Romney Hangs On [RADIO]

Chatting here with CBS News Radio correspondent Dan Raviv about Mitt Romney, who won CPAC’s straw ballot and Maine’s caucuses on Saturday, and the rise of Rick Santorum, who has eclipsed Newt Gingrich as the last traditional conservative standing.

From my Conservative Political Action Conference notebook …
• Romney dodges bullet, wins CPAC straw poll. They’re all RINOs now
• Romney tweets thanks to CPAC, forgets to complain Newt hasn’t called to concede
• Newt badly loses straw poll. If only Callista had played her French horn
• Palin now speaking at CPAC but her pal Newt, endorsed by first dude, just humiliated in straw poll here
• Palin blasts GOP establishment wants WH “competition to keep going.” Sorry Mitt
• IRONY ALERT: Palin, no fan of Mitt, keynoting CPACers who just picked him
• Palin mocks WH slogan Winning the Future as WTF: “And they say I’m the idiot”
• IRONY ALERT: Crowd shouts down protesters at Palin speech as she touts Obama “attack” on freedom
• Insert joke here. Palin post-speech song: “She’s Not Just A Pretty Face”
• Leaving CPAC, off to get an MRI, make sure no permanent brain damage

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  1. “They’re all rinos now” tells me that they’ll be needing a Real Conservative Pac, or RCPac, in the future.

    Maybe they could call it the Dark Ages Pac.

  2. 5 more murdoch employees were arrested in Britain.

    It is a shame that the Justice Dep’t isn’t pursuing these scoundrels.

  3. For a guy who is supposed to be the number one contender,Romney sure doesn’t have much of a knock out punch.

  4. Pres. Obama Hands Women the Future

    by Taylor Marsh

    Obama’s not down, he’s up and he’s just scored the biggest win for American women in a hundred years, ballpark.

    Think about it. There’s serious and important history being made here.

    For modern women, the stress level is about to be lowered, as are their monthly bills. Think of all the energy and potential to be unleashed. This freedom is personal, emotional and economical, unless Mitt and Rick get the opportunity to repeal free birth control.

    Free contraceptive coverage for modern women, regardless of means or status, is what Social Security and other entitlements are for seniors and the poor.

    Wait until that sinks in.

  5. It sometimes gets a little insular here while we gaze at the lint in our own navals, but Tylenol just tweeted a reference to this article about Canadian corporate mining interests crowding out REAL charity actions in favor of those that forward their projects.

    CIDA Chops Mennonite Central Committee

  6. Mittens pulls off CPAC I guess gooper far right has recognized they can bully their candidate once in office but
    they aren’t going to get whacky Rick elected

    More evidence Ann Romney Good idea
    Callista Gingrich not so much

  7. Here’s a video showing a fathers response to a Facebook posting rant his daughter did about him. Very good response IMHO.

    Hope I do this right.


    The video is about 8 minutes, but well worth watching.

    Have a great day.

  8. httpv://

    Sunday Sublime.
    It speaks for itself. Can’t say more. RIP

  9. Oh boy, watched it a second time, them crazy conservatives.
    hang in to the 2 minute mark
    BTW Craig did you catch this act at CPAC


  10. Good morning, the wind woke me up as did the dizzying walk through memory lane last night…when a celebrity dies and the media travel through decades into last century…it is unsettling for me. Takes my breath away…a gasp at how fast time flies.

    And the past week I have been missing Patsi. Missing her ‘Hah!” I just hate it when people leave before you are done talking with them.

  11. Tony Bennett gets political at Clive Davis’ party —

    Tony Bennett came on stage and said, “First, Michael Jackson, then Amy Winehouse and now Whitney Houston. I’d like to have every gentleman and lady in this room to get the government to legalize drugs.”

  12. And the past week I have been missing Patsi. Missing her ‘Hah!” I just hate it when people leave before you are done talking with them.


    Blonde Wino
    you are the best

  13. Tony Bennett came on stage and said, “First, Michael Jackson, then Amy Winehouse and now Whitney Houston. I’d like to have every gentleman and lady in this room to get the government to legalize drugs.”

    Maybe I’m missing something but I’m not sure that is the best argument of legalizing drugs??

  14. I just hate it when people leave before you are done talking with them.

    bw, similarly when the thread changes just as i’ve said something i considered profound or clever and want feedback or applause. solar has expressed on such occasions a shared view of why so often the “coincidence” as if a hint from gracious host to stfu.

    hah, maybe patsi was also telling us that.

  15. Legal experts believe allegations that officials were bribed by a subsidiary of a US company could cause an investigation by the US department of justice under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, an inquiry that could prove hugely damaging for News Corp.

    Rupert Murdoch faces fresh crisis as key Sun staff arrested

    This scandal may jump the pond yet. Wonder if anyone at Fox News is quaking in their boots.

  16. I hope when the Murdoch mess jumps the pond that it lands on Piers Morgan

  17. CT

    Edited The link is broken here is the url,8599,1893946,00.html

    Portugal has decriminalized drugs successfully

    As Michael Pollan says in the Botany of Desire
    I paraphrase here…..everyone likes to get high. People have different ways of doing it. Why do some people think their way of getting high is better?

    All the same caveats of alcohol use and the criminal code apply — you cannot do things under the influence

    such as drive a school bus which is what opponents of pot legalization claimed would be allowed to happen.

  18. I hope when the murderch mess jumps the pond, it lands on brett hume and oreally. Plus a few of their allied ‘feeder’ ‘news services’ like breitbart, drudge, and the two criminals who brought down ACORN. Then I hope it brings down the Speaker of the House, the House Majority Leader,the Senate Minority Leader, and inJustices roberts, alito, thomas, and scaley. Then I want it to uncover some of the war crime conspiracies between newsCrap and the Saudi royals, babybush, cheney, rumdumbfeld, and tenet.

    That would make my day. I don’t ask for much.

  19. When a celebrity death occurs under circumstances suggesting suicide through drug/alcohol abuse my typical reaction is something of an ‘oh well, they had every opportunity, etc…’

    Then there’s this article in this morning’s wapo about some poor sob marine who didn’t get shit from the marines when he really needed it, and his family can’t get it when they really need it. It’s a very worthwhile read.

    BTW, the wife of the navy retiree who was being stonewalled by the VA up through the time that he died while waiting for his appeal to be adjudicated, has had the stonewalling transferred to her. Words something like, “since your husband died before we ruled, you will have to resubmit under your own name.” Aren’t they wonderful?

  20. I oppose legalization of all drugs. I strongly support the legalization of some, and the de-criminalization of a few others.

    There is no good reason to lock folks up for a baggie of mj, when a $50 fine will do nicely. Make $100 M!LL!ON/year while saving $25 B!LL!ON/year, and not wrecking people’s school or work careers, or family lives. Win, win, win, win.

  21. Flatus

    That story got discussed on Up With Chris Hayes this morning. Apparently there are elements of the bank’s actions that violate parts of the active military and veterans codes. Of course that all requires legal action to prove.

  22. X-R

    There is no reason to criminalize pot at all

    The impact of pot laws is racist and the police only care because they use it to harass people. ie black teenagers

    In other countries all drugs (a lot of drugs) are available for the asking at any drug store

    It is none of your business or mine if people want to take any drug

    They just cannot use it as an excuse if the violate other laws.

    Drug laws are expensive and certainly don’t have any social value The people who make money off them have a big lobby and various hypocrites to make the case to maintain them

  23. Polish Professor of Negativity throws his support to gingrich :

  24. Why should I pay a $50 dollar fine for getting high
    when you can go into any bar and do the same thing

    why is pot treated differently than alcohol
    there is no difference — except for the lobby

  25. Jamie, unless I’m missing something, it’s not the same story.

    This guy escaped a diagnosis of ptsd while in service, managed to hold a single unskilled job after his retirement, and ended-up plugging himself.

    Although he paid for insurance during his entire career, and the va acknowledged his ptsd, their (the va’s) agent refused to pay saying the short period of post retirement employment proved his continuing employability.

  26. KGC, yup. Smoking is bad for your health and bad for insurance rates.

    Okay, you win. There’d be no fine if you ate it in the form of brownies, pumpernickel, or smoothies. HAHAHA

    The biggest problem, as I see it, is the product purity and labeling. F’rinstance, I don’t want to buy a pack of reefers and find out too late that they have angel dust in them.

    Actually, I don’t want to buy a pack. However dope makes a lovely house plant.

  27. Just tried the comment delete button for the 1st time. Neat.

    Off to work, no kidding this time.

  28. The biggest problem, as I see it, is the product purity and labeling. F’rinstance, I don’t want to buy a pack of reefers and find out too late that they have angel dust in them.

    The San Francisco Dept of Public Health shares your concerns
    requires dispensaries to test and label their products

  29. The picture isn’t pretty unless you think the OECD statistics are some sort of liberal conspiracy.

    the same conspiracy Clint Eastwood now belongs to

  30. Daughter just called. It seems that sometime today I will become a great grandmother. Mary Elizabeth has served notice that she wants to come outdoors and play.

  31. Chef Sheila, just posted the following message from a friend in Afghanistan:

    From Todd; ” My friend, Lieutenant Commander Kip Wright, is currently serving in Afghanistan and needs our help. With the very cold temperatures and heavy snowfall in Kabul, over 20 children have died recently from exposure. Please send him a box of blankets. The medics there have a blanket drive underway and will do the distribution. Thanks for doing something that actually makes a difference, especially for children. My family will be sending some out tomorrow.

    If you decide to help, send the box to:
    Elliott K. Wright, LCDR USNR
    Attn: PAO/AFN
    APO AE 09356

  32. Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor — have you seen them in the same room together

    Hey Paul — how’s the voucher system working out for public education

    what dick the goopers keep pushing the no contraceptives issue and there is going to be a big giant backlash

  33. Snuffy is interviewing Manboob Sanctimonious
    what a hypocrite

    He talks about how women should have choices
    just not the choices he doesn’t approve of

    We choose not to have Manboob make public policy

  34. Here I am in the wild wooly northern part of NH. It’s colder than a witch’s tit out… but will warm up day after tomorrow.

    Craig… screw the MRI… I’m sure a good stiff drink will surffice.

    Jamie… congrats on the great grandmother thing!

  35. George Will thinks the Catholic Church is the root of civil society in the US

    Hey George –this is NOT NOT NOT a Catholic County
    Liz Cheney really why is she out in public and why doesn’t anyone ask her about the failure of her father’s administration She’s definitely her father’s daughter she thinks we should invade Syria –hello Iraq

    It’s ironic for the right to be claiming this is a freedom of religion issue –too bad they don’t get it

  36. Jamie, great grandkids are absolutely wonderful! Congrats!!

    Now, we have two ‘fridges in the kitchen; no room for anymore. Both are plastered with pictures of grandkids. Am looking for good source of refrigerator door look-a-likes. Maybe get rid of the wood kitchen cupboard doors–replace them with faux fridge doors. Can imagine how they’d look filled with pictures of great grandkids! Certainly can’t stop with the four we now have for lack of fridge door space!

  37. Tony,

    ….will be watching the moyers $ company show at 11 am my time. Should be a good show about tax reform. But following his show..there is another: “Need to know” I keep saying how I would love to see religion and science taught side by side….and imo….this would make people aware of the difference between reality and myth…….they will be discussing whether t he college experience causes students to become less religious…..I say yes…and the more people are educated….the sooner to the end of religion….

    Flatus…Im with you an how i initially feel when some celebrity dies premature….i feel a loss…but think that they had all the means to get their lives in order……M. J. Elvis, etc, etc…..and then there are the Tiger woods of the world……..


    I like watching george on sundays…..when i saw the cheney devil daughter…took no time at all to change the channel……just not willing to waste my time on a cheney….unless it would be on an electric chair….

  38. “We choose not to have Manboob make public policy”

    Katherine, he’s trying to sneak in a bureau of pubic investigation.

  39. Moyers has on a blk women that speaks as all democrats should…with clarity, and knowledge: Heather McGhee is great on the show……she has been discussing education, and the the politics….

    People like her are the ones that should be in office…..she understands what the country needs…and why it needs them…she i s democrat..and i would vote for her….

  40. Flatus

    I believe that and if he doesn’t get to be president that would probably be his dream job snooping into the private lives of Americans – Manboob,what a paternalistic snooze of a loser

  41. conservative economist: Bruce Bartlett…wants to return to the 90s tax scale….says that the tax debates are coded words for people to be antagonistic toward others…….said the bush tax cut added 3 trillion to the debt……on the moyers show…

  42. said the bush tax cut added 3 trillion to the debt……on the moyers show…

    Democrats should all start carrying signs with this number on it and wearing Bush/Cheney masks and have advertisements with republicans morphing into Bush

    ewwwwwww Joe Lieberman still voting Republican
    shun him

  43. says that conservatives tend to think: tie the gdp to freedom……so if there is only 25% gdp….that would equal to only 75% freedom…..i think….very interesting…hope that it is on again…so i can tape it….talks about buses tax increase of 1990…was an incredible act of courage……

    I think that he is what The….PING PONG….should have as an example of a true conservative…..I will be looking up more information of what Bruce Bartlett has wrote about the ecomomy, and specifically taxs….

    he is ripping the tea party a new one…..

  44. getting harder to listen to him and post….going to qoute him to my conservative family members and freinds…..says ” that people are befuddled by facts and truths……all political sound bites are what is spoken……

    This guy sound like he would truly want a (bi-partisan) compromise between the conservatives and the liberals………Purple, Jack, why are people like Bruce Bartlett not in the Green spans, Giethners place……

  45. Santorum just said Mittens won CPAC because he bussed in voters and CPAC means nothing
    what he really said — he was supported by thousands of real voters in the states he won earlier in the week and Romney was supported by paid hacks
    and CPAC feh – Ron Paul used to win it

  46. jamie, you’ll make a grand great grandmother.

    flatus, forget the faux fridges. you can string clotheslines across the kitchen on which to hang even more pictures. very festive.

  47. Diablito….
    Bruce Bartlett is one of my favorite Republicans. I read his book about Bushy entitled “Imposter”. He thought Bushy, Cheney, Rummy, et al were not real conservatives. If the Republican party went back to his idea of “real conservatives”, I’d vote for them again.

  48. From my extremely limited personal experience with MJ..more extensive experience watching others that do have a lot of experience with it and from working in a correctional facility..I think that the use of MJ should be legal. I think it is safer than alcohol..less dangerous to the body..don’t have DTs coming off of it..don’t usually beat the family/friends when using it.

    But Cocaine..meth..Xanax..very very bad!

  49. I don’t know why any sentient being would want to take any mind altering substance when a helluva lot more fun can be safely had experimenting with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. And the experience can be remembered and smilingly relived in the morning.

  50. a greatgrandmother! — wooohooo Jamie. Flatus is wrong
    I’m 100% sure you were a child bride

  51. Oh, Katherine, that would make the start of each pregnancy at 11-years and change–something that would bring joy to a certain Sanctimonious candidate’s heart.

  52. “For gods’ sakes Pat, magnets won’t stick to clothesline.” 😆

    What, you never heard of cloths pins?

    PS The chocolate sauce and whipped cream brought back a lot of memories. Thanks.

  53. Santorum wins a couple of meaningless states, and now he thinks that he can actually be president. And we thought Newt was the delusional one!

  54. Cheryl returned home last night after having spent two days with her students at a competition in Flagstaff.
    In preparation for this she had been going into work early for several weeks , leaving usually about 6:30, and arriving home anywhere between 5:30 and 7:30.
    She will be doing much the same next weekend as well, and again two weeks later.
    I sure am glad I married a public school teacher they are over paid, only work 8 to 3, and get three months vacation. 😉

  55. Jamie,
    Congrats to you and the family!

    Thanks for sharing but i missed the Moyers show..I’ll give it look online..

  56. Wow, Jamie! That is great news!

    CT…I found Tony Bennett’s remarks a bit odd. I am for the legalization, decriminalization and amnesty of past offences for marijuana. But, Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning…which is legal at a certain age. Most addicts use prescription pills. Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith, etc, died from overdose/combination of prescription drugs. Again, prescription drugs are legal. I think Tony Bennett was just upset about addiction which is certainly not an offense that is treated by putting addicts in prison.

  57. Most dangerous drug to withdraw from..alcohol..followed by Xanax. Both can cause lethal seizures.

    I’m kinda thinking that maybe those two or either one of them just might be involved in Whitney’s death?? Either combined with a hot bath can be deadly.

  58. The war on drugs has been a total failure.

    We should have spent the money on a war on causes of drug use. But then of course we would be forced to admit that something was wrong.

  59. Jace..I’ve hit the old fa fa generation. I liked the old stuff the best and a few of the new ones.

  60. Ct, I like some of the new ones as well. their talent just blows me away. I just know that when Paul McCartney and the Beach Boys sound shi–y. I’ m a bit past my prime 😉

  61. httpv://

    I think that this is what we mean by “severely conservative”, but then again that’s just me.

  62. I was wondering if Paul smokes too much dope? I’d think that he would be a healthy kind of guy but that dope smoking could do a number on the vocal cords.

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