56 thoughts on “Should Dems Go Negative? [Current TV]”

  1. We want a blood bath –woo damn whooooooooooooooo

    You bet your bippy they should go negative but they should let the super pacs do it

  2. Craig,
    Answer, YES!!! Fight damn it! I’m so sick of weakness from the left..Cave in and give in that’s the current motto of the left..Enough, lets stand for something even if we lose..

  3. Craig,

    No.! The dems should start taking back the high road.!! Counter every attack with a truism….for example: when the R;s says that the D;s grew government more than they did….get a ross perot like charts that shows who grew the goberment more by president ( or any chart for subject that is being discussed) for the last 30 yrs….at family gatherings….this is one of the things that doesn’t come up any more….and I won’t discuss politics any more…unless there is a lap top around…to check out what is being said…..surprisingly…this way is also turning out to be fun…and at the same time educational…..maybe the country needs a big fkn fact check computer on top of the largest building in each state……

    Spidy gal,

    Go back and check…I did invite the pinks…and what would a party be without you?…im going to check when my sons band is playing around here…so we can go and listen to him….or better yet…lets try to cheer the …Sturg …up and go watch him….Mustang Sally’sssss

  4. Only pol that will matter now, and at election time…..gas at the pump today…3.50….3.65 for regular in the city…..

  5. I’m semi on the Solar side. Fight ignorance with truth. If it sounds like negative, well too darn bad!! The difference is to do it forcibly. Enough of the sweet, gentle and understanding. Call them on the lies, and half truths. What’s more when our people wimp out to their contributors, point them out too. It’s fight back time for the progressives.

  6. Too early to go negative when the Primary candidates are doing a great job on each other.

    I mean, Gingrich is doing a FINE job on Romney and Vice Versa.

    Obama has a great opportunity to stay possitive and point out whats been accomplished and where the Congress has been obstructive….and he’s doing it.

    Let the Republicans Eat Their own for a while longer.

  7. Craig,

    Question please…what exactly do they mean (“cutting or not cutting money for..) when the talk about research and development? I think i know but never am sure….. thanks

  8. Jamie,

    I think that is the way to go…you said it better than i….sometimes a blk eye with the truth is the best way to go……

  9. Some of y’all just don’t get it. What Gingrich is doing, with his 200 TV spots vs. Romney’s 13,000 in Florida, is not reaching even 10 percent of the November voters. Right now, they see Mitt as this pleasant rich guy with a nice looking family, if that. Most probably don’t know a damn thing about him. I’m saying it’s time for a massive ad buy in battleground states defining him on popular TV shows that casual voters watch. We junkies see what Gingrich is saying and doing to Mitt but they have no clue. Dems are kidding themselves if they think Romney’s GOP foes are doing real damage for November. And I’m sorry taking the “high road” is a recipe for disaster.

    Now is the time to define him as a Wall St. insider who fired people for profit and wants to lower his own taxes for doing it. And there are ample quotes of him saying so on camera for the ads. If it’s not done NOW he will get away with making the first impression to casual voters on his own terms.

  10. Craig,

    Dear heart you find me a multi whatever zillionaire to set up a super pac or for that matter, look in your rolodex and call John Stewart and I’ll contribute. What we can’t do is sound whiney or defensive. It has to be a massive attack that everyone can see and hear. We can perpetuate it all over the social media with Twitter and Facebook. I’m currently engaged in email with a small host of the brain dead, but it has to be public and every time any network or cable channel wimps, it would require a response and that takes money. They won’t book them so we would have to buy them.

  11. Now is the time to define him as a Wall St. insider who fired people for profit and wants to lower his own taxes for doing it. And there are ample quotes of him saying so on camera for the ads. If it’s not done NOW he will get away with making the first impression to casual voters on his own terms.

    Exactly! I want another out of touch rich guy near the Oval office like i want a hole in my head! Bush was more than enough in one lifetime..Dems should really stand for something and fight now, expose Romney, define Romney..Oh and for real start governing like their Democrats instead of this faux blur the lines Republican lite BS..

  12. Craig,

    There I can agree with you if it weren’t for the fact that both parties have their bread buttered on the same side. Now Obama might consider that it is his best interest to squeal like a stuck pig, but if his contributors are the same contributors as Romney, that pig is going to end up BBQ and the rest of us are going to be fried.

    It almost has to be an outside source shaming them both.

  13. Bravo, Craig. Affordable Health Care became Obamacare; talking with your Doctor about end of life decisions became the Death Panel,etc. No need to go on.
    A memorable catch phrase, a well placed image have probably elected more Presidents than the sum total of all informed voters.

  14. FL, NC, PA, OH, IN, WI, MI, MO, : The Big 8 : the one who carries these wins in a rout.

    FL, NC, PA, OH : The Big 4 : These are the election.

    Craig’s right. An anonymous SuperPac ought to begin defining willard as a name-changing, Swiss-banking, perfume-wearing, quiche-eating, elitist, who speaks French and tricks Catholics into converting to Mormonism. willard deserves all the mercy that he showed the employees he ruined. (In fact, a few names and faces should be put on his victims for use immediately after the puguglican convention – assuming he is the nominee.)

    As soon as the numbers improve for nude grinch and sanctum sanctorum, the anonymous SuperPac should stand down until needed again.

  15. sjwny
    Welcome back..Exactly and Dems set back and allowed the likes of Sarah Palin to define things! Where the hell did Obamacare come from, well Republican’s of course…I think i will be sick if i have to ever hear the president say i take the Republican’s at their word again..

  16. Wo hoo Gleeky, broadway me. Matt Bomer of White Collar will be on Glee as Blaine’s brother. If you don’t know what that means, ignore this message. :-)

  17. Attack on all fronts and attack with all resources.

    Republicans say that the stimulus did not create any jobs. Start campaigning with the folks who got those jobs. Mitt doesn’t worry about poor people, because they have a safety net, the very net that he and his cronies want to get rid of, ram it down his throat. Have a few campaign stops in the auto plants of Detroit.Never give a speech without pointing out a Mitt flip flop. Hit him day in and day out, so that by the time he gets to Tampa even republicans wonder why they are nominating him.

    Mitt is running a vicious well orchestrated campaign not only against his opponents, but to take down a president. The doctrine of overwhelming force is the only to counter it.

  18. Amen to Jamie’s 7:02 post..and I don’t think many really get it.

    Shall the man with the smallest log in his eye throw the first stone??

  19. Solar,

    I do not drink near-beer! Unless of course it’s near seven percent alcohol, or near five o’clock. I’m shocked I tell you shocked.

    Jace 😉

  20. Jace,

    Thats the way, good post Ace……hit em hard with the truth.!

    Like all elections, this one will be decided by the independents…..they are not as ignorant as the general voters are….an early dirty attack could backfire.

    Not saying not to place Romney with his negatives…as long as there is some truth behind them…just like you pointed out…..

    Gingrich is an avid student of Hitler…and Hitler was an avid student of the Roman Senate…..they liked it when the people were ignorant of the truths….Hilter copied and did what the romans said about politics…and this is why Gingrich is such a fkn lier……they believed that if you repeat a lie often enough to the ignorant…they would believe them as truths……and let me tell you….there is some truth to that…..Gingrich tell his wopper lies with a little glimmer of light truth to them……

  21. I would love to see the democrats go negative,channel the occupy movement a little, it may be their only chance next fall.
    But for them to do so they also need to go negative against Team Obama and since they are now a wholly owned subsidiary of team Obama , I don’t look for it to happen.
    BTW Craig I don’t confuse the democratic party with the current occupant of the White House.


  22. Jace.

    There will be only two types of beers…..Budweiser or dos xxis, the dark one…don’t like the lite one…..u in or out??…and quite worrying about the time….don’t know when all the others will be ready….’Be there or be square’.!!

  23. Oh and Sheila,
    So glad to read you..I hope you come around lots with your perspective..Hope all is going well with you since you moved to Florida..Would sure love to meet you and your husband sometime..

  24. Oh solar that’s great, I don’t drink light beer of any type. I’m a creature of habit so the five o’clock thing is just ingrained.

    Damn but I wish I was closer.

  25. FL, 9.9%
    NC, 9.9%
    PA, 7.6%
    OH, 8.1%
    IN, 9%
    WI, 7.1%
    MI, 9.3%
    MO, 8 %
    Then add in
    RI , 10.4%
    CA, 11%
    Conn 8.2
    NV, 12.2%

    Not a pretty picture and remember this election is about Obama’s job not Romney.


  26. Solar
    As long as we can both drink Bud, things are OK but if things get worse we may have to switch to Milwaukee’s Best.


  27. Jack,

    Thats about how I think about it….Jobs, and the price of gas…..been great weather around here…did a little industrial floor job, for a large press…but still very slow….just making calls, and waiting for the phone to ring most times…

  28. Jack,

    Buds are for the true bud drinkers, Sturg is one also….milwaukee best…for the rest…that and some Ripple for the X. XR’s…the pinks…..price is not object..anything they want…they have goo wine at drive thrus now huh?

  29. Solar
    I talked to a couple of my neighbors that do stucco work, they are keeping busy most of the time, not buried like it used to be though.


  30. Not a pretty picture and remember this election is about Obama’s job not Romney.

    Your correct! Maybe the American people will toss Obama as he has been non-responsive to the real peeps! Oh now, the top 1% should love him..Silly Republican’s with their Obama is a socialist Kenyan nonsense..

  31. Jack,

    It has also been very competitive around here…for a 12″ industrial flooring with green rebar, high early concrete (7bag mix, high strength, that demands very quick attention, due to early drying time…for those that are listening, and don’t know)….it was so competitive that instead of normal % age of 27-30 % profits ……my workers were happy for the work also….and only the very best for this job…i was happy with 17%

  32. Want to make your money count
    By Jonathan Bernstein

    If you’re planning on making political donations this year, and you really want your money to help the cause, here’s what you should do: Instead of sinking cash into either presidential campaign, put it where it will really matter — into Congressional or state and local races.

  33. Yes, Nurse….another Bud would be quite the thing…..

    And, Yes….Ugly Nasty Carpet Bombing….Early and Often. Best defense is still a good offense. Carry it to the greedy lying bastards and give ’em hell, Harry…..

    But come to think of it, I don’t think Team Obama will need any external urging to come to that conclusion.

    Is there such a thing as a “clean” Sanchez?

  34. “But come to think of it, I don’t think Team Obama will need any external urging to come to that conclusion.”

    Axlerod was already on the hunt today….

  35. Under the “There ain’t no such thing as a free market” column

    Commodity Wars: JP Morgan Stockpiling Inventory to Influence Prices

    This move by JP Morgan to enlarge their warehouses and stockpile key commodities helps to demonstrate the growing scramble for resources which is a recurrent theme, and at the same time it shows the pernicious influence of mingling government guaranteed customer money and subsidized Federal Reserve funds with what is essentially private speculation.

    JP Morgan is a bank that was rescued by public funds, and that exists at the sufferance of the US government and their money. Some of the pampered princes of the Republic would like to turn the financial sector into a new House of Lords.

    Still, there may be a mutual interest between the government and their bankers in influencing the world’s flow of key commodities. And if a few friends become wealthy in the process, well, so much the better.

  36. you’re right, Sturgeone !

    Nuke willard, and willard will think the grinch did it. Nuke the grinch and he will think willard did it.

    This strategy was the key to dirty ditch nixon’s monster catastrophic victory in ’72.

    Just don’t burgle the Watergate, or have a ninny shoot george wallace ! Does this message need repeating ?

  37. Sorry, Sturgeone ! I didn’t mean to suggest that you might burgle or shoot. Reeeeaaaalllly sorry !!!

  38. Jamie,

    U drink bud also? gotta start hording it now……maybe we can get the Flatus to come along…we will need a fancy car to pull up to the fancy places that i have in mind…nothing like a bently to open some doors….or maybe he can lend the keys to KGC….If thats the case….Shot-Gun….

  39. The truth..that will get the Democrats no where

    It seems to me Mittens has lots of things about him that make him unappealing..and fortunately a lot of them are on tape

    Republicans are capable of telling all kinds of lies and they have lenty of enablers to spread it around.

    Although the truth about Mitt is bad enough I say it’s time Democrats adopted Lylism..a least a form of it.

    If the election is about the guy you want to have a beer with
    …doesn’t that take Mittens out of the running?

    And what about the funny underwear…do we see Mitt’s visible pantyline

    And there have been some grumblings about Mitts hand in the Olympics and how he got there…perhaps someone can swiftboat his Olympic baloney

    Savior or Self promoter

    this is a man who said working on his campaign was the same as serving in the military

  40. woooohooooooo the keys to the Bentley

    I’m in for this road trip

  41. I might do the burgle, but unlike those incompetent boobs liddy and hunt, I wouldn’t have gotten caught ! What a box of low-brow fools the plumbumers were.

    Plumbum = the mineral lead (Pb).

    As Lorca wrote,
    “Their heads are lead,
    Therefore, they cannot weep.”

    liddy’s tough guy act was merely a pose he struck to mask the fact that he is a mental and moral defective. He is the sort of sub-human that Charles Lindbergh wanted to eradicate in the cradle -and possibly did.

  42. Ms Cracker,

    Yes to all that. I am convinced that the key to an ’84 magnitude landslide will be willard’s boasts about converting Catholics. If used, this fact will shut the US Conference o’ Bishops the Fogcup. Forget about the Pope playing the anti-abortion and gay marriage cards, if oh,bummer begins to whack the rip ups with this stuff.

    From 1273 to 1973, all Catholics knew that the blob of cells didn’t become human until “the quickening” – the foetus’ first kick. Catholics can easily go back to that teaching for a few weeks to avoid the embarrassment of seeming to bless willard’s anti-Catholic deeds.

    That’s probably 10,000,000 votes right there – 1 million each in OH and PA.

  43. Solar,

    You guys can swill your dainty Belgian beer.

    I prefer the he-man stuff : Old Croak, aged in Biffies and shipped by tanker truck to Paducah, Kentucky.

  44. Sturg…Had to look back far enough to learn of your loss. My condolences. I had two “other” mothers, and their loss was nearly as painful as the loss of my own mother. Cherish your memories…as I know you will….

  45. Nude Grinch had a tough issue to avoid in FL, and it turned out to be a reeeeaaallly tough issue to avoid, as the Mainspring Mouija kept bringing up the marriage(s) issue – meaning, ADULTERY !

    To begin with, the puguglican demographic in FL is old. Reeaaallly old. Second, nature takes the average hubby to the grave years before it takes the average wife. That means there are a hell of a lot of old republican women compared to the number of old rip up men.

    As I mentioned supra the key matter in American politics today is the Grinch’s adulteries, which a typical pug ugly man like larry craig or dave vitter might consider being a point in Nudie’s favor. However, for the typical old Ripperess, having gone through what other Family Values Wives have in recent years: Mrs Larry Craig, Mrs. Schwartzeneggar, Mrs. Sanford, Mrs. Vitter, Mrs. Ryan, Mrs. Hyde, Mrs. Rod Gramm, Mrs. Grunseth, Mrs. McCain, Mrs. Gingrich 1, and Mrs. Gingrich 2, Nudie’s disgusting behavior might have been somewhat of a negative. As in, “Hell hath no fury…etc.”

    In states that are more demographically typical than Florida is, the negative feelings aroused by the former Speaker, former husband, and former husband, might be less prominent, less heated, and less hate-filled. In other words, the Nude Grinch might still win a few states.

    Just a thought.

  46. It gets down to grabbing 55% of the 30% who are Indies in FL, NC, PA, and OH.

    Total : only about 2% of the entire country.

    This is campaign victory : hold your own team together and capture this particular 2%.

    This is easier said than done, unless you have help from your opponent. Most presidential campaigns are lost rather than won. gerry ford lost it all in one incredible moment of Olympic Class stupidity. muckain was the most generous opponent I can remember, a veritable gaffe factory. If only oh,bummer had been white, he’d have romped 2 – 1.

  47. The economy responded in time for the 1972 campaign, in which Nixon played up his foreign-policy achievements. Played down was the burglary on June 17, 1972, of Democratic national headquarters in the Watergate apartment complex in Washington. The Nixon–Agnew reelection campaign cost a record $60 million and swamped the Democratic ticket headed by Sen. George McGovern of South Dakota with a plurality of 17,999,528 out of 77,718,554 votes. Only Massachusetts, with 14 electoral votes, and the District of Columbia, with 3, went for McGovern.

    Read more: Richard Milhous Nixon — Infoplease.com http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0760621.html#ixzz1lCPCLTl4

    Sixty million for a campaign? Damn the price of ‘dirty tricks’ sure has gone up! 😉

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