Newt’s Not-So-Fresh Face

Jonathan Alter is making sense:

Newt’s M.O. has been the same for three decades: I’m always right, you’re always wrong. Throw in some futuristic talk about nanotechnology and then attack, attack, attack. If Gingrich’s act didn’t bear so much responsibility for our smash-mouth politics, it would almost be amusing. — Jonathan Alter,

More Alter on Gingrich’s Years of Shamelessness

81 thoughts on “Newt’s Not-So-Fresh Face”

  1. woo hoo in honor Lardass Liberal
    Nudie’s rise – I wonder what Mittens makes of all this…
    I wonder if it too late for a makeover

  2. Poor Newt. The only thing we’re missing this iteration is the waving of his Little Red Book of Mao. Bless him and his band of sycophants. Poor Newt.

  3. well boy howdy took me long enough….

    I thought people were saying ”’smartest guy in the room”

    my bad…”smartest ass in the world”

  4. Newtie is just so unlikeable. It’s hard to imagine him ever winning a national election. Ok, I realize that most Republicans, in my opinion, are just not likable, but he is extraordinarily so.

  5. Newt is just a bully with some initials after his name. He simply has no shame about using others for his own gain and it looks as if the current Mrs. Newt is another similarly feathered bird.

  6. Until now, I have not commented on lardass liberals’s sitaution because it cuts too close to home. Sorry about that.

    My uncle died of brain cancer. He was a PFC infantryman in Patton’s Third Army. He told me that all he remembered of World War II was being “wet and cold.” You can watch the movie “Patton” if you want to, but I prefer my uncle’s version.

    He told the whole family (and for the Boston Irish, that means about 50 people) that “There are no nerves in the brain” so he “felt no pain.”

    I found out later that this was crap. His cancer had metasticized and he probably was in great pain, but he didn’t want us to know.

    He never graduated high school,because he had to drop out and work to support his family during the Great Depression.

    He worked in a fruit stand, long hours, low pay, for the meager wages and spoiled fruit that he could take home to his younger brothers and sisters.

    He like the Army. Better pay and better food.

    Go with God lardass. There are good people waiting to greet you.

  7. I feel like Nash 2.5 does because it hits close to me also.

    As some of you may recall my sister died from from cancer a few years ago and my daughter is in remission from a cancerous horsehair brain tumor.

    I do not feel very comfortable with the fact that if my daughters cancer comes back there is nothing that can be done for her, so I don’t talk about it hardly any more.

    I keep Sean in my prayers and hope when God calls him to join Him he goes peacefully.

    Thank you Sean for the person that you are and know that I like everyone here are glad we had your time with us.

    Take care and have a great day.

  8. Freddy Mac made nudie $1.5 M!ll!on richer. Isn’t this called socialistic marxist commonism ?

    Shouldn’t he be renditioned to Bahrain ?

  9. If it weren’t for nudie, I probably would only be half as offensive as I am.

    No matter how hard I try to be as nasty as that adulterous, pettifogging, weasely apostate from his previous apostacy, the fascist commie swine still beats me.

    I don’t practice often enough. That’s what I get for having interests besides just politics.

  10. NEWt is going to jump the ‘large mouth bass,’ eventually. I am laughing about the irony of tea bagger fav, the pizza pimp, requesting and getting Secret Service protection. He had the nerve of not discussing it because it is secret. Hates big, federal government? But, now wants one of the most expensive coverage the federal government can provide. Mr. Hypocritical. With all the money he has bragged about raising, he can hire Mike Tyson as a body guard…oh, wait — Mike impersonates him.

  11. Thanks, Ms Wino. Your are right about Messers Paranoid and 2.5. They are awesome. So are you.

  12. How does the cholesterol pusher rate having Secret Service protection ? He’s not a real candidate for president, he’s just a candidate for the repugnican nomination.

    If a ‘lone crazed gunman’ appears, it would serve cain right if the government employees ducked. Yup, a cain mutiny would constitute just desserts.

  13. If candied dates for the ripper nomination want protection, then their deadbeat party ought shell out for it, rather than xrepublican, the US taxpayer.

  14. Diane Keaton was on The Daily Show the other night and mentioned her fav movie…Slpendor in the Grass. Warren’s first film. A tribute to Natalie Wood who is back in the news…will Wagner have to reverse his story like his mortgage….

    One of my most favorite movies from Elia Khazan


  15. I well remember Sean’s post from the first time he sent it.
    That was before my darling nephew had his stroke which he is valiantly trying to recover from, and which might tear the family apart. It was also before my oldest friend’s husband camd down with pancreatic cancer, and my adored niece’s husband’s mother found cander in her neck. It was before wonderful 93 year old Louise’s daughter told her she had ovarian cancer after her brother had died from cancer. I was so glad to have read Sean’s comments about being ill with cancer before all these devastions tore into my life. He added perspective and a softness to a topic I had little understanding of.

    Sean, your words didn’t stop the pain or the tears, but they kept the hysteria at bay, and I thank you for opening your heart and mind to us.

  16. So a pugugly is scared of the squeekys and hinkleys.
    The rippers have worked their demonic little hearts out to make this country crazy and violent. All that chatter about ‘taking back the country’, killing Islamofascists (and then calling Obama an Islamofascist), and ‘getting Obama’ may have gotten people in the mood for a little agro. Now maybe some of the perrysites and neoconunists will be out to ‘pepper’ the competition. HAHAHA

    If they’d reeeaally been church people and Bible believers, the rip up licans would have known that they who sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind. The really funny thing is that if some rhetoric-crazed nutter tried to harvest one of the pugugly candy dates, God forbid, the repugnican main stream mouija would try to make out that the victim was a martyr, even if the injury was just a hole in the sleeve.

  17. It’s been good seeing old timers like Messers Rezdog and Dooty writing here, and the Chef.

    Seems like old times.

    Sweet dreams, everyone.

  18. Oh, yeah, I agree that the lizard is responsible for the snark and malice in current politics, although I think ronnie deserves some credit also because he opened the door with his cutesy little quips. I wonder what the lizard’s wife’s hair looks like when she takes her helmet off. She must be really desperate to have let the barnacle attach himself to her.

  19. I got my MRI results yesterday and so far it’s still good. My pituitary tumor is still small and inactive, so it’s practically gone. 😎

  20. Sean….it ain’t shit…..get some sleep, and everything will be kinda slipshodically weird in the morning.

    You know…….don’t sweat the small shit, ain’t no future in it.

  21. No Secret Service protection for candidates who didn’t check that little ‘public funding’ box on their tax forms.

  22. I have an uncle who was a tank platoon commander in Patton’s Third Army. Their prayer was that they’d run out of gas next to a fully stocked wine cellar. He’s the surviving baby of that generation at a robust 94-yo.

  23. Been off the trail for a bit, and just now trying to get back up to speed.Some wonderful reads here over the past week.
    So much has been written here that speaks to the goodness,and decency of individuals, and the caring and compassion of a community, that it makes for very thought provoking reading. The dashes of humor of all kinds don’t hurt either, smiling is healthy. :smile:

    Slimey Newt Gingrich is the antithesis of everything I have just described.How dare he intrude on my Saturday morning reading and frame of mind?
    Alas Newt, Have you no shame? 👿

  24. Jace, you’ll rise from your Newt-inspired malaise with a wonderful oratorio for tomorrow!

  25. Today is Alice’s 50th birthday. Which makes it hard to come to grips with Thanksgiving.

  26. Sean and Patd, sending all the positive vibes I can muster and a prayer as well.

  27. I woke up this morning thinking of Sean. Truth be told, I wake up many mornings thinking of Sean. I will never look on a glass of Jamesons in the same way, I will never look on someone with a couple of terriers in the same way, and I will keep Sean in my heart forever.

  28. Flatus,
    I have no intention of allowing Mr. Grunge or any like him to spoil my day, for more than about one minute.

    Judging from the frequency of your posts as of late, me thinks that you must be recovering from your recent bout, and feeling better, at least I hope that is the case.

    Alice’s 50th birthday must be a hard occasion for both of you. No stirring words of wisdom to pass on to you, other than to say that you are both in my thoughts. May you be well and strong.

  29. Sean,
    Sending you strength and strands of laughter today. In the middle of the darkest time of your life, you have managed to touch so many people with your love of words and remarkable spirit.

    I will press my fingers to temples as hard as I can to send you a fresh batch of gentler Mormons today.
    I’m still wondering about those pickle jars.

  30. If he got the nomination, Newt could beat Obama in 2012.

    It doesn’t matter how many flaws Newt has.

    If the economy gets worse, Obama is going to be held responsible. I know that polls indicate that the public still blames Bush, but BUSH WON’T BE RUNNING.

    President Gingrich.

    I cannot imagine what he would do.

  31. Nash,
    Yes, you can imagine what Newt would do, so can I and so can many others.
    That is what makes the whole prospect of a Newt presidency so goddamned frightening. :sad:

  32. Jace,
    Frightening for sure! The thought of listening to his hypocritical BS for a minute much less 4 years, well, terrible..I can’t imagine how he would govern, don’t really want to think about it….

  33. Dash of Dan: Pumpkin Rice Pudding
    by Daubry

    “The first time I made rice pudding, it was a disaster.

    It was too thick, I’m sure I burned some rice, and it was pretty much inedible.

    Fast forward to today…..and I’ve made a wonderful, creamy and rich fall inspired dessert. (This would be great prepared ahead of time for Thanksgiving)

    Pumpkin adds a subtle sweetness to the pudding while giving it a festive color, spices are added, and you can garnish with toppings of your choice.”

  34. Decline of American Exceptionalism

    Is America exceptional among nations? Are we, as a country and a people and a culture, set apart and better than others? Are we, indeed, the “shining city upon a hill” that Ronald Reagan described? Are we “chosen by God and commissioned by history to be a model to the world” as George W. Bush said?

    This year, for the first time, most Americans did not say yes.

  35. Tony,
    The man is not right in the head! No escaping that fact. I think that he is an amoral little twit, with a split personality, and a gargantuan opinion of himself.
    He is held in high esteem by no one other than himself.

    I promised Flatus not to let Newt ruin my day, so I can’t say more. Back to positive thoughts. 😉

  36. Ah, Pumpkin Rice Pudding. Now we are really moving in to positive thought territory (screw you Newt)
    I sense more holiday recipes to come! 😉

  37. Why Gingrich is back
    Clarence Page

    The ABM faction of the Grand Old Party has road-tested so many alternatives to persistently high-scoring former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney that it appears they apparently have forgotten all of the perfectly good reasons why they didn’t go for Gingrich months ago.

    After all, the man has baggage, personal and public, of the sort that conservatives would decry in Democrats. Twice divorced, Gingrich left his first wife following her treatment for cancer. He left his second wife for a staff member who is now his third wife, Callista. Social conservatives don’t like that.

    Gingrich also is viewed by many as ethically challenged, having been the only speaker of the House to have been disciplined for ethics violations.

  38. Jace,
    Newt can’t ruin any of are days as he’s a wind bag and a bloated, bloated toad..Screw him, oh ya! Now on to the beautiful Florida day. sunny and 80 at the moment 😆

    Don’t get touchy about the weather yet! 😆 I mean, please no cold wind from up north blowing my way…

  39. Tony,
    Not to worry, American exceptionalism is alive and well.Pray, pay heed.

    Exceptionally high unemployment.
    Exceptionally low graduation rates.
    Exceptionally high number of people with no access to medical care.
    Exceptionally large gap between rich and poor.
    Exceptionally dysfunctional political institutions.
    Exceptionally poor infrastructure.
    Exceptionally high rate of poverty.
    Exceptionally wealthy banks.

    All that, and republicans just can’t understand, why the world isn’t buying what they are selling. Who wouldn’t want to be so exceptional?

    My apologies, these are not positive thoughts are they? 😉

  40. Tony,
    Clear sky and 72 here.

    Great day to, to, to,trim the goddamn hedge. Oh well. 😉

  41. Jace,
    No apology necessary! Your not being negative your simply seeing the world how it really is!
    That Republican’s even have a chance of winning the Senate and the Presidency in 2012 is simply amazing to me! President Obama and Dems have not stood with the 99% or shown us how they differ from Republican’s..That this Dem President would be for cutting SS or even the fact that were not sure if he will accept cuts says it all..

  42. The Mind of Manson is on my TV as I type this. Your words could describe him as easily as they describe Newt. Hmmm….

  43. I’m halfway watching the South Florida-Miami game. USF is wearing the shirts with the military core values instead of player names. I find the values meaningful.

  44. Hi all, just wanted to let you know again how much Sean enjoys hearing your messages. It’s become a daily tradition. We just read them all from last couple days over our daily Jamesons. He wanted you to know he “visited” with you today “sitting in my hospice bed with spilt whiskey on my t-shirt as I fritter away my 401-K on home health nurses.”

    And, of course, Chopper and Kaley say hi.

  45. Sheesh Sean

    Tie Dyeing your T-Shirt with Jamesons is just a tad wasteful don’t you think? At least give a sip to the puppies.

  46. Yay Heather ! Keep it up.

    Some folks on the Trail have cancer, some had cancer. We all cheer each other on. It’s the Siblinghood Of The Trail.

  47. That 401K goes farther with home health nurses than it would in the Big House. I just hope that they take good care of you and don’t let you lie around in that soggy shirt.

    Soggy shirts are bad for the health.

  48. XR
    I shouldn’t have said anything; she’s the kid who died last Christmas. My bad.

  49. Oh, hell. I’m sorry , Flatus. Somehow, I mistook her for Toots.

    Dam’ memory isn’t the stainless steel machine it once was. I am sorry.

  50. A still more glorious dawn awaits..a morning with 400 billion suns…the brain has its own language 😛


    for lard ass liberal

  51. Well, I’ve done it. I just read my first book on a Kindel.
    I resisted as long as I could. I pooh poohed the whole concept of books with out covers and pages and the smell and feel of books. I still don’t see how you can read a book on one of these sinister devices and then refer to said book as a real page turner.
    Surprise , surprise, I really liked it!

    I hope I’ll still respect myself in the morning. 😉

  52. Flatus…I remember you posting about Alice being one of the few humans who always took care of her car. So, this post is for Alice…I know you miss her. A wonderfully different human being whom I love hearing about. Bless Alice.

    Bless everyone who is fighting the fight of a lifetime. And healing energy to the trail mix gang.

  53. NEWt continues to be a slob…now he is telling OWS humans to take a bath and get a job.

    On Faux News blog, they call us lib turds and dirty hippies…what a badge of honor!

  54. Flatus,

    I’m sipping on a little whiskey so If you don’t mind

    To Alice, and other tough memories, we love them, we miss them.


  55. Did you know that Italy is run by a Goldman Sacs alumn?

    Here is an article from the Independent, very interesting read.

    This is The Goldman Sachs Project. Put simply, it is to hug governments close. Every business wants to advance its interests with the regulators that can stymie them and the politicians who can give them a tax break, but this is no mere lobbying effort. Goldman is there to provide advice for governments and to provide financing, to send its people into public service and to dangle lucrative jobs in front of people coming out of government. The Project is to create such a deep exchange of people and ideas and money that it is impossible to tell the difference between the public interest and the Goldman Sachs interest.

  56. Just dropping in before I leave for our old ladies saturday night movie viewing. There will be just me and my sister and Louise cuz the weather will keep Rita at home in her pj’s on the sofa with her doggies. Cathy leaves early to fly to St Louis to meet with her mother (in assisted living) and her 2 children and grandchildren. I am more than willing to get out to drive to Louise’s rather than have to fly anywhere this holiday! Then I go leter tonight to my niece’s house to let her cat in to eat and snuggle with till about 3 or 4 am before I put the poor baby out in the rain – he can’t be trusted to not use the house as a porta-potty when no on is there! When I left this am at 4, I had to scrape ice off my windshield. I love it. Winter is my time.

    Obviously I lead a wild life. I had to turn off Letterman last night because ole herm was on, and I can’t stand to listen to him. What a con man! Collateral damage to him is
    a good thing because it strikes ofther people, those he says he wants to help. He’s a horrible, horrible man, a social darwinist through and through.

    Niece in France having a hard time finding a place for them to live. One place they looked at was a 2 story apartment built on top of a castle – not as “cool” as it sounds.

    Good night, XR!

  57. Ya know, it just occurred to me that ole herm reminds me of pre-revolutionary France and the arrogance of the aristos.

  58. Oh, Jace, I love my Kindle! Did you get a cover for yours? Makes it feel a bit more like a real book, plus it protects your Kindle.

  59. …and davis,california pepper-spray-happy cops remind me of the germans lining up minorities and shooting them into a trench.

  60. Jace

    If it is any consolation, I actually asked for a Kindle for Christmas (there is a song in there somewhere). Sort of a secretly dirty dirty feeling. :0)

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