Mitt’s Dixie Shutout

From my Alabama/Mississippi primaries notebook (Santorum won both)

• Romney couldn’t “seal the deal” with GOP base if he hired Navy Seals
• Best Romney Exit Poll news: He won a plurality of Civil War re-enactors who play Union generals
• Callista thought bubble: “If we drop out will Sheldon Adelson pay my Tiffany bills?”
• If Newt doesn’t say “frankly” before this speech ends, he must be dropping out
• Finally, Romney finds his voice: He’s not speaking tonight
• Newt has said he’s “going all the way to Tampa.” He neglected to mention it would only be for a book signing
• Mitt’s Southern Strategy: “Why didn’t we just let them secede!”
• Romney spins lousy night with delegate math PowerPoint presentation. Passion!
• Newt declares victory over Ron Paul, to skip next primaries for Lunar Caucus
• Mitt loses MS, blames Haley Barbour for not pardoning white collar felons
• Santorum wins GOP Alabama, stunning show of strength in states where 25% oppose interracial marriage
• What’s up with these slow AL MS returns? Oh yeah, forgot, they count with their feet
• AL, MS exit polls: Santorum wins those who think George Washington was a Lesbian
• How low is AL, MS turnout? So low more eligible voters preferred eating sawdust without butter
• AL, MS exit polls: Newt wins 51% who own George Wallace bobbleheads
• Watching CNN: AL prisoners helping vote count. Their jumpsuits look more comfy than pajama jeans
• CNN reports AL using prisoners to assist vote count. Better than asking Iowa for help
• Polls: Most Al MS Goopers think Obama a Muslim. Good for America they’re irrelevant after tonight
• Romney plans Chicago pander for next Tue: “I love those windy days, just the right velocity for sailing on those really great lakes.”
• Mitt pander for NY primary? “I love cream cheesey bagels” then sings Fiddler on the Roof, “If I Weren’t a Rich Man” (I wouldn’t be the frontrunner).
• Forgive Alabama and Mississippi: Too small to be nations, Too big to be mental institutions.

Stephen Colbert prefers “knowledge-free” GOP speeches

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  1. httpv://

    With Newt it’s All or Nothing.
    With Nothing closing fast on the outside.

  2. Ha, Woo Hoo Recount Alert. I had a small technical glitch, had to republish this post and delete an earlier version, which Jace posted on first. Still, quite gracious and Trail Mix neighborly of you both to share. Nite all.

  3. Tinfoil hat time: Should we start a pool on who the “name” dark horse will be at the brokered convention?
    I wonder if the money guys will write off Mitt as a bad investment and spend their money elsewhere.

  4. Memo
    From: Gingrich Campaign Director.
    To: Mr. Gingrich
    Circulation: General

    We know you are a good debater,however, if debates decided elections, we would be in the eighth year of the Kerry Presidency!

  5. Thanks Craig not a problem.

    Tonight,Romney had a technical glitch as well.

    Happens to all of us. :smile:


    I knew Althouse would get to this sooner or later.
    The comments are why I lurk, but don’t participate have a look.
    She is sharp and I enjoy her, but the comments, well not so much.
    Just love voter ID laws. :sad:

  7. Remember-

    “shiny side up, rubber side down”.

    515 miles down from Salida today. 9hrs.&20 mins. Crossed the Canadian River tonight around 10:30 . Near the the site of Old Tascosa. Pat Garrett was hanging around this spot before leaving to meet his fate with Billy the Kid. A very tough place for about 2 decades, lot’s of bad people laid low there , I put a Peggy Pick on Billy’s grave Sunday morning, after I slipped one in the door where “I Fought the Law” was recorded.

  8. 1115 miles in 3 days on the Outlaw Trail .

    I never thought I could do it again. But I did.

    By the way. Raton Pass, now has bear crossing signs.

    I’ve been crossing Raton Pass for 47 years, I’ve never seen bear crossing signs there ever.

    Wild Bill was mauled by a bear crossing Raton Pass. Knocked him right off a freight wagon.

  9. So glad to know you’re out on the real trail cbob, have a great time- you deserve it!!

  10. Did Newt actually mention Ron Paul, or was Craig kidding? Amazing that the doctor got a mention in any way, shape or form. (Ron Paul IS Dr. Who.)

    Watched a lot of channels last night & thought the Politico coverage on C-Span was pretty enjoyable. CNN has almost become a caricature; too many people, too gimmicky.

    Turned it off when Santorum got up to speak. I feel about him pretty much like I do about Sarah P. Don’t let him anywhere near the WH.

    Onward, to Illinois & deep-dish pizza!!! Right now, Mitt is practicing saying, “Da Bears.”

    Agree with OregonDem – HRC!

    Howdy, c’bob!

  11. Don’t Tread on Us

    Hillary Clinton has fought for women’s rights around the world. But who would have dreamed that she would have to fight for them at home?

    “Why extremists always focus on women remains a mystery to me,” she told an adoring crowd at the Women in the World Summit at Lincoln Center on Saturday. “But they all seem to. It doesn’t matter what country they’re in or what religion they claim. They want to control women. They want to control how we dress. They want to control how we act. They even want to control the decisions we make about our own health and bodies.

  12. Look at the fundamentals:

    Obama has pulled the Mother-of-all-Jedi-Mind-Tricks. Whether or not he wins in November, he and his team have effectively destroyed the Republican Party from the inside-out. It’s just a matter of how long it’s going to take. If you’re a “rock-ribbed Republican” in the 21st century, you:

    * Area racist — not an overt one, but you know the “code”

    * Believe that one day you’ll be a billionaire (if you aren’t already) and wouldn’t want to raise taxes on yourself or your friends

    * Believe that Jesus signed the Constitution and Declaration of Independence

    * Believe that Jesus rode dinosaurs and invented the revolver

    * Believe that the 2nd Amendment was to prevent a return of Tyranny, when it was really about arming the populace on our borders because we couldn’t afford a standing army or the infrastructure needs of such at the time our country was created

    * Believe that everyone is out to nuke us

    * Want to support Israel until the rapture. Then, they’re on their own.

    * Believe that Employers have the right to do anything they want to their employees

    * Don’t “really” care about Illegal Immigration. Just want to make sure that they stay in the shadows and do their jobs as cheap as possible. Hey! it’s actually CHEAPER than slavery!

    * Believe that old men known more about being a woman than anyone

    … and many more.

    The Republicans have effectively defined themselves into a very small corner — most highly represented by the Southeastern Corner of the US, where, unfortunately, it seems more important to “fit in” than it does to be educated. There are other pockets like this all over the US – up here in Michigan it’s the entire west coast of the “hand”.

    The fundamentals aren’t there for any long-term sustainability. A few people wealthy enough are hell-bent on sustaining and augmenting their wealth and power at the cost of our entire democracy. If they win in November, it will be the last one once the damage they can do is implemented.

  13. From the Faux Bill Walton Twitter account: Santorum takes Alabama! He might not support same sex marriage, but he WILL support same family marriage.

  14. This from the Dowd piece. Has Dowd had a change of heart about Hill? I doubt it but maybe the Republican assault on women has riled her too..

    Senator Olympia Snowe, who’s fed up and leaving Congress, told The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty that “it feels as if we are going back to another era,” warning that Republicans could drive women into Democratic arms.

    And whose arms would be more welcoming to the sisters than Hillary’s? The woman who has been mocked as “the sex-retary of state” by Rush Limbaugh would know just where to hit back.

  15. Well, Ricky boy did it again. yup, he’s on his way to Tampa – CNN showed me that his voting strength is inversely proportional to the level of education, belief in evolution and population density and is directly proportional to membership in evangelical churches.

    OK, how does this work? Romney has twice the delegates of Santorum and Newt, well… OK And Romey’s won 16 states, Santorum’s won 10 and newt’s won 2 (these numbers don’t include DC, PR…) Romney’s won 19 states, Santorum 10 and Newt 2. At some point doesn’t this 2-1 margin start to mean something?

    Anyone willing to place odds on NY, PA and CA? Well, I’ve got shtloads to do today – maybe tomorrow. C ya.

  16. httpv://

    Dear Newt,

    If you want to debate this guy, have at it,perhaps you will have better luck than your republican colleagues.
    Please note the absence of a teleprompter.
    You need to be very careful what you wish for.



  17. Poor Rick Perry he got out too early.
    He’s dumber than any of these guys, he coulda’ been a contender. 😡

  18. Craig… another winner of a post!

    pogo… yup… it’s the delegate count that… counts. Ricky has the braggin’ rights, but didn’t make a dent in the margin of delegate count between him and Romney as it was almost essentially a 3-way tie in AL and MISS. Romney took Hawaii by a large margin thereby still winning the delegate count for the night. Right now it’s Romney-489… Santorum-234.

    If Newtie is still in the race a week from now, I will start to take seriously the theory that Sheldon Adelson is actually for Romney.

    CBob… I’m jealous… New Mexico.. another amazingly beautiful state.

  19. California should be interesting. The GOP is pretty well divided between the business types and the far right religious wackos of the CRA. How it turns out will depend on who cares enough to go to the polls.

  20. daughter #2 just got promotion @ Forbes Magazine in Noo Yawk City…..thank the god all southerners ain’t mossy-brained…….

  21. When the Iditerod sleds all wind up having to have wheels on ’em then maybe folks will believe things are heating up a bit.

  22. Bad jokes aside, y’all–I frankly expected Santorum to take the AL & MS primaries by far bigger margins than he did. The only real sound whuppin’ laid in those two states was on Ron Paul. It all suggests to me that either A) even evangelicals are becoming leery of a man who’s scarier than Cotton Mather; B) his campaign is running out of money; or C) the Tea Party (and evangipolitics) is becoming the most rapidly irrelevant grassroots movement in recent history.

    But then, I’m just a dumb hillbilly. 😉

  23. Amy Tan
    To those who criticize my perversion of the GOP candidates’ names, please know that name-calling is not my usual standard of response. Nor do I normally use expletives. But I make exceptions. Never in my lifetime have I seen such a line-up of candidates who want to pervert the lives of women, who want to f**k them over every which way they can think of. These perverts are men, and variously they are telling us that single women should not have sex, should not use contraceptives, should consider a baby conceived from a rape to be a blessing, and to leave all matters concerning their uterus to them. They say that contraceptives for women make it too easy for them to “do things.” They do not offer the same opinions on men and their tendencies to “do things.” Their rhetoric makes it sound like women are wanton spirits who must be controlled. I am a writer because I have strong opinions. Those opinions on women’s rights come from my grandmother, who was raped, and my mother, who was raped at gunpoint by her husband, and who was jailed when she ran away from him. My mother told me as a child and a grownup, that no one should ever tell me whether I should have a baby. How could I be any other kind of writer, any other kind of person? How could I not protest the perversion of women’s rights espouses by these candidates? The twisted names I give them may sound “hurtful” –as name-calling is. But the hurt they would give us would not be temporary slights, but permanent scars. This country is not divided because of Obama. It has been divided for a long time by the Republican Right who vote down the line on personal moral beliefs. They are out of touch with the the actual governance of this country and its relation to the larger world. Would these candidates cut off relations with China until China abolishes the one-child policy? I was born the daughter of a Baptist minister. I know how intractable religious beliefs are supposed to be, how by faith, you must carry those beliefs into the world, into all walks of life, without compromise, without listening to any other opinions. By that faith, you save who you can and smite who you can’t. To these GOP candidates who want to rule government by the divine guidance of their cocks, study the pages of history on the Inquisition and the Holocaust, and keep your hands off me, my nieces, my sisters, my women friends, their daughters and their daughters to come.

  24. First… Jamie, thanks so much for that NYTimes article by Greg Smith. Good on him for writing it.

    Second… KGC, thank so much for reposting Amy Tan’s post over here. She is one of my favorite authors.

    And thirdly… Jamie, thanks for linking the “War on Women” commercial. As I’ve said before, I’ve been trying to be like Jack and not think any longer along the lines of left and right. But the GOP’s stance on women’s issues is making that almost impossible for me.
    I rarely get pissed…. but the GOP has awakened that emotion in me big time lately.

  25. I don’t have to think left/right. I am a values voter first, look for a candidate who has more than half a brain and isn’t batshit crazy second, and want to see a long form birth certificate third (OK, just kidding about the BC), and there just aren’t any values that the ‘cants and I have in common, and well, with out the values thing, there aren’t any cant candidates from which I might choose.

  26. It’s been a long time since there has been a Rupert Murdoch tweet. Guess the arrests had his attention:

    Rupert Murdoch ‏ @rupertmurdoch

    Ignore stories on MSC operating under 2 ex USA Gs exactly as I promised Parliament. Many great journos naturally unhappy. Hope time heals.

  27. A truly useful chart to use in discussing drugs with your doctor. NNT = Number needed to Treat (How many people do you have to treat with a drug for one of them to have a good result). An NNT = 1 is the optimum. Anything in single digits is excellent but higher ones for more severe diseases that can have negative as well as positive effects can be considered.

    (If you have already had a heart attack or stroke, Aspirin therapy has an NNT of 50 while taken as a precaution before those events the NNT is lower).

  28. It’s time to stop dignifying the current batch of the Party of Lincoln by lowering the capital ‘R’ at the beginning of the party name. So until further notice all serving republicans and would-be republicans will be stripped of their capital ‘r’ when I’m referring to them.

    I’m thinking about placing their honorifics in lower case as well. And of lopping the GOP to the gop.

    From time-to-time I may make an exception because of special merit on their part, or faulty mind on mine.

  29. Tribute to Hillary

  30. Tony, he’s already said he’s not concerned about programs for poor people.

  31. Tonyb – I agree with what was eventually said on Countdown with Keith Olbermann that this was just another gaffe by Romney. Let’s not cry wolf when the three of them are still prowling around the states trying to collect delegates before Tampa. They will slip up in a major way.

  32. HW

    That was a much better written piece than that ABC hit job. Closer to real journalism.


  33. I had a flat on raton oncet….on the going up side from denver to cruces, a ’72 Caprice pulling an 18′ Prowler……..Poupon d’Fleur got to run around on Raton free-barking: “Top of the World, Ma!”

    I picked up Poupon in Nashville, the accidental daughter of a pure white Malamute sire and a beautiful blue-and-black Australian Cattle Dog mum…..Poupon for some reason looked like a wolf.

    Photo of me taking Poupon out for a leak in Aurora, Co. outside a motel called the “Blue Spruce” owned by a Korean family who kept very close tabs on use of the telephone’s long distance calls…..but they had an indoor heated pool in December when we were pregnant with daughter #2 and it worked until we found the apartment in the Federal Heights section of Denver where Poupon was delighted with city life in Denver.

    Carlin said, “Life is just a series of dogs.” He right about that. I’ve always had one. I’ve seen some smart ones.
    Poupon was the smartest of them all. So far.

  34. Are the old guard GOP going to be able to control the religious activists if it comes to a brokered convention. The Kansas caucuses went for Santorum by over 50%. Kansas is now owned by the religious right. The regular “Bob Dole” conservatives have been pushed out. I suspect this has happened in a lot of the country.



    Yep, whats incredible is Romney even goes there! It seems so stupid to me..I guess he’s trying to appeal to those nasty right wingers. Man, seems he would have learned that never works…President Obama capitulated to Republicans and didn’t get their support and Romney won’t get the right wingers support by capitulating to them either..I don’t like Romney but after taking a look at the way he governed in Mass. i don’t believe he’s an extreme right winger..

  36. Well, I keep going back to that monkey climbing the pole, none of us have an obtuse view of the monkey’s ass anymore. It’s a direct view now. The whole crowd can clearly see everything.

  37. Jaslf,

    They will slip up in a major way.

    You are correct, they will cause they can’t help themselves..Nasty is as nasty does..Stupid Republican’s, the guy they hate, President Obama couldn’t be more beatable but their extreme views on women’s issues will be their undoing..

  38. Sturg –
    Big fire burnt the New Mexico side of the pass, dead trees for miles.

    I had no idea that Raton means mouse.

  39. Hi Od,
    Great, me too..I thought of you as i watched and hoped you would see it..Was great hearing about how many lives Hillary has affected for the good..Oh man and how many lives she’s actually helped save just because she met with them..

  40. Hi Craig, I enjoyed your talk with KO tonight re: the food taster tasting the food taster’s food. Funny stuff. Perhaps, it’s been said here before and elsewhere although I don’t recall reading it or hearing it: I believe Newt Gingrich will stay in the Repug race until the bitter end. Why? Because as a student of history, he understands the role of “king maker” in coalition governments. He wants to be the king maker should neither Romney nor Santorum win outright the nomination prior to the convention. He will try to extract the best deal he can for himself and his followers by holding up the nomination until a “coalition” is formed as king maker. What sayest thou?

  41. Sturg –
    I gave a Peggy Pick to the bookkeeper at Hylton Lumber Co. in Salida yesterday. And I told her I was after food stamps, and the founder of the company gave me a job.

    We teared up together.

    Salida means “gateway or opening”.

  42. eProf2 –
    Either what you just said, or he ends up in the dust bin of gas bags in American history.

    I’m betting on the gas bag dust bin.

  43. when god closes a pasa de raton he (or she) opens a salida…..

    although the converse, obverse, and opposite are quite likely also true……as true can be, that is…….

  44. By the way …….

    A report on that idea of buying a 1,000 guitar picks.

    The honor system stand I made, has yielded 85 dollars. My “shrinkage” is small, and I have zero labor cost, and about 800 picks left.

    I plan to be the prince of picks. And everyone will have these words :
    “I picked ” , and a GPS number.
    I plan to sell a lot of these.
    Side “A” – Customer’s logo
    Side “B” – I picked (customer) and a GPS number.

  45. I have pictures of these picks on graves, they are cooler than pennies or quarters.

    Sunday morning Billy’s grave , had about $1.85 on it . And a black pick with a gold tornado.

  46. If so, say hello to Archie Granbery or his brother Norman at 1211 Clayton….tell ’em Richard from South Carolina said to say “hello”……

  47. Tony B,

    What you can learn from Romney’s time as Mass Governor is that he was a political whore willing to turn whatever trick was necessary to win office.

    Though Mass is a liberal state, they went more than 15 years without electing a Democratic governor. Same is true in Rhode Island and Connecticut as well.

    Romney pandered to win and acted like a moderate so that he could win reelection if he chose to run again. He also chose Mass because he knew it was a great place for a rich, stiff Harvard alum white guy to run for office an not stick out like a sore thumb.

  48. The Ides of March:
    Do those seeking power remember history, or are they too intent on making history that they forget?

  49. Hey, thanks for the shoutout in the title here Craig! I guess my Operation Chaos 2012 Plan finally paid off.

    Religion as a Weapon
    POLL: Most Mississippi Republicans think Pres. Obama a Muslim:

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that…except…It shows a whole lot of meanness when religion is used as a weapon. But if we look deep we can see through the veil of hate to some things that may allow us to come together. Believe it or not, it’s true!

    As sad as this story is, we REALLY DO have to keep things in perspective if we are going to move forward as a nation.
    Perspective …
    1. The percentage of the Mississippi population which is African American is 37.4% the highest of any state in the nation!
    2. I live in GA where the AfrAmerican population is 29.8%, far higher than any northeastern or western state.
    3. There are red and blue pockets all over the US. Atlanta is all blue/Democrat and neighborhoods in Boston, like ‘Southie’ and in NYC like Brooklyn and Queens are just as racially backwards as Mississippi! I’ve lived up there too and I’ve seen it!

    And while this poll of MS Republican primary voters is galling one must remember that the airwaves in the southeast are PERMEATED with the hatespeech of Limbaugh and his ilk via the Cox Broadcasting corporate monopoly. Not only are poor white voters being brainwashed, but they are also learning to emulate the dishonest hatespeech of the Limbaughs on the air. I bet that only a small fraction of those polled REALLY believe the crap they say to pollsters, what they do believe is that the hateful lies they hear are politically ‘wise’ to repeat in order to hurt their political opponents.
    Listen, President Obama got 47% in Georgia in 2008 and he is going to take GA this time! Mark my words, TheDixieDove.

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