Rove: Gingrich’s Organization Deficit Disorder

Karl Rove is making sense:

Mr. Gingrich must temper runaway expectations. For example, his lead in the RealClearPolitics average in Iowa is 12 points. But what happens on Jan. 3 if he doesn’t win Iowa, or comes in first with a smaller margin than people expect? That could happen in part because Mr. Gingrich has little or no campaign organization in Iowa and most other states. He didn’t file a complete slate of New Hampshire delegates and alternates. He is the only candidate who didn’t qualify for the Missouri primary, and on Wednesday he failed to present enough signatures to get on the ballot in Ohio.

— Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal

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  1. Making sense, yes. But, why? Is it just because he knows Newty can’t win the general, or, is it personal? Anyone know??? (Love that Trump has managed to insert himself into this, being anti-Rovian.)

    “…political speculation that the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which held power for 71 years, is poised to retake the presidency in 2012, in part because Mexicans are looking for change in their violent nation.”

    “Drug trafficking existed under the PRI, which is widely accused of cooperating with criminals instead of prosecuting them. “Organized crime used to be managed by a very strong authoritarian state,” says Mr. Buscaglia, the ITAM organized crime expert. With the transition to democracy, they were left without a rule book. “They went from being managed to being the manager.”

  2. Pres. Obama’s War on Women’s Reproductive Freedoms Continues

    by Taylor Marsh

    First it was Bart Stupak.

    Then came poor women in Washington, D.C.

    Now it’s Pres. Obama putting politics before science, while making Kathleen Sebelius the first H.H.S. secretary ever to overrule the F.D.A.

    Mr. Obama didn’t get the message in 2010, when women split with Republicans, after winning their vote by 13 points in 2008. Now Pres. Obama has given progressive women a real reason not to vote for him, because he’s confirmed for the third time that what’s important to a majority of women in the Democratic Party isn’t important to him.

    Oh yes, i sure miss Patsi’s input and voice here..

  3. So some young teen who gets date raped or just gets carried away, feels guilty and doesn’t want to tell anyone now gets to be saddled with the decision to abort or not (legally or illegally) because political expediency is more important than her life.

  4. Would Gingrich please do something so unforgivable that even a right wing ideologue will be aghast. I’m starting to despair for the country.

  5. Jamie,
    You have it right! President Obama, typical politician..I said it over and over during the 2008 primaries! Oh but i was told “Barack is different”, BS!!

  6. Jamie,
    I was wishing for the same thing this morning as i listened to M Joe talk about NEWT..Oh man, can’t stand him..If Newt were to ever become president, oh, i don’t like to think about that!

  7. I suspect that the person most suprised by his poll numbers is the newtster himself. After all he isn’t running for president, instead he is looking for a better slot on Fox news and larger speaking fees.


  8. The president in Kansas: A big speech that ended with a bigger question mark
    By David Rothkopf

    Yesterday could have been a watershed and the beginning of the president’s march to a second term. Or … if in the months ahead we continue to see timidity with regard to the big reforms we need, cat-and-mouse games with the Hill, the White House negotiating with itself before it capitulates to the right on the Hill … then yesterday might be seen as the last great speech of a man who only had an opening act, a guy who could set the stage, raise expectations, and then have to step aside to let someone else deliver the goods


  9. Jamie, hopefully the youngster, if she is sophisticated enough to understand that a day-after ‘pregnancy solution’ is available, also has a source for said solution. But, all of us grandparents understand that her problems are well beyond that band-aid solution.

  10. wooohoooo not too mention his double dippling work for federal agencies …largely to provide historical perspective (gag me with a spoon)

    He makes the big bucks consulting with health care companies and both giving and receiving phony awards for his work in service to America (yikes he is the biggest loser)

  11. Flatus
    Well that sucks
    Even if you are passed the so-called window you should get the
    treatment they offer because it will lessen the impact.(acyclovir, valacyclovir and famciclovir) They get all huffy if you want them past 72 hours but it can make a major difference in severity and duration

  12. Unfortunately, the part of the country with the actual highest incidence of STD’s, illegal abortions, and unwanted pregnancies (not to mention shotgun weddings) is the area where the evangelicals are most in control. Ignorance is not bliss.

  13. The GOP establishment doesn’t know what to do with Newt.

    Embrace him or trash him?

    He’s like a vial of nitroglycerine.

    Powerful, but unstable and very dangerous to the user.

  14. Obama’s Fight for Cordray Missing for Elizabeth Warren
    by Taylor Marsh

    When I see evidence that 44 Republicans who blocked Cordray have received big bucks from the financial industry, I have to ask, so what else is new? So does Mr. Obama.

    The 44 Senate Republicans who signed a letter in May pledging to filibuster any CFPB nominee (plus Sen. Dean Heller who later added his name once appointed to the Senate) have received over $6.5 million from the financial industry in 2011 and nearly $125.6 million over their careers.

    Question for Pres. Obama, his fans and Democratic partisans: Have you counted how much cash Barack Obama has raked in from the financial industry since he started running for the presidency?

    Meanwhile, the woman Pres. Obama couldn’t bring himself to support for the agency he now touts, Elizabeth Warren, stands well outside of the hackery of the Democratic boss. But also ousted from the position she created in the agency that Pres. Obama is now working hard to get his man approved.

    Think about that for a minute.

  15. But , Tony

    Obama gave such a pretty speech the other day, about those evil banks and so on…….

  16. Flatus, Forgot to mention that I not only remember Spring Byington, but I remember I married Joan and actually saw George Burns first run on TV remark, “Say Goodnight Gracie” and heard Gracie Allen reply, “Goodnight”.


  17. Jack,
    Yep, i know and if he would have delivered that speech 3 years ago i would have believed him! President Obama is a typical politician that will say and do anything to get himself re-elected..Look at how he threw woman and their reproductive rights under the bus again..More of the same BS from him and his team..The President does a good thing regarding aid and gay rights then in the same week hurts woman, ugh, disgusting, does the man have a core set of beliefs????

  18. Rick Perry Has Three Strikes Against Him
    (Pay-to-play cronyism. Roughshod, right-wing politics. And . . . Oops, read on

    Rick Perry’s already lackluster presidential bid went on a deathwatch after his debate debacle. In talking to the many who have known Perry over the years, fellow Texan Bryan Burrough discovers the surprising reasons behind the campaign’s train wreck and how Perry, with an unbroken string of nine political victories, might yet stage a comeback—despite his shocking backroom dealings with big campaign donors, the rumors about gay affairs and painkiller use, and the nasty bullying tactics he has used to implement a truly radical agenda.

  19. All the G.O.P.’s Gekkos

    So what do we learn from this story? Not that Mitt Romney the businessman was a villain. Contrary to conservative claims, liberals aren’t out to demonize or punish the rich. But they do object to the attempts of the right to do the opposite, to canonize the wealthy and exempt them from the sacrifices everyone else is expected to make because of the wonderful things they supposedly do for the rest of us.

    The truth is that what’s good for the 1 percent, or even better the 0.1 percent, isn’t necessarily good for the rest of America — and Mr. Romney’s career illustrates that point perfectly. There’s no need, and no reason, to hate Mr. Romney and others like him. We do, however, need to get such people paying more in taxes — and we shouldn’t let myths about “job creators” get in the way.

  20. The issue is not Women’s Reproductive Rights. It’s either sexual abuse or actual, or contemplated, consensual sexual activity of young teens.

    And, the ‘young teens’ may in fact be ten years old on up, but still able to become pregnant.

    Absent subliminal messages on children’s television, how do you educate this cohort in a shifting political and social dynamic?

    And, even if educated, how do you convince a vulnerable fourteen year old that the fathering of an older, silver-tongued, SOB’s child isn’t the path to Nirvana?

  21. Katherine
    The doc put me on valacyclovir. So I shall be patient, think good thoughts, and avoid pregnant women and very young children.

  22. Flatus,
    Yes, how do we educate them? Don’t know that we can convince a 14 year old of anything regarding sex when their hormones are out of control? Its why i think all forms of help in the aftermath should be available..

  23. Craig,
    When you talk to Lard at the service tomorrow, let him know that we’ll be transplanting a red oak into the habitat just for him. He should be on his guard, because it won’t be far from Alice’s flowering dogwood. She’s very territorial!

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