OK Mitt, It’s Yours [VIDEO]

Like the eager school kid who keeps raising his hand to answer the teacher, Romney has worn us down. Chatting here with Keith Olbermann about Mitt’s Illinois victory. We’re all just tired. Just give it to Romney and let’s move on. Call it Mitt Fatigue. The media is tired, the candidates are spent, and the GOP voters are simply worn out with trying to find an alternative. But isn’t this a nightmare scenario for Romney? Without GOP rivals to entertain us, now he must find a way to be interesting for the next six months. Good luck with that.

(“Countdown with Keith Olbermann,” Current TV, 3/20)

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  1. Wait until the east coast goes to bed and get a woo hoo. Romney is the man no one wants. The question is will enough independents reject him thanks to the right wing antics for the President to be re-elected.

  2. Whaaat – Tinfoil Hats were just a fad? Say it ain’t so. I was really jonesing for smoke filled rooms, back room deals, dark horse candidates and every other cliche I could think of. Oh well, the next fun political game begins: Who will Willard Mitt Romney choose as his running mate? Let me guess – I’ll go out on a limb – he’ll be white! And he’ll be a Christian! And he’ll be a He! And he’ll be a He who likes Shes!
    That narrows it down to 99% of the 1%.

  3. Jamie, Sjwny — My humble suggestion: Let the suit dummy languish in obscurity for a while now that his GOP foes are no longer viable enuf to draw media attention. Pretending this is still a race, or yammering about his potential running mate, only keeps him in the news. Make him fight for coverage on his own. I doubt he can do it. And If I’m right by early summer he’s 20 points behind. Sadly tho, I’ll be wrong, thanks to the media’s determination to manufacture news, combined with partisan Democratic eagerness to talk trash about him. But ignoring him is best strategy for now.

  4. Craig

    Will Romney (as the lone candidate) be so uninspiring and dull to the Press that they will treat him like the second coming of Bob Dole? And this will be expressed in their coverage – or dwindling coverage?

  5. God, I hope so, Jamie! Romney is beyond fake. I can hardly stand seeing or hearing him any more. Can you imagine having to listen to him, or watch him preen for four years!?! The horror!!! 😯

  6. Craig

    Understand & agree with you.

    I look for the absurdities in life; helps make the fact that all of this is for real palatable.

  7. solar, sorry about that bad link. still haven’t gotten linking down pat (so to speak). yes, he and his ilk (not just the rabid catholic but all the fanatics included) are dangerous as gov’t officials, the antithesis of what a good public servant should be.

  8. Well, Romney has picked an action-packed Secret Service name for himself: Javelin. Sounds like a super-hero to me.

    What’s the point of Secret Service names if you make them public? Why not just use actual names?

    So, Romney, I mean, Javelin, can get attention by:
    a) pulling a Biden (putting his foot in his mouth)
    b) talking about a veep (talk of issues, be damned)

    Wonder if the others will finally fall in line? Romney needed a mighty opponent to make him look tougher. He didn’t get much of that & usually stayed above the fray. So, was he trying to look unflappable, like Obama?
    That odd hesitation and softness in his voice makes him sound like he’s attempting a Reagan impression.

    harborwoman – Agree that Romney does seem fake. If only he would fart, or something.

    My yucca is finally going to bloom after 5 years. It loved the warm winter & now the rain, as have the mosquitos.

    c’bob – Thanks, so much! Will write more via snail mail, like it or not.

  9. OH my oow oow… At first I thought I made a big mistake to play KO.. Knowing that my single view will raise is ratings based on the simple math for that simple mind. Then to hear my friend trash the beloved south..
    But an a ah moment. The greater the baseless trashing of Romney indicates the greater fear that he will help Barack keep his promise to be the One Term President.

    This is a great barometer ! Good News as Romney continues to refine and define himself. We cannot afford another 4 years of a nice social organizer at the helm. It is clear that only Romney from the middle will defeat Barack.

    You are correct Craig, The race is almost over.

  10. Santorum is trying to be the broader candidate? I think he needs to audit “The Broader Candidate 101″ he obviously didn’t listen when (if) he audited the first time. If giving long, unfocused, wandering concession speeches without a teleprompter that sound like victory speeches is being broader, well he’s he’s as broad as the Pacific (and about 1″ deep). I think he’s just a case study in the need for a teleprompter. And see, I’m pretty much ignoring Mitt – to me he’s the drapes in this R pres. campaign season living room – no doubt he’s there, but I really can’t remember what color he is and whether he goes all the way to the floor. (Sorry if that’s a crappy metaphor, but it’s the best I could do on short notice).

    Poobah, we have that interesting juxtaposition of viewpoints – you were right about the R establishment getting behind Romney – from what I can tell, they have – and I got my wish – the campaign drags on and on and Ricky and Newt keep generating those TPs for the Obama superpac.

  11. From CBS Chicago – “Turnout for Tuesday’s Illinois primary in Chicago was a meager 24 percent, officials said.

    “It was the lowest turnout for a presidential primary in the past 70 years.

    Election officials said a lack of contested races was behind the lackluster activity at the polls.”

    If the Rs want to win in November, they better figure out how to get enough interest generated to reverse this trend. Last I heard, the candidate who gets the largest number of voters to come to the polls usually wins. Oh, wait, Romney is who can inspire people to get out and vote, right? Like yesterday.

  12. It is the media’s fault for making the Gopper primary season breaking news everyday. There is more important political news than the primaries. Most of the network/cable press are lazy…lemmings. Running to the same story about primary campaigns.

    Comparing this election to the 1980 election! It is more like 2004 with the can’ts running a wooden head like Kerry. Kerry = Romney. No wonder Bush won a second term. I would imagine our very weak, Obama, will win a second term.

    Hillary would have done a better job.

  13. BTW, InTrade has Romney at 91.1% for the nomination and Obama at 59.7% for the election.

  14. I would imagine our very weak, Obama, will win a second term.

    Hillary would have done a better job.


  15. Craig,

    I would blissfully ignore Romney, but the newsers will insist on covering the next round of primaries as if they truly mattered.

  16. Jamie…you hit upon the core difference between a dem and gopper. The thought process/brain wiring is different in both. The theater of a gooper mind is fraught with men in lab coats fighting with a man in the sky with a gray beard. Science is evil. Science uses birth control. Science wants your stem cells. The list goes on…bogeyman scientists!

  17. hey… Intrade has been saying all along that Romney would be the rep. nominee. And as much as I’d like to kick Obama in the ass at times, I sincerely want Intrade to be correct about the race for prez too.

    Scientist?… is that like Dr. Who or somethin’…

  18. This story has been around since November. It is about Dubai and their lack of sanitation treatment. From the my sh*t doesn’t stink file — some of the richest humans in the world dumping raw sewage into the sea. Science be damned! Everyday we argue about global climate change and the oceans are becoming acidified at alarming rates. Naw…humans can’t be the cause!


  19. pogo…let’s hope Santorium doesn’t shoot the family purse by his bad aim. It would be a form of birth control!

  20. IMHO Science is very simple to Rs. Everything is very simple to Rs. It’s a different approach to problem solving – forget complex interrelationships and stick with the tried and true things that worked for our parents and grandparents – nothing changes, right? What was wrong with the 50s? I lived in the burbs, mu dad was a professional and my mom stayed home. Sounds real nice, doesn’t it?

  21. Reince Priebus just said that all of the Republican candidates support the Ryan budget. From this point forward you are not required to believe anything they say to the contrary.

  22. Ah, Pogo…the 1950s — comfort food of the mind.

    McCarthy, recession, finding work for vets, baby boom…the drab decade. It wasn’t until the 60’s that color was introduced! Can’ts love drab.

    The can’ts represent corporations and ignorant humans under the umbrella of “great American people.” It is the in the interest of the corporations that science is the new pinata. Facts and observations about our environment be damned! And behind the corporate peoples are ignorant humans joining in chorus — “Science is evil.”

  23. Ah, Pogo…the 1950s — comfort food of the mind.


    I am so stealing this!

  24. BW Don’t forget the 90% tax rate on upper incomes and massive government spending on infrastructure. It wasn’t all bad. :)

  25. RR Is Rick affected by the new HP internal merger?

    BlondeW…. kinda. He’s been given a new job (Cloud), but is still mostly doing his old job (blades). At some point he’s not suppose to consult on blades… but he’s so much in demand on the subject, he thinks they’ll eventually create a new job for him. Only time will tell. But he’s in no danger of losing his job.

  26. Well, Jamie, they don’t want EVERYthing from the 50s – only those things that exist as the sweet childhood or teenage memories from a time they were all too young (except Ron Paul – and he doesn’t really advocate a return to the 50s – or matter at all)to have had a clue about anything other than childlike things, puberty, etc., etc., etc. (Sanctus would have been 2 in 1960, Romney 13 & Nudt 17)

  27. Pogo

    Yep I’m so old that I remember 1961 when a black family that dared to try buying a home in white suburbia was referred to as “block busting”. Then in 2008 a black family went and moved into the White House. No wonder the GOP wants to time travel.

  28. Craig,

    The dog on the car roof story is a ‘tell’ about Romney’s character. To the R spin machine it demonstrates good planning and execution and decisive, effective action when faced with a daunting problem, i.e. Seamus’ diarrhea.

    To everyone else, particularly the 43M+ Americans who now own dogs and the millions more who have, it viscerally demonstrates a complete lack of common sense and compassion. Romney treated the family pet just like a business problem — people to be FIRED, assets to be dismantled, components to be off-shored — all in the name of making the rich richer.

    The rest of us treat our dogs like family.

    No empathy! No real understanding of what makes families’ lives fulfilling. Romney is definitely NOT the guy America wants to have a beer with. Most critically, “he’s not one of us”, a total killer in electoral terms.

    Romney’s campaign reveals this weakness every day. They just can’t motivate their base to turn out and put this contest away.

    While even the know-nothings in MSM may finally get the inevitability of delegate math, every campaign day weakens Romney’s candidacy because we get to see the doofus for who he really is.

    The guy who put his dog on the roof in an “airtight crate” (Romney’s own words) becomes convenient short hand for regular folks. It answers the “What’s wrong with this picture?” question about this failing candidate. People know in their guts that there’s something wrong about Romney and this image sums it up.

  29. Another GOP President who couldn’t get nominated today:

    Next in importance to freedom and justice is popular education, without which which neither freedom nor justice can be maintained.

    James A. Garfield

  30. C-Bob,

    U had something to do with this?, or was it flatus>>>>?

    It appears the sheep and cattle in Australia are farting up such a storm that all the released gas is aggravating the Greenhouse Effect. To help plug up the problem, and motivate ranch owners to take action, the government in Sydney has considered putting a tax on the critters’ emissions.

  31. Well finally able to get in.


    Sent you an email with the error message I got earlier when trying to access Tm. Were you able to send it to Craig for me as I ask? Thanks again.

    Here’s a link titled Fox News Lies; An Elderly Women Dies:


    Also I read on another site about the comments left on Fox News Website on the Trayvon Martin death which showed the World where all the Racists and Bigots congregate.

    But then I guess we already knew that about Fox News now didn’t we?

    Anyway may you all have a great day.

  32. Jamie,


    There is actually a system to get electricity from all that burp and fart methane”

    Bout 10 years back or so they started that in Wisconsin, i seem to remember….

    Hey do you think that has anything to do with the loud boom they heard there, and are not able to identify it….maybe there are two questions in one for U?

  33. solarcrete

    The toot tax story made my day. You have no idea how much I needed that laugh.
    Thanks friend.

  34. wacpac…. very well said… and you nailed it.

    Pogo… I’m sure you’ve heard by now. Timmy Teabow goes to the NY Jets. As if they haven’t got enough of a clown show at times with Rex Ryan. And since they are the major rivals of my beloved Patriots… I’m gonna have to hear gobs about Teabow mania… sheeeeesh.

    SolarMan (aka Diablito)… doesn’t beer make one fart and belch?…. maybe that’s why Bud is really called the “King” of beers…. que no.

  35. anon paranoid (and all)

    Has anyone read / heard of any reports about surveillance cameras recording the shooting of Trayvon Martin?
    This happened in a gated community; odd no security camera footage; unless if it exists, has been put under wraps as evidence.
    I heard the 911 tapes that recorded the audio of the shooting.

  36. Craig…

    I could not recall the email addy so I sent it to Jamie instead. I also made sure to copy the error message so she could pass it on to you who would then be able to pass it on to your network host provider.

    Anyway, I’m glad that you got it and as usual you were right on top of it as you always are.

    Have a great day.

  37. Sj,


    The toot tax story made my day. You have no idea how much I needed that laugh.
    Thanks friend.”

    U can call me Solar, U can call me Crete, U can call me Solarman…..but U can’ts call me Solarcrete…….

    Renee….Im an experienced bud-wiser drinker….we can hold our f…ts….until we get to the bathroom……but once there….been known to clear out 20
    >>>> pistolas <<<<< at one time….HA.!

  38. Renee,

    How U like your new Kindle?

    I love reading it on the web…Just went to the library and ordered a book that was too expensive for me to get on kindle, and they have to order it through a college if it is not being used…can’t wait to read it:

    Introduction to physical anthropology…

  39. sjwny…

    While it is a gated community not all gated communities have video surveillance cameras on them.

    For a long time Metro West here in Orlando which did have cameras while at the same time a high crime area were no good nor help in solving crime.

    The reason was that while there were cameras they were not active working cameras which those who lived their were unaware of. Once the crime got really bad and the tenants found out the cameras were fake the tenants voiced their concerns and IIRC they moved forward to get and put real active cameras in over the course of some time due to the cost of each camera that would be needed to cover all of Metro West.

    That’s all I really know and do not know if they really put up the cameras as they said they would.

    However, just playing Devil’s Advocate why haven’t all the video’s from the cameras around the Pentagon not been released to the public showing the plane hitting it?

    You know that there has to be all kinds of cameras around the Pentagon, Congress and the White House so why was only a small snippet of one camera shown of a plane hitting the side of the building, but no video of the plane from any camera actually flying into it?

    That’s for all you conspirators out there.

    Have a great day.

  40. Pat,

    Wish that i had said something profound about your question about Santorum…but unfortunately i can’t…i think that it is that simple when it comes to people like him…..

    All people like him are alienated from themselves and their families are nothing but props….they have very little of what they once were as a thinking human being:

    Their Gods are fundamentally not the cause, but the product of confusion…..and of human reason.!!

  41. Anon, et al: Despite their recent troubles I’m very happy with our server corp, Network Solutions, have an excellent relationship with their engineers. Because it is such a large company hosting thousands of sites they are sometimes targeted by malicious hackers, which has been the issue for the past week. But they are quick to act on it and always responsive. Their VIP service isn’t cheap but the enhanced customer attention I get is well worth the cost.

  42. HOUSTON — The driest year in Texas history has caused record-setting agricultural losses, costing the state’s farmers and ranchers about $7.62 billion in 2011, the Texas AgriLife Extension Service said Wednesday.

    The estimate provided to The Associated Press before its public release is about $2.42 billion higher than an August estimate that already topped the 2006 record-setting drought-related loss of $4.1 billion.


  43. SolarMan…
    I’m having a hard time getting used to the Kindle. I bought the touch one and it is very sensitive to the lightest of touch. I’ve constantly changed pages without meaning to and then I have a hard time getting back.

    I haven’t used it much for the last month and have gone back to buying books. Rick says that maybe the original (and cheapest) one is probably best for me. You have to press a button to change pages. I’ll think about it.

  44. Those 1950s they were really something. Segregation was in full bloom and Americans were fighting and dying in a forgotten war in Korea. No wonder republicans are so fond of the 50s. Just their cup of tea.

  45. Renee,

    Don’t buy any more kindles…just down load it so you can read it on your pc screen…i enjoy it…or leave it b/c i have a real bk in my hand….

    About those pages turning when you don’t want them to………bummerrr.!

  46. Fair,……u said a cpl of days…im tired of waiting, and these people want some 50’s music….ready or not:


  47. Craig…

    I hope you didn’t take my comment to you from above the wrong way. I was not knocking your host,only saying that your on top of it when problems happen and let us know about them as soon as you can.

    You have a great site and a wonderful bunch of contributors here every day and that’s what makes this site in my opinion the best.

    Have a great day.

  48. CBob, those losses are stunning, even for a state as large as Texas. Seems like more losses could be on the way.

    I know that many Texas residents have little use for government in any form, but my sense is that the USDA offices are going to be pretty popular in the immediate future.

  49. Thanks anon.
    A few years ago a family member had his car stolen. It ended up being used as a crime scene; a young man was lured into it by the men who took the car, and was later murdered. He reportedly had over 40 stab wounds.
    The murder was captured on a car repair shop’s security cam – ironically, the same repair shop where my relative had his car serviced a week before.
    Before the tape was discovered, my relative was asked by the police if he had any passengers with him 24 hours before the car was stolen – he had, and that was me. They also asked if I smoked.
    I later discovered why the police asked this: cigarette butts littered the floor of the car when found after the murder. I don’t smoke; my relative doesn’t smoke; but whoever else was in that car did. And they left behind a car load of DNA evidence.

    This was a local murder in a small city. That’s why I found it odd that a security cam recorded evidence here, yet no cameras were mentioned concerning this horrible crime that took Mr. Martin’s life. What a tragedy.

  50. Books are books are books. There are, in my hands, no real substitutes.

    I use the modern substitutes and have used them since the first Project Gutenberg titles were released years ago. And, I have tried the Kindle things on the PC.

    Sitting beside me have one of those big-screen android smart phones, a fancy netbook and an HP TouchPad. All are Kindle capable. But, I’m with Renee–just not my cup of tea. I’ll stick with the genuine product.

  51. Craig…

    What can I say? After all that’s who I am. LOL…LOL…LOL…

    Well time to watch Al,Chris,Ed and Rachel. Sometimes even watch LOD too.

    Have a great evening.

  52. New numbers out of Texas on the cost of the Great Tex/Mex Drought –

    Mexico :
    $3.73 Billion
    Texas :
    $7.62 Billion Plus

    97-million dollars in trees that could have been used for homes, furniture, and other consumer products. That`s an economic loss to East Texas of about $3.4 billion.
    Texas Forest Service urban foresters, also out of TAMU, say the drought killed as many as 5.6 million trees in Texas cities and towns, that`s about one-tenth of the state`s urban forest. The estimated cost to remove the dead wood is $560 million, and the estimated loss of economic and environmental benefits of these dead trees is $280 million a year.

    Oklahoma :
    Oklahoma agricultural losses from drought more than $1.6 billion
    Donald Stotts, OSU
    Sep. 9, 2011 5:10pm

    $16.19 Billion and counting

  53. Solar…. but… but… you can’t curl up on your couch or in your bed with a computer. And you can’t take a computer outside or on a plane. And you don’t have the pleasure of having a cat lay down on your computer while trying to read…

    Sea… Happy, Happy Birthday!

  54. If Only He Could Shake His Comment Away

    There is, perhaps, no more enduring critique of Mitt Romney than the one about him having shaky principles that shift with the political winds.

    So it may not have been particularly helpful when one of his top advisers on Wednesday suggested that Mr. Romney’s campaign views the Republican race as an Etch A Sketch toy that can be shaken up and redrawn from scratch.

  55. One other good (not so good for others) thing about the 50s – Thanks to WW II there were very few countries untouched and able to manufacture. The US was so rich we literally rebuilt Europe on our dime. The whole world was our raw materials source. This was when the Saudis became our great and good buddies.

    Of course thanks to Korean and the cold war, we split the world in two and gave rise to the meme of “The Ugly American” as the British Empire crumbled and the world maps stopped being pink. The Nouveau Riche tend to be really hard to take.

  56. Every time someone buys a Kindle, my son, the trader of books loses another sale. 😐

  57. jace

    That’s neat your son works with books. Does he specialize with certain subjects? Have a store?

  58. Sjwny,

    He loves books, he buys them and sells them and collects them. He has managed to find and send me a couple that I consider absolute treasures.
    He mostly sells person to person and occasionally on ebay,
    I don’t think that he is ever happier than when he is searching dusty bookstores or sales and finding a book of great value.

    I have tried to get him to check in here from time to time, because so many on the trail are fond of books, but so far no luck. 😉

  59. Mitt Romney is the Edsel of the current republican candidates. No matter how they try to improve it the public simply won’t buy it. I guess that is pretty 1950s. 😉

  60. WACPAC : “The dog on the car roof story is a ‘tell’ about Romney’s character.”

    It also shows willard’s selfishness and utter lack of compassion for the folks following behind him on the Interstate. To willard, the rich guy is entitled and the folks left in his wake deserve to drive through a dogshit blizzard.

  61. We rebuilt Europe and Japan by employing our people and using our materials.

    Now, we export jobs, providing employment for prisoners of communist China.

    This is the heart of the reagan revolution. Some heart.

  62. Every journey by railway puts another wagon train out of business.

    A couple of my cousins had a new book shop in the 80s, and so did an old pal of mine, one of Sweetie’s former boyfriends.

    B. Dalton, Booksellers (a bookseller chain soon after purchased by Dayton’s [a local department store chain that later purchased Carson Pirie Scott and Marshall Fields, and re-named itself Target] put these independent booksellers, both cousins and pal, out of business by conspiring with publishers to give special rates to big merchandisers while making little shops pay more.

    In the ’90s, heartless B. Dalton was bankrupted by publishers favoring Borders and Barnes & Noble. Do those book sellers whose businesses B. Dalton wrecked care ? Na, and neither do I.

    Now, Borders is dead and Barnes and Noble struggles on mostly because nook helps keep it afloat. My pal Stuart, who was the first to advertise here at the new Trail, says that for every 7 books he sells through kindle, he sells one through Barnes and Noble’s nook. That means Amazon is eating B & N’s lunch and dinner. Parenthetically, I kind of miss the local Borders, but only because of the light and airy second floor coffee shop.

  63. Jace,

    I don’t think kindle is a competitor to your son. In the used book business, the big monster is eBay, not kindle.

    I rarely buy books through eBay. I prefer ABE. Does your son sell through either of them ?

  64. HOUSEKEEPING: We are rebooting the site at midnight tonight and we might be down for a short time. Thanks for your patience. Hopefully these past days of glitches are behind us.

  65. Sorry, I just reread your post and see that you mentioned eBay.

    American Booksellers Exchange is better, imho, for old and rare books. Through eBay, one can also find books in British bookstores.

    My friend Stuart is looking for a copy of The Mystery of a Motor Car by LeQeuex (sp?)

    I am looking for a Gutenberg Bible on vellum in the original binding, a One Penny Magenta, and a Washington Silver Dollar.

  66. XR,

    Funny you should mention ABE, he has sold books there.
    I think that he decided that he did not have enough volume to really make it work.

    I am however going to link this thread to him so that he can appreciate that there still folks out there who still prefer the feel and look of real books. 😉

  67. I made some clips lately about my arty friends –

    Texas Republic Sign, Texas Ave. Lubbock, Texas

    The Greer / Ware Glass Works

  68. Reminder to all: When posting YouTube vids DON’T use the url in your browser address bar. Click “Share” right below the YouTube screen and use the url that appears. They are shorter and far more stable.

  69. Speaking of geeking. My water harvesting dreams off the back of the Cactus Theater just took a big leap forward …… This has a big cool factor.

    “New” 71 Gallon Modular Rainwater Tank Fence

    The New Contain Aboveground (previously called Super Slim) measures only 6″ thick and goes virtually unnoticed along narrow pathways or fences. Collect rainwater for use in your gardens, irrigation or washing your vehicle. The New Contain Aboveground has the ability to perform as a free standing fence, water shed and can be mounted on all angles. A variety of alternative applications prove to be great under decks, custom benches and area segregations.

  70. Install a diverter off their downspout to these tanks, drip irrigation off the tanks.

    Mom’s garden goes off the water grid.
    Call the TV , and I’m off to the races.

    $189 each, good price.

  71. RR, Tebow to the Jets. Sanchez at the Jets, supposed to remain the starter. Curious move (I’m thinkin’ H back).

  72. Poobah, Can’t say whether it’s on your end or mine, but I get periodic “Server has become unresponsive” messages and have to go out then come back. In fact it just happened.

    I guess Romney’s adviser using reset and Etch A Sketch is bridging his childhood to today.

    I’m really chcukling at the Freedom Works “endorsement.”

    “We absolutely have not endorsed Mitt Romney for president. We don’t believe Romney has a consistent record of fiscal conservative policy,” said Jackie Bodnar, a spokeswoman for FreedomWorks. However, she said, “we absolutely are looking for the best conservative alternative to Barack Obama.”

    Talk about cold comfort….

  73. Once Candidate Etch A Sketch is elected, he can Tinker Toy the economy to the benefit of Barbie & Ken, while sending GI Joe to handle Iran, Somalia, Yemen, and Syria. It’ll be a toy guns & toy butter policy.

    I see that the code name willard has chosen is the name of a top of the line model built by American Motors. He could have chosen ‘Rambler’ or ‘Metropolitan’. I extrapolate from his choice of ‘Javelin’ that his plan is not to take the country back to the 50s, saddle shoes & joe mccrappy, but only back to the 70s, the Viet Nam War, double knit liesure suits, and john newton mitchell.

  74. Pogo,

    Come on, give the guy a break, after all with just a few turns of the etch a sketch knobs he can become a ‘severe conservative’. Or not.

  75. Well… I was gonna link to a couple of CSM cartoons… but I see that all our neat edit features have disappeared. I’ll do it when they return.

    Xrep… you mean a return to disco… oooooh looky the pretty bright lights.

  76. Sorry, Solar–I’ve been stuck in the early ’60s, singing with the wind–


    That lady there on the left–Maxine Brown–& I are FB buddies and I suspect I owe her the spike in visits to my blog yesterday–

  77. Jace, XR, LOL.

    If Mitt is as adept with an Etch a Sketch as I am, the direction of his conservatism will resemble the old charts showing the travels of Capt. Wrongway Peachfuzz (Remember Rocky & Bullwinkle?) – which is why he got such a ringing “endorsement” from Freedomworks.

  78. Tony

    The Ryan budget could be illustrated with images of the old folks floating out to sea. Can’t use ice floes, they’re melting from global warming. It will be poking with harpoons and calls of “Swim darn you swim!”

  79. Pogo,

    I was never very good with those etch a sketch things.
    Lots of my friends could make really neat designs.

    All I ever got was a bunch of ‘right’ angles.

  80. Jamie,

    The best part about the ‘trail’ is that it is a political blog , that does not require any one to be politically minded to participate. We go in so many directions here.
    I think my son would enjoy the occasional conversation, with the folks here who are so appreciative of the written word, and fond of books.

  81. ok… I hadn’t checked the CSM cartoon page for several days…. my bad.

    Here’s one I really liked.

    And here’s today’s cartoon.

  82. Pogo, That’s been a puzzle, always difficult to isolate irregular occurrences for a fix. My laptop also occasionally gets that “unresponsive” error, but not my desktop.

    I did seem to fix my laptop’s access by adding “craigcrawford.com” to allowed sites in my browser options.

    If you’re using Explorer go to “Tools” – “Internet Options” – “Privacy” — Click the “Sites” button to add any site domains where you have access problems.

  83. Jace

    I’m sure he would enjoy it here as well. Just providing another location should he resist. It’s mainly Faire’s group of friendly readers and he would get a warm welcome.

  84. Renee and Pogo have inspired me.

    Mr. Xbody and his Boy Sherman

    Using the Way Forward Machine, now equipped with powerful What If Capability, we can see the candidates as they will act if they are elected. Sherman, set the date to the end of January, 2013, and the dial to each of the republican candidates in turn.

    The Nude Grinch setting takes us back to those heady days of the Clinton impeachment.

    The wrong pol setting takes us back to 1860, re-creating the futile final days of President james buchanan, with the debates about the extension of slavery, nullification of Federal Law, and seccession.

    The Sanctimonious Sanctorum setting takes us back to the days of john chrysostum, when women were to be kept in harums, unseen and unheard, and minorities were to be stripped of dignity and human rights.

    The willard setting returns us to the days of disco : “Hey, watch the hair !”

  85. More GOoPer spin on Keystone & gas prices; it’s the usual.
    However, I don’t understand why Obama says OK to building the southern end of the pipeline. The right isn’t appeased, the left is angry. What-the-what?

  86. “why Obama says OK to building the southern end of the pipeline. The right isn’t appeased, the left is angry. What-the-what?”

    B/C he is playing both sides as suckers…just like when he tells Netenhahooo not to attack Iran until 2013…when he is re-elected again, he will finish the pipeline 100%….just like his republican freinds want him to do……after he gets elected….he won’t even think of the liberals, (they will be just a faint memory)……just his wall st puppet masters……don’t see very much difference between him and Romney…..both are bush lite……not, what-the-what….but, which-is-which?, then we will export more and more oil….thats the bait and switch….he really is with the big oil corps, large banks, etc and a real republican imo……his record up until now proves him to be………”you can fool some people most of the time”…….

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