Boehner Not in Charge

Last week’s tax negotiations demonstrate just how much John Boehner has lost control of the House, from declaring the deal with Democrats a victory to suddenly disowning it just a few days later (after tea partiers balked).

o WEDNESDAY: Speaker Boehner sat at a meeting in Senator McConnell’s office last Wednesday with Senator McConnell and Senator Reid. Speaker Boehner said the two Senate leaders should negotiate a deal, and that Senator McConnell would have his proxy.
o THURSDAY: Speaker Boehner made public comments promising to live by whatever agreement the Senate reached. He said, “If the Senate acts, I’m committed to bringing the House back—we can do it within 24 hours—to deal with whatever the Senate does.”
o FRIDAY: Speaker Boehner reacted to reports that we may have to settle on a two-month extension by saying if the Senate passed that, he would take it, add the Keystone pipeline provision to it, and send it back to the Senate. So we added the pipeline into the deal in the Senate because that’s what Speaker Boehner said he needed to get the measure through the House.
o FRIDAY NIGHT: After Senator McConnell presents the payroll tax deal to his caucus, he is captured on video leaving the caucus “high fiving” a fellow Republican. Later Senator McConnell tells reporters, “Obviously I keep the Speaker informed as to what I’m doing.”
o SATURDAY: McConnell calls payroll tax cut compromise a bill designed to pass. McConnell said, “I thank my friend, the Majority Leader, for the opportunity to work together with him on something that could actually pass the Senate and be signed by the President.”
o SATURDAY: Speaker Boehner called the deal a “good deal” and a “victory”. According to reports, he urged his caucus to declare victory and pass it, on a conference call.
o SATURDAY AFTERNOON: Senator McConnell gave his consent to allow the Senate to adjourn for the year.
o SUNDAY: Once Tea Party Republicans in his caucus rebelled, Speaker Boehner reversed course and is now disowning the deal he had supported 24 hours earlier.
— Source: Democratic Policy and Communications Center

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  1. All I wanted for Christmas was a Woo Hoo, and I got one.
    Thanks Santa (Craig)

    Merry Woo Hoo Christmas! 😉

  2. Boehner, who is Boehner?

    Back from the VA….had blood drawn for some test and was in and out in 1/2 hr…. had some laughs with the nurses there…they are all in a very festive mood. I should have excellent reports back from the test’….15 yrs ago; i would have worried that the blood test would be a mix of blood and budwieser…50/50…I gave the va at the front desk 20 bucks so they could send it over to the main hospital for coffee and whatever…..volunteers travel the hospital halls ways giving coffee away for free…….

    Came back hungry, no want to cook, so I made a trail-mix peanut butter sandwich….12 grain bred toasted, extra crunchy peanut butter, Cinnamon,dried, cranberries,a few raisins,…with organic raspberry spread, and tall mug of decaff….


    Even if some post are directed to someone else, ever since i have been here …anyone can comment on it…thats what makes them fun to read sometimes, or join in and the real fun starts..sometimes X and myself get to arguing some….he is great and makes me think, but most of all…he makes me laufff….

    I once told him that he could tell his lies like he wants to, and that I would tell my lies the way that I wanted to ( there are never whole truths imo, only half truths is about all b/c most of them are self-serving)…..but that mine would have some facts to them…he wrote back that I didn’t own a fact to my name…I laughed so hard and long, that Judy went out for a walk, or work on the garden…..I still laugh when I think about it…If you join in (hopefully) don’t apologize for not-ing…all in great fun…and I always (whispering this so he doesn’t hear me) learn something new from him b/c i poked him a little…he doesn’t like that…that why they call me the little diablito around here…i love to poke around….hahahaaaa as you know who would say…..

    Flatus, and Jace, I like what you both wrote in response to what I posted….and I agree with it all.

    Buddhism, Vedanta. etc, to me are not religions…but great philosophy on how we should all live, and treat one another…each and every person to me on earth is worthy of my love and respect…and we should take care of each other….that is until some of them prove to me that they are not worthy of it…then they don’t matter to me at all…
    I will turn the other cheek…but it depends who they were trying to harm…me, don’t care so much…but don’t try and harm anyone that I care for not even once.!!…

    Great book (vedanta) by Alan Watss: “The book on the Taboo against knowing who you are”

    That one and this other one are the ones that I give out to my nieces, or nephews that ask me about what you both have said..Marvin Harris wrote a great book that should be in all class rooms would go a long way to stop the B/s that we think of other cultures.!!

    …..”Cow, Pigs, Wars, and Witches, The Riddles of Culture”…they are a must read imo for those that believe that we are Gods children…I do think that there is a god…but one that we could never describe, and not worried about all the b/s self indulging prayers that we offer to him…for our own benifit….The Cosmic God that we know did make us (stars) in his image…is the one that we really are praying to….but some don’t know it…the people here in this blog in the past few weeks are a perfect example of that they do know it:

    The love, the energy, the prayers that went out to Patsi, and for Sean ( and their families)…were genuine (and thats hard to be….a genuine person) thats the real deal…when someone is sending that type of energy from their consciousness-Soul…something positive for someone else…not the usual praying just to ease the guilt of oneself no?

    So in this time of giving something (cept children)just to get something back…I will send an energy wish to all here,..and over at the swamp…Happy Holidays to you all.

    ps, While at the waiting at the va…I took a book to read..but couldn’t…I kept thinking about what I said to Xr about the bible not really connecting storys to facts:

    I finally came up with this:

    People always say that “where there is smoke there is fire”…..well not at all, or not most of the times…I have seen a truck in front of me…brake to a smoking stop at a red light…but the trk doesn’t burst into flames….

    But I do know for a fact know that if you put water into a pan turn on the electric burner…the heat heat from the burner will boil the water, and can be traced (the source of electric) all the way to its origin…that is the big difference of what is in the bible, and what science teaches us…..

    I don’t drink wine that much…but since you guys talk about it all the time…I will use the excuse that I gave blood to have my test done… I will now make wine into blood….Tony what was that wine that i had once and told you about (tail something) that comes from Australia…happy holidays to you and your can-go-roo pal, say hello…..

  3. He’s definitely on a short chain, but I haven’t seen any tears over this deal yet. Still hard to believe that the Republicans want anything with their name on it that raises taxes.

    Do the GOoPers have to offer Ron Paul the veep spot if he wins in Iowa and does really well in NH & SC? I mean, just to keep him from running as an Independent and throwing a spanner into the Republican machine. He doesn’t seem like the kind that can be bought off, though, so maybe they are really squirming???

  4. As for Boehner, Bah Humbug. The repugs are putting fine men Like Scrooge to shame. Tis the season, ya’ right.
    The only thing Boehner ever had control of was the color of his tan!

    Lumps of coal still available, supplies dwindling.
    Saving one for John Bohener. :smile:

  5. I’m trying to start a movement for Virginia to secede and take Eric Cantor with them. All of DC is now located in Maryland, so VA, its Governor and Reps are pretty much unnecessary.

  6. I’m not currently worried about the deadlock. I against the further destruction of social security by both the Democrats and Republicans. As things are set, now deadlock would work. Cuts are automatic with half domestic and half defense and the restoration of the Clinton tax schedule. These will be far better than any compromise that will happen.

    So it is time for congress to recess,
    GO HOME, so you can’t screw anything else up!!!


  7. Jace…
    Loved your 10:12 post on other thread. Even when I address one person (like I’ve just addressed you), I’m actually speaking to the whole community here… that’s why I HATE the reply button. IMO, if you really want to talk to only that person, that’s what email is for…

    Solar… Diablito…
    I just wanna hug you today…. ((((((HUGS))))))

    “So it is time for congress to recess,
    GO HOME, so you can’t screw anything else up!!!”

    Jack… truer words haven’t been spoken…

  8. oh yeah… I just wanna say….

    Orange Man…. Orange Man…
    burning out his fuse up there alone….

    with apologies to Sir Elton…

  9. and pss….
    KGC… thank you to your 49ers!… Their defeat of the Steelers last night made my beloved Patriots the number one seed in the AFC.

    I know that can change next week… but for today, Rick and I are celebratin’…

  10. Because of Eric Cantor more than 40,000 households will have $100 less in their budgets next month. Happy New Year from the resident house asshole.

  11. Happy New Year from the resident house asshole. Jamie about Eric Canter..

    Boy Howdy ain’t that the truth. Of course there is no shortage
    to fill that position

  12. Big lump of coal for Cantor.

    I’m making a list and checking it twice, gonna’ find out who’s been naughty or nice. Mostly naughty.
    It’s a long list but I got plenty of coal.

    Suggestions welcome. 😉

  13. Cantor’s a KAPO no matter what anyone says. He helped to make sure that repukes voted against the AHCA and was willing to send 30 million Americans to the showers and die.

    Resident asshole is too good for him and demeans assholes around the world.

    Have a great day.

  14. Solar, Flatus, RR,

    Thanks for your replies and comments.
    I think that most of us here wish to arrive at the same destination. The fun part is seeing which routs we all take to get there. By my reckoning they are all very scenic. 😉

  15. Non Political – The Academy has published the list of films eligible for nomination for an Oscar. There are 265 of them in case you want to review what you have missed. The 84th Academy Awards nominations will be announced live on Tuesday, January 24, 2012, at 5:30 a.m. PT in the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

    Reminder List of Eligible Films

  16. Jamie… I don’t feel sorry for Boehner one bit… I suspect he’s now finding out the true meaning to….
    no, not Christmas…. but to “be careful what you wish for”.

    The gop courted the evangelicals and the tea party… now they have to pay attention to the tune the piper is playing.

  17. On Chanukah’s first night
    My True Love gave to me
    Lox on bagel with cream cheese

    On Chanukah’s Second night
    My True love gave to me
    Kugel and Latkes
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    On Chanukah’s third night
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    On Chanukah’s fourth night
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    On Chanukah’s sixth night
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    Six songs for the season
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    On Chanukah’s Seventh Night
    Seven Florida relatives
    Six songs for the season
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    On the eighth night of Chanukah
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    Another year of blessings
    Seven Florida relatives
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  18. Jamie
    That’s great. I was looking over latke recipes and ran across Wolfgang Puck’s someone said the best they ever had. It had all kinds of odd things in it.

    Happy religious freedom and fried fat holidays!

  19. As for Orange man – this is not his first rodeo and the fact that the tea partiers are repeat offenders makes me wonder what is really going on in his head – or maybe it is as simple as still being able to smoke in the speakers office or something like that…

  20. From the something really sweet file :


    water is probably the only real miracle substance that has ever existed.

    Thanks for voting!

    #31.15 – Tue Dec 20, 2011 3:48 PM CST

  21. I can say this because 1 inch has just entered the rain gauge on Buddy Holly. 14 months since we saw anything near this.

    water is probably the only real miracle substance that has ever existed.

    Half a billion trees gone: The toll of the great Texas drought only grows more staggering

    That’s only including trees with a diameter of five inches or larger on forested land, and doesn’t touch the approximate four million acres burned by drought-induced wildfires that raged across the state.

    My dead apricot tree isn’t in the body count.

  23. The agency claims that a more comprehensive and verifiable census will be taken aerially in the spring, when budding leaves will indicate whether trees are truly dead or simply went dormant early this year to protect themselves from the extreme environmental factors.

    “During this time of year, it’s difficult to tell in some cases if a tree is truly dead. And keep in mind that the drought is ongoing,” Sustainable Forestry department head Burl Carraway said in a statement. “We fully expect mortality percentages to increase if the drought continues.”

  24. I’ve thinking about trees today , and I found the really sweet essay about just how tough it is to be a tree .

    Could This Be A Crime? U.S. Climate Bill Is Dead While So Much Life On Our Earth Continues To Perish

    ( An essay about trees written in Aug. 2010 )

    Piñons take nearly 300 years to mature and can live up to 1,000 years.

    As I get closer to the dead tree, I notice the damaged skin with many protrusions that look like soft yellow globs or lines. Such skin is visual evidence that the tree did not die a normal death, but instead put up a fight against beetles by sending out sap to drown them in resin. In the end the tree lost, as the number of beetles the tree was fighting was far too many. I’ve never seen a bark beetle, whose size is no bigger than a grain of rice, and I doubt you’ll see one either, but if you look closely at the skin of one of these dead piñons you will know that the beetles were here and that the tree fought hard.

  25. Girl Power 101 –
    In Egypt , the military owned much of the largest parts of life. Needless to say they are trying to slow walk as much of the change crap as fast as they can.
    Well they fucked up. They beat women, in the street.

    More women in the streets. Carrying their children , Girl Power 101 –

  26. One thing this traveling clown car carnival has done , it’s given the president a 5 point CNN poll bump.

    Forty-nine percent of Americans approve of how Obama is handling his job, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll and another conducted for CNN. The rate was the highest in both surveys since a short-lived bump the president got following the killing of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in May.

  27. The modern American Right , from 7 dwarfs to traveling clown car carnival.

    All the while hooting about their “principals & values”.

    The Newt has no clothes.

  28. I put this song on and …I had a flashback…is this Craig’s favorite G&R tune…was it Sean’s? What the hell…?

  29. Beat them? There was video of a guy stomping on one of their breasts (or “chest” as the MSM put it). Afraid to call them out for being a mysoginistic culture?

    One year until we find out if the Mayans were right. If the women of the Mideast become free, it will seem like the end of the world for those men.

    ps – Newt’s video Christmas card gave me the screamin’ willies. Think he & Callista are hoarding the Tiffany Christmas ornaments, too, because they are sold out.

  30. “If the women of the Mideast become free, it will seem like the end of the world for those men.”

    blue, seem? the vengence goddesses will make them walk around in gunny sacks with eye holes and maybe threaten some genital mutilation payback.

  31. Separation of Newt and State

    Just when you thought Newt couldn’t get any more grandiose, he leaps in to save freedom of religion in the most religiously free place on earth.

    On his Web site Tuesday, he urgently vowed to establish a White House commission “On Day One” of his presidency (heaven forefend) “to examine and document threats or impediments to religious freedom in the United States.”

    Watching his numbers falling in Iowa, he doubled down on his unconstitutional assault on “activist judges,” saying he would investigate “the extent to which courts throughout the U.S. are undermining the First Amendment and misconstruing the historical basis for religious freedom in America.”

    His latest manifesto, which should have been addressed “Dear Iowa Fundamentalist Caucus-goers,” states: “As litigants demand that courts and judges intervene to create new ‘rights’ out of whole cloth, such litigants and their supporters seek to limit the freedom of others to express their deeply held religious commitments to, for example, the value of every human life and to marriage as between one man and one woman.”

  32. Blue, women are nothing more than chattels in much of the world, including parts of our own country. Absolutely shameful.

  33. Even satirically, Ron Paul has absolutely disqualified himself by virtue of his past racist and homophobic statements. He is stricken from my list of human beings.

  34. Whenever a man refers to his female companion as ‘my woman’, watch out, You may be in the bible belt. Or possibly the twilight zone.

  35. Flatus,
    may I safely assume that you wish for Ron Paul to be on the list of those receiving coal in their stockings? 😕

  36. “Even satirically, Ron Paul has absolutely disqualified himself by virtue of his past racist and homophobic statements. He is stricken from my list of human beings.” Flatus

    And probably will make him the next gooper on the rise.
    Ron Paul is a perfect example of be careful what you wish for
    he is the embodiment of the Tea Party and their ilk but they aren’t as pure. He is the reductio ad absurdum of their issues but what it does expose is that most of the goopers are big fat hypocrites – they are for small government and less regulation as long as it helps them and hurts their competition — no level playing fields for them

  37. Happy solstice…in the mountain time zone, it will occur at 10:30 tonight. Happy Hanukkah, too.

    The republican brand is the most despised brand in the country.

    I still have my foot cast and hubby is also limping about…a Tiny Tim Christmas for sure.

  38. Just watching Romney being interviewed on Daily Rundown. That man can get more qualifiers in a single sentence than almost anyone I’ve ever heard. No wonder people mistake him for a used car salesman.

  39. BW,
    We all play Tiny Tim, opposite the Republican Scrooges.
    Despised indeed.
    Take care of that foot. Enjoy the solstice. Sunset almost guaranteed to be beautiful. 😉

  40. Romney was on the Letterman show..and he looked very very uncomfortable but the bit was funny.

  41. KGC, Romney always looks uncomfortable, he is not a natural politician.


    That man can get more qualifiers in a single sentence than almost anyone I’ve ever heard

    You mean more than Kerry? It must be something about the water in Mass.


  42. httpv://


    A little Winter / Solstice music just for you. It will take your mind off the republicans and your foot. Enjoy! 😉

  43. The Santa Rosa Press Democrat (my local paper) was owned by the NY Times and has been sold to a Florida regional newspaper group. I hope they close it. It would be the best thing that could happen. The paper was founded by supporters of the Confederacy and editorially still has more in common with Alabama then Northern California

    What a piece of crap and the people who drove it into the ground are now all upset that they might lose their jobs.
    Their arrogant and craptastic editorial policy spilled over into their reporting and all of it was oriented to the wealthy
    ad buyers in the community.

  44. I really don’t mind the republican candidates forming a circular firing squad. I just wish one if them would give the order to fire.

  45. The world is a better place with the death of Kim Jong Il. One less evil doing, non democratic tyrant to worry about.

    What I still find hard to believe is that this happened, and we did not have to invade them. 😕

  46. Flatus,

    Who? is right. There are so many people deserving of coal and so little time, I just won’t bother with what’s his name. I will just pretend that he doesn’t exist. :smile:

  47. Jace
    Vivaldi is doubly appropriate this morning as much of his music was composed for orphaned girls in his care so that they might become ’employable’.

  48. Flatus,
    I was not aware of that, but that being the case, a past due tip of the hat to him, and to you for getting me up to speed.
    Some musicologist I am. 😀

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