GOP Buyer’s Remorse

It was such a bad night for Mitt Romney that getting glitter bombed again was the best part. Rick Santorum humiliated the supposed frontrunner in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri. Every time Romney starts winning, voters rebel in the next states.

After Mitt’s less-than-convincing pep talk in Denver on Tuesday night someone tried to toss glitter his way while he worked the rope line. Thanks to the Secret Service none of it stuck. But the shellacking he got from Santorum was painful, even though no delegates were officially awarded.

Even if Romney is the long distance favorite, voters on Tuesday night showed how unhappy they are with his so-called inevitability.

42 thoughts on “GOP Buyer’s Remorse”

  1. Great to see Mitt losing again. Every time I see him I think of that video regarding how he gutted industries to walk off with millions falling out of his pockets. I can’t stand him.
    I don’t give a damn about his religion, it’s his entire demeanor, what he stands for, who he really is. He’s an out-of-touch capitalist who repulses me and many of my class stature, which is working class retired.

  2. Sanitarium won in these states because of caucuses. The most extreme of voters are the ones who go to the caucuses. This is not a surprise at all. Sanitarium will NOT be President. And if, by some gross idiocy, Sanitarium would win the election, I will still be falling back on my host country. I’m not going back to America anyway. It’s too crazy there.

  3. Not a buyer from among the Republican choices, but I AM filled with remorse (or something akin to it) every time I watch any of their foolishness. My God, there’s not one of them who’s worth the cost of their clothing!

  4. …in Denver on Tuesday night someone tried to toss glitter his way while he worked the rope line.

    craig, possibly from a supporter wanting to put some sparkle in the candidate, glitterati his image?

  5. Craig, Santorum didn’t have to shellack Mitt, as he already appears to be fully encased from his hair right down to his personality.

    Maybe DixieDove was right about Santorum, but once Mitt’s prop-er-up-ers go after Lil’ Ricky the way they have others in the past, he may lose his shine, too.

    Funny that team MoJo couldn’t bring themselves to say Ron Paul came in second in MN, instead skipping over him to focuse on Newt’s fall.

    I don’t think things are as bad as this Ron Paul supporter, but it makes me wonder about them? Very doom & gloom, which I don’t get at all when I hear him speak. I hear what needs to be fixed, not that the end is near. (I also think he’s standing in the wrong line.) 😉

    “…I’m pretty well stuck on not supporting the party even if it means eight years of Obama and we all stand in bread lines for five hours for a sack of potatoes,”…”

    Do we have any Mainers here? Nash?

  6. For republicans, Mormon is the new Black.

    And two words sent me into a panic attack last night —

    President Santorum

  7. bw, in the meantime you can refer to him as the most rev rick or sanctus for short.

  8. Follow this syllogism: If corporations are people, and people are g’teed religious freedom under the 1st Amendment, then no company would have to provide certain things in their healthcare plans.

    Alternatively, if corporations are not people, and have no 1st Amendment protection, they do have to provide all required benefits.

    Can/do religious organizations fund Super Pacs? What is the definition of corporation? I would assume a non-profit wouldn’t have anything in their charters to be able to use funds for such a thing, but if they are fall under the definition of a corporation, then it would be possible.

    So, personhood = 1st Amendment = Super Pac = resticted plans

    And, non-personhood = no Super Pac = full coverage required

    I’m quite aware that everyone here is smarter than I am, and I think out loud here when, perhaps, I shouldn’t; just trying to unravel what’s become of our country.

  9. One more difference, Blue, only people pay the bulk of the taxes…corporations and churches contribute very little to the tax coffers. Instead of paying taxes, they can use the money instead for the super pacs. Very nicely rigged.

  10. Women Want Their Birth Control

    by Taylor Marsh

    If religious conservatives like Noonan really wanted to stop abortions and unplanned pregnancies they’d hail the opportunity for more women to have access to birth control without charge. That they aren’t says all you need to know.

    David Axelrod on “Morning Joe” teased a compromise today, which is not a surprise to anyone, I’m sure. But does the Obama team actually believe religious conservatives are going to compromise? I mean, seriously, because that theory has worked so well with congressional Republicans? It’s the epitome of Obama logic and a catastrophic suggestion, especially when a majority of Catholics (and other religious Americans, including myself) agree with the Administration.

  11. Republicans in chaos… gotta luv it.
    I do wonder if Santorum wasn’t on a ballot if Newtie would get as much of the anti-Romney vote…. I doubt it.

    As for Obama taking Super Pac money… I agree he didn’t really have any choice. But he can simply by executive order have transparency regarding them. All donations and donors could be disclosed immediately… both sides. He has not taken this route…. and for that… he sucks!

    ps… he’d should disclose his own donors… if not it’ll speak volumes about what he really intends to do about Citizens United…. nothing.

  12. Romney will knock Sanctimonius off of his high-horse. He has the same problem as Newt: unregistered lobbyist.

    “Within months of leaving the Senate, Mr. Santorum joined the board of Universal Health Services, where he collected $395,000 in director’s fees and stock options before resigning last year. He also became a consultant to Consol Energy, after years of advocating drilling and extraction policies helpful to the company, a Pennsylvania gas and coal producer. And he consulted for the American Continental Group, a lobbying firm whose clients won earmarks he sponsored.”

    “Santorum would later deny being part of the K Street Project, but his support for the effort was reported in several news accounts. And while he was never accused of wrongdoing, the harsh glare from the attacks ultimately forced him to step aside from his role spearheading ethics reform legislation in the wake of the scandal involving the lobbyist Jack Abramoff.”

    Besides, this sharp contrast to Obama he wants to project will only help him with the Republican base. Romney would be wise to leave room open for playing to the middle.

    Hope Rick enjoyed his night, ‘cuz it will probably be the best one he has after the Mitt money goes after him.

  13. “I’m quite aware that everyone here is smarter than I am, and I think out loud here when, perhaps, I shouldn’t; just trying to unravel what’s become of our country.” – BlueInDallas @7:50 am

    You’re lowballing yourself, Blue. nude grinch is the only person who thinks he’s smarter than you are, and he’s not even people, he’s incorporated. Anywhat, your logic was impeccable, so stop peccing on yourself.

  14. Ms Wino,

    I love ‘Sanctimonious’. I mean LOVE. May I please use it ? Pretty please ?

  15. blue, interesting question about non-profit and religious organizations funding super pacs. if they are non-profit corp and enjoy tax exempt status, imo they would lose that designation and it would pose a tax problem for them.
    looks like only the supremes determine the corps personhood and all it’s benefits. wonder when we’ll see corps marry instead of merge ( is there a same sex marriage argument here?).

  16. Now, if only the rest of the hoodlums can tie up the convention so that willard gets the nomination in a Florida back room*, and the other 3 candidates decide to run anyway, I will be over the moon giddy.

    *I mean to conjure the image of the crooked rip up lican general election of 2000.

  17. xr, while you’re conjuring fantasies, i’m still puzzling over whether merger marriages of corps who are sexless constitute same sex marriages.

  18. Mornin’
    President Santorum? God help us. (Thankfully, that will never happen) 4 years ago I never thought I’d be wishing for a second term for Obama, but my, how times have changed. I don’t follow the ‘pugs very closely, but do listen to a little of it in the morning when I’m putting LP’s breakfast together and do quick checkins to ChrisM in the evening while I’m chatting with Mrs.P over our gruel. Last night I was in some state of mind somewhere between shock and amazement.

  19. None of the goopers are going to be elected president in 2012

    After parading around the Republican primary the rightwing loons might be happy but the American public is horrified.

  20. 4 years ago I never thought I’d be wishing for a second term for Obama, but my, how times have changed.

    pogo, he promised us change. well, looks like we got it.

  21. pogo, he promised us change. well, looks like we got it.

    We didn’t know he meant change of a dollar

  22. This should pretty much finish off Nudie as the conservative alternative*

    Sanctimonious has way less baggage with far less in it

    * he is the choice for people who live in an alternate reality and think they can force their choices on everyone else. Fro people who think the founding documents of this country are the last word — freedom of religion and separation of church and state – have no meaning.

  23. Yes, KGC, it’s the kind of change promised but not delivered – which is why so many here supported HRC. Now we are faced with the choice of promises not kept versus promises of a world we don’t want and would never choose. Two party systems suck.

  24. XR,

    How many times must I tell U?: We need a marriage of the ism’s ..governism, socialism, capitalism (this is what I am…a small corp. we need the small corps to get us out of the mess the R;s and the D;s have made)…what we don’t need is GREEDY SHITY CORPORATISM.!!

    Pogo,….hey Vise prs….XR, wants to re-open the lunch club (and temp vis pres?)…what say U…and the spider women renee, will let us paint it a mans color this time…shity brown, or caca green…….hope all is well with you, and that you are getting great tasting carnitas…..later compadre

  25. Pogo

    We are faced with someone who doesn’t keep his promises
    and someone who probably will and whose promises suck and will only make things worse.

    So how many jobs have the Bush tax cuts created — besides obsequious ass-kissing to the rich (the nudie model)

  26. We will always have the influence of the Church, religions if we don’t speak out against them…..

    Last night a neighbor that i get along with…came and got the package that was left for him by ups…he thanked me..and we talked a little….then he said a cpl of times…”God Bless You”…I told him that I was not religious at all…..he said god bless u anyway..and that he would be praying for me.

    I told him “may the Devil Damn U, and that I will be selling my soul to him, so that he may join me in hell”….he was shocked.!….”how could someone say such a thing”…I told him that is how people that don’t believe in all the religious bs feel when we are forced accept their blessings…

    being a nice person and a thank you was good enough…and that I warned him that I wasn’t religious….

    He was with his girlfriend, he turned to walk away…then he said that “u must be an Obama supporter”…told him that is a different subject, politics…but that if he wanted to talk about either one of them….I would go and get some beer and talk about them…….He said that would be great…he would bring a bible……I told him that I have three..and that I read it…..and that we would also have the web to check out the truths of our political discussion…..but not to just repeat talking points…..

    I have talked with him off and on for the ast 2 yrs…nice guy, lives with his girlfriend…which i have helped with changing a tire…took out her battery in her car…put the one that I have on a small trk so she could go to work……she had a horrified look on her face when I said those things……wonder if she will let him anywhere near me…..or will take a cab instead of knocking on my door the next time she needs help……bet she will knock…religious people are like that……..

  27. Pat,
    Re your 9:04, What a terrific question.

    I remember that in the last decade an RC bishop (Denver?) insinuated himself into wedding plans and forbade the priest from marrying two people because the guy of the two had sustained an injury, preventing him from procreating normally – if at all. Maybe the couple could have used a syringe. Anyway, it wasn’t same sex, but it was humiliating.

    In another case, a woman who was past menopause was not allowed a church wedding. Another humiliation.

    The point is, in bishopricks where the top dog is a fanatic, people whom that top dog doesn’t think can procreate can’t get married. These ‘conservative’ bishops obviously don’t believe in miracles, and never read Genesis. And, of course, it’s all up to the bishop.

  28. I just heard Sanctimonious talking about religious freedom
    he apparently thinks this concept only applies to Catholics

    what a stupid f—

    The only people trying to force a view are the Catholics
    you don’t have to use birth control but the employer has to pay for it If you don’t want to be part of American civil life
    give up your tax exempt status

  29. Santorum huh…that’s one way for Obama to get his…don’t want to be but will if we absolutely have to…base out.

  30. Solar,

    I shall not permit marriages of capitalism, governism, socialism. That would be bigpoly, a grievous sin, akin to marrying your pet goldfish.

    Now, go and sin no more…for awhile.

  31. Wall Street won’t support Sanctimonius Sanctorum, because if he is truly a Roman Catholic, he will have to oppose usury as a terrible sin. Any opposition to usery on the part of a puguglican candidate will drive Wall Street to a desperate acts.

  32. If they really wanted to solve the problem of forcing the church –institute single payer

  33. KGC @ 11:19 am: “If you don’t want to be part of American civil life give up your tax exempt status”

    That is great !

    Southern Baptists, and Missouri and Wisconsin Synod Lutherans, and most of the Pentacostal churches all seem to be forcing their views, too. Maybe we can de-certify them all, and tax the bee cheeses out of them.

  34. because if he is truly a Roman Catholic, he will have to oppose usury as a terrible sin. X-R

    you funny

  35. My personal belief is that access to safe, effective and low-cost contraception is a fundamental human right. However, I don’t get the Obama administration picking this unnecessary fight with the RC hierarchy. Surely a compromise could have been worked out, perhaps mandating a health savings plan for ‘uncovered basic services’ or something like that. Even if Obama is on the right side of the argument, why pick the fight if you don’t have to?

  36. Oh let’s face it…
    little Ricky Santorum ain’t ever gonna be this country’s bitch…

  37. I’m waiting for the 1st accusation of sexual weirdness against pretty boy Sanctimonius Sanctorum.

    The possibility of bestiality raises its ugly noggin : gingrich’s wife – sleeping with a newt !

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