congressional majorities when they passed their landmark pieces of legislation than did the president when he took office. And the supposedly ‘fillibuster proof’ 60th vote that President Obama had in the Senate was embodied by Joseph Lieberman, who had endorsed and campaigned on stage with the president’s opponent John McCain! Lieberman was on record as having been a long time proponent of single payer health care reform, until President Obama. Lieberman did everything he could to sabotage the health care reform efforts of the president right up to the cusp of being kicked out of the Democratic caucus and losing his committee positions. So let’s please be real about that whole chapter. In 1965 when Medicare was passed LBJ had a 68 seat to 32 seat majority in the Senate! He had a 295 to 140 majority in the House. Compare that to President Obama’s 60 seats in the Senate when he took office, with seat number 60 being Joe Lieberman. Here’s the link…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wi%E2%80%8Bki/89th_United_States_Cong%E2%80%8Bress

  18. Dixie Dove (still luv your screen name): Hard to say since he never even tried that or a public option. Would have at least been a better negotiating position at the start, and certainly better for rallying his base. We’ll just never know because he didn’t even put it to the test.

  19. DxieDove & Craig,

    Here are some backups on the “Public Option.” I am working on the “single payer” or Medicare. Read them and weep. Your option to try and protect poor Obama.

    HuffPo: Obama Pushing Against Public Option In Senate

    President Barack Obama is actively discouraging Senate Democrats in their effort to include a public insurance option with a state opt-out clause as part of health care reform. In its place, say multiple Democratic sources, Obama has indicated a preference for an alternative policy, favored by the insurance industry, which would see a public plan “triggered” into effect in the future by a failure of the industry to meet certain benchmarks.

    Sen. Harkin: “I’ve not been very happy with the White House’s lukewarm support of the public option”

    We now have a US Senator, who knows better than anyone the degree to which the President is truly supporting the public option, saying that the President is not.

    Bernie Sanders Contradicts Obama, Says Senate Does Have 50 Votes for Public Option

    ast week, Obama met with House progressives, and blamed demise of the public option on the lack of votes in the Senate. Of course, I don’t know how Obama came to the conclusion the public option could not get fifty votes in the Senate through reconciliation, since every indication is that he never once whipped for it, or even politely asked a single senator to please support the idea. If the public option lacks 50 votes in the Senate, it probably does in no small part to the Obama administration’s constant signals that he did not really care about it and was more than prepared to give it up for fig leaves like triggers and co-ops.

  20. Purple that is some fierce research you did there. Brought back private conversations i had then with lib lawmakers who were out-of-their minds furious at WH undermining them to court repubs who then stabbed Obama in the back

  21. DxieDove & Craig,

    Barack Obama’s impression of John Kerry’s ‘I voted for it before I voted against it’ on the “Single Payer Option.”

    Obama statements on single-payer have changed a bit

    But at almost every town hall he’s held, though — five since March 26, 2009 — Obama has been asked a variation of this question: Why won’t you support a single-payer health care system?

    “It seems to me,” said a questioner at one of the town halls, “that we would take that same scenario and increase it outward for the entire country, and that is why I still support single-payer. And I know that at one point you did.”

    We’ve gotten similar messages from readers pointing us to a YouTube video as evidence that Obama once supported a single-payer plan, which the readers say indicates he has flip-flopped.

    Obama on single payer health insurance

    Barack Obama and single payer health care

    Obama’s Doublespeak on Single-Payer Health Care Systems

    At a health care town hall today, President Barack Obama told a New Hampshire audience that he has never claimed to be an advocate of a single-payer health care system, alleging that his Republican opponents were employing “scare tactics” to derail substantive health care reform.

    “I have not said that I am a supporter of a single-payer system,” he said, channeling former presidential contender John ‘I voted for it before I voted against it’ Kerry.

  22. What the hell does this mean now??? That the healthcare system is going to go back the way it was? Will I lose my medicaid coverage because he caved to the republicans??? WTF??? Does he not want to be president anymore???? uggh :roll:

  23. Craig,

    The problem is that Obama keeps trying to appease the repubs and they keep stabbing him in the back. Again and Again and again…

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    Misattributed quote to various people, including Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein and Mark Twain.

  24. will you please tell me exactly WHEN it was that the president had the chance to get Medicare for all and passed up on it? I don’t seem to recall the day congress passed it and put it on his desk and he vetoed it?

    James, may I call you James? Because you sound so much like James Carvelle.
    Officially he passed up on it a little bit before one nanosecond after he was sworn in. In reality it happened sometime in the months proceeding the election. One would hope that it was because he really didn’t believe in it but sensible money is betting that it was all about campaign donations.

    Say hello to Mary and I roll my eye’s when she does that stuff to, so don’t take it personal.


  25. PiT
    Or as the infamous Mr Dooley would say “Politics aint bean bag”

    I always thought that was from some Boston or New York politician. But it comes from Chicago. Coming from Chicago as Obama does one think that he naturally understands this and wouldn’t have lost his lunch money so many times.

    Oh Well


  26. 10 years ago we had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash. Now we have No Jobs, No Hope and No Cash.

    Complements of one of me168’s friends. These kids probably don’t even know who Bob Hope and Johnny Cash are.

  27. But PiT, when kids that age are dissing you ya know ya got troubles.
    I take it that Obama is not counting on Florida this year.


  28. Hey Craig, there is money there. Reality TV, Presidential wife swap.

    I just thought of a Big Dawg joke but I’ll pass.


  29. The first thing that I learned when I started computer programming in 1964 was “Garbage In, Garbage Out.” Today the economic numbers are just not following predicted patterns and relationships. Because of this the results and predictions of the economic models are following the rule “Garbage In, Garbage Out.” This has to be driving the developers of the mathematical techniques for economic models crazy. When we ignore people and their effects that can not be put into equations we develop failed economic models. Like today.

    Yesterday (October 14, 2011) the Reuter’s/University of Michigan’s consumer sentiment index mid-month value can in at 57.5 down from the September month-end reading of 59.4. The readings on consumer sentiment are not in line with consumer spending as reported yesterday retail sales in September jumped 1.1 percent, following an upwardly revised 0.3 percent increase for August. Prevailing thought is that when consumer sentiment is down people don’t spend.

    UPDATE 1-US consumer sentiment sags in Oct, expectations dip

    The Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan’s preliminary reading on the index on consumer sentiment sagged to 57.5 from 59.4 at the end of September. It fell short of the median forecast of 60.2 among economists polled by Reuters.

    Consumers’ outlook also deteriorated with the gauge of consumer expectations falling to its lowest level since May 1980, at 47.0 from 49.4. The index had fallen to this level in early September before being revised up at the end of the month.

    Thirty-nine percent of consumers cited income declines as the reason why their finances have recently worsened, while 65 percent of all households expected no income increase during the year ahead. Both levels were the highest ever recorded by the survey.

    The gloomy survey was in contrast to earlier U.S. Commerce Department data that showed retail sales rebounded in September at their fastest pace in seven months.

  30. Sturgeone: I didn’t get your joke at first. I only got it the second time I read it. Duh.

    Good one.

  31. PiT
    A more important number would be the year over year number. in month over month you get a lot of statistical noise. And the confidence number may show up in october rather than september.Understanding what the number is telling you is as important as the number itself. And for some of those numbers a book can be written.


  32. My employer is switching health care providers from Anthem to Cigna effective January 1. Many employees are worried because they’ve been searching the web and have been reading Cigna horror stories. I never had a problem with Anthem

    We have four labor unions here and what we are looking at in collective bargaining is a ZERO percent pay increase, an increase in health insurance premiums, an increase in deductibles and co-pays, higher prescription costs, AND many of us will have to change our primary care physicians and pick one off of Cigna’s “approved list.” (They’re probably all graduates of the finest Caribbean medical schools, bottom 10% of the class.)

    But we will be able to cover our co-pays with a chicken.

  33. A couple of thousand people turned out for an Occupy demo in Santa Rosa, California

    I think the message is very clear. The majority of people are tired of getting screwed over by the minority that has a lot of money and does not want to pay their fair share.
    They (the one percent) use a lot more government services….and complain when the other 99% wants a table scrap.

  34. tonyb…

    I meant that I thought there would be more dislikes since everyone believes I’m just a nut and paranoid person. In fact I didn’t ever think anyone would like what I said in that comment.

    We are a Fascist Nation and have been heading into one since Reagan took office. After the Bush\Cheney War Crimes Family took over the Government with help from the SCOTUS we have been and will remain a Fascist Country until Corporations lose person-hood and money is removed from politics.

    As someone said somewhere until Texas executes a Corporation then I’ll believe that Corporations are people.

    Have a great day. Think I’ll go and watch a movie over on veetle.

  35. Jack,

    Retail Sales M/M August 2011 to September 2011 Seasonally Adjusted was up 1.134%, Y/Y September 2010 to September 2011 Not Seasonally Adjusted was up 8.619%.

    The consumer sentiment article states “The component has shed more than 20 points since the beginning of the year.” I am having difficulty finding a good history for it. The St. Louis Fed has one but it is not timely.

  36. jack, thanks for the quote from blogger pen isbreath. i think it deserves a repost more than a stupidly insipid like/dislike nod.

    the top 1% can have their goddamn money, but i don’t want them to control the government too. I’m fine with them being richer than me; I’m not ok with their voices being louder than mine.

    that sentiment also applies to certain tea party “values”

  37. craig, could you move the like/dislike button to the side or somewhere that it isn’t directly in the way of quickly scanning and comprehending the comments? very distracting.

    also, wouldn’t “bravo, amen or boo” be better and more likely to elicit reaction to the comment rather than about the commenter?
    the like/dislike is like a true/false test. no room for nuance, mitigation or explanation. and are we only commenting on the comment or the commentator or the way the commentator commented or all the above? what if we like/dislike the creativity displayed but not the content? this is too complicated a world and too much colorful grey therein for such black or white response.

  38. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtEKmYRwXQY&feature=related

    Woke up to a full moon and stars that were indescribable.
    Not sure why this work came to mind, but not sorry that it did. Enjoy.

    Sunday Sublime.

  39. Craig,
    Been away for a few days, and come back to find like dislike icons on my screen. As much as I like the idea, and I do, generally when I see a comment I like, I reply to the author.I think that it tends to keep the conversation going. The same goes I should say for those comments that I disagree with.
    Perhaps we could have right track, wrong track, or agree, disagree, rather than like, dislike. 😆

  40. I think Obama has been lukewarm about his health care plan from day one.

    Once he turned it over to the surgeon general wannabes in the senate and house it was nothing more than a special interest grab bag.

    He should have written his own plan, submitted it for a vote and let the chips fall where they may.

    He spent two years ignoring the job situation, and all he has to show for it is a lousy health care bill, and even worse poll numbers. Chalk up a great opportunity wasted to inexperience,and a failure to lead.

    What was that Biden said about on the job training?

  41. What was that Biden said about on the job training?

    water under the bridge, what now?


  42. One other thing.
    He has had 3 years of traing, did he learn a damn thing?


  43. httpv://whitehousetapes.net/clip/lyndon-johnson-albert-thomas-albert-thomas-gets-johnson-treatment

    John Boner says that he owned the President in their recent phone conversation.

    This is how you own someone over the phone.
    Boner is an amateur.

  44. Jace I think that “V” stuff is only for youtube, try treating it as a regular link.

  45. Last night we were at a local roadhouse -The Rio Nido Roadhouse to be exact and there were some young people all wearing signs —
    Occupy — my heart
    Occupy: the dance floor

  46. One other thing.
    He has had 3 years of traing, did he learn a damn thing?

    I think about that often as i know President Clinton had a learning curve the first 2 years. President Obama, doesn’t appear he’s learned, as he can’t even stand strong for his own healthcare bill..

  47. “Occupy Wall Street” is morphing into new forms rapidly.

    “Occupy the U.S.A.” (demonstrations went national last week)

    “Occupy the World” (demonstrations went global this week)

    This AM: “Occupy the Boardroom.” Protesters are flooding the e-mail inboxes of the board members of the big banks.

    The reason this movement is spreading and changing so rapidly?


  48. There’s a “social media”-fueled REVOLUTION breaking out that is targeting the anti-democratic global financial system, in which a handful of big banks exert covert control of all the governments of the world.

    It sounds like a science fiction scenario, but that is what’s actually happening. Right now.

    Recently, I feared that the right wing was taking over.

    That ain’t gonna happen.

  49. The pundits are right. Obama is “getting tough.”

    Tomorrow he’s planning to “Occupy the White House.”

  50. Jack

    I’m happy to see pop culture glom onto the movement —
    we are nothing if not a mainstream nation

    Today many people will be occupying their sofas as they watch
    sports —

  51. No doubt about it. Mayor Bloomberg is propagating a police state in New York City to protect Wall Street and the big banks. I guess that Mayor Bloomberg considers closing a bank account an act of aggression. Mayors and the police have to remember that in today’s world there are a lot of cameras everywhere to record and make public their screw ups.

    As Many as 24 People Arrested for Trying to Close Accounts at #Citibank
    By Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism, October 15, 2011 9:37PM

    The New York Post reports that 24 people were arrested; its characterization is that a “mob stormed” a branch at Laguardia Place in Manhattan. The basis for the arrests appears to be plenty dubious. Later accounts indicate that people trying to close their accounts were locked in the branch and then arrested for illegal trespass. This video (hat tip Mike Stark) appears to support the protestors’ claims. Notice that the people in the branch are not disruptive, and a woman outside the branch, who had documents to show she was a Citibank customer but apparently had been inside the branch, was grabbed by the police and forced into the branch:


  52. Newtie called Romney a “Rockefeller Republican…”

    gee of two of them Newtie is the one most likely to die in a compromising position

    And now Perry pulls a Romney (well his wife) as says his son is unemployed and struggling when he merely quit his job to work on his father’s campaign…sheesh

  53. Christiane Amnapour is occupied by Mary Matalin and George Will


    Mary looks like hell and what a f—— as— she is
    Her face is finally starting to reflect what a horrible person she is…no amount of botox can save her from her own beliefs

  54. Jamie,

    Thanks for the fix.
    Obama should take a few lessons from this guy!
    It may not be anybody’s idea of leadership, but you sure as hell didn’t run over him.

  55. cain’s got no strings
    to hold him down
    to make him fret
    to make him frown

    ….’cept those of koch reknown


  56. the background colors are part of the Comment rating system I’m playing with. Those Liked by 5 or more users in yellow, those mostly Disliked in grey

    craig, but if you would color the mostly disliked brown instead of grey then we can apply the “if it’s yellow let it mellow and if it’s brown flush it down” rule.

  57. MLK MEMORIAL My Fellow Travelers-Keep Walking!
    We are on our way. We are on the road to somewhere very real and good and we are making progress every day with every step we take, no matter how small a step is, it is a good one when you are going in the right direction and we are. Keep walking.

    We can’t be dissuaded by those who tell us we are going the wrong way. We have thought and prayed and su…ffered and tried to live happily in the world as it is and we know we can’t, we know we have to journey to a different and better world and we know where it is and we are on our way. Keep walking.

    But worse than those who want us to go backwards are those who want us to stop and talk about why we are going so slowly. They say they feel sorry for us, for being so bad at going where we’re going to. They say that we’ll never get to where we want to be, going so slowly, so the best thing for us to do is to stop and listen to them explain to us how to go faster. Keep walking.

    When they say ‘stop we’ll show you how to build a bicycle’ keep walking, when they say ‘come back, we’ll make you a car or a plane or even a rocket ship to get you where you want to go’ keep walking. We can build things while we walk, after all we are walking slowly, we can talk while we walk, we can make plans, we can explore new ideas as we walk and we usually find that the further down the road we get the more we discover about how things work and how to build what we need to get us where we want to go. But we never stop, we keep on walking.

    When some people voiced concern that the MLK monument might slow us down by making us complacent, my first reaction was simply that my jaw dropped and my eyes got big. It had never for one split second crossed my mind that anyone on earth would see a monument to Dr. Martin Luther King as a ‘mission accomplished’ sign. It’s as if someone said ‘don’t build a church until you get to heaven’.

    When I look at the faces of Lincoln and King on the Capitol Mall I don’t see satisfied men, I see a reminder to keep walking.

  58. The BEST new political show on MSNBC is “Up with Chris” Saturday and Sunday mornings.

    Chris Hayes is young and smart and invites a panel of intelligent guests who talk about important issues, not the mainstream media’s usual daily talking points.

    You should get yourself on there, Craig. It’s the perfect venue for you.

  59. More “Occupations”….

    I volunteer to “Occupy” the Playboy Mansion.
    -Bill Clinton

    I SHALL “Occupy” the White House. (Just not now.)

    We’ve got thousands of foreclosed houses out here, if anyone wants to “Occupy” them.
    -Real Estate Agents of Las Vegas

    Being “Occupied” sucks!
    -West Bank Palestinians

    Is someone talking about us?
    -The octopi, in a garden, under the sea.

  60. The Florida insanity continues. Could it be something in the drinking water or the sunshine? Bring back Old Sparky.

    Scott asks court to throw out Voting Rights Act protections in Florida

    Gov. Rick Scott and Secretary of State Kurt Browning filed a petition in federal court Tuesday asking the court to throw out a section of the Voting Rights Act, one of the vestiges of the Civil Rights movement that has provided an extra layer of protections to minorities voters for the past 45 years. Download State of Florida Amended Complaint – No. 11-cv-01428-CKK-MG-ESH

    The federal law requires that all changes to voting and election law in five Florida counties — Hendry, Collier, Hardee, Hillsborough and Monroe – be approved by the U.S. Department of Justice or a federal court because of their history of racial discrimination against voters. The lawsuit alleges that the pre-clearance requirement, first established in 1972, is antiquated and unconstitutional.

    The Politics of Pain: Florida Legislator Seeks To Bring Back Electric Chairs and Firing Squads For Executions

    Rep. Brad Drake (R., Eucheeanna) wants to put the pain back into executions. The Florida Republican has filed a bill to require the use of electrocution or firing squads to execute people — saying that lethal injection is simply too easy a way out for convicted murderers.

    Saying that the convicted should not “get off that easy” with lethal injection, Drake wants to see people fried or shot instead. He said the idea came to him at a Waffle House in talking to a constituent. He said that the electric chair or firing squad would make inmates more scared and think about their punishment “every morning.”

  61. Listening to your suggestions, re: Like button. Trying “Agree/Disagree” wording instead. (Patd, I can’t move the buttons — and for nuance folks can always explain their choice in a comment)

  62. Purple’s post above shows the trickiness of these buttons. I chose “Agree” because of Purple’s first sentence calling Scott’s crazy ideas insanity (because we’re voting on the comment author’s overall point), but suppose it could be interpreted as agreeing with Scott (yuk).

    Dunno, maybe there’s better button wording. Thanks Jace and Patd for kicking this up. Ideas welcome.

  63. Craig,
    Sadly I will never meet most of the people who post here,and there are many here I think I would enjoy meeting in person.
    Absent that, the more interactive the site, the better for getting to know those folks.

    Keep experimenting. 😀

  64. Ok here is something we’ve tried but scrapped in the past — so-called nested threads

    You can choose reply under any comment to react to that comment

  65. It’s a nice Sunday for more experimenting. Checking out this system for replying to comments. You can choose REPLY under any comment to react to that comment and posts under the original

  66. I think that I might like this.

    So simple, even a techno-primitive can do it. 😉

  67. Yeah, we’ll try it for a while and as FDR once described the New Deal, if we don’t like it we’ll try something else, but if we do like it we’ll do it some more

  68. The republicans and the tea party types have tried to throw any and every roadblock in front of Romney. So far they have all been little more than speed bumps.

    Is it just me, or does Romney have the look and the body language of someone who knows that it is still not over but,that he has all the pieces in place?

  69. Craig,

    I think that ‘trail mix’ should host the next republican debate.
    You moderate and we will ask the questions. 😉

  70. Ok I’m getting out of the blog tool shop for a walk, but added one more experiment related to the new Comment Reply feature: When you write a Comment there’s a check mark next to “Post Comment” — as the text says you’ll be notified by email when anyone replies to your comment. If don’t want that simply clear the check mark. Enjoy!

  71. we have all the answers anyway. might as well share a few with the off-trail world.

  72. One of the reasons that the Admin is polling so badly is that rip ups have sound bite festivals every two weeks and the stupid Dems don’t demand equal time to bash the foghing pol party that does nothing but rip up all that is good and fine.

    The oh,bummer campaign leadership is mentally insufficient for the task at hand.

  73. I prefer the edit button to the agree/disagree buttons.

    Craig, would you please bring back the edit button ?

    Thanks in advance.

  74. Jack, Who the Hell can afford peanuts in this economy?
    People are so poor now, they are getting married just for the rice. 😉

  75. I think I like the agree or disagree option better than the like or dislike option because a couple of days ago someone kept clicking “dislike” on my posts and that annoyed me.

  76. Craig,
    What have I done wrong? My comments are showing up to the right of center. :smile:

  77. Craig,

    I would assume, I know ass-u-me, that the agree or disagree would be on the “The Florida insanity continues.” I the reviewer thinks that Scott and/or Drake are just simply crazy then it would be “agree.” I am sure your buddy pong would disagree and think Scott and Drake are spot on. If you have mixed feeling then you don’t vote.

  78. Jace, when I moved Edit button to the top it was indenting the first line on commenter’s screen. I moved it back to the bottom, so that shouldn’t happen anymore.

  79. Just so everyone knows, a single user can only vote once (and you can’t vote on your own comment). Hey, that’s better ballot security than the real thing!

  80. Craig,
    Good to know that,I thought that perhaps I was beginning to lean to the right. Whew what a relief! 😉

  81. 1. Thanks for the reply, Craig.

    2. a.The mark of cain666 is a longtime tool of the koch brothers.

    2. b. I guess they don’t keep all their bad eggs in one basket.

  82. Heather,

    Pay no mind to the folks that pecked at your dislike icon. It’s personal yet anonymous, the worst combination for bullying and mean-ness, and says more about the dislikers than about you. If they’d had any class they’d have replied in articulate sentences rather than merely pecking the dislike icon.

    Agree or disagree is better, less personal & emotional, more intellectual.

  83. Craig, I clicked disagree, cuz I think the world of you, and burgers may not be the healthiest fodder for a mature male, who is in a sedentary profession.

    By the way, tonight, I’m making burgers for Sweetie and me. We’re adding onions to thin the blood. Onions are also a natural allelopath, and slaughter all sorts of dangerous bacteria.

    For the vegetable course, I’m having pinot noir, Sweetie is having gewurtztraminer.

  84. oh,bummercare sux. However, it appears that the pol in the White House is going to ignore the cure for the sick program.

    Instead, we’re going to make the entire program un-constitutional. The SCOTUS is poised to wipe the dam’ thing out.

    Now, I intend to occupy the kitchen.

  85. Whenever someone “dislikes” my post….I simply whistle a happy tune……

    Like the ending to “Dock of the Bay” for example.

  86. One last thing before I begin broiling my cholesterol. The so-called minister of God is unmasked as an agent of Satan :

    Quote of the Day
    “Make a list… Call them and ask them, ‘Are you going to vote on Issue 2 and are you going to vote for it?’ If they say no, well, you just make sure that they don’t go vote. Let the air out of their tires on election day. Tell them the election has been moved to a different date. That’s up to you how you creatively get the job done.”

    — Mike Huckabee, quoted by the Cincinnati Enquirer, urging supporters of a law limiting collective bargaining for public employees to stop opponents from voting

  87. A foghing minister urging violence an lies ! ! !

    That takes the cake.

    Devil’s food cake.

  88. Craig,
    half the price, twice the fat and cholesterol.
    Better go for a long walk, and follow XR’s advice, pinot noir. 😉

  89. Mr Huckabee is, I suspect, one of those bass players who never ever gets to actually play with anyone and so they start running their mouth. Mealy mouthin’.

  90. Tortellini, green salad and poached pears.

    Something red to drink, just don’t know what at this point. 😉

  91. backstrap venison….a liberal mashing of the potato, grrrr-avy from the strap….beems done turned greem from emvy…..some lettuce cringed up in a bowl along with tomato chunks, really good havarti cheese, biled aigs with the toasted bread cubes. Pepper, lots of pepper. Salt dey rigger…..and Bud, of La Reiser……

    70 degrees and low humidity.

    there have been worse days.

  92. Sturg,

    This is one of those posts where the like, dislike thing is very appropriate.
    I like very much.

  93. Mike Huckabee is a fricken tool. He has no idea what life is like here in Ohio. If you’re also in Ohio, vote no on issue 2. 💡

  94. Thanks for making my Sunday night. I thank whskyjack for the Sunday Morning Coming Down video. As I am singing along and reading all these wonderful comments, I come across Nash’s comment about Obama getting tough and that tomorrow he is going to “Occupy the White House”. I am still laughing.

  95. Spent some time this week in the LBJ Library, not nearly as much as I would have liked.

    It is by no means as glitzy or as ‘Morning in America’ as the Reagan library, but I think that the curators have done an excellent and fair job of presenting LBJ warts and all.

    As I went through, I was struck by just how vicious,ugly and unyielding the political atmosphere was during the Johnson years.Lines were not simply drawn in the sand, but rather etched in stone.Cities were on fire, demonstrators were everywhere, and demagoguery was the currency of the realm.

    It sort lent a little perspective to what we see today.
    I can’t say if it is really worse, perhaps just different.

    My God, how the cable networks,fox news and the right wing echo chamber could have stirred that pot. 😕

  96. Gave up politics today for the joys of getting lost in a corn field. Made it out without calling 911, but did empty the wallet for our annual supply of cider spices, apple butter, and honey. After making mulled wine, the President better not mess with my Medicare. I may need it.

  97. If you missed it today, keep an eye out for the Live From Lincoln Center “Wynton at 50″. Great music and vocals with Wynton Marsalis on horn with his orchestra and featuring some great all stars, choral group, and tap dancer. Good sounds!!

  98. Ah, Heather,

    I am not in Ohio, but if I were, I would vote against #2, whatever it is, on your sound advice and to foil the huckster’s vile ambitions.

    I know many lovely Ohioans, almost all of them in the north. I can’t believe they would make a scuzzbag like the huckster happy.


  99. You all seem to have had a lovely day. Have a lovely night too.

    And, send Solar the bill.

    G’night, Solar.

  100. Mitt Romney’s Problem with Women
    by Taylor Marsh

    I noticed in the Dartmouth debate recently, Mr. Romney flaring up a bit when questioned, then pressed, by Bloomberg’s Julianna Goldman. It was clear to me Mitt didn’t like Ms. Goldman being hard and direct, doing her job as a journalist.

    This New York Times article recounts a couple of instances that say a lot about Mr. Romney and his patriarchal moorings. This doesn’t surprise me in the least, but it’s chilling, nevertheless.

  101. In honor of OWS, instead of thumbs up or down, we should do “twinkle fingers” up or down.

  102. The Cook Report: Bird in the Hand
    GOP primary voters could choose the next president, if only they can make their peace with the front-runner.
    By Charlie Cook

    Cain seems to be functioning as a parking place for conservatives who have grown disillusioned or who harbor reservations about the previous flavors of the month. Until he demonstrates strength in some of these other dimensions (fundraising, campaign organization), it’s a good bet that Cain is little more than a place for conservatives to window shop while they decide what to do.
    If Gertrude Stein were alive, she might observe that with the Cain campaign, “there is no there there.”
    In reality, there is an extraordinarily high probability that the Republican nominee will be either former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney or Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Two-thirds of Republican voters are now very right of center. Call them tea party or social conservatives or whatever you want, but they want a Republican nominee who is a no-holds-barred, unadulterated conservative.

  103. Obama’s Big Green Mess
    How the White House lost its eco-mojo.
    Daniel Stone and Eleanor Clift

    This summer, federal inspectors made a routine visit to 11 homes in St. Louis to see what taxpayers got for the $5 billion that President Obama spent to help Americans weatherize their homes to save energy.
    What they found was quite a surprise. Some of the energy-efficient furnaces installed at taxpayer expense spewed carbon monoxide that could poison occupants. New water heaters lacked required pressure valves, putting them in jeopardy of exploding. And a handful of contractors—unfamiliar with the nuances of specialized weatherization work—had used air blowers in homes with asbestos, potentially dispersing the cancer-causing agent, according to several Energy Department inspector-general reports.

  104. The folks with unemployed, adult children love one aspect of Obama-care. They moaned about it until they found out they can keep the boomerang generation covered under their plans.

    Still, if they don’t get the jobs thing fixed, nobody will have insurance anyway.

  105. Herman Cain, Koch Bros and Americans For Prosperity (Orwellian for the 99% trampled for the prosperity of the 1%)


    “While several other candidates will be at an Iowa Republican Party dinner on Nov. 4, Cain is scheduled to be in Washington mingling with activists at AFP’s annual “Defending the American Dream” summit.”

    Yeah, “Defending the American Dream” of the 1% by creating a nightmare for the 99%.

  106. Tony – There was “no there there” with Obama, either.

    This is the time for a third party.

    Somebody, I think it was Nash, posted the idea for a populist party and a candidate that both OWS & the Tea Party could support.

    I have no idea who that would be, though.

    Maybe we need to cobble together a Franken-candidate. (No, not Al Franken.)

    I would start with Hillary Clinton’s brain and then add a dash of someone who wasn’t afraid to say what he/she thought, like Dennis Kucinich or Ron Paul.

    What would you like to add?

  107. Blue,
    Save the cobbling. Give Bernie Sanders 750 million and tell him to run like he was going to win. 😉

  108. Jamie
    I read the “serious piece” from cracked.com and he should stick to comedy

    All it is is a rehash of the mainstream media coverage of the protests. It’s a pile of poop that the demonstrators are patchouli smelling goof-balls or that they are clueless.

    He sounds like a contrarian who missed out on something

  109. ?!
    yes, Mr. Thompson will straighten things out. What a show! And now The Walking Dead is back on AMC.

  110. yes, Mr. Thompson will straighten things out. What a show! And now The Walking Dead is back on AMC.

  111. According to the comment numbers there are 5 comments buried somewhere up thread, Is it worth the trouble to go look for them or not?
    The idea of having a threaded conversation is nice but in long threads it is hard to tell new content from old. So I guess call me John Kerry, I was for it before I was against it.


  112. Like it or not, the way our system is set up, a third party run would just make the party you want to lose more (repubs) win.

    No, work to change the party from within. That is what the tea baggers wanted to do before they were taken over by the Koch brothers and Freedom Works (Dick Army).

    My point is that a third party run by the progressives will only split the vote between the Dems and the third party allowing the repubs a win.

    So think long and hard about this. Now some folks will say, “I don’t care”, but for many of us (Baby Boomers), we don’t have time for the repubs to totally destroy the country by winning it all in 2012. There isn’t enough time to re-build it, even if it is possible.

    No, if you thought the 2008 election was important, the 2012 election is even more important.

  113. KGC

    That was my feeling as I skimmed it, A phone call interupted me and I never felt it worth my time to go back and read it.


  114. I think that if you are happy with the current way our government is being run then you should follow DownriverDem’s
    If you find yourself in the “not so much” crowd, then things are a little more complicated than that.

    Personally, I think the presidency is lost to us for a generation, no matter which party takes over.
    So I think we need to think of the long term and for our children, grand children and those many young people around us that we care about.

    That is why I care more for the potential of the occupy movement than I do for any election in 2012.


  115. wow…. looky at all the new gadgets.
    TrailMix…. it’s not only a blog… it’s a Game Show too.

    I’ve decided to give up politics for Sundays… and for most of Saturday as well.

    And for the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. The whole month of August in leap years. And of course… any Tuesday with a GOP debate. (now if only the NFL would do a Tuesday night football game in order to make it easier to stick to that plan)…

  116. Minimizing demonstrations has become the role of the mainstream media – ..the Vietnam war and even the Shrubwar in Iraq — millions of people all over the world demonstrated their feelings and the reaction was to treat these millions of people as though they had all stayed home.

    If you haven’t read Adbusters give it a try. They have been writing about the ows idea for a awhile before the actual occupation began

    Like the fiction the Egyptian uprising took place in three weeks – the ows – also had some careful planners and the media prefers their fact free version of events –more evidence the media is republican in nature –no actual truths were meant to be spoken

  117. Adbusters varies from pretty good to over the top fantastic. It’s an expensive glossy, but it is worth the momey.

  118. wow…. looky at all the new gadgets.
    TrailMix…. it’s not only a blog… it’s a Game Show too.

    renee, gracious host is tweaking the lab rat protocol. testing to see how we multi-task blog reading, thinking, judging, replying, replying to replies, rereading, rethinking ad infinitum while learning new skills, enduring peer evaluation and being bombarded and distracted by colorful widgits and whirly-gigs.

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