The GOP’s Dumb Voter Addiction

Not sure what’s worse, Rick Santorum’s demagoguery or the possibility that it might work. If he wins or even finishes a close second in today’s Michigan primary Republicans don’t need to find a new candidate. They need to find new voters.

Over the weekend Santorum attacked JFK on religion and President Obama for advocating college educations. He defended saying Kennedy’s argument that churches should stay out of politics made him want to “throw up.” He called Obama a “snob” for promoting higher education.

These weren’t off-the-cuff gaffes in drive-by interviews. No, Santorum said these things as part of an obvious strategy to lure evangelical martyrs and resentful knuckleheads to his side in today’s Michigan primary, where those groups could account for well over half of the vote.

If it works for Santorum he could upend the race, put Mitt Romney in a tail spin and provoke a desperate search by GOP party elders for an as-yet-unnamed alternative.

But the real lesson for Republicans in this scenario is that Santorum would be proving that they have become so dependent on ignorant voters that, unless they broaden their message to sentient human beings, their days are numbered.

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  1. Whoooo Hoooo!!!

    And how sad does that make the Democrats look? They keep letting the Republicans kick their butts all over the place on a regular basis.
    The wife just handed me my cup of coffee maybe I can be more positive later {;-)


  2. Craig,
    Very good post!

    Exactly! Democrats have been subservient and weak in the face of Republican’s for along time..President Obama at the head of the Democratic Party has been a further disaster..Wow, how sad for the country that we have so few choices..

  3. yup… no doubt most Democrats in Congress are pussies… but Republicans nowadays are downright loonies. And Santorum is their latest pet. The bigwigs at the convention will tell him to take a dive and don’t come back up…

    the GOP… abusing the country, the voters, and their pets…

  4. Michigan is All the Marbles for Mitt
    by Taylor Marsh

    I’ve wanted a Romney – Obama match from the start, because of the big money political show it would be and the potential for unmasking the big two parties machines in the worst ways.

    But Mitt Romney’s rolling gaffes and his own incompetence as a candidate has been stunning to watch and has put his path to the nomination in jeopardy. That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be formidable, because of the Super PAC avalanche, but also because there are so many world event variables that could still make 2012 tough for Pres. Obama.

  5. the GOP… abusing the country, the voters, and their pets…

    😆 Renee, you funny!

  6. I received several robocalls from Romney yesterday. A few talked about Santorum dealing in dirty politics. Apparently, Santorum had robocalls to Michigan Democrats urging them to vote today and NOT vote for Romney. Romney got mad about that and accused Santorum of being unethical. Santorum admitted to ordering the robocalls. Romney seems pretty worried about today’s primary in Michigan.

  7. About a 20 minute drive east of here… we are lucky to have a little movie theater atop a police station (all you important pundits that read this blog and descend here every 4 yrs for the NH primary know I’m talking about Wilton).

    The owner, Dennis, used to run one of the big artsy fartsy theaters in downtown Boston. He plays mostly those types of movies here… never, ever will he or has he played anything with Stallone in it.

    It cost $6 a ticket… a large popcorn is $3 and you can get a refill for $1. On Sunday matinees bring along a canned good for the local food bank and you get your ticket for $4. Seniors pay $4 regularly and $2 on Sundays. We all consider it a regional treasure.

  8. Renee, Tony,
    It’s not that the Democrats are “pussies” but they seem just as disconnected from reality in their own perverse goofy way. I don’t think any of them understand the concerns of the American people

    I think a lot of it is they are just as out of touch as Romney is because they never have the worries that the rest of us have. How are we going to pay the dental bills for the kids teeth, Will the car keep running long enough so that I can afford another one. Can I pay for college so my children have a future.
    They are , for the most part, rich they run in circles where all their friends are too.Once in a while some consultant will tell them to show concern and they mumble the words. But they can’t feel it in their bones, it is just not their world.


  9. Most impressive thing on the whole trip, the ruins of the overseas rail way. What an engineering and construct marvel.

    jack, you gotta read “last train to paradise:henry flager and the spectacular rise and fall of the railroad that crossed an ocean”

  10. jack, solar (and anyone who likes to dabble with tinkertoys and lincoln logs or the construction business) that book on the key west railroad is a fascinating adventure for engineer/builder types.

  11. Dear Republicans, you are idiots. You’ve spent the last half year trashing the one snowball chance in hell you had to beat Obama, Mitt Romney. Guess you all forgot that you need the independent vote. Do you really think the independent voters have forgotten Gingrich’s hypocritical assault on Bill Clinton? Santorum beat Obama?! What planet do you live on?

    Not to overlook the Democrats-they suck. You all should be ashamed of yourselves for continuing on with all your Party games, protecting your interests on and on, instead of working together to fix this country now. Hang your heads-none of you deserve my vote.

  12. Pat
    thanks for the book info. The construction/engineering details would be fascinating. I’m curious as to why there are two different types of construction Part of the bridge is poured concrete arches set on pads and the rest is steel I beams set on concrete pilings. Has the look of an old Roman road hooked into a modern interstate


  13. And next Sanctimonious heads for the bible belt
    He and Nudie will be duking it out for the most bigoted
    ridiculous statements

    The media I have heard is doing a decent job pointing out the problems with Sanctimonious statements
    Especially the college remarks sine he wants all his kids to gt higher educations.

  14. According to Santorum, education turns people into Democrats. That theory explains a great deal of current Republican philosophy.

  15. From bloomberg news

    The sale shows how deregulation in Texas backfired, driving up costs for those promised savings. Texans paid some of the lowest rates in the country before the changes, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Now they pay the fifth- highest electricity prices. The policy shift toward competition has also misfired in other states including California.

  16. Deregulation of the utilities failed in California because the legislation creating it was structured to make it fail.

    Now the it turns out the main utility company in the state (the creator of the bad legislation) are big fat liars. They take money for tree trimming and use it to pay executive bonuses and then when the winter storms come –oh no! And what about the pipeline inspections — the ulitilies failure to inspect cost
    nine people their lives and wiped out an entire neighborhood.

    True deregulation never had a chance

  17. I hope Michigan gives willard rumdumb a 13 vote plurality, to keep him alive and weak.

    From Ms Cracker : “He and Nudie will be duking it out for the most bigoted ridiculous statements”

    The nude grinch seems to have sewn up the sovereign state of Georgia, even though my Georgian pal Moe will vote for wrong pol (he may be deluded, he’s the only honest one running).

    I would like to see the nude grinch and Sanctimonious Sanitarium split the confederacy apart, perhaps even letting willard and pol each grab a state. HAHAHA

  18. Nudie’s daughters went on the view and Babawawa asked them about the allegations the second wife made –of course they denied them ..duh.

    They claimed Nudie was always very complimentary about their mother ..except of course when he was leaving her for the woman he had been having an affair with.

    Just as hauling out Callista to compete with Ann Romney failed –having the daughters act as his shills also does nothing because everyone knows they are lying
    or unaware of the real truth about Nudie…and his serial philandering.

    I think its weird and creepy that his first wife was his high school teacher

    Still waiting for someone tell me what brilliant idea Nudie had that has done anything for this country.

    Hey X-R are you back in Minnesota or still living it up in the sunshine state?

  19. Remember when Republicans who said anything supportive(or at least non-derogatory)about President Obama were taken to the woodshed by Rush Limbaugh-and then the miscreant Repubs had to go on Limbaugh’s show & act like whimpering puppies?
    And then “Rino” becomes a well used epithet during the 2010 elections,describing any Republican who wasn’t in lockstep with the far right ideology.The Party eats its’ own.
    Any relevant political Party needs diversity & healthy discourse to keep growing.
    The Republican Party has pruned itself to the point where it is a stunted tree with low hanging fruit.

  20. The Democratic party has moved so far right that they have already captured a large percentage of the GOP brains who had fled to the Independents. Unfortunately, in doing so they have left their liberal wing in limbo. Calling the modern Democratic Party “liberal” is a pure GOP wishful thinking. By European standards they are Conservatives and the modern GOP is somewhere off in a mix of religious ecstasy and fantasy land libertarianism

  21. Hey Tony,

    Thanks for the Taylor Marsh piece on Media Matters vs Fakes News and its satellites.

  22. X-r

    that sounds lovely. I think our seasons have been shifted around…after a very mild winter we are now freezing and it is going to start raining later this week…just when it usually stops.

    And speaking of utility issues. We are not on a natural gas line and use propane. Last year we paid
    over 3.85 a gallon with a company that treated us with contempt.

    One of the little towns near by put together a buying group and we got we are paying $2.40 or less per gallon. Needless to say we are very very very happy and now we can turn on the heat without feeling that we are burning money Propane is completely unregulated.

  23. The Republican Party has pruned itself to the point where it is a stunted tree with low hanging fruit.

    sjwny — great line, may I steal it for tv?

  24. The trouble with that low hanging fruit is that right now they are in charge of redistricting in many parts of the country. That means more of their ilk in the House until demographics catch up with them to throw them out of office when all of their 1950 white folks die off.

  25. i’m sked for Young Turks (Current TV) 7p ET tonight, and possibly second show at 10p. Lots of Santorum upset predictions swirling around this afternoon

  26. Santorum upset predictions

    does that mean he going to be upset or that he is going to upset Romney….

  27. Craig… oh goody… the longer the GOP clown show continues, the better.

    I play scrabble with a bunch of friends at the library every other Monday night. Last night we talked about politics (we usually avoid the subject). 2 of them who were life long Republicans said they’ve gotten so disgusted with this GOP field that they’ve reregistered as independents. Keep it going.

  28. An interesting Santorum ad, in both what it includes and what is not there.


  29. Saw my first GOoPer ad today here in TN. Strange–it’s anti-Santorum (on his voting record, not his values fidgets) but pro-nobody.

    One report over the weekend had Sanctorum leading Romney 2-1 in TN. I think that may be true in certain areas; Hamilton & Bradley Counties (i.e. Chattanooga & Cleveland), for instance, because so many fundy type churches have world HQs in those areas. Around Knoxville & Maryville, not so much. A Santorum rally in Knoxville late last week drew a huge crowd of three.

  30. The continued hypocrisy of the Catholic Church with its parishioners and their “do as I say not as I do” attitude is disgusting. Not being a church going person, I believe it is in John 8:2-8 where Jesus said “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” The Catholic Church sure should not be telling any one what is right or wrong with their dismal track record through the ages.

    Ask Santorum what his position is on the Catholic Church’s Child Abuse and Cover Up.

    Monsignor On Trial For Child Abuse Cover Up Alleges Cardinal Destroyed List of Abusing Priests
    By Mark Esposito, February 26, 2012

    For the first time, law enforcement officials are taking aim at not just child abusing priests but those who enabled the crimes by covering up. And what a cesspool they’ve uncovered. Monsignor William Lynn, on trial in Philadelphia on charges of conspiracy and child endangerment has filed a novel motion seeking to dismiss all charges. Lynn alleges that Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua, a long-time pillar in the American Catholic Church, destroyed a memorandum written by Lynn’s superior detailing the abuse and the priests who perpetrated it.

    Monsignor James Molloy’s hand-written memo states:

    “On 3-22-94 at 10:45 AM I shredded, in the presence of Reverend Joseph R. Cistone, four copies of these lists from the secret archives.” The action was taken on the basis of a directive I received from Cardinal Bevilacqua at the Issues meeting of 3-15-94 ….”

    Cardinal Bevilacqua is now free from any jeopardy having died quietly in his sleep on January 31, 2012. After Bevilacqua’s death, a locksmith was called in to open a safe and inside were copies of both the list of predator priests and the memo that it had been destroyed.

    In a statement after Bevilacqua’s death, Pope Benedict XVI praised Bevilacqua’s ”longstanding commitment to social justice and pastoral care of immigrants and his expert contribution of the revision of the church’s law in the years following the Second Vatican Council.”

  31. I’m curious as to why there are two different types of construction Part of the bridge is poured concrete arches set on pads and the rest is steel I beams set on concrete pilings.

    jack, you’re in for a treat. the book goes into great (and not boring in the least) detail including stories of the many who lost their lives while working on that “eigth wonder of the world”

  32. purp, with regard to the church, i’d like to have sanctorum questioned about where he stands on the death penalty.

    am also curious as to what he and newtie gave up for lent this election year.

  33. Pat
    You convinced me, I clicked on the Amazon link so craig gets credit and bought it.


  34. I’m actually touting a Morning Joe must watch. I’ll have to tape. Just tweeted:

    Lyle Lovett ‏ @LyleLovett
    This morning in New York, the Acoustic Group and I record a performance with Joe Scarborough for Morning Joe to air Friday.

  35. “The Democratic party has moved so far right that they have already captured a large percentage of the GOP brains who had fled to the Independents. Unfortunately, in doing so they have left their liberal wing in limbo. Calling the modern Democratic Party “liberal” is a pure GOP wishful thinking. By European standards they are Conservatives and the modern GOP is somewhere off in a mix of religious ecstasy and fantasy land libertarianism.”

    Jamie…Exactly what I think! We now have two right-wing parties…one just a lot further right than the other…in fact, so far right, it’s bordering on insanity. As for libertarianism, all I can say is “and then I grew up!” There are MANY who can’t deal with a survival-of-the-fittest-society; I’m not willing to consign them all to a slow and agonizing death.

  36. HW

    I’m not worried about their slow and agonizing death. I’m worried about crime, pollution, riots etc. Lose the middle class and things can get very, very ugly particularly in overcrowded situations. Put too many deprived survival of the fittest rats in a cage, they eat each other.

    A healthy society has a tiny percentage of uber rich, a tiny percentage of those in poverty due to various disabilities but still cared for and a broad broad middle class with lots of mobility up and down the scale. Without access to opportunity and education, mobility disappears.

  37. Question. All three of my children earned college degrees, does that make me a snob too? 😉

  38. Ha, jamie. They’ve got me hangin around for 10p broadcast so plenty of time to show some leg

    Why Craig are you Jolieing

  39. Two meaningless candidates running in a meaningless primary for a meaningless nomination. My oh my the two party system has really served us well. 😕

  40. Sorry Craig at this hour I shift to Rachel. Since Chris isn’t on their panel, it’s even more attractive. Plus it’s Shuster & Granholm instead of Olbie.

  41. Go Rick hard to believe the goopers would do it but I do believe they have found the male version of Sarah Palin

  42. Mr. Crawford – I just got home. Working funky long hours,but glad for the paycheck.
    You may use anything of mine whenever you want!
    It’s an honor.

  43. Although I agree with your overall points, the Classicist in me must parse the words: I don’t really agree with the use of the word, ‘Demagogue’. The truth is that every single politician today is a demagogue. None of them know how to rule properly. The politicians are ruled by their campaign ambitions, and these stupid political games that they play. If they really knew how to rule, they would make good laws then display them before the public as a reason to re-elect them. The public hates the legislative branch for the very reason that they do these things whether they know how to articulate it in this manner. I probably have said this before but, somethings must be repeated. …I will not say anything about Kennedy, Santorum, and Romney because this post is long enough.

  44. Okay, in order for him to be a demogogue, folks have to follow him, and that has not been demon strated yet.

    Give the boy time.

  45. I have to disagree. Just because we do not agree with him or his followers, it does not make them, non-existent.

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