25 thoughts on “Newt the Populist? [VIDEO]”

  1. Craig, with GREAT RESPECT…You are totally missing the point. The line of attack that Gingrich (and Perry) used to beat Romney in SC…was VULTURE CAPITALISM. The ads went into SPECIFIC DETAIL about how Bain Bought Leveraged and Dismantled and sold off companies….His ads never even talked about big spending Republicans…
    I live in the same broadcast market as Greenville SC. I heard all the ads before this primary and despite the hateful bigotry of Newt’s victory speech tonight, that isn’t what won him this primary…He won because of his relentless attacks on Romney’s record at Bain which ran nonstop on AM rightwing radio, Limbaugh etc. And that was clearly the main attack line on Romney chosen by Santorum, Perry and Gingrich in the debates leading up to this primary. Why does all the media focus on the hate against President Obama and not the Taxes and ‘good versus bad capitalism’ that has come to the forefront in the debates and ads? Is it because even Liberal broadcasters on MSNBC and CNN are still mouthpieces for their corporate masters? YES!

    The Message of SC Primary is POPULISM WORKS WITH REDNECKS. That’s what won it for Newt not Race or Choice. This is the GREAT NEWS FOR DEM’S!

    This moves the Rs far towards our chosen field of play…


    We’re gonna win bigtime!

    And the Left and Right corporate mavens will not silence us!

  2. Populism always works when the have nots can stop fighting among themselves long enough to go after the guys who are screwing up the world. Of course this is why the guys screwing up the world try to encourage and perpetuate as many prejudices as possible. Mutual hatred is in their best interests.

  3. Wasn’t Solendra started and fast tracked in the Bush Admin? I think I remember that.

  4. maybe this is what I remember, From Wiki “On September 19, 2011, Media Matters reported that in a rush to cover the bankruptcy of Solyndra, many news media outlets have misrepresented or omitted key facts. Among these are the fact that the panel of career officials that remanded the project during the Bush administration is the exact same committee that then approved the loan guarantee transaction several months later after due diligence, the fact that the email stating that the loan was “not ready for prime time” was not a warning about financial risk but was in fact an email concerned with the timing of the announcement and not the merits of the loan guarantee, and the fact that while the George Kaiser Family Foundation made investments, Solyndra had “close ties to both political parties” including the conservative Walton family, which was the second largest investor and is a major donor to Republicans. [23]”

  5. I’m not sure I understand the practical difference between a populist and a demagogue.

  6. why does the tea party get a response

    what about the socialists and others

    what about OWS shouldn’t they get a response

  7. Newtie could only be a populist among people who wallow in a world of victimhood.

    oh yeah… and yahoos…. but I guess that’s redundant.

  8. Saying it seemed clear that Romney had hired a “new debate coach” who was encouraging him to be more aggressive and dishonest, Gingrich said presidential candidates have an obligation to present a “minimal level of honesty.”

    “Minimal level of honesty” is the new Republican standard.

  9. “Minimal level of honesty” is the new Republican standard.

    Do you think that is above or below Lylism where you assume people know you aren’t using any facts
    Another gooper standard

  10. Nudie is paid @25k per month to give history lessons to the fed?

    The Shrubians should be ashamed of wasting money like that

  11. In the nudie administration what role would the pizza pimp play

    Perhaps the head of the EEOC (if it would still exist)

  12. Republicans: Against the minimum wage, and for minimal honesty.

    How in the world do their candidates ever win ANY election? That doesn’t say much for our electorate, but then again, it seems there’s always been a market for those guys who sell snake oil medicine as well.

  13. cajo, wonder if the maximum level of dishonesty somehow correlates to the “Minimal level of honesty” on the truthiness continuum.

  14. It looks to me that what the media likes and promotes are Americans who go off the rails and start ranting –
    Ranters have enjoyed big popularity especially recently.

    The problem with ranters is the lack of follow-through
    Rarely do they have solutions to problems.

    We have a health care crisis in this country
    This guy, Dr. Steven Nissen should be elected president for the purpose of getting us on the road to a better health care system

    Ranters have a place I guess but most of us already know what the problems are – we need people with workable solutions

    And I include dental care in this mess. In Sonoma County young people are having teeth pulled because they cannot afford root canals — Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for condemning the poor to bad health and an early grave — talk about death commissions –

  15. cajunjoe says:
    01/24/2012 at 1:23 PM

    @KGC, Not Chief of Staff?

    let me think about that but I don’t think so because it would require the pizza pimp to subvert his own ego and I don’t think that is possible

    maybe dept of commerce -I think that’s scheduled to disappear maybe he could preside over the demise

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