Imus Blasts “Poor Mitt” [VIDEO]

Chatting with Don Imus about his coffee, Romney’s latest gaffe and my nerdy Super Bowl prediction …
(Fox Business News, WABC radio, 2/2)

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  1. I don’t particularly care for Romney but the media has gone totally overboard in their response to his poor people comment. It reminds me of how they responded when Dr. Dean did his little yeehaw to his supporters during his campaign and they made him look like he was having a psychotic break.

    Hate to admit it but I actually understood that part of what Romney was saying even though he didn’t articulate it very well. The more they go after him..the more sympathy I have for the dork.

    Why can’t the media stick to the significant issues like… why the once middle class are now dropping into the poor class. Those newly poor people haven’t had the experience they need to know how to use those safety net Romney is talking about. It takes years of experience to learn how to do that..and many might just be one millimeter above the level of poverty for when they pull out the nets.

  2. And was Imus always Republican or did that happen after he got the gig on Fox? Just curious.

  3. Do not feel sorry for Mittens. This is what happens when you run for office in America. Live by the petard..die by the petard.

    Mittens lifted all kinds of Obama remarks out of context –
    I believe The Romney Blunderbus is on a Karmic trip

  4. I don’t particularly care for Romney but the media has gone totally overboard in their response to his poor people comment. It reminds me of how they responded when Dr. Dean did his little yeehaw to his supporters during his campaign and they made him look like he was having a psychotic break.

    I agree with you! I don’t like Romney at all but when i see the media do this shit it really gets me! I sooooo remember the MSM and Hillary!! To say i have a healthy dislike for the media would be an understatement..I too understand what Romney was trying to say, don’t feel sorry for him though but still the media is shameful..I listened to MJ this morning and the Obama love from the media was flowing..Most Dem partisans here and everywhere will love it now but remember the 2008 primaries??? I do and i shall never forget..

  5. Susan G. Komen Puts Romney’s ‘Not Concerned About the Poor’ In Perfect Context

    by Taylor Marsh

    Warning if you watch the video above, you’ll need a seat belt to escape the spinning by Nancy Brinker, founder of Komen, who has disgraced herself through her decision to take a McCarthyite House investigation as gospel.

    The Democrats and progressive advocates of Planned Parenthood act as if they’ve never heard of Sun Tsu. But every battle is won before it’s waged. That’s how this entire conversation moved right to the point where Komen feels it has cover to adopt ideology over public health priorities.

  6. I’m not concerned about the rich. Translation, I’m not going to do anything about income disparity, these folks are my base.

    I’m not concerned about the poor. Translation, “the poor will be with us always” see I really am a Christian.

    What a jerk.

  7. How the GOP Is Resegregating the South
    Ari Berman

    Republicans attempt to turn this racially integrated swing state into a GOP bastion, with white Republicans in the majority and black Democrats in the minority for the next decade. “We’re having the same conversations we had forty years ago in the South, that black people can only represent black people and white people can only represent white people,” says Mansfield. “I’d hope that in 2012 we’d have grown better than that.” Before this year, for example, there were no Senate districts with a BVAP of 50 percent or higher. Now there are nine. A lawsuit filed by the NAACP and other advocacy groups calls the redistricting maps “an intentional and cynical use of race that exceeds what is required to ensure fairness to previously disenfranchised racial minority voters.”

  8. I’m not concerned about the poor. Translation, “the poor will be with us always” see I really am a Christian.

    What a jerk.

    Yep, Jace,
    You have got it! That’s the republican’s stance regarding the poor..Isn’t it the Democrats stance as well though?? I mean didn’t President Obama cut heating assistance to the poor? Wasn’t it this President that threw SS and Medicare on the chopping block to Beiner? Sorry i just don’t believe anymore that either party gives a shit about the poor..

  9. Tony,

    of course they care for the poor, once every four years.

    After all, who would they blame if not the poor? 😐

  10. Jace,
    Of course your correct..I want the Democratic party back i grew up thinking, maybe stupidly,that was for the poor and everyday working people..Oh man, glad your here..This place became my haven from the MSM during the 2008 primaries and still its my place for real information and unbiased reporting!

    I just plain lov you MR!!

  11. Tony,

    Neither party will ever be the party we grew up with.
    Money has made sure of that.

  12. Neither party will ever be the party we grew up with.
    Money has made sure of that.

    Unfortunately, truer words have never been spoken…

  13. I never planned on paying any attention to this political campaign season..I was totally burned out..disgusted.. but it’s been pretty entertaining and interesting. Such a good study in sociology and psychology and…. abnormal psychology.

    Also interesting to observe how obvious the attempts of the media to manipulate the people is… and how easily people are manipulated.

  14. So Truck Frump endorsed Willard…nice fake-out I wonder if the Nudie rumor was spread by Nudie or Truck

    If I were Willard I would have run the other way

    A lot of people consider Trump’s endorsement a reason not to vote for someone

  15. ct…Imus has always (well, at least as long as I’ve listened to him) been Republican. He thinks more than most Republicans, however, so he’s a bit more palatable. He’s become more obvious about it since signing on with Fox Lies.

  16. Imus is happier there for sure…I guess he belonged in a place like that all along, and all the camaraderie he displayed with the great reporters from NBC in the past was his phony side. He was funniest and at his best when he was bashing the Bush Iraq war policies and absolutely trashing Cheney.
    He was great with the late Tim Russert and David Gregory, and he was funny joking around with Brian Williams. Now he has his wife on the show regularly, he still has Craig, but all the Fox personalities he has on as regular guests are tiresome and boring. S.E. Cupp. Boring as hell. Imus will rip Andrea Mitchell, who gave him so much great reporting, and call her “Old hatchet Face” now, but he’ll kiss Mary Matalin’s ass and hardly ever have her husband on the show anymore.
    He had Jim Miklaszewski and Richard Engel reporting…and he keeps telling us he now has a better show, when all he can do is tell us how much he loves Neil Cavuto so much?
    No. His show was much better for the viewers when he was unable to breathe the stale air in the Queens studios of WFAN while hooked up to the Secaucus studios of msnbc. Then he didn’t like the move to Secaucus.
    Then he got fired and all that, then he hired Karrith Foster who painfully tried to entertain us with the worst, un-funny crap imaginable. At least Imus admits that much. Well, he is long gone from RFD Network (they couldn’t pay him) and he’s happy as a hog in slop there in NYC, doing half-shows while Connel, Dagen, and Diane carry his water blabbing business news half the morning. Thank god he still has Rob and Tony and guests like Craig. At least there’s that.

  17. Old don is one of those folks who believes that one must have a job and keep working above all else. the job he has now entails a lot of (too much of) fox business which has very limited appeal for me and I watch much less than I used to…. (I figure at this point he’s trying to hang on until Wyatt can take over.)
    The last DJ. That’s the good part. Still working.

  18. Ha ha……speaking of old don, he put his doggie in a manhattan doggie hotel for 3 days…..little bit later a lady about 20 blocks from the doggie hotel calls up and tells imus she has his dog….(name and number on collar) Imus calls up doggie hotel and asks if his dog is there and doing ok….says the doggie hotel cops an attitude…..jesus, I’d hate to be that doggie hotel….

  19. sturge, he said he paid $1000 (for keeping the dog 3 days) to that fancy kennel that let the dog run out the door the 1st day and didn’t even let him know it was gone/lost. guess he would have to pay another thou for that info.

  20. Romney Criticizes Afghan Pullout Plan, but Obama Is Eager for the Debate

    WASHINGTON — It did not take long for Mitt Romney to pounce on Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta’s statement Wednesday that American troops could end their combat role in Afghanistan by mid-2013, 18 months sooner than expected. Within hours, Mr. Romney lambasted it as “naïve” and “misguided.”

    Notes from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and other areas of conflict in the post-9/11 era. Go to the Blog »

    U.S. to End Combat Role in Afghanistan as Early as Next Year, Panetta Says (February 2, 2012)

    But President Obama, far from disavowing the Pentagon chief, seems eager to debate his Republican critics about a withdrawal timetable that his advisers contend is strategically sound, and which also happens to be politically popular. The White House said that Mr. Panetta’s remarks reflected the president’s resolve, supported by his experience in Iraq, not to wage a “war without end” in Afghanistan.

  21. Romney Isn’t Concerned

    First of all, just a few days ago, Mr. Romney was denying that the very programs he now says take care of the poor actually provide any significant help. On Jan. 22, he asserted that safety-net programs — yes, he specifically used that term — have “massive overhead,” and that because of the cost of a huge bureaucracy “very little of the money that’s actually needed by those that really need help, those that can’t care for themselves, actually reaches them.”

    This claim, like much of what Mr. Romney says, was completely false: U.S. poverty programs have nothing like as much bureaucracy and overhead as, say, private health insurance companies. As the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has documented, between 90 percent and 99 percent of the dollars allocated to safety-net programs do, in fact, reach the beneficiaries. But the dishonesty of his initial claim aside, how could a candidate declare that safety-net programs do no good and declare only 10 days later that those programs take such good care of the poor that he feels no concern for their welfare?

  22. Romney’s problem is not that he is rich… it’s that he doesn’t connect well personally… he’s not one of the warm and fuzzy ones. You don’t think “god, I’d love to go to dinner with him not only to share a meal, but to share in an interesting conversation also”. I think conversations with him would be awkward.

    Everyone I know with this unfortunate personality trait seems to have been born that way. He can be coached to debate better. He can be coached to campaign better. But he will never be able to be coached to make other people feel comfortable around him on a personal level.
    Whether that means people won’t be inclined to vote for him, we’ll just have to wait and see.

    oh yeah…. GO PATRIOTS!


    Exactly..I have two uncles like that! A few drinks warm them up a bit..The only time i ever saw emotion from those two was when i was taking care of the ladies(their sister and mother)..I remember my uncle Bob saying to me “here it is 10pm and your still running for them and I’ve been visiting and couldn’t even give you a break”!! A tear was streaming down his face..Man, it was at that moment that i realized things must be really bad..Oh yes and their both right wingers..Funny how their mothers and sisters were complete liberals..

  24. renee and tony, his kids say he’s funny and jokes around at home. maybe he’s like gore who also is very witty in private but wooden in public.

  25. Pat,
    Yep, your right about Gore..Oh wow, the media will have a field day with Romney then..I remember Al Gore would win those debates with Bush and all the media cared about was who would you want to have a beer with..Funny though cause likability is important..I love President Clinton because of his job as president but also because i like and respect him..I think about the current president that personally i don’t like and wonder am i tougher on him because i don’t like him? Probably because likability makes one a little more forgiving..I guess chalk it up to being human..


    I have to cede the point as CT wrote. I hate to give ANY positive spin on ANYTHING Mitt Romney says, but if you read the complete quote, the comment “I’m not concerned about the very poor” is taken out of context. However, I think Romney doesn’t have a CLUE about being poor in America. How can the rich even conceive of how it is to live and struggle with virtually NOTHING?

  27. Richard Marx is a great musician. He’s also a very funny man. Today’s tweet:

    richardmarx Richard Marx
    I wonder if Romney’s staff now watches him do an interview as if he’s on a building ledge 78 stories up.

  28. Hi Tom,
    I agree! Man, i wish Mitt Romney or for that matter President Obama had to spend a week in Daytona Beach at Ridgewood an Mason ave..I have been helping my friend and client, who’s 80 with her motel business their every Tuesday..Oh man, what i see and hear, so sad..Most don’t have teeth and hope for work from the day labor hall..Drugs and Alcohol are everywhere..Its no wonder Deborah(Roses daughter) committed suicide trying to run that business..Very depressing..

  29. “Is There a ‘Quick Fix’ for Partisanship?”

    Joyce L. Arnold: Liberal, lesbian, Independent, equality activist, writer.

    Of course, you can say the same thing for “third party” efforts in general. The total number of votes cast for an “alternative ticket” will be interesting to know. Naturally the message isn’t as strong – because the challenge isn’t as great – if those votes are split in multiple ways. But none of these non-Two Party votes are “wasted,” not from my perspective. They are a challenge to the Two Party Front for the Oligarchy, and a rejection of the “wasted vote,” “you have no other choice,” “this is just the way things work” arguments that help perpetuate the system.

  30. Rocky Terrain: Obama’s Electoral College Map Grows Steeper
    By Ronald Brownstein

    The Gallup state-by-state average approval numbers for 2011 released this week don’t necessarily predict where President Obama will finish on Election Day, but they do measure the hill he must climb to win re-election.

    The most important number in presidential elections, of course, is 270 – the number of Electoral College votes it takes to win. The best way to examine the Gallup numbers is to measure them against that yardstick.

  31. The Problem That the Buffett Rule Won’t Fix: Michael Kinsley
    By Michael Kinsley

    The Buffett Rule would just paper over mistakes in our tax system that ought to be fixed. Let’s be clear: The reason that many millionaires pay so little income tax is that Republicans in the White House and the Congress wanted it that way. The last major tax reform, in 1986, equalized the tax rate on all forms of income: working wages, capital gains and dividends. This had the support of President Ronald Reagan and most Republican members of Congress.

  32. Ann Coulter To Mitt Romney: “You Owe Me”
    The daily caller

    “Did I tell you I met him at a fundraiser?” Ann Coulter said to Sean Hannity on his nationally syndicated radio program. “I went up to him. I was about to leave. But I said — I just wanted to go up to him and tell him, ‘You owe me and you better be as right-wing a president as I’m telling everybody you’re going to be.’”

  33. Romney On “Poor” Comment: “I Misspoke”
    by RCP

    “I misspoke. I wish I wouldn’t have said it that way. I made the same thought part of my speeches over the last year or two which is that I’m really concerned about middle income Americans. I want to help middle income Americans. I want to get people out of poverty, into the middle income category,” Mitt Romney told Sean Hannity tonight. VIDEO

  34. The Koman people suck big time and they are liars

    The investigation of Planned Parenthood is bogus from an anti-woman loser congressMAN from FLA

    The correct response to this is for Democrats to open an investigation of Koman foundation for political activity.
    Nancy Brinker should go away in disgrace for allowing this to happen

    I guess when you are a gooper you just can’t help yourself from being a prick no matter what your sex is

  35. KGC is reporting that the Koman people have caved and are reversing the decision to not fund Planned Parenthood. Power to the People!

  36. Dr. Dooty
    Thanks but not enough now. All the people involved in the conspiracy to dump Planned Parenthood need to be fired

    And the Democrats need to give them a taste of their own medicine — open an investigation and then write to all their big funders and tell them to hold off

    This is a bunch of crap and it is just the kind of thing the goopers think they can say “My bad” and let it pass

    Well no not this time — screw ’em a bunch of rich women who think they can trample on the rights of others and still be the queens of the hill for their work on breast cancer
    by the way –like a lot of other things – breast cnacer research should be the responsibility of the government and not the half-assed work of political not so good doers

    Kind of like the wealthy asswipe who fund the wounded warriors
    they get to spend their tax dollars any way they want
    The same people who don’t want to pay their fair share and want all the tax protection and then want to look good in public

    Pay your fair share and let the government do its job for all the people not just the agenda of the rich

    I say let them fold — I will NEVER give another dime to anyone who participate in anything pink for breast cancer
    they are not trustworthy

  37. Nancy Brinker is from the Brinker International Restaurants They own Chilis and Macaroni Grill On the Border Mexican Foods we at Casa Dooty are boycotting.

  38. Dooty,
    Thanks for the info!

    I agree, not one more dime from me either..Well, i only gave $20 in a mailer to them last year but still if enough people remain pissed off it could make others stand up and take notice..

  39. Economic News Buoys Obama, as Israel & Iran Chatter Grows

    by Taylor Marsh

    “This is fantastic news. Besides the people impacted by the turn in the economy, Obama reelect gets a boost too.

    “What’s not to like about the report?” said Andrew Wilkinson, chief economic strategist at Miller Tabak in New York. “Not only did payrolls exceed forecasts…but between the November and December revisions employers added 160,000 more jobs than first thought.” – CNBC

    I’d like to just offer one note of caution as 2012 election season starts to be seen only through the jobs and unemployment numbers. This is understandable, but as we learned on the run-up to George W. Bush’s reelection in 2004, when Osama bin Laden popped up in a video, what is suspected to be the issue, Bush-Cheney’s screw-up on Iraq, didn’t turn out to do him in. Obama gave the order for a daring SEAL Team Six mission to take out Osama, for which he doesn’t get enough credit, but there other foreign policy areas where he is less surefooted.”

  40. I like that they got of taste of what it means to piss of women who aren’t rich bitch, god besotted do gooders who like taking bows while screwing over their less financially blessed sisters.

  41. Plead guilty to intemperate language in previous post. Just got back from paying $9.00 for a chicken that cost me $3.50 a couple of months ago. This on top of co-pay on Insurance going up $15 per visit. Not in a really good mood.

  42. Maybe we should try this type of action a little more often. Loved the quote I saw: Komen felt the heat and saw the light.


    I don’t blame you and i feel the same way..Prices on everyday things are out of control..The lean ground beef i buy at Publix is up over a $1 a pound in just a few months..Gas here is up to $3.70 so i fear its going to get much worse..Scary really..Yet in 5 years I’ve never raised my cleaning fees..I know, i should but i hate too..To me having cleaners is a luxury so i don’t want to push my luck..Plus everyone else is experiencing the same thing..

  44. according to taegan’s political wire goper congress critter gingrey walked out of national prayer breakfast because prez in his address to them referring to taxing the rich said:

    “I actually think that is going to make economic sense, but for me as a Christian, it also coincides with Jesus’s teaching that ‘for unto whom much is given, much shall be required.'”

  45. gingrey said it “was an injection of political rhetoric into an occasion of non-partisan reflection”
    no doubt meaning he didn’t like prez telling people he is a christian and reads the bible. or maybe gopers now consider jesus quotes “political rhetoric”

  46. There was an interview that discussed the 19th century Calvinistic view that those whom God loves, he blesses that has now taken the form of “God wants you to be rich” preachings. All of this is a perversion of the teachings of Jesus, but what it comes down to is that the politically wealthy assume that the poor are there because they are somehow lacking in faith.

    Also, in Aramaic linguistics have finally come up with a solution to that the “Camel through the eye of the needle” business. It seems that “Camel” and “Rope” are closely linked and just as a rope can’t go through the eye of a needle so a Camel can’t go through a narrow gate. Who knew Jesus liked puns?

    Either way, we are back to “From those to whom much is given, much is expected” or Nobelesse oblige or if you are wealthy, cough it up for the rest of humanity.

  47. Something pleasant to mull over for the weekend: The Oscars. Just delete those you don’t want and post the choices and I’ll keep track of the entries.

    Here are your choices:


    Best picture?

    “The Artist”
    “The Descendants”
    “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”
    “The Help”
    “Midnight in Paris”
    “The Tree of Life”
    “War Horse”

    Best actor?

    Demián Bichir in “A Better Life”
    George Clooney in “The Descendants”
    Jean Dujardin in “The Artist”
    Gary Oldman in “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”
    Brad Pitt in “Moneyball”

    Best actress?

    Glenn Close in “Albert Nobbs”
    Viola Davis in “The Help”
    Rooney Mara in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”
    Meryl Streep in “The Iron Lady”
    Michelle Williams in “My Week with Marilyn”

    Best supporting actor?

    Kenneth Branagh in “My Week with Marilyn”
    Jonah Hill in “Moneyball”
    Nick Nolte in “Warrior”
    Christopher Plummer in “Beginners”
    Max von Sydow in “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”

    Best supporting actress?

    Bérénice Bejo in “The Artist”
    Jessica Chastain in “The Help”
    Melissa McCarthy in “Bridesmaids”
    Janet McTeer in “Albert Nobbs”
    Octavia Spencer in “The Help”

    Best director?

    Woody Allen, “Midnight in Paris”
    Michel Hazanavicius, “The Artist”
    Terrence Malick, “The Tree of Life”
    Alexander Payne, “The Descendants”
    Martin Scorsese, “Hugo”

  48. love to see a speaker quote matt 6:5 at one of those national prayer breakfasts. wonder how big the walkout would be.

    And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

  49. jamie, here’s a blind ignorant guess that they’ll mostly go along the nostalgia angle

    Best picture?
    “The Artist”

    Best actor?
    George Clooney in “The Descendants”

    Best actress?
    Meryl Streep in “The Iron Lady”

    Best supporting actor?
    Max von Sydow in “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”

    Best supporting actress?
    Octavia Spencer in “The Help”

    Best director?
    Martin Scorsese, “Hugo”

  50. Movie: Descendants
    Guy: Oldman
    Gal(s): Davis & Mara
    guy: Plummer
    gal: Spencer
    Diretor: Payne

  51. 1. Did willard give 15% of the HUNDREDS OF M!LL!ONs in Capital Gains he made by firing Americans and shipping the jobs to the commies, or did he just give 15% on the chump change ($375k) of his income ? The difference is a magnitude of a thousand +/-.

    2. My invention of a SuperPac, Christians for a Christian Christianity was meant to suggest hammering a durable wedge between the fundament-mentalists, and the heterodox romney.

    It was not intended to indicate that I support fundament-mentality Christianity. In fact, I don’t support normative Christianity either.

    3. Romnesia : A form of Alzheimer’s disease, characterized by saying that “the poor” are cared for by a “safety net”, only hours after saying “the safety net is worthless.”

    4. As I have posted here many times already, most poor people are women and children. The women are mostly either single moms or aged.

    5. Most people who do “safety net” work seem to squeeze $1.25 out of every buck. I support and salute them.

    6. Where the “safety net” doesn’t work, it is often because some crooked pol decides to save the taxpayers money, by having police round up poor people up arpaio-style, and ship them off to another town or state. Or, it doesn’t work because “safety net” resources are redirected to aid well-to-do folks. For instance, using CDBG Block Grant $$$ to pave a road to the yacht club in St. Joseph, MI, as happened in the late ’90s, or the building of some skyways in downtown St. Paul, MN, as happened in the mid-’70s, etc, etc, etc. Most often the “safety net” doesn’t work because people who love money and hate women and children cut the funding.

  52. Correction on the assertion that Moses and Jesus were Jewish :

    They’re still Jewish.

  53. Dr Dooty says:
    02/03/2012 at 11:50 AM

    Nancy Brinker is from the Brinker International Restaurants They own Chilis and Macaroni Grill On the Border Mexican Foods we at Casa Dooty are boycotting.

    Thanks for posting this…

    Here’s what I think about the capitulation. Koman caved because they can’t stand the heat of a close examination.
    The fact that their executive staff and board sees the Foundation as their expensive playground and very little of the money raised goes to actual breast cancer research

    They should go down.

  54. KGC

    Are you saying that the group that cut off PP because they were under investigation could not withstand an actual investigation?

    Got to love it. Too many of these “private” charities exist to pay the friends and relatives.

  55. And this ladies and gentlemen this is why government not noblesse oblige should be involved in social welfare issues

    I never really thought we were engaged in class warfare but now I see the rich are trying to kill the rest of us. It may be a matter of unintended consequences but the result is still the same.

  56. You guys know who Martin Garbus is, right? Imus is hiring him to sue that Midtown doggie hotel.
    I can just see Garbus putting everything on hold to sue a kennel operator. Get a grip, Imus.

  57. but, dex, think of the good pr, freebie advertizing, well-wishers patting you on the back at the club, one’s legacy as a protector of animals and not as an ambulance chaser or wall street toady (neither of which is mr garbus). money is not everything. principle, man.

  58. “I never really thought we were engaged in class warfare but now I see the rich are trying to kill the rest of us. It may be a matter of unintended consequences but the result is still the same.”

    KGC…I think you’re correct and I do think it is an unintended consequence. The experienced poor will survive..they know how to use the safety nets. The newly poor may not have been assigned one yet..or don’t have a clue how to use it if it’s there. They are the most vulnerable.

    The unintended consequence is they are reducing the number of those of us who actually pay the bills. Not a good plan.

  59. One thing this Haidt guy says is that conservatives feel like there should be consequences that fall on bad behavior..I agree. The only problem is that they think that those consequences should only fall on the poor..they step on or over the line and they get smacked down hard. When the rich are responsible for that bad behavior..they get a raise and a bonus.

  60. One thing this guy said that I found particularly amusing is…

    “that reasoning and Google can take you anywhere you want to go”

    he’s talking about the confirmation bias..if you have an idea or matter how nutty it might be..just type it into Google and they will pop up with the support you need to confirm it. Don’t ya just love that.

  61. CT

    There are big giant holes in the safety net.
    My neighbor was kicked out of Kaiser senior care because suddenly — after being a Kaiser Medicare patient for 18 years
    (medi-CAl supplement) they suddenly decided her income of
    12,000 was too much money. They offered no help to her just that she was kicked out —

    The Med-Cal office told her it was a Kaiser decision but they denied it. This is an 84 year old person – completely abandoned by the safety net.

    There is no safety net
    After three months –THREE MONTHS of regular phoning we finally got someone to tell us the real story
    She was $7 a month over the amount needed to get her back in…they told us the solution for her to buy an insurance policy for either vision or dental and that would bring her costs back in line. So now she has a worthless dental insurance policy and is back at Kaiser
    But not because anyone in any safety net helped her but because she was lucky enough to have neighbors she felt comfortable in confiding her story. And because I am a big enough a—— to continue to call the same person over and over and over until I get the straight answer

  62. KGC,

    If you are old and poor you have two strikes against you.
    Not only is the safety net more or less non existent, but nobody will advocate on your behalf.
    In most respects America is not a good country in which to be old.

  63. You’re singing to the choir here K. You have to be career poor to know how get and know how to use the nets. By “career poor”..I’m referring to people who have come from generations of poor. They are the survivors.

    It takes generations of poverty to learn how to use the nets. Many are actually quite capable of crawling out of that category but why should they?? They are not dumb.. but to crawl out they have to give up the nets and then have to be willing to do without for too long. Then they have to get above that hole you’re talking about. It’s a big hole and it may not be possible for many to get up above it so why try.

  64. I am still enraged over this.
    And to this day neither of the institutions involved will man up and take responsibility for the change in policy.
    I think Kaiser stinks – this woman has been a patient there for a long time and is old. They knew her leaving wasn’t voluntary and their solution was to send solicitations for their senior advantage program — which she could not afford.
    Either the monthly amount or the co-pays. No one ever called her or reached out to help. Allegedly they have a fund to help people in her situation but how mould she have known since no one bothered to ask her what she was thinking about her future medical care. Basically I think they are guilty of patient dumping the old and the poor. This is a little more subtle then when they literally dumped people in LA

    As for the Medi-Cal people. pathetic. After calling regularly for months – I finally got an adult who was able to explain what as going on and how to find some solutions.

    Once we found the solution we had to follow up every step of the way to make sure it did not get screwed up.

    I would have said find other medical care – but it is almost impossible to find doctors who are taking medicare patients.

    I hate the American medical system and the only people who think it is a good idea are making money or getting money from it.

  65. KGC,
    Your experience is all too common. Only the most determined and savvy person can get through the maze.
    Most people just don’t know how or give up. Insurers count on that.

  66. The only people who truly made out are Delta Dental – for her worthless dental policy that allowed her to qualify for Kaiser

    what a pile of poop She was advised to buy the policy to qualify – but because she does receive mediCal although they don’t provide dental ANYMORE her dentist has a sliding scale and she pays less there then she would if she used any of the Delta dentists – all of which would have involved a 45 min drive.

    Or she could have purchased a vision plan – except vision is already covered in her kaiser plan

    So she threw away money

    This is the plan the goopers think is the bees knees and must be saved at all costs.

    Important always to remember that Eric Cantors wife works for the insurance industry

  67. “Important always to remember that Eric Cantors wife works for the insurance industry”

    So that’s why Can’tor always has that shit eating grin
    all over his face. Nice teeth though. 😉

  68. Seems like a wife or relative is always working for some entity that is capitalizing on the decisions of these politicians. It’s a racket!

  69. And it will continue as long as we aren’t willing to listen to these fringe politicians who say something has to change! Cuz they can’t get elected.

  70. KGC,

    I know why we’re not surprised, what I can’t figure out is why people are not outraged? 😕

  71. Picture: The Artist

    Actor: Jean Duardin

    Actress: Meryl Streep (I have not seen Albert Nobbs)

    Supporting Actress: Jessica Chastain

    Director: Martin Scorsese

    Note: My favorite movie of the year was Win Win!

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