Mitt the Front Stumbler [VIDEO]

A big delegate win on Super Tuesday aside, Mitt Romney’s team is openly talking about the possibility of ending the GOP primaries without the majority needed for the nomination. Chatting here with Keith Olbermann about what can happen if Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich keep going. (Current TV, 3/6)

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  1. Keep It GOING!

    Bumper Sticker: Romney… the other white meat.

    WOO! WOO!

  2. CBob… godspeed and take care, my friend.

    We’ll be here awaiting the tales of your adventure.

  3. OK, big delegate win for Mitt. The contest goes on for another week anyway. (So, Poobah – a friend of the program for MANY DECADES!!!??? And you still have your boyish good looks). As I said yesterday, Adelson and Friess hold the reins for Newt and Rick. (btw, you sound more like me yesterday than you. 😯 )

    Palin would be open to a convention draft? What a wonderful prospect.

    I still think Romney takes it (it is all about delegates after all).

    So Indy is cutting Manning free today. Be interesting to see where he lands.

  4. CB,

    Wonderful to see you stick your nose in the tent flap. Chaco Canyon? Guitar picks? You aren’t into selling stone guitar picks are you? If you are, I’ll gladly buy a couple or three from you. LP’s become guitar obsessed – fancies himself the next John Petrucci or Marco Sfogli – and he likes the stone picks (I got him a couple as stocking stuffers from a place called Red Bear Trading), but they are more expensive than I’m willing to indulge him with – unless of course an old friend is selling them – then that’s a different story, isn’t it? If you are, leave me a contact email here or at l*w*chafin@g*mail*dot*com. You know what to do with the asterisks and the dot. You still maintain a website somewheres?

  5. Pogo… as a Patriots fan, I wish Manning well. The rivalry between him and Brady was always fun to watch.

    And Intrade now gives Romney an 89% chance of winning the nomination.

  6. RR, I’ve been a Colts fan since Johnny U – and a Manning fan since he was at UT. (Truth is, I’m a QB whore – love all the great ones and don’t give a crap which team they play for – wherever they are, I’m a fan). He beat Bama 3 of his 4 years there (I wasn’t so fond of that). One of the best damn QBs to play the game at both levels.

  7. The saddest news from yesterday..due to redistricting
    two Democratic members of Congress had to run against each other — sadly the loser was skinny Dennis. The winner was Marcy Kaptur and she is great but sorry to see Kucinich out of office

    I didn’t follow the race so I don’t know the ins and outs but she kicked his butt

  8. Tony,
    Thanks for the Dowd link.

    Whenever there is a Cheney beating the war drum, you can be sure that it’s a bad idea.

    I can’t believe all these deficit hawks are prepared to spend billions that we don’t have on another war of choice.

    Oh I forgot, wars of choice are just put on the American Express card. 😐

  9. Craig,

    Thanks for posting these clips, very refreshing.
    Last night’s coverage was universally abysmal.

    I finally turned it off and watched a Law&Order rerun.

    Maybe it is just me, but I think that Sarah Palin is still trying to rub Wolf Blitzers lipstick off of her ass this morning.

  10. Katherine, Dexter’s the expert on Kaptur/Kucinich but, here’s my take. Through Repug shenanigans Dist 9 was split across the northern tier of Ohio–across widely separated counties but with Toledo being the dominant population center. This was Kaptur’s home area. Kucinich’s base, Cuyahoga County was chopped into oblivion.

    The redistricting achieved what it was intended to do–get rid of Kucinich. Bastards.

  11. httpv://

    Just for Mitt.

    Hey Mitt, you gotta’ long way to go and a short time to get there.

  12. Pogo,

    CBob’s guitar picks are souvenirs that he sells to raise funds for the public garden so that people have a pick to place as a tribute on Buddy Holly’s grave in Lubbock. He also makes them into earrings. Here are the ones he sent me.

    So his trip to Chaco Canyon is taking us all along on the trip in the form of guitar picks.

  13. Pogo,

    They are plastic and he asks a dollar for each one. You would have to ask him if he can get the stone picks with the same design. People remember those they have lost with the picks. There is a video on the trail somewhere when he put down picks for his sister and Patsi. I’ll see if I can find it for you.

  14. Unless I’m counting wrong, there were just about half-a-million, give or take a few thousand, GOoPers who cast ballots in this primary in TN. An election commission official in Knox Co. pointed out last night that in that county alone, GOP participation was down more than 10% from a peak in 2008.

    Suggests to me that there are way more disenchanted Republicans in TN than those who actually cast ballots.

    And I’m not seeing bumper stickers & signs in yards touting candidates as I have in past years. One for Santorum, and two for Paul, in & around Knobite Corner. It’s kinda weird.

  15. Pogo – Here is the video of his Soltice visit when we had lots of losses on the Trail


  16. Faire… every analysis that I’ve heard of the GOP race says the participation rate is much lower than it was 4 yrs ago. It’s also said that is not a good sign for the GOP.

  17. It’s like watching Lord of the Flies.

    I messed up badly on Super Tuesday. The Sain’t came up 13,000 votes shy of embarrassing willard. Again. This time in OH.

    Craig is right. Slick willie is the nominee, but the Sain’t is not out for speaking fees and a show of his own at fakeNews (another dying neoconmunist brand, by the way), and all the big bux. The Sain’t is after undisputed leadership of the Christian Right & Evangelicalista Wing of the Rip Up Party, and he aims to deprive the neoconmunists and Wall Street grifters of voters until they give in to him.

    willard will defeat Sancimonious for the Rip Up nomination just as before him Pyrrhus of Epirus beat the roman army.

  18. What we are seeing today began in 2007/08 when Rick Warren and some others pointed out rather forcefully that the ripper congress critters and the bushcrime family had done zilch to advance the moralist agenda. That, despite 30 years of fanatical Christian rightist/Evangelicalist support for the ripper candidates with votes and money.

    The Sain’t is pandering to the Christian rightist’s/Evangelicalist’s dissatisfaction as well as any ripper demongogue (freudian mistype) has since ronald reagan.

    Because of Sanctimonious, willard’s journey is going to be like crawling naked 50 miles over broken glass and alum, only to see oh,bummer drive over him and across the finish line in a limousine. So if I were willard, I would throw in the towel right now and get back to firing people.

  19. “And I’m not seeing bumper stickers & signs in yards touting candidates as I have in past years. One for Santorum, and two for Paul, in & around Knobite Corner. It’s kinda weird.” Faire @ 10:18 am. T

    hat has been my experience while prowling in FL through the winter, and lately in GA & Clemson, SC, too. There must be 10 wrong pol signs for every wrong pol supporter. willard is #2, and grinch a distant 3d. i’ve seen only 1 Sain’t bumper sticker, and no lawn signs.

  20. Hmmm. I seem to be here all alone. What mischief can I get into while no one is looking ?

  21. For Erick Erickson, Reality Sucks
    by Taylor Marsh

    It’s Romney and he’s coming to grips with it uneasily.

    He will be the nominee having lost the South, Appalachia, evangelicals, conservatives, and blue collar voters. He will go into the general election deeply distrusted by his own base while having to woo independent voters. This is not a dazzling position to be in to beat an incumbent President. – The Nominee

  22. Who does Mitt Romney remind me of? Those stock-stereotypical banker characters who always end up getting outwitted by Granny and Jethro.
    I don’t think I’m alone.

  23. Tony

    Let us hope human beings start to realize that you either limit by choice or face a Chinese solution. Disease, famine, natural disasters and war can no longer keep up with population explosion not to mention being horrific in their own right.

    If the goal is a world where human beings have at least the basics of food, water, and shelter then we have to stop rewarding producing more and more children. Start by eliminating all child credits after two children unless adopted.

  24. KGC

    I know. All of the Evangelical wing of the GOP and the Dominionists in general are all in favor of Go Forth and Multiply while keeping the little woman barefoot and pregnant to home school the children. Of course if you have lots and lots of money and can afford nannies, private schools, and maid service, this doesn’t apply to you.

    Santorum’s statement about his daughter Bella being “expensive” was horrific. What does he propose for average families who might have a “Special” child once he eliminates all government programs that help to keep them alive?

  25. Craig, what a pleasure to find Keith again. I thought he had gone away. But thanks to this post I have found his new channel on my Comcast and looking forward to watching tonight. And what a double pleasure to see you and Keith together. Your observations in these clips regarding the delegate math going forward for Republicans was simply never mentioned in last night’s coverage by other channels that I saw. But NBC tonight was all over it like they had just discovered it, some 12 hours after you talked about it. I’m still trying to get what goes on here in your chat room but find it a bit weird how everyone talks to each other and mostly ignores the great work you are doing. Think I’ll just stick with following your pithy tweets. I mean no offense but I don’t know even what some here, like Colorado Bob on the last thread, are talking about.

  26. No, no, no Hopeful, please understand our comment sections are not about me or whatever I write or say. The strength of this community is what our regulars bring to the table, regardless of how I set the table. All of my threads are open threads. I learn more from the links and thoughts added here than anywhere else. I urge you to see it that way. And as for Colorado Bob, he is our resident muse. Don’t always understand it but love listening to it.

  27. The Trail may not be about what Craig says or does, but our gracious and knowledgable host is sometimes cast as the hero by the Trail Hands. That’s fun for us, ‘though it may sometimes be embarrassing for him.

    For example, when DC got 2 feet of snow and Craig was trapped in his lair, we all hoped for either his early rescue, or a quick thaw. Y’see Craig’s become family for many of us.

  28. Hopeful seems like a thinker. We could use another one of them around here. Welcome to the Trail !

  29. Sorry Craig, didn’t mean to be a downer. I’ll admit to not having much of a sense of humor. As a loyal Democrat I am very worried the party is not paying serious attention to this GOP race, instead treating it like a gameshow. It isn’t. I lived through the 1980 experience when Democrats laughed at Reagan as nothing but a clown. Look what happened. Romney has all of Wall Street behind him, and the whole Bush/CIA crowd. This is not a laughing matter. And Craig is among the few center left pundits who seem to get it. I’m sorry if I don’t get all the inside jokes around here, but I think the future of the country is at stake.

  30. I think Ann Romney is more like Barbara Bush than Laura Bush.

    A lot more.

  31. I’m sorry if I don’t get all the inside jokes around here, but I think the future of the country is at stake. hopeful cynic

    I think you will find many people in agreement with you here but sometimes if you don’t find things to laugh at
    it makes it all that much worse. I had to live through Raygun as governor as well

  32. Katherine Graham Cracker, I don’t mean to rain on the parade. You in particular have made me chuckle a few times. It’s just that I firmly believe we are headed back to a Bush/Reagan/WallStreet/CIA anti-democratic regime if Democrats do not get serious about what we’re up against. Despite his many compromises, Obama is all we’ve got to prevent such a backflip. In the clips above Craig alludes, quite correctly (and uniquely), to collusion among GOP money people. But Craig, I suggest you take it a step further (which you probably already know, if I get your drift in these short spots). Foster Frieze and Sheldon Adelson have been aiding Santorum and Gingrich, but have well known ties to Romney and his country club crowd. Their support for opposing conservatives splitting the anti-Romney vote has paved the way for Romney. Coincidence? Both have said they’ll write checks for Romney (meaning they’ll dump their little puppets) when the time comes. My guess is that time comes rather soon, perhaps really soon, once Romney is confident that the threat of a single conservative alternative is behind him.

  33. Dang hopeful you are taking me to the next level, and you might just be on to something.

    HOUSEKEEPING: Sorry about the temporary glitch tonight, in case anyone noticed. Our server company, the great folks at Network Solutions, installed an upgrade. As always, report any probs to

  34. Hopeful

    I have an umbrella

    As you can see people are enjoying and thinking about what you have to say.

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  36. handle increasing traffic

    woooohoooo congratulations the more the merrier

  37. Katherine Graham Cracker :
    “The more the merrier” – agreed!
    You won’t have a voice in your future if you don’t use it now.

  38. HopefulCynic, you have really kept me up thinking. Why did Gingrich and Santorum completely drop the attacks on Bain Capital weeks ago? Newt’s sugar dad immediately distanced himself when the anti-Bain Cap ad appeared in South Carolina. And Santorum’s funder, Foster Friess, made his money in the same business as Romney. And, as you say, both have made it clear they’ll support Romney when the time comes. Perhaps they’ve been on his side all along, because everything they’ve done has made it easier for him to rack up delegates while Rick and Newt divide conservatives. Gotta sleep on this one. If this theory pans out, Hopeful, you get the Niccolò (Machiavelli) Award of the year.

  39. Oh Craig, you are too kind. I’m just trying on your tin foil hat and thinking out loud. I could never prove any of this in court of law.

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    That is why I chipped in $50. I’ve assumed that since your TV appearances only identify this site as your affiliation that this is your only source of revenue. Other than your books. But as one who once worked in the publishing industry I well know how little most authors actually earn. I commend you for this enterprise, sir. And will continue to do what I can to support it.

  41. hopeful…

    Let me add my voice of welcome, also. Really pleased you’ve landed here!

    I tend to think as you do…no counting chickens until they’re well and truly hatched. And I worry about the things you mentioned, along with many others…like the concerted efforts at voter suppression, ownership of voting machines (or at least the companies that make them), etc. For some reason, the Republicans (and their Libertarian brethren) seem to think they reached critical mass with the 2010 election successes – particularly in the states – and they’ve gone wild trying to implement their ALEC/Koch-funded legislative goals. I keep wondering why they seem to feel so safe, when they look so wild-eyed and crazy….

    On that cheerful note, please stay and add your well-thought out ponderings! You’ll find excellent company here!

  42. International Women’s Day, Rush Limbaugh and Bill Maher
    by Taylor Marsh

    A critical point in all this is that Rush Limbaugh and the medium he spawned has helped the Republican Party win elections. As George Will said on “This Week”, Republicans are also actually scared of Limbaugh. Mitt Romney certainly proved he is.

    As for Maher, no one in the Democratic establishment is scared of him and nothing he can do would intimidate a congressional witness, because he doesn’t have Limbaugh’s clout. He’s a comedian, not a media representative of a political party.

  43. I’m sorry if I don’t get all the inside jokes around here, but I think the future of the country is at stake.

    hopeful, your sentiments have plenty of company here on the trail both from our left and right rider writers. one can only stand the sack cloth and flagellation so long tho.

    as to your theory of divide and conquer from a more optimistic viewpoint, they may be doing both sides of the center spectrum a favor by getting rid of the nutball fringies.

  44. mornin’

    Hopefulcynic (don’t mind if I call you HC do you? I’m among the laziest guys in the world, so I tend to abbreviate longer name – sort of like pouring the Equal into the glass first so I don’t have to stir the tea) this is a pretty neat place to hang out, as places go. We’re all here because at one time or another we caught Craig waxing eloquent on this political topic or that and realized he’s smarter than the average bear. Craig’s bounced from location to location on the web over the years and has been a regular commentator on more than a couple of the networks. We saw a mass exodus of regulars here about 3 years ago when a faction of Obama supporters got their feelings hurt because the Hillary supporters here felt like Obama was an empty suit compared to Hillary. And people come and go as regulars here (I’ve been out of the loop for the most part for the past 10 months but am finding time to stick my nose through the tent flap from time to time again). Stick around – it gets to be fun here at times, and with the election coming up, things will be flying at a dizzying pace, And while we don’t always agree with each other, no one will likely call you stupid for holding your own opinion and arguing it.

    So Criag, I know you went to law school and all, but your comment that the standard here isn’t as high as in a courtroom just shows how long it’s been since you were in a courtroom. 😯

  45. Hopeful,
    Great posts, and fun to read. I think that you point out some real possibilities that should be of concern to everyone as this election goes forward.
    It is worth noting however that since 2010 the republicans have done everything in their power on both a state and national level to tarnish their brand. To date they have been quite successful.The most recent debacle over women’s health issues is just one example. Not only did they manage to bungle it coming out of the gate, but they alienated the single largest voter block in the country, not to mention looking like a bunch of reactionary mullahs, in the process.

    Sadly for Mitt Romney he has been tarred with the same brush, and the tar is sticking.

    If this election comes down to an election of personalities, Mitt is in trouble because he doesn’t have one. If it comes down to an election about philosophies,he is neither eloquent enough or optimistic enough to polish the republican image and make it look like anything other than what it is,a steaming pile of pig shit.

    At this point the president is benefiting mightily from his choice of enemies and Mitt is suffering equally from his choice of friends. It just gets curiouser and curiouser.

    Welcome to the ‘trail’, pull up a chair and sit a spell. You are a keeper. 😉

  46. Great link Tony,

    I can’t remember the last time a liberal politician who went off the rails had to go and apologize to Maher.

    Contrast that to Rush, who has to keep a kneeling rail in his studio to accommodate all the conservatives who come to beg forgiveness. 😕

  47. I saw where Maher accepts Limbaughs apology, he is also worried about people who direct their attacks at Rush’s money flow.
    Looks like a case of
    “oinkers of the world unite”


  48. Wrote the following before last night’s meltdown since my computer decided to join in on the crash and I got to spend three hours with Geek Squad.


    There is a reason we refer to “being on the trail”. Think that you just came across the prairie and happened into an old general store. You plop yourself down by the pot belly stove, check out what the mayor (Craig) has to say, then start conversing with the local town folk.

    While most of the conversations are about politics and specific events, we also share things going on with our families, flog our blogs, bet on the Kentucky Derby, guess the Oscar winners, play songs, and drag in articles, videos, and sundry items that we have dredged from the big sea of the internet.

    If you need help understanding what is happening on any given day or have technical issues with linking, or referring back to other comments just send up a flare. Someone will come along to help you out.

  49. Hopeful and Craig…it does seem Sanctimonious and Gangrich are just jousting partners provided by Faux News. Vetting Romney all the way. Nearing the end of the process, the big money is behind Newt and Rick, not Perry or Huntsman. Only contracted workers need apply for the job of Prez.

    Predictions, Craig? I am wondering on the VP choice.

  50. One other thought about Mahr.

    He seemed realy worried that you good folks would go after Limbaughs money source. As if it was some how immoral of you all.
    A strange set of morals these Oinkers have isn’t it?


  51. Jack

    As I explained about radio financing the other day, these advertisers frequently just buy spreads of time unless they specifically opt in or out on a particular show (being choosy costs extra money). Heard some of the liberal folks worried on the same level as they don’t want to drive these advertisers off all of radio and hurt their bottom line. Profits on radio are marginal at best which is why so many merged and went satellite when the FCC made buyouts such as the wholesale sales to Murdoch and others like him possible.

  52. This is a shift from preaching conservative family values. Evangelist Pat Robertson’s newest cause is the legalization of marijuana. “I really believe we should treat marijuana the way we treat beverage alcohol,” Robertson told The New York Times. “I’ve never used marijuana and I don’t intend to, but it’s just one of those things that I think: this war on drugs just hasn’t succeeded.” Robertson argues that legalizing marijuana is the best way to
    bring down U.S. incarceration rates. “I believe in working with the hearts of people, and not locking
    them up,” he said.

    With Cbob being away and all I must have missed the post about hell freezing over

  53. Jack, inappropriate MCP comments about women aside, I’d say all those who feed at the trough of sponsors (Maher could find himself in that position if HBO set him free, and if he does a comedy tour, is in that position) are a little afraid of the power of advertisers to leave.

    Maher often goes over the line in his bits about women. When it’s part of his comedy, well, that’s comedy – been that way for longer than any of us have been around. Doesn’t make it right, but as long as people laugh, it’ll live on. When it’s tasteless anatomical slang references to Palin and Bachman, that’s in the same category as Rush’s comments. Whether it’s part of his political analysis or his humor is for each viewer to decide. HBO – as his employer/sponsor – can fire him if he’s over the lines they draw. I doubt they will – clear Channel didn’t fire Rush, but those of his sponsors who either decided he finally stepped too far over their own lines or got too much heat from customers did “fire” him. That’s business.

    The blogosphere is all over him for being a misogynist. Whether he’s a misogynist is really beside the point IMHO. He is what he is – viewers who don’t like his misogynistic humor don’t watch I’d guess. And he denies he’s misogynistic – I think his humor is to an extent and some of his comments definitely are – but no matter what I think, each viewer gets to decide that. Enough don’t watch and he loses the show.

  54. Jamie,
    If that is the case than it looks to me as if the advertiser has the upper hand. Radio needs the advertiser more than the advertiser needs radio. so they can demand not to be placed in time slots they find objectionable with out any premium attached.

    BTW, just how effective are radio ads? For me radio ads are just annoyances that make me change the station. I pay attention more to billboard ads as I’m driving that to what is said on the radio.


  55. KC, LOL. Pat Robertson the televangelist said that? that thing about hell freezing over – I musta missed it, too. (But it does seem to be getting a little chillier here) 😉

  56. I never liked Bill Maher and he has been kicked off the air for not being a patriot during the Shrub wars which I thought was stupid and wrong ..although if he got kicked off for his bigoted remarks that would be ok with me.

    He doesn’t seem to have much respect for women although he treats his female guests even the ones he doesn’t agree with ..with respect

  57. HopefulC… you’re already part of the gang. Grab a cuppa whatever you drink… now I raise my glass (old vine Zin or pinot noir) to you.

    As for Bill Maher…. I love him and his show. Does he make fun of women… yup. Hell, he makes fun of everyone… and that’s what I like. I get sick and tired of all the pcnish. That’s why I love shows such as South Park and Family Guy as well… no sacred cows.

    Maher has both sides of the spectrum on… and anything in between. And he’s always respectful of his guests. If his audience starts to boo a conservative, he’ll tell them to stop. He fervently believes in the right of people being able to express their opinions and wants his guests to feel comfortable to express theirs on his show.

  58. Think that you just came across the prairie and happened into an old general store. You plop yourself down by the pot belly stove, check out what the mayor (Craig) has to say, then start conversing with the local town folk.

    jamie, you forgot to warn hopeful about that crazy (but handsome) mexican-slash-zorba who rides in guns blazing from time to time fomenting trouble with tomes of wisdom, challenging the men to drinking contests and tempting the ladies with wild dancing. if hopeful doesn’t get what cbob’s saying, solar will surely freak him out.

  59. RR, you and me…

    Jack, the little that I listen to T-radio, I’d say 85% (WAG) of the advertising is local and is placed to hit the morning & evening drives and the top and bottom of the hour. S-radio has much more “national” ad time, with a little of the local stuff squeezed in around Legalzoom, Sleepnumber, the latest and greatest penis enlargement pills, 900 gold dealers…. Rush claims 18000 sponsors – well, locals for the podunk t-radio stations, maybe. But the S-radio deal is where he lost his big sponsors – and check with Howard Stern about how important that is – damned important. I’m with you – I look for something else when the ads come on.

  60. I’ve enjoyed listening to Imus the last couple of days. While discussing his own stupidity of a couple of years ago, he is merciless on Limbaugh, and completely supports advertisers’ right to position their adverts any place they damn well please.

    Welcome Hopeful, and welcome back Trail Mix Counsel Pogo!

  61. Bill Maher is not everywhere like Limbaugh. When I turn on radio, he is there, for free. The ubiquitous oinker.

    I like Bill Maher despite his comic misogyny. He is a comedian first, Rush is not. Jon Stewart is a comedian first, Rush is not.

    So, who do you listen to — who do you take seriously?
    The drug addict or the comedian or the drug addict comedian?

  62. I’ve thought about it and come to the conclusion that while the grinch and Sain’t funders could be pulling a Machiavelli style move to weed out the crazies, this polt has not managed to prevent willard from damaging himself beyond repair. The plot, if there is one, alienated Christian rightbots & Evangelicalists while willard alienated the swing voters. On top of that, down ticket we may be seeing the start of a reverse coat tails effect.

    To be successful, the plot would have to include a way of repairing willard to make him appear to be on the side of the people he likes to fire. At this point, I think the plot would need a miracle, because willard has already successfully defined himself for voters as a smug, self-centered, and spoiled ken doll, who thinks that the rest of us owe him a living.

    Between his braggadocio about converting more Catholics than anyone else, his love of firing people, and the aid he gives to the sons of mao, I doubt that willard could even beat George McGovern.

  63. “Radio needs the advertiser more than the advertiser needs radio.” – Whskyjack

    Yup. Except for public radio and public tv, everything we hear and see is geared to bring our ears and eyes to the advertisements. So, commercial reportage becomes news about lindsay lohan, attacks on feminazis, the horrible threat posed saddam hussein, and weathercasters poo-pooing global warming.

  64. Thanks Flatus – hope you and Stinky are well. I’m afraid my participation will be spotty, but well, I’m back.

    XR, damn. You are spot on IMHO.

    I’m pretty simple when it comes to comedy – if it makes me laugh, I watch it the next time I get a chance. (What I laugh at prolly tells me more about me than the comic). I still watch Maher, but not as often as I used to. (Can’t seem to remind myself that he’s on) I watch Stewart and Colbert pretty faithfully. I watch Leno if I’m not watching Colbert, and I like pretty much all the late night hosts – their monologues are usually funny. Jimmy Fallon absolutely cracks me up. And SNL – fricking brilliant. Oh, and Lewis Black is one of my heroes.

    Maher, Stewart, Black and Colbert lean more heavily on political stuff, so they strongly appeal to me. And Black is an equal opportunity cynic – calls stupidity stupidity no matter who it comes from.

    So, what were we talking about????

  65. Pogo… the comics who lean more heavily on political stuff appeal to me also. My hero in this regard… George Carlin.

    For me, he was the spottiest on of the spot onners.

  66. First things 1st…..welcome back compadre Pogo.!

    2nd things 2nd…….welcome to the trail Hopeful…hopeful?, im always hopeful that once in a while one or two new comers would turn out to be independents…by the looks of it…you look like a very left leaning blue pom, pom cheerleader.!……2, 4, 6, 8, Obama i don’t appreciate……….


    Huh, what did i do? im innocent over here….just ask Bethy….

    Pat, It looks like u still like to read the little behind the post meanings that I like to use……yes.! that is what I meant about the Dude Genghis Khan when I said that he left an legacy ……all over the place.!

    I have that 2003 info on tape about him…and another huge difference from Attila the fun….is that Attila’s influence died out instantly, almost after his death…..while Genghis’s lasted about 100rt years or so.

    About dna studies…i mentioned before about the one that Dr. Spence well did a few years ago…he time traveled back in time testing dna, from all parts of the earth, back to the coming out of Africa, and the real Eve.

    Any way…as it turns out….the first people that came to the Americas…were the Aborigine….then, (which ties into the above theme of the Hans) the very war like Mongols trounced on the Abos…during the last ice age…that prevented them from entering the us…all the way…but the did take some slaves along with them when the warm weather came around…….he do you think that im…….I mean besides being 1/3 greek, 1/3 spanish, 1/3 indian…….do you think that Im also 1/3 Khan……but that is a hoot no?….he did leave a lasting mark…..his dna all over the place HA.!

    ps, my brother the priest…likes…b/c his church likes Alexander the ingrate ( alexander the great)……wonder if he would if he knew what a psychopath he was in real life..

    Hopeful huh?….im hopeful for a third party.!
    … hopeful for a Obama can keep just one of his promises.!

    … hopeful that his last visit with netenhaoo, was not like his last…just a head fake…and that we won’t go into another war…..lots of things im hopeful for…but won’t hold my breath…..

  67. There is a real and severe split in the rip up party. It goes beyond mere personality conflicts, to the party constituents’ 3 very different, very heirarchical (ie rightwing) visions of the way the world ought to be.

    Group 1 is moving toward a hereditary caste system run by the elite 1% of the 1% of the 1%, but funded by everyone else. The ruling elite would be roughly 50 – 60 families in America, more than half descended from the bigshots of the 1890s.

    The second group is moving toward an anti-intellectual ‘spiritual’ world run in every minute detail of human activity by an elite (or dominion) of Protestant mullahs.

    Group 3 is moving toward a totally militarized state run by an elite of military, naval, and spook officers, who are self-entitled to bomb and torture everyone, everywhere, all the time.

    So far, group 3 seems to side with group 1. That could change.

  68. Today’s Christian Science Monitor cartoon.

    Hey… SolarMan… you still roller skatin’ in a buffalo herd….

  69. re, Bill Maher…i like him, and still watch him from time to time….depends on who he has on…loved Niel d. Tyson…on his last show…..but liked him a lot better before a few years back…..

    I think that there is a big difference between him and R. L. I would put R. L. in the night time crowd of clowns tho….Leno, Letterman…..Letterman should have been force to quit after making the remarks that he did about Palins daughter, he did it on national tv,…………….he forced McCain to grovel on his show…after he canceled an appearance. I think that they carry way too much political power. Sadly, this is where lots of people get their from

    Bill Maher actually respects women imo……but does cross the line on occasion….just to get a laugh….but i don’t ever hear the same about his private life…like R. L….or Gingrich, to name a cpl…

  70. Hi Pogo,

    Thanks for the compliment. Solar and I were kinda hoping that you’d buy lunch.

  71. Atta boy X….lets welcome him back to the Bullwinkle Lunch Club the right way…….carnitas and the fixins…on Pogo….

  72. Solar,

    Letterman’s comment on palin’s daughter was unfortunate. It is too bad that palin made her children props for the campaign. Many of us, like Letterman, the muckain campaign, and I, forgot that they weren’t really props, but children.

    When palin used her kids to make moralistic points, we should have corrected not emulated her.

  73. I want to add to the chorus of “so glad to see you Pogo”

    RR — me too on George Carlin. Of the current crop I really like Louis Black.

    I think what hopeful cynic has described $$$$ wise maybe what happens but I don’t think that was the intent.

    I think Adelson only cares about a hawkish Israel and he was willing to put up whatever to make sure the most war-mongering of the Israeli positions were positively represented and certainly who would be better at that then old mr. bluster himself nudie.

    As for Foster Friess..when I hear that I hear Foster Freeze — the soft ice cream stand. He’s a pal of the Koch bros but his franchise is conservative christian causes.

    I think they picked the most annoying people to front their stuff to make mittens life miserable because they find him wholly untrustworthy and the goal is to get Santorum on the ticket and make him the threat to keep Mittens inline in the Whitehouse (hypothetically speaking of course)

    And as for his ridiculous remarks about asprin between your legs…Foster Freeze is only 71 born in 1940 not 1840. How lame is he I see he’s not allowed out in public anymore


    Jack, I’ve been away from radio for a couple of decades and I’m sure the internet and TV have made major inroads, but the “drive times AM/PM” are very profitable as is political season when the politicians practically buy out the whole schedule. Usually the DJ or commentator who has the drive time slots also has a lot of listener loyalty. On top of that, stations do a great number of promotions for national advertisers to connect them to the local market particularly around holidays and major charitable events in a local area.

    Even with all of the above, the profit margin is very slim unless they can be packaged as “added value” with TV, internet, and remote promotions.

    Modern technology and Congressional action have pretty well done away with local radio. The days when Lady Bird’s radio stations could send Lyndon to Congress are pretty well gone. :-)

  75. Xr & solar, lunch is on me. I’m staring at French onion soup, an Italian combo half sandwich and a big iced tea. I cropped 14 lbs off the frame since I last hung out here and am shooting for about 9 more. Had to. Cut back on the carnitas, but I think it was worth it.

    Xr, that wasn’t a compliment, it was a statement of fact. (comma splice)

    I’ve resigned myself to the fact that most comics are class a assholes. I think there should be more bill cosbys out there, but most Of the good ones aren’t him.

  76. I usually just scan the threads (most about someones hair or something) when getting back to the trail…but this time i read almost all of them….i have enjoyed the philosophical ring to them…

    I think that ever since the begining of society, there has always been a class strugle: Freeman from slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guildmaster and journey man…etc….or since time began…the oppressor and the oppressed…a fight that each time ended, either in a fevolutionay re-construction of society at large…..or in the ruin of the contending classes……

    The modern bourgeois society….sprouted from those of feudal ones, that has not done away with class antagonisms……we just went global wit them….our markets, (free trade-exploitation) are the ones that do the fighting….no more manufacturing?….large corps, world banks…..wall st….the modern bourgeois…….

  77. Ms Cracker,

    If the nude grinch is Mr. Bluster, willard must be Flubbadub, and Sanctimonious must be Claribel.

  78. Craig,

    If the pressure keeps up against Rush and his ilk plus the GOP anti women legislation, the general election could get very interesting. When virtually everything you say or do insults 51% of the population, strange things can happen. 2008 may have been the year of the woman. If the Democratic party does it right, 2012 could very well be the War OF the women.

    It’s going to get very very cold in the GOP bed, if the ladies pull a Sabine revolt. We may be long suffering and patient with men [sometimes the poor darlings just can’t help themselves :-)] but keep treating us as mentally deficient property and the crockery could start flying.

    We should hold up to ridicule any legislator who tries to minimize or intimidate women and their doctors.

  79. Kudos to Nina Turner. Seems only fair to me. Well, I suppose I better get some work done before my boss (Mrs. P) gets all ticked off.

    Later, all.

  80. MQW. One for U:

    “US, Israel Considered Biggest Threats to Security of Arab World

    The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies has just completed another survey of Arab public opinion. Some relevant findings:

    73 percent of respondents believe that Israel and the US are the two countries presenting the largest threat to the security of the Arab world, with 51 percent believing that Israel is the most threatening, 22 percent believe the US is the most threatening, and 5 percent reporting a belief that Iran is the single country most threatening to the security of their countries. The results on this question vary from one Arab country to another.
    55 percent support having the Middle East declared a nuclear-weapons-free zone, compared to 29 percent who would oppose such a move. The majority of the 55 percent believe that Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons justifies possession of such weapons by other countries in the region.
    More than two-thirds of Arabs support a democratic form of government, believing in the importance of a transfer of power.”

  81. Okay Pogo, I take back the thanks about the compliment.

    Thanks for lunch.

    It’s good to read you again.

  82. Btw, my access to the Trail and the website were cut off last evening. I actually don’t know what time.

  83. Over the weekend, I saw Lyn Cheney at the Aipac dinner-meeting (holding obamas arm?), Saw Dianne, defense contractor- Fienstien. neocon Berkowitz….Richard Pearl was hiding behind the curton same with the dick cheney…..wonder what that all means?

  84. more from above link:

    The Pentagon told CNN earlier this week it has no plans to stop broadcasting Limbaugh’s show and that Defense Department policy is to broadcast showed that “reflect a wide range” of opinion.

    While Levin said he’d like Armed Forces Network to drop the show he does not believe Congress should go so far as to require the Pentagon to do so through legislation .

  85. in my 1:25 post….my sarcastic remark did not post….should have been…… With all that we have done in the Arab world to promote democracy….

  86. Solar,

    That poll of Arab opinion is a hoot considering that Syria has killed off 10,000 Arabs recently, and still hasn’t run out of targets or russian ammunition. Throw in the hundreds of killings going on in Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, and Egypt for good measure.

    It just shows how vulnerable Arabs are to the propaganda of fear.

  87. So who’s buying?

    Talk to oil analysts these days and chances are they’ll tell you that more than half the spike in the oil price is due to speculators—specifically noncommercial users. That’s jargon for investors who are buying up futures contracts not because they intend to use the oil, but because they think it’s a good investment. These aren’t airlines or refining companies; these are money managers betting that the price will go up. And so far they’ve been right, thanks to themselves.

  88. The agreement to not nuke Iran probably burned a lot of goldam sacks oil speculators. I presume that goldam sacks, netanyahu, willard, grinch, wrong pol, The Sain’t, and oh,bummer all bought back their contracts before the news came out.

  89. “In his speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Monday, Netanyahu introduced a Holocaustsurvivor Israeli Cabinet minister who traveled with him to Washington. He also held up Holocaust-era documents that he said he keeps in his office desk: An 1944 exchange of letters between the World Jewish Congress, imploring the United States to bomb Auschwitz, the largest Nazi concentration camp, and the U.S. reply that it would not do so.”

    Israelis critical of Netanyahu Iran-Holocaust comparison

    The Nazi Holocaust of World War II is a delicate and charged topic in Israel, and many felt Benjamin Netanyahu’s repeated equating of the Nazis with the possible modern-day threat of a nuclear-armed Iran went too far.

    The Israeli prime minister’s linking of Iran to Nazi Germany evoked ringing applause this week at a gathering of a pro-Israel lobbying group in Washington. Back home, though, it drew some heavy criticism.

  90. MQW,
    Thanks for the Weepies videos. I emailed Be My Honeypie to Sweetie. I have to go get a new flex pipe for Sweetie’s T-72.

    If things go well, It’ll either be because of you or the flex pipe.

    ‘bye for now.

  91. XR,

    I think that Obama is trying to have it both ways:

    He is talking against going to war at this time…but gives the nod for Netanyahu to have a go at it….but “we have his back”

    He is trying to keep the price of gas down at the same time……he can’t control the price…..IMO…it won’t matter much what Romney has said, or done…..the only thing to watch out for: is the price of gas….and the economy……right now Obama can take a little glee from the way that the R;s are playing this one out…but in a cpl of weeks…the race will be on….and they will come together…the race will be as always……the lesser of two evils….and they will try to convince the indies…of which is which…..i don;t see much of a difference……

  92. Solar,
    Some nutty guys who don’t understand either wartime logistics or russians, feel that the US should have flown B-17s (and later, our B-29s) over 1,500 miles of German AA guns, from France to Auschwitz to Smolensk, where the russians would then get the technology.

    It wasn’t going to happen.

    There is an election coming up soon, and nutanyahoo wants to bolster his ratings among the old farts. Therefore, the grotesque attack on FDR.

  93. If there is war with Iran, the president can control the price of oil during the national emergency by decree. That would get the rippers and Saudi Arabia’s knickers into knots.

    We shouldn’t forget that our closest ally, the Theocratic Despotate of Saud, wants really really really high oil prices.

  94. Wonder how many people know that we export a lot of oil…..drill baby drill…….later

  95. I lied, uno mas:

    Pogo, glad that u r back.!

    earlier this wk…. Eric Holder attempted to justify presidential killings… in a speech he gave at Northwestern University law school…. he recognized the requirement of the Fifth Amendment for due process. He argued that the president may substitute the traditionally understood due process… a public jury trial… with the president’s own novel version of it; that would be a secret deliberation about killing. Without mentioning the name of the American the president recently ordered killed, Holder suggested that the president’s careful consideration of the case of New Mexico–born Anwar al-Awlaki constituted a substituted form of due process.

    Holder argued that the act of reviewing al-Awlaki’s alleged crimes… what he was doing in Yemen, and the imminent danger he posed provided al-Awlaki with a substitute form of due process….. how the fk does this substitution applied to al-Awlaki’s 16-year-old son and a family friend, who were also executed by CIA drones. And he did not address the utter absence of any support in the Constitution or Supreme Court case law for his novel theory.

    The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution states that the government may not take the life, liberty, or property of any person without due process………….

    This from a Dem president….but then again…he is not a dem….he is bush-lite Republican…….

  96. If Iran nukes Israel, the Dome of the Rock disappears. Then Qom and Kerbala disappear. These places will be radiactive for 10,000 plus years. Shi’a gets the blame. Sunni Islam wins.

    I think the Ayatollah knows this. Therefore, I strongly doubt that the Ayatollah would nuke Israel.

    However, there is nothing sacred about either Karachi or Riyadh.

  97. Thanks for the talks XR….that last one I took my time…repeated it three times….did not have a two way radio on my shoulder at the same time……I wanted it to come out of my mouth right…b/c it is an important issue no……..later

  98. my point to my posts today…is that there will be many things to think about when election time comes around… least for the indies……later for sure now

  99. Because he’s an idiot, holder makes it too difficult by far. The nation, every nation, has always dealt with fugitive murderers this way. It is not much different than the police swat sniper killing a crazed American gunman holed up in a house, except that it is in a different country.

    We don’t have trials before shooting the crazed gunman because they refuse to turn themselves in and shoot people who come to capture them.

    Regarding the kids, it is too bad. I don’t have a remedy.

  100. When dealing with politics it is almost always safest to assume:

    Never attribute to conspiracy that which can be adequately explained by stupidity

  101. Hey XR,Just thought about when Obama went to war with Libya……was that constitutional?….my point was that he will do anything that he wants….kill people at any time, or any place, he will just be a little more careful here at home…but he has definitely taken on more powers….just like the Cheney/Bush presidency did…….

  102. It is fairly easy to get some judicial form of “Go get him”. Certainly, we have always done this. If the person being pursued gets bumped off in the process at least you have some sort of legality backing up the action. To do this to an American citizen in secret, with military, without any legal justification is a massive violation of our rights. If they can do it to one obviously heinous perpetrator simply by a gang of politicians making the decision in a back room, what will prevent those same people from coming after you or me without even a nod to a legal fiction.

  103. A few thousand people died on 9/11 in a horrific attack by terrorists. The United States has wasted every ounce of goodwill we had as the result of this atrocity while murdering at least 100,000 innocent people in “collateral damage” who never did a damn thing to us not to mention a million or so displaced and impoverished. Then we wonder why we aren’t on the Ramadan card and gift list.

    On top of the above we have laid waste to the economy while further enriching the military/industrial complex and the 1% that sit on their Boards of Directors. It doesn’t help that President Obama is continuing many of the same Bush policies that caused this debacle.

    So in November we once more get to choose between a President who seems to be a good man but who is too careful and too moderate or some selection from the GOP clown car racing in from the funny farm. Lucky us.

  104. ….investors who are buying up futures contracts not because they intend to use the oil, but because they think it’s a good investment. These aren’t airlines or refining companies; these are money managers betting that the price will go up.

    solar, thanks for posting that from businessweek. these oil speculators need to be identifided and asked whether their motives are merely greed driven. could their intentions be to tear down the economy, to manipulate the election, to cause certain laws passed or regs deregged or all the above? media should follow the money on this issue.

  105. hopefulcynic’s post last night was thought provoking.
    Richard Nixon’s administration was a graduate school for many leading members of subsequent administrations – Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc.
    President Ford pardoned Richard Nixon after the latter’s resignation. This act set the precedent for future Republican administrations: Circumventing the law, for political and/or financial gain, was a doable option. Nixon’s students learned this lesson well.
    Those who took part in Iran Contra during the Reagan years also benefited. Many of the people involved eventually ended up being pardoned during the GHW Bush administration. Think the link between GHW, the CIA & Iran Contra had something to do with this?
    The history of the George W. Bush years will never be completely known; any administration that referred to torture as “enhanced interrogation”(re: Cheney, Rumsfeld)certainly took care of that. We had no reason to invade Iraq; Halliburton made out well, didn’t it-
    This backstory is why the theory put forth by hopefulcynic is interesting. Ford, Reagan, GHW & GW Bush were all pliable to the interests of big business. Mega money is made from the military industrial complex (big business), which of course leads back to government contracts.
    Mitt Romney would fit right in with this set; he is the poster boy for big business. One of them.

  106. Well this day came and went (kinda like all the rest of them I’ve experienced did). Like the day, I’ve gotta be gone as well. Running LP here and there, of course from one sort to the next. So when I say 4 more years, I ain’t talking about a re-election. Keep it straight boys & girls.

  107. MQW

    I would find Sessions much more believable if he weren’t so knee jerk GOP. BTW, this goes for both sides. I’m sick and tired of the lies and obfuscations with party partisanship rather than what is good for the country.

  108. Goodness, Panetta kind of slapped ole Sessions down, Of course Sessions as usual was playing the idiot.


  109. Woke up in bizarro world today , pat Robertson comes out to the left of Obama on the drug war
    and panetta says Obama gets his authorization to go to war from the UN and NATO not congress as per the constitution

  110. Sessions isn’t the issue , panetta slapped the Constitution down ,
    The issue is this administration’s blatant and illegal disregard for the constitution , that they all took an oath to uphold and defend

  111. panetta says Obama gets his authorization to go to war from the UN and NATO

    No he didn’t, lol that is what you get for listening to Sessions talk.


  112. Syria has not attacked the US .it is no threat to our security, Iran is no threat to us ,and Lybya was not either ,

  113. Jack,

    I had an argument with a friend of mine……I asked him how being a war prisoner made McCain such an expert on the war.?…and i do respect him for his service….but nothing more.!!

  114. Solar

    Mc Cain is getting just plain weird, I’m worried about his health.


  115. Thank you for the many welcomes. Much appreciated. I work for government and not allowed to engage in political discussion online during the day. Indeed, it is even a risk to do so on my own time. The free speech restrictions on government workers is something most Americans know little about. We are constantly attacked, but not allowed to defend ourselves.

    Beyond that I was struck by this worthy comment by SolarCrete: “Wonder how many people know that we export a lot of oil.”

    It is simply a lie that, under current law, drilling for more oil on U.S. soil will lower gas prices. Because the companies sell it abroad. Further compounding this lie is that congressional Republicans have repeatedly stopped any effort to force oil companies to sell domestically produced fuel domestically. The most recent effort by Democrats to change this simple fact was proposed by Rep. Markey, but House Republicans probably will ignore it, as they have always done.

    In this case Markey proposes ensuring that Keystone Pipeline oil would benefit the U.S. market, but it is Republicans who claim the pipeline would lower our prices who oppose any effort to force the oil companies to do just that. What a joke they are.

  116. The problem Sessions has in understanding Pannetta is that he does not know that the treaties that created both the UN and Nato fall under the constitution.

    Worthless idiot.


  117. sjwny

    Ford also had a lot of pressure from the news media, and the public…always asking how, what, and when he was going to do something about Nixon….in part, he chose to pardon him b/c of that….

    Follow the $….what is new about that? the R;s and the D;s just take turns where it goes, and to whom…..just take turns, remember the Savings and loans during the first Bush…they learned how to do the scam of the “to big to fail” scam of the century….and then there is Obamas stimulus….It is impossible to follow all of the money……as for the R;s Haliburton….the D;s also have their own defense contractors that make out when they are elected over and over to their office….take a look at Diane Fienstien and her military defense contractor husband….she is on the(THE HEAD OF IT) intelligence committee for Devils sake.!!

    Hell we can follow the $ right now…all the way back to Obamas Ryko buddies….

  118. H C…..hopeful… how we going to argue if u such a nice guy?…..yes we do export to even Mexico sometimes…and other countries…..

    Another thing that get my billy… when the airlines get to raise their rates based on the rise of crude…….they must think that no-one knows or can think for themselves……..I would imagine that the air lines make contracts that tie in the price of oil, at the time that the said contracts are signed…and that would include the big print….that they can not raise the price of oil as they see fit….

  119. Where in the constitution does it say that treaties with other nations supersedes the constitution
    That’s a ridiculous argument , nonsense

  120. mqw
    you are being cute again and trying to put words in my mouth, much like you did Panetta

  121. Because this seems to be a community of reasonable people, may I dare to defend government workers? I am surrounded by highly professional people who are dedicated to public service and no, we do not spend our days conspiring to undermine the public we serve, as I heard so often during the Republican debates.

  122. “Of course Sessions as usual was playing the idiot.”

    Sadly, he wasn’t playing…idiot seems to come natural for Sessions.

  123. So the founders created a constitution , with all the checks and balances , separations of power,
    Which states that only the congress has power to declare war , but a treaty would override that authority ?
    That’s ridiculous

  124. “Beyond that I was struck by this worthy comment by SolarCrete:”

    U ain’t seen nothing yet.! stick your chin out and I will struck you some more… H C….that depends on where, or what you do as a public servant… I can just see an unemployment office workers…high five-ing every time the unemployment #’s jump up….H C….any kin to J C?

    sjwny, or one of the new-comers….was you u that said that U were an ancient history professor? if so, please talk about it frequently….ok talked enough for a long time….i can listen better when im not….so later

  125. mqw

    Congress can also give blanket permission to the president.
    That is what the treaties often do.
    Per the Supreme court the Presidents decisions under the treaties have the power of law.


  126. So France under the authority of a treaty has the power to send Americans to fight and die in a foriegn country ?

  127. Solarcrete, what are you talking about? I thought you raised an important point about domestically produced oil actually being sold abroad instead of being used to lower gas prices at home. Was I wrong? How did that become an attack on unemployment office workers celebrating higher unemployment statistics?

  128. If trying to participate here as a government worker is just going to lead to insults from people like SolarCrete, I can get that by turning on any TV news program. Sorry to bother you guys with my point of view.

  129. mqw
    There you go playing around being cute again, we know you aren’t that dense.


  130. Well its been some time since I said something outrageous here and in all respect to everyone don’t mean to be disrespectful with what I am going to put forward.

    We all know by now that Rush’s remarks about Ms. Fluke was not just a slur against her, but a slur against all women who use birth control. Not only for preventing pregnancy, but also for many other health care issues.

    In effect what Rush was doing was slandering all women by saying that any women who takes birth control whether or not they pay for it or it is paid for by their insurance are sluts and prostitutes.

    Also that they should post on the internet all their sexual encounters so he and his 20 or so million (if he really has that many) listeners can watch them.

    We know that Romney and Santorum both refused to call him out and for lack of a better term agreed with him by their silence in condemning and refuting his vile remarks.

    Now I would like to know if Santorum considers his wife a slut and prostitute and whether or not she should post her sex tapes on line for Rush and his followers to watch.

    Is it not a fact (if wrong I will apologize) that Santorum’s wife not only went to college, but lived with a man who performed abortions? Did she use birth control during her college years and if so wouldn’t that make her a slut and prostitute according to Rush’s standards?

    And if she did not use birth control then wouldn’t that also make her according to Rush a slut because she still slept around and lived with a person who aborted pregnant women?

    These are who the Republican Party are putting up to be the leader of our country?

    Rush’s remarks slander all women from grandmothers, mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and clearly demonstrate that they do indeed hate women along with everybody else who does not support their policies.

    And do not get me started on all the Republican Women who stand up for Rush since it is obvious that they are self hating women.

    They always scream how they stand up for the Constitution while at the same time do not consider anyone who has different views as traitors to our country.

    To the Republicans when they say all men are created equal they mean exactly what they say.

    Only men are equal and women have no say about their lives, bodies or souls nor how they choose to live their life’s.

    And this does not excuse Romney either nor any of the current Republicans in Washington. Even the Republican women in Washington think just like their men do. Women should be home in the kitchen bare foot and pregnant. How else can they build God’s army if women use Birth Control? Think about that for a while.

    Okay, end of rant and you may now go back to your regularly scheduled program.

    Have a great day.

  131. Hopeful,

    Sorry, that is two separate issues….the oil being sold abroad…….

    About the unemployment statistics…..ive seen it, heard it…I know someone that has worked in the unemployment office for many years…now a down -town supervisor….that has told me that…..

  132. Hopeful…..I hope that u stick around…I was not attacking you ….but im sure that u can see what i was talking about….There is a guy on the trail that is a great friend of mine….he is an x union worker….I don’t like all union workers…same goes for teachers union…..there are some things that I don’t like there either….the people here at tm like you very much…so stick around….don’t worry about me……

  133. HC

    Unless you work for the state unemployment office, I don’t think Solar insulted you. If you did then you should get the joke.


  134. Solar
    You must not be getting much work when you put the folks at the unemployment office over the #&%#$%# city building inspector.


  135. Sarcasm and humour doesn’t always come across right in text . Ask solarman about religion if you really want to get an earful, lol

  136. HW

    LOL, Is he a liar or just plain dumb.

    Does it make any difference?

    The problem for the rest of is we have to have him around until he dies. Alabama loves him.


  137. Jack,

    Not getting much work at all.! I hear how things are getting better…and maybe they are in the service industries..not so good on the construction side yet…

    I treat myself as an employee and found that the unemployment people are just like all others….some are vg, some are good, and some not so good….the last visit that I had was a pleasant one….the first person that i talked to was vg…the 2nd, and third also……the time before that….they weren’t worth two dead ants……thats the way it goes….later

  138. Sarcasm and humour doesn’t always come across right in text

    Good point!

  139. Hopeful

    Don’t worry about Solar. At one time or another he has stepped on someone’s last nerve and caused them to howl. On the plus side, he knows great music, can dance, and often buys a virtual lunch.

  140. hopefulcynic,

    Just to let u know…im a general contractor, a home builder for a long time now….I would not defend all contractors…..some are vg,some are good, and some arn’t worth two dead ants…….I take my own to task….any one can go buy a wheel barrel and call them selves a contractor…

    Question for you top hat……..are all government employees the same….all are excellent?…now ive worked for a few aldermen here in il…..some are the very best…some are not……

    Used to go to a bar when we got rained out sometimes….there were a cpl of postal workers, that did not deliver the mail, until t he next day…and a cpl that would never think about it……won’t think of any more examples…but……

  141. Hopeful Cynic

    I like government workers…I got a lot of ’em in my family and friends — transit planners, librarians, teachers, and just plain old bureaucrats

  142. Mittens said his favorite snack is honey nut cheerios
    could explain his aversion to grits

  143. “Don’t worry about Solar. At one time or another he has stepped on someone’s last nerve and caused them to howl. On the plus side, he knows great music, can dance, and often buys a virtual lunch.”

    Thanks, I think.~~….There has been brian, maybe one or two more people that im sure this is true for in the past…have had some arguments…specially with XR, I don’t think, I hope that he never felt this way…. and we are good friends……you and I have had it out about a few subjects…but not for a long time now, that is also in the past…..and mostly …….everyone here at the trail are friends…or at least friendly….that is what I was trying to do….now im pissed at myself for trying to get some one to see that i meant no harm…..

    Maybe the trail has evolved from the time that I/ we all used to yell and throw the f word around …… will do some soul searching….if we are at the point of not being able to say anything other than being pleasant to one another…than i have missed this….

  144. hopefulcynic – Thank you for your government service. Your insight will be a valuable asset to this roundtable.

    anon paranoid – Your post is not outrageous. You make several valid points. Using logic and reason to refute hypocrisy.

    solarcrete – Thanks for the reply. Of course there is corruption on every corner of the political world. My point was that there are common immoral links that tie recent Republican Presidents. The legacy of the Nixon administration still haunts us today. It is a darkness of character, a self validation that nothing is out of bounds as a means to an end.

    The Democratic scandals tend to effect personal integrity. Republican scandals effect the integrity of our government. I’d rather have a President who commits an adulterous consensual sex act than a President who deliberately screws the laws of our land.

    As for President Ford, my opinion is that the pardon was the ultimate cover up.

    Your question if I am an ancient history professor, I wish! I work in retail. Visiting Trail Mix is one of the sanity breaks I use to keep from climbing a tower. :smile:

  145. ps….i have quite a few members in my family that are government workers….specially in the police, and fire department…..they all know that i hate that they get government medical ins…while some of the other family members don’t……OH, OH are IRS government workers…..I intensely dislike them…..they get commissions from collecting unpaid balances from the poor….plus interest…they get their pay checks levied, contractor freinds had some very expensive machinery confiscated by them, and sold….i hate them suckers……..

  146. re IRS government workers…..I intensely dislike them…..they get commissions from collecting unpaid balances from the poor…



  147. solarcrete, Surely you will remember that you “hate” medical insurance for police/fire workers, and refuse their assistance if they ever face risking their lives or safety to help you in an emergency.

  148. Kgc,

    Thats what I understand.! When a person that can’t pay off their loans…they are written off as noncollectable…they can also do what is called an offer of compromise…this is done so they can get them of the books…and go to where they can make commissions…..will go and find out all about this, and confirm it all…

    I was told this by my cpa that used to work for the irs…i used to do my own, until it all got so complicated and could not spend the time on them…..

  149. Hopefull,

    Thats not what I said….i don’t like the fact that some of my family has ins, and some don’t…..I think that we should all have what our Military, senators, congressmen, and president have…an insurance paid by the tax payers….what are you doing to promote this?

  150. solar, Government workers pay their share of premiums for health insurance just like any other employer-based program, and that includes senators, etc. And my premiums, co-pays, etc. have been going up just as it has in the private sector. This big lie that we get free health care courtesy of the taxpayers is completely crazy.

  151. I realize that you pay out of pocket for insurance…how much? what does it cover….and is it offset by the amount that you get paid…specially cost of living increases…..that other tax payer don’t get…..don;t begrudge you any of it…..but….

  152. put it this way…..we should all get universal ins….ill pay the same as any senator does…..

  153. I already do get government ins…and pay very little for…i go to the VA for it…..but want ins for all….i see a lot of people that don;t have any….we have talked about this intensively…..and i have learned much from Jamie, Pogo, and others here…..on the subject.

  154. ok, It looks like all bad feelings are gone…bring your hard hat next time……unless you have a hard head as i do….no bring it, just in case of falling solar debris……

  155. solar, “cost of living increases”??? You must be kidding. Our salaries have been frozen for the past three years, across the board, No one gets a raise, and our insurance premiums have skyrocketed. I’m not complaining, but it is very frustrating to see so much misinformation out there.

  156. No bad feelings, solar. Good night. I must get my sleep so that I can wake tomorrow with plenty of energy to pursue a full day of cheating the taxpayers. [JOKE, or at least the best I can do]

  157. [JOKE, or at least the best I can do]

    Yep, u r a government employee alright……..

    kgc, just a fast check, and found. there are special agents that get a lot more in pay and bonus…some on a % basis?

    national salary data
    Check salary info for your own job
    national salary data
    Employer: U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
    Salary Range by Job
    Job (Number Reporting)

    National Data (?)
    $0 $50K $100K $150K

    [-] Tax Examiner, Collector, or Revenue Agent (47)

    Salary $34,673 – $103,646

    Bonus $-0.50 – $3,425
    Total Pay $33,355 – $104,469

  158. I’m not arguing with you, Solar. I’m just pointing out that holder doesn’t have clear ideas about law enforcement procedures.

  159. XR,

    No not about Holder….in the distance past we had a cpl of disagreements…and we came out of it ok…….that is all i was saying……now im going for a late night snake…make that snack…which i hardly ever do……

  160. MQW,

    Truce. I’m okay, you’re okay.

    GORDO, brian, and vadarryl ain’t okay. Grrr.

  161. Sorry Solar, I was referring to my 2:56pm post. Didn’t mean to be confusing.

    Re your Q about Libya, Congress has abrogated it’s duties somewhat for the sake of quick response to events. The House and Senate passed a Law that gives the Pres wide latitude for a short period of time, in order to handle crises. reagan bombed Libya and invaded both Lebanon and Grenada* under this Act. Senile bush invaded Panama and Iraq to make war on his best friends under this Act. Clinton blasted the Serbs, and sent a shipful of Marines to Haiti. babybush got special Congressional permission for his special fuckups.

    *Grenada was the only time since the Spanish American War that a rip up president won a military engagement. It was not a war. It was more like a gang shootout. The Grenadan government had already been killed off by a crazed cabinet officer. The Marines went up against the equivalent a squad of poorlyy trained and poorly armed soldiers. We won, but for awhile, thanks to reagan’s Pentagon, it was touch and go.

  162. The oh,bummer chatter about the UN giving us permission is total crap. That nonesense is meant to prevent loose talk about wars of aggression & war crimes.

    It’s impractical to have the president seek Congressional permission to shoot everytime a soldier or FBI man spots a bogey. If we’d had such a procedure last year, midge mcconnell would still be filibustering, and osama bin ladin would still be watching reruns of Hollywood Squares.

    It’s really too bad holder about eric holder muddying the water with his stupid remarks.

  163. XR, I know that we have a free trade, free competition…are you saying that we now have a free constitution, a social and political constitution adapted to competition???…huh…naw that can’t be right…never mind…i must be tired….

  164. I don’t believe Obama has any problem at all with bombing Iran or going into Syria
    He just wants to wait till after nov 6 to do it

  165. As far as that goes we are already at war with Iran
    Crippling economic sanctions
    Violating Iranian air space with spy drones
    Assassination of Iranian scientist by the CIA
    All acts of war
    Oh I wonder why they would want a nuke
    Self preservation perhaps

  166. Solarcrete,
    I mean no disrespect.
    You are an interesting person. Most of your replies are humorous.
    I chose to take your inquiry of me being an “ancient history professor” as legit and not as a mocking aside.
    I joined Trail Mix last year. Because of work commitments, my posts were infrequent. After one post, I realized a couple replies weren’t “teasing”, they were mocking. I stopped posting, but continued to visit anyway.
    Recently I decided to give it another go. I enjoy it and look forward to it daily. I hope everyone, old and new, continue to.

  167. Xrep , the constitution has provision that takes care of those situations
    The letter of marque and reprisal allows us to go after individuals or groups ,short of going to war with a country
    The constitution states clearly that only the congress has the power to declare war
    This has been ignored by presidents and congress both for the last 60 years
    That’s the main reason we haven’t won a war since ww2
    Unless you use Charlie sheens definition of winning

  168. Not to mention the fact that we are 16trillion in debt , with 60trillion in future unfunded liabilities .
    To think we can afford to put another war on the credit card is insane and economic suicide

  169. I work for government and not allowed to engage in political discussion online during the day. Indeed, it is even a risk to do so on my own time. The free speech restrictions on government workers is something most Americans know little about. We are constantly attacked, but not allowed to defend ourselves.

    hopeful, many of us here on the trail have worked or are working for the gov’t. some in fact, like flatus, solar and others put their lives on the line in public service. speaking of high risk combat, some of us even are or worked for or are working for the dreaded congress critters or in the wh. we too have suffered the slings and arrows of nasty jokes, especially those who are lawyer types like pogo and cajunjoe and coreen. so don’t get your panties in an uproar that you are a lone victim.

    btw, ethically speaking in some states, use of public property (like computers) for personal business/entertainment especially during work hours is prohibited. and as for political restrictions, are you complaining about the hatch act and why?

  170. Cbob- Remember- shiny side up, rubber side down. Safe travels. My thoughts are with you.

  171. I’m on my second cup of coffee, I picked the wife up at the airport at midnight, got to bed around 1:30. Then the wife woke me up at 6 in one of her usual bright chatty moods, did I mention that I’m on my second cup of coffee and nothing has kickecd in yet?

    I seriously need somebody to mock, Any volunteers?


  172. Santoriminions, remember to turn your clocks back to the 1950s this weekend.

    Everybody else: one hour forward.

  173. btw, we dont do chat here, at least most of us. We do our best to write in whole sentences and take ourselve way more serious than the fabled AOL chat room of yore. After all we know how to solve the worlds problems, if the world was only smart enough to listen.


  174. mornin’

    Sheesh, wtf happened between HC & Solar? I didn’t really see the diff in their opinions until they started talking about insurance..

    Jack, mock away – as you know , either my skin’s thick or I don’t give a crap. you make the call.

    And Blue, love the comment about the clocks.

  175. Pogo

    Glad to have you back. mqw basically pointed out the problem last night. It is that text thing that gets all newbies and even some of us old battle hardened types.
    If the brain was funtioning better I would rewrite my lecture on the dangers of text being misunderstood.
    You know the fact that we all write with our conversational voice. But text only carries the words of the conversation, it doesn’t transfer our body language which is at least half the conversation.

    BTW, you are one of the ones who does give a crap. But you do tend to piss me off in that you go out and read my links and then use the information against me. Then when you use other real facts…………
    I think that is against the on line forum code of ethics.


  176. mqw, the constitution has taken its share of hits since 9/11. And both sides are to blame. Warrantless search and seizure has taken the biggest hit IMHO – the power to declare war has not – with respect to that it is business as usual.

    And no part of the constitution takes precedence over any other part. Does the treaty power (Art. 2 § 2)trump the congressional power to declare war (Art.1 § 8)? No more than the congressional power to declare war trumps the treaty power. It’s a balance of powers thing. (But watch that treaty thing – there’s a difference between treaties – that require a 2/3 vote in the Senate – and international agreements entered into by the president, which are far more common than treaties in a ratio of about 10 to 1) And yes, the conflicting powers of the respective branches do often conflict. (they like, have whole classes on this shit in law school – and there are a few books written on the subject, and nevermind the Supreme Court cases that deal with these – from Marbury v. Madison (not a perfect example – it was Cong. v. constitution, but it works for the AUMF argument) to Hamdi v. Rumsfeld, and beyond…)

    And the war powers provision providing congress with the power to declare war is one of the most tortured provisions – in your zeal, consider that only 5 declarations of war have been passed by Congress since 1776. Three notable omissions from the 260 or so armed interventions the US military has engaged in since then are the Civil War, Korea and Vietnam. (Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and Afghan War resolution were not declarations of war – the last one of those was for WWII after the attack on pearl harbor).

    One could argue that the recent popularity of Authorizations for the Use of Military Force is based upon an unconstitutional act IF your definition of war is the use of military force against a sovereign nation. I suggest you go read Hamdi v. Rumsfeld if you think the Executive can’t commit troops to armed conflict abroad without a declaration of war. Those tired old men (and women) take a different view of the respective powers of the executive and congress when it comes to the use of troops in what few would argue was not a war.

  177. jack, I love discussions with you. And facts are overrated. Sorry about reading your links – I’ll try to pay less attention. 😆

  178. No, I mean I don’t give a crap if someone thinks my position is crap and tells me so – gives me a chance to argue (occupational hazard). I just meant I don’t take this stuff personally. I do give a crap about the issues, and know that I think my position on them is more right than wrong (and sometimes I’m right and sometimes I’m wrong about that).

  179. And, Sir Pogo, that’s why during my career I always advised my commanders to follow the strategic intent of the Commander-in-Chief.

  180. But text only carries the words of the conversation, it doesn’t transfer our body language which is at least half the conversation.

    and a good thing, too, jack, or many would be in violation of gracious host’s blog rules of civility. am sure there’s a stray finger here or there held up for emphasis at the moment of post.

    pogo, must you at such an early hour? the mere mention of marbury v. madison brings on a migraine and bad memories.

  181. So pogo, It looks like we are at the inevitable point in any on line discussion then, where everything has reverted to defining the meaning of crap.};-)

    with that I’m out of here. The wife wants me to work harder so she saw a perfect house to keep me busy for the next six months. So I’ve got to call the realestate agent. Later


  182. Good Morning all.
    Pogo, really good to have you back, you have been missed!

    I’ll just go back to reading his posts and steer clear of the comment pages.

    Your just misjudging Solar’s intentions..Please give the comments section a little more time? Get to know the people and their intentions will become clear. Its so easy online to misjudge though, emoticons can help but often times i don’t even think of them..Also the more you comment the thicker your skin becomes..Most of us here lived through the 2008 Dem primaries and the war that ensued, ha, now that was hell! 😆

  183. Sorry pat – leave MvM to mqw.

    Enjoy the renovation jack – call HGTV, maybe they’ll use yours for one of their disaster shows.

  184. Yep, Flatus, that CIC designation has to mean something, doesn’t it?

    BTW my nephew is in week 4 at Paris Island and absolutely loves it – he’s platoon leader (or whatever they call it) and was fill-in guide for a week. I’m proud of the boy.

  185. Isn’t it a pitiful shame that we are of the 99%. Whether you work for the government or private sector, you are making less and paying more for basic services. Health care is more of a health attempt and why must we have a third party sucking off the profit of sick people? Why not pay direct? And the snowball of foreclosures continues to roll taking out a lot of innocent landscaping and sucking money out of the very foundation of American lives. And the money experts? It really depends on when you were born! That’s right, average wealth is more about horoscope than skill. Unless you are born into a wealthy family, it is the timing of your life. How you entered the gambling casino of the planet depends on ‘what’ wealth you acquire.

    So, our squabble should be with the 1% robber barons who have decided this is our landscape under their rule.

  186. sjwny,

    I’ve not seen anyone mock you for your personally held positions or your expression of those positions. Rather, I’ve seen praise of your ability to articulate said positions.

    Same way with Hopeful.

    Solar is a small business owner, a contractor specializing in a novel type of low income housing. He has worked assiduously with local government officials in various areas of our great country and has been led down the primrose path by said officials numerous times. These antics have left him in a precarious position.

    He is also my brother in arms. Despite my own disagreements with him involving Middle East policy, he is still my brother. :)

  187. flatus, you forgot to mention solar’s local gov’t battle ground and tour of duty is chicago. that in itself should explain a lot to our new trail friends.

  188. Pogo, Stinky and I happened down to Parris on a graduation day. The young men and women were so pumped! And their parents!!

    I hope someone from his family can make it down. It will be very special.

    Semper Fi

  189. Pat, could you take charge of Chicago? I’m about to be led away by the scruff of my neck. :)

  190. ahh, at last the sweet smell of cooperation and compromise wafts across the land. maybe.

    The House on Thursday approved legislation that proponents say will make it easier for small businesses to launch initial public offerings, solicit new investors and, eventually, hire more workers.
    The Jumpstart Our Business Startups, or JOBS, Act passed 390 to 23, a wide, bipartisan margin that House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) said should compel the Senate to consider the bill “in an expeditious fashion.”
    Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) said Thursday he would introduce similar legislation next week and “move as quickly as we can” to pass it, but he said a highway bill under consideration in the Senate would create more jobs faster than the House’s proposal.

  191. Libyan Factions Potentially Facing More Civil Conflict
    By: Jon Walker

    What I do know is that since we foolishly chose to get involved in a war that had nothing to do with us, in the minds of many the United States will now share the blame for the sins committed by those we helped bring to power. It is as though our entire foreign policy is about assuring that we will create enough potential blowback to keep the CIA in business for another generation.

  192. sjnw,

    I have never made fun of anyone that i did not know personally. The reason that i asked is that I thought that you or some new poster advanced this information about being an ancient history prof…..Im a self-taught stay at home sponge that would have loved to have another history buff here at the trail….

    We have some excellent ones (many as u will see) here already, and they are all my professors.!!

    I want to thank you all for your kind words……..


    Get your head out of your……..go back and see that after all of that talking….we finally got together and tried to even chat a little bit….your last post and a humorous ending….was pretty good…so I tried to do the same…just to not leave you hanging….it was a freaking joke for H. C’s sake……that is the way that i do it….you have to start to think of what is behind some of the post that you read…and not go off to some meanings that are not the intent of them……now I will insult you:….stop reading the government hand book of how to get a personality……i will go to Walgreens to buy U one………..

  193. Somebody explain to Mittens that there are southerners and there are honorary southerners (no “unofficial” ones) and he’s not on anybody’s list to be declared an honorary–

    even if he does say “y’all”.

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