Family Frodo

Sean Holton 1959-2011

Our great friend Sean Holton’s lost battle against brain cancer began with this tribute on his blog to his incredible siblings, who nursed him through the last 28 months of his 52 years with truly awe-inspiring dedication and love. Though living in various states — Brian, Ellen, Kathleen and Tim — they made sure to rotate visits so that he was never without them. As we prepare to formally say goodbye on Saturday, Dec. 10 in Orlando (6-8pm, Baldwin-Fairchild Funeral Home, 301 N. E. Ivanhoe Blvd.) our hearts go out to a family that simply defined what family is all about. And, of course, Sean said it best right here:

Sean Holton
August 21, 2009

One of my favorite parts of “The Lord Of The Rings” has always been the scene in Part One where the hobbit Frodo wakes up to find himself safe and sound in an impossibly comfortable, pillow-covered bed after many days of unconsciousness following a series of harrowing adventures that left him wounded and nearly dead. Frodo is resting in the House of Elrond, located in the secure oasis of Rivendell, home of the Elven-wise lords from beyond the furthest seas. “They do not fear the Ringwraiths,” his ancient wizard friend Gandalf tells him from the bedside. “For those who have dwelt in the Blessed Realm live at once in both worlds, and against both the Seen and the Unseen they have great power.”

Holton family circa early 1960s. From left: Tim (b. 1949); Edward (1919-2006); Kathleen (b. 1947); Sean (b. 1959); Lucille (1921-2007); Ellen (b. 1961); Katherine Smith (Mom's mom, 1898-1983); Brian (b. 1958)

When I got home from the hospital a couple of days after my July 26 brain surgery, I felt just like Frodo must have felt at that very moment of awakening. I was in my own house, completely under the protection of my siblings. That wonderful feeling of security and being taken care of at a time of weakness was due entirely to the efforts and attentions of my two brothers and two sisters, who had flown in from all over the country; leaving their own families to come to my side. Kathleen, Tim, Brian and Ellen came to Orlando, respectively, from Las Vegas, St. Louis, Philadelphia and Los Angeles to help me out. And each of them did their part in their own distinctive way. My oldest sister Kathleen (who is convinced she was an Irish charwoman in a previous life) immediately set to work getting my house in order; running back and forth to the grocery store to make sure my fridge and pantry were well-stocked with all the goods I’d need to regain my strength. She even entirely reorganized my laundry room and linen closet, classic Saturday-afternoon projects that I had perennially ranked behind more important tasks such as ‘Take Nap” and “Drink A Beer” since the day I’d moved into my house in 1999. Kathleen was horrified one day when a full bottle of olive oil slipped out of a grocery bag she was carrying and shattered on my kitchen floor. She was making arrangements to hire a steam-cleaning company to come over and clean up the mess even after she had already mopped it up with paper towels to a degree that was infinitely beyond my satisfaction. I told her don’t bother with the professional cleaners, and after much insistence she finally backed off. Brian is also very task-oriented. He did a bunch of chores around the house, put himself in charge of planning and grilling tasty family meals, and he ran errands like going to Target to buy an upgraded electric shaver so he could give me a nice buzz cut. Tim walked my two dogs, helped cook and clean and also kept track of television schedules so we could make sure we were tuning in only the most interesting and relevant baseball games (translation: The Cardinals) at any given moment. Ellen, my baby sister, is a very gentle and spiritual person. She hung up colorful Buddhist prayer flags from one ceiling fan and made sure the general energy level in the house was always most conducive to rest. Sometimes that meant telling the boys to pipe down. I also asked Ellen to go out and choose bandanas for me to wear to cover up my surgery scar, because I knew she’d get the coolest ones.
More by Sean Holton

There is so much that is enriching about traditional family gatherings that involve spouses, kids, various aunts and uncles from older and younger generations. But this unplanned reunion under not-so-great circumstances was something special, too. As I rested in my room for another day or so coming in and out of sleep, I would often hear the murmur of their voices from the front room as they talked about this or that. It reminded me of when I was a kid listening to late-night conversations reverberate through the wall of my childhood bedroom, which was directly adjacent to the family room of our house on Westport Road in Independence, Mo. It was like going back through time. Now it was just us five kids again. Brothers and sisters in a Blessed Realm.

I hate to think about all the anxiety my current medical situation must be causing them. We all love each other so much. I think it would almost be worse to be in their position than it is to be in mine. So I guess in a twisted way that makes me selfish when I say if any one of them ever got a brain tumor, I would trade places in a heartbeat.

“You have talked and reckoned more than is good for you,” said Gandalf. “You will soon be sound again. Elrond has cured you: he has tended you for days, ever since you were brought in.”

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  1. “No, the journey doesn’t end here. Death is just another path, one that we all must take. The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass, and then you see it.White shores, and beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise.” -more Gandalf

  2. i have been reluctant to post since sean took his new path. it just didn’t seem fitting that the day his lease on this life lapsed, mine was renewed. the docs saw no cancer in either the ugly mass or the removed organs.
    tho patsi and sean have loosed these mortal coils that doesn’t mean they’re gone from us. i can feel right now patsi’s clown slap to my head for my wussiness and lard is impishly prodding me to post the john goodman scattering the ashes into the windy sea scene from “the big lebowski”…

  3. For those who have dwelt in the Blessed Realm live at once in both worlds, and against both the Seen and the Unseen they have great power.

    The House of Elrond had nothing on Sean. His spirit, words, deeds, tributes, writing, influences and thousands of ingrained memories walking around in Earth suits still have great power among us. He was surrounded by love in a cocoon. That is the Blessed Realm.

  4. Pat
    That is great news, and we need all the good news we can get. Besides it is Christmas season, time to celebrate life.


  5. Heather… Happy, Happy, Birthday!

    Patd… alriiiiiiight!

    Jack is right… death touches all of us…
    life is for the living… let’s celebrate.

  6. I can’t imagine Lard wanting us here weeping over his demise day after day. From the moment he intellectualized the nature of his cancer, he knew that he had a new mission on this Earth. In my opinion, he accepted his calling with all the grace of a person having a ‘special relationship’ with his Creator.

  7. While I am indeed sad that Sean has passed, I agree, Flatus, he wouldn’t want us crying for long. So I’ve dried my tears, (and reserve them for the possibility of joining Craig and David in Mass in the spring), and I’m writing again, something I started putting off when Randy got sick. It feels good, and I’m just egotistical enough to think that Sean may be leaning over my shoulder making editorial suggestions.

    Craig, do you know if the Sentinel has an archive with Sean’s work logged somewhere? Maybe I’ll do a little digging later on.

  8. Heather, We acknowledge all momentous events. Hope you have an absolutely wonderful celebration and get lots of goodies.

  9. Would love to see you there if it works out for you. Of course, I will post details as it comes together.

    Yes, there is a team working on preserving Sean’s Sentinel writings.

  10. Craig, would love to be there if i can make it..Don’t know yet may have a Saturday job? Thanks for the info for sure..

  11. Remember what Gandalf said about people wanting to avoid hardship:
    ‘So do I,’ said Gandalf, and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
    I hope Sean is healing in Valinor.

  12. Jamie

    Don’t confuse central banks, like the Fed with regular banks like Bank of America.entities like BOA, hedge funds and other for profit money manipulators contributed to the problem, The government controlled central banks kept the system from imploding. For the second time the financial markets damn near took us all down.
    A very good article and a must read.


  13. From the article Jamie linked to

    Arcane, yes, but central to our lives nonetheless. The crisis was unfolding in the world of daily cash flow, an esoteric world of finance, unlike the reviled Wall Street of outlandish profits, that is a global utility pumping trillions of dollars around the world. It provides the daily dose of money that allows billions to do whatever they must do: buy food, gasoline, get their kids to school, go to work, collect government benefits, and so on. The freezing of that system was what so imperiled the global economy after the collapse of Lehman in the fall of 2008, and that was only one large bank. The implosion of Euroland, in the form of depository banks unable to fund themselves and governments unable to tap markets for the cash they need to operate, would have been many orders of magnitude greater.

    The world’s largest central banks acting jointly—along with the Chinese central banks easing conditions simultaneously—was a sign of two things: one, the situation was more dire than almost anyone was acknowledging in public, and two, there is a global political determination not to allow that to happen. For the moment, we can use the past tense, because the immediate crisis has subsided. But there should be no illusion of how serious this almost was and how serious it remains.

  14. I wasn’t confusing them so much as clumsily stating that regular banks caused the problems that the Central banks had to cure (if they are able to cure it – still an issue in doubt)

  15. Dean Baker: ‘At this rate, it will take close to 200 months, or 16 2/3 years…’
    by Taylor Marsh

    […] The overall employment picture for November looks quite bleak with the weak growth in jobs and the reported drop in labor force participation. However, it is likely that the latter was simply an erratic fluctuation in the data. The establishment survey is by far the more reliable measure. Over the last three months overall job growth has averaged 143,000. It takes roughly 90,000 jobs to keep even with the growth of the labor force. At this rate, it will take close to 200 months, or 16 2/3 years to make up for the 10 million job deficit in the economy.

    Partisans like Steve Benen had a different take: Jobs picture improves, unemployment drops.

    CNBC: Economy Creates 120,000 Jobs, Rate Tumbles to 8.6%.

    Politico: Unemployment rate drops to 8.6 percent.

    The chasm between Baker’s assessment, as well as Bernstein’s, and the non-economists is enormous. You figure out why.

  16. It’s Not Mormonism, It’s Mitt

    by Taylor Marsh

    There’s been a lot of writing and questions about why Mitt Romney can’t break out with his Republican base. Quite a few question or call it all being about Romney’s Mormonism. Now, there’s no doubt there are some religious bigots who won’t vote for him because of it. But that’s the minority, in my opinion. The real problem with Mitt is Mitt.

    The comparison to Barack Obama is apt. After three years of his first term, the American people like Mr. Obama and his family, but they haven’t warmed to him and don’t really relate to him either. There’s no empathy, no relationship with us to speak of, which goes double for Mitt Romney and Republicans.

    But at least Barack Obama is cool. Mitt Romney is just cold.

  17. Jamie

    I think curing the problem is beyond the central banks ability. there has to be a political solution. unfortunately political will is missing and ignorance seems to rule the day.


  18. Indeed, Jack. In our country, we have adequate financial resources to do wonderful things. But we have a Congress that can’t decide on a protocol for potty breaks.

    Topping everything, we have members of the Congress placing greater weight on their pledge to one Grover Norquist than to the oath demanded by our Constitution.

    It’s time to call these miscreants what they are–traitorous bastards.

  19. Always loved this one … And this one’s a pretty good version.
    It’s a Rich Man’s World


  20. Sometimes it’s fun to be old. The image of “How To Marry A Millionaire” brought back the wonder of seeing the very first movie ever shot in Cinemascope in a theater where the narrow picture suddenly stretched to the full width of the screen on a filmed full orchestra playing “Street Scene” in stereophonic sound. Of course that memory led me to the following song from Silk Stockings


  21. i apologize if this offends anyone, but you know who made me do it


  22. Olbie read Thurber’s “Memorial” tonight. It was about a poodle, but very fitting and made me cry for both the joys and losses of those we love.

  23. patd –
    I’m an sorry for my poor work, once I swam to help. Now, I just beat back my own flood.

  24. My friend Tony Greer is moving his neon shop , downtown to Buddy Holly Ave.
    For 30 years , he paid his dues on Ave. “G” . I am buying him new work table tops, and a new door.

    He is at his peak , and firing on all cylinders.

  25. And I secured the girl power to keep the Peggy’s Garden going.

    Eat your hearts out mortals.

  26. 19th and Buddy Holly Ave. is a very big deal now. Please come and see it. It is larger than all our efforts alone.

    We have mass.

  27. 19th and Buddy Holly Ave. is a very big deal now.

    We never stopped when we set out to do this, that was over 7 years ago. All of us here worked our asses off to do it.
    Now, we’re bigger than fucking Dallas.

  28. Dear Jamie –
    I am thinking about moving to those bears. But I am a tree hugger at heart.
    And my avatar , I am holding on to the biggest tree any of you have ever seen . I never saved 1 tree in my life.

    Never for get this ………….. I am a ” Tree Hugger ” .

    I went there to take that picture.

  29. Hey folks, that ain’t me last week. I set out to find that tree 15 years ago. The biggest tree I could find, and at that time ……. I Just was after me hugging it.

  30. Big bears are far better than big trees. …….. For purely political reasons.

  31. Craig –
    None of us have no idea where you’re going ……… We don’t care, just go there.

  32. when my mother died and me and my siblings were sitting around the table in the funeral home theft cycle and were picking out the stuff I made the remark, “Is there a Ralph’s around here?” and only my one brother got it.
    cause he gave me the movie.

  33. Long before we came here , our friend “Lard” wrote me.
    The main question ? ………. How to make 2 jack terriers ride a tractor trailer.

    I pissed all over that idea.

  34. How to make 2 jack terriers ride a tractor trailer.

    I pissed all over that idea.

    I don’t worry about these dogs , but I’m going to need to know where they go.

  35. I don’t worry about these dogs , but I’m going to need to know where they go.

    We will feed them , and take care them to the end of time.

  36. Jon Huntsman Sends his Regrets in Snark
    by Taylor Marsh

    From Business Insider:

    “Lol. We look forward to watching Mitt and Newt suck-up to The Donald with a big bowl of popcorn.” – Tim Miller, a spokesman for Jon Huntsman’s presidential campaign

    The rest is up to New Hampshire.

    Because it’s clear Republican primary voters across states where Newt Gingrich is surging haven’t a clue.

  37. Now let me get this straight.
    Newsmax sponsors this so called debate, Donald Trump will moderate this alleged debate, and we the American voters will be better informed for having watched it,right?

    Oooooh I feel enlightened already.

    Normally I would say shame on the republican party, but it is quite obvious that they have none.

  38. My owl was starting to bore me and the Bear A Tones were the natural choice. I love the bears you made for me.

  39. My son wants swaying meerkats singing Christmas carols … that should keep you out of mischief for a while. :roll:

  40. Watching that debate could encourage them to keep doing it. Watching something that phenomenally ignorant could rot your brain. Almost hate to miss it, but nausea and fear for the nation disturbs me.

  41. HarborW… great article!

    Dex… ROFL!… LOVE Jib Jab…

    CBob… as Patsi would say… YEEEEHAAAW! Go Lubbock!

    Jamie… my vote goes for keeping the bears.

  42. Haley Barbour thinks that Rick ‘little richard’ Perry still has a chance to win the nomination.
    He’s right, and I have a chance to be elected the next Governor of Texas! 😉

  43. RR

    I love the bears but if CBob comes up with those swaying meerkats singing Christmas carols, I might not have a choice :-)

  44. I just downloaded my first book on my brand new Kindle… Barry Ritholtz’s “Bailout Nation”.

  45. jamie, will this do until cbob works his magic?


  46. Ha, as I can well imagine Sean himself saying, it is time to ease the grief boat into drydock. But, for anyone interested in contributing final thoughts, we have just published a last post for comments on his blog

  47. So many things flash by; and at that moment you say ‘OH YEAH’ yeah this is going to stay with me until eternity; I will never forget this song; this hunt, this passion. And Then it’s all gone….then they make a toast to “the Memory”

    From a great movie…rated only two stars. The Ghost and the Darkness….

    Spider women….Im jealous….and that is going to be the first book that I order…maybe….Try Alan Goodman books on …the illusion of race…this might be my first one on my Christmas Kindle…don’t know which to get..the one that U have, I don’t need all the fancy stuff, or the other one that the bats last for a long, long, time…

  48. Late in posting, but to siblings and family everywhere who support the sick and soon to be gone…you join the honor corp. I couldn’t do my life without any of you!

  49. It is amazing that Donald Trump has any influence with anyone.

    I’m still waiting for him to release his tax returns. Remember that he promised to do so if Obama released his birth certificate.

    Anyone who encounters Trump in a restaurant, on the street, or anywhere else; should call out, “Donald..When are you releasing your tax returns”…

  50. I had posted a few years ago on this blog about my horror in the last episode of HBO’s Six Feet Under when they showed the birth and death date of the characters. Seeing Sean’s hit me as hard.

    In the spirit of LL, I ask you, does Herman Cain keep his secret service protection when he suspends his campaign? If so, he continues to be a government wasting tea bagger.

    And I watched Sandusky in his most recent interview…he is exhibiting the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

    Just a couple of observations.

  51. In the spirit of LL, I ask you, does Herman Cain keep his secret service protection when he suspends his campaign? If so, he continues to be a government wasting tea bagger. Blonde Wino

    I was just coming around to post about what a complete fraud the pizza pimp is ..suspending his campaign means nothing to him because he can still raise money….and $$$$ is what this was all about for this piece of Koch-ed up nonsense –he’s like a newbie nudie just starting out on the money trail

    I’ll bet the Bigot Buchanan marvels at the industry that the perpetual presidential candidate has become– I’m sure he wished he hadn’t signed up for the perma crypt of NBC — he could have been a star at F–ked-Up news

    Oh yes On Wisconsin..kick Michigan State’s butt

  52. It is now Newt GangRICH. The insulting gopper. I will eventually post that he has jumped the Large Mouth Bass…we knew Cain jumped the Pizza over a month ago.

    CNN continues to be the station of Atlanta…Cain, Newt…the rest of America really doesn’t care.

    And where is Rosie O’Donnell? She smeared the Donald better than anyone!

  53. The goopers really are the party of the rich and those who serve them.


  54. “The Gangrich party….” –BW!

    That says it all wonderful

    I’m off to our community Christmas parade.

  55. Have a great parade, KGC.

    It’s Saturday night…pizza fever for you pizza pimp…your last jive walk.


    Sean would remember the walk from the 1970s.

  56. Blonde Wino…While I don’t agree with Ron Paul about much of anything, I do respect that he is a man of principle. I also respect John Huntsman..

  57. Sally,

    U ready? U will love all the excerpts from some great American actors, and actressesssssss, dang one too many shotssssss with my Bud….Placido Domingo signing to all the greats, full screen for full effect :……..91,90,89


  58. Patd,

    Glad to see you back.! I knew that-that was the reason for you not posting…..and yes Patsi, and Lardo would have wanted you to post….so for Patsi….slap..a real gentle one…”get over it”..from the movie “Cosmos Moon”..loved Cher in it.

    I also remembered most of the conversation ( U asked about) that we had with Patsi and others here:

    I went off topic as usual and we were talking about how we are all made up of star stuff…that I held a very close friend that passed away….Patsi also said that she held her Father, but had felt an energy flow through from him…it was a great conversation.!

    I also remember that Carol experienced some floating balls of energy from her Mother that she said she was with when she passed…she called them orbs…and sent me some really cool pics of them…I still have them in my docs….but it is all energy…it takes about 3 days after the body passes, and for the brain to pass its energy into the skies:

    Empty space, for example, isn’t really empty, and it isn’t just a passive container in which galaxies and planets and light beams move around: it warps and undulates; it stretches and squeezes; it crackles with its own invisible energy, which affects everything within it.

    Time, meanwhile, doesn’t necessarily flow from what-was through what-is and toward what-will-be. It may not flow at all: past, present and future could all be right here, right now — it’s just our perception, plus the laws of thermodynamics, that makes it seem some other way.

    Brian Green of the String Theory camp (great stuff) had another of his books made into an excellent documentary this past Nov, on pbs’s Nova…his first one was “The Elegant Universe”

    Anywoo-hoo, all energy is felt by us through the vibrations in space…..we really only have one sense…and that is the sense of feeling …when we smell, taste, see with our eyes…we are feeling the vibrations of space……Far out huh?

    She was a little weirded out (that can’t be right…but im leaving it) when I told her that there was no past, future,,,just the present…we feel all of them at the same time……

    I went out and tried to catch some rain drops,….it rained right after Patsi passed….she came back down (reincarnation) to become part of the world again…where?…but if I have a deja vu moment…it could be her maybe…..ok the weird stuff is over with…

    ps, don’t worry about U know who…perdition isn’t real….just an eternal fiesta, Spider Women is coming along for the party, her and Rick-Rick……

    Ok, im going to have another Bud, and teqillia…..sorry thats the way that I talk with a cpl of belts…no not waist belts…..booze belts…going to have a hang over (ist in many yers) better get a pizza and get the milk real cold for in the morning…..or milk and ice cream…yeah that otta wake me up…or tekill me no?

    Like my pal Anon Paranoid would say….”later maybe”
    U know i would like to get him a little stiff…b/c he is a little stiff…needs to lighten up on Saturday nights no?…….

  59. Welcome, Robert. We are doing fine…since the suspension! However, having the pizza pimp has been great political theater.

    KGC is from California.

  60. Robert

    we are sad, but not everybody can be the big dawg. did you notice that once Cain came home and talked to mama, Mama put the stop to all this nonsense.
    what I’m sad about is, did you ever notice how easy it is to cheer for Cain. Just try to shout out “Herman Cain” real loud. See how much fun it is?
    Now try Newt Gingrich , or worse Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. Now if Obama had kept his childhood name……… “Barry Barry Barry” That’s almost as good as “Herman Cain, Herman Cain,Herman Cain,Herman Cain”

    Just a thinkin’


  61. I wouldn’t mind being in San Francisco. But I’m going to have to win the powerball tonight. After our visit there last year I looked at the price of real estate. 1500 sq feet for a million bucks, that can turn to a pile of rubble in less than 5 min, when the next earth quake strikes.


  62. The parade was in fabulous downtown Guerneville, Sonoma County.
    I don’t know why but I like walking around downtown Guerneville with a go cup.

    The parade was great — It’s called the parade of lights and there were some great entries this year — The Russian River Peace Navy (of which I am a member) -entered and won two years ago and we noticed an increased number of peace themed floats this year. Of course this is the single most liberal congressional district in the nation.

    I feel sorry for the goopers — they haven’t got a clue about how embarrassing the primaries are going to turn out for them.

    No matter how many apologists for nudie the mass media turns out –he will make a complete fool of himself in way that cannot be explained away by BaBawawa.

  63. httpv://

    Sunday Sublime.
    Something different for today. If you love the oboe you will love this. Enjoy

  64. Solar, your 2200 from yesterday was really thoughtfully good. I’ve had a couple of near-death experiences related to illness. They were totally peaceful events. On the other hand, those related to war/mayhem were not. But, the latter were of very, very short duration.

  65. KGC… good to see you posting… I thought that maybe the Santa Anna winds got to you.

    Solar… hey Diablo pocito… if you’re throwin’ a party, Rick and I will be there..

    yeah… I too will miss the theatre of Herman Cain… I mean what other politician ever quoted Pokemon. What will the gooper field do without this tower of intellect to light the way…

  66. Good Morning Craig,

    Sorry for the loss of your best friend and great member of this community. Even though Sean did such a great job describing what he was going through, it’s still hard to imagine all he endured.

    I am inspired by his bravery. It is important to live life to the fullest and as best you can, live it on your own terms. I think it’s just as important to die the same way. As sad as I was to lose my mother when I was a teenager, I was always relieved to know she died peacefully in her sleep, which was her desired way to go…

    just reading Sean’s thoughts, I see him facing his cancer in same way a young man stared down a tank in Tiannamen Square. Even in the face of the inevitable outcome, our world took notice of the well demonstrated F You…to the tank, to cancer to the .01%er’s

    Sorry for the rambling…but though Sean lost his battle with cancer, he was a victor in life and to the victor goes the spoils. I have been saving some Lagavulin for a special occasion and today I’ll share it with LardAss…

    Heather, Happy Birthday…the chain of life links you with those who come and go on the day of your birth…enjoy the good company.

  67. Hi Robert,
    Doing great, enjoying the Republican’s show, sad though as this is what the 2 party system has to offer..

    Britain’s Failed Experiment, Repeated

    A year and a half ago, Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain came to office promising to slash deficits and energize economic growth through radical fiscal austerity. It failed dismally. But no lessons were learned, and instead of reversing course, Mr. Cameron’s Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition plans to make the pain worse by pushing even tougher austerity measures on the weakening economy.

    Unfortunately, neither Europe nor the Republicans in Congress are learning from Britain’s bad outcome either. Grim new data released last week show that British growth is still flat-lining, unemployment is still rising and the ratio of government debt to gross domestic product is still climbing faster than predicted.

  69. Romney Dirt from Mike Allen’s eBook
    by Taylor Marsh

    This little tidbit about Mitt Romney is a scorcher.

    “Everybody knows the book on Romney is that it has to be his way or no way,” said Carney. “he’s very stubborn. He’s very thin-skinned … storms out of meetings when it doesn’t go his way. And people who are involved in debate prep in the last cycle”–here, Carney was apparently alluding to his mole from the 2008 Romney campaign–”basically told us that he would react badly to someone challenging his narrative. He just is incapable of acknowledging that there may be a different interpretation of something.”

    Carney warmed to the subject of Romney’s allegedly volatile temper. “Unbelievably temperamental … in that [if] he thinks that it’s three o’clock in the afternoon, it’s three o’clock no matter what time it is… He’s totally easy to get off stride, discombobulated.” At a debate prep in 2008, according to Carney’s source, Romney would turn “beet-red. He’s known to get unbelievably flushed.”

    Even descriptions of his wife Callista fall prey to aggrandizement: “She actually describes herself as being a cross between Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush with just a slight bit of Jackie Kennedy tossed in and I think there is, somewhere swirling in there, the model Callista would like to live up to.”

    Is there anything more nauseating to imagine than Newt and Callista in the White House?

  70. Good Morning All..
    This a comment from Taylor Marsh to an Obama fan, priceless..

    RAJensen 04 December 2011 at 8:33 am #
    Yor blog is much more readable when you expose the Republican agenda and their supporters for what they are rather than alternatively bashing a moderate Democrat like Barack Obama or heaping lavish praise on another moderate Democrat, Hillary Clinton

    RAJensen – I’ve been very critical of Hillary when she was still in politics. What pisses you & other Obama fans off is that she isn’t in politics anymore. You also missed my posts on her militarism on Libya, her “stable” comment on Mubarak’s gov, as well as my lambasting her for whining about critics of Libya.

    As for Pres. Obama, there isn’t a fan of his that can stand reading the truth about his weak presidency or his Bushesque foreign policy. Obama trying to channel Teddy Roosevelt’s message is laughable considering big banks have benefited more from Obama than they did in 8 years of Bush, not to mention Obama’s taking more money from Wall Street than ANY other candidate.

    No doubt, pointing out the hypocrisy of the President is hard to read, but that’s my job. That he’s not offering “hope” or “change” or anything close to leadership is the truth, which I have no intention of glossing over.

  71. I see you’ve been to Guerneville (and don’t call it Guern-y-ville)

  72. The woman who used to be the political gossip girl has a better job columnist for the Guardian but she is still a dip

    The Truck Frump debate is stupid and the candidates who participate will get what they deserve for giving publicity to the biggest jerk on the planet — but what would you expect from the political party that celebrates the wealthy and their arrogant attitudes towards the 99% that actually makes their assholism (I apologize and here’s my quarter) possible.

  73. What gets me about the dump truck debate is that those doing it either have no shame or are so stupid they don’t recognize what a laughing stock it makes of them.

  74. Tony Baloney,

    Sorry I missed you last night: A minute earlier and I would have bought you a night cap…

    Flatus, Speaking about Time……

    About 15 or so threads back, I posted something to you and Lardo: I said that I have noticed the methodical way that you have to taking care of those that you care for…and how you are providing for them even after you are not with them any longer.

    I can tell that you and Stinky have had long conversations of how to go about taking care of them all. Here is a little something for you called “How Time Has Passed” the pictures in the album say’s it all Huh?


  75. Going for a walk to the Library…it is just the right distance away: 1 mile. I like looking at all the new Science Mags that come out every month…..trouble is…I have to keep a tight rein on myself…always tempted to tear something out of it…I end up buying that issue…much easier on the guilt thing….later


    Tony, How many times do you have to hit these politicians over the head with the fact that money trickles up not down. If you want to spur the economy, you put the money with the people who will spend it. After all, once a billionaire buys one or two yachts what does he have left to purchase? Sure they create “service” jobs with catering the luncheon in the Hamptons, but it is not a real economy. Most of those funds go to create more money to fill the well of their trust fund babies.

    The more that money flows to the top 5% of the population, the more desperate it gets for the 95%. If you want a thriving middle class, then you have to create middle class jobs that then create economic mobility with the added benefit that the rich still get richer.

  77. I’m impressed that your local library is open today.
    Ours are open less and less – our branch is closed on Sun/Monday and the hours are greatly reduced.

  78. Jamie,
    When are McConnell, Boehner, and the media going to tumble to the fact that the 95% are the real ‘job creators’?
    What we are hearing now is nothing more than

  79. Once a year I recommend Brando’s autobiography, “Songs My Mother Taught Me”. It’s good reading.

    What does the alleged Lord and Savior’s birthday have to do with a fire-hazard of a dead tree in the corner of the living room draped in electric cords beneath which you pile up all manner of combustibles? I just don’t get it.

  80. Oh God Jamie, so true! When i was reading that piece about the UK i was thinking the same thing..Damn, these nitwit politicians probably will never get it! I mean, how much more evidence do they need?? Jack and you have posted the graphs, especially the ones that show when Reagan started his BS tax cuts..They clearly show what has happened to the middle class since.. Trickle down is BS but since its trickling to the politicians i guess they want it to continue..

  81. Sturgeone

    One of the advantages of having a Scots father is I can beg off on the hassle and do the giving on Hogmanay. The stores aren’t crowded and the sales are better before New Year’s Day. 😆

  82. So does anyone else laugh that Gingrich who went after Clinton for his affairs, had his own, and now is the Republican front runner?

  83. Hi Robert,
    I laugh all the time about that..I told Grace last week how hypocritical Republicans like her are in supporting Newt..Grace thought President Clinton was a terrible president because of his cheating but likes Newt, go figure..

  84. Newt I Love Me Gingrich Suckers Iowa Evangelicals
    by Taylor Marsh

    Gingrich has support from 25 percent of likely Republican caucusgoers, Paul is at 18 percent and Romney at 16 percent. – Iowa Caucuses

    “If you were me, you’d have a big head, too.”
    OMG. OMG! OMG!!

    So let me get this straight.

    Flim flam artist, convenient conservative, serial philanderer and cheater, a man who ditches wives when they’re sick with cancer or MS, who’s a Freddie Mac sponge, K-Street addressee businessman with a loybbist’s touch, has won the hearts of enough Iowa evangelical Christians to now lead the pack.



    These people also actually believe that Newt Gingrich is a more righteous conservative than Ron Paul?

  85. I have librarians in my family and several good friends as well.

    I love libraries

  86. Poor Rick Santorum….he is probably the only gooper who is still saying ‘character counts’

    Jon Huntsman must be thinking a lot about Lincoln Chaffee these days

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