Hypocrisy for All

Republicans busily raising fortunes for SuperPacs now calling President Obama a hypocrite for joining the game are as hypocritical as might be.

Obama was right to bash the Republican-dominated Supreme Court for opening this spigot, but failing to respond in kind to the half billion dollars or more that GOP SuperPacs plan to spend against him would be political malpractice.

Of course, the Obama team is making a calculation that, sadly, voters don’t pay attention to this stuff. The fact that Romney’s SuperPac raised $25 million from only 90 contributors ought to be a flash point for the public to finally realize that our Democracy has officially been incorporated.

Unfortunately, Obama’s decision to green light similar giving for his side prevents him from raising a red flag against this despicable practice.

Why Obama’s Super PAC Decision Is The Best Way To Fight Citizens United
(Think Progress)

55 thoughts on “Hypocrisy for All”

  1. wooohoooo and CNN needs to dump Ari Fleshier he sucks
    he’s a male Mary Matalin he spews the gooper line even in the face of overwhelming evidence

    This is the kind of thing Republicans are famous for

    “do as I say..not as I do”

    And the Koch brothers just had a little party to raise another gazillion dollars to lie about Democrats
    Boner’s an idiot and Obamarama ought ram this nonsense down this throat.

    The goopers and their enablers are going to spend a lot of money some of it from secret donors. You can be for a change in the rules and still have to play by the rules
    Boner is an for real idiot if he thinks anyone is going to buy into this crap

  2. This is one time that Obama need not apologize.

    This is absolutely the correct decision.

    He did not make these rules, but he is damn well entitled to play by them.

    This is so like the right wing, one set of rules for them,another for everyone else. Sound familiar? 😕

  3. If Obama were to try the high road
    the idiot media would label him a wimp

    I wonder of Obamarama is ready for Mittens (or Nudie)
    They both make McCain look like a statesman

  4. http://www.republicreport.org/2012/obama-executive-order-superpa/

    “…President Obama himself suggested that he has no option but to enable super PAC spending in an interview with Matt Lauer..”

    “The truth is that the president has a lot of power to change things. He could quite easily issue an executive order forcing the disclosure of political spending by government contractors — a proposal that’s been sitting around somewhere in the White House since early last year. That order would negate some of the unfortunate side effects of our current campaign finance system — and it would be an important sign from the president that he’s willing to back up reforms with more than his words.”

    More of the same old s— from the O man!

  5. You go into an election with the set of rules you have at the time, not the rules you might wish or want to have at some later time…..

    Republicans should understand this.

  6. Nudie just claimed the wright bros spent $500 to the US Govt 50k in the race for flight

    why didn’t his head explode
    he spews crap like this and no one says anything
    he is a big and I do mean big fat and I do mean fat liar
    and I do mean someone who does not even have a passing relationship with the truth

    And calling himself a historian after making this bogus claim to boost his even dumber moon colony idea
    what an embarrassment Lylism at finest

  7. You can fool some of the people some of the time and that’s usually good enough.

  8. You can fool some of the people some of the time and that’s usually good enough


  9. Yeah, but when has Obama ever pushed for limiting corporate campaign contributions?

    That is my problem. We truly are becoming a nation of the money, by the money, and for the money. I haven’t seen team Obama doing any different than the rest of them.
    Remember he wasn’t going to raise the billion with $100 donations.


  10. In a system that holds major elections every 2 years,
    self preservation is a legitimate political aim.

  11. It is understandable that the President will have to use every legal financing he can for the campaign, but he should couple that with a demand to Congress to pass a law that alters Citizens United and requires full disclosure from all contributors and corporate identities.

    We may not be able to eliminate all the bribery, but at least we will know who is financing the crooked dealing.

  12. Not in my book Jace.

    That is why I’m likely to vote for none of the above several times in November


  13. Ya know, It has been two years since Citizen United. I think by now The term to use is “Should have proposed” not “should propose” Doing it as part of your campaign for reelection kinda makes ya look more than a bit insincere. Especially when you haven’t given it more than a little lip service for 2 years.


  14. Jack,

    You are probably right, but I’m not looking for republicans to make any changes that will mitigate Citizens United. I don’t hold out much hope for democrats, but they at least make the right noises.
    Unlike the republicans who just hold out their hands, and shout ‘show me the money’.

  15. We may not be able to eliminate all the bribery, but at least we will know who is financing the crooked dealing

    There is no reason that the donation made yesterday can’t be listed on a public website today. Quarterly/monthly reporting is pure BS in this modern age.
    Each Corp should be required to list their corporate officers, boardmembers, and those of their major share holders too.
    It is simple easy to do and the only reason not too is if you want to hide the fact.


  16. Oh darn, I forgot. I had a chance to go cast a meaningless vote for president today. oh well to late now.


  17. The Libertarians now have 151 people ,who came to the polls. How much higher can they get?

  18. Obama is in second, with 25000 but Mitt is closing in on him with 23000. Obama could fall to third place.
    Ricky baby is still kicking ass with 48000

  19. “I wonder of Obamarama is ready for Mittens (or Nudie)
    They both make McCain look like a statesman” – KGC @ 7:40 pm

    Or, Sanctum Sanctorum. HAHAHA. The mainspring Mouija call Sanctum the big winner in MO, and it looks like he upset willard in MN, too. Maybe CO, also ! I seem to have gotten the answer to my prayers. willard now has a serious contest on his hands. This might take some pressure off of the nude grinch and the wrong pol, too.

  20. Interesting PPP poll results:

    The Obama administration’s controversial decision to require religiously affiliated institutions like universities and medical centers to provide workers with health insurance that covers prescription birth control without a co-pay appears to have support from a majority of voters, according to a new poll by Public Policy Polling.

    “..56 percent of all those polled supported the administration’s decision while 37 percent opposed it”

    “Even a majority of Catholics appeared to support the Obama administration decision though by a narrower margin, 53 percent to 45 percent.”

    And because of Romney’s position on the subject…”Forty six percent of Catholics said they would be less likely to support Romney versus 28 percent who said they would be more likely and 23 percent said it would make no difference.”

    And wasn’t Obama ready to back off on his position?? What a weenie.


  21. Santorum is doing very well on CO. Only a small percentage reporting. Is Colorado Springs the only place that is counting votes? Focus on the Family should be very happy.

  22. Well Obama has fallen to third place behind the Ricky boy and the Mittster.

    The libertarians have got 319 voters to the polls so far.


  23. More of the same old s— from the O man!

    Exactly! I say it all the time, Mr Hope and Change is a bust!!!

    That is why I’m likely to vote for none of the above several times in November

    I’m with you! Obama hasn’t been a change agent so far and has further entrenched us in the same ole same ole..From Insurance to Defense spending and now he’s for more money involvement in politics..Tell me hows he’s different than your run of the mill Republican?? Oh i know, his rhetoric sounds much different than those mean old Republican’s..Ah but his actions???

  24. Before this evening the delegate count was,

    1. willard 70*
    2. nude grinch 23
    3. Sanctum Sanctorum 11
    4. wrong pol 3

    *50 delegates = 71.428% of his total from the horrible wiener take all FL Primary

  25. Before this evening, the number of states won were,

    1. willard – 2
    2. tie Sanctum Sanctorum and the nude grinch

    Tonight, Sanctum Sanctorum will shoot into at least a tie, and possibly the lead, in this category, which is important for propaganda purposes only.

  26. Ya, and he whines, “The other kids are all doing it ! I had to do it too, or I wouldn’t like everyone else !”

    Obviously, he is not the master of his own destiny. He’s a timid follower, not a brave leader like Ass Justice sammy “The Bucks Stop Nowhere” alito.

  27. Well Tony..it looks like some of us aren’t “some of the people”. We ain’t no fools.

  28. For me, the amazing and amusing thing about this evening is that in both MO and MN, willard has been utterly crushed. Sanctum Santorum could finish the night leading in the delegate count.

    I mean, Cheese in Crates, boys and girls, this is a major whomping !

  29. I’m on a island vacation…the river runneth over the roadeth and I can’t escape. I’m trapped like a nutra rat at my camp. Plenty of food but a little short on toilet paper. No corn cobs but plenty of paper towels.

  30. What a difference 4 years make. In 2008 Hillary got more votes than all the candidate combined so far tonight.

    Tonight’s running total from Missouri

    2008 vote totals

    If you look at the two you will notice a bit of a enthusiasm shift
    Hell, the libertarians got 1000 people to the polls in 2008

    Tonight, so far the Libertarians have gotten 438 people to the polls.


  31. xrep just remember that the MO election is a fantasy election the real one is sometime in March.
    I do agree with you about Santorum.


  32. The thing that catches my attention tonight is just how little Missouri gives a damn about this election compared to 2008. It is like an election for dog catcher


  33. Kansas city and St Louis vote is starting to come in, Obama moves back into second place ahead of the mittster

    Libertarians are still 438


  34. Neatest of all is the probability that the rippers will split. That would give the Dems an opportunity to split, too.

    Imagine a 5 way race in Nov :

    1. willard representing the ripper Party (neocon, BIG OIL & Wall Street factions),
    2. Sanctum Sanctorum representing the Jesus Party
    3. wrong pol representing the anti-abortion, anti- gay marriage, pro-methamphetamine, and guns in church ‘libertarian’ Party
    4. oh,bummer representing the goldamn sacks/Captive Black Folks Party
    5. Elijah Cummings representing the Liberal, Progressive, Environmentalist, Energy Independence, & Levellers Coalition.

    Dam’ that would be exciting !

  35. Jack,

    Ya, that drop in numbers has been evident in all the contests so far. And yet the ripper lie machine pumps out bilge that their base is reeeaallly energized this time around.

    The ripper base is dying off at a fast pace, and there aren’t enough Wall Street manipulators, pimps, gun runners, paranoid schizos, B!LL!ONA!RE oil men, Islamophobiacs, and coke smugglers to make the rippers competetive.

  36. Xrep
    I would love that better than a brokered convention.
    Something to tell the grand children.

    On that I’m going to bed,
    Night all

  37. CT,

    I’m sorry to hear that your tp supply is low. I hope that the water subsides soon.

    Btw, the vile koch bros own georgia pacific, maker of northern brand butt wipe and brawny paper towels.

    I’m boycotting all koch brothers products, including the cato institute propaganda.

  38. Hot damn somebody stuffed the ballot box.

    Libertarians jumped to 505

    with that good news I am out of here.


  39. wrong pol is leading in Koochiching County, the home of Rocket J. Squirrel, and Bullwinkle T. Moose.

  40. XR,
    I hope you are right, sooner or later these rich old white men gonna’ die off. Preferably sooner.

  41. Still, it was sad to see Obama and crew making the grab for superpac dough. Sickening, actually. Remember in 2007 when Hillary’s $20 million war chest was thought to be unsurmountable in her quest for the nomination?

    That was just such short time ago. $20 mil is chump change now.

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