Newt the Dictator?

The news media is finally catching up with Gingrich’s scariest idea, one I wrote about a month ago: He thinks presidents can ignore Supreme Court rulings. The Los Angeles Times’ longtime legal reporter David Savage explores this invitation to dictatorship, but notes that the former House Speaker “demurred when asked whether President Obama could ignore a high court ruling next year if it declared unconstitutional the new healthcare law.”

Imagine a system in which the president is truly above the law. The Gingrich plan would allow the Executive Branch to do anything, as in ANYTHING, it wants, without any legal restraints. Nixon wouldn’t have had to release Watergate tapes, and stayed in office. Brown vs. Board of Education would be a moot opinion (Eisenhower briefly toyed with not enforcing it, but got talked out of it). The list goes on.

Mitt Romney has talked about Newt’s “zany” ideas. Well, this one is a doozy and Romney ought to condemn it.

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  2. Craig… disabling the reply button…. THANK YOU!

    I really LOVE what someone said about Newt a couple weeks ago… he’s not the smartest man in the room…
    he’s the smartest ass in the room…

    oh yeah… WOO! WOO!

  3. Well..I waited enough time..added a posted and you changed thread on me. Hmmmm. I’m going to repost it here..dang it.

    Well..maybe enough time has passed since my last comment. I had to do Walmart in one of those carts since I’m temporarily crippled. Rolled my ankle on some stairs 4 weeks aqo and broke two bones there and that was after stumbling going up some stairs and slamming my fist into the door facing and breaking one of my knuckles. No..I don’t even drink. The Universe is trying to tell me something.

    Renee..I’m also registering Repub..gag vote for Roemer. He’s committed to getting the money and corruption out of politics and I think that is the most serious problem in politics.

    I’d also consider registering Delicatessen and vote for that ham sandwich Jace if that was an option.

    Most of the politicians aren’t going to change the money and corruption problem. We..the people..are the only ones who can and we can. We don’t need OWS we have occupy the Internet. least until they start censoring it.

    Other countries can start revolutions using the Web. Why can’t we get a politician with a great idea into a debate?

  4. The reason I always think of that “Here a miracle happens” cartoon when thinking of Newt is that there is sometimes a kernel of truth in the wacky things he says with the result that the first time you hear them they sound reasonable. If you never go beyond that point, you can become an unwitting fan of his “great mind”.

    My favorite “for instance” is his suggestion of bringing back orphanages. If children in poverty, homeless, in foster homes or abused are considered in a vacuum without consideration of families, numbers or costs then putting them in the equivalent of a government operated private residential school sounds wonderful. When you actually look at the details of what it would cost to house and educate children in a completely secure environment totally at tax payer expense with oversight to ensure quality then the whole idea blows up in your face.

    All of Newt’s ideas are like that. He never ever thinks something through. It’s all Marvin the Martian pontificating for his own glory. So let’s get this out of the way. He is NOT brilliant. He is NOT wise. He is NOT an historian or an educator of any sort.

    He IS glib, self serving, egotistical, and a major waste of political coverage.

  5. Oh and he only sounds brilliant because of the company he keeps. In the land of the witless, the man with two brain cells sounds like Einstein.

  6. Well it’s logical if we are to have a well run, orderly police state , then we need us a good ruthless dictator to be in charge of the whole thing ,

  7. Carol… I read all about your injuries over on your blog… so sorry and I hope you feel better very soon.
    I know you’re a fan of Dylan Ratigan. I’ve been watching his show for a couple months now and he’s convinced me that the buying of our politicians is THE problem. Very little will get done until and unless that gets solved. I’ve signed Ratigan’s petition and made a donation to his cause. It’s the only money I’ll spend on politics.

    ps… sounds like the Universe wants you to make a change. It’s usually something that causes stress like a job or a relationship. In your case, it could be the job… but only you can decide.

  8. Most of the media is ridiculous it’s like they get up every morning and have completely forgotten what they learned the day before

    Instead of the writing about how the goopers are afraid of their front runner and have gone from one loser to another to prevent Mittens from being the candidate — they write about the brilliance of Nudie as if running for president to increase your billable rates was a great strategy.

    And I forget who – some goop talking head said, he thought it showed good judgement on Nudies part to support the electronic medical records part of health care reform — that is true except that he wasn’t doing it for the right reasons he was doing it because he was getting paid by a client in the records business — yuck

  9. Christianne Imnolongerpoor had a debate this morning that included Paul Ryan who announced that the sole purpose of the federal government is national defense and of course forcing people to conform to his social views

    what a f——- dick chaney

  10. Re. Jamie’s 12:47 pm

    And that my friends is possibly the most concise and accurate description of Newt that I have ever read.

    A six pack of thumbs up! Well done. 😉

  11. Continued from previous thread :

    “Anthropology, and Archeology can’t get a handle on when “The walls of Jerico” came a tumbling down…..they think That Joshua was no where around for a 150 yrs or so…..and if he was…..religion made him “kill all of the women and Children”….” -Solar @10:11AM
    If he wasn’t there for 150 years, you don’t get to call him a murderer. But if he was, then you get to call the Book of Joshua true. You can’t win.
    Regarding anthropology and archeology, I’m not impressed. Half the stuff that folks my age were taught in anthro and archeo classes back in the mid ’60s turned out to be fables. For instance, the ancient Mayans and Anasazi were ‘known to be’ peaceful people. Euclid’s problems were ‘known to be’ original to Euclid. In the early ’50s, the Piltdown hoax was still presented as the ‘missing link’ and the Yellow Emperor was just a fairy tale. From the teens to the ’40s, Aryans were ‘known to be’ the super race and American Indians were ‘known to be’ stupid, lazy, and degenerate. The original Dead Sea Scroll team saw the Qumran ruins as a ‘scriptorium of the Essenes’. In fact, it was a Maccabee fort, and no evidence linking the scrolls, the ruins, or the Essenes was ever found. To the contrary, the ‘scientists’ hid evidence that cast doubt on their silly theories. Your modern scientist has often enough turned out to be just another spinner of fairy tales — a history quack.

  12. A. Yes, Craig was the first analyst to spot the tell-tale strut and swagger of the future newtator. Great work, Craig ! You beat the 2d place dude by 30 lengths.

    B. When the nudie first overtopped willard in the polls, the latter made repeated references to himself as a man who provides ‘sober leadership’. I have to presume the inference was, nudie is a lush. Does anyone know about nude grinch’s boozing ?

  13. The Universe is trying to tell me something.

    carol, echoing renee, maybe it was a way to give you a vacation of sorts from the job assuming that you haave paid sick leave. maybe the uni is telling you also to check the remaining bones for osteoporosis therapy.

    hope tho you are getting a lot of tea and simpathy from friends.

  14. TCM is showing one of the truly classic WW II homefront tear jerkers from 1944 Since You Went Away. It is just filled with all sorts of values that the cynics seem to have totally destroyed in the last 68 years. Today’s GOP would do very well as the black market folks.

  15. jace, your dubbing gingrinch as a “dick tater” was priceless. i can see him smashed, sour creamed, butter whipped and swimming in all that gravy he collects as an historian.

  16. Carol, good idea voting for Roemer. I love the idea of voting in the Republican primary. They will use the roster of voters to create their mailing lists. I will dutifully return each mailer. Not only will that help out the Post Office, but the commercial printers and envelope stuffers as well–no volunteers in the Republican ranks there–which means more $$ for the good old USA. Finally, the GOP helping out our economy!

  17. Y’all–when you refer to Gingrene as “Nudie” I get this visual of him wearing one of those godawful rhinestone & sequins suits like Porter Wagoner used to wear–some of which, if I remember right, were made by a tailor named Nudie Cohen–


    Enough to give a classic country fan nightmares–just sayin’–

  18. Thanks for the well wishes. I do have osteoporosis but the cures scares me as much. I tried that Forteo which has a black box warning that it could cause osteosarcoma. Your damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

    I think the Universe was trying to slap me out of my disorder by letting me know things could be worse. It’s been an exciting challenge getting 10 bags of groceries into a treehouse.

    And Jamie..the Universe has to be forceful. I have ADD.

  19. Sorry..but I can’t take any of the news..Repub candidates seriously. I can’t see how..with what they have to say..they think anyone except the 1% would vote for them. But then again I can’t see how anyone would watch the Kardasians or the other reality TV characters either but I assume many people do.

    With what they are willing to say in front of God and everyone..I don’t think any of those candidates really want to win. Obama does enough of what they want anyway and it’s so much easier to criticize than to create.

    When I hear Newt..I think of a poisonous lizzard. And if you already haven’t..try googling Santorum. What you will find is kinda funny and gross.

  20. the fix is in. newt is either just a symptom or a catalyst for the fix, a bunko steerer.

    bunko steerer – a person employed as a decoy in bunko.

  21. I guess ol’ Newt is just taking a page out of the Nixon playbook. “When the President of The United States does it, it isn’t illegal.”

  22. Speaking of Dictators… North Korean Kim Jong-Il is dead.

    The old intrusive – real world situation – foreign policy wildcard has been played… it will be most instructive to now observe how the republican hopefuls will jostle for policy positions. Ron Paul… well he is consistent, I do know where he stands… but the rest… it will be most interesting.

    I can’t wait!

    I do have no doubt that the any outcome will be Obama’s fault and by extension… Bill Clinton’s.

    You will probably see calls for military involvement… deficits be damned!

  23. httpv://

    This post, as much as anything says that I have too much time on my hands. In the dim recesses of my memory I seem to recall that more than one among you is partial to the music of Vivaldi.
    It is seasonal to be sure and Vivaldi at his best. 😉

    It is Christmas and I love it and I no longer care to be bothered with the likes of Newt. Bah humbug!
    Send him to the prisons or work houses.

  24. Oh, Oh this V thing ain’t workin’

    Better luck next time.

    Curses foiled again. 😉

  25. One of my favorite parts about Christmas is that I get a lot of anti-oxidants. Red wine and spinach dip. 😀

  26. I know Craig, when all else fails, read the instructions. Sadly, one URL looks pretty much like the next to me.
    Personally, I find the on off button to be quite a remarkable feature, great advancement over the starting rope. 😉

  27. As a youngster I was quite fond of Big Chief tablets and #2 lead pencils. Still am as a matter of fact. 😉

  28. Goodbye Dear Leader. The new leader, Kim Jong-un, is young but I feel no great security risks because of Dear Leader’s death. The elder son simply had no interest in becoming any kind of leader, dear or not so dear.
    Korea is sort of a boring political topic.


  29. I’m predicting Ron Paul will win iowa , and come in a strong second in new Hampshire

  30. Guess I missed that one Craig , I usually check in to see what you have to say every day

  31. There’s been a full scale assault on Ron Paul by the right wing neo cons all last week trying to slow paul’s momentum but it doesn’t seem to be working .
    An Iowa win will cause levin ,rush , hannity and company to have a collective stroke , that’ll be fun to watch

  32. Flatus says:
    12/18/2011 at 8:45 PM

    So a bunko tiller is a nautical bunko steerer?

    Tea Party for the Tillerman…..

    Jace: “Tooter, Tooter, Tooter….will you never learn?”

  33. Interesting how the media is trying to control the narrative in any potential outcome in Iowa
    If Romney wins , well that’s it, he’s got the nomination locked up , no need to continue the primary process
    Now if Paul wins , it doesn’t mean anything , those dumb ole hick corn farmers dont know anything ,probably shouldnt even be allowed to vote

  34. somehow this comment wound up posting at 1:05 a.m. i think it must have collided with sturges and caroomed off upthread. here goes again:

    mqw, i think you’re right about paul winning iowa, but don’t think he’ll win nh… too many choices like huntsman and roemer to split that voting element.

    as for the media “trying to control the narrative” you’re right on that too. may i add “duh” as emphasis to that thought?

  35. I saw a man in power wheel chair crossing a 6 lane street 2 nights ago, and was thinking how poorly he was “lit-up”. ….. This is pretty cool:

    SALT LAKE CITY — Brandon Smith says the idea first came to him when he was almost hit by a car at night. After hearing about so many other bicycle crashes, he wanted to do something to keep himself, and others, safe.

    Even from a block or two away, you can see Smith riding his bicycle. The trick? He uses LED lights.

    “These are the brightest lights I’ve seen,” Brandon said. “It gives cyclists that added edge for a car noticing them from a far distance.”

  36. by “that voting element” i mean those nh voters who are thinkers of more complex thoughts than the current garden variety goper (iow the gopers that are today’s squeakiest wheels aka teepers).

  37. all this talk about the supreme court makes me think that there will shortly be a couple of changes or two in the court balance….

    why would newt be attacking the court’s rulings as long as it’s stacked so heavily in the gop column?

  38. This group of republicans reminds me as much as anything of eight tiny reindeer. or is it seven or is it six, no matter, one foggy Christmas eve.
    What they really need now is a Rudolph. 😉



    He’s talking about the 9th circuit court of appeals. They are anathema to all conservatives since they toss back almost every crazy initiative passed in California by the teapers and their ilk. Your rights as a citizen often depend on that group which makes them universally hated by the right and no one on that court has had the good grace to die and get out of the way of a winger appointment.

    Here’s an article about the 9th vs. the Supremes who keep falling to the right.

    U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals: U.S. Supreme Court again rejects …

  40. I am offering lumps of coal for various political stockings this year. The biggest lump will be found in the stocking of one Paul Ryan.
    If you have other worthwhile recipients, please feel free to let me know, as I have a good number of nicely shaped lumps of coal in various sizes to fit most stockings. Anthracite available upon request for a small additional fee. 😈

  41. So, Kim Jong Il is dead? I guess the prospect of a Gingrich Presidency was just too much for the old boy. 😉

  42. I did a rant yesterday about Newt’s “orphanage” idea because it sounds great but in today’s climate is impossible if only due to numbers & costs. Then along comes a story such as the one below that make you think there has to be a better way and orphanages don’t seem like that bad an idea if only we could afford it.

    Girl with 100 scars sues state.

    Naturally more skilled social workers to handle the case load is the answer, but that means more government and Newt would be against that.

    Anybody have a 22 to catch?

  43. Most of us have seen Twitter explode when some big global event or spate of silliness takes place and how a # hash tag appears in messages to link all the people discussing that event.

    In just the past few weeks, MSNBC has hit the jackpot in the Twitterverse with their new show “Up With Chris Hayes”. It now has its own hash tag #uppers that immediately identifies the success of the show and the audience that appreciates it.

    Maybe we could start our own trend with #tmixers to let everyone know whenever Craig has an appearance to promote.

  44. Tony….
    the comments after that Pat Caddell article are most enlightening.

    I used to like Caddell… what a sorryassedclown he has become…

  45. Jace…
    on Friday’s Dylan Ratigan Show he made up some different titles to old Xmas songs…. one of them being “Rudolph the Greedy Bastard”. I came up with some lyrics this weekend.

    Rudolph the Greedy Bastard
    Had a very shiny swap
    And if you ever saw it,
    You could even say it flopped
    All of the other reindeer
    Used to laugh and call him names
    They never let poor Rudolph
    Play in any reindeer gains
    Then one foggy Christmas Eve
    Santa came to say
    Rudolph with your short so bright
    Won’t you lead my derivatives team tonight
    Now all the reindeer love him
    As they shouted out with glee
    Rudolph the Greedy Bastard
    You’ll go up with more money.

  46. If Newt could win the Presidency without SCOTUS oversight, he, too, could become the Most Beloved Leader.

  47. Well done RR.

    I have a lump of coal for him too.

    It’s not too late to order folks.

  48. Hi Dr. Dooty,

    The dirty little secret of the past three years is that a number of people talk openly about assassination. They enjoy carrying guns to presidential events and so on. Of course it is never racial.

  49. I just emailed my lyrics to Ratigan…

    Dooty… I think the person who posted that on facebook should be arrested and prosecuted for threatening the President of the US. Such stuff is despicable. I would never vote for Ron Paul… but I don’t think anyone should associate him with what some nutjob says or does. I would assume Jules Manson is an adult, and therefore, responsible for his own words and actions.

  50. RR & Dooty

    Agree with Renee that you can’t blame the church for the people who attend services. Still there have been hints of these attitudes connected directly to Paul because of his economic letters that he denies writing or even having knowledge of despite the fact that they went out over his identity.

    Still whenever you are dealing with an “ism” of any kind, there are bound to be haters and dictators in the bunch simply because the “ism” requires True Believers to do their believing without thought or question.

  51. congress needs their cans kicked down the road

    sturge, bravo! this should get the comment of the year award

    renee, well done on greedy rudy.

  52. He thinks presidents can ignore Supreme Court rulings

    craig, i see the gingrinch (playing prof) wiggling out of this one by a pedagogic argument about the words “can” and “could” vs. “able” and “should” since a prez can of course ignore anything, but he likely won’t get away with the ignore-ance… impeachment lies waiting as well as an uprising come reelection time.
    if newtie is serious then hasn’t he overlooked the door he has opened to the military to likewise “ignore” the commands of the commander in chief? or is this another subtle call for rebellion by the teeper puppeteers?

  53. Let’s see, it’s been a couple of day’s since Kim Jong Il’s passing so it’s okay to briefly editorialize:

    The world is a much better place at the start of this week because of the absence of the DPRK leader Kim Jong Il, known in certain circles as ‘Shit on a Stick’.

  54. I consider the laissez-faire free market economic theory nothing more than a means of wealth creation for the privileged and that in the end creates and supports cartels and monopolies.

    An economy is simply the method a society uses for dividing up work and resources. Societies should required people to work in one way or another for the greater good. In a capitalist society, money is the vehicle that forces people to work. Money is required to buy the goods, services, and resources needed in life, and money is paid in exchange for ones own goods, services, and resources. Free market theory and the “laws” of supply and demand dictate that this system should be self correcting, and never require much in the way of government intervention, however the resulting competition and conflict within the population is a major drawback. The downside to this model is that it allows and promotes vast inequalities in money and resources to develop between people, and this inequality is self-feeding, meaning the more inequality that exists, the faster it will grow.

    If two people wish to perform the same type of work, they must compete with one another for business from the rest of society. Society will naturally favor the “better” at performing the work and reward them with more money. The person with more money now has the ability to convert that money into more resources (land, equipment, etc.) which in turn should allow them to perform the work even better than they could before. This further drives society to reward them with even more money. While this is efficient in that it ensures higher skill and quality in the work products, it leaves those with fewer abilities and/or resources out in the cold. Survival of the fittest which will lead to monopoly creation without government intervention.

    Furthermore, the person with “better” work products is able to leave their accumulated money and resources (wealth) to their descendants when they die. Their descendants then start with a distinct advantage over competitors, even without any natural skill on their part. The passing on of inheritance allows for an entire class of “better” workers to emerge who may not actually be better at all, but simply had someone in their ancestry who was better at some point in time. Meanwhile the “worse” workers may not actually be worse; they may simply be the victims of being born into an ancestry that had a “worse” worker at one point in time.

    The end result is a society naturally divided between the privileged and the disadvantaged. Traditional American thinking is that if you work hard, you can move from disadvantaged to rich on your own accord. While this may happen on occasion to those with luck or extraordinary skills, it has never been demonstrated to be true on a large scale. Furthermore, rich people have innumerable ways of staying rich that do not necessarily involve hard work on their part.

    Growth of large private water companies brings higher water rates, little recourse for consumers
    By Jeremy Schwartz & Eric Dexheimer, American-Statesman
    Published: December 17, 2011 10:53 PM
    Updated: December 18, 2011 12:15 AM

    PFLUGERVILLE, TX — When Robert White opened his water bill last month, his jaw dropped: $250 for a month’s worth of water and sewer service. The 63-year-old construction contractor, who shares a three-bedroom home with his wife in the bucolic Springbrook Centre subdivision, said he likes to keep his lawn green and expects hefty water bills. “I just don’t want to be hijacked,” he said.

    White’s water service is provided by a private utility owned by California-based SouthWest Water Co. LLC. Just across the four-lane Pflugerville Parkway, where White’s neighbors in the Springbrook Glen subdivision — a nearly identical grid of neatly arranged brick-faced homes — get their water from Pflugerville, rates are on average about 60 percent less.

    For years, small private companies have played a crucial role in Texas, providing water and sewer service in new developments outside of cities. Analysts say private companies will continue to fill an essential need in the future, when public money is projected to be insufficient to make the billions of dollars in costly upgrades needed in water and sewer systems.

    Increasingly, however, the companies are neither small nor local. Over the past decade, multistate water utilities have expanded aggressively in Texas, drawn by the state’s booming population and welcoming regulatory environment. A September report prepared by utility analysts for Robert W. Baird & Co., a financial management company, identified Texas water regulators as the most generous in the country for private water companies. Today, three out-of-state corporations own about 500 Texas water systems that serve more than 250,000 residents.

  55. Has Horse Dooty returned to the herd as Dr Dooty?

    I just got the
    “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”

  56. If wrong pol really beefs up his support and wins in IA with 30%*, it’ll mean that 70% of IA rippers want someone else. If willard wins in NH with 40%, it will mean that 60% of NH pugs want someone else. If SC goes for nudie with 33%, it’ll mean that 2/3 of rightwingnuts want someone else.

    k street fund raisers have never had it so good as the do today under oh,bummer. My guess is that 4 out of 5 k street repugnicans want more oh,bummer.

    Unless the Wall Street or the Oil B!ll!ona!res agree to pay the huckster or regis philbin to run, the party is in danger of going into their convention w/o a candidate. Any back room deal is likely to cause a portion of the rippers to peal off > either the nudie/romney neo-cons, the wrongpolitans, or the bachmann/perry jesusshriekers.
    Except for nudie, reagan’s ’11th Commandment’ appears to be dead. Temperatures are high in several camps, and any split could result in a long term rearrangement of out political anatomy. HEH HEH HEH.

    *I doubt that pol can achieve 30% in IA. Even 25% seems like a stretch.

  57. The House was supposed to be fiddling while Rome burns at 3:30/6:30 for an up or down vote on the two month tax cut extension. So far nothing. Anybody have a clue as to what the GOP are not doing now while being useless?

  58. Guess it’s been postponed. Luke Russert tweeted 30 minutes ago:

    LukeRussert Luke Russert
    Cantor: House will vote down Senate payroll tax cut compromise tomorrow.

  59. Rome only burned once as far as I know. Congress and Washington seem to burn about every 60 days.

    Could someone please explain scorched earth to those assholes so we don’t have to bother with this again.

  60. My bad. Apparently fire was a method of urban renewal in ancient Rome. Therefore it happened fairly frequently.
    I guess that the only thing that Washington will understand is a visit from the Visigoths. 😉

  61. Jace,

    Relax. Every elitist, hateful, greedy, and immoral performance of theirs means another ripper pol will be shat out of the body politic next November.

    Goldbarg’s Rule : Scum rises to the top, solidifies, and becomes the upper crust.

    The crust now thinks that they are gods.

  62. Well since the payroll deduction taxes are in the forefront of a national debate it’s about time we face the the truth. Social security and Medicare taxes are just that , just added on federal taxes , It’s all going to the general fund and is getting spent twice as fast as they can collect the revenue .
    The money taken from my check is not for my future retirement or future health insurance . It’s all for funding the present out of control spending .

  63. Xrep, you’re right about one thing , the GOP establishment and the neo-cons are desperately looking for a white horse candidate to come in and save them.
    Scanning the right wing chatter today and they are floating the idea that jeb bush can jump in and save the day .yea that’ll work , hah
    thing is that they aren’t looking for someone to beat Obama , just somebody that can save them from Ron Paul , now that’s funny

  64. mqw

    You are saying something that has been said here many times. The Social Security and Medicare funds are handled in a way that would send any executive to jail (unless of course your name is Corzine). Having agreed to that, the answer is not to blame the people sending in the money, refuse to raise the lid on the high salaried earners, and cut the benefits of the recipients.

  65. Craig,

    Every time I enter your site my Norton 360 tells me it blocked “Malicious Toolkit Website 9″
    Attacking computer: (
    Attacking URL
    The Whois info for
    Registrant [PAK11121121462-1]:
    Carrie Scales
    3695 Tycos Dr
    Toronto, ON M5T 1T4

    Surprised to see you at this hour.
    With Obama it is not just Corzine, it is anyone on Wall Street.

  66. Just took the quiz just shown on Morning Joe. Got 87.5 It’s pretty comprehensive in 20 questions about budget, taxes, and cost of mandatory programs.

  67. Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism, a pen name of Susan Webber, the Principal of Aurora Advisors, Inc., a management consulting firm, does a great job of debunking the “business needs certainty” before they invest the trillions of stashed monies. She also uses a great illustrative comparison of two business models.

    The Henry Ford model:
    The insight by Henry Ford that built the middle class and set the foundation for America’s prosperity in the twentieth century: that by paying workers well, companies created a virtuous circle, since better-paid staff would consume more goods, enabling companies to hire yet more worker/consumers.

    Compared to the Wal-Mart model:
    Pay workers as little as they will accept, skimp on benefits, and wring as much production out of them as possible (sometimes illegally, such as having them clock out and work unpaid hours). The argument is that this pattern is good for the laboring classes, since Wal-Mart can sell goods at lower prices, providing savings to lower-income consumers like, for instance, its employees. The logic is specious: Wal-Mart’s workers spend most of their income on goods and services they can’t buy at Wal-Mart, such as housing, health care, transportation, and gas, so whatever gains they recoup from Wal-Mart’s low prices are more than offset by the rock-bottom pay.

    Why “business needs certainty” is destructive
    Too many business executives are paid handsomely for taking no risk, and that’s bad for all of us
    By Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism, August 14, 2011 8:25 AM EST

    If you read the business and even the political press, you’ve doubtless encountered the claim that the economy is a mess because the threat to reregulate in the wake of a global-economy-wrecking financial crisis is creating “uncertainty.” That is touted as the reason why corporations are sitting on their hands and not doing much in the way of hiring and investing.

    This is propaganda that needs to be laughed out of the room.

    Commerce is all about making decisions and committing resources with the hope of earning profit when the managers cannot know the future. “Uncertainty” is used casually by the media, but when trying to confront the vagaries of what might happen, analysts distinguish risk from “uncertainty”, which for them has a very specific meaning. “Risk” is what Donald Rumsfeld characterized as a known unknown. You can still estimate the range of likely outcomes and make a good stab at estimating probabilities within that range. For instance, if you open an ice cream store in a resort area, you can make a very good estimate of what the fixed costs and the margins on sales will be. It is much harder to predict how much ice cream you will actually sell. That is turn depends largely on foot traffic which in turn is largely a function of the weather (and you can look at past weather patterns to get a rough idea) and how many people visit that town (which is likely a function of the economy and how that particular resort area does in a weak economy).

    The article referenced is also most interesting.
    The Incredible Shrinking Corporation
    In trying to please Wall Street, companies have starved themselves nearly to death.
    By Susan Webber

    Just like these sculpted lads, corporate America takes extreme measures to look great for the end-of-quarter shoot. But the problem in the business world is that public companies are “dieting down” all the time, starving their businesses of needed investment and engaging in short-term expediencies.

    Even worse, the belief that it is reasonable to try to meet an unhealthy standard has infected the business psyche. Body dysmorphia, a distortedly unflattering perception of the body, occurs when people are dissatisfied and preoccupied with their appearance. Examples include teenage boys who use growth hormone to achieve a muscular look, along with growing numbers of men and women afflicted with eating disorders.

    Like individuals who identify with an unattainable standard of perfection, Big Business increasingly suffers from corporate dysmorphia. Corporations deeply and sincerely embrace practices that, like the use of steroids, pump up their performance at the expense of their well-being.

  68. XR.

    Sure there have been few times, very few, that some quack scientist, Archeologist, etc, have cheated one way or another. But they police themselves; rectify the mistake as soon as they are found out.
    I remember that there were two scientist from England that wanted to be in the history books so bad (noble prize competition?)…that they placed bones in an excavation site….from some ape looking creature and reported them to be the missing link; they were caught a little while later; in these present times; there is very little that gets by anyone…all the sciences barrow information from each other, and proved right or wrong right away…99% of them are right on.!

    The science of dna, is that credible? Dr. Spencer Wells took us back to the original pro-magnum people walking out of Africa; by turning back the time via dna, …and the “REAL” Eve….(hey did you know that there were two Eves…the first one was a little bit on the wild side; god made her and adam equals, she was a big party gal, and was vanquished , so we might not all be brothers, ok cousin…the 2nd Eve was from Adams rib…and not so equal….(and I want one of those talking snakes that convinced eve to eat from an apple)….

    Now lets take a look at the good book, the historically accurate Bible:

    …….Ok the basis of the Bible, and of all religions, is (one of) the story of how David slew the giant Goliath….do you really believe this one?

    In the bible it is said that Goliath was 10 ft tall..(there was another giant also, someone that slept in a 14 ft long bed, made of iron)..anyway…this 10 ft Goliath could not have existed:

    First of all, the bible describes his suit of armor, and lance of copper, leg protection of the same mtls….would probably weigh around 200-lbs or less, but no problem for a giant.
    Here is the thing; there was no copper fashioned way in this way for a cpl of hundred years yet..
    I maybe off on the #, but they did not have the tech to do this at that time, and at ten ft tall; he would not be able to take three steps into battle before falling down dead of a heart attack. The blood just would not be able to circulate to his heart and back around…To be continued

    So I think that this was a story that was made up by Nomadic people that wanted a place to call their own, and gods children sure did know how to nomadic huh?….God gave this land for their own to have…and the children of god lived there happily after…. until they lost it just a short time later (God giveth, and god taketh away. Why didn’t the one and only true god keep them from losing the holy land? HA.!)…..when other people of took it away from them…and did not get it back until the U. N. gave it back to them for their home land….they did not want other places that were offered to them when they were taken to the shores of Palestine (b/c of religion they were ungrateful, and now expand with the help of our country…”go west young man”)…..

    They just had to have the holy land that god gave them…so the powers at the time….the real gods…England, France, the US …the UN gave it to them….all because of one little ole book that no body knows who wrote….and that some people fervently believe in…….but its just fervent hope (thats all religion is…fervent hope) that things turn out like it says…..then the French Gods (France gave them their 1st one..if they started a war with Egypt again) wanted them to have a nuclear weapon, we wanted to have the energy fields of all those counties around them… we made a pact with the devil….and racing toward Armageddon…..did you know that literally means that the last battle of earth will be in “those hills”… you see…the end of religion now…will be the end of wars, terrorism ….but NPR’s intelligence squared debates says it so much better than i can:

    And thats the problem with the bible….One event follows another; but we can never see any ties between them. They seemed conjoined, but never connected: Almost anything written in the bible is impossible for us, by any sagacity or thoughtful penetration …and most times even by conjecture, to find truth in it:

    The story about David and Goliath; was written 300 years after the supposedly time and events happened….the story was written, and Goliath was conveniently put in…another thing that I wonder about that story…is that I scratched my head when I read the part, where a whole kingdom was going to be lost or won…by only one person doing battle from each army; when one went down….the rest of that army could consider themselves conquered wtf?…that just wasn’t the way that wars were done in those days or ever.!!!……so three hundred years later: someone orally said it was like this….and then it was conveniently put in the book of myths. there are more strange storys, but this one would be needed to be explained to me…in order for me to pay much attention to the rest, after all…David was the Main dude in the rise of the chosen no?….oh and not too much proof about his sons Solomans stuff either….only a shadow of it.

    On the other hand…Rome….I know that its some time later…but we can defiantly go back and attribute (same of egypt) the accomplishments of the emperors, to individual deeds and prove them….there are buildings that still stand…and historians, Anthropologist, Archeologist? that can prove their existence….after all how could we know about the fall of Rome, and its prior Glory?

    About the dead Sea Scrolls…we can read them on line now….I won’t link them…but they also are the real ones…they did make a mistake..about Jesus…but they corrected it…..I still like to say that he was a war time messiah…little joke there…but not much…it was not a nice time to live for them. There were nothing but wars far into the future…..and then (How the F?) a peaceful messiah was born, did he not commit acts of violence, and recruit other to do the same?…its right there in the book….

    Ps, about the lands that were taken by people from the Indians, and the Mexicans…..I understand why, and how….the politicians of those days…got together with the news-papers of those days, and created the Illusion of race…the red man..the brown, the yellow, Italian, and the black…all out of the laws that were considered to form a white race….they were considered animals….and the government hired their own (the constitution was written around it, so they could take those lands )scientist to draw reports, charts, and graphs declaring them so…….

    Alan Goodman an biological Anthropologist: had a nova special few years ago that i taped: and still have around….called “Race the Power of Illusion”…..the whole cd should be used in class rooms…from the very start when a young person starts school…..this would go a long way towards eliminating (that would be real education imo) hatred also. This information was the long post’s that I told Brian that would be my last is way too long so I will link it….. … take care my friend.

    All of my research, in all fields started b/c I wanted to understand my Fathers need to beat us ( while kneeling and praying, sometimes with electrical cords) into religious submission, later on losing half my family to religion…. I have never touched my son…he was brutal…years ago when i understood it, ..I forgave that man of god…..later my friend

  69. Wow Solar,
    Your 8:41 was quite a read. In as much as it was directed to someone else, I hope you don’t mind if I comment.
    I am neither scientist or theologian, my area of expertise if I have one at all is in ‘average Joe’.
    I actually have a masters degree in ‘average’.

    How I came to believe what I believe, I can’t say, what I can say however is that my beliefs have undergone some serious changes in the last few years.

    I have small use for religion, in as much as religion can be bent and shaped to suite anyone’s particular needs.One can if one desires make a religion out of brewing the morning coffee.I am as time goes by less and less interested in ritual, or doctrine or any of the elements that go into forming what we simply refer to as religion. Religion can and has been augmented and adorned for so long and in so many ways that it rarely if ever presents a realistic picture of what was intended.Priests, Rabbis, and Imams are all expert at speaking the language of religion. So it is little wonder that some of the most violent episodes in history were based in part on some religious underpinnings.In point of fact, Jesus was put to death by some extremely religious people.
    What generally seems to get lost in all of this , or at least so it seems to me is the concept of faith.
    The world speaks the language of religion very well, but are for the most part illiterate when it comes to the language of faith.

    Faith in what? Well that is the hard part for me.
    I guess it is faith in God, or something akin to God.
    I only know that I no longer require religion to guide me in my actions, faith is a much more reliable
    impetus.I have faith for example, in knowing that whatever we do for the least among us, we will all be better for having done so. Faith that a hand offered in compassion, or friendship will always find many hands in return. Faith that treating people with dignity will always be rewarded in some some small way that we may or may not see. Faith that whether we were put on this earth by an act of God or an act of science, that we were put here for a reason, that goes well beyond the simple acts of living, breeding and dying.
    I don’t need religion to tell me these things, and neither does anyone else. I can however and do find it useful from time to time to take comfort in and solace from the various books and readings that we often associate with religion. The truth and accuracy of which is far less important to me, than their timeless lessons.
    Thanks for letting me ramble, and peace to you.


  70. Solar and Jace–thanks so much for two timely and needed commentaries on our lives, especially during the Holy Season for many religions.

    I find comfort in doing as Jace suggests, finding happiness in others’ joy in Faith.

    In my beliefs The Buddha is not a “jealous God” tied to an unbending dogma; that makes life much easier.

  71. I do not find Jace average at all.

    Big snows in New Mexico I hope Blonde Wino, her hubby and all she loves are ok.

    We would prefer that global warning not make it colder here but so far has been the impact — colder and drier

    Also lasagna is always good for a party dinner and last night was such an occasion –we watched the 49’ers beat the Steelers…but I will say the cost of making a lasagna has gone up considerably.

    As for Nudie — when Jeffrey Toobin was asked about this by Wolfe Blitzer – Wolfe asked if there was anything to what Nudie had said and Toobin said, “No absolutely not. He is totally wrong.”

    Poor Wolfe didn’t know what to say …so he did what he usually does — he consulted his beard.

  72. KGC

    Lasagna, green salad, and red wine can get you through almost every social occasion. :-) It’s definitely my “go to” menu choice either for making or eating. The cost of meat in any form has skyrocketed so I’m perfecting my vegetarian lasagna.

  73. Jamie

    The menu you describe — add some garlic bread — is just what we had

    The cost of cheese too! And to add insult to the cost Mr. Cracker only eats organic things

  74. I usually watch the first hour of Good Morning America and today they spent more time on the model who walked into the airplane propeller then on North Korea.

    Good thing Amy Goodman is on …Link TV

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