Could Newt Gingrich’s humiliation of Mitt Romney in South Carolina, if repeated in Florida, lead to a brokered convention? Chatting here with Keith Olbermann about the possibilities.

(Current TV, 1/21)

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  1. Woo Hoo – Day after the Debacle. Talk about everyone rising to the level of their own incompetence. This crowd is so unimposing that there may never be a “Making of The President 2012″

  2. Continuing my Paula Deem rant…

    This morning fake medical reporter Sanjay Gupta of CNN told us that Ms Deem plans to make her meals healthier. Lie

    She has no intention of doing that — she plans on taking drugs and eating the same

    I don’t believe anything he says because it is always layered with his beliefs as opposed to facts.

    I’m glad he was too greedy to become surgeon general.

    As for the goopers — Nudie reigns supreme that should tell you all you need to know about gooper hypocrisy

    Woooohoooo 49’ers

  3. httpv://

    Sunday Sublime.

    I have a soft spot for male choirs.From the great Welsh tradition of mens Choirs. Enjoy!

  4. Republican Du Jour. There are so many factions and fractions of the republicans and they are a lost brand.

    Unleash the American people! Very biblical, Gangrich.

    KGC…Paula is paving the way for her son’s show — eating healthy. He is taking Mom’s recipes and making them healthy! This way her son has a forward career, while Mrs. Unhealthy spreads her lard about the kitchen table.

  5. Hey BW

    I never cooked from her recipes just because they were so over blown (and I have no fear of frying.)

    She’s fat, her hubby is a tank and they eat artery clogging meals a couple of times a day and I’ll bet Mittens 10k that her hubby is either type 2 Diabetic or on his way

    It’s nice that her son is re-doing the recipes so he doesn’t die before his children are 10.

    People have been re-doing recipes to make them healthier for years — not new information and to pretend like this is just coming down the pike is insulting and unprofessional..and that’s what Dr. Sanjia Gupta did…

    Also apparently she has known for a couple of years about the diabetes and waited to announce until she had a deal with Novartis..and if the announcement ties in with her son’s show
    yuck..just plain yuck.

  6. I really ain’t got a whole lot to say here that’s worth the sayin’, so to speak–so I’m lurking more and saying less

    faire, no way. that criterion doesn’t seem to apply to presidential candidates, congressional critters or most of all stop msm “news” purveyors. so why make us tmrs live up to it? generous host would be without his dusty greek chorus here lamenting the fates.

  7. jace, thanks. beautiful. i also “have a soft spot for male choirs” but probably not in the same way as you.

  8. a brokered or broken convention? the one that has an “n” which stands for “nuts” is the more likely outcome in tampa.

  9. I don’t think that the GOP thinks they’re hypocrites. Funny thing is, they know they’re marching off a cliff, but don’t seem to have a road map pointing to a different direction. Moderates seem to know what’s going on, but they’re treated like my wife treats me — they could be walking through a forest muttering to themselves, but they’d still be wrong.

    After the upset Democratic victory in 1992, there was a new “speak” in the Washington beltway called “political correctness” — speaking with an overt sensitivity towards all groups and people, in the effort to treat everyone equally.

    During the 2000s I spent a great deal of time driving through the South, and, as a Software Architect at EarthLink, I even worked there for one week in every 6 for three years.

    There is a particular code speak in the South that dates back centuries. This type of communication basically glosses over indelicate subjects that “polite” people know exist but don’t want to talk about.

    Peculiar institution is probably the most infamous of these phrases, but obviously one of many.

    This language also has a wink, wink character, which allows the conversation to elevate the participants as somehow of a higher caste, since they are talking about those things that they would never speak of or participate in. Such as:

    Poor refers to African Americans in poverty, whether they are working or not. It is assumed that they are on some kind of government welfare or at least benefit ting from the system unfairly
    Working poor perpetuates a bigoted lie, referring to whites that as poor, but trying to get ahead; It assumes that they are too proud to take charity, and they’re looking for a fair shake.

    This polite-speak is highly refined, and covers race relations, religion, politics and even an elaborate protocol to politely tell someone to f*ck off (“Oh yes! we’ll look into that immediately. Make sure you come back and check up to see how we’re doing!)

    Newt has taken the themes of this speak and stepped on the gas. He’s created the Republican Message by capturing this speak and skinning it, exposing the raw meat within:

    Latent Racism
    Belief in Christian Supremacy
    Disdain for East Coast Liberals and all things California
    Hate for any media outlet that disagrees with them
    Paying for other’s education
    Women’s rights to their own bodies
    Controlling Sexual relations between thinking humans
    The unimaginable disbelief that an African-American man from Chicago with deep liberal roots is in the White House

    The fact is, most of the people I know actually don’t believe this, but they have a stronger need to belong, since Red State Society will ostracize you and at that point you’ll have a more active social life on Easter Island.

    After years of this going along, you actually believe that 2+2=5, and fall into the trap.

    Republicans are running against the United States as it has become, and want to turn the clock back to a time when everything was fine, even though it never existed, but they want to go back to it anyway, and it doesn’t matter that some segments of society suffer as long as it doesn’t affect their caste.

    Newt personifies this. He has crafted the Republican Message, which is running against everything and actually being for nothing. The message is:

    Everything is wrong and its the fault of all the people that you think it is (wink wink). If you elect us, we’ll kick them all to the curb, disenfranchise them and take everything for ourselves.

    Even the thinking people in this group know that this message is completely ludicrous. But this is a church-going society that relies on attendance through other people noticing that you’re not attending (and if you bring this up we’re going to act completely insulted). Everyone jumps on the bandwagon, because if you’re not, you’re one of them

    Well, Newt, you just go ahead and try to win on that.

  10. Nudie’s unleash America –perfect –

    code for it’s alright to be a hater go for it
    I’ll bet it results in an increase of violence — much like the tea party people who stomp on the heads of people they disagree with

    How very unAmerican of nudie

  11. I looked up number of registered voters in SC. In 2006 there were approx 2.5 mil. With the Repubs getting around 600000 last’s only 24% voting Repub with Newt getting only 9% of total registered voters.

    I was trying to feel better..just trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear…literally!

  12. Well, Newt, you just go ahead and try to win on that.

    Exactly! Wow your post is the best explanation yet to what is going on with the GOP..President Obama vs. Newt, laughing my ass off at the dysfunctional GOP..Oh yes, what a match up, makes President Obama look much better than he actually is..

  13. What shocks me the most is the Fifth Estate’s lack of cojones in calling out this doublespeak and phony indignation. It is just as bad to “hint” and “touch on” these flaws as it is to actually expound them.

    It seems to me that the press is more interested in perpetuating this story as a fight between the President and this gigantic Kraken-like monster, instead of actually doing the research, compiling the evidence and then presenting it to the public, then sticking to your guns in stead of collapsing like two teenagers caught in the back seat of Dad’s car.

    We have a press that is scared of pissing off their audience with the truth, so they just keep to their chosen audience (right, left and stupid) or interview Miss Piggy and parents of children born with arms growing out of their foreheads (Today show…).

    Murrow, Cronkite, Reasoner, Brinkley — weep in their graves.

  14. Danilo
    Exactly. There is no fact checking of the crap that surges out of Nudie and the other riders in the mini-gooper

    And certainly no analysis

    There are no more journalists (except Craig) only bobble headed commentators who mistake opinion for reporting

  15. Bernie Sanders keeps bringing up facts such as, “The U.S. has the most unequal distribution of wealth & income of any major country in the industrialized world.” and gets treated like the red headed step child for bringing up uncomfortable information.

  16. Sturgeone,

    Ya, I goofed. I meant Henry V at Agincourt. Most of the French army was captured. Those who weren’t were dead. That really helped the sagging British moral. (:>D))<

    Re Crecy v Fredricksburg, it's an interesting comparison. In both cases, the defeated armies were lucky to escape annhilation. Btw, was Crecy the battle in which the French King was captured and had to spend 20 years in an English prison before he could collect all his ransom money ? Maybe that was Poitier.

  17. I don’t see the nude grinch victory as an Agincourt. It’s more like Fort Donaldson. There is a lot more war to come.

    FL will be a lot different from SC. sanctum sanctorum will be a big factor among the Cuban Americans.

  18. The possibility of a brokered convention still exists, but it is too early to say that it is probable. Desirable, sure, but probable, not yet.

  19. Chris Hayes show is good but MSNBC quickly goes down hill after that..I just shut it off, listening to NEWT just isn’t good for me.. :roll:

  20. Newt won because he is so damned sexy and sassy. This is the guy who is going to mop-up the debate floor with Obama. Keep kidding, your sexy self, Newt!

    Wait until these guys stand next to Obama…

  21. Mr. Bloated gas bag
    Mr. Man Breasts
    Mr. 15%
    Dr. Nut

    The 4 front runners of the NEW republican’t party.

  22. Mr. Man Breasts

    I am happy to insult goopers in anyway at any time but could you explain this to me

  23. CLAP! CLAP! Great posts there, Danilo.

    Jamie… did you see Bernie Sanders on Bill Maher’s Real Time the other night… phoow… did the fur fly once he came on. And Buddy Roemer wasn’t half bad either.

    Gee…. just a few days ago we all thought this GOP race was gonna get boring. I’d still bet on Mitt being the eventual nominee… but at least I’m awake now.

    Craig…. I enjoyed your spots with Keith last night very much. I watched the entire 2 hours. Then I turned on CNN and saw Alex Castellanos trying to defend Newtie’s racism…. yuck… I turned it off.

  24. George Will is pleased as punch that the Republicans are actively attracting racist voters

  25. ooops…. I meant 3 hours. Craig… where’s the edit button… it’s missing.

    oh yeah…. Go Patriots!

  26. X–King Jean II was captured at Crecy & imprisoned in the Tower of London from 1356-1360, was “paroled” home leaving his son as a guarantee he’d raise the money, and voluntarily returned to captivity when the son escaped. Jean died in 1364 in the Tower.

    The one who spent twenty (actually twenty-four) years inside–also in the Tower–was Charles, Duc d’Orleans, captured in 1415 at Agincourt–not a king, but an heir at some remove to the throne. He spent his years in captivity becoming one of the best-known French poets of the fifteenth century.

  27. I wonder who Susan Eisenhower is supporting in the Republican primaries

    For today’s football menu —
    originally we are were going to start the day with bacon,
    waffles and bloody marys but Mr. Cracker got a lot sloshed last night and we may have to amend the menu to black coffee, lots of water and oatmeal.

    For the 49er portion of game day viewing —
    cauliflower and potato soup( w/mega garlic). pizza and
    the only day of the year it’s allowed – actual real fried potato chips and dip.
    and of course assorted other goodies and nibbles

  28. KGC Santorum’s man boobs are showing through his sweater vests…he needs a bro-ziere. The Daily Show also highlighted the sweater bumps.

    RR…no kidding, where is the edit button? The delete button, too!

  29. Potato Cauliflower Soup with homemade potato chips…my kind of food.

    Go 49ers!

    From The Twilight Zone Season 1
    First broadcast on Friday March 4, 1960.
    Sadly, we are all living in our own TWILIGHT ZONE, especially when it comes to politics.

    “The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs, explosions and fallout. There are weapons that are simply THOUGHTS, ATTITUDES, PREJUDICES to be found only in the minds of men. For the record, prejudices can kill and suspicion can destroy. And a THOUGHTLESS, FRIGHTENED search for a scapegoat has a fallout all of its own; for the children and the children yet unborn. And the pity of it is, these things CANNOT be confined to THE TWILIGHT ZONE.”

    Rod Serling from Season 1 of The Twilight Zone

  31. Rick and his boobs campaign…


  32. ~~~now, girls, we mustn’t sound envious.~~~

    paranoid as they are regarding us peasants, i suspect they are wearing bullet proof vests which would account for the extra rotundity or unseemly bulges on some and the stiff-neck posture of others…and maybe even the ill-fitting suit.

  33. et, thanks for the serling words, especially

    For the record, prejudices can kill and suspicion can destroy

  34. And Gangrich must be wearing four or five vests! He needs the Spanks body vest.

  35. seriously on the vest thing, is mitt wearing one or is there something wrong with his back that makes him walk and turn so awkwardly? and no, i’m not referring to the knives his fellow gopers recently implanted back there.

  36. I am off…good luck to all teams today…we will know our Super Bowl contestants by day’s end. I wish the same were true for the republican’ts candidate selection. However, it appears months away much to the delight of the media.

  37. patd…hubby and I thought it was the stick up his…you know what! It is what makes him walk his baby steps shuffle on stage.

    I really need to get out of here and I may regret there is NOT a delete button.

  38. TheFreshBrew Fresh Brew
    REDO: thought about taking another Twitter day off, but @NicoleBell ‘s piece on the Hackery of @ChuckTodd made me laugh


    TheFreshBrew Fresh Brew
    thought about taking another Twitter day off, but @BlueGal ‘s piece on the Hackery of @ChuckTodd made me laugh

  39. TheFreshBrew Fresh Brew
    REDO: thought about taking another Twitter day off, but @NicoleBell ‘s piece on the Hackery of @ChuckTodd made me laugh


    TheFreshBrew Fresh Brew
    thought about taking another Twitter day off, but @BlueGal ‘s piece on the Hackery of @ChuckTodd made me laugh

  40. oh well doesnt seem to work….but Mr Twodd needs to be smacked upside the head with a mackeral or something for his “Hackery” none-the-less.

  41. Sturgeone. Loved the comment on Todd on the Fresh Brew site:

    “he doesn’t like it when someone on a comedy channel asks the questions he should be asking, and covers the angles of a story he won’t touch. His definition of a reporters job is ‘stenographer’.”

  42. Our football menu is my homemade chili (not too hot… we are New Englanders, afterall… :smile: ) with a nice crusty organic whole wheat french bread. And beer… real beer for Rick and kinda real beer for me (Bud light w/lime). I bought some SmartFood movie theatre popcorn for the later 49ers game.

    KGC… if both our teams win, they’ll be playing against each other for the Super Bowl. wheeeeeeeee…

  43. RR

    Good luck! I think Mr. Cracker is hoping for a brother against brother super bowl — but I will be rooting for the Pats

    We have found a BV coastal blend that has a bunch of zin in it
    cheap cheap cheap. The wine trend we’ve noticed the most are these red blends from odd lots of decent grapes but selling non-vintage at under 7 bucks and a lot under 5

  44. yeah… if Chuckie only bothered to point out the games that politicians play for 1/4 of the time he used to criticize Colbert it would be a VAST improvement.

    I just slipped on my Brady #12 shirt… I am ready!

  45. KGC… good luck to your 49ers. I’ll be rooting for them. I think it would be a hellava SB.

    This afternoon I bought a dozen bottles of wine… all of them were on sale and I got an additional 15% off…
    a mixture of old vine zin and pinot noir.

  46. #Gingrich’s “values” – using daughters from your first wife to convince everyone that your second wife is lying about your third wife. #ows

    And another annoying little nudie conceit is to pretend he has always been married to Callista – he refers to his children and his and Callista’s and “their” grandchildren.

    He would be the would grandparent ever. I’m willing to bet another 10k of Mitten’s money that Nudie has no relationship with his grandchildren and all this family closeness is paid for in some way.

    What a crock

  47. Say what we shall about the dysfunctionality of SC as a social entity, but I am proud of Richland County voters and those of my precinct.

    My county is one that typically votes Democratic in match-ups with a strong partisan bias. We have two proxies for that in the primary–the votes for Cain/Colbert county-wide and within my precinct.

    Richland County for Cain/Colbert = 777
    Parkway 2 precinct for Cain/Colbert = 7

    If someone says this is simply an accident of fact, a coincidence, to them I say Nein Nein Nein.

    In the final tally, Romney carried both the precinct and the county.

    Only 303 of my precinct’s 2727 eligible voters went to the polls. But, it was an open primary with no recorded voter-party identification.

  48. Giffords: ‘To do what is best for Arizona, I will step down this week’

    from online washington post

  49. you can click on giffords announcement on taegan’s political wire in trail’s righthand column. didn’t see it posted before my last comment.

  50. The Taegan column mentions that her husband Mark might run for the open seat. Seems a good time for her to resign if the rumor is true.

  51. Holy Shit!
    I can’t believe that guy missed that field goal…

    the Patriots are going to the Super Bowl!…


  52. Groups my brother likes in Facebook: ” Proud to be an American, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Economic Freedom, Don’t Put It On Our Tab, Stop the Energy Freeze, Repeal It Now, The Patriot Ride, Reagan Bronze, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, John Boehner, American Majority, Fox News, Laura W. Bush, George W. Bush, ForAmerica, Bill O’Reilly, Tea Party Patriots, “Miss me yet?”- George W. Bush (, Glenn Beck, Human Events,, Conservative, Being Conservative, Sarah Palin”

    It’s EMBARRASSING! But he is my brother. However, I am the one with the formal education. Oh well, it bugs the hell outta me but can’t do anything about. FAMILY SPLITS.

  53. Chris Christie: ‘Gingrich has embarrassed the party…’

    by Taylor Marsh

    Meanwhile, Romney surrogate Chris Christie played offense on Meet the Press for Mitt Romney, making the best case for him, showing the attribute Romney doesn’t, which is being able to connect and talk straight in a way that would be a real attribute on Romney’s team, including as vice president. Christie was on fire today.

    Gov. Christie said aloud what a lot of people are whispering behind Gingrich’s back:

    “I think Gingrich has embarrassed the party over time,” he said. “Whether he’ll do it again in the future, I don’t know. But Gov. Romney never has. … We all know the record. He was run out of the speakership by his own party. He was fined $300,000 for ethics violations. This is a guy who has had a very difficult political career at times and has been an embarrassment to the party. You remember these times, you were here. …I don’t need to regale the country with that entire list again except to say this: I’m not saying he will do it again in the future, but sometimes past is prologue.”

  54. Ms Cracker,

    I’m sorry to get back to you so late. Yes, I shall be here through the horrid moment when Floridians find out who their rip up neighbors want to wreck what’s left of America.

    May your 49ers save the honor of the NFC playoffs this evening.

  55. Faire,

    O thou fairest of herstorians ! Thanks for correcting my French history. It’s been awhile since I slogged through Medi-evil European History.

    Al Mansurah, Fariskur, Poitier, Crecy, Sluys, Agincourt, Nicopolis. Isn’t it amazing that the French Revolution didn’t occur centuries earlier than it did ?

  56. It distressed me to read sexist posts on this thread. Certain Oinkettes seem to be fixated on sanctum sanctorum’s breasts. Yes, he is a cutie, however, he is more than just a fine set of t & a. He is the pick of the National Council Of Religious Reactionaries to become the President of the United States of America. He is a self-made former senator, the Official Politician of Terry Schiavo, and a warm, loving person. sanctum sanctorum loves people so much that among all of the candidates, he is the only one able to tolerate nude grinch. nude snarls, spits, spews, and claws, and sanctum merely loves back.

    So, let’s get off this sexist ogling and get back to serious politics. Besides, they prolly aren’t real anyway.

  57. Groups my brother likes: : ” Proud to be an American, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Economic Freedom, Don’t Put It On Our Tab, Stop the Energy Freeze, Repeal It Now, The Patriot Ride, Reagan Bronze, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, John Boehner, American Majority, Fox News, Laura W. Bush, George W. Bush, ForAmerica, Bill O’Reilly, Tea Party Patriots, “Miss me yet?”- George W. Bush (, Glenn Beck, Human Events,, Conservative, Being Conservative, Sarah Palin”

  58. Hi Tom,
    I agree but this is just so fun to watch..Sad though for the country cause the choices for Americans are bad vs worse…

  59. Where Davos Meets Dueling Narratives on Possible Bank Deal

    by Taylor Marsh

    Van Jones and George Goehl have one version:

    Rumor has it that on Monday, after months of negotiation with big banks, the White House may announce a settlement that would let the banks off the hook for their role in the foreclosure crisis — paying a tiny fraction of what’s needed in exchange for blanket immunity from future lawsuits.

    We hope these rumors are untrue.

    President Obama has the ability to stop and change the direction of this sweetheart deal. He should reject any deal that benefits the one percent and lets the big banks get away with their crimes. Instead, the president should stand with the 99 percent and push for real accountability and a solution that will help millions of people in this country.

  60. “The Repugs are the EMBARRASSMENT of the Repug Party”

    You’re right euro..the only thing I can surmise from this is that they don’t really want to win. I think they really want Obama to win or…maybe they are testing to see if their experiment to control the minds of Americans is working. It kinda seemed to in SC…just a little. That may sound coo coo but…

    It’s a win-win situation…Obama is not that far off from what they want and having him in charge gives them plausible deniability. If they accidentally win with these turkeys…that’s OK to.

  61. Is Our Economy Healing?

    How goes the state of the union? Well, the state of the economy remains terrible. Three years after President Obama’s inauguration and two and a half years since the official end of the recession, unemployment remains painfully high.

    But there are reasons to think that we’re finally on the (slow) road to better times. And we wouldn’t be on that road if Mr. Obama had given in to Republican demands that he slash spending, or the Federal Reserve had given in to Republican demands that it tighten money.

  62. KGC… so very sorry about your 49ers… it was a hard game to watch with such horrid weather conditions.

    Jamie… the Economist (not a lefty publication) also feels pretty much the same way. They respect Romney and Huntsman… but find the rest of the GOP field from sorely lacking to downright bats.

  63. If the GOP “powers” can have romney, they’re satisfied with Win OR Lose….it’s their way either way, little more or less. But if Romney loses to any of the others then nothing will do for them than that GOP loses resoundingly. Tea Party; Pauls, et al; Roemers; All Put into their places. (of course they are very well aware of the fact, just like they were with McCain, that Romney has the old Iced Teabagger’s chance in hell of winning.)
    This is the way the world wends, this is the way the world wends, this is the way the world wends…..
    “Come, Watson! The Game is Afoot!”

  64. Sanitorum is oblivious, living in his own little world of big dreams. Newt probably does know all that but he doesn’t care, he’s just in there for the juice…..Paul just wants to get a few licks in, and maybe set up junior. Romney probably actually thinks he can win….ha ha ha…..

  65. Jamie,

    Sweetie and I have driven past the World Wide Christian Center a half dozen times since we arrived here. It looks pretty benign on the outside. I guess you can’t tell a by looking at the outside.

    I find it odd that pastor dozier can knows when his little god wants to vomit. Not since pre-classic greece have gods been so intimate with humans. Besides, he thinks willard is going to hell. Anyone with an ounce of sense can see that the Lord of the Rats brings Hell along with wherever he scurries.

  66. Isn’t it comforting to know that a little corporation that resides in a drawer in a tiny and seldom used office in the Cayman Islands can participate in our presidential election process ?

  67. I see we have a brand new look to our edit box. I presume that we are keeping up with the times…maybe even the Guardian.

  68. Most welcome, X–I had this professor in college who was a francophile; meanwhile, I have a weakness for medieval England. Between his swooning over la belle France and my love for the soap-opera lives of the Plantagenets (who were French anyway) there was a certain amount of overlap, and Lord help me, it stuck–

    Meanwhile down in Knobite Corner, through no efforts of our own, it looks as if, thanks to redistricting (and Gov. Haslam’s approval seems to be a mere formality here), we will no longer be represented in Congress by the out-of-touch Jimmy Duncan. Instead, we will be represented, in coming years, by Chuck Fleischmann–who replaced Zach Wamp and hangs as far off the right fringe as Wamp, if what I hear of him is true.

    Worse yet, Fleischmann faces a challenge from a youngster name of Weston Wamp–son of Zach.

    Out of the frying pan into the fire.

    And since Mom & I can’t afford to move to Steve Cohen’s district, I guess I better go send Haslam a few email harangues. He’s an unrepentant GOoPer but he has a soft place for East Tennesseans, so I might get a politely worded “eff off” email in return–

  69. Why doesn’t Nudie’s head explode
    he might be the biggest f—— liar on the planet

    he’s mad because Mittens called him a lobbyist –certainly true

    Nudie’s view of himself is so distorted and such a fantasy he should probably be given a guardian because it is clear he is not in touch with reality.

    And his family values — he lies about that too
    there is no outside corroboration that he is close to his daughters and grandchildren for any other purpose than this campaign. All the references to his family life are identical and come from the campaign or out of Nudie’s lying mouth.
    I believe it is all for show
    no child would want to be anywhere near him
    or her

  70. I got the flu after our family holiday gathering and have felt really “blah” ever since…no appetite, losing a few pounds, no energy, …then today I awoke and I felt great…the siege is over, I know it! I had a big breakfast with a biscuit, a couple egg whites and a little yellow cheese in an omelet, and two large mugs of java. Man am I glad the past month is over.
    Here’s some Horsey for you.,0,4265395.story

  71. Mrs. Nudie wrote a children’s book (with someone else)
    called sweet land of liberty..
    it’s about how white people love America more than other people

    It was on the NY Times best seller list because rightwing tools bought it in bulk to give out as X-mas presents

    these people have no shame

  72. Dex… glad you’re feeling better….
    it wasn’t a flu… it’s a stomach virus that some are having a hard time to shake. I had it the month of November.

    I may try to watch the debate tonight… see how long I can last before I throw up a little bit in my mouth.

  73. If the goopers don’t want the current healthcare system what are they suggesting instead

    the US spends nearly twice as much on healthcare and gets less

    Escape Fire the fight for real healthcare in America

    I saw an interview with Dr.Steven Nissen – a top doc from the Cleveland Clinic – and he was great.

  74. Makes you wonder about who pushed the hardest to make sure Eliott Spitzer could not remain in office when goopers who have done far worse (Diaper Dave) are still in office

    AMY GOODMAN: Avandia hid this.

    DR. STEVEN NISSEN: They knew—

    AMY GOODMAN: I mean, the company.

    DR. STEVEN NISSEN: The company knew, yes. The company knew.

    AMY GOODMAN: You found it by googling—


    AMY GOODMAN: —and finding a report from what? London?

    DR. STEVEN NISSEN: Well, it turns out there was a website. There’s a very interesting story here. Eliot Spitzer, when he was attorney general of New York, sued GlaxoSmithKline, the maker of Avandia, for concealing evidence that their anti-depressants were increasing the risk of suicide in children and adolescents. And rather than take a monetary settlement, the settlement of that suit was that the company had to post the results of all their clinical trials for all their drugs. And they did so at a website, that was not easy to find, in the U.K. We found it. We analyzed the data. And what we saw was frightening, to say the least. And we published it.

  75. Goopers make a mockery of Democracy and then wrap themselves in the flag.

    No matter which of them gets the nomination (except Ron Paul)
    this election is going to be about the 1% and the rest of us.
    It is increasingly clear to everyone but the Republicans that their policies only benefit the 1% and to the determent of rest of us.

    And the current bogus attempt to turn fat ass Nudie into a blue collar hero is ridiculous the man feeds at the public trough in a big way and then disparges others who would benefit from public programs

    Nudie is the biggest welfare prince of all

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