The Mormon Question: Fair Game?

(“The Young Turks,” Current TV, 2/1)

Cenk Uygur is joined by his Florida primary panel — Michael Shure, Ben Mankiewicz, Craig Crawford and USC professor Ange-Marie Hancock. Newt Gingrich so badly wants to ruin Mitt Romney’s chances for president that, Crawford says, “He’s opened a religious war on Romney.” Hancock says, “Romney is playing into his hands by refusing to talk about it. It reminds me of the way that Hillary Clinton didn’t want to talk about sexism on the campaign trail in 2008 — until it was too late.” Cenk calls on “half-Mormon” Mankiewicz — his mother left the church at 18 — who says, “It’s legitimate to talk about — if we talk about it in a grown-up way. The nature of this conversation is ugly and not honest.”

33 thoughts on “The Mormon Question: Fair Game?”

  1. I don’t believe this has happened to me before. woo hoo.

    Sturge, I just saw your post. My condolences, honey. The great thing about a good long life, tho, is the number of memories.

    I realize it is in cable news’ interests to portray a closer race than indicators would show, but it seems to me that Obama’s wayyyyy ahead. On everything. This isn’t going to be as close as they’re all pontificating about.

  2. You tolerate Grace everyday. Never once have you posted that you ran to a client’s tv before she could get there and turn on MSNBC just to fry her ass.

    Thanks for the lovely post..Pat, you too! I usually run the vacuum first off(so no tracking of dirt) so the TV is the last thing on my mind..I do sometimes put the bedroom tv’s on MSNBC so i can hear news while doing the master bath’s..Ha, Grace calls it the Obama channel and rolls those tea party eyes :0)

    I understand your sentiments regarding talking President Obama down but that’s not how i view it anymore..I would have pre-2008 though..Now i look at both parties as pretty much the same..Sure the Democrats on paper sound like a perfect fit for me but they don’t govern as they advertise themselves..I’m looking to give my vote to a candidate that’s worthy of it and unfortunately for me that’s not President Obama or Romney..

  3. Marsh on Obama: The Party’s Over

    by Juan

    Leader Nancy Pelosi gave Pres. Obama a pass on his Plan B decision, while Rep. Diana DeGette, a member of the so-called “Pro-Choice Caucus,” said she was “disappointed.”

    George W. Bush inspired the rise of the Tea Party, so one hoped that Barack Obama’s repeated applications of conservatism would unleash a requisite uprising on the left. However, there has been no challenge to Pres. Obama, with progressives in Congress and outside groups again and again rallying for him, while choosing to ignore his choice of conservatism over progressivism.

    Pres. Obama can’t find a reelection slogan because his 2012 campaign boils down to the reality that “hope and change” has been reduced to “Republicans are worse.”

    That’s not good enough for me anymore.

    Taylor Marsh speaks to how i feel more and more, Solar, you too..

  4. Who’s Tough Enough?

    Joe Biden is always ready to jump in as a character witness for Barack Obama.

    In the last presidential election, he offered effusive testimony that Obama was not too snooty to appeal to skeptical working-class voters.

    This time around, Biden is talking up Obama’s spine, aiming to show that all traces of Obambi are gone and that the president is pure BAM! now.

    “I just want to tell you, this guy’s got a backbone like a ramrod,” the vice president assured House Democrats last week at a retreat in Cambridge, Md.

    He repeated a line he’d heard to sum up what his party should campaign on: “Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive.”

    Now VP Joe i like 😀

  5. Craig…
    Newtie has opened a “religious war” on Obama also. IMO, all Romney has to say is along the lines of “yeah, I’m a Mormom…and proud of it… so what of it.”

    Newtie is a despicable and ugly human being and a disgrace to the Republican Party. Oh, but how they do deserve him.

  6. My eLetter Home :

    Mining Irony Ore In Florida

    We went shopping on Sunday, and one of the stores played ’60s-’70s ‘hits’ radio over their intercom. After each song the radio station bombarded us with one of Willard Romney’s fast-talking attack ads. Slick Willard called the Nude Grinch everything but a human. The ads were as mean as those oldies about Willie Horton and Swiftboats. I’m saying, they were badder than mere mean; they were Neocon Mean. Fortunately, we only heard that sludge while we were shopping. I’ll bet Slick Willie spent more than $50,000,000.00 polluting Florida’s airwaves – yet he failed to break 50%.

    Attack ads seem to be the Republicans’ way of stimulating the economy. This is how it works :

    1. Under the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” Decision, anonymous, grassroots, corporate citizens like I.G. Farben, The Saudi royal family, Los Zetas Drug Cartel, Baidu, and northKorean counterfeiters working out of Macao and Hong Kong, all dump bails of anonymous currency on the Accounts Receivable Desks down at the citizens’ SuperPac offices.
    2. The SuperPac citizens launder this anonymous money through the Republican Campaign HQ, and the Campaign HQ citizens then shovel most of the clean loot into the bank accounts of Big Advertising Agencies.
    3. Big Ad Agency citizens then concoct lurid stories, some of them possibly true, and pay local tv and radio station citizens to make the political atmosphere toxic.
    4. Next, the local tv and radio station citizens pay employee salaries and some taxes.
    5. The station employees buy groceries, and pay rent and taxes.
    6. Finally, the government turns the tax money into paychecks for public employees and aids to moms and children in poverty. In this way, what is left of the anonymous money begins to circulate among the 99.9%.

    All of this anonymous, grassroots, citizen action is made possible by Ass Justice Sam Alito’s brilliant scheme to prevent law enforcement agencies and the Election Campaign Commission from looking into which grassroots corporate citizen patriotically contributes what, and to whom. This ingenious scheme, known as The Ass Justice Sam Alito Principle of Anonymous Free Speech, trashes our Founding Fathers’ guiding principle that anonymous utterance is semper ipso facto unfree, meaning, in fact always unfree, and therefore not protected by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. All that dusty boring old Constitutional stuff is soooo yesterday, y’know.

    Anyway, if the beggers who stand on every intersection down here would only show some initative and become high-powered advertising executives, SuperPac bagmen, or start their own tv and radio stations, all of America’s economic troubles would be over !

    Nude Grinch didn’t help himself by saying he’ll put a base on the moon. He probably has a submarine base in mind. Anyway, it was blatant pandering to the Cape Kennedy crowd, who have been laid off by the tens of thousands in order to make Big Intrusive Government smaller. The Grinch promise is to make Big Intrusive Government smaller by hiring back all the laid-off Big Intrusive Government employees. Among Republicans, this is what is known as a brilliant idea. His supporters say that Nudie’s always “the smartest guy in the room”. And, when he is alone with them, he certainly is.

    Minnesota has caucuses on Feb 7. I hope that every Republican shall turn out early and often to support our beloved Bachmanniac, and that Slick Willard comes in fifth. I’d just love to see him take the Fifth.

  7. You have my profuse apologies for the bandwidth violation. I wallow in rue of it.

  8. Tony,

    From yr link:

    “Then there’s Obama’s foreign policy, which picked up where Bush left off. Pres. Obama’s “serious reservations” didn’t keep him from signing the NDAA, something any conservative Republican president would have signed. Indefinite military detention without trial is now the policy of the Obama administration, which is something Mitt Romney would also do. There is no habeas corpus at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. What is called “targeted killing” has actually increased under Pres. Obama, something Glenn Greenwald writes about regularly. As for “secret prisons,” it’s not quite as a bad as Bush, because now people are held for a “short-term transitory” basis. But Pres. Obama’s surveillance program is identical to his predecessor. Candidate Obama was against the Iraq war, but he had no trouble bombing Libya without congressional oversight or approval, even though it was not of strategic interest to the U.S. or a clear and present danger. We’ve supposedly gotten out of Iraq, but there is a 104 acre embassy, the biggest on planet earth, with support and logistics to match.”

    Here is the question: Would Bush have done the same thing? yes in my humble opinion…would Romney do the same thing…yes he would, would Gingrich…(i hate that sob) do the same…yes he would and much more…so from a one to ten….how has obama governed as a republican…i would say a nine….

    But here is the big difference as I see it…we can expect the worse from the Republicans…and would like to believe the best from the D’s….the first one pisses us off….the second one: Obama sweet talked us into the bedroom took what he wanted and kicked us to the street( this hurts a lot m ore no?)….I hate being raped …and like I said before….I cried when a minority was made potus….I was so proud… i have to wonder how much he has set us back…..he is not blk, nor white…he is all GREEDY GREEN.!

    No cold weather here….can’t send that cold wind down to u……but its coming, keep that rubber band around your pant legs….

  9. Solar,
    No cold weather, damn global warming!! Yep, 80 here and lovin it..What a great point regarding President Obama, yes that’s exactly correct i had great expectations but he’s simply Republican lite..Republican’s, i never expect anything good to come from them and probably never will but Dems i did all my life till Obama took the helm..

  10. Let’s not be unnecessarily modest.

    I was the last good thing about the rip up party.

    There’s no fanatic like the convert.

  11. Newtie is a despicable and ugly human being and a disgrace to the Republican Party. Oh, but how they do deserve him.

    Oh Renee, so true..I so enjoyed watching him get his ass beat last night..Even Grace who a few months ago called newt brilliant voted for Romney and she doesn’t like him at all..All my Republican clients aren’t to keen on Romney but they will fall in line as President Obama is really hated by them..

  12. Hey X,

    Im going to pick Tony the Baloney up friday or sat. night to join us for a cpl of beers, sometimes if we play some good music, Sturg and that whiskey dude like to join in…(wine too if any pinks are around)…what kind of beer does…Jace the Ace drink….or does he have a preference?… thinking a near-beer for him………………..long time ago in the garden of the Marines…we used to get…….got it…Old-Milwaukee…he is starting to swear around here again….i like that…maybe I will give him one or two of my buds…..ha…then watch him go….Hey maybe a party soon…later

  13. W.J. Clinton made war on Serbia, bombing Belgrade. He signed off on shooting down Iraqi planes and ‘copters. He ordered cruise missile attacks against Sudanese and Afghanistani territory. He sent the Marines to Haiti and several tontons macout were shot dead.

    Some people want to try W.J. Clinton as a war criminal.

    They are wrong.

  14. Since the ’60s, I have suspected that old mill is just 33 after it’s been strained through someone’s kidneys. Oh well, it’s your gut, and who am I to advise your innards ?

    If no one will drink a burley red wine with me, I’ll have old croak and lister water.

  15. X-R

    great report from the trail

    Mittens is the country clubbers gooper and Nudie is the a—–es gooper

    Santorum should carry around big pieces of empty luggage and ask nudie to show everyone his baggage

  16. So the Susan G Koman foundation has stopped making grants to planned parenthood because they are afraid of goopers

    feh to them and
    no more money for them

  17. Oh yeah, and thanks for including me in the festivities. Really, thank you.

    I especially like shiraz, old vine zin, cab franc, cab sauv, nebbiolo, brunello, and plavac. But bourbon, Irish, tequila, Scotch, Canadian, Blend, mezcal, and a few brandies will do.

    Btw, I don’t often go out in the evening any more. Evening are usually pretty tough for me. I shall probably have a snootful of codeine before we get together.

    Codeine and red wine. That’s the ticket. Btw, am I meeting you there, or are you riding with me ? If I’m driving, might want to wear a helmet and balloon suit.

  18. “Santorum should carry around big pieces of empty luggage and ask nudie to show everyone his baggage”

    This is a brilliant idea. I hear Nude Grinch has his baggage delivered by Mayflower.

  19. KGC

    There is a Face Book page and a Twitterverse place to slam Susan G. Komen as well as a missive from KOS. From the number of women swearing off of contributions they may be finding out rapidly that women supporting PP far outnumber the wackos who are anti-choice who just can’t seem to get the concept that choice means you can choose life but it is up to the individual not some knee jerking, brain dead zombie.

  20. Komen Move to Defund Planned Parenthood Not a Surprise

    by Taylor Marsh

    While the right was laying ground for what just happened, the left was giving ground.

    This Komen–Planned Parenthood relationship has long been a target of pro-life activists and, media bias aside, this appears to be a remarkable turning point. – Kathryn Lopez

    Kathryn Lopez is correct and the abortion rights opponents earned it. Democrats and progressives have no one to blame but themselves.

    Nothing happens suddenly on issues this large or in a vacuum. There is always a methodology to this type of madness and when you cede territory to people on a mission you rarely get it back.

    In a statement by Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood, she says she’s “shocked and saddened.” How embarrassing for her. Others write words like “creep up” to describe what has been systematic strategy utilizing tactics that the left is too squeamish to consider.

  21. xrep… I’ll drink some old vine zin or a nice shiraz with ya… notice how that Diablito didn’t invite any pinks… 👿

    KGC… I always give to Susan G. Komen every year in honor of both my mother and mother-in-law who had breast cancer. When I get that letter asking me to donate this year, I’m gonna send it back with the message of I’ll now be donating to PP instead scrawled on it.

  22. Jamie
    Thanks for the info on Susan G Koman and their anti women position.

    As for the religious nonsense – what happened to the separation of church and state who gives a crap what church anybody belongs to and the same should go for elected officials they shouldn’t care what church anyone goes to and they should NOT be pushing their religious agenda through civil authority What part of freedom of religion do these people not get –and that includes freedom from religion

    Nudie thinks he is going to be president-pope or something like that. Mittens should call him out on his allegiance to the catholic church and make him do like JFK and say he doesn’t take his orders from the pope –although it appears nudie does

  23. What is it with the Romney “tee hee” laugh. Would an honest emotion really injure these people. Oh for the days when a Harry Truman would offer to kick someone in the balls over an insult to his child.

    “Some day I hope to meet you. When that happens you’ll need a new nose, a lot of beefsteak for black eyes, and perhaps a supporter below!”

  24. The head of Koman is a former Bush administration member and I’m sure was more than happy to cave in

  25. This link
    clearly demonstrates the hypocrisy and just plain bs of the Koman Foundation move

    This would be a good time for someone to call them out publicly
    I guess there isn’t anyone left

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