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  1. I am struck by how well equipped the police are. More and more like Peter Weller.

  2. Welcome to the United Police States of America.

    An orchestrated, nationwide effort to shut it down & keeping the media away from the police activity in NY.

    Shameful, as TLR would say.


    Where does Donny Deutch get his numbers? On MoJo today, he claimed that 2/3 of Americans are now against OWS. Actually, why is he even on MoJo, ever?

  3. Craig,
    The ad continues to play even at the same time as i play KO’s special comment..Very strange..I can stop it but when i refresh it starts again..

  4. I wonder how NYC keeps protesters away from the parade route on Thanksgiving?

    Eh, a human baracade of tourists should do the trick.

    Does anyone on vacation feel like part of the 99% when they are on vacation, especially since they can afford to take a vacation?

  5. Yep, I think they should pull someone off of the street when they need a seat-filler…or maybe just put a blow-up doll in the chair. Better yet, just move the extra chair off of the set. Anyone at MSNBC think of that?

  6. Top of the line equipment provided to city police by Homeland Security. During the terrorist paranoia years, large as well as small cities were provided with a booty of tear gas grenades, riot gear,etc. Some corporate buddies of the Bush administration made a bundle on this. American citizens paid for it and now it is being used against American citizens.

    Oh, the irony.

  7. blue…people sleep on the streets for tickets, Black Friday, parades, etc. without being tear gassed. It is all about the money. If you are sleeping over to spend money, the cops will leave you alone.

  8. There is NO accountability for statements made as part of news programs. It’s pretty clear Obama is not losing and the goopers are yet all the gooper pundits are claiming victory….

    kind of like 2/3 of Americans are opposed to the OWS?!

    Only someone who has made his money kissing the ass of the 1% could make a statement like that…and of course not disputed by the folks who also make their living kissing the ass of the 1%

  9. More on Gingrich continued from yesterday’s post..I watched Krauthammer on O’Riley snear about Gingrich and his baggage…he mentioned this commercial. I enjoyed K-man’s bitter comments about NEWt.


  10. I think OWS should be looking for federal targets..occupy federal land — municipalities and counties can’t afford the occupations

    They should occupy Gracie Mansion or where the mayor hangs out these days…he is the one percent – he could put the occupy mvement up at the Waldorf and not even miss the change

  11. I think they are starting to crack down because these are becoming demonstrations of the numbers of homeless people…a living breathing picture of Americans without jobs or homes.

    Can’t have that going on as we go into the most commercial part of the year.

  12. It appears wherever OWS lands it will be hazardous to their health

  13. Very astute and funny special comment by Keith. I guess Bloomberg has never heard the axiom… that which doesn’t kill me, only makes me stronger.

    My phone is ringing like crazy lately with pollster after pollster. We’ve gone back to letting our answering machine field all calls again.

  14. George Will when talking about Rick Perry should have to preface every remark with “Speaking as a Gooper Trophy Husband and spouse of a paid political worker…”

    Of course I am surprised that anyone would want to be his spouse

  15. Sorry about the autoplaying ad videos. AdBrite assured me they had this fixed. Guess I’ve got to find yet another adserver to pay the bills. Google Adsense tossed us, and Adbrite won’t stop the autoplaying vids.

  16. “Occupy” as a strategy is good only as far as it goes. It is like the sit-ins of the Civil Rights Movement. It has to evolve into something more ‘active’ if it is going to effect political change. Getting kicked out of city parks may actually be a good thing, as they would have fizzled out over the winter anyway. Now they should move on to something bigger, more inclusive of the (still) working class, and more engaged in actually bringing about political change, imho.

  17. I thought they were doing something worthwhile – as the local occupy groups selected issues such as foreclosures to spotlight or try to stop but of course the short attention span media could only spend a few seconds on that..Kim Kardashian was getting divorced and that was more important

  18. I agree that they did something good: focusing attention on the criminal greed of Wall Street, political complicity in the corruption of the financial system by both parties, and, most importantly, on the unprecedented wealth and income disparity in our country. But, as attention spans are indeed short, it is time to move onto something beyond mere attention grabbing.

  19. Is now a good time to look at msft/bing/yahoo? Certainly seems as if they are ready to make a serious jump into that market as a unified force.

    I had to reactivate my adblockplus to rid myself of the curse of AdBrite. I know it wasn’t your fault.

  20. KGC… I know this is the most commercial part of the year. But it isn’t just corporations that depend on the Xmas season….. it’s small businesses and little people such as myself that need it too.

    My gallery sales have slowed down so much (except for Xmas season) that I’ve decided to do 2 weekend fairs in order to try to drum up business and new customers. I’m doing one this upcoming Saturday and Sunday. And will be doing the second one the following weekend on Friday (day after Thanksgiving) and Saturday.

    I love the new commercials I’m seeing on the telly that say to buy “small” on black Friday. Hope it works.

  21. It’s been a crappy couple of days. Stinky and I helped another Korean-American wife let her husband go at the local VA hospital. Only 59-yo. The VA has been stonewalling his claims for years. They suck.

  22. One reason there will not be a Christmas for many —

    the price of a barrel of crude oil is now over $100.


    When the price of gasoline went down, the little people found a few extra dollars to buy. So, many out of work. There is no money. Personally, I am drowning in medical debt and I have health insurance. For most of my friends it is becoming a choice of food or health insurance…many already telling me no gifts this Christmas..not even cards.

  23. My fear, like Patsi’s, is I will never make it to the age of Medicare and when I get there it will be just like Flatus’s friend and the VA…wait for care.

    However, my bigger fear is eventually the insurance companies will develop a health insurance product that will be a lifetime mortgage for health care — payable every month with huge interest payment attached. And they do practice age discrimination because the older you are, the more you pay. I know, ‘actuary tables and spreading risk’…I hear it from tea baggers all of the time.

  24. KGC and Cajunjoe

    The ‘breaking news’ on cable and network news today was People Magazine’s Sexiest Man of the Year!

    I know every network is tied to an entertainment conglomerate and self promotion is the rule…who needs hunger and suffering as the headlines?

  25. Ok, i will keep that in mind..I just hate to bug you by mail because its really not any big deal for me to cut the sound. 😆

  26. Newt Gingrich Pocketed $1.6+ Million as ‘Non-Lobbyist’ for Freddie Mac
    by Taylor Marsh

    Poor right wing primary voters. Just when they find a new flavor it turns out that their selection is rancid. Of course, anyone who knows history knew Newt Gingrich would break their hearts, but wingnut Republicans this season seem to thrive on stupid.

    Newt Gingrich is nothing if not a scalawag, who will take the money out of your wallet and leave you with a hangover if you believe one single word this man says.

    Gingrich says that all he did for that money was tell Freddie that their business model was “insane.” Anybody find that believeable? – David Frum

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” a fitting quotation from Santayana, considering Mr. Gingrich is supposed to be such a brilliant historian. Republicans have been hoodwinked by their own hubris.

  27. SC Guvner Nudnikki just decreed that the protesters are not following the rules by not having a permit request signed by an identifiable leader so they’ll be given the boot at 6-pm. She said that unlike CA and NY, SC has rules.

  28. Notice: I’ll sign any requests for peaceful demonstration permits as the requesting responsible individual.


  29. Well, all the protesters have been rounded-up, restrained, and hauled away. Rest assured, the Confederate battle flag flying adjacent to the demonstration area is safe and flying under government protection. How could it be otherwise; it’s there by order of our legislature.

  30. any of you trailmixers out there between 21-44 yrs old looking for an adventure and an acting gig for the next 3 months? casting call for 5 people to play caretakers at some deserted property over the holidays.


  31. KO is right, With out the reactions Bloomberg and more importantly the NYPD and a certain Officer Balognia the occupy movement would have quietly fizzeled out by now from boredom.
    They got them nation wide headlines
    Oakland has helped a lot too.

  32. I just saw a bumper sticker. I’m already against the NEXT war!

    Good ole Sonoma County.

    I saw Gary Johnson on Dylan Rattigan’s show, and while he made some sense, he seemed very jittery and nervoous. From sone comments I’ve heard it would be possible for some new
    hero to come riding to the repubs’ aid, which would be a truly revoltin’ development.

  33. Well I just finished watching Rachel and was not surprised when she told of the 84 year old women who was pepper sprayed and her remark.

    During the women’s movement she said that when you screw them they multiply or something to that effect.

    Also she talked about Bloomberg having the books from the occupy camp destroyed. Someone on the chat brought up the fact that the Nazi’s burned books just like Bloomberg had done when they broke up the occupy camp.

    This violent overreaction by the police state is not going to stop those who support the movement and its only going to continue to grow until they become the straw that will break the camels back. On that day the Revolution will officially begin and we will take our country back from the Corporate Fascists that have taken over our Government.

    Yes, just like Libya, Egypt and other Mideastern Countries the 1% will fall and there will be blood running on the streets of America.

    Be prepared to protect yourselves and your families.

    Have a great day.

  34. More Cowbell ……

    H. P. Lovecraft – Wayfaring Stranger


  35. Big life-transition day for me…I just received my first Social Security direct deposit. Ha. My company pension was cut by more than what my SS money is, but that’s life.

    KGC: Gracie Mansion would be slumming it for townhouse dweller Bloomberg. It’s a sort-of museum and shelter place for visiting dignitaries.

    Today it hits the fan , as OWSers will soon attempt to shut down the NYC subway system. Talk is buzzing on Twitter about massing to close down several bridges as well.
    Bloomberg and Ray Kelly will not allow this…will Kelly order his cops to crack heads? We shall see at daybreak.

  36. I know. When I saw that $100 price announcement, I knew it was a ploy . Peeps gotsta drive that sled to grandma’s house next Thursday.

  37. Never in American history has a lower pack of morons competed to run our country.

  38. You know that slimy stuff in the bottom of the barrel? Lower than that is the level they’re at.
    And all of them attempting to get lower than that.
    Lower! We must lower the playing field.
    In that way we forge ahead to the past.

  39. Under cover of darkness and without media in their midst to document it. Just so sickening & sad.

    “Dallas police moved into the Occupy Dallas encampment at City Hall Park shortly after 1 a.m…”

    “Police told NBC 5 news crews before they moved into the camp that they “had to leave the area.”


    Try to intimidate them, try to marginalize them…it won’t work. The American spirit lives on, even in a police state.

  40. well, dear friends, tomorrow they rout my internal occupyers and determine if they are benign pacifists or malignant terrorists. if not too dopey (and have survived the hospital traumas) i’ll return to the trail sometime next week with updates on modern medicine miracles. happy trails for now.

    today’s puzzlement: why is it that dogs/cats can run and play as soon as the anesthesia wears off and as tho nothing happened a few hours after a veterinarian spay op? no post op pain meds, no nurse cratchets, no humonguous bills, no worries of what the future holds? twain was right when he said humans do not ascend, but descend, from animals.

  41. You can’t have such a huge underclass, and one that is sooo far under the top, and expect them to do nothing indefinitely.

    Enough formerly, middle class people have slid down with no way back up, that the underclass has reached critical mass.

  42. Blue, the SC folks were filmed by the local stations. They appeared to be totally compliant with every police instruction. So much for trumped-up charges of disorderly conduct, etc.

  43. Quite simply, Pat, they’re in the here and now. It works for many humans, too.

  44. Did the Dallas police making the media move for their own “safety” infringe on the First Amendment (freedom of the press)? There is no time-restriction to how long people may peaceably assemble, either.

    I used to feel so bad for the Chinese having information blocked. Now I feel bad for us.

    Only sunlight, sunlight, sunlight will vanquish vampires in every institution.

    “The public’s right to know how the university dealt with the allegations, however, has been severely restricted by a provision in state law…exemption to the 2008 state open records law, Penn State’s records — including those of the campus police — are closed to the public.”


    “…members of the supercommittee have been subject to an enormous amount of lobbying in recent weeks, and a huge portion of it has come from the health-care industry…”


  45. Someone posted a cellphone video down here this weekend. Turns out the scuffle was started by a police officer pushing someone for no reason.
    Sad that part of police training is probably tactics like those.

  46. On Saturday 11/19 OWS will be marching through town and meeting in my college’s cafeteria for a “General Assembly.”

    I missed the last OWS event here because they changed the time at the last minute.

    I’ll be there and I’m inviting all of my economics students to come and see what an actual democracy looks like, before the dark cloud of a billionaire-funded right wing one-party state envelops us all.


  47. patd…

    I wish you the best. Sending all the light and love I can muster that your innards be pacifists.

  48. Pat, I was too dumb to realize from your missive that it is _you_ who is facing surgery.

    Think good thoughts. Don’t think about yesterday. Don’t think about the day after surgery. Think about walking down the hallway tomorrow evening with a smile on your face. Amaze everybody with _your_ ability to heal.

    And I shall be thinking good thoughts for _you_, too.


  49. Good luck, today! PATD!

    I’m hoping the rascals are benign.

    And the animals know how to do life so much better than humans. As a child, my Father taught me not to fight about religion or politics with friends and family, but to discuss the weather instead. Well, even the weather is not safe anymore! I find very little common ground with the repugs. However, I find I can communicate with the animals much better!

  50. another reason to dispair: I was reading Cindy Adams this morning and her final paragraph was about Barnes and Noble

    AT a restaurant called Flex Mussels someone named Meredith Anderson had just been in some Barnes & Noble for a copy of “A Tale of Two Cities.” The clerk asked who’s the author. “Charles Dickens.” The clerk asked, “Play or a novel?” Then: “Is it new?” Checking his computer, he found it.

    The beginning of the column is a blissful description of the Wall Street floor. Cindy’s wealthy, but her tongue just may have been drilling a hole in her cheek.

  51. About Mark Twain’s view of the descent of man:

    Evolution – The Monkey’s Viewpoint

    Three monkeys sat in a cocoanut tree
    Discussing things as they’re said to be.
    Said one to the others, “Now listen, you two,
    There’s a certain rumor that can’t be true.
    That man descended from our noble race-
    The very idea! It’s a dire disgrace.

    No monkey ever deserted his wife,
    Starved her babies and ruined her life,
    And you’ve never known a mother monk
    To leave her babies with others to bunk,
    Or pass them on from one to another
    ‘Til they hardly know who is their mother.

    And another thing! You will never see. . .
    A monk build a fence ’round a cocoanut tree
    And let the cocoanuts go to waste,
    Forbidding all other monks to taste.
    Why, if I put a fence around the tree,
    Starvation would force you to steal from me.

    Here’s another thing a monk won’t do. . .
    Go out at night and get on a stew,
    Or use a gun or club or knife
    To take some other monkey’s life,
    Yes, Man descended, the ornery cuss. . .
    But brother he didn’t descend from us!

  52. Jamie, after I got through the first line of Twain, I started thinking of Ogden Nash. Two wise men, indeed!

  53. My 17 month old dog, a Boxer-Pit-Lab mix, was spayed last March. The doc gave me the low-down, what to watch for, all that…but as soon as we got home she was totally back to normal…you are right, patd; how can this be?
    And get better, and get them ol’ cooties out and let the good in.

  54. Ogden and Mark weren’t well known for their love of mankind. Given that there are now 7 billion of us, this Ogden Nash creation seems appropriate:

    À Bas Ben Adhem

    My fellow man I do not care for.
    I often ask me, What’s he there for?
    The only answer I can find
    Is, Reproduction of his kind.
    If I’m supposed to swallow that,
    Winnetka is my habitat.
    Isn’t it time to carve Hic Jacet
    Above that Reproduction racket?

    To make the matter more succint:
    Suppose my fellow man extinct.
    Why, who would not approve the plan
    Save possibly my fellow man?
    Yet with a politician’s voice
    He names himself as Nature’s choice.

    The finest of the human race
    Are bad in figure, worse in face.
    Yet just because they have two legs
    And come from storks instead of eggs
    They count the spacious firmament
    As something to be charged and sent.

    Though man created cross-town traffic,
    The Daily Mirror, News and Graphic,
    The pastoral fight and fighting pastor,
    And Queen Marie and Lady Astor,
    He hails himself with drum and fife
    And bullies lower forms of life.

    Not that I think much depends
    On how we treat our feathered friends,
    Or hold the wrinkled elephant
    A nobler creature than my aunt.
    It’s simply that I’m sure I can
    Get on without my fellow man.

  55. A parade? OK, where is the line between First Amendment-protected public assembly and a parade?

    “You do not have a parade permit! You are blocking the street!” a police officer told protesters through a bullhorn.”


    “…the NCAA isn’t destitute, but just how affluent are “amateur athletes” making those that run college sports?”


  56. I’m not a regular viewer of Regis and Kelly, but I’ve been watching the closing shows as I remember watching him when he was the side kick to Joey Bishop in Los Angeles. Today’s show closed with a tribute to the celebrities who had passed away during the time the show has been on the air. Beautiful reminders.

  57. Just booked Breckeneridge for a quick family vacation. Awesome rates right now…:)

  58. Pat…thinking all good thoughts for you. Will be awaiting your updates on the other side of this thing….

  59. Jax… is there snow there already?… enjoy.

    I’m doing a craft fair this Saturday and Sunday in our capital city, Concord. Rick and I are staying over starting tomorrow until Monday morning.

    It’s funny how people in the city get away to the country…. and country people get away to the city.

    Can’t wait to be in the land of restaurants, movie theatres, and stores.

  60. RR,
    Yep, Just looked at the weather there. 6F.
    We ski the week before x-mas. Take a little chance with the snow but usually really good.

    We usually come back just before x-mas. It’s great. No last week holiday pressure. Forces me to have all of my shopping done by the 15th.

  61. The flooding in Thailand has a new price tag. CBob@1637

    Horrendous as it is, it’s a small fraction of Wall Street earnings for the past year. Let’s have one more shout for avarice!

  62. The avaricious (simple greed) only got the 4th Circle of Hell, but the 8th was reserved for the fraudulent, malicious, and panderers. I think we can safely assign Wall Street and the U.S. Congress to number 8.

  63. My gawd, this OWS deal is exploding…my facebook pal Franklyn from Brooklyn posted video of the kid , age 17, who got his skull cracked open by cops an hour or so ago. It was brutal.

  64. What do you say to a man who makes you laugh through the tears? Ice Station Zebra aboard Tiger Fish Three.


  65. A lot of skulls got cracked 50 years ago. This is just a new round of the same old thing. Those with privileges defending their privileges.

  66. here ia a link to a software tool that will let you do your own redistricting for you to present to your representative when you occupy him. Looks interesting , I haven’t had time to try it yet but thought I would pass it on.
    technology keeps leveling the field even as the ptb try to bribe the refs.


  67. I nominate Peter King for the Patsi Bale Cox Oinker award this week. CNN, the ‘lay down’ cable network allows King’s trash talk, too. They get the network Oinker award. Awful how they trash OWS!

  68. Walls of Jericho Approach for Occupy Movement:

    “There God spoke to Joshua telling him to march around the city once every day for six days with the seven priests carrying ram’s horns in front of the ark. On the seventh day they were to march around the city seven times and the priests were to blow their ram’s horns.”

    If people are marching around specific blocks of a city they cannot be fined for loitering or trespassing. A good time to do this would be from 6-10 AM and 4-7 PM, Monday through Friday. Marching in a circle thick enough to interrupt entry in and out of the major doorways. Horns are optional, maybe kazoos?

    This method and schedule makes the best use of all PeoplePower and it is a much better visual than the sit-ins. It’s a march, people are moving, there’s action, we get some exercise.

    It’s all good!

  69. Patd, I’ll be thinking of you and your visit to the hospital. Your occupiers have no right to be there so it’s good you’re having them evicted.The recuperation is almost always the worst of this , especially after the morphine wears off, in my experience. I left the hospital a day early once cuz I felt so good, until I felt bad. So I hope you don’t try to run home and give yourself a mini break. Get back on line very quickly, however.

    I wonder what it’s like for employees to enter and leave the buildings where evil critters who suck our life’s bllod work.
    I hope it’s a very uncomfortable time for them.

  70. Pat,
    Wishing you all the best! I will be thinking of you and sending you positive energy…

  71. patd…

    Sorry this is so late. I hope everything goes well for you today and they get all of them evil critters.

    Take care and get well soon.

  72. Don’t know if this came up already. It seems that freeddy mac gave nudie $1.5.

    That kills that bid for the nomination..

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