The 2012 House Angle

For Democrats just marginally amused by the mess that is the Republican presidential race, here’s a reason to get seriously into it. The GOP brand is so tarnished by the hard right turn of this campaign that what was once unthinkable is in the realm of possibility: Retaking the House of Representatives.

“We’ve gone from a gale force wind against us to a sustained breeze at our backs.” — Steve Israel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (Financial Times, 2/28)

But don’t just take a Democratic leader’s word for it. Plenty of Republican elites worry about a collapse down the ballot as they ponder the increasing likelihood that their party will field a weak presidential nominee.

“Six months before this thing got going, every Republican I know was saying, ‘We’re gonna win, we’re gonna beat Obama.’ Now even those who’ve endorsed Romney say, ‘My God, what a fucking mess.’ ” — former Reagan strategist Ed Rollins (New York Magazine)

“All across the nation, there are mainstream Republicans lamenting how the party has grown more and more insular, more and more rigid. This year, they have an excellent chance to defeat President Obama, yet the wingers have trashed the party’s reputation by swinging from one embarrassing and unelectable option to the next: Bachmann, Trump, Cain, Perry, Gingrich, Santorum.” — David Brooks (The New York Times)

Democrats need 25 seats to take back the House from the Republicans. There was a time that even the most optimistic party operatives calculated they had a shot a no more than half of that. These days, those estimates are rising.

The trouble for Republicans is that their presidential race is narrowing its base by playing the politics of subtraction. The competition among White House rivals to target social conservatives who show up in primaries is serving to exclude moderate independents who decide higher turnout general elections for the House, Senate and the White House.

Of course, Democrats could always snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They’re good at that.

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  1. Congrats to all the winners on their Oscar win picks.

    And welcome to the new commentators whom I missed recently in welcoming.

    For all the new TM’ers I’m the resident paranoid at TM and just because you think someone is out to get you doesn’t mean there not out to get you.

    Have a great day TM’ers.

  2. I don’t see Dems. retaking the house. For some odd reason voters, who would not necessarily vote for a lunatic presidential candidate, seem all to willing to vote for lunatic house candidates, and do so repeatedly.
    Just now republicans have a few more lunatics in the house than Dems. 😐

  3. Hi Anon!
    Thanks for the Dreier retirement piece on the other thread! Good riddance to him..This comment from the piece says it all..

    from “Dreier was outed by LA Weekly in 2004 when the newspaper revealed that he had a “romantic relationship” with his own chief of staff. Dreier voted for DOMA, against gay adoption, and against the Hate Crimes Act. He has a 20% rating from the HRC, mostly due to his last minute vote for the repeal of DADT. Dreier has never responded publicly to questions about his sexual orientation. He is a pig.”
    [ ]

  4. Jack,
    Thanks for the piece on Krugman on the other thread..No matter, i trust Paul Krugman..Hell, i don’t understand a lot how the economy works but i have learned much from Paul K..

  5. Of course, Democrats could always snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They’re good at that.

    yeah… both parties seem to be specializing in this nowadays.

    Tony… gee, you mean all those pundits found out that even Catholics don’t want the Catholic Church messing with politics…. let alone non-Catholics.

  6. I know some Catholics who say that the very thought of a nude or Sanctimonious presidency makes them want to upchuck. Only one of these is a Southerner : a black female from Savannah, who moved to MN and married a white pal of mine.

    She and her girlfriend, a white gal and recovering Jerseyite, were both bigshots in oh,bummer’s campaign in MN. They attended the inauguration fetes. By working for oh,bummer they dared the local archbishop to excommunicate them.

    Anyway, there is no possibility that either of these two Catholic women would support either of the Catholic candidates.

    Take that, you old Archbishop, you !

  7. “Six years after the incident, Whittington, 84, is still riddled with the bird shot Cheney accidentally hit him with. Some 30 odd pellets are lodged in the lining of his heart, his gums, his hand, his forehead, and the bridge of his nose… But rather than complain, Whittington refers to the lead embedded in his body as ‘memorabilia,’ and says that he and Cheney remain in touch and still trade hunting tales.”

    What, he couldn’t have just water-boarded him? 😕

  8. I’ve never though retaking the house unthinkable, just look at how all the newbie congress critters have been shooting themselves in the foot. Also how much the Northern Republican governors have contributing toward the cause.

  9. Seeing that Catholics are outnumbered by Protestants 2 – 1, one would expect the former to support the separation of church and state.

    Sanctimonious Sanitarium and the bachmanniac are so far out of the mainstream on church/state that one is beached and the other soon will be.

  10. I always thought Dems would retake the House. In fact, I was surprised by the ripper wins in ’10. Now all those freshman who unseated Dems are up for re-election, and they have nothing to brag about. null. zilch. Zeerro. A couple of these screwballs even complained when the US Navy buried osama bin ladin at sea !

    It is the rip up party that now demonstrates its hatred of America, American traditions, and American values. oh,bummer and the Dems running for Congess ought to advertise this fact.

    Most of these freshman ripper dopes are one termers, who should never gotten to DC in the first place. The country is angry and it’s gonna bust the rippers a good one.

  11. And now we know that DHS has become the American Gestapo though its been thought to have been to protect America from terrorist it instead is being used to spy on American Citizens.

    So here’s also a link on the Nazi Police State.

    From above link………

    Who would get arrested?

    The list was intentionally expansive. Anybody considered to be a political threat was arrested;
    those who made jokes about the Nazi Party were also arrested (jokes about Hitler were punished with death); the “work shy” were also arrested (this fitted in exactly with Hitler’s plan to reduce unemployment as an unemployed person would be offered work at a Labour Exchange and if they refused it as too menial for them, they would be arrested as work shy. As no-one in concentration camps counted as unemployed, the figures for unemployment had to come down; “Bibelforscher’s” were also arrested (these were people who would only seek guidance from the Bible and rejected all Nazi ideas and they also refused to do military service); homosexuals were also arrested and the SS used this as a common tactic to discredit someone. habitual criminals were also arrested.

    In 1936, the Gestapo Law meant that the activities of the Gestapo were free from any review by courts of law. This law effectively meant that the Gestapo became a law unto themselves. This non-uniformed branch of the SS became justifiably feared just as the visible presence of the black uniformed SS men did. Himmler’s view on the SS was simple. In 1943 he said:

    Read rest of link for what was said by Himmler.

    Have a great day.

  12. There was a time when CEO’s with a bottom line in trouble were told to “lay off the men, promote the secretaries who worked for them. You will get twice as much work done at half the price.”

    If the Democratic Party wants the house back, then start a major registration of college women and then get them to the polls. If done right, it could turn around even districts that have been heavily gerrymandered to elect a Republican Member of the House.

    With the GOP solidly backing the rape of women with a foreign object (including their probable Presidential candidate), those young women may have a negative opinion on the subject.

  13. Andy Borowitz on Rick Santorum –

    “Rick Santorum is the perfect leader of the abstinence movement because as a person he inspires abstinence.”

  14. Grand Ayatollah or Grand Old Party?

    Who said it: Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei or U.S. Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum?

    One is a religious fanatic railing against secularism, the role of women in the workplace, and the evils of higher education, as he seeks to impose his draconian moral values upon the state.
    The other is the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  15. Coulter is a sad cliche of a blonde joke. What a waste of good words. It is hard to imagine the person that would call that intellegent writing.


  16. Michigan primary go to sudden death

    We can always hope. although I’m less sure about the sudden part, I’m for a long and slow. Just to get even.


  17. Quote for the day:

    “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living in society, they create for themselves, in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”

    – Frederic Bastiat, French writer and economist, as quoted by Bill Moyers.

  18. Coulter is a sad cliche of a blonde joke

    Oh God Jack,
    Ha, truer words were never spoken!

  19. Good God what is wrong with these people? We aren’t broke enough from two unnecessary wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Haven’t we slaughtered enough innocent men, women and children? Now these idiots want to waste treasure and lives on a third unnecessary war!!!

  20. Georgia Democrats Vote for Santorum-OPERATION CHAOS 2012!
    Come on my fellow Sane Southerners! Let’s keep this GOP Rodeo going!

    Captain Money Mouth Romney$ had an OK night and put little Ricky Googlesearch on the ropes. Sanitarium is clearly Romney$’s biggest challenge and our best hope to get to a brokered convention for the GOP.

    Democrats and Independents CAN VOTE IN THE GOP PRIMARY IN GA. this Tuesday. No hassle, no change of registration required. So please join me in The Dixie Dove’s Operation Chaos! And don’t feel guilty! I know it may seem cynical to vote for someone who would hurt our country if actually elected, but nooooo! That’s not how it is. Sure Sanitarium would suck as prez and I don’t want to even flirt with women losing their basic human rights, but he’s no worse than Romney! Romney would sell the whole damned country to China and change the US Constitution into the Walmart employees manual!


  21. When I first saw the lead on this thread,The 2012 House Angle,I was stricken with fear at the prospect that Sharon Angle had announced her candidacy. Whew! What a relief that it was about lunatics in general and not her in particular. 😉

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