GOP Targets Obama’s Mandate Flip

You knew it just had to be coming, and here it is — a GOP ad (by Karl Rove’s Super Pac) spotlighting an inconvenient truth about President Obama — in 2008 he vigorously campaigned against the individual health insurance mandate proposed by then-rival Hillary Clinton. How weird that as a GOP nominee Mitt Romney would be defending the fact that he was for a mandate before he was against it, and Obama must do the opposite, because he was against it before he was for it. Either way, they’re both flip-floppers, meaning that the Democratic Party plan to go after Romney for this is going to be a bit difficult to sell.

source: American Crossroads (GOP Super Pac)

2008: Obama Camp Attacks Clinton’s Insurance Mandate

57 thoughts on “GOP Targets Obama’s Mandate Flip”

  1. Woo hoo! Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!

    Does that help Santorum?

    Hmm. If Obama = W and Romney = Obama, there is no hope for change.

  2. Mahler and Sully are worried about some one telling them to shut up so their solution is telling me to shut up?
    My basic reaction is a big “F*ck You!!!” to both of them. It is time these idiots realised that ideas flow both directs,

    Jack… if anyone tried to tell me to shut up, I’d say fuck off to them too. I don’t have “rebellious” in front of my name for nothing. Both Maher’s and Sully’s point was that it did flow both ways. For every liberal that gets offended by a conservative…. there’s a conservative getting offended by a liberal…
    or a black person being offended, or a woman being offended, or a homosexual being offended, or a straight person being offended, or a white person being offended, or a male being offended… etc, etc… and so it goes. Once again… they told no one to shut up.
    And if you don’t believe me you can go to and see the show for yourself.

    And as for Maher’s show… it consistently gets one of the highest ratings for HBO… it ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.

    Carol… her name was Patsi… with an “i”… not a “y”. If you’re going to claim to channel her, would you mind kindly spelling her name correctly.

  3. Yeah… Craig… that’s what Democrats get for making their nominee in 2008 the man who usually voted “present”.

  4. That is step one and now since Obama has been kissing banker booty for three+ years, when he does the obvious and pivot to anti banker rhetoric, look for clips of Obama telling us all how he would like to prosecute the bankers but nobody did anything wrong.

    Wanna bet that Romney runs on the honest capitalist meme.


  5. During the 2008 election, Obama promised us recovery and prosperity, hope and change. When Barack Obama was elected with strong majorities in both houses of Congress, he had an unprecedented opportunity to shape American history by bringing the country’s new financial oligarchy under control. Obama could have done great things. Instead, he gave us deterioration, poverty, despair and steadfastness.

    President Obama is a highly intelligence and gifted con man. He is a great orator and campaigner. He prefers campaigning to governing. He lacks judgment, leadership skills, executive command, management ability, and common sense.

    President Obama was during the 2008 election, and still is, a conservative masquerading as a Democrat.

  6. RR – I find Maher entertaining as well. I do not agree with him all the time. In particular, I, as an atheist, do not like how he denigrates religious people. Yes, I can point to a multitude more reason than he can as far as why I know there to be no god. But I know why people who do believe in deities and that you must not denigrate them. His persona he uses on stage has an edge to it so that he can get ratings.
    Purple-in-tampa – I don’t find him that intelligent. Knowledge is only good if you know how to apply it. I can list hundreds of people that I have seen in Bachelor’s and Master’s programs that drone on but are not sure why they are doing it or how it could effectively be put to use. Its not about the subject, its about its application. Obama’s only real use of his talents as a law professor was getting himself out of that torture building in Somalia. When a subject such as that is your most effective use of knowledge, there is nothing to brag about.
    I have been thinking again on a older Ryan Lizza article on memos that show how Obama runs the country. I don’t find Obama to be a conservative. It is just that he has so many conservatives in his cabinet and is unsure of himself. Such a combination is not conducive to making good decisions.
    CT – The debate was over long ago, it didnt go well for you. There is no reason to keep it going. It is time to move on. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and let’s talk on other political discussions.

  7. Anything from American Crossroads gets filed under The Devil you know is better than the Devil you dread – Vote for re-election. It may be phrased with southern syrup just dripping from every syllable, but if Karl’s roving eye has given it his papal imprimatur you know somebody rolling in oil will soon be rolling in gold and they will mine it from your hide.

  8. jaslf

    Did you see Up With Chris Hayes this weekend. He had a whole show on atheism. If not, there is a podcast available:

  9. The debate is over? LOL So Carol should just STFU right?
    Sorry, only one loser that I see here right now and it ain’t Carol.

  10. Thanks Jack. I’m all for anyone expressing their opinion. The only objection I had was three days of calling that woman a slut and prostitute because her opinion differed from his. OK???

    I can’t seem to get that point across. Now I’m being censored. I guess there are some here who decide what will be discussed and when.. especially if it differs from their point of view. Kinda ironic..isn’t it!

  11. ct and jack – No one is censoring either of you. The debate was over because you could not bring anything further to the discussion. I’d love to continue it but you kept jumping around like a child.

    jamie – I didn’t check it out. I’ll take a look.

  12. I think jaslf’s point is that we already had a rather lengthy discussion about Rush calling Ms. Fluke names. We all agreed on this blog it was disgusting and that she has a right to sue him for defamation of character.

    I don’t like Rush Limbaugh…. I don’t listen to his radio show. But like it or not, he’s still on the air.
    And it looks like his show will continue.

  13. I made my original comment several days ago based on an article and video posted re: Bill Maher on Huff Post on 3/24. Then I got jumped on by Jaslf.

    I think that most things that are discussed here are not necessarily new..they are ongoing.

  14. Maybe a list..over on the right..can be included to tell us all when the time is up on a particular discussion.

  15. I think Jafl got shot out of the water yesterday by Carrol and Jamie and I believe he can save a lot of wear on his elbow by not patting himself on the back with such vigor.

    As to the basic point, you don’t stop bad speech with less speech. That is what Jaslf and Mahler have proposed.
    You stop it with more speech which is all the opponents of Limbaugh have been doing.

    It is that simple except for those with a vested interest in keeping the unwashed masses under control.
    Got to warn them though, it is too late.


  16. As to Mahler the entertainer,
    I grew bored with him when he was back on ABC, there may be a lot of reasons to pay for HBO But Mahler ain’t one of them.
    I wonder how badly Mahlers audience is graying.


  17. jamie, news from dubai that baffert had a heart attack. wonder what that means for the derby?

    ct, hon, just keep on keeping on with patsi as your co-pilot on whatever the two of you want to discuss. i don’t think jaslf meant to say you had no right to express your opinion but was just saying he’s thru with that issue signaling withdrawal and his readiness to move to another topic.

    jaslf,don’t know about ct but i’d rather be “jumping around like a child” than a name calling bully angrily taking his ball home and spoiling the game.

    flatus, so glad to hear stinky is better. i was worried that it was heart related.

  18. BTW, in case some of have forgotten, when it comes to arguing Carol is a bull dog, She sinks her teeth in and doesn’t let go. I’ve got a few scars in my backside from a go round with her. };-)

    It is why we love her.


  19. I can’t seem to get that point across.

    Hi Carol,
    I understood your points as you expressed them very well! I think you and Renee, Jack made good points that i agree with..Please, please, keep on giving us all you got..

  20. The ‘More Effective’ Evil
    by Joyce Arnold

    Last week at Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford , posted Why Barack Obama is the More Effective Evil, originally a March 17 presentation he made at the Left Forum, Pace University, NYC, as a part of a discussion entitled, “The 2012 Elections: Lesser Evil or Left Alternative?”

    Wow, this piece is eye opening!

  21. Jack… I disagree that anyone here or on the Bill Maher show were suggesting to have less speech. Maher and Sully were suggesting to allow all speech… and not try to silence it just because you disagree no matter which side of the aisle you hang your hat on.

    now I gotta run… it’s my scrabble night at the library and if I don’t get off this machine, I’m gonna be late…

  22. patd

    Baffert had three stents inserted and seems to be doing well. Hope that continues as he has a young son. His two horses are Liaison and Secret Circle and both are considered in the top ten. We will just need to keep and eye on them to see if training continues. I’m sure he has people attending to them to get ready for the Derby. Here is some info on the favored horses.

  23. I’ll tell you, I absolutely love Mahler, his 1st was an absolute eyeopener and it went up from there. Sully? Who can help but hold Capt Sullenberger in the highest admiration for his superb airmanship–a true American hero.

  24. because you disagree no matter which side of the aisle you hang your hat on.

    I suspect here is the problem, for you this is just politics. I know it is not for me and suspect it is not so for Carol.
    Further it is not for Maher, He wants free speech for Him and for those in his class(air headed political commentors). But he derides free speech for those who might find his or Limbaughs speech immoral and objectionable.
    He is scared of the power that the unwashed masses have in this new world and the clip from his show proves it IMO.


  25. Jaslf, I just read your goodbye kiss to CT. It was uncalled for and isn’t in keeping with the standards we try to maintain amongst ourselves.

  26. I thought about going back and editing my name spelling mistake but Flatus made such a great joke that now I can’t as I would spoil the joke for those that came later. LOL


  27. jamie, thanks for the derby link. that shining platinum creative cause was love at first sight. what a beauty! unless i read anything negative, i’ll probably go with him – based only on heart and hunch.

  28. patd

    I’m on Liaison and a long shot Saber Cat if he gets in for actual betting. For the annual Trailmix Run for the Roses, I’ll have to pick one.

    If you go back to yesterday, there is a list of all the contenders and once I have the official 20, I’ll let everyone know.

  29. ct bit me back in ’08, and it hurt. I survived, barely. She may have been right, but maybe not. Anyway, she’s a straight up poster and an asset to the World.

    Segui: Maher was the one who woke me up to the fact that abc is a fascist sty, and that Maher was one of the swine. I’ve no sympathy for a man who, for abc’s money, insulted and incited antipathy against the poor, the weak, and the desperate people in this world.

  30. It’s something like the railroads, Jamie. The people who build the pipelines get every other section of land to compensate them for their trouble.

  31. Jaslf, I just read your goodbye kiss to CT. It was uncalled for and isn’t in keeping with the standards we try to maintain amongst ourselves.

    I agree but i don’t think Jaslf meant harm…I think this is new for him and maybe the fact he doesn’t know Carol as we do let him be careless..Carol is good to her core but he doesn’t know it..Jaslf, if you read this, please please be more careful with peeps here..Oh but i’m so glad your here! Your comments are really good..

  32. Flatus,

    I am a Mahler fan as well, especially his song cycles.

    Das Lied von Der Erde is my favorite. 😉

  33. jace says:

    My guess is that Obama is a more effective flip-flopper
    than Mitt.

    I second that!

    PM denies top aide leaked Obama NAFTA memo
    Last Updated: Tuesday, March 4, 2008 | 5:47 PM ET CBC News

    The media storm began late last week after someone told Canadian and American news outlets that Obama advisers had tipped off Canadian diplomats that their promise to reopen NAFTA was just empty talk aimed at winning votes in Ohio.

    After Obama and the Canadian government denied the allegation, someone leaked a diplomatic memo describing such a conversation between Obama’s economic adviser Austan Goolsbee and Consul General Georges Rioux.

    The memo, written by a consular employee, says Goolsbee privately told Rioux that Obama’s attack on free trade is “more reflective of political manoeuvring than policy.”

  34. I am a Mahler fan as well,

    I watch Bill every Friday! The only time i quit him was during the 2008 primaries as his sexist pig routine against Hillary was way to much for me! I quit KO as well..I also admit i cringe as Bill uses FAG all the time, don’t like that!

  35. RR,
    You and I must agree to never disagree, because I never,
    ever argue with a scrabble player.
    I lost way too many of those arguments with my grandmother who was a dedicated and very capable scrabble player. :smile:

  36. PIT,
    Really neat to hear your grandson on the radio show.
    Extremely well spoken and intelligent.
    He offers a unique and much needed perspective here.
    Tell him to keep the good work. 😉

    I look forward to hearing more.

  37. Jace, Das Lied von Der Erde is truly special. I’m losing my marbles, who was the tenor before Pavarotti? The one who was often accompanied by Gerald Moore? His Mahler interpretations were outstanding.

  38. The memo, written by a consular employee, says Goolsbee privately told Rioux that Obama’s attack on free trade is “more reflective of political manoeuvring than policy.”

    Much of Obama’s political agenda is more about ‘maneuvering’ rather than policy.

    Flip flopping may be the only truly bipartisan endeavor in Washington D. C.. :sad:

  39. Jace–memory kicked in: Dietrich Fischer Dieskau who was actually a baritone with a good personality. :)

  40. Jamie..did Calvin Borel pick a mount yet? I think I’ll go with him and the pony he picks.

  41. Flatus,

    When you have a voice like Dieskau you can have any kind of personality you like, however all that I know about him indicates that he was a really nice person, with a fantastic talent. He is still my go to guy for art songs.

    The only tenor that comes immediately to mind in collaboration with Moore Is John McCormack.

    I’ll have to look into that. 😉

  42. Pat

    I finally got started on that book you recommended about Henry Flagler and the overseas railway to Key West. It is a great read and he hasn’t even extended his railroad to Miami yet.
    Amazing how much Florida owes to one man.


  43. Santorum’s appearance in front of the Supreme Court, was about as pathetic as anything I have seen in a long time.

    Deserves to be in an attack add played on a continual loop. These clowns make producing attack ads so everlasting easy. The only thing missing was Herman Caine.

  44. Flatus,
    A long time ago in a land far away, when I thought myself capable of anything, I sang the tenor selections from ‘Das Lied von Der Erde on my senior recital.

    I absolutely fell in love with the music and the text.

    Your recent descriptions of your home caused me to think of the Chinese poems from which the text is taken, your descriptions remind me of the section entitled “Von Der Jugend” drawn from the following poem. Mahler’s German text is equally delightful and descriptive. At any rate it makes me think of your S.C. home.

    Li Bai
    Banquet at Tao’s Family Pavilion

    Winding path; private residence in quietude
    Tall gate; great scholar’s home
    Open pond mirrors reflection
    Protruding forest trees intersperse with colorful flowers
    Turquoise water hides the Spring sun
    Green room camouflages evening amber
    If strings and woodwinds are delightful to hear,
    Unmatched by “golden valley”



  45. Sweetie and I went to the ‘Memphis’ road show at the wonderful Ordway Theater last night. The show was even more electrifying than the first time I attended West Side Story.

    I give the performance 4.99 Wows out of a possible 5.00. Iow, it could only have been better if I were still 20 years old and Gene McCarthy and Marlin Perkins had come out at intermission to serve snifters of Louis XIII and sterlet caviar.

    Dam’, it was big fun.

  46. I’m in favor of having jaslf stick around. I think he means well. Besides, he’s prolly used to blogs where people flame each other for the fun of beating each other up and hurting each others feelings.

    I don’t think he’s really a mean old bass turd like me.

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