178 thoughts on “Rush is Done”

  1. Ya just have to understand Rush..he was just horny that day. He was the one who was wanting all that sex..sex..sex. And he needed some pics to go with it. Evidently he likes videos too.

    Didn’t you see all the squirming he was doing? It was just a projection. He couldn’t get his Viagra to keep his Tonka Toy up. Even if he could..he couldn’t get anyone to play with the little truck.

    With all that squirming..for three days..he might have finally come. Unfortunately..everyone else went.

    Woo Hoo!

  2. Is there a drug interaction between Viagra and oxycontin (or oxycodone or whatever it is he gets his help to get him)?

    So it’s finally stupor Tuesday. I only hope Santorum splits with Romney (I couldn’t care less how Nudie does – he’s no more than a distraction anymore. But I want Ricky to keep slicing and dicing Romney. With the contest within 1.5% according to RCP, and with proportional delegate apportionment, looks like the bloodbath will continue – and I welcome that. Gives the Dems more soundbites with pictures of a red meat doing the talking – the O machine just has to air the barbs with the O message at the end – I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message.

  3. Newt’s Latest Big Idea
    by Taylor Marsh

    Newt Gingrich is delusional.

    Hey, but it’s no crime, as long as he’s kept away from anything powerful in the U.S. government, which Rick Santorum can’t do, because he’s having trouble managing all the states. So, with today Super Tuesday and with 437 delegates at stake, according to Politico, though the Washington Post says it’s 419, Mitt Romney will do the job no one else can do, add yet another nail in Newt’s political pine box.

  4. We need to bring back banishment. Send the republican pigmeisters to the moon…Gangrich’s banishment colony. They can travel on the New Mayflower out of Sir Richard’s spaceport! Rush should be the first to go and communication with Mother Earth is forbidden.

  5. We should all send thank you notes to Comedy Central and to Jon Stewart for the gift they gave us by putting Colbert on his own show. After watching Stewart and Colbert I generally drift off to sleep with a grin on my face. (Mrs. P think’s I’m simple – and she might be on to something there.) :roll:

  6. While there may be no parallel, I can not help but wonder how long it will be before talk radio hosts on both sides of the spectrum cross the line once too often and way too far? All of them including Rush would do well to remember the name Alan Berg. :sad:

  7. They may be on to something here.

    People Aren’t Smart Enough for Democracy to Flourish, Scientists Say

    Mato Nagel, a sociologist in Germany, recently implemented Dunning and Kruger’s theories by computer-simulating a democratic election. In his mathematical model of the election, he assumed that voters’ own leadership skills were distributed on a bell curve — some were really good leaders, some, really bad, but most were mediocre — and that each voter was incapable of recognizing the leadership skills of a political candidate as being better than his or her own. When such an election was simulated, candidates whose leadership skills were only slightly better than average always won.

    Nagel concluded that democracies rarely or never elect the best leaders. Their advantage over dictatorships or other forms of government is merely that they “effectively prevent lower-than-average candidates from becoming leaders.”

  8. I’ve never seen a pig ride off into the sunset.

    Here’s hoping that there is a first time for everything. 😉

  9. “I wonder what Rush’s wife thinks of his remarks. I think this one is about the same age as Ms. Fluke and I’m 100% sure she is using birth control.” -Ms Cracker @ 5:44pm on March 5th.

    I doubt that la limbag is on birth control, since she is only a beard to cover for rush’s actual sexual alignment.

  10. xrep, are you trying to tell us that sometimes a cigar is not always a cigar?


  11. Ok enough of the cigar stuff, I just deleted a page of comments that would have made me no better than Rush except mine were more funny.


  12. I hope I got that correced before anyone caught it. Anyway, Jace has a point that assh*les like the rushians ought to remember Alan Berg. Regarding inflammatory personal attacks, they ought to remember governor huey long. Regarding the allegation that some enemy had threatened to burn down la maison de limbag, I’ll bet that his pet Igor called it in from a phonebooth in seedy motel.

  13. Imagine Rush’s relapse…it will happen, if it hasn’t already. Drug addict with a raging hard-on against women…hide your women and children, possibly your pets.

  14. Cute tweet about Fox:

    When they refer to the Founding Fathers they mean Roger Ailes, Rupert Murdoch and Bibi Netanyahu.

  15. “Nagel concluded that democracies rarely or never elect the best leaders. Their advantage over dictatorships or other forms of government is merely that they “effectively prevent lower-than-average candidates from becoming leaders.”

    I guess nagel considers richard nixon, senile bush, and babybush to be above average. HAHAHA

    One possible glaring error is that many, if not most voters actually do recognize the best leaders, but choose to vote for something other than leadership. Like, Pumpkins v Integration, Pig Lips v Brocolli, or AWOLs v Bronze Star recipients.

  16. Ms Wino’s right. First there was rush’s mistake of calling law students, and one in particular, sluts. He then doubled down and called for these ‘prostitutes’ to send him porn. Next, he issued another attack, one that his handlers, clear channel, and fakeNews labeled ‘apology’.

    This could well be a sign that the head of the ripper Party is stoned out of his mind. It could also mean that syphilis is turning his brain into really stinky swiss cheese.

  17. roy cohen exhibited similar abusive verbal thrashings before his vile life succumbed to AIDS. Maybe some man gave rush the virus.

  18. I personally think Colbert is better than Stewart…. his parody is spot on.

    The latest, greatest CSM cartoon.

  19. MALLOY’s comments, reported by BRIAN MALONEY’s RADIO EQUALIZER site, included, “They keep being killed, you know, their God, if this is where they want to look at it, keeps smashing them into little grease spots on the pavement in — uh — uh — in — in, you know, in ALABAMA and MISSISSIPPI and ARKANSAS and, uh, GEORGIA and, uh, OKLAHOMA, you know, the Bible Belt. ‘Where they ain’t going to let no goddamn science get in the way — it says in the Bible, blah blah blah blah blah!’
    “So, according to their way of thinking, you know, God, with his omnipotent thumb, reaches down here tonight and so far tonight has smashed about 20 people into a grease spot on Highway 12 or whatever the hell highway they live next to. It’s sad, it’s so sad for this kind of nonsense.”

  20. Do any of you know what Matt Taibbi said, or did, to be listed with Bill Maher, Chris Matthews, and Keith Olbermann as left-leaning misogynists?

    I’m guessing he earned the label, just wondering if there was a specific event or column that any of you are aware of.

  21. I’m amused by all the attempts to defend Rush with equivalency. Others have done it so it is ok. The problem is that Rush went so over the top and did so for three days that there is no equivalency. As to your attempt mqw, if you truly can’t see the lack of equivalency, then I probably can’t explain it.


  22. Quote for the day

    Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.
    Maya Angelou

  23. Jack , I wasn’t defending anyone , but calling little dead babies greasy spots in the road , seems to cross the line , or is outrage only good for those you politically disagree with
    Me I don’t care what some idiot says on the radio
    Free speech and all , all I have to do is click a button and listen to what I want

  24. As I said if you can’t understand then you can’t,
    As to free speech? That is not even at issue with Limbaugh. The supreme court has been very clear that one of the types of speech that is not protected under the first amendment is slander.
    And no I don’t want to live in your world where slander is acceptable.


  25. or is outrage only good for those you politically disagree with

    btw, you have read enough of my posts here to know, that this is an insult that should have been answered with a big FU


  26. MQW,

    So malloy’s an idiot. So what ? I Tell you what, I’ll trade you :

    You take people like rush off the air, and I’ll take people like Malloy off the air.

    You’ll be taking 10 big names off for every small fry I remove.

  27. Free speech ? The rip up lican SCOTUS says spending is free speech. So, when I tell aol that I won’t ever buy a product from a corporation that provides a livlihood for limbag, that’s free speech.

    But, when a M!LL!ON of us do the same thing, rip up licanscall it intimidation, and attempts to stifle free speech. What liars the rippers are.

    This is nothing more than a Big Business Klusterpugk and stupidass rippers want government to be more like business ?

  28. If all you freak speech supporters of rush limbag don’t like that the rest of us are exercising OUR right of free speech, then maybe you’d better get your lousy ripper congermen to impeach scalia, kennedy, thomas, roberts, and alito.

  29. It’s time for someone to ‘deny’ clear channel and all of the subsidiaries.

    stuxnet ’em.

  30. OK , I’m not a regular Taibbi reader so I had heard about the outrage but never read the piece.
    LOL, there are no insults , the piece is full of praise for the man.

    Taibbi’s obit


  31. Thanks, Craig. Do you mind if I exercise my right of free speech and pass this list of tweethandles to everyone I know ?

  32. MQW…I agree with you that all talk show hosts need to be held to a higher standard. Let’s require that they speak both honestly and respectfully…even of those with whom they disagree. Oops! There goes Fox (so-called) News…their honesty/truth quotient is just too low. And, if you’ll be honest with yourself, there goes Rush. He’s spent years denigrating in the worst possible terms anyone who has even the most minor disagreement with his world view. His language is and always has been vile and disgusting. That he is now hoist upon his own petard is fine with me. It’s about damn time!

    There are talkers on the left that I find too bombastic for my taste…and, consequently, rarely listen to…but there are none I’ve heard who use the language of Rush Limbaugh, and certainly none who use such language without paying a price. I’m sorry, but I don’t hear ‘grease spot’ in the same way that I hear ‘slut’ and ‘prostitute’ and all the words he threw in before, after and in between those two words. He went after one very identifiable young woman in a truly vile way. Bless her heart…as a third year law student, I’m going to assume she has the tools to make the right decision about a lawsuit.

  33. Do any of you know what Matt Taibbi said, or did, to be listed with Bill Maher, Chris Matthews, and Keith Olbermann as left-leaning misogynists?

    Apparently the maroons making the list have no clue about misogyny if Taibbi’s sin was talking smack about
    Breitbart after he died and where were the rightwing cries of outrage when he said horrible things about Senator Ted Kennedy after he died

    Rush keep him around – he is now the perfect emblem for the goopers – a loud mouth clueless idiot who is terrified of being irrelevant

  34. The president is having a press conference and the first thing he did was slam all the republican candidates for promoting going to war casually but when questioned have no solutions.

    I would say he is successfully screwing with the Republicans super tuesday.

    I got a good look at Nudie yesterday and he has a comb up and over

  35. It is time to collect all the pictures of rush posing with each ripper pol. People have to rush (pardon it) if they want to rescue these damning bits of campaign evidence from the jaws of the ripper Memory Hole. They will be useful in October.

    Example : “Here’s a picture of Congressman Slutmaker sharing an obscene joke with world class pervert rush limbag. Here are two more taken in other years.”

  36. Obama at press conf just now, on Rush: “All decent folks can agree, the remarks that were made don’t have any place in public discourse.” On why he called Sandra Fluke: “I don’t want Sasha or Malia attacked or called horrible names because they’re being good citizens.”

  37. Oh dear, did someone say unkind things about how unkind breitbart was ?

    I won’t do that. I’ll say only something good :

    breitbart tells fewer lies these days.

  38. “xrepublicans says: Craig. Do you mind if I exercise my right of free speech and pass this list of tweethandles to everyone I know?”

    ha, knock yourself out. i’m just the facilitator. perhaps some wish to thank advertisers for supporting Rush. Free speech for all

  39. Limbsugh , Levine , hannity , savage ,
    Y’all can get all of them off the air , wouldn’t bother me a bit , they’re all a bunch of Israel firster war mongers ,
    Just saying if you’re going to have standards , they should apply to right and left

  40. Malloy’s comments were tasteless, but he did not call anyone anything. You can infer plenty from those remarks, and the remarks may have offended individuals in the group of Bible Belt believers who hold the beliefs he was referring to (suggesting that their belief in god and the teachings of the bible are inherently contradictory and are not based in fact), but he was not singling anyone out. Therein lies the difference.

  41. 1. Malloy didn’t say, “Little Mary is a grease spot.” He just used the phrase ‘grease spot’ as a synecdoche for straw person who dies in a storm.

    2. He didn’t tell a lie about a particular Mary’s private life or morals.

    3. He didn’t demand that particular Mary make porn videos.

    4. He didn’t demand that particular Mary send him porn videos of herself.

    Are those enough differences for you MQW ?

  42. Craig who was the reporter who wanted to say the left is never called out and kept yelling out his follow-up

    This is the dumbest argument ever — yes it occurs on the left but in terms of mean spirited anti women rude remarks — that property is owned and occupied by the right. Not too mention showing affront over remarks that might be ill advised although true –kind of like when they made every critic of Shrub’s Iraq war apologize for every critical remark…the pete stark apology for example and the numbers of panties that were in a wad over general betrayous. If the right wanted an apology for left’s misogyny you gotta call it out –that’s how it works. The right sit on its collected butts and the reason limpballs caved was because of organizing on the left.

    The reason the misogyny of the left doesn’t get called out is because the right is thinking the same thing
    and doesn’t get the offense.

  43. I mean, there is a humongous difference between saying, “right wingnutters often rob banks” and saying, “MQW robs banks”. I think you can agree to that.

  44. mqw says:
    03/06/2012 at 1:59 PM

    Limbsugh , Levine , hannity , savage ,
    Y’all can get all of them off the air , wouldn’t bother me a bit , they’re all a bunch of Israel firster war mongers ,

    Just saying if you’re going to have standards ,

    they should apply to right and left

    Finally the truth, the GOP has no standards

  45. by John Avlon, Daily Beast

    While Rush is still a giant of the talk-radio industry, there are signs of erosion. Right-wing talk-radio ratings have been declining, at least in part because of PPMs, a new, more accurate way of measuring listenership. In Chicago, Boston, and Minneapolis, local talk-radio stations outperform the station that airs Rush and his national conservative-talk cohort. In San Diego, Philadelphia, and Washington, the local NPR station outranks the Rush affiliates.

    Moreover, the Clear Channel radio empire is no longer run solely by the conservative San Antonio–based Mays family—it was sold to Bain Capital and Thomas H. Lee partners in 2008, and the CEO of its parent company is now Bob Pittman, the man who gave the world MTV.

  46. “This controversy will no doubt give Rush a temporary ratings lift, but it won’t be worth the damage that’s been caused in terms of loss of revenue and advertiser confidence,” says WTOP program director Laurie Cantillo, who previously directed Limbaugh’s flagship station, WABC. “It is perceived by many as an attack on young women who represent the holy grail for ratings. Women 25–54 is the prize demo for most advertisers. Rush’s remarks strike at the heart of the audience they’re trying to reach, hence the apology. This is an audience that’s already been in gradual decline on many right-wing radio stations, so Rush’s gaffe compounds the problem.”

  47. Kcg , you had no problem with someone in Jerry browns campaign calling Whitman a whore , in fact I think you commented that yes she was a whore ,

  48. If it is true, that Ms Cracker called some corporate flack in the whitman bighead campaign a whore, I shall support MQW’s efforts to strip the Nationally-Known Media Elite, Ms Graham Cracker, of every one of her radio and tv advertisers. That should show how even handed we levelers are.

    I am delighted to discover that Ms Cracker and rush limbag are equivalent voices in the American Media.

  49. a political whore to be precise
    but you are right
    calling her a whore is wrong it’s an insult to sex workers

  50. Xrep,I’m sure you have no problem with Malloys comments , sort of reminds me of you’re comment in the spring of 2010 ,
    You posted here that those 19 people that were drowned in a flash flood in arkansas was gods punishment for Lincoln wining her primary over halter

  51. Craig,

    Thanks, I had read Taibbi’s Breitbart “Obit” and I’m not surprised that Matt got some flack for it, but as KGC noted, that one can’t, or shouldn’t, be labelled misogyny. In fact, it seems Taibbi was just returning the favor regarding Breitbart’s comments when Ted Kennedy passed away.

  52. And I apologize

    Dear Big Giant Forehead,

    I am sorry I amused myself at your expense during the
    governor’s race in which you thought you could substitute money for experience and well thought out platforms.

    I shouldn’t have done it. You are certainly not a common street prostitute often called a whore.

    With Fondest Personal Regards

    Katherine Graham Cracker

  53. mqw says:
    03/06/2012 at 2:45 PM

    Xrep,I’m sure you have no problem with Malloys comments , sort of reminds me of you’re comment in the spring of 2010 ,
    You posted here that those 19 people that were drowned in a flash flood in arkansas was gods punishment for Lincoln wining her primary over halter

    Really mqw get a grip and get a sense of humor while you are at it. This is actual comedy and satire.

  54. Jack… thanks for posting that Taibbi piece on Breitbart… I didn’t know Taibbi could do that kind of satire… which as usual, the right didn’t get… LOL!

    KGC… I LOVE it when you’re on fire… ROFL!

  55. KGC may be right in that Limbaugh is a valuable weapon for the Democrats.
    For the Republicans it is more of a case “with friends like that who needs enemies”
    Certainly they are feeling that at Georgetown.

    Some Georgetown Students Back Sandra Fluke in Limbaugh Flap, Others Feel Muzzled

    But some students who don’t share Fluke’s views—that Georgetown should fund contraception coverage for its students—have grown hesitant to voice their opposition, lest they be lumped with that outlandish wingnut, Rush. One after the next, students describe Georgetown as a place where healthy, thoughtful dialogue and disagreement thrives, but many feel less comfortable talking about contraception than before.

    “It’s an easy weapon against our argument to compare us to Rush Limbaugh,” said third-year law student Drew Sullivan. “The fear is that our voice would be muted by liberals who would paint us as his disciples, when our argument is based on constitutional values.”


  56. Regarding my comments on the Arkansas floods, as I explained in detail before, I was lampooning bible-thumping celebrators of death and destruction. You may remember that many of your fellow rippers rejoiced that a thousand people died in New Orleans when Hurricane Kristina hit. That offended me. My comment was mordant and perhaps morbid, but unlike the rude comments of your Westboro Baptist brethren, it was not meant to denigrate the dead.

    As to Molloy, I don’t know him except for your promotion of him. If he exists, and the script you provided is accurate, he seems to be a semi-literate buffoon, whos uses English as a second language. As to the grease spot comments, he wasn’t articulate enough to get the point across until others here, including you, explained him. I assume that you are correct that he was attempting to lampoon as I did, without the language skills to pull it off.

    I congratulate you on your ability to decipher inarticulate ESL. I only wish that you could understand my remarks as well as you do Molloy’s.

  57. We should not forget that westboro’s god hates America and Israel, just like some people here do.

    ( :>D))<

  58. Just saying if you’re going to have standards , they should apply to right and left

    mqw, i agree and, if what you meant in your comparison was holding incivility in contempt whether the uncivil is rightwing or leftwing, i agree with you there also.
    however, the retchedness of rash’s slander against a particular individual was ramped by his radio megaphone causing instant and widespread damage to her reputation, both personal and professional. whereas the cruel and insensitive reference to tornado victims as grease spots may have caused pain and deeply felt hurt, but there was no living person identified in it or financial damage done by it.

  59. this conversation reminds me of the uproar caused years ago in the age of relative civility when a florida campaign spokesman called the opponent (well-known for being a perennial candidate) a “political nymphomaniac”

  60. Powers in a professional Democrat for the right Fox has quite the group of them

    However, the instances she sited are gross and disgusting. But all were about public figures.
    Let’s remember Michelle Malkin is the person who outed a sick child and his family because she WRONGLY thought they were cheating on their income statements for health care eligibility. I don’t believe she ever apologized. After allthe right does not believe in apologizing just ask any of your candidates.

    Maybe we should have a national day of atonement for past sins of uncivil behavior and everyone gets a fresh start. But beware the first person who goes over the line.

    Again where was the outrage on the right?
    If your own team won’t stick up for you –hey. And you wonder why the Republican party has trouble with women voters. What about the Canter/McHenry Attacks on Nancy P?

  61. KG,
    As I said, I am well aware of Powers employment, that
    doesn’t make her opinions less valid…& I do certainly know that the comments were directed at public figures, however it changes nothing in the venom directed at women (any & all women) on a regular basis…if there is to be continued outrage should be equal opportunity outrage…Maher, et al deserve no passes & it sure appears as if he & the others have gotten just that & even more so accepted..so long as its from someone on ‘our side’ whoever’s side that may be…& it is directed at the ‘enemy’…

  62. Coreen
    I’m not excusing the remarks Powers cited I said I found them gross and disgusting. And if everyone wants to call a truce and make a clear set of standards that would be a very good thing.

    We cannot excavate every bad comment made by everyone and settle the score (even though I think the left would be found less offensive by far)

    I agree with mqw if you are going to have standards they shouldn’t be conveniently applied. I’m happy to have standards we all just need to agree on what they are and move on

  63. Coreen,

    The Kirsten Powers piece is where I saw Taibbi listed with those guys, and I’m wondering if something other than the Breitbart Obit helped him make the list. If it was only the Breitbart piece, Ms. Powers is painting with too broad a brush.

  64. Also Bill Maher is known as a misogynist and gets called out for it.

    I never heard the Taibbi remarks. I like him but not only is a misognist but apparently an ageist as well
    But when your career is described in the following way I doubt the standards of mainstream journalism apply
    The Matt Taibbi Primer: A Wild, Deranged and Disgusting Slideshow

    If political/financial/sports journalist Matt Taibbi were writing the introduction to this slideshow, he would probably do something self-referential, exaggerated and parodic. Something like, “Throughout his aggressive, mischievous, occasionally drug-fueled career, Taibbi has made cunnilingus jokes about a secretary of state, found the lighter side in the death of a Pope and chronicled the historical role Read More

    And I’ve never thought much of Ed Schultz –many people talk about his over the top bombastic rhetoric. I am happy to force Ed Schultz to apologize and write to his sponsors

  65. Re Power piece( and yes who she is writing for counts)

    IMO it is again an attempt to find eqivalency. When you roll all the comment, made in that piece togather it doesn’t come up to the level of the first 10 min of Rush limbaugh. Yet he did it 3 hr a day for three days.
    You can add all the odious things that the rest of the right wing talkers said about HRC and still it doesn’t equal what Rush did last week.
    I have never heard anything like it anywhere and I have run with some rough crowds in my day.
    So for anybody to even hint at an excuse makes me question that persons moral character as well.


  66. hey Craig…
    are you going to be on Current TV tonight covering Super Duper Tuesday?

  67. Radio Experts: Limbaugh May Have Triggered Long-Term Ad Exodus

    Latest List of Advertisers Dumping Rush (30)
    1. Netflix
    2. Deere & Co. (John Deere)
    3. Stamps.com
    4. PolyCom
    5. St. Vincent’s Medical Center
    6. Philadelphia Orchestra
    7. Bethesda Sedation Dentistry
    8. Cascades Dental
    9. Goodwill
    10. Hadeed Carpet
    11. Service Magic
    12. AccuQuote Life Insurance
    13. Bare Escentuals
    14. Vitacost
    15. AOL
    16. Tax Resolution Services
    17. Heart & Body Extract
    18. Bonobos
    19. Sears
    20. Allstate
    21. Sensa
    22. Thompson Creek
    23. ProFlowers
    24. Carbonite
    25. Geico
    26. Sleep Train
    27. Sleep Number
    28. LegalZoom
    29. Citrix
    30. Quicken Loans

  68. “RebelliousRenee says: hey Craig… are you going to be on Current TV tonight covering Super Duper Tuesday?”

    yep RR, first hit around 8:40p, various times for the duration

  69. “whskyjack says: Craig So what are your predictions?”

    Easy. Romney has already won the delegate prize tonight, which is the only count that counts now. Doesn’t matter whether he wins popular vote in key states, Rick and Newt campaigns failed to qualify for enough delegates to challenge him. It’s over.

  70. KG
    Yes, good to know you are still…well you…
    always said there is no one I’d rather have
    my back than you…

    as for me, doesn’t much matter what any of them are considered…as far as I’m concerned they are just as culpable & they don’t deserve a pass….

  71. Ed

    Kirsten Powers mentioned specific comments directed at women by Taibbi as well as the others..have no idea if she included him
    as a result of his comments about breitbart’s
    death, if that’s what you mean…

  72. Good point craig, so the rest of them are just in it for bragging rights. Or maybe like the seagulls we watched on Key West one would catch a fish and the other would chase him hoping he would drop it.

  73. Craig, from the pundit perspective it may be over. From the Democrat perspective, I hope not. I did hear that Santorum’s sugar daddy said he won’t carry this Romney shredding on forever and will spend $100M to defeat Obama. When he pulls the plug on Santorum, it’s over, until then, game on and let the shredding continue.

  74. kirsten powers works for the companies that hate women as a matter of public policy – even though they might treat female employees with respect. As powers works for them, I consider her to be doing business as a Democrat and a woman-hater.

  75. Pogo, sorry but your fun is done. GOP bigwigs in a 3-point stance to push Rick and Newt out starting tomorrow, will threaten their political futures if they don’t. Believe me, the general election begins tonight. That’s your “game on.”

  76. Poor rich, white, privileged, male, coddled, enormous, pampered, rush limbag. He was beaten up by that mean little girl. How unfair.


  77. And as for Newt, same thing – as long as Sheldon pays, he’ll attack. He may support Newt now, but Sheldon said he’ll fully support the ‘cant nominee – I guess with the green salve Romney will need to stop the bleeding that he and Foster enabled Newt and Rick to inflict.

  78. Craig, well, then, refer to my first post on this thread. The soundbites up to now will have to do…and I think they will do just fine TYVM.

    See ya – gotta see a man about a horse.

  79. Craig,

    grinch and sanctimonious are impervious to threats from the ripper kremlin. Their political careers have been dead for years anyway, so what difference does it make ? They can kamikaze it out, and when willard goes down 62 – 38, they can whine, “I told you so !” and remake what’s left of the party in their own warped and swollen images.

  80. Even better, grinch and sanctimonious can unite, run as a 3d party, and knock willard into 3d place in November. Then the bigshot ripper commisars would have to have to come crawling to them, if they want to get back in the game.

  81. I’m not saying that you are wrong, just that for the puguglies, it is a horribly nasty, long, time until they get to Tampa, and willard is self-damaged goods.

  82. I’m not betting against what you’re saying xrepub. I’m just saying I’m impressed by the number of GOP elites across the party spectrum who are planning to get really tough on Rick and Newt, and their sugar daddies, if tonight goes as well for Mitt as expected (which I’d define as winning more than 200 delegates). They’ll risk becoming pariahs within those circles if they keep going for more than a week or two, and their speaking fees and consulting contracts are dependent on those circles.

  83. Prediction

    willard – AK*, ID, ND*, VT, MA

    grinch – GA, NC*

    Sanctimonious – OK, TN, OH*, VA*


  84. Hmmm. Does Missouri have a bust of T.S. Eliot ? I doubt it.

    Vincent Price ? I wonder.

  85. I heard an analysis of the GOP race on the Ratigan Show today that said Santorum isn’t really running to become president now. He’s essentially running to get name recognition in preparation for a 2016 run.

    If that analysis is correct, I think Obama should choose someone other than Biden to be his running mate for the national election. Biden is never going to be president,IMO. I’d love to see someone younger, with lots of enthusiasm, and I don’t care about the gender… I want someone who could carry the Dem party (and this country) into the future.

    I know we all think Santorum is a joke now. But as I said the other day, Reagan was considered a national joke in his first run in 1968. I don’t want Santorum as president now or ever.

  86. I really want willard to be the one, I just want him to sweat a B!LL!ON $$$ to get the nomination.

    Then, as the ripper convention grinds to a coronation, I want a Dem Catholic Pac to place ads in all the states with more than 20% Catholic population, reminding the Catholics, especially the US Council of Bishops, that willard brags about his success in converting Catholics to Mormonism. Then I want another Catholic Pac to put up an ad reminding Catholics and the Council of Bishops that willard has a Pro-Abortion record. Then I want a ‘Mormon’ pac to place a swiftboat ad bragging about willard’s success in converting heathens. I want these ads to show up on coronation night.

    It’s called running up the score.

  87. Georgia only revives nudie if he gets over 50% and that is not happening

  88. Hey Coreen

    I was hoping you would weigh in on the housing settlement and some of the current Obama initiatives

    In Northern California the number of foreclosures has started to recede but the number of people who owe more
    (a lot more) on their homes then its worth is growing.

  89. CNN needs to rid itself of the lame gooper commentators
    especially Fleshier –Gloria Borger took him to school tonight even David Gergen felt comfortable piling on

  90. Jamie

    David Gergen claimed that Scott Brown is a head 9% because of the contraception -abortion issue –he was trying to make the point the issue cuts both ways.
    He quoted a poll that was in the Boston Globe

  91. Sarah Palin defending Rush’s right to free speech because that’s what the left does –attacks the defenseless

  92. Newt was the one who took to calling Democrats “The Elite”. It’s getting very old, but I guess the uneducated find it a way to express their dissatisfaction.

  93. KGC

    It has been a long time since David Gergen has been right about anything. He just opens his mouth in the right locations often enough to stabilize his speaking fees.

  94. OK that was weird, I just watch Mrs Newt introduce Mr Newt, Her face never moved. I’m not used to that, in my world peoples faces move, they express emotions, great joy , great anger. She could have been a manikin with a recorded voice. Maybe she was(shrug)


  95. Jamie
    Gergen is just another inside the beltway serious commentor. In other words one of the out of touch and clueless class.


  96. Nudie wants people to promote his $2.50 gas lie

    He wants them to post and tweet Newt =2.50 gas
    I’m thinking Newt = 50cent gas bag

  97. It is good to pull up this site and see CT & Pogo at the top of a thread that says “Rush is Done”.
    2 days from now I will be in Chaco Canyon. I will be leaving black guitar picks for you all.

    Sturg – The rock cutter gives me a great rate, & when I return from Chaco I will have your bass man rock.

  98. Newt Gingrich, even more delusional in victory than in defeat.

    Hello my name is Newt Gingrich and when we get to the moon gas will be $2.50 a gallon. 😉

  99. Now it’s Santorum with “The Elites”. Heaven forbid that anyone should praise education and accomplishment.

  100. Sanctimonious just took a little trip down the Pacific coast Highway

    He is equating health care in America with mind control

  101. That darn government, making the air fit to breathe and the water fit to drink. We really need to get rid of them.

  102. xrep if Vincent Price does not have a bust in the hall of Missourian famous peeps…he should.

    A wise man of last century —

    One example of his outspoken political action came when he concluded an episode of The Saint titled “Author of Murder”,[11] which aired on NBC Radio on July 30, 1950.[12] While concluding the episode, Price denounced racial and religious prejudice as a form of poison and stated that Americans must actively fight against it because racial and religious prejudice within the United States fuels support for the nation’s enemies.[13]

    And cbob…Chaco canyon. My favorite spiritual place. Stay warm.

  103. Jamie as a blonde, in viewing the results tonight, Callista needed a touch-up along with most of the blonde talking heads on Faux News.

    Meow, purr.

  104. wow, looks like Santorum is more conservative than the Mullas

    Question :
    What is Grand Ayatollah Sistani’s fatwa on the use of IUD and pills by a woman to prevent pregnancy?
    Answer :
    It is permissible for a woman to use Intrauterine Devices (IUD) and other birth control devices provided that they do not pose serious harm to the woman’s health and that the insertion of the device does not involve a harãm act, such as the male touching or looking at the private parts of the woman’s body that are forbidden for him to look at. Similarly, it should not involve the female looking at, and touching without gloves the private parts that are harãm to touch or look at. Moreover, the IUD should not cause the abortion of the fertilized ovum after its implantation [in the womb].7

    LOL, the things you can find out on the internet tubes

  105. Jamie

    I know a few people who do botox but that was just scary. I have never seen the whole face paralyzed.

    Then that helmet of a hair do.
    She has to have a permit from the epa, think of the chemicals involved.


  106. I’ve always known Limbaugh was a troglodyte. Here’s a song for him:


    Please understand, troglodytes and Ohlfahrts are completely unrelated.

  107. In today’s presser, I thought our president cast Rush in the perfect role–as the unnamed “radio announcer” during the past week’s events.

  108. Now this was funny:


    The first draft of Romney’s speech tonight: 0 11 001 101 0110 1001 10 101010 111 10101 101 01 101010 10011 01 10 101100 1101010

  109. The computer geeks are playing politics tonight or am I only finding this hilarious because I wrote COBOL in 1980?:


    I would like to note the moment that Twitter started discussing *which* programming language is Mitt’s native tongue.

  110. Jamie, who thought up that name, Limbaugh? Argh. Does he have tea and videos with his tarts?

  111. Have a safe and happy trip, CBob. It’s been a long time, and I guess it will be longer. I hope you are feeling up to making another big differnce when you return.

  112. I’ve heard them called “Lemon Tarts” for decades. Someone noted that when a man traded in a 50 for two 25’s the majority of them were top heavy and blond.

  113. Oops, willard took VA.

    I hope that Santorum balances that loss by taking OH. Apparently he has a slim lead there.

  114. Prediction

    willard — AK*, ID, ND*%, VT#, MA#

    grinch — GA#, NC*%

    Sanctimonious — OK#, TN#, OH*, VA*%

    *=squeaker #= correct pick %=mistake

  115. So far, I got 5 right and missed on 2 :
    willie got VA from the Saint, but the Saint got ND from willie.

    71.428% is a passing grade, but Xrepublican am capable of doing better work. I give him a C- grade.

  116. Got home a short time ago, turned on Current, one question:
    Mr. Crawford, how did you get so wicked smart?
    Seriously, you give us a political (& commonsense) education everyday. I’m glad you don’t charge tuition (though Donations accepted), cause you are worth a million bucks.

  117. I really screwed up on VA, and totally forgot WY. Forgetting WY is only natural.

    Sorry, Jace, but the whole thing ain’t worth a bucket of warm rippers.

  118. Hi Jamie:
    I just caught the last half hour of Countdown. Hopefully Mr. Crawford will post the clip. He and Mr. Olbermann are a great team. Always humorous; always informative. Light years ahead of the rest.

  119. The nude got GA. Now he can throw his weight to the Sain’t and hope for the VP spot on the ticket.

  120. I missed on NC and WY also, which makes me 5-4. 55% rates an F in my book. I’d better pick up those last 2 states, so I can salvage a D.

  121. Dennis Kucinich couldn’t beat Marcy Kaptur, I believe he knew that. Marcy is a very popular Congresswoman in Toledo and Dennis didn’t get a big-enough slice of Cleveland to work in. Damn. I love Dennis.

    We’re banging our heads with our phones and TV clickers trying to get Santorum’s slim lead to hold here in Ohio. It’s too close, but Santorum is ahead…

  122. Flatus –
    The fucking wind, and a tree ate the last flag on Buddy Holly Ave.
    2 days ago we mounted new lanyards, new land yard hooks, and a new American made flag. This drought eat’s every flag we fly.
    And pruned that tree.
    Your gift keeps them flying.

  123. It looks like willard isn’t going to do so well in the either the Heartland or the Dark Underbelly of America. The ones who favor him are the Elitest Northeasterners, Wall Street Bankers, and Cowboys – except in OK.

    crap. nbc has willard pulling ahead in OH. OH, how I hate that.

  124. Looks like the Mittster may eek it out.

    You guys count the votes I’m going to bed, secure in the knowledge that the country is safe from these morons for a few more months at least. 😐

  125. I will dream tonight of a president who talks convincingly about the merits of a windfall profits tax.
    Notice I said dream. 😉

  126. Craig –
    My happy group at the funeral picture, beats your happy group at the funeral picture.

    We are the smiling living, and It was a perfect day.

  127. Now, I am an unemployed “care giver”. And as the old song said , “She knocked me out, and robbed my boots, and I was on the road again”.

  128. “She knocked me out, and robbed my boots, and I was on the road again”.

    We’ll see how far I get . This artsy fartsy well take you around the world.

  129. Well friends this is it. I sold my mothers silver to make this trip.
    And I’m going there . I was there, 26 years ago, and I’m going back.

  130. “Then that helmet of a hair do.
    She has to have a permit from the epa, think of the chemicals involved.”

    Jack…I think that’s what you call a hair don’t!

  131. I plan to pack my car with every trick I have.
    For over 30 years I never came home from New Mexico with less money than I took.

    that’s a simple fact.

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