Dick Cheney vs. Bob Dylan, American Smackdown

Sean Holton
by Sean Holton
Same Time Tomorrow
Sept. 10, 2009

Comparing a politician to a poet would be dicey under any conditions. Except for an obscure coincidence in their lives, it would never have occured to me to stand most-powerful-vice-president-in-history Dick Cheney next to world-class-poet-and-mystic Bob Dylan to see how the two stack up in terms of their lifetime achievements as well as their overall contributions to country and humanity.

The obscure coincidence: Both men were born in 1941.

I mentioned that fact in an earlier post, using the Cheney-Dylan deal as a throwaway example of how issues of aging and generational politics are far more complex these days than what you see portrayed in typical media coverage of politics. People such as Cheney tend to be treated as “patriots” and “traditional Americans” — who simply by virtue of their age, physical appearance and life experience automatically are assumed to have some sort of direct-dial access to what the Founding Fathers always intended our country to be. People like Dylan really serve only to muddy up that simplistic storyline — at least as far as the television cameras are concerned. We’d rather just think of them as forever young, even as they grow old. So how could such people possibly fit into any conversation about the greatness of our nation as envisioned at its founding so long ago by Men Wearing Knickerbockers?

Sean Holton is not only my best friend and a renowned journalist, but a longtime Trail Mix pal. For more than two years he has fought a rough battle against brain cancer and lately we have have been enjoying some of his great writings. — Craig

Sure, it may just be a quick illustration of the extremes in sensibility that can be present within just a single generation. But I thought it would be fun to go ahead and push the dichotomy forward. So let’s compare Cheney and Dylan in the 13 key categories that professional historians and everyone else universally agree are important in order to determine which man really is the greater American. As our source material, we’ll use the unassailably reliable Wikipedia biographies of each man supplemented by random snatches from my own memory of the lots of stuff I’ve read over the years about both. (You want real research? Buy a newspaper.) And then we’ll throw the answer right back at the cameras and dare them to film it instead of another town-hall meeting on health-care reform.

More of Sean’s writings:

Seniority: Cheney has been a living, breathing, sentient human being four months longer than Dylan. THE EDGE: Cheney

Humble beginnings: Cheney was born in Nebraska, raised by working-class parents in Wyoming, flunked out at Yale before getting busted for a DWI at age 21 and applied for and received five draft deferrments to avoid military service during the 1960s. Dylan was raised in Hibbing, Minnesota by parents who were both children of Jewish immigrants and he dropped out of the University of Minnesota after his freshman year to move to New York, play the guitar and shag groupies. THE EDGE: Tossup

Overall Life Trajectory: Dylan had already achieved worldwide fame and immortality as a folk singer and songwriter by the early 1960s — when he was still in his 20s. He subsequently went through several career transformations — from electric, to born-again, to all sorts of other weirdness, including traveling with the Wilburys and doing voice over for lingerie commercials as well as time more recently as a radio DJ. But enthusiasm for his work has never really diminished. Movies and documentaries are still being made about his life and work. Cheney toiled in relative obscurity as a draft-dodging, snot-nosed intern and low-level Washington bureaucrat until his mid-30s, when around 1975 he succeeded Donald Rumsfeld as President Gerald R. Ford’s White House Chief of Staff. [That same year, Dylan released his critically acclaimed Blood on the Tracks album and could have retired right then, done nothing else for the rest of his life and still been more revered than any of his contemporaries]. Starting in 1979, Cheney served five terms as a Wyoming congressman before becoming Secretary of Defense under President George H.W. Bush after the Senate rejected womanizing drunk John Tower for the job. After spending the Clinton years out of power, he returned to the scene in 2000 when he led George W. Bush’s vice-presidential search team to the conclusion that he, Dick Cheney, was the best man for the job. He then went on to be arguably the most powerful man in America — at least during Bush’s first term. He was running the government and calling most of the shots on the fateful, tragic day of Sept. 11, 2001 and he and his aides shaped the framework for the immediate U.S. response in the so-called “War On Terror” that followed. Today Cheney is seen as the cantankerous, vocal standard-bearer for out-of-power Republicans who can’t stand where the country is going. He might even hate America now. Who knows? THE FINAL ANALYSIS: While Dylan has been famous far longer and has made a contribution likely to be far more enduring, Cheney did succeed fabulously in achieving what he spent a lifetime training for — becoming a world-famous, angry, old man with lots of secrets to protect. THE EDGE: Tossup

Vision: Dylan is a modern mystic with an unyielding poetic vision and the musical gifts to express it. At around age 24, he wrote the song “It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)”, which contained the following lines: While preachers preach of evil fates/Teachers teach that knowledge waits/Can lead to hundred-dollar plates/Goodness hides behind its gates/But even the president of the United States/Sometimes must have/To stand naked. Cheney has been an incredibly gifted bureaucrat, competent manager and Washington political infighter who never really developed the vision to be a national leader in his own right. During Gulf War I, there was probably no one better qualified than Cheney to be Secretary of Defense. I personally remember being thrilled to have him calling the shots at the Pentagon back then. Yet at the pinnacle of his career, which came with the 9/11 attacks, Cheney had a failure of vision. On an entirely human level, this failure makes him almost a tragic figure. His reaction was to be afraid and to lead GW Bush and the rest of us down the path of fear. For the sake of vast simplicity, let’s just say there were 10 paths the country could have gone down after that day. Nine of those paths were wrong, so maybe we should cut Cheney and Bush some slack for being only human when they picked one of the nine bad ones. After all, there was only one right path, and we still aren’t sure which one it was. But a great leader would have stepped back from the immediate fear, imagined the world we wanted to be in 10 years hence, recognized the right path to get there and chosen it at the beginning. We elect our national leaders because they are supposed to have more than competence and knowledge and power – we expect them to have vision to lead the country. Think about how Roosevelt positioned the United States to face the rise of Nazi Germany in the 1930s, or how Churchill led his nation during the relentless, sustained air attacks (not just four in one day) of the Battle of Britain. THE EDGE: Dylan.

Dealing with criticism: Both Dylan and Cheney have been undaunted in the face of withering criticism. Dylan was castigated by the old-line folkies when he plugged in an electric guitar at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival, and he has been castigated at every turn in his career ever since. But he hasn’t cared. He hasn’t really answered many questions about it and hasn’t been defensive. He’s just gone on doing what he wants to do, for decades. Cheney, too, has been unapologetic in the face of criticism both during and after the Bush Administration about things like war, torture and domestic spying. But he has been a bit too showy as he plows through all this adversity – seeking out speaking engagements in front of friendly audiences and TV appearances to mount his defense over and over again while attacking his successors in office. Dare I say he’s been a bit too defensive? A bit of a martyr? Maybe even a big baby? THE EDGE: Dylan.

Overall excellence within their chosen field: Let’s go to the history books for some perspective here. If this were 19th Century America and we were looking for examples of great poets and great political leaders who were rough contemporaries, we’d have to look no further than Walt Whitman and Abraham Lincoln. History’s verdict is that both easily make the cut as great Americans. Dylan, I think, will be spoken about in the same exalted terms as Whitman in terms of artistry and cultural impact after he’s long gone. But Cheney and Lincoln? In the same conversation? THE EDGE: Dylan.

Accidents, having them: Dylan crashed a Triumph street bike in 1969, supposedly breaking several vertebrae, nearly killing himself and taking himself out of the public eye for nearly eight years. He explained the accident by saying he’d been up for days without sleep, and that he had taken his bike out for an early morning ride and was topping a hill facing into the sunrise when, ”I went blind for a second and I kind of panicked or something. I stomped down on the brake and the rear wheel locked up on me and I went flyin’.” Here’s my theory: Dylan was a sissy who didn’t know how to ride a motorcycle. I’ve seen pictures of him on his Triumph, and he looks like he has no idea what he’s doing. His feet aren’t even on the footpegs, and his grip on the handlebars makes it seem as if he’s holding a high-voltage power line. In short, he looks like the president of the chess club who has been forced by the guys on the wrestling team to try to ride a motorcycle. No wonder he crashed. Now onto Cheney’s accident: He shotgunned his buddy in the face while out pounding beers and bird hunting in the middle of a big Texas ranch. Then he went back and had a big roast beef dinner. Now THAT’s manly. THE EDGE: Cheney.

Accidents, dealing with them: As can be seen from the quote above, Dylan almost literally was able to turn his accident into song lyrics (See: “I went flyin’”). And the rebellious nature of being out on a motorcycle coupled with his disappearance from public view only heightened the overall mystique of his legend. Cheney, on the other hand, shotgunned his buddy in the face while out pounding beers and bird hunting in the middle of a big Texas ranch. Then he went back and had a big roast beef dinner. Now THAT’s dumb. THE EDGE: Dylan.

Hard power: This one is simple. It’s just a matter of adding up albums sold and gate receipts and comparing those figures to wars started, nations subjugated, weapons systems funded and lives committed to battle. Look up the numbers yourself. THE EDGE: Cheney.

Soft power: When Dylan dies, the world will mourn the passing of a great poet and cultural icon who will probably then be elevated to “prophet” status. Great intellectuals will be called to hold forth on “what Dylan meant.” It will make what we just went through with the recent death of Michael Jackson look like a global cotton-candy binge. People such as Cheney — no matter how much hard power they amassed during their lifetimes — are ultimately only functionaries on history’s stage. When such people die, the world usually just burps and asks what’s for dessert. THE EDGE: Dylan.

Who’d win a physical fight: We’re talking about a couple of 68-year-old dudes suiting up in wrestling tights here, so this isn’t going to be pretty no matter how it turns out. But it would all pretty much come down to how much Dylan’s medical history of cigarette smoking, substance abuse, weight fluctuation and those broken vertebrae will handicap him even against a Heart-Attack-A-Year man like Cheney. I don’t have height and current weight stats for either man. But I think I’ll go with Cheney in this category, if for no other reason than he must have learned a lot of cool secret death grips from the CIA and Blackwater over the course of his Washington career. THE EDGE: Cheney.

Best dinner companion: I’d rather be seen having dinner with Dylan. But, in reality, I’d be way too scared to actually have dinner with either Cheney or Dylan, for entirely different reasons. So I’m saying neither. THE EDGE: Tossup.

Greater apparent ’patriot’ (whatever that means): In the photos I posted up top, Cheney is bald, has an angry look on his face and is wearing an American-flag lapel pin. Dylan has unusual facial hair, an enigmatic look on his face and is wearing a cowboy hat and some sort of sissyfied shirt. THE EDGE: Cheney.

PRELIMINARY TALLY: Dylan–5; Cheney–5; Tossup–3.

TIEBREAKER 1: Love for America. Bob Dylan has railed about America’s hypocrisy in the past and seems non-commital at best about our country’s place in the world today. But as mentioned above, I think right now Cheney may actually hate what America really is. So I’ll say they’re still tied.

TIEBREAKER 2: Whose face would I rather have on my T-Shirt as I drove across America? Or as I traveled around the world? Bob Dylan, no contest.

FINAL SCORE: Bob Dylan is a greater American.

Sean Holton spent 25 years as an award-winning newspaper journalist. His widely-recognized work as a reporter, writer and editor focused on land development, public policy, politics and governmental issues, including nine years as a Washington DC correspondent and bureau chief for the Orlando Sentinel, and as Associate Managing Editor based in Orlando. Sean holds a master’s degree in Journalism from Northwestern University and a bachelor’s degree in English and Political Science from Rockhurst University.

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  1. We are having my fatherinlaw’s funeral tomorrow. Complete with military honours. It is at 11am. That would make it on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11 month, of the 11th year, I think he would get a kick out of it.being the old WWII vet that he is.
    Got to get to bed we will be busy tommorrow.


  2. Jack, our condolences to your missus and you.

    Since I’ve been grown, which isn’t all that long, sequentially our country has ‘celebrated’ the passing of our last Civil War, Spanish American War, and World War I vets.

    It won’t be too much longer before the last of the WW-II folks will be gone.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get rid of war as well?

  3. Very interesting post! Mind = blown. And wow, John Tower…there’s a blast from the past. But who would win in a fight? My money’s on Dick ‘Kaboom!’ Cheney.

  4. Jack…My condolences, as well. But what an appropriate time for for both your father-in-law’s passing, and for his memorial. My thoughts will be with you and your wife tomorrow.

  5. Read this when Lard first wrote it…enjoyed it then and now. And…of course…I completely agree with his conclusion…Dylan is by far the greater American!

  6. 90 feet off Portugal, the new world record.
    We never dreamed of a wave this high, it this place. This movie is in a 30 foot wave.

  7. Jack Russels –
    Rat killers. 2 of them.
    Sean told me about his dogs, and his next dance with the road. I would not send a man onto the open road, in a small box with two Jack Russels.

  8. If Lard becomes ashes
    I’m going to need just a wee small amount for “Peggy’s Garden”.

  9. On death , and dying ………
    When my sister went in June, she was sitting up on the edge of her bed, trying to get her nebulizer to fix her 45 year tobacco habit.

  10. A week before , she had set the carpet on fire at 3:00 AM, with her O2 machine. Trying to smoke a Marlboro menthol light 100.

  11. The Comanche had about 5 bands. One group were called the “Honey Eaters”. The ones at Lubbock were called the “Antelope Eaters”.

  12. the “Antelope Eaters” made New Mexico a living hell from 1715 forward. Until Mr. Colt made his “Walker”.

  13. The Trade Fair of 1715 at Toas , 300 Comanche rode into town. With Spanish captives from the Salinas part of the empire.

  14. In 1715 the “Antelope Eaters” rode nearly 1,000 miles just to make a point.

  15. dick cheney loses the Great American Contest even if he is put up against denny mclain, sonny liston, lindsey lohan, or charles manson.

  16. The worst thing that cheney did was get drunk and shoot that Texas oil bastard, when he had the same opportunity while duck hunting in a boat with underworld figure and political king-maker antonin ‘fat tony’ scalia, and couldn’t hit the bastard.

  17. What I mean to write is that the worst thing dirty dick cheney did was shoot the wrong crook.

  18. Perry, on Letterman show, blames debate gaffe on ‘El Nino’ CNN International

  19. Those Comanches rode 1,000 miles without hard tops & soft suspensions, oases every few miles, radio, air conditioning, bridges over rivers, or smooth as formica 75mph rated highways.

    Back in 1715, 1,000 miles overland really was 1,000 miles.

  20. By Alan Solomon, Chicago Tribune staff reporter:

    May 15, 2005
    There was the night in 1988 when Bob Dylan came to town in search of James Dean.

    “Yeah,” said Marcus Winslow Jr., James Dean’s cousin, “he came in late one night. It was 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning. He’d had a concert in Indianapolis, and he came with a bus to Fairmount. He came out here for a few minutes…”
    I say NUTS! I was always told Dylan came out to Fairmount on that now-infamous Triumph ‘cycle, years before this 1988 thing. Well, maybe he did…and this was just a return visit.

  21. Bobby was a little late to go looking for Dean at Fairmount in 1988. Shoulda looked there in 1951.

    G’night Dexter.

  22. I don’t think Perry is the worst of the bunch;the rest of the bunch is tied for that other. I think Perry has a lot of guts to stand up for in-state tuition, and he for sure has more personality than any of the others. Would I ever vore for him? Not unless the floor tilted and he slid to the far left.

    We had an early rain and more was predicted, but it never showed up. God, I hope this isn’t a dry winter.

    Sean knows more about Dylan and Cheney than I ever will, but
    I would give Cheney points only for avarice and malice
    and dishonesty. I will agree that he must hate America –
    they all obviously hate it as they hate us. They don’t like what we have become. The constitution has nothing to do with it. They always assumed the constitution was what they wanted it to be, that it proved that they were the right people, and they’re having to learn that that might not be so. Poor babies.

    Grumpy me!

  23. The nut for me in this piece — one of Sean’s favorites from his blog — is how he uses the Cheney-Dylan smackdown as a device for challenging conventional notions about “patriots” and “traditional Americans.” It’s a relevant pursuit as Tea Partiers seek to “take back America” while Occupy protesters are maligned as un-American. Just like Cheney and Dylan, it is the other way around.

    Sean (“Lard”) is peaceful and comfortable, surrounded by more love than drugs, and he talks a lot about Trail Mixers. Ashamed to say he seems to know and remember more than I do about our own history.

  24. Jack…. sorry to read about your father-in-law… may he rest in peace. The best to you and Mrs. Jack.

    I too read this piece when it was originally posted on Sean’s blog.

    I’d like to add. Foreign Travel: Dylan can travel to any country he chooses… not so for Cheney, who can be arrested by the Hague on charges of being a war criminal. THE EDGE: Dylan

  25. Jack and Mrs. Whiskey Jack

    Sounds like a great send-off

    In honor of veterans day – a big shout out to my big brother who served in Vietnam and then worse was a race relations officer for the Airforce in Germany-

    He NEVER uses his service to promote his opinions or thinks it makes him more of a patriot than anyone else.

  26. Fabulous piece! Still can’t get over they were born the same year…I thought Cheney came out the womb an old fart.

  27. Besides Cheney’s advocacy of torture one of the other things imo that make Cheney a worthless piece of excrement was the cavalier way he pushes for war.
    War is serious business , not only do men die but men are affected by it for the rest of their lives.
    My father in law is a good example.
    What he did for his country was to burn men alive. He operated a flame thrower. As I went through stuff looking for family pictures for today, I ran across a journal he wrote about his WWII experiences for PTSD therapy. These were stories he never talked about out loud. They were hard to read.
    These experiences changed him as a person affected who he was as a man and affected his relationship with his family.
    IMO for Cheney and the Neocons to manipulate this country in the manner they did and push for wars with little thought is just plain evil.


  28. Flatus,

    Agreed, my prayers today are for an end to war.

    got to go see you all later


  29. It’s interesting when people were sitting in the Egyptian and other middle eastern downtowns -people like Bloomberg and other mayors thought it was wonderful

    apparently they are missing the point of Occupy Wall St and other noxious locations

  30. Way off topic, but here goes.

    I have always thought that the NCAA was the phoniest organization that ever came down the pike.Their supposed concern for the ‘student athlete’ was and is a joke. Their only concern for the student athlete was how much revenue they could generate.
    When a few bucks were slipped to a student under the table, when grades were altered, points shaved,they feigned outrage and pointed to the lack of ‘institutional oversight’ and immediately slapped the wrists of the offenders.Then proudly proclaimed that they had defended the integrity of college sports, and maintained the purity of amateur athletic competition.
    What a crock!
    If the Penn. State situation is not a lack of ‘institutional oversight’ I don’t know what is.
    The oh so pious NCAA has delivered the death penalty for less. Where are they now, and more to the point, where have they been? Off defending the honor of college athletics no doubt. :sad:

  31. Ah, enough of this serious stuff. We are off to CA. to visit youngest daughter. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend. 😉

  32. The Penn St student mob mentality was very telling.
    Instead of rioting against the administration for failing to do their job – they were upset because they finally did.

  33. Obama Punts on Keystone Pipeline
    by Taylor Marsh

    You have to love that the video of Jay Carney on Politico comes with a devastating Mitt Romney ad. File under things that make you chuckle, like Carney saying don’t ask me, ask Foggy Bottom.

    Pres. Obama felt the pressure from the Keystone Pipeline protests. That he punted it for now seems to me like a win for the good guys, because it’s not happening now.

    From Politico:

  34. Jack,

    I am sorry about the death of your father-in-law. How good and kind his fate was, to have had the love of his daughter and son-in-law in his old age.

  35. X-R

    You can speak for me any old time
    I love your way with words

  36. she’s gone from there…did chicago for 2 days and now home (nyc) today…. all her FB friends filled out her couple of days pretty good….plus the hotel she was staying at probably had a line on everything she might have wanted to see…..some kind of mandarin or something I forgot the name but it had a lot of stars….lol

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    whenever anyone has trouble, email help@craigcrawford.com for quickest response

  38. THANK YOU veterans…. for all of your sacrifice.

    Heard a report on NPR this morning that veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are among the highest percentage of unemployed. One officer reported that many vets are afraid of returning home because of this situation. This is shameful.

    Meanwhile…. politicians play politics.

  39. And of course the Roman Numerals II can be read as 11. A most propitious time for an extended excursion. Condolences to your family and lots of good memories of a life well lived.

  40. The link didn’t work, but the answer is an off shore underwater canyon that allows for a huge wave build up that can’t happen when the shore is preceded by a continental shelf. The fact that there is more water to build up to give unusual height even for this place is a CBob special environmental report.

  41. When it comes to dinner parties I like to combine the living with the dearly departed, so I’m inviting Shakespeare, Dorothy Parker, Dylan, John Prine, Sondheim, Jackman, Garland, Baez, and Socrates over for a nosh. With all that conversation, music making, singing, and dancing going on, it should be a great evening while I’m thinking of the next nine guests for subsequent dining.

  42. Thanks for the acknowledgment, Katy Crack. Our local VFW was serving free beans today. They used to give us fish and beans.
    Just beans? I stayed home, donned my VFW cap, and just took a two mile slow walk and marvelled at the beauty of the trees, the folks walking their dogs, and the fast-changing cloud-scape in the cold air. Somehow, the fates had me destined to live just fifty miles from where I grew up as a kid…but it’s all good these days.

  43. Two Out of Three Top GOP Presidential Candidates are Womanizers
    by Taylor Marsh

    The American people will not elect an alleged serial sexual harasser, Herman Cain, or a man, Newt Gingrich, who asked one of his serial wives for a divorce in the hospital as she was recovering from cancer. They simply will not.

    But at least we all have even more perspective on why most Republicans remain against the Lily Ledbetter Act. They simply don’t feel women deserve equanimity of respect. Many also believe sexual harassment is whining, as their gasbag leader Rush Limbaugh would say.

    The bad news for these neanderthals is that some Republicans do get it, you know, like many conservative women.

    In the Republican race for the presidential nomination, Newt Gingrich’s support continues to slowly grow, and he is now tied with Mitt Romney for second place, while Herman Cain just edges both of them out for the top spot. Both Cain and Romney have lost support since late October.

    In a new CBS News Poll, 61 percent of Republican primary voters say the sexual harassment accusations against Cain won’t make any difference in their vote, but 30 percent say the charges make them less likely to back him, and that rises to 38 percent among women. Cain has lost support among women since last month – from 28 percent in October to 15 percent now. He has lost ground with conservatives and Tea Party supporters as well.

    What a gift these womanizers are to Pres. Obama. In his entire first term, he’s never looked so good.

    For that matter, Mitt Romney does too, who takes the Republican lead in the latest McClatchy-Marist poll.

  44. Great, Craig, please post the video of the talk for us bottom feeders of economy cable.

  45. Some quick thoughts…

    Whisky, sorry to hear about your loss. Remember that a bottle of quality spirits when used to honor those who’ve passed, invariably raises everyone’s spirits.

    Craig, I’m curious, did you make KO sign a contract banning him from saying the words “Sarah Palin” in your presence? I’m glad you get to do what your good at in a venue where your talent is appreciated.

    Since Sean of the Lard is a Dylan fan, here is a link to my favorite Dylan song, which seems to fit his current journey well…Bob Dylan’s Shelter From the Storm


  46. For veterans day

    Touch a Name on the Wall by Joel Mabus


  47. Bear,
    If you put a ,v, after the http, like so, httpv:// you will imbed the youtube video in your comment.


  48. HI BW,
    You can catch KO live on Current at TKList.net
    Just click on the news channels and you will find Current..Under Movies you will also find HBO so you can watch Bill Maher Live as well, that is if you like him..

  49. It’s hard for me to turn death into some kind of special deal. It’s the deal you get. When it strikes close to home you want to, like, get a new deal. Nah.
    You get your string and you play it out. Period.
    Some go early, some go late
    Some go at times inappropriate
    Either way you go.
    Right behind you, Lard.
    I’ll take my own, thank you, when it comes….
    Yours? Or theirs? Makes me think of snow in August.

  50. Jack, I add my condolences to those already stated. I always appreciated your references to your father-in-law because they showed how you cared for and about him. That makes me feel good that a sick elderly man had a caring family around him.

    And XR, i neglected to say good night to you the other night so here it is. Good night, XR!

    Is it too late for a newcomer to sign up for the repubs? I hope so because if they’re stuck with this lot, oh boy!

  51. Is it too late for a newcomer to sign up for the repubs? I hope so because if they’re stuck with this lot, oh boy!

    bethy, last night on newshour, david brooks mumbled something about jeb of the house of shrub jumping in and making a big splash.

  52. Whsky,

    Thanks for the heads up…I’ve seen that tip posted previously but it never registered what everyone was talking about. I’ll give it a try but i like not having to work the scroll finger as much by passing links instead of video boxes…lol

  53. people forget that dick cheney was also a songwriter…

    Don’t Think Twice, I’m All Rightwing
    The Times They Are A-Changin’ Backwards
    Positively K Street
    Subterranean Bunker Homesick Blues
    and, of course,
    Tangled Up In Iraq

    and when he listens to dylan “he’s so vain he thinks these songs are about him…..”

    Crash on the Levee (Down in the Flood)
    The Wicked Messenger
    Masters of War
    Neighborhood Bully
    License to Kill
    etc, etc

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