GOP Path to Nobody

Real Clear Politics reporter Sean Trende offers a detailed analysis of the GOP calendar ahead and shows how the primaries could end in June with no clear winner:

Given the structure of the primary season, this portends a long slog to the nomination, and makes it difficult for Romney to wrap up the nomination early on. … The bottom line here? Romney ends up with 1,071 delegates, still short of the nomination [1,144 needed].

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  1. So Poob, looks like I’ll be getting my wish for a long, (and hopefully bloody) GOP nomination fight???

  2. solarcrete says:
    03/09/2012 at 11:36 AM


    I have never made fun of anyone that i did not know personally. The reason that i asked is that I thought that you or some new poster advanced this information about being an ancient history prof…..Im a self-taught stay at home sponge that would have loved to have another history buff here at the trail….

    We have some excellent ones (proffesors-many as u will see) here already, and they are all my professors.!!

    I want to thank you all for your kind words……..


    Get your head out of your……..go back and see that after all of that talking….we finally got together and tried to even chat a little bit….your last post and a humorous ending….was pretty good…so I tried to do the same…just to not leave you hanging….it was a freaking joke for H. C’s sake……that is the way that i do it….you have to start to think of what is behind some of the post that you read…and not go off to some meanings that are not the intent of them……now I will insult you:….stop reading the government hand book of how to get a personality……i will go to Walgreens to buy U one………..

  3. I see it made Crowd Favs in the sidebar and rightly so. Well done, Blue:

    blueINdallas: Santoriminions, remember to turn your clocks back to the 1950s this weekend. Everybody else: one hour forward.”

  4. Pogo, my journalist’s thirst-for-blood wants to agree with you, but I still think the big boys are gonna push Newt and Rick out before it gets to this. Can’t believe their sugar daddies will keep writing checks (the only reason they can keep going) if convinced they’re making it harder to beat Obama. But I very much want to be wrong about that.

  5. Craig,

    As always: U do the right thing. But im done with my end of the ….what was that…oh “kerfuffle” Hopefully, Hopeful is done with also…i meant no harm, and thats a shame…b/c i could really have some fun with someone that hase a nick like hopeful…..

    About your thread……if there isn’t a clear winner…..then maybe we can save a lot of $ and just declare Obama re-elected by de-fault and be done with it no?

  6. gee… I finally get on after Comcast finally fixed it’s problem only to see some perceived dustup by HopefulC.

    Hey Hopeful… to talk politics even on this mostly friendly site one needs not to take stuff so personally. If you’re unable to do so… maybe this form of communication isn’t for you. If you come to that conclusion, I wish you well.

    SolarMan… you’re an incorrigible rascal! Please don’t change or you’ll be hearing from me, Mister.

  7. Craig… Intrade now has Romney at a 90% chance of winning the GOP nomination.

    Methinks some pundits are ignoring that statistic purposefully in order to keep viewers interested in the horse race even though it’s in all probability essentially over.

    Me… I’m with Pogo… keep it going.

  8. rr – To hear the MSM lately, we may have another rr to talk about in the fall: Romney/Rubio Hmmm, that may help with the Latino vote, but he’s also an ex-Mormon.

    Wait, aren’t there are actually issues that should be discussed? Actual plans (Plan B, aside) that need to be put forward by the candidates? I don’t agree with Ron Paul on a lot of things, but at least he knows what he believes and why.

    Love to see the pipeline got shutdown awhile longer!!! Destroy the land (after stealing it through eminent domain) and water for temporary jobs, in order export oil that we, supposedly, need ourselves to hold down our fuel prices (~speculators just can’t be to blame~). The short-sightedness is stunning.

  9. “Love to see the pipeline got shutdown awhile longer!!! Destroy the land (after stealing it through eminent domain) and water for temporary jobs, in order export oil that we, supposedly, need ourselves to hold down our fuel prices (~speculators just can’t be to blame~). The short-sightedness is stunning.”

    Blue, U can say that again…Ive talked to some people that just can’t get the fact that we export oil to other country’s….

    That and fracking….most haven’t even heard of fracking for natural gas. I tell them to not be so lazy and go find out about it… tell them that this procedure spoils the drinking water with chemicals used during the drilling.

    Ive worked most of my life with hydraulic oils…they are used for fracking….believe me when i say…that they don’t taste so good, even spoils the taste of an ice cold bud after a hard days work for days…..about Paul….agreed on that also….


    What the fracking are you talking about?
    That reminded me of Chloe….she started calling me ALLLVIN for a while…..later, have to get me exercise in for the day….

  10. Well, I guess the backroom pressure is what will end this. Palin is calling for it to go on ’til the convention – she thinks it makes for a better candidate. I can see Mitt moving away from the barbs at his opponents and talking about Obama, trying to look like it’s over, but I can’t see Ricky or Newtie doing that. They should provide plenty of material for the O machine to make their commercials about Mitt. I want to see Mitt try to walk away from his MA health care mandate and the debt MA was in when he left (I heard it was $1B, but that was from a Santorum super PAC ad, so I’m sure it isn’t accurate) and try to convince the middle that O-care is somehow different and bad and that he knows how “the economy” works.

  11. “blueINdallas: Santoriminions, remember to turn your clocks back to the 1950s this weekend. Everybody else: one hour forward.”

    I don’t press favs all that much…..but blue…just have to go back and press that one….

  12. Solar, we’ve got fracking going on here out the wazoo. You can’t drive anywhere without passing and being passed by brine trucks (Hawg Hauling has the best logos) and pickup trucks from Texas and Oklahoma. I tell ya they’re everywhere. So far I haven’t heard of any evidence of groundwater contamination around these parts, but then again, who’s gonna fess up to that? I do know that they’ve disturbed so much land in the process that after a heavy rain the rivers and streams here look like they’re full of chocolate milk.

  13. Don’t think the democrats have to much to worry about , Obama has re-election pretty much in the bag ,barring any unforeseen events between now and November
    I just don’t know what the hell they have to brag about ,
    Maybe Obama signing the ndaa into law ?extension of the patriot act ?
    Maybe Obama racking up 4 billion in debt for every day he’s been in office ?
    Maybe setting precedent for killing US citizens by executive order
    How about his great success in Afghanistan ?
    Ending the failed war on drugs by the federal government ?
    I don’t know, I could keep going
    Surely somebody can think something good to say
    I can’t

  14. What is obama’s campaign slogan going to be this time ?
    “Well at least I’m better than the other guy ”
    That’ll work I guess , not to inspiring though

  15. Pogo,

    I read ( npr?) about the drinking water over at Ohio being so bad that it made some people sick…there was a law suit about it also i think…but that was some time back.

    Here in the mid-west, not so much…over in Indiana ive read about….and in some place called Minnesota….is that in the us of a ?

  16. mqw…
    “Don’t think the democrats have to much to worry about , Obama has re-election pretty much in the bag ,barring any unforeseen events between now and November
    I just don’t know what the hell they have to brag about ,”

    Here’s what he has to brag about.

    I copied this from a post by someone who is not welcomed here by many that was posted back in March of 2010 and is part of what the President has done up until that point of time.

    While many disagree over his accomplishments you also fail to take into account that he has not had a full working Congress to work with on his side.

    And yes there are many things that I am not happy about that he did not do. Namely investigate and prosecute those who instituted, authorized and had others carry out War Crimes of Torture and other War Crimes under both America’s Laws and International Laws.

    The Obama Presidency’s record…so far:

    1. Ordered all federal agencies to undertake a study and make recommendations for ways to cut spending
    2. Ordered a review of all federal operations to identify and cut wasteful spending and practices
    3. Instituted enforcement for equal pay for women
    4. Beginning the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq
    5. Families of fallen soldiers have expenses covered to be on hand when the body arrives at Dover AFB
    6. Ended media blackout on war casualties; reporting full information
    7. Ended media blackout on covering the return of fallen soldiers to Dover AFB; the media is now permitted to do so pending adherence to respectful rules and approval of fallen soldier’s family
    8. The White House and federal government are respecting the Freedom of Information Act
    9. Instructed all federal agencies to promote openness and transparency as much as possible
    10. Limits on lobbyist’s access to the White House
    11. Limits on White House aides working for lobbyists after their tenure in the administration
    12. Ended the previous stop-loss policy that kept soldiers in Iraq/Afghanistan longer than their enlistment date
    13. Phasing out the expensive F-22 war plane and other outdated weapons systems, which weren’t even used or needed in Iraq/Afghanistan
    14. Removed restrictions on embryonic stem-cell research
    15. Federal support for stem-cell and new biomedical research
    16. New federal funding for science and research labs
    17. States are permitted to enact federal fuel efficiency standards above federal standards
    18.. Increased infrastructure spending (roads, bridges, power plants) after years of neglect
    19. Funds for high-speed, broadband Internet access to K-12 schools
    20. New funds for school construction
    21. The prison at Guantanamo Bay is being phased out
    22. US Auto industry rescue plan
    23. Housing rescue plan
    24. $789 billion economic stimulus plan
    25. The public can meet with federal housing insurers to refinance (the new plan can be completed in one day) a mortgage if they are having trouble paying
    26. US financial and banking rescue plan
    27. The secret detention facilities in Eastern Europe and elsewhere are being closed
    28. Ended the previous policy; the US now has a no torture policy and is in compliance with the Geneva Convention standards
    29. Better body armor is now being provided to our troops
    30. The missile defense program is being cut by $1.4 billion in 2010
    31. Restarted the nuclear nonproliferation talks and building back up the nuclear inspection infrastructure/protocols
    32. Reengaged in the treaties/agreements to protect the Antarctic
    33. Reengaged in the agreements/talks on global warming and greenhouse gas emissions
    34. Visited more countries and met with more world leaders than any president in his first six months in office
    35. Successful release of US captain held by Somali pirates; authorized the SEALS to do their job
    36. US Navy increasing patrols off Somali coast
    37. Attractive tax write-offs for those who buy hybrid automobiles
    38. Cash for clunkers program offers vouchers to trade in fuel inefficient, polluting old cars for new cars; stimulated auto sales
    39. Announced plans to purchase fuel efficient American-made fleet for the federal government
    40. Expanded the SCHIP program to cover health care for 4 million more children
    41. Signed national service legislation; expanded national youth service program
    42. Instituted a new policy on Cuba, allowing Cuban families to return home to visit loved ones
    43. Ended the previous policy of not regulating and labeling carbon dioxide emissions
    44. Expanding vaccination programs
    45. Immediate and efficient response to the floods in North Dakota and other natural disasters
    46. Closed offshore tax safe havens
    47. Negotiated deal with Swiss banks to permit US government to gain access to records of tax evaders and criminals
    48. Ended the previous policy of offering tax benefits to corporations who outsource American jobs; the new policy is to promote in-sourcing to bring jobs back
    49. Ended the previous practice of protecting credit card companies; in place of it are new consumer protections from credit card industry’s predatory practices
    50. Energy producing plants must begin preparing to produce 15% of their energy from renewable sources
    51. Lower drug costs for seniors
    52. Ended the previous practice of forbidding Medicare from negotiating with drug manufacturers for cheaper drugs; the federal government is now realizing hundreds of millions in savings
    53. Increasing pay and benefits for military personnel
    54. Improved housing for military personnel
    55. Initiating a new policy to promote federal hiring of military spouses
    56. Improved conditions at Walter Reed Military Hospital and other military hospitals
    57. Increasing student loans
    58. Increasing opportunities in AmeriCorps program
    59. Sent envoys to Middle East and other parts of the world that had been neglected for years; reengaging in multilateral and bilateral talks and diplomacy
    60. Established a new cyber security office
    61. Beginning the process of reforming and restructuring the military 20 years after the Cold War to a more modern fighting force; this includes new procurement policies, increasing size of military, new technology and cyber units and operations, etc.
    62. Ended previous policy of awarding no-bid defense contracts
    63. Ordered a review of hurricane and natural disaster preparedness
    64. Established a National Performance Officer charged with saving the federal government money and making federal operations more efficient
    65. Students struggling to make college loan payments can have their loans refinanced
    66. Improving benefits for veterans
    67. Many more press conferences and town halls and much more media access than previous administration
    68. Instituted a new focus on mortgage fraud
    69. The FDA is now regulating tobacco
    70. Ended previous policy of cutting the FDA and circumventing FDA rules
    71. Ended previous practice of having White House aides rewrite scientific and environmental rules, regulations, and reports
    72. Authorized discussions with North Korea and private mission by Pres. Bill Clinton to secure the release of two Americans held in prisons
    73. Authorized discussions with Myanmar and mission by Sen. Jim Web to secure the release of an American held captive
    74. Making more loans available to small businesses
    75. Established independent commission to make recommendations on slowing the costs of Medicare
    76. Appointment of first Latina to the Supreme Court
    77. Authorized construction/opening of additional health centers to care for veterans
    78. Limited salaries of senior White House aides; cut to $100,000
    79. Renewed loan guarantees for Israel
    80. Changed the failing/status quo military command in Afghanistan
    81. Deployed additional troops to Afghanistan
    82. New Afghan War policy that limits aerial bombing and prioritizes aid, development of infrastructure, diplomacy, and good government practices by Afghans
    83. Announced the long-term development of a national energy grid with renewable sources and cleaner, efficient energy production
    84. Returned money authorized for refurbishment of White House offices and private living quarters
    85. Paid for redecoration of White House living quarters out of his own pocket
    86. Held first Seder in White House
    87. Attempting to reform the nation’s healthcare system which is the most expensive in the world yet leaves almost 50 million without health insurance and millions more under-insured
    88. Has put the ball in play for comprehensive immigration reform
    89. Has announced his intention to push for energy reform
    90. Has announced his intention to push for education reform
    Oh, and he built a swing set for his girls outside the Oval Office

    While these do not give the President a blank check they are far more than any Republican would do or have done for the American People.

    Later gang, have a great day.

  17. solar, some of that fracking water was lit coming out of the tap. lot of folks that let the motherfrackers in now regret it.

  18. I don’t really agree with your list there, anon paranoid. I see majority of those as things you are supposed to do as a president, or are first steps that have not been accomplished, thus a whole lot of nothing. But as been said many times before, at least he is not Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich, which is a very low bar to pass.

    Regarding Palin, she is just getting in as many shots as she can before Game Change comes to the air. As soon as the public is reminded of her lunacy, she will have to go hide under a rock again before enough time has passed so that she can return with her bat-shit crazy ideas.

  19. Flatus

    …..can’t tell U enough about how good this made me feel, thank you.!!

    I haven’t done my exercise yet b/c ive been on the phone with my partner in building these homes….he just told me that (he is a lot like u, his character) we have made (at my insistence not to quit) contact with a cpl of banks that should be getting the loans that we need to start our solarcrete homes that are 70-80% energy efficient.

    While talking to him…i asked him to also let the bankers know…that we will be installing tornado, hurricane, or as we would call them, bomb shelters inside of the homes….you suggested that i do them independently a year or so ago… makes no sense for me to do….but as a part of the home…it makes all the sense in the world….thanks for the idea….I think that they would have been the answer to ‘Katrina’ the solarcrete homes….instead of buying trailers that cost us millions….and that are now rotting away.! “Brownie youre doing a great job” NOT.!!

  20. Pat,

    “solar, some of that fracking water was lit coming out of the tap. lot of folks that let the motherfrackers in now regret it.”

    Yes.! I member that article mentioning that…..”U funny”……OH, and about “enticing the ladys to dance”…Saturday night….be there or be square….

  21. this pretty much sums up what Ron Paul supporters think of Santorum


  22. Do they think jacque penne’ did not know she was gay

    those folks must be in a very deep dark closet

  23. MQW,
    I’m with you on what the new slogan for president Obama’s re-election should be! Out with the “Hope and Change” and in with

    “Well at least I’m better than the other guy ”

  24. mqw…

    I’m glad that I was able to brighten your morning.


    True that some of them are what a President should do, however none of them were done by a Republican President.

    Here is a better article on what the President has accomplished. Its from the Washington Monthly.

    Have a great day.

  25. hey jamie, get a load of this:

    Mormon church restricts online access to Jewish names

    By staff and news services
    SALT LAKE CITY — Mormon leaders have put up a virtual firewall in their massive genealogical database to block out anyone who attempts to access the names of hundreds of thousands of Holocaust victims the church has agreed not to posthumously baptize.

    The move comes amid criticism that the Salt Lake City-based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints hasn’t done enough to live up to commitments to stop its members worldwide from performing the baptism ritual on Holocaust victims and other notable Jews.

    The new system will immediately block church members’ access should they try to seek out names of Holocaust victims or other notable figures that have been flagged as not suitable for proxy baptisms. The church said the move is aimed at ending the practice.

    But critics say it merely serves to block anyone from monitoring whether the posthumous baptisms continue.

  26. oh yeah… the Washington Monthly. I used to have a subscription to that magazine. I got bored with it and didn’t renew last year. They sent me a complimentary copy of their latest issue with a picture of an incomplete relief of Obama on Mt. Rushmore trying to get me to resubscribe. I threw it away.

  27. Anon,

    Obama made a lot of promises to netanhau…..
    planes, bombs, if he promised to postpone a preventive war on Iran until at least 2013.

    This presidents other accomplishment…is the one that gives away the store…even before anyone asks for anything. More head fakes from the president, while making the deals for Isreal to go ahead and use what we give them…that way he has some dependability no:

    Ha’aretz also quoted an Obama official saying Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had specifically asked Defense Secretary Leon Panetta for the GBU-28 bunker busting bombs as well as for the advanced refueling aircraft.

    Netanyahu told Israeli news media on Thursday that a strike of Iran’s nuclear facilities is not a “matter of days, weeks, but not a matter of years,” adding: “If I don’t make the right call [on Iran] maybe there won’t be anyone to explain to.” This of course completely ignores U.S. intelligence which says Iran is very far off from even deciding to begin development of nuclear weapons.

    Whether or not the Obama administration’s deal-cutting was sincere in its attempts to deter reckless Israeli aggression against Iran, it seems clear that giving Israel better capability to unilaterally attack increases the likelihood of it happening.

  28. Pat

    I gotta ask,(to the world not you), why would Mormons do random baptism on Jews or anybody else.From what I understand it is done by request most usually of descendants. Second why would anybody not a Mormon give a damn about some meaningless ritual of another church. Unless they fear that Mormonism is the one and true path to God.
    When I see something like that I tend to label it under religious bigotry until proven other wise.


  29. anon paranoid – a lot of the things stated in Washington Monthly are bs to put it nicely. Just in the first few items, i can list that Health Care Reform is a joke and helps the insurance agencies more than us, stimulus was needed because of the corruption allowed by the government, and wall street reform was a joke as well, wall street gets away with murder while obama continues to get their financial backing. I can go on with the rest of the list but it would take a hell of a lot longer post.

    Patd – anything taken from in my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt. Those morons don’t know what the hell they are talking about 99.9% of the time.

  30. Barak Obama acomplishment

    #35, Let Space Shuttle Die and Killed Planned Moon Mission


    yeah, way to go Barry!!!!



  31. That a liberal rag would think #35 was an accomplishment says a lot about the sad state of liberalism in this country.


  32. Anon p , I mostly agree with you’re criticism of bush/Cheney ,minus the extreme rhetoric .
    Only thing is you seem to refuse to acknowledge that obama has continued with , and expanded on the same policies as bush/Cheney .
    After three years in office he’s had plenty of time to change and reverse course

  33. Jack,

    I was going to say something to Anon…about who he is quoting….Brian as usual is talking out of his fourth point of contact….he ain’t changed a lick…matter of fact…i think that he drinks more of that obama koolaid then ever…but i sure do miss the down and dirty fighting with him sometimes……..but not enough………… HA.!

  34. From the this-has-absolutely-nothing-to-do-with anything department: I took a break from news & political noise last PM to watch Arsenic and Old Lace on TCM–Cary Grant, Josephine Hull & Jean Adair. I’d never seen the movie before, but I have a sentimental attachment to it: when I was a jr. in HS I played Aunt Martha in our spring production. Was rather pleasantly surprised that I could remember & recite with Adair the recipe for her elderberry wine poison cocktail–complete with business. Laughed till I nearly rolled off my seat!

  35. jaslf…

    So its bs that now children under 26 can stay on their parents insurance since they are now living back home after losing their homes and jobs while at the same time not being able to afford insurance.

    That people with pre existing conditions can not be denied health care coverage. That there is no longer a limit on what a insurance company must pay for coverage on expensive treatments for some disease’s where before they capped it.

    And while there is still a lot that has not kicked in yet its a start to going to single payer in the future.

    The President got what he could get with what was and still is (even more so now)a totally obstructive Republican House and Senate.

    If a Republican (no matter who wins the nomination) gains control of the White House while retaining the House and maybe the Senate then we as a country are truly doomed.

    Have a great day.

  36. jaslf

    When I think about all the non-great things that Obama accomplished for the blue team, and never crossed the 50 yard line……I tend to think about just one that bush accomplished for the red team, and scored a huge touchdown….that is still scoring big for his side…..the bush tax cuts…..Obama could have reversed them in the firs few days….to prove me and others….that he did something great to help the blue team…and the country no?

  37. Tony,

    Been thinking about going on a walk-about…do you still have the same e-mail address? Will send you my magic-jack # if i do….hey do you think that XR painted himself in a corner? …later

  38. Anon
    Think of it as a great jobs program. Remember the money doesn’t go out into outer space, it stays here. Then think of it as basic investment in knowledge that can lead to an even better future. I find it amusing that you just wrote that on a computer and posted it to the internet.With out the great investment in aerospace technology by the government, both military and civilian you could not have done it.
    . The technology boom that has supported this nation was the result of many years of investment by the government. But we have been backing off of the investment, in other words eating our seed corn and soon we will have nothing left.
    this whole anti science drum beat by both the right and the left is also affecting the education system as less and less money is going into the system. So again we aren’t investing and are living on passed investment.
    The longer we do it the worse it becomes. so it not “we can’t afford it” but “we can’t afford not to” Not if you want your grandchildren to have the life you have had.


  39. I’m voting for Obama. But not because I’m “inspired” by him. It’s exactly as others here have stated…. he’s better than the other guys, IMO.

    But cheerlead for him… no way.

    BTW, Anon… I’d bet good money that your “friend” was here several weeks ago taking pot shots at Tony.

  40. anon paranoid – all the things that you mentioned are small potatoes. Obama controlled the house at that time and had a strong contingent in the senate. He should have gone much much farther. You cannot have ass your way through this issue with a radical republican contingent growing. Yes, things would really suck under Republican rule that doesn’t mean you have to be a corrupt failure.

    solar crete- i wasn’t quite sure what you were pointing to. but as i alluded to as far as my response to anon paranoid, the Republicans are moving too far to the right to compromise with them means that we are putting Republican policies down. We need to force the laws to be JUST and without corruption on the left so this countries finally can see that the “left” is not really a center party with a leader who is very corrupt.

  41. Isn’t it nice of Limbaugh to turn over his show to PSA’s instead of running all those commercials, wonder if he gets a tax deduction. };-)


  42. Jack,

    One last one for a while……Obama shutting down the space program was a huge disappointment to m e….not just because we lost 40k jobs…we need more space exploration…we will need to find a new home for us (ape-kind) before we have to leave goats island…coz we ate the last bit of green….or we will be forced to eat what the scientist are doing…..finding a way to eat our own excrement…or bullshit….is that redundant?

    Everything that we (through out time) invented or developed has been due to either military expansion….or space exploration….we have the $….just stop the military invasion of other countries….right now.!!



    I have not conversed with Brian for some time now. I did a search on his old site to find the post that was made on the Presidents accomplishments with out knowing that it was Brian that wrote it.

    Having said that what ever went on between Brian and others here has nothing to do with me and if he was here I was not aware of it.

    That is between Brian and whomever he had those disagreement with.

    Have a great day.



    You can not blame the President for the record number of filibusters that have been used to stop the President’s policies from going forward.

    That blame goes to Harry Reid for not getting rid of the filibuster when he had the chance to. This stopped many things that President Obama wanted to do. You know like close Gitmo amongst them.

    And don’t think for one minute that if the Republicans take control of the Senate that they won’t get rid of it to stop Democrats from keeping them from carrying their policies forward and totally gutting our country once and for all.

    Have a great day.

  45. Jamie…

    I didn’t know that you considered me as being a cheer leader for the President. I’m not.

    I do believe that there is nothing that President Obama does that he will not be chastised by both the Republicans and Democrats for. That also includes Independent Voters as well.

    Have a great day.

  46. Jack and Solar…

    Please tell me how many Republicans would be willing to give the money to the Space Program or NASA. We already know that they want to abolish all Government Departments and Programs including NASA.

    Have a great day.

  47. That’s it for me tonight.

    One last thing before I leave for the evening. Remember it was both Diebold and their hackable voting machines as well as the Reichwing Supreme Court that determined the two elections that gave as the War Criminals George W. Bush and Dick the Torturer Cheney.

    Have a nice evening.

  48. AP

    What made you think I thought you were a cheerleader for the President? I haven’t said anything of the sort.

  49. anon paranoid – again you are making a false argument. You need to rule justly if you have any intention of continuing to be part of a function government. Making excuses all day is something a child would do not someone with the power to rule over a country. Furthermore, you should never get rid of an important part of this government just because you do not like it being used against you.

  50. Jamie…

    Opps…Me bad. Sorry Jamie it was RR who mentioned cheer leading. My mistake.

    But let me clarify that I am not a cheer leader for the President. There is plenty that I totally disagree with that he has done.

    But to think that he could make all the changes that everyone is chastising him for is in itself hypocrisy.

    Once again Jamie, sorry for misreading what RR said for you saying it.

    Have a great night.

  51. jaslf…

    No I do think that rules are needed, however for two years from 2008 through 2010 the Republicans blocked the President policies as well as 99% of his appointments including Judges.

    After the 2010 elections even though the Democrats held the majority (over 50%)of the Senate under Republicans they needed 60 votes to do anything and not a simple majority of over 50 votes.

    So to place the blame on the President is wrong in so many ways.

    What would you have had him do? Rule by dictatorship and just do what he wanted to do like Bush\Cheney did?

    I am not making excuses, just stating the facts.

    And if the Republicans do take control of the Senate even with their low numbers in the polls, watch how fast they push their agenda forward. Just like they have been doing in the States they control in both the house, senate and Governors Offices.

    Least we forget what’s happening in Michigan where the Governor can fire all elected officials of a city, county or township and put in a oberfuhrer to run it as well as sell off all its assets.

    Well this is it for me. Have a great night.

  52. Anon p , you’re steadfast,loyal and standup for what you believe , got give ya that
    Oh and have a great day

  53. Anon… “I” won’t cheerlead for him even though I will be voting for him. Didn’t mean to imply anything about you.

    Jamie… I’ve lost count how many times people have mistaken my posts for yours over the years. I do consider it a compliment though… :smile:

  54. Anon,

    If I was the president from chicago….I would call Harry the Ried into my office….some of my homies would be there, and while i snuk out the back door….they would make harry see things my way….what a cope out…he did have the majority of dems in the house, and the senate…when will that happen again…..and once again….how did Bush pass his tax cuts….he went right over all of their heads… that shit greenspan and talked directly to the public…until the pressure was too much for the d;s to handle…they caved in and gave him his tax cut….but maybe they didn’t huh? they are also 1% ers no?

    Hey homie…talking about homies…don,t know if you have any family left in chicago…but if your ever near chicagoridge, or any where around here at all…..give me call and spend the night…or i could take you to lunch, dinner or whatever….but maybe we should stay away from the hood….we maybe a little to old now to run away from the hoods hahaaaaa

  55. “Jamie… I’ve lost count how many times people have mistaken my posts for yours over the years. I do consider it a compliment though… :smile:”

    Not me.! She would never call me sugar, sweetie, diablito, etc,etc………hey,im innocent over here… its yr fault….you said to never change…

  56. RR…

    Sorry. It appeared that you were implying that I was cheer leading for him. I was not and took what you said as I was a cheer leader.

    It seems that whenever anyone speaks up for him their accused of\or implied to be a Obama cheer leader.

    Well I’m going over to the live link for MSNBC and watch the shows on line live.

    Have a great night and I’m glad that you and yours are doing well.

  57. solar…

    Thanks for the invite. I haven’t been back since my Uncle died some years back.

    We must not forget that the Democrats worked with Republicans and it was (damn, I can not for the life of me)remember who it was, but he came in from his illness to vote for the ACA, put the sunshine clause to let it expire. The tax cuts that is.

    One of the main reasons that the President didn’t let it expire, but extend it through 2012 was because the Republicans were holding the unemployed hostage with the extension to their benefits as well as the payroll tax cut for workers.

    The money was replaced through the General Budget, that is the money on the payroll tax cut so it would not effect SS for those who receive it.

    Three times the Republicans held America and its Citizens (us) hostage and it looks like their going to do it again this year.

    I do believe that if the President does win I have no doubt that he will have to let all of them expire, even the middle class tax cuts.

    I also believe that he will work to re instate those cuts with a new bill that can be passed if they take control (over 60 votes needed)to even bring to the floor for debate or any action needed to pass it.

    If the Republicans win than all bets are off for the saving of Our Nation. And if they take control of the Senate while maintaining control of the House forget about our country surviving.

    Oh I agree 100% that we are to old to out run the hoods in the hood.

    Have a great night.

  58. Purple,

    How are you doing buddy? I know that the last time that you were not around….that you had to go to the dr……..

  59. anon paranoid – Don’t be afraid to stand up to bad policies and their pushers. Blaming the president is correct. Here you have a president who has worked around the democratic representatives and senators time and again. Then expects to get them to do what he wants to do. Also, Obama is supposed to be the great orator. yet, he never uses his skills to push the public in a just direction. No one is pushing a dictatorship, which is illegal, by the way. Finally, …dude…no one believes that the Republican rule would be a good thing. You are the only one, who is pushing that idea.

  60. Just catching up, it appears that we had a bit of a dust up on the ‘trail’. Not unusual.

    The best of families have their most intense discussions over the dinner table, sometimes feelings are hurt, or pride wounded, but they almost always show up for the next meal. 😉

  61. jace – I felt left out of the solar/hopefulcynic kerfuffle yesterday (referenced by Craig Crawford at the start of this post). So i decided to be part of one today. 😆

  62. “I felt left out of the solar/hopefulcynic kerfuffle yesterday (referenced by Craig Crawford at the start of this post). So i decided to be part of one today”

    U want Kerfuffle? ok, just ignore the two rules for newbies…there are just two….st one…..Solar (newbies buy) gets a few cold buds…and a cpl shots of tekillya…maybe patron…but most times I like that hillbilly stuff, he is a friend of mine cuervo……and some good music ….on friday and sat. nights….plenty of good music…: for a great lady friend, with the other great lady freinds at the swamp… start the night with


  63. ist rule…you new guys get to buy the drinks……I thought that you would ask what the 2nd rule would be…..and the 2nd rule… is to see the first rule….

    The post reads…that if you want kerfuffle…ignore those two rules, and that you will get what u asked for….of course just kidding….I will buy….what u drinking? …..sorry that my spelling and grammar not what it should be…

  64. I think that maybe that the pc/internet has been an appendage for the last cpl of days….going to take a break…..later

  65. Flatus – Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it.

    Solarcrete –
    I respect you and the others who were here before me. I should have addressed the problem with certain posts by a couple people last year; however, I felt that as a new person, the best course was just to disappear for awhile. Everyone here has a shared history; I get that. You are friends.
    The conversation with hopefulcynic made me very uncomfortable. It got to a point where it did cross the line. I had to speak out, because I wondered if maybe hopefulcynic was having the same feelings I had last year. It hurt; I really like you guys. I look at Trail Mix as being an eccentric extended family. Everyone has a particular role; you can’t help but be fascinated. (Just wondering who’s the crazy relative no one talks about 😯 ).
    Hey, Monty Python and Peter Cook helped me survive high school. I ain’t kidding. Joking, teasing is always needed – in a good way. If we didn’t laugh, we’d explode. And better to explode with laughter than explode in anger.

    hopefulcynic, if you read this, I hope you will continue. Your input would be invaluable. You have a unique perspective. Your words made me think.

    Solarcrete, I love history too. I was never a fan of fiction because reality is always more fascinating.
    You love ancient history – I wonder what the ancient Greeks would think of today’s Greece – yikes! Talk about devolution. 😉

    I look forward to spending this year with all of you.

    Craig, what’s the record number of responses so far to any thread? I can’t wait for November 6th – or better yet, the 7th.

  66. httpv://


    Don’t judge us too harshly, we have some unusual dinner conversations around here. If you ever got up against it these are the people you would want standing with you. You simply have to trust me on this. :smile:

  67. sjwny,

    First of all, I don’t think that there is; nor there should be any seniority on a blog…a new poster is just as important than any other one. Maybe even more so…new blood, new thinking and all that.

    I have been here a short time compared with some of the others…some have been here since the blog started….It took me a year to work up enough nerve to post, and still nervous about it all. I feel that my attempt at humor throws em off the trail that im not as smart as they all are….and that is one of the reasons that i stuck around….to learn from them all, each and everyone of them…I have learned much from.

    From what i learned about the start of this great place…is that it got off to a rough start…but it was thought to be worth it…and things, once again from what I learned…was that it was no picnic in here. The different personalities of learned peoples…gave and took the bad and the good from all….

    Have you ever been/seen the wwf…well that is how it was most of the time when I was around…but the in between, the in between, when you got to see everyone at their best, was just like going to a special place that was not offered anywhere else, and Craig made it that way, he shares this place with us…so I stuck around…and tried (believe it or not…im pretty much a loner, cept for 20yr freinds that i have)…to see if i can fit in…still not sure…some times….there are many more that you will meet sooner or later…they have been thru the hard times also…

    When I came around…it was during the 2008 elections…if you were sensitive…you just did not last long….everyone, and i mean everyone was passionate about the election…and there were some very rough things said…to man, women, and beast…the last one, beast was me…but ive been tamed somewhat by these great people..and have tried to share things with them….but I always get twice as much as i give from them…

    I don’t understand why you say that a line was crossed…there are no lines…say what you want to say…fight for your ideas without getting into personal shit..and nothing is out of line imo……at any time that i post something…as i have said before…i expect someone to call me out on it….and i better be ready willing and able defend that idea….or apologize for it, and move on to the next…

    I have seen Craig, and all of the elders take this place to the next level…and do understand the need for more civility than we had in the past….but this is a fkn political blog…and things will get to a boiling point from time to time….we have to realize that this is not mr. Rogers neighborhood…

    Take a look at how Anon Paranoid handled his critics today…he did not go home with his ball…he stood up for what he thought…..and did not take (including myself) anyone personally….once in while…take a look at how Jack, and Mqw go at it…or Mqw and XR, or me and XR….and we all like each other very much….as for the gals… out for them…they are just as aggressive when it comes to the give and take of it all…so please don’t think that last night was crossing the line….it was very silly imo…..and everyone likes you and hopeful right away….

    Tell you what…if you don’t want someone to answer your post…just tell them….good luck with that…but please stick around…you and hopeful and others are the new evolved trail hands maybe…..but you must understand imo that this place will test/challenge youre every word or thought that you put out here…..

    I hope that some of the others can add to this…or maybe say it a lot better than i just did….

    ps, about that line….when Craig did feel like we passed it…and it was a very lax one…he told us about it….and we try to not do it often…

  68. Solar,

    It is possible to go through life and drink something other than bud. 😉


  69. ps….b/c we are friends, is why we can say those things to each other…..I think that we can become friend….didn’t you just call the the crazy uncle that they hide in the closet……and Tony the Baloney… im not coming out of the closet….pass me a beer will U…..

  70. We are just kind of regular people here, when life or Washington D. C. create a shit storm, we are left with little choice but to hold up the umbrella and opine.
    As of late we have become very adept at both. 😉

  71. Jace the Ace….even as a youngster..if there wasn’t any budwieser…i just did not drink anything else…I have and do drink scotch, or rum…but neat on the rocks….no lime nor salt with my tequila ….what is that all about huh?

  72. Solar,

    Scotch neat, (single malt no doubt) I’ll drink to that, and to you as well.
    As a youngster I saw the bottom of a bottle of rum or perhaps two. Never ever again! 😉


  73. Solar,

    If you will build me a house, I’ll buy the beer.
    Sorry that’s all I can afford. :smile:

  74. Solar,
    We really need to sit down and have a long discussion about micro-brews 😉


  75. If you haven’t guessed by now, I am on my own tonight and with out adult supervision. 😉

  76. Ace,

    I will admit to not knowing very much about micro-brews…but alwlays willing to learn…there is nothing that does not interest me…but the time…where did it go?

    I never did get my exercise in today, will punish myself tomorrow …i worked out some kinks in my head about a project that i will be bidding on…only one beer….will be going now…unless you want some company…

  77. Solar,

    You have held the fort in admirable fashion. a walk is in order.
    as for me off to bed.

    Talk soon


  78. Solarcrete-
    That was lovely. You have a real gift. Please share this more.

    Let me share a secret: years ago I was in a situation which ended with a man aiming a shotgun a couple feet from my face. Oddly I wasn’t afraid; just angry. I stood there and glared. After a minute he slowly lowered the gun, called me the c- word, and left.

    If you need a bodyguard, with thick skin, call. By the way, I’m 5’1″ and 100lbs. Grrr…

    Who knows, I could be the crazy relative no one talks
    about. :)

    Thanks for the talk.

    :smile: :smile:

  79. today’s constitutional from art. vi:

    The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

    thus spoketh our founding fathers

  80. ….why would anybody not a Mormon give a damn about some meaningless ritual of another church

    jack, i agree with you semi-partly* and only linked that posthumous baptizing news article to ponder with jamie the political effect they wanted to achieve or avoid by erecting a firewall. i did not mean to mock them.

    *sometimes one has to care (but not in this case) when the “meaningless ritual” includes life or death issues such as fatal fatwas

  81. PatD@0723

    So long as you are a practicing communicant of my branch of the Judeo-Christian tradition that the Founders embraced and held sacrosanct.

  82. solarcrete says:
    03/09/2012 at 11:38 PM


    First of all, I don’t think that there is; nor there should be any seniority on a blog…a new poster is just as important than any other one. Maybe even more so…new blood, new thinking and all that.

    worth repeating and a woohoo

  83. Katherine

    Most every time we gain an enthusiastic newcomer something untoward happens during the first months. I wish there were a way that we could capture the whys and wherefores of these happenings in a sidebar narrative as a primer for newcomers as they merge with us.

  84. I know Louis CK claims he really did not want to host the dinner, but GVS had to make the claim anyway. Calling CK a pig to take the heat off of the head hog.

  85. Most every time we gain an enthusiastic newcomer something untoward happens during the first months. I wish there were a way that we could capture the whys and wherefores of these happenings in a sidebar narrative as a primer for newcomers as they merge with us.


    I guess we should all come with warning labels
    “only kidding” “tongue in cheek” “I really really mean this.”

    Jack caught the essence — it is hard to convey tone in writing comments. Unless you know the person – it is easy to make a mistake….and even easier to take umbrage.

    It is important to welcome new posters. Probably before there is a problem I didn’t say anything to hopeful cynic until after they remarked on their comfort level. And I like sjwny’s comments so
    even though I am late to the party, Welcome sjwny I enjoy your comments.

  86. Louis CK is falling on the sword because of his rants against Sarah Palin

    Some of it is pretty crude

    Greta Van Cesspool — she’s about the only one at F–ked up news who has any standing to make this argument. And barely. She ran from a mediocre law career and found a happy home at Fox. And how is she a news correspondent any way — she has a talk show about the news

  87. I have spent part of the morning doing my usual lurking thing at other sites. I find them interesting for the most part, until I get to the comments.

    One of the reasons that I never post on any of them, is because they have little use for those who might choose to swim against the current. Those who do are often as not met with derision and ridicule, and on occasion out and out cruelty.

    To those who are new here and those who may just be lurking, all I can say is give us a try. We won’t always agree. What would be the point of that?
    What we will do is value and respect your opinion,especially when it it is well presented.

    We may squabble from time to time, but there are more cyber handshakes exchanged here, than any other place that I know. 😉

  88. For all the new folks, we sometimes speak in shorthand or attempt silliness. If you think someone is upset with you or you have been targeted, it is usually a good idea to ask for clarification before taking offense. Usually, it will simply be a snark or funny that didn’t quite register properly.

    There have been some out and out wars on the trail, but they are very rare thanks to our hosts insistence on polite disagreement the majority of our time. Free speech reigns, free insults don’t. So do take the time to get to know everyone. They are an unusual group of truly intelligent, caring people and you will be glad you stuck around.

  89. As someone who’s been on this blog since 2005… I LOVE newbies. Couldn’t agree more with Solar… there is no order of importance here. And the one hard and fast line Craig has drawn is that we not call each other names.

    As long as we are debating issues… we can argue all we want. And I gotta say… a good sense of humor helps. Sometimes what looks like an argument is really just back and forth tongue in cheek.

    sjwny… I’m shorter than you… but I won’t talk about the weight thingy… 😉

  90. KGC
    Back in the last century I used to post to usenet. one of the poster created a signature file that I liked> It said
    “Smart-ass” is my default mode. If you wonder if I’m joking, I probably am”

    BTW, it was a calm usenet group where people believed in reasoned debate but being unmoderated it could erupt into a full fledged flame war that makes anything that has happened around here sound like a convention of kindergarden teachers.


  91. One thing anyone posting in an open forum needs to remember is a Heinlein adage ” one mans religion(Insert idea/belief) is another mans belly laugh”.


  92. I think one of the first things a newbie has to adjust to on this site is that it is not the Craig Crawford fan boy site. But that it is an open forum for ideas. That makes it a strange place in the web world.



    Good Morning all…Solar,
    What do you mean your gonna take a walk around 😆 You just came back from a long walk maybe about a month or so ago..Stick around, damn your posts yesterday were touching! Oh and my e-mail is the same..You mentioned Chloe, hows she and little Emma doing?

    Sjwny, Jaslf,
    Your both such a delight!

    Hope you will give us another chance too…

    Hello Anon,
    Thanks for your posts yesterday..Your passion regarding the issues and our president are admirable!
    Always good to see you..Ah and my hats off to you on being an Internet TV pro..I haven’t had cable for 3 months and i haven’t missed any of my shows..Even HBO and Showtime’s series, iv’e seen them all.. 😀

  94. one of the first things a newbie has to adjust to on this site is that it is not the Craig Crawford fan boy site

    so that’s why i never got the autographed photo!
    jack, that “smart ass” tag you quoted is on the same order as the reason for my gravatar selection. in my case, assume the cheshire grin rules first before taking offense.

  95. Although I am not much of a fan of his stand up, I do find Louis CK funny. I, of course, am referencing the brillant HBO special ‘Talking Funny’ where he, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Ricky Gervais discuss being a stand up comedian. With that having been said, I agree with Bill Maher on Real Time that comedians should be allowed to say what they want. If they make really bad jokes, they are going to fade into obscurity.

    sjwny, i take it that question about the ancient greeks was supposed to be aimed at me. There are several things that they wouldn’t understand. For one thing, they wouldn’t understand an entire country of Greece. They know that there is a common bond but their loyalty is to their city-state. They’d call their and every military members “Cowards” for fighting with ranged weapons. I agree with that to a degree. If you cannot get up the strength to kill someone while watching the horrifying image of life being drained out of them, then you shouldn’t kill in the first place. Relying on ‘barbarian’ nations would drive them crazy too. But, then again, the Romans would feel the same. One last thing, since this comment is getting too long, they would consider all of us ignorant for the lack of understanding on governments. They (much like myself) will point to Egypt under Mubarak and state that was an aristocracy not a monarchy (they wouldn’t use dictatorship because that is something entirely different. in fact, it’s Roman.) That is the reason nothing is getting done there still. The aristocrats are still in power, and more than likely will remain in power.

  96. HW

    Not a very good report, anybody knows where trimings and strange by products end up.
    Hot dogs, and baloney
    As long as your hamburger has a coarse texture and is not pasty in appearence No problem.


  97. The Economic Impact of the Pill

    Indeed, as the economist Betsey Stevenson has noted, a number of studies have shown that by allowing women to delay marriage and childbearing, the pill has also helped them invest in their skills and education, join the work force in greater numbers, move into higher-status and better-paying professions and make more money over all.

  98. HW

    I posted a report on the stuff a couple of days ago. It’s nice to know that at present I’m okay with Safeway and Costco. I’ll assume that my Hebrew National hot dogs are still answering to a higher authority than the USDA

  99. gas at the pump around here….$4.00, in the city…has to be around 4.25 to 4.50 some places….unemployment at 8.3….and construction jobs fell again last month….Obama a shoe in?……yeah a size 2….

  100. Jack…Sorry you disagree with the report, but I call BS on your comment. I don’t want that crap in my food, and I suspect most people feel the same. I don’t want it in school lunches, either. You have a bad habit (IMHO) of declaring anything you disagree with less than adequate….

    Jamie…You aren’t safe with Safeway! they use pink slime in their ground beef.

  101. Craig, I’m still wondering what would happen if Ging’ dropped out and pledged his delegates to Ricky…? Are we not to assume that before Tampa that, or the reverse could happen?

  102. hey, solarcrete

    It seems to me that we still aren’t acknowledging that if the US and global economies were still tanking, ala 08, then gas prices would still be a lot lower…

    Supply and demand baby!

    Also, I worry about an AIPAC/LIKUD/OPEC cabal. I mean that below the surface they could have a deal. It would benefit them all for Israel to ratchet up aggression with Iran, therefore raising oil prices (good for OPEC) and hurting Obama re-election chances, good for AIPAC…Hmmm?

  103. Dixie,

    “Supply and demand baby!

    Also, I worry about an AIPAC/LIKUD/OPEC cabal. I mean that below the surface they could have a deal. It would benefit them all for Israel to ratchet up aggression with Iran, therefore raising oil prices (good for OPEC) and hurting Obama re-election chances, good for AIPAC…Hmmm?”

    Dixie, I don’t think that supply and demand has anything to do with it….but do love the rest of your post…That aipac/likud/the bush apec….i hate those suckers.!!

    OH, and don’t call me “baby”…………..unless U mean it….

  104. HW

    The first clue was ABC, then they gave themselves away in the first sentence with “cheap meat filler” it is not filler that is something else. Then,”commonly called pink slime” not true,only by folks like you.

    But the real killer are these two facts they tried to sell. “treatment of the trimmings — simmering them in low heat, separating fat and tissue using a centrifuge and spraying them with ammonia gas to kill germs” and “It kind of looks like Play-Doh,” and they want us to believe it is in 70% of ground beef sold in the grocery store.
    Sorry but the emulsified mush they described would be obvious in most ground beef. The exceptions would be frozen patties (which may explain McD’s) and tubed ground beef. Not 70%.
    Then add to the fact that they continually used pink slime for graphic effect all adds up to a propaganda piece not serious journalism.


  105. Solarcrete-I meant ‘baby’ in the universal sense…

    Like when God said in the Old Testament…”Get it right baby or you’re getting kicked out of Eden…”

  106. Jamie

    Don’t buy the costco frozen patties. if not BLBT it is certainly machine separated where there is a large portion of gristle and bone in the meat. besides it tastes bad. The meat in the fresh meat section is top quality.

  107. whisky- Buy tofu, freeze it and dethaw it and then you can squeeze it like a sponge and all the water comes out. Then crumble it up a saute it.

    MMMMM…Rich and Meaty! [Who was the comedian who said that?]

  108. BTW outside of it being made from the icky pieces, like hot dogs and bologna what is wrong with BLBT?

    From what I read treating it with ammonia makes it a safer product for consumption.


  109. Ok, Dixie, If u r not going to call me baby….then call me solar…….I know what you were saying……just teasing you a little…..ok baby

  110. The meat at cost-co is vg…..but give me that triple layer chocolate cake…and im in helllll.!

  111. Solar-baby,

    Maybe you’d be interested in my grand and wondrous philosophy of life, which can be found for free (no ads) at… I’ve always thought that all of us trapped in this mortal plain should feel obligated to put down in print our philosophy of life…Mine is done and I sleep better for it…Here is the first of my seven rules…

    * *
    * *
    * *
    From everything we have observed from the start of human history, the universe is apparently infinite in three capacities,
    Space, Matter and Complexity.
    The universe is truly infinite in space (or size) extending infinitely on past the bloom of matter created by the big bang, which we call the ‘known universe’.

    This infinite space appears to contain an endless amount of matter, which by law equates to infinite energy.

    We also continue to discover ever more complex elements of material design in the structure of matter and the rules governing it.

    These three elements of infinity combine to create a truly ‘godlike’ nature for the universe, scientifically speaking.

    This does not mean that ‘anything’ can be accomplished here, but it does prove that an infinite number of things can.

    Should we not assume that any goal may be accomplished and any problem overcome, eventually by one means or another?

    I think so and therefore optimism is logical in this reality of infinite potential.

  112. speaking of being a meat snob

    Our costco has been carrying prime beef in addition to choice. The prime is often the same price. And sometime cheaper. The whole top sirloin last fall was $3.50 a lb and was as tender as a file’.
    I saw where they had raised the price to $5.50 but still a bargain. Last fall I took it home, cut it up and froze it. Every once in a while I take some out and grill it. I’m about out.


  113. Dixie,

    I absolutely love that post…and will translate it into spanish…and my own native tongue….Spanglish…..I booked marked the rest for later reading….im sure that i will find something in there that i will like…..

    you have just joined a list of people that i like very much…I don’t call them baby….

    Dr. Niel derassi Tyson, dr steven chu…dr. spencer wells….watch out..bricks are coming from minnisota way..richard dawkins….brian green from the elegent universe (string theory) and of course……..Carl Sagan. and others……u in good company baby…

    Jaslf….just read your 2:33 post…great…will think about it a little….

  114. Hi, Tony, glad to see u buddy…..Im still waiting for him to do some thing for us… far he has only shown me half measures of anything that he promised…..he figures that will keep the left from going anywhere….have to hand it to that shit axlerod…it will work….unless people are not eating cus the car they use to go to work is eating all the cash u in gas…….
    that is how i see it all working our…that and the economy stupid….he will run against the do nothing congress….but we all know better….he did nothing to work with pelosi, reid or anyone else….won’t matter what romney has said and done….all he has to do is lie…and say that he will govern for all people….just like his father did…..and the big bush money will have won again…….

  115. Sorry but the emulsified mush they described would be obvious in most ground beef.

    The exceptions would be frozen patties (which may explain McD’s) and tubed ground beef. Not 70%.

    according to the story Micky D’s and other fast food places have rejected meat treated this way

    the biggest buyer is the federal government for school lunches and I would say to that…if any of this is true Mrs. Obama needs to take a look at this –not only are we making our kids fat — we are trying to kill them outright

  116. Hey.!
    Jace the Ace, time for my first beer….

    Had a great work out today, got rid of all the kinks in my head about a new project that im going to bid on…and will now try out those micro-brewed beers that you talked about….i have a few of em on ice….you don’t mind that they are in a elttob fo dub od uoy?

    Going to turn the clock forward tonight:

    Sat, Night, Cosmos Moon:

    You ruined my life….

    Thats impossible….

    I love you….

    slap, SLAP, snap out of it.!

    Howl at the moon…..awooooo, awoooooooooo…cauff cauff…..

    Hey cabbie….16th and Broadway….Brooklyn…..

    Jhonny Cammararri, why do men cheat on women?

    when god made women from adams rib….there was an empty space…..blank looks all around………pause….pause…..because men are afraid of death???????


    I don’t know…I don’t know?

    That’s it they are afraid of dying.!!!

    Front door slams……..

    Where have you been?

    don’t know where ive been, No where, I dont want to talk about it…..

    Old man…..I just want you to know….youre going to die…..just like everyone else.


  117. Continuing on the meat story
    are we so pathetic that our children’s diets have to have a hamburger even if it means making it out of essentially thing better left out of food.

    If we are going to do this — why not the guy who mixes cherries in his hamburger meat

    I haven’t had his but I have had fruit burgers and they are quite good and you don’t taste the fruit….it’s very juicy.

  118. Solar,

    Great minds think alike and all that….
    Just working on a Newcastle founders Ale. Not exactly a micro-brew, but a damn fine ale none the less, especially when it is on sale, which it was.

    Not thinking that my day was as productive as yours, although I did manage to trim the palm tree and clean out some flower beds.

    Enjoy that brew.


  119. KGC,
    I’m good with the cherries in the meat. I always knew that cherries were good for you, and cherry pie proves it.

    Seriously one of the best hamburgers that I ever tasted was served with fruit on top, so how can mixing it right in the burger be anything but good.


    Im still waiting for him to do some thing for us… far he has only shown me half measures of anything that he promised…..he figures that will keep the left from going anywhere….have to hand it to that shit axlerod…it will work…

    Yep, for sure it will work! Oh man, i hope there’s someone for me to vote for other than Romney or President Obama? If not line 9(the write in line) on the Florida ballot is looking pretty good!

  121. Gingrich Has Momentum in Alabama
    A new Alabama State University poll shows Newt Gingrich surging into the lead in Alabama’s GOP presidential race with 21%, followed by Mitt Romney at 20% and Rick Santorum at 17%. Taegan Goodard.

    Newt gaining momentum would be akin to saying that the Titanic had momentum shortly before slamming into the ocean floor.

  122. Tony,
    a write in, in AZ, is an easy option, because Dems. in general and Obama in particular are not going to win anyway.
    I am leaning toward Bernie Sanders.

  123. What’s up with Alabama?

    Even if you were the world’s biggest bigot Nudie?
    Why not Manboob?

  124. KGC,

    I don’t think that Southern evangelicals are too keen on
    manboobs, especially when they belong to a Catholic man.

    But what do I know? 😕

  125. KGC,

    This one is for you, and for Rick.I’m so ashamed. Wink wink. 😉


  126. “jace says:
    03/10/2012 at 8:43 PM
    I’m good with the cherries in the meat.”

    I can’t resist. That sounds like the pits. 😆

  127. The Internet Is The Future But It Doesn’t Know The Past: DANGEROUS
    Newspapers and investigative journalism and even government reports are INVISIBLE on today’s internet if they were created prior to the internet.

    Individuals may chronicle bits and pieces, but if articles were not created in a digital format originally they are by and large not available on today’s internet. So, there is no public vetting of past governmental policies and so, while there is a feeling that the public can access all pertinent information in our recent history, the truth is that prior to 2000-ish almost everybody got their information from current sources assessable on today’s internet except through paid accounts to encyclopedias, which STILL TODAY are not publicly available on the internet. With thanks to WIKIPEDIA we still don’t have funding for a simple, formally vetted, freely available USA Encyclopedia.

    The recent hoopla from right-wing talkers about our current jobs report is a perfect example of how the internet is lacking. Limbaugh etc. are saying in unison that President Obama has changed the formula for how the unemployment figures are calculated in order to make them look lower than they really are. Not only is there no reference point on the internet to prove this charge, BUT there is also no reference point for what I CLEARLY REMEMBER as being the point when the definition of this figure WAS CHANGED! It was during the Reagan administration that I read many articles in the New York Times and AP and other sources which clearly addressed the fact the the formal ‘unemployment figure’ from the federal accounting system HAD BEEN CHANGED so that henceforth, people who had run out of unemployment benefits and still didn’t have a job were no longer counted amongst the UNEMPLOYED.

    I railed against that then and I rail against it now, BUT THE INTERNET ISN’T HELPING HERE.

    Can somebody please reference this point for me….Arthur?

  128. Jack…Not sure what your trip is, but you have some strange ideas about what is acceptable as food. Strange to me, anyway. I don’t want to eat what is described as pink slime…and is called that by far more than me, but if they’re like me, good on them. It’s fine with me for me you declare every word uttered by ABC as somehow ‘less than’, but that’s not an opinion I share, either. I prefer to pay attention to what I hear/read, then do whatever research I believe to be necessary to determine what is accurate. At this point, I’m reluctant to take your opinion for much of anything regarding what might or might not be healthy to ingest.

  129. Harborwoman,

    There are many ways to chill.
    Working on your income taxes is not one of them. 😉

  130. The Angel of Death –

    I have held it’s hand 3 times in this same spot . This is why I go Chaco Canyon on mother’s silver ware.

    The bullshit I spread here is bigger than Dallas.

    And so am I.

  131. Please notice I call it :

    “It” ……….. the angel death has no gender.

  132. “It” ……….. the angel death has no gender.

    It don’t wear sandals either, when it enters the room.

  133. Sorry bob, floor is all your after this one, one of my favs


  134. Just one comment tonight
    I wish that they would leave time the alone
    Whether we call it four thousand o clock
    or t minus 24 , just set it and leave it the hell set

  135. hw, do as alton suggests, buy a good hormone free piece of meat and have it ground in front of you.

    too early in the new am…sounds kinda raunchy.

  136. Pink Slime — the new age Soylent Green!

    Bob glad to hear the deed is done and no blow back from the winds!

    Change your clocks except for Jace and all Arizonians.

  137. httpv://

    Sunday Sublime.

    The vocals are nothing short of stunning. The optics, well not so much. Enjoy!

    CBob, I guess that angels come in many forms, but then you already know that. Be well,be safe, and make a memory.

  138. Cousin Eddie and the Las Vegas buffet —


  139. BW,

    I like this not changing times, but it raises Hell with my regular Sunday night telephoning to my family in other states.
    The flip side of this is that my friends tell me that I never know what time it is anyway. There is a degree of truth to that. :roll:

  140. Please consider this. If we are to slaughter other living creatures for use as food, I believe we have a moral obligation to make meaningful use of every part of those creatures.

    Those uses need not be inconsistent with our sensibilities as westerners.

    For those who are serious about their ground beef, grinding one’s own is not a terrible chore.

    Efforts to gross me out with nasty descriptions fall flat; I’ve seen and smelled everything. But, good manners keep me from imparting descriptions of those sights and smells upon others.

    This morning Stinky and I have been searching for new blossoms in trees and chuckling over the wrens antics while scavenging for nesting materials. It is, in South Carolina, despite the calendar, a beautiful Spring day!

  141. Flatus,

    Sounds like a beautiful day there. Yesterday I watched three road runners having what could best be described as a joust in my front yard. The only thing missing was Wylie Coyote. 😉

  142. Hi Everyone:
    Got home after 10PM from work last night – read all the comments. Thanks to all. I always knew you were a great bunch.
    I don’t know about the new kid buying the beer stuff, but I do make a damn fine pie. I like pies because you can take the whole and cut it into as many pieces as needed, so everyone can share.

    I have to say I think I was misled…isn’t this the Whskyjack Fan Boy Page? Heard he is the Bieberfever of Trail Mix. Oh, man…. :)


    OK, now back to the Public Square, get in line for the soapbox, and reminding the politicians who forget that they work for us.

    Serious note: Remembering what happened in Japan a year ago. Does anyone follow Canadian news? To paraphrase Sarah Palin, I can just about see Canada from my home (a mile away). Reports out of British Columbia note that much of what the tsunami washed out to sea will end up on NW Canadian shores. Can you imagine going to the beach and finding a shoe – did it wash out of someone’s closet, or was someone wearing it?

    Peace to all.

  143. Jamie,

    I was looking for a particular choral arrangement.
    Came across this solo, and thought you might enjoy it.httpv://


  144. You thought of me for Loch Lomond and I was thinking of the return of True Blood and thought of you. :-)


  145. sjwny

    I check in on the status of the Japanese reactors every once in a while. They are still burning, putting radiation into water, and creating a 12 mile kill zone. All of those pushing for nuclear power refuse to confront what you do with the waste. Japan is a constant object lesson that we know next to nothing.

  146. sjwny
    We can’t see Canada from our house –but we did get a call from the County Emergency Services to evacuate when the tsunami happened — and we’ve been told to expect lots of debris on the beaches nearby

    When we got the call at 6 AM needless to say a bit freaked out we almost loaded the dogs in the car and drove away but then we checked to see what was happening up the coast and decided we could safely stay

    but there were those few minutes — here’s what we decided to take — our three dogs and wallets
    The problem with the emergency call is they don’t tell you where to go and how fast you have to go. Even if there had been a real threat we would have had some time but the call made it sound like GO NOW!

  147. Mary Matalin on tv again –geez no wonder the news media (sic) pounced on the idea the Ann Romney could bring back women to the GOOPERS —

    If Mary Matalin is the best of the Republican women — they are in trouble. She is one of the women (sic) that attacked Ms. Fluke for giving her opinion.
    And she is the person who lied to the gay community on behalf of Shrub and her boss the big Dick.

    And yet she appears on national television apparently because they have contempt for women

  148. Mary Matalin making money off being a mom –

    “Matalin’s engaging and wise counsel alternates with advice flawed by her insistence on gender typecasting and the stale idea that “what defines us is ungettable by the other sex.” This problem is magnified by the grating coarseness of her view of men. When Matalin tells her daughters, “Boys would screw a snake if it would lay still long enough,” readers may wonder whether she intended these letters as keepsake for her daughters–or as a best seller for a wider audience.” –Barbara Mackoff

    Yeah where where the chapters on how to be a lying hypocrite for political and financial gain. Matalin is a big user of the concept of Lylism –say anything to make your point — facts -the truth not an issue..I guess she can use the ignorant slut* excuse

    She also tells her daughters to think for themselves and never feel they have to choose “between Daddy and me” She only said that because she knows if they did — she would not be the winner.

    *I feel I can use slut here because it just fine with her to call Ms. Fluke a slut.

    She also advises not to have sex before marriage (using the milk and cow story –which is mind boggling comparing her daughters to cows ) and one had to wonder about Carville
    and how many regrets he must have if they indeed waited
    or is this just more hypocritical craptastic fantasy wanderings by the someone living in the 1950s

  149. March 2005, Matalin was hired as chief editor of a new conservative publishing imprint, Threshold Editions, for CBS-owned Simon & Schuster.[7][8] On August 1, 2008, this division released The Obama Nation, written by Jerome Corsi who co-authored Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry.[9]

    So does that make her the goebbels of the gop the chief propagandist — she is on everything and is a publisher of known liars –presumably with her permission and encouragement and network news pays her for her lying words

    It is Matalin’s third marriage, following a long relationship with Washington attorney Michael Carvin, Where is that chapter

    so she is a convenient catholic and it looks like that cow advice only sort of worked for her. Yes she got people to buy her but apparently once they realized her milk wasn’t what they wanted — they left

    And I thought it was botox

  150. OMG I just saw Henry Kissinger on my tv

    I wonder how long it took to get him out of the crypt

  151. Jamie-
    Agree with your point on nuclear energy. There is no safe place to store the waste. Wherever it is stored, it’s still here on earth. Until President Newt gets the moon colony up and going, this is all we have.

    Katherine Graham Cracker-
    That must be a terrible decision to make in a crisis. What do you take? The pets & ID would be #1 on my list, too.

    There is a particular strain of nasty that runs through the Republican / Conservative women who make the airwaves. Mary Matalin, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Ms. Loesch. I yearn for the days when Republican women like Betty Ford or Elizabeth Dole would present their perspective in a humane way.

    As far as the Democratic view, I always enjoyed Ann Richards. Her public comments were zingers, not outright meanness. They got the point made without showing contempt.

  152. Katherine Graham Cracker –

    The only place I ever want to see Henry Kissinger again is at the Hague. Maybe he & Dick Cheney could be roomies in the War Criminal Suite. Who’d get the top bunk?

  153. There is a particular strain of nasty that runs through the Republican / Conservative women who make the airwaves. Mary Matalin, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Ms. Loesch. I yearn for the days when Republican women like Betty Ford or Elizabeth Dole would present their perspective in a humane way. sjwny

    And the blondes who built their careers attacking Hillary Clinton. All current female conservative commentators saw Mean Girls one to many times. They get on message and stay there even when they look really dumb —

    For Democrats past Ann Richards and Molly Ivans (as a tribute I try to use the nickname Shrub always) Currently I like Stephanie Millar but she is an acquired and adult taste. There are couple of Republican women who are career campaign people and they can be ok but I guess they are all afraid of being called a slut by Rush and Mary

  154. The only place I ever want to see Henry Kissinger again is at the Hague. Maybe he & Dick Cheney could be roomies in the War Criminal Suite. Who’d get the top bunk?


    When he appears it should be mandatory next to him is a life size Nixon doll with a variety of messages

    perhaps a T-shirt with a finger pointing to Hank saying It was his idea

  155. Whenever one of these GOP women come on I always think that everyone knows that despite the sickly sweet smiles they are meaner than snakes and not to be crossed. They have mastered the knife in the back and assume power means destruction of all potential rivals.

  156. KGC

    I’m for a two state solution. I’ll take the ship with Carville. Somebody else can use Matalin’s ship

  157. Perhaps the message on the T Shirts you recommend, KGC, should be: Sock It…To Me?

    Better yet I’ll let a fellow human from Chile design the Kissinger shirt. Cheney can wear a parka.

  158. How about one going to the Arctic and the other to the Antarctic. They could be billed as the Polar Extremes.

  159. I guess these celebrity cruises are a big money maker for conservatives. I can’t imagine doing it unless the objective would be to put the happy couple on their own little row boat (with one oar)in the middle of the Pacific…….
    But I think there is some EPA polution regulation that makes that difficult.


  160. Whskyjack

    I’m not a boy, but am a fan. 😉

    And Mac Davis! Love your choice in music. I remember the Smothers Brothers & Glen Campbell Good Time Hour. Used to wait for John Hartford to rise up out of the audience.

  161. walking down memory lane, Pat Paulson on the Smothers Brothers


  162. Speaking of hubris aka complete and utter lies, i have to say that I am surprised that no one has commented on the HBO docudrama Game Change. I personally couldn’t wait to watch it, and when it was over i wanted to watch it again. “Let’s see the loon get a spotlight put back on her again!”

  163. jaslf

    haven’t seen it. I had heard she comes off sympathetic — sounds like not so much

  164. Its both. She does come off as sympathetic but, it points out again drawing from what we really saw how loony she really is.

  165. Jace

    In regard to cooking a hogs head, the first thing she should have done is take it out to the chopping block and split the head removing the brains and tongue. The brains make a separate dish. My father loved the brains scramble with eggs. He got to enjoy them all to himself as the rest of us never overcame the squick factor. But my mother would cook down the head in the pressure cooker and either make mince meat or head cheese with it. Those were tough times we wasted little.
    This Christmas my nephew ,who chefs in NYC, was all enthusiastic about eating all the strange tidbits few eat any more. He took his girlfriend out for deep fried hog jowl nuggets. I’m not sure he understood the laughter of his aunts and uncle.
    I never did get around to ask him if he wanted grandma’s recipe for mince meat that starts with
    1 hogs head.

  166. BTw
    I went into my local asian market to get some fish sauce and lemon gras. They had 4 hog heads in the meat case. So if any one wants one I can tell you where they are. The owner said it best to come in on a thursday before they are all gone.


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