110 thoughts on “GOP Running Mate Sweeps Begin”

  1. The only person of the bunch who has shown himself to have the discipline to be vice president is John Huntsman.

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  3. Mitten and Michelle

    If it’s Nudie maybe he will bring back Herman Cain
    Nudie’s other choices include Michael Raygun and Ann Coulter
    The Glib Ticket

    If it’s Michelle at the top — oh boy! I think she will ask Haley Barbour – looking for balance on the ticket — Uptight/Downhome Ticket

    Ron Paul will ask any other libertarian — can his son run with him?

    Rick Perry is going to ask Jeb Bush who will politely decline and then Perry will go for his real first choice Joe Arpio –to show he is tough on immigration.

    Jon Huntsman will ask Gary Johnson and they will run on the
    I’m with the sane one ticket

  4. Tonight Ms.Burnout of CNN’s Affront tried to pretend she understood and could comment on the life of Christopher Hitchens who would have had zero respect for her and I can hear the word “Twit” coming out of his mouth.

  5. I set the alarm, had the coffee auto-brewed at 6:00 am…drank a cuppa…sat down waiting for Craig’s I-Man appearance and fell dead asleep until 8:25.
    Thanks for posting the video!
    Hitchens was my age and we shared identical views on almost all aspects of the American war against Vietnam. Iraq was another story . He surely knew how to fire people up.

    “Farewell to C.H.”, by Alexander Cockburn

  6. AP-GfK Poll: More Than Half Say Obama Should Lose
    By Jennifer Agiesta & Ken Thomas

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Entering 2012, President Barack Obama’s re-election prospects are essentially a 50-50 proposition, with a majority saying the president deserves to be voted out of office despite concerns about the Republican alternatives, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll.

    Obama’s overall poll numbers suggest he’s in jeopardy of losing, even as the public’s outlook on the economy appears to be improving, the AP-GfK poll found. For the first time since spring, more said the economy got better in the past month than said it got worse.

    The president’s approval rating on unemployment shifted upward — from 40 percent in October to 45 percent in the latest poll — as the jobless rate fell to 8.6 percent last month, its lowest level since March 2009.

  7. Ezra Klein Then and Now on Health Care Exchanges
    By: Jon Walker

    Hopefully we can stop pretending the Affordable Care Act was some amazing cost control measure.

    This is what I found so wrong with the health care debate in this country, especially during the writing of the ACA. Many liberal writers went out of their way to defend the Democrats health care plan with ridiculous statements about how great the law was despite the fact that it was built on a failed premise. We had hacks like Jon Gruber claiming the law had cost control solutions possible, even though it left out the one basic cost control (all-payer/single-payer) that has actually proven to work in all other industrialized countries.

  8. My God, I’d almost forgotten about the VP spot.

    Now you are reminding me that we have to have two of these lunatics on one ticket!

    One not qualified, for the top spot, and another less qualified just a heart beat away.

    Santa, I’ve been a really good boy this year, and all I want for Christmas is a viable third party.
    Come on old man, what do you say? 😉

  9. i predict an mj ticket and i don’t mean mary jane. it seems plausible that the gopers great white hopes will be mitt and jeb. dampens the morman and liberal mitt fears and prepares the world for a bush dynasty comeback next election. mitt will need jeb’s florida, texas and hispanic connections. jeb needs mitt’s clean character to cleanse the shrub stink.

  10. Hey Jace

    How about Rocky Anderson and the Justice Party

    I don’t know much about it but I saw an interview with him and Amy Goodman and it sounded like a good idea.

  11. Patd,
    As the republican field became more and more ridiculous,in fact an embarrassment to the party,I think that Jeb became every republican’s wet dream.

    He sat on the fence too long to run for the top spot, but he would certainly be available for #2.

    That ticket would certainly make Florida a very dicey proposition for the Obama Campaign.

  12. I don’t know about the justice party, but how can you go wrong with Rocky Anderson for president?
    Ladies and gentlemen, The President of the United States, Rocky Anderson! If only his wife’s name was Crystal. 😉

  13. Jace

    I don’t think Jeb wants to be part of a losing ticket. He wants to ride to the rescue of the nation in 2016. It’s better to let all these fringe crazies go down in flames in 2012 in order to clear away the dead brush while concentrating on locking in the house and senate to cripple the President from doing anything for his second term.

  14. I wonder if the whole Bush family gets together for the holidays awkward

  15. Gee… Gephardt and Kerry… consumate insiders… work together to keep the outsider out…

    The gopp is doing the same thing to Ron Paul…

    I’m SHOCKED!

    I will never give one more thin dime of my hard earned money to any party establishment types… the fuckers…

  16. Jamie,
    I think that you are spot on. He would probably like to hunker down and let this blow over.However if a republican were to win, which is a possibility, time will pass him by. Better to have been a failed vice presidential candidate than never to have run at all.

  17. What I’d LOVE to see in next year’s election is for one of the other gopp candidates to get pissed when they nominate Romney and run as a third party candidate.

    Then I’d LOVE to see someone on the Democratic side do the exact same thing.

    Now that would be an interesting election. Both sides with 3rd party challengers.

    ps… I’m starting to think seriously of taking a gop ballot in the NH primary and voting for Buddy Roemer.

  18. Of course if all else fails there is always Palin.
    She seems to have a lot of time on her hands just now. 😉

  19. A. The ripper presidential chances.
    None of the skunks, cowbirds, and leeches presently running can break 40% in the general election. So who stands to make a biggest killing by jumping in to rescue the rippers’ credibility (as if they’ve had any since bob dole retired) ? I have a sideshow barkers dozen of ticks, weevils, and slugs to select from
    1. the Huckster
    2. babybrotherbabybush ?
    3. the escaped governor of Alaska ?
    4. dead old fred
    5. Sheriff arpaio
    6. Potholes Aplenty
    7. hell’s barber
    8. john muckain
    9. zellout miller
    10. joe liebermuck
    11. john kyl ’em all
    12. julie annie
    13. glum beck

  20. B. A Barkers’ Dozen (plus) of Veep Prospects
    1. The present presidential aspirants and perspirants – except for huntsman and willard
    2. The barkers’ dozen list, supra
    3. ralph reed
    4. mark foley
    5. Anchorbaby rubio
    6. larry craig
    7. tommy thompson
    8. sharon angle
    9. The Witch of Delaware
    10. savage
    11. lou dobbs
    12. joe scarborough
    13. pat buchanan

  21. How about the “gotcha guy”, whose edited video destroyed ACORN and temporarily crippled NPR ?

    He’d make a terrific v.p. candidate/hatchet man.

  22. Plus, he’s dishonest enough to appeal to rippers of all classes and geographic districts.

  23. Once you recognize the goopers have choosen a third rate ideologue as their current fav — then why not consider all the rest of the third rate’ers in party –X-R has a good start on the list

    Goops are acting like Nudie is a good choice not the last chance candidate to stop the Mormon

    Christopher Hitchens was right — religion is ridiculous

  24. Thanks once again, Ms Cracker.

    I don’t think any rip ups rise to the level of 3d raters. Using the metaphor of the old British system for ranking warships, this fleet is composed of 5th raters at best, pathetic weaklings and rotten hulks.

    wrong pol wants to eliminate government, and return to a loose confederation of states, ruled by the Dred Scott decision.

    michele bachmann is a member of a secret society pledged to destroy American democracy and rule of law, and set up a junta of theological fanatics, much like Iran’s ruling cabal.

    The rest are mere jackdaws squawking mimetically the shibboleths of the party.

  25. I think it should be Ron Paul. After all he offers what The goops all say they want – absent the religious slant – —
    so shouldn’t they be willing to accept a separation of church and state to achieve a smaller govt — think of all the time and money wasted on enforcing some religious value.

    These are hard times folks — personal responsibility is the name of the game — let the churches enforce their own rules among their own congregations and end their tax exempt status especially on the churches that own vast amounts of land. and don’t pay property taxes

  26. Shibboleths of the rip up Party

    No cuts in ‘defense’, lots of wars, no taxes on the top 1% of the top 1% of the top 1%. No government aid to anyone but the top 1/M!LL!ONTH and tobacco companies. No tolerance for unions or other organizations that might possibly aid, unify, or give voice to the 99.9999%. No public schools. No gun control except around the ruling class. Winner takes all : winners’ heirs inherit all. Let them eat polluted cake, breath polluted air, drink polluted water, and live short brutalized lives without medical care.

  27. Death Penalty 10 Demandments
    This Bill of Wrongs shall be added to a shred of the Constitution (ie. the reworded Second Amendment) detailing the rip up Party’s demand for the death penalty in the following crimes against their God’s Natural Order
    1.a. aiding and abetting abortion (heinous murder)
    1.b. having or performing abortion (heinously heinous murder 1),
    2. protesting against the ruling class in a public space,
    3. suspicion of terrorism,
    4. being a Mexican or other Hispanic American, a descendent of same, or giving aid and comfort to any such untermenschen,
    5. homosexuality,except among the ruling caste,
    6. being Muslim, except among the controlling stock holders of Fakes News
    7. being uppity, except among the ruling caste in which case it is mandatory,
    8. opposing Chinese commie-ism or free trade,
    9. mentioning global warming, instead of climate change (change is good – just don’t give any to any worthy cause),
    10. breathing with, or in the vicinity of, any person who commits any of the above named heinous or heinously heinous crimes.

  28. “let the churches enforce their own rules among their own congregations”

    Ya, let’s burn them at the stake and take their worldly goods and children.

    Dear me, if we are going to return to the ‘good ole daze’ why not force Mexico to take Texas back? We could achieve full employment by starting a massive building program : a security fence around our border with texas, to keep Mexicans like wrong pol and gooberner perry out. HAHAHA

  29. X-R

    You naughty boy…getting a copy of the gooper’s platform
    and making it public you could end up like Bradley Manning

  30. Stake burnings, dunkings/drownings, the stocks – if you are a member and voluntarily agree to it –

    But no government enforcement and no government support (no property tax abatement) especially those huge cable tv mega churches shouldn’t get any tax breaks (I’m talking about Joel Osteen and the Rick Warren as well as the entire catholic church of the US.

  31. I just love it!

    I go away to choir practice for a couple of hours, and come home to find a dozen or so anti-ripper screeds by the likes of XR and KGC. Talk about a gift for Christmas. I must have been a really good boy.

    Well done! 😉

  32. A long with senior Calvera , we are all learning about the price of corn.

  33. The Florida conservative evangelical fundamentalists are having a few problems this week. An interesting side of them is starting to appear.

    I wonder how many other counties have the same problems that are being ignored?

    Fourth pastor arrested in one week on child sex charges in Polk County

    LAKELAND — For the fourth time in one week, a Polk Co. church youth pastor has been arrested and charged with one or more child sex-related crimes.

    On Saturday, Polk County Sheriff’s detectives arrested another pastor on five counts of sexual battery on a child.

  34. Do let me know if the GOP ever stops trying to pass consenting adult penis and womb laws for everyone but themselves, and I might consider voting for one of them again.

  35. Tony,

    Liked your links this am…I was not going to mention Ron Paul anymore…but we better get used to it…I think that Craig has underestimated him….he waves his hands and arm around…b/c he is passionate, and is telling the truth…but Craig is right about his clothes..they don’t look well on him…

    Read the following articles in full…..and click on the links withing the stories…..you will find a lot of news about (that no one around here mentions) about the blue republicans…..after you take a good look at these:


    guess who loves ron paul, and is going to vote for him? All the people that we love to quot when they talk:

    No one mentions ron paul anymore without saying that he is the only one that has solutions for the


    Tea Party, OWS & Blue Republicans: Is This Phase Change? the following two are from the huffington post, that everybody links to…but no lately…read the whole articles ….


    , we now see that Obama 1) conducts wars against countries that do not threaten us (e.g. Libya, Yemen etc.), 2) oversees large financial benefits to companies with which those in his administration were close (e.g. Goldman Sachs), 3) supports the legal framework for riding roughshod over the liberties of private individuals who are not suspected of crime (e.g. Patriot Act), and 4) is growing a massive federal apparatus to carry out such intrusions on innocent Americans in what is becoming a police state (e.g. domestic wiretapping, TSA etc.. )

    Put another way, when it comes to such things as the killing of innocent people, taking from the common man to support cronies, and the elimination of the basic values that make our lives worth living, we had the hope, but we haven’t had the change.
    Just as in 2000, Bush hadn’t shown his true colors, in 2008, Obama had not either. A vote for either in those years was fair enough. But in 2012, if you vote for the Democratic nominee for president, you better have a moral justification that is SO good that it is a) worth killing innocent people who don’t threaten you, b) transferring wealth to the rich and well connected, and c) the complete suspension of your right to privacy and such basic rights as protecting your child from being touched by a government official with the full force of the law behind him as he just follows his orders.

  36. Oh, I forgot….the biggest reason to vote for ron paul….is b/c Jesse the Body Ventura likes him…….

  37. Jesse the Body Ventura and Ron Paul?

    Shoot, I was hoping for a third party, not a turd party. 😕

  38. Hey Jace…..I wouldn’t be surprised if Ron Paul ran as a third party candidate…..Oh about that jesse V crack…..it is meant for only one person….that should make him scream a little…….

  39. Solar,
    Scream he will. As for Paul, if he were to go third party it would finally put to rest the claim that there is no difference between the candidates. He would certainly be different, and in some cases right as rain. Other cases, well not so much.

  40. Sturg –
    Back to your bass player, I set myself to work thinking about the best bass lines. I was always a junkie for bass lines.
    This could be the best :
    ( Plenty of screaming in this one )
    Jump into the Fire


  41. But all the great base lines for the last 50 years were Bill Wyman’s.

    The Rolling Stones – Under My Thumb


  42. But all the great base lines for the last 50 years were Bill Wyman’s.

    And that unknown bass man in the Spencer Davis Group –


  43. Note to the reader , 2 more songs and I name the song Sturg’s Bass man first heard.

  44. The Zombies – Time Of The Season


  45. But my guess we’re back to Bill , this is the one the nailed him , and made him a bass player –
    Satisfaction-Rolling Stones

  46. ” Because he can’t be a man , because he doesn’t smoke the same cigarette as me “

  47. There is one more player , now I really think about it , ..
    The Seeker by The Who


  48. I’ve been searchin’ low and high, ……. I won’t get to get what I’m after , …. till the day I die.

  49. jesse the james janos ventura. So skuzzy, he has to operate under a false name.

    Claimed to be a Navy Seal, but wasn’t. moved out of Brooklyn Center to high tone Maple Grove while mayor of the former, and then lied about it. Lowered the cost of auto licenses for luxury car owners. Promoted prostitution. Put up strangers in the Guv’s mansion at public expense cuz he mistakenly thought they were relatives of ‘celebrities’.

    janos belongs in Viet Nam.

  50. “I go away to choir practice for a couple of hours, and come home to find a dozen or so anti-ripper screeds by the likes of XR and KGC. Talk about a gift for Christmas. I must have been a really good boy.”

    I checked this list twice. You’re a good boy, Jace. Not like that out of control carnitaholic.

  51. Dear Sturg –
    I will go out to the grave tomorrow , and place a pick . I read copy pretty good, and I haven’t done a “Pickin’ With Buddy” in a while.
    So I’ll need the words to say for your friend. I did get me some Black Tornado Guitar Picks for this since the last one.

    Write some words for me.

  52. Sturg, Nice cold one for you and yor friend:


    I didn’t know which one to play for him..so Im doing both…..”When my Guitar cries:”


  53. willard, wrong pol, and bachmanniac rising in polls.

    nude grinch, cain666, and periwinkle falling in polls.
    If Iowegians take a second look at the bachmanniac, and caucus for her and her secret (dominionist) cult, it’ll be a whole new horse turd race.

    The best outcome would be for the rippers to come apart at the seams, creating a 3-way tied-up convention : dominionists (tee party), vs wrongpolitans (peace and freedom for rich Whites Party), vs Mormons (neoconnumist Party) with each scumbag pulling 9% in the November election.

    A 3 way split among rippers would allow actual Dems to run Bernie Sanders (Dem Party), who would take 51% of the vote to oh,bummers 21% (Same Old Shit Party). oh, bummer would get 3 electoral votes (DC) to Bernie’s 432. Vice President Oprah Winfrey would be the first woman to….

  54. 33,471 views since Sept . 18. 2006 .

    They cased the colors on Iraq the day Chris Hitchens died.

  55. Psst XR, I have been decorating the house. a project that I enjoy especially because it goes hand in hand with Malbec.

    It may ignorance on my part, or a wine induced haze, but I’ll be god damned if I know what carnitaholic is.

    Please don’t tell the rest of the gang because I really have been good this year. 😆

  56. Is it just me, or does anyone else see the delicious irony of the Gingrich ascendancy, coinciding exactly with the time of year when everyone receives last year’s fruitcake? 😉

  57. Buddy Holly’s Grave is an ever changing painting of little things people leave, for people we’ll never know. The fact that I have about 750 Black picks to place on it is pretty cool.

  58. It beats sting ray barbs through genitalia , as a way of dealing with death.

  59. A word about the Maya , they failed to foresee their own collapse. Studies have been done on just the amount of wood needed to make the plaster that the Maya used for buildings.

    We’re talking about baking rocks with wood to make plaster, just like the Italians. They went through the forests pretty fast, remember they cut trees without steel. Not one of them forecast that , and it was under their nose.

    Newer studies say that drought came as soon as they finished off the trees.

  60. Really, sting ray barbs through genitalia . Messages to the gods. Hell of a set of kings. The 99% was even bigger .

  61. Jace,

    Carnitaholics are people who are addicted to carnitas, a Mexican dish made from tortilla or taco on to which is piled slow braised or roasted pork. Typically, carnitas are accompanied by chopped cilantro leaves, diced onion, salsa, guacamole, refried beans, lime, and radishes.

    There are 12 step programs to help people recover from carnita and other addictions, but the addict must admit to being helpless, and turn to the Supreme Being. As carnita addicts have never been known to accept a Supreme Being, the prognosis is grim.

  62. X,

    “As carnita addicts have never been known to accept a Supreme Being, the prognosis is grim.”

    U no me 2 well.!….Pogo is one also…

    finally tired enough to get some sleep….later

  63. The carnitaholic blames religion for war.

    Christopher Hitchens was the spirit of discord and attack, the promoter of Imperial dreams, war, and carnage. No one championed the invasion of Iraq more than Hitchens. Not even dict cheney. Hitchens was a militant atheist who yearned to burn believers at the stake, for championing all those wars.

  64. Mike was raised by a pack of old jazz musicians in a cave where “the ladies took their blouses off and the men they danced on the polka-dots”. Thereafter he married his innate talent and ability to a solid grounding in music theory and experience becoming in the process a positively astounding musical presence in just about any venue in which he chanced to find himself. He never went anywhere, content to live in this town to ply his wares. He could have gone anywhere.

    He sobered up and quit smoking 7 or 8 years back and was well on his way to becoming a real human being, in the “Little Big Man” sense of the phrase…..or maybe it’s the pinocchio version….. He spent most of his days at AA meetings and such, trying his best to help desperate people in dire straits…..

    All that knowledge and talent is for now locked up behind a pair of scared eyes frozen into a right-drooping visage, surrounded by white walls, nurses, and burbling-beeping machines. I am hoping that Buddy can pull some strings here, for that boy is a keeper.

    (ha ha—pull some strings……)

  65. yeah…. but….

    be careful when you mention JesseV… he might think you’re plotting some kinda conspiracy or somethin’ about him….

  66. XR, I am more than a little relieved I think.
    I must confess that I am a carnitaholic.
    More accurately, a carne assadaaholic.
    The best ones I get are from Humberto’s, steak and pork for 3 bucks. So big that you can have half for lunch and give the other half to a friend.
    The only down side is that they bring on the one o’clock drowsies. 😉

  67. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qjg6p4y0qXc&feature=related

    Sunday Sublime.
    I am a Christmas music junkie and I freely admit it.
    This selection has the added benefit of being composed by the under appreciated American composer
    William Billings. Enjoy!

  68. ct, just yesterday renee declared that she may turn goper for the nh primary and vote for buddy.

  69. At this point, I would settle to see a ham sandwich in the debates. A sandwich would have far more to offer than the current crop of candidates. 😉

  70. I tried to post another comment over an hour later and lost it because the blog told me I was commenting too fast. What’s that BS?

  71. X,

    “The carnitaholic blames religion for war”:

    It just dawned on me that we have never argued (discussed ) the books that were banned from the bible…you know…that book of history myth you like to quot so much……here is one:

    Anthropology, and Archeology can’t get a handle on when “The walls of Jerico” came a tumbling down…..they think That Joshua was no where around for a 150 yrs or so…..and if he was…..religion made him “kill all of the women and Children”….

    God was not in very good mood when he made this order….he must have a tremendous temper….cuz they are still receiving the same order, over and over…..just ask the modern Bush-Joshua….he talks to god also…..God told Bush to read Deuteronomy 13-7? or 12-7, but its there…quite an eye opener for those that don’t read their bible…..

    I liked to read what Christopher H. wrote, but didn’t understand a word when he spoke…..I had to listen to him three, four times, at times….just wasn’t worth it after a while, but will get his books on kindle later.

    I think that religion should be taught side by side with science…that would speed up the processes that ends religion, and wars, etc..

    This is what should be heard and discussed in every class room, (all grades)…home school, or at the church alters….lets see how the religion believes in “Free will” then….listen to it all, or bookmark for when there is time too….I guarantee that it is a fascinating conversation…..from Npr’s special intelligence squared debates programs:



    Like you say “me thinks” that XR know way too much about Jesse the Body Ventura than he should. Me and I also thinks it b/c at one time or another J.V……no not the carnitaholic: Jesse Vargas….Jesse Ventura…was liked by XR “the bold Vladamir,….wonder what happened?

  72. CT

    It’s a glitch that needs ironing. I’ve groaned about it. When you get that message, back up a page and resubmit or copy your message, back out completely and come back and re-paste.

  73. Finally, Christanne A. on this week’ show is very good.!

    good debate going on…

  74. I am a proud porkatarian and probably a carnitaholic too

    but today I am looking for advice: what is something you wished someone had told you when you were 18. Not necessarily a life changing thing but something that it would have been helpful to know –for example roasting vegetables is better than boiling them; how to back up a car with a trailer attached; and use some of the pasta water in the sauce

  75. KGC,

    I would have liked it if someone had told me to Juice:

    4 large carrots, 1 large apple, and a slice of beet every day over some crushed ice…..if drank every day or three times per wk….the need for any medicines would not be needed

    The above if taken even at an older age, would cure most of what is wrong with us…..what most need is to balance their electrolytes…..what you do with the vegetables is the other need to balance them.

    oh yeah…plus the carnitas no?

  76. craig, 3 housekeeping questions:
    could use of the reply button (which posts immediately after the original comment but displays a later time) be part of the time misplacements problem?
    would it not be easier to follow the comments as they are made chronologically rather than the additional steps of having to rescan the thread?
    does the trail on the current service (and on the new one) still get a commission for purchases made by clicking our amazon ad on the right?

  77. Patd, your questions:
    I thought the time misplacement got fixed. Outstanding issue now is that incorrect “posting too quickly” that still pops up, still working on that one. But you might be right about reply button, I’ll disable it and see if that helps.

    On the ads, yes all ads in the sidebar add to the cookie jar when clicked (or in the case of amazon, when a purchase is made after clicking). BUT these ad servers get cranky if we promote clicking just to generate revenue. GoogleADS tossed me out for that. So, for the record, I am NOT promoting this practice.

  78. Well..maybe enough time has passed. I had to do Walmart in one of those carts since I’m temporarily crippled. Rolled my ankle on some stairs and broke two bones there and that was after stumbling going up some stairs and slamming my fist into the door facing and breaking one of my knuckles. No..I don’t even drink. The Universe is trying to tell me something.

    Renee..I’m also registering Repub..gag gag..to vote for Roemer. He’s committed to getting the money and corruption out of politics and I think that is the most serious problem in politics.

    I’d also consider registering Delicatessen and vote for that ham sandwich Jace if that was an option.

    Most of the politicians aren’t going to change the money and corruption problem. We..the people..are the only ones who can and we can. We don’t need OWS we have occupy the Internet.

    Other countries can start revolutions using the Web. Why can’t we get a politician with a great idea into a debate?

  79. “Anthropology, and Archeology can’t get a handle on when “The walls of Jerico” came a tumbling down…..they think That Joshua was no where around for a 150 yrs or so…..and if he was…..religion made him “kill all of the women and Children”….” -Solar @10:11AM
    If he wasn’t there for 150 years, you don’t get to call him a murderer. But if he was, then you get to call the Book of Joshua true. You can’t win.
    Regarding anthropology and archeology, I’m not impressed. Half the stuff that folks my age were taught in anthro and archeo classes back in the mid ’60s turned out to be fables. For instance, the ancient Mayans and Anasazi were ‘known to be’ peaceful people. Euclid’s problems were ‘known to be’ original to Euclid. In the early ’50s, the Piltdown hoax was still presented as the ‘missing link’ and the Yellow Emperor was just a fairy tale. From the teens to the ’40s, Aryans were ‘known to be’ the super race and American Indians were ‘known to be’ stupid, lazy, and degenerate. The original Dead Sea Scroll team saw the Qumran ruins as a ‘scriptorium of the Essenes”. In fact, it was a Maccabee fort, and no evidence linking the scrolls, the ruins, or the Essenes was ever found. To the contrary, the ‘scientists’ hid evidence that cast doubt on their silly theories. Your modern scientist has often enough turned out to be just another spinner of fairy tales – a history quack.

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