A Bridge to Somewhere [VIDEO]

Rarely in TV news do we see a genuine effort by opposing forces to at least listen to each other. Current TV’s Cenk Uygur, a devoted progressive, manages just that in this interview with Rick Santorum’s benefactor Foster Friess. Their friendly and respectful disagreements offer some hope that ideological debate doesn’t always have to become a food fight. Indeed, the two find common outrage about Wall Street bailouts, proving that sometimes the left and the right can walk around the circle and meet each other on the backside.

Kudos to Friess for even agreeing to appear on a show, Cenk’s “The Young Turks,” that is way outside his political lane. And kudos to Cenk for holding his ground without being rude, producing a constructive discussion. Too bad the partisan warriors in Washington can’t do the same.

Super PAC funder Friess tells Cenk that Santorum wants to “honor rich people.”

“I think you and I need to have a beer and pizza together,” Friess offers Cenk. “Let’s figure out where we can agree.”

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  1. I agree with Solar, previous thread, on the glossing over of Obama’s actual record of reality that is going on….. The Current TV crowd is great at it. President Obama can do no wrong because he is a Democrat. BS!

  2. Must disagree with you on that Purple — about Current. Cenk in particlular takes a lot of grief from Obama supporters for his frequent criticism of the admin. Current brings on lots of liberal critics of Obama, a point of view you don’t get much anywhere else

  3. Good morning all,
    Purple, yep, so true! I listen to FOX with Grace during the day sometimes and of course they do the same thing for the right..Although FOX is the absolute best at lying for their side..Democrats good, Republican’s bad, same ole good cop bad cop game..

  4. Cenk in particlular takes a lot of grief from Obama supporters for his frequent criticism of the admin.

    I absolutely agree with you about Cenk..I have been listening to him a long time on Young Turks and he’s the absolute best at calling out all, Dems and Republican’s.

  5. Where is the love, people? C’mon, Happy Valentine’s Day.

    But if Lil’ Ricky wants to “honor the rich,” he must be ignoring the book of Luke: “To those whom much has been given…”

    GOP-hopefuls’ conversation hearts beyond “Be Mine” – Any ideas?

  6. Craig,
    I do agree with Solar and Purples larger point though, overall there is a glossing over of who the real President Obama is going on. Not a surprise as we get closer to the election and the partisan games begin..

  7. Tony, Purple — agree that so much coverage depends on access to WH and punches get pulled (that’s what I like about Current, they’re not on that path). For getting behind the gloss, I thought Jodi Kantor’s book, The Obamas, was revealing — which is why the WH fought it so much.

  8. and of course, for a really unvarnished account of this WH you can’t beat Ron Suskind’s “Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and The Education of A President”

  9. Craig,
    I agree regarding Current and i have only been watching them except for a bit of Rachael and Chris Hayes..MSNBC has become un-watchable to me..

  10. Blue, you are absolutely correct! Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

    And I almost forgot the WOO HOO.

  11. I will retract on Cenk as I don’t watch him as much as KO but former governor Jennifer Granholm is the worst.

    I am reading Ron Suskind’s “Confidence Men, great book

  12. China’s next leader Xi Jinping visits White House

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Washington is getting its first hard look at Xi Jinping, the man destined to lead China in the coming decade, during which the global powers probably will see their economic ties grow even as they are viewed increasingly as military rivals.

    Vice President Xi is set to replace the staid Hu Jintao as Communist Party leader late this year, then succeed him as president in 2013. Xi, 58, is viewed as more personable, and while his trip is unlikely to herald any policy changes it may signal his leadership style.

    Xi arrived Monday, and the highlight of his full four days in America was to be an Oval Office meeting Tuesday with President Barack Obama. That is a year after a bells-and-whistles state visit by Hu that helped set a positive tone in 2011 for U.S.-China ties.

    What to do about Apple and Fraud Friendly Manufacturing in China?

    Former banking regulator and white collar criminologist Bill Black gives an unvarnished view of the behavior of Apple and other technology companies in dealing with suppliers in China. He does not buy the idea that the US is powerless to do anything about work condition in China and provides some concrete suggestions.

    Free Market Competitiveness, the race to the bottom of the barrel.
    • The factors of production will be employed only if it is profitable to do so and will fail to provide certain goods and services.
    • Allocates production and resources to the goods and services for those consumers who have more money and thus provide a greater profit.
    • A wage that is almost equal to slave labor, the use of child labor and sweat shops working 80 to 96 hours a week.
    • Factories with prison like cruel and inhuman working conditions and practices that can kill workers.
    • Factories that use military management models, where workers are totally dependent and subject to abuses and deprivations to achieve worker submission.
    • Limited regulations with little or no enforcement of Standards, Testing, Labeling and Certification that allows environmental pollution and toxicity conditions that will harm or kill people.
    • Products made with cheap hazardous materials that harm or kill people, kids and pets.
    • The infringement, counterfeiting, technology theft and piracy of goods, software and other intellectual property.
    • The use of propaganda, censorship, expurgation, and sanitization to control the content and dissemination of information.
    • Trading Partners’ protectionism and trade barriers to encourage highly discriminatory economic practices that favor domestic trade over foreign imports.
    • Trading Partners’ formal or informal local content requirements;
    • Trading Partners’ manipulation of currency exchange rate, subsidies and reimbursements of their companies’ products that allows them to be much cheaper than our companies can produce.
    • Trading Partners’ use of “planned economics” to control all means of production and resources, alter what goods and services are produced and who produces them, create and support cartels and monopolies of rare resources that could be a threat to our national security.

    Now that is Free Market Competitiveness that President Obama, Wall Street and large multinational corporations understand!

  13. As stated previously, I fault this president on many fronts. That said,I think that in far too many instances the media in all forms has gone out of its way to understate his accomplishments and highlight his short comings. I hardly think they have glossed over his failures. Those perceived failures seem to be front page news on an almost daily basis.

  14. Craig, the Feb 13th issue of Newsweek where they went through the dysfunctionality (my word) of the network, seemed to hang the problems on KO’s star-studded $10M/year door.

    From my own life experience, I much prefer having trainable, eager, bright, curious, diligent, reliable, considerate team players to any number of disruptive prima donnas.

  15. Thanks for the words on commie China’s slave labor and our involvement, Purple.

    AAPL broke through the $500/share mark yesterday, I hope that the commies slaves own lots of it (insert sour laugh here).

  16. I liked Cenk from the moment I first heard him. Ya, he can be reasonable. Ya, he can critique the oh,bummer Administration (and they think it’s hell). However, last time I checked, he and Current haven’t recommended the bills, trial balloons, schemes, scams, plots, conspiracies of the puguglies.

  17. It’s strange how some people want to elevate Jobs to the same pedestal upon which the Gates family is deservedly standing.

    During his lifetime I thought of Mr Jobs as a certain portion of the male anatomy replete with ears.

  18. Craig,

    I think at heart both Cenk and Foster are gentlemen and that is the way they approached the subject. As a result the audience won by getting to hear the issues discussed in a civil manner.

    My one and only complaint about Cenk is that he yells. Is it an east coast “in your face – crowd your space” thing? In any case, I can only take him in short doses.

  19. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    I saw Foster Friess interviewed somewhere yesterday morning. The interviewer wanted him to criticize both Romney and Gingrich… he just wouldn’t do it. He is polite and seems to have a pretty good sense of humor. Glad Cenk got to interview him.

    I think it’s interesting that Santorum has a big lead in the polls in Michigan. If it holds and he wins it will be interesting to see how Romney reacts.

    Obama must be having a good time watching this GOP race. If ever there’s been a politician that can claim the stars have aligned for him throughout his career… Obama is it.

    ps… the hot tub is fabulous!

  20. Jamie, I see it as a validation of their ‘Young Turk’ image. I think they ought to dump it. But, then, I’m neither young nor a Turk.

  21. psss…. I love my Mac and my idpad. My next cellphone will probably be an iphone. I love Apple products… but their business practices leave more than a lot to be desired.

    Tony… I think MSNBC’s best programming is in the late afternoon… Martin Bashir and Dylan Ratigan are the best shows,IMO.

  22. When my HP TouchPad arrived it and its accessories were so over packed that I wondered what was in their mind when they presented it to the public.

    I’ve not tried Apple stuff since the early 80s–found Commodore much more functional. :)

    Enjoy the hot tub on your special day!

  23. Spread the love today, not the bs.

    Santorum is an idiot and wants to “honor the rich?” Does that mean he wants to dishonor the poor along with homosexuals? This was the guy that wanted to also honor pedophile Sandusky. I stand by my words of yesterday, Santorum is a boob and I am at a loss that this rich dude wants to help him.

  24. No hot tub today. We’re going out to our favorite restaurant tonight and I don’t want to smell like chlorine. Rick is skiing his brains out today… while I’m in the condo reading my book.

    I always bring a much “want to read” book for this week. This year it’s Tim Riley’s “Lennon: The Man, The Myth, The Music, The Definitive Life”. It’s a thick book and I’ve only gone through a quarter of it so far…. but I highly recommend it.

    We’re watching the Westminister Dog Show. Can’t wait to see which one gets crowned Best in Show tonight.

  25. BW, separating Santorum from ‘honor the rich’, I don’t see honoring certain wealthy people for their good works as a bad thing, or mutually exclusive from honoring the rest of us for our good works.

    The wealthy people who I envision as honorees would probably endorse Mr Buffet’s tax fairness initiative as well.

  26. BlondeW…
    Santorum might appeal to working class conservatives… but I have no doubt that he will scare the beejeebus out of independents.

    If he starts to lead in the GOP race, the media will start to take a look at why he lost his bid for re-election by 18 points. It should prove interesting.

  27. The reason little Ricky lost sooooo bad is because women when they hear what he says …don’t like him

  28. RR…Happy Valentine’s Day!

    I watched the Westminster Dog show last night on USA network before they discontinued the show on that network to broadcast the final hour on CNBC. Economy cable is very confusing and incomplete! I get USA, but not CNBC. I could have gone to an online to a CNBC stream, but didn’t! I am lazy poor person.

    I did see the wired-hair Dachshund win the hound division.

  29. Happy Valentine’s Day

    The problem in Greece is what is going to happen in California when they start laying off public employees here.

    And Jerry Brown has turned into Scott Walker

  30. Flatus…I agree there are many humans, rich and poor, that deserve our honor.

    However, to introduce another republican commandment to honor the rich by Santorum IS class warfare.

  31. BlondeW…
    a Pekinese won the toy… a Dalmation won the non-sporting… and a German Shepherd won the herding.
    So far, I’m pulling for the wired haired Dachshund… god what a little cutie!

    I’m leaving now to go to the local bookstore. It’s a much looked forward to trek every year. One can never have too many books.

  32. Republicans are the ones guilty of class warfare
    they are the ones who think some people are more important than others

    everyone has a story to tell and everyone’s voice is important

  33. Story Corp

    listening and recording the stories of every day people

    Democracy Now did a wonderful interview with them about Valentine’s Day stories. They will convince you (if you didn’t already know) that true love thrives.

  34. Katherine, you are exactly right.

    Everybody DOES have a story; and, I do my best in getting them to relate them. Once they start, they won’t finish until Stinky physically grabs me by my arm and puts me in tow with me thanking my newly found friend and apologizing for my sudden departure.

  35. Respect and honor are two different things. The vast majority of rich people are rich because they inherited wealth. Honoring people for the accident of their birth is stupid. Sanctimonious Sycophantum.

  36. Craig,

    A few days ago Renee asked me if I just talk about ‘Finance Reform” and don’t do anything about it…she linked a site that I joined, and signed a petition…now they send me emails along with a cpl of others.

    I was thinking that if it was possible to do something like that here on the trail…a side bar or something…if it cost $..maybe we can contribute to it?

    I think that this will accomplish two things, maybe more: I there are any lurkers out there just waiting to join the trail..but are looking for a little encouragement to do so….the new side bar asking them to sign on to the new ‘finance reform’ might get us some new blood in here?

    Another thing that will happen: Since we know that there are thousands of lurkers…they can be asked to forward the sign on requests…don’t know what %age of those we can intice to the trail…

    The hook is that by signing on here to the finance reform page…..they will be getting the message across to the politicians…..we know that all the news outlets..msnbc, cnn, fox…they all read this blog….so we can cast a wide net and catch a lot of fish………….we don’t let them keep the Sturgens tho….thems ours ……….maybe even have them give their comments about finance reform….and that subject only…..

    I was in advertising for 8 yrs…..some of it must still be in my blood……..and i offer this in requite of my use of the trail…

    Craig….we can start with the letter that purple let me put in a phrase…i think that U will like it enough change (with purples permission of course) it a little, or go with it as it is….


    Can U please post it…im on a pc, that doesn’t have it….thanks

  37. Santorum is an idiot. In his family, both his parents worked and his mother earned more money. She apparently dropped him on his head because he still talks about women as though this was the middle ages

  38. xrep…I guess santorum honors the rich because of this accident of birth…no birth control was used in the making of the rich human.

  39. Okay, Friess seems like a nice guy. I know lots of nice guys. Let’s honor nice guys.

  40. Could even mention the new finance reform side bar to Imus, the Y. turks…huffington post…they could link it on their sites???…this would be an organized movement (with you as the star) for finance reform no…..and you would get your own tv show on msnbe….or fox…..ok….that might be going a little far…..later

  41. Read your bibles, Rick & FF, when it comes to honoring the rich.

    “To those who much is given, much is expected.” Luke

    And if you want to kick it old school, “Thou shalt not steal,” which is how many of the uber-rich got that way; buying politicians to write rules to make them even richer.

    Even Job reads, “The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away.”
    The Lord, not the political over-lords.

    Santorum is just as nasty as Newt, but he does it without the smarmy scowl. I hope ads start to rehash his political past soon.

  42. On MSNBC for geek lover me It’s Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow and a few others like O’Donnell in small doses.

    CNN I can’t say I have anyone on the “must see” list and can do without babbling Brooke. She’s a good newsperson but way too much dramatics and emotional intensity. Guess some people like that. I prefer it on the stage not on the news hour.

    For Current I like Olbie when his ego doesn’t outstrip his interest and some of the Young Turks but they are still too much of a boy’s club. The one woman with a show, they schedule opposite Rachel (not smart fellows) but the few times I’ve caught Granholm, I didn’t miss missing her. They have the talent (including fearless leader) for a good panel show, but will await further developments and keep giving them a chance and hope the prison shows will soon see their very welcome demise.

    Then there is something called Fox News. Never have two words had such a meaningless association.

  43. crackers – You made me smile with that last post. Glad to learn his mother was ~allowed~ to make money. He’s probably one of those guys who doesn’t think it’s actually work unless a paycheck is involved, either. Women with kids are never off-the-clock.

  44. jamie – Red Bull Rachel and her doppleganger, Chris Hayes, make me change the channel pretty quickly. Up to a point, I like the Chris Hayes discussions on Saturday morning, but jeez…MSNBC must own stock in Red Bull and give those two an I.V. drip of the stuff. Frantic, frantic, frantic.

    Listen to MoJo in the morning, a little Tweety at night. Sometimes AC and Wolf, sometimes Current on a primary night. Sometimes I remember that I have Fox Business, too.

    I try to remember that Current is still a start-up and trying to find its footing. MSNBC took awhile to morph, as did many other channels like Comedy Central. (Remember the Ha! channel?)

  45. I wonder what Santorum’s parents think about his positions
    His parents were public employees they worked for the Veterans Administration and he lived in (public housing) an apartment on the campus of the VA Hospital in Butler Pa

    Apparently he chooses to spit on his heritage instead of embracing the opportunities it provided

  46. “…an organized movement (with you as the star) for finance reform no…..and you would get your own tv show on msnbe….or fox….” Solar @ 12:23pm

    Then, your own network, hqed in the Crawford Fish Camp Tower overlooking St Johns River. People will know who Crawford is, but they’ll just wonder who Fish and Camp are.

    Prolly that magazine guy and the mystery writer….

  47. Blue … Different strokes and all that. I try to never miss Rachel and actually record Up With Chris Hayes on weekends because of the time difference. :-)

  48. Sanctimonious Sycophantus knows that God will provide. Just as God provided the VA jobs and public housing for his folks. God works in mysterious ways.

    Sanctimonious would prolly say, “His ways are not our ways” -Is 55, verse 8, and he’d be very right about that.

  49. I’m baaaaaaack.
    Along with a luscious hamburger from Hamburger Heaven, I’m now the proud owner of 5 new books. One of them being the Ron Suskind that you touted earlier this morning, Craig.

    Jamie… phew… I always wondered who the hell would get up that early on the west coast on the weekend just to see some political show. Glad to know that you may be a political junkie… but you’re not completely crazy… :smile:

  50. Craig, there is no site…I should have made clear that my idea was for you to start one here on the trail…one of our own..using Purples letter…with adjustments, tweaks, or another that you would seem fit…but the idea is for us to have one????

    It could always be dropped if not doing any good…but im thinking that it would…

  51. Finance reform will be talked a lot from here on out….and we will be part of the revolution???…ok thats my sales pitch…..later

  52. RR

    Mr. Cracker is reading the Lennon bio and enjoying it very much. He likes biographies – he just finished the Code Talker about the Navajo’s contribution during WWII and how long it took the US to publicly recognize their work

  53. Solar,

    Sorry to be late with this but I had to pickup the grand kids from school. Here is our combined effort. I think it is real good and covers all of the points.

    Federal Campaign Finance Reform
    In my humble opinion the only way to eliminate the Special Interests including the big banks and corporations from controlling the United States Government including Congress and put the voters in charge is a Constitutional Amendment that will create a Federal Campaign Finance Reform funding for Congress and the President. This Amendment would redefine the first amendment’s “Freedom of Speech” as it pertains to Federal General Elections and Special Interests. The Amendment would prohibit all contributions, including their own money, and advertisements, for or against, Federal General Election Candidates. Only funds provided by the Federal Government would be allowed for Campaigns. This Amendment would not fund or change state primary elections but would allow states to adopt State Campaign Finance Reform for state elections and federal primary elections.

    The cost to the taxpayers would be about $10 billion every 4 years adjusted for inflation. The cost estimates are from the nonpartisan organization Center for Responsive Politics. According to them the cost of a Presidential Election is about $2.0 billion every 4 years and the cost of Congressional Elections are about $4.0 billion every 2 years. This would fund all candidates with the requirement that they achieve at least 10 or 15 percent of the vote or return all money received.

    Since there may be only primary election fund raising required, one of the best, of many, benefits of this plan is the increase in family time and the time that will be available to do the work for their constituents. This is a small price to remove Special Interests and their bias, misguided influence and corruption.”

    When thinking about the damage done to our nationalism that the present system of electing our officials, an era of despair has been created. The common man, the voters have given up in despair the struggle to attain true and fair elections, at present they are predestined, and in need of reform for the common good.

    We can not despair! Civilization lives in and through its upward struggle. Whoever (the voters) despairs and gives up the struggle, that individual or a whole civilization is already dead. We must steadfastly keep the notions that we the people can elect our representatives weather it be State or Federal.

  54. Now it is time for a warm fuzzy feeling.

    Grizly Bear Cub & Wolf Cub Playing
    Lil’ Bear and Tala playing in the Gift Shop of the Woodland Zoo Farmington, Pennsylvania. Note: In the middle of the clip there are pictures of these guys as they are 6 years later. Also note that in the clip I keep referring to the bear as a “boy”, it’s actually a girl.

  55. Solar,

    You may be a mighty man, but even you cannot get campaign finance reform without changing the membership of Supreme Court.

    Knowing his views on Federal intervention in anything in the private sector, do you think that wrong pol would nominate any person to the Supreme Court who opposes campaign finance reform ?

    I don’t think so.

  56. For the good of our nation, the House should impeach and the Senate try, convict, and remove anywhere from 1 to 5 Justices, ASAP. That would help.

    A new SCOTUS could void alito’s decision on campaign finance reform.

  57. Reforming campaign finances would free up $$$ for the 1% of the 1% of the 1%, so they could buy more Van Goghs, more Chou Dynasty bronzes, more Gutenberg Bibles, faster jets w/on board swimming pools, yachts w/runways, planes, and submarines, and castles in Tuscany.

    This would be a win/win.

  58. I see that Teagan Goddard quotes the polls as saying that my Senior Senator, Amy Klubuchar is unbeatable, holding a commanding 2-1 lead over her 2 likely opponents. That’s a nice lead.

    Amy unseated a santorum-style character, the Senator from walMart, mark kennedy. B4 going to the Senate, kennedy had made a living by talking small towns into subsidizing BIG BOX ‘development’. Iow, he was one of those who claimed to be creating jobs, when he was actually getting citizens to tax themselves for the privilege of getting swamped with commie slave labor built goods. Call it Piracy Socialism, and call kennedy a Pirate Socialist.

    Klobuchar crushed him. Now she is about to crush again.

  59. Apparently he chooses to spit on his heritage instead of embracing the opportunities it provided—KGC

    Newtie occasionally does the same thing with his Army brat status depending on the audience.

  60. Purple, thanks for posting and clearing it up for Craig…I was on the two way radios again….and did not get the complete idea out…Who do think about what I posted?


    Not a mighty man… im just but one little, indian…. two little indains, three little indians multiplied many times over can make a big noise….was going to say injuns….but rezdog no like that….

    If our fate is sealed b/c of the supreme s….then we are doomed….do u think that obama will name any liberals to it?…..he is part of the statues quo

    Without our illusions, humor, imagination….what we have left.?…..wait right here….going to the k mart and buying u a little of each…..never mind..u have plenty of em……we cam make a big noise about ‘campaign finance reform’ while having a little fun doing it no?

    Ron Paul would do away with finance reform imo….here is a speech where he sites a law that congress can do away with it…not the supremes….??

  61. Before we can get anything done we need to push a number of constitutional amendments.(yeah, I’m promoting for the long haul)

    So if I controlled the universe and everything, I would:

    First, people are people under the constitution, Corporations only have the rights given them by their incorporating papers, subject to Federal and state law.

    All elections shall be nonpartisan, the government should not be in the business of promoting party politics.

    Eliminate the electoral college, and have a nationwide one man one vote election. have a nationwide primary, non partisan.

    The size of the house shall be determined by the population of the smallest state, and no state may have less than 3 representative.(I’m tempted to limit office and staff in this case to one office and one staff located in the members home district.)

    The Senates advice and consent shall be given with a simple majority vote before the whole senate no less that 30 days after nomination.

    Feel free to add you own.

  62. “Glad to know that you may be a political junkie… but you’re not completely crazy”

    Well I wake up ridiculously early automatically (4:30 – 5:00) so at best can only catch the last hour live. Now they are moving the start to 8:00 AM East Coast Time followed by Melissa Harris Perry, but I’ll probably still tape to be on the safe side. :-)

  63. On this post
    The video reminded me of a basic fact. It is easier to agreement on the problem but much harder to get agreement on a solution. And any more nobody will even conceded they may not even have all the facts.


  64. WJ

    The staff of Congressional offices already has a work load with their constituents that they are completely unable to handle which is why the folks with money and/or influence are able to get their feet in the door (not to mention writing the actual legislation). Parties tell them how to vote on legislation they haven’t had time to read. The whole system is rife for fraud and corruption.

  65. That is why you expand the numbers, and make them stay home.There is no need for them to meet in DC, they can vote electronically. If they stay home and learn to use google then they have a better chance of educating themselves. As to constituient services, that is not their job.


  66. Volcker Says More Market Liquidity Doesn’t Bring Public Benefit

    Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) — Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker said those attacking his namesake rule for reducing trading activity in capital markets ignore that higher volumes may actually lead to bigger risk-taking.

    “There should not be a presumption that evermore market liquidity brings a public benefit,” Volcker, 84, wrote in a letter submitted yesterday to regulators in defense of the rule curtailing banks’ bets on asset prices with their own money. “At some point, great liquidity, or the perception of it, may itself encourage more speculative trading.”

    Republican Congressmen have also criticized the rule, which was passed when Democrats had majority in both chambers. Republican Representative Spencer Bachus of Alabama, who chairs the House Financial Services Committee, said last month that the rule was misguided because proprietary trading didn’t cause the 2008 financial crisis. Volcker in his letter argued that it did.

  67. Craig,

    Really liked the appearance on Keith tonight, but you need a format that allows for slower speech. I know it is my pet peeve, but I really, really like actual conversation when discussing politics. Of course, that is why I like it hear. Can we get a TV show that involves intelligent speech coupled with humor?

  68. WJ

    My best friend in the world just served notice she and hubby are moving to Florida. Before long everyone I know is going to be either in Florida, Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island.

  69. Endorphins make you feel good and keep your healthy. Being in love makes you feel good and keeps you healthy. Red wine is good for the heart and keeps you healthy.
    Chocolate makes you smile and keeps you healthy.

    Valentines Day is obviously a medical necessity.

  70. WJ

    Constituent services is virtually everything the staff is supposed to do. If they don’t do it, who will?

  71. Whiskey Jack…..my nephew is a charter fisher guy in key west if you’re into that kind of thing….if so, message me on facebook and I’ll give you his number….

  72. If you have one congress man for every 190,000 instead of 600-700 thousand then the congressman can easily do any constituent services himself. After all he can live in his comunnity most of the time. It is the 21st century


  73. Mr. Cracker and I watched the grammies
    we did not understand the Nicky Minaj act at all but we are 100% sure it was not in reaction to the Catholic church attacking Obama as was suggested on some show or another.

  74. If I am to read all the books that are recommended here and read all the posts here as well, either the books have to be smaller, or the posts have to be shorter.
    Now which is it to be? 😉

  75. Sturge

    that sounds like fun but I think it is more work than we are planning on. The wife has been looking at a sailing cruise of some kind and I’ve been looking for a quiet bar with a view, or a rowdy bar with a quiet corner. And play in the water, soak up some warm and do other touristy stuff.


  76. Jack,
    Far be it from me to make suggestion, but I like the quiet bar with a view, and the other touristy stuff. 😉

  77. I’m watching Dan Rather’s program on HDNet. Tonight he has Dr Don Berwick, Pres Obama’s recess appointee as head of Medicare and Medicaid programs. He’s history after 16-months because the repugs killed his appointment.

    In any case, the half hour discussion Rather had with Dr Berwick was exceedingly interesting and cut through much of the disinformation planted by the usual culprits.

    The program will be repeated later this week.

  78. Sturgeone,

    Can you find Callahan’s Bar southeast? I understand it is there somewhere. Spider Robinson said it was and I believe everything Spider says.

  79. Jamie

    I think I’ve narrowed down where the gang moved to. Enough so that a little walking around should spot it. After all Harry the parrot will give it away.


  80. Jamie, that is some sad stuff on spiders site. After losing his wife to cancer now his only child has stage 4 breast cancer.


  81. whskyjack says: Count down to vaction and Key West

    whsky, three words: Capt. Tony’s Saloon — the original site of Hemingway’s favorite hangout (the current Sloppy Joe’s is a lie)

  82. Craig

    The wife is working in Miami this week the folks there are telling her she needs to go to Hemmingway’s house and see his six toed cats. Maybe I need to trim my beard to where I look more like Hemingway.


  83. Jack, the Hemingway house tour is a near religious experience, a pilgrimage I make every few years. Plan to linger, don’t rush it. You don’t even have to know a thing about Hemingway or care. It’s the coolest house I’ve ever seen (Edison’s Ft. Myers home a close second), almost like an organism that sprouted up like all the lush foilage around it. And yes, the cats holding court there are quite a site.

    Also, the Truman Little White House is worth a stop. A modest place, like the man, but where he did some big things, like creating the CIA.

    And again, DO NOT bother with the phony tourist trap, Sloppy Joe’s. Capt. Tony’s is the real deal.

  84. by coincidence, the nephew is also Capt Tony….not THAT Capt Tony but Capt Tony none-the-less….I got the impression that everyone down there is a captain of some sort.

    And big yes to Hemingway’s House.

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