Selling Obamacare

Chatting about the politics of the President’s health insurance program with former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Former California State Senator Art Torres and San Francisco Chronicle political reporter Joe Garofoli.

(“The War Room,” Current TV, 3/26)

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  1. cbob, i read the other day that the lubbock hdqtrs for pink slime decided not to make it anymore. what’s the local take on the decision? effect on the economy there?

  2. if gopers want so bad to get rid of obamacare, they should sponsor and pass medicare for all as a substitute.

  3. I caught retiring NM Senator Bingaman on Cspan2 and he was outlining the benefits of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. I wish I could find a clip, but he sure made the law sound wonderful for the state of NM. We are last in the nation for access and affordability to health care in our state. I am woefully aware of those facts!

    Many in this state are going to miss Jeff.

  4. Craig…selling insurance is never easy —


  5. patd…PS…I removed the line about PS. Sorry, it is only five in the morning here…after a sleepless night.

  6. I heard an analysis of what the SCOTUS did yesterday on NPR. It was pointed out that one couldn’t always predict what a court would do just because of oral argument. Mentioned was one of the lower courts ruling on this law. I forgot which state… but it was called a very conservative state and the justices gave a grilling similar to yesterday’s SC. But yet, in the end, that court upheld the mandate.

  7. CBob… I LOVE your late night rantings.

    Carol… yeah, but… my bears won’t eat my cats or your Maggie. But I will admit that the coyotes wouldn’t have a problem with it.

  8. What the THs are saying about not making too much of questions at oral argument is dead on. What I’ve heard is that the quality of the arguments from both sides has not been overly great. Be interesting – that’s what I think.

  9. Just read an except from David Corn’s book. How does one arrive at the thought that Prez Obama has ever, ever, ever been caught between the ideological left and those looking for bipartisan leadership? He seems do whatever is politically expedient in propping himself up. Guess I have an issue with the idea of him being “caught.” Kinda feel like we are the ones who got caught up in the DNC’s net.

    (Hillary! Hillary! Hillary! Never gonna let that one go.)

    He hasn’t produced carrots to sell us on his second term, so much as the GOP has sticks driving us back to him. If I’m riding the Obama bandwagon in the fall, it’s only because I’m too tired to walk.

    c’bob – My hopi blue corn never got enough sun to take off, but you should see my yucca. It took 5 years, but it’s got a central stock on it that is about to bloom. It’s at least 6 feet tall. Be well, my friend.

    Have a good day everybody.

  10. Love the broccoli argument. Why didn’t anyone say, “The government won’t make you buy broccoli but if you choke on the little stalk, you will be glad it made you buy health care!!”

  11. Agree that the tone & content of oral argument doesn’t necessarily predict the outcome…

    Listened to it after hearing the legal expert talking heads, who seemed in panic mode, it appeared to me that the challengers atty, Clement had pretty much total command of
    his arguments, while the adm. counsel Verilli
    never was comfortable, floundered & did not
    present/argue his side effectively…

  12. bw, here’s an answer from lubbockonline to my pink slime question posed to cbob:

    LUBBOCK, Texas — The company that makes “pink slime” suspended operations Monday at three of four plants where the beef ingredient is made, saying officials would work to address recent public concern about the product.

    Beef Products Inc. will suspend operations at plants in Amarillo, Texas; Garden City, Kan.; and Waterloo, Iowa, according to Craig Letch, the company’s director of food safety and quality assurance. The company’s plant at its Dakota Dunes, S.D., headquarters will continue operations…..

    ….About 200 employees at each of the three plants will get full salary and benefits for 60 days during the suspension, Letch said. The plant in Amarillo produced about 200,000 pounds a day, while the Kansas and Iowa plants each produced about 350,000 pounds a day.

  13. from taegan’s political wire:

    Quote of the Day
    “Mitt Romney changes positions more often than a pornographic movie queen.”

    — Former Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA), in an interview on Morning Joe, to promote his new book, Life Among Cannibals.

  14. amazon’s blurb on arlen’s new book:

    Life Among the Cannibals: A Political Career, a Tea Party Uprising, and the End of Governing As We Know It

    A revealing memoir of how Washington is changing—and not for the better

    During a storied thirty-year career in the U.S. Senate, Arlen Specter rose to Judiciary Committee chairman, saved and defeated Supreme Court nominees, championed NIH funding, wrote watershed crime laws, always staying defiantly independent, “The Contrarian,” as Time magazine billed him in a package of the nation’s ten-best Senators. It all ended with one vote, for President Obama’s stimulus, when Specter broke with Republicans to provide the margin of victory to prevent another Depression.

    Shunned by the GOP faithful, Specter changed parties, giving Democrats a sixty-vote supermajority and throwing Washington into a tailspin. He kept charging, taking the first bursts of Tea Party fire at public meetings on Obama’s health care–reform plan. Undaunted, Specter cast the key vote for the health plan.

    In Life Among the Cannibals, Specter candidly describes the battles that led to his party switch, his tough transition, the unexpected struggles and duplicity that he faced, and his tumultuous campaign and eventual defeat in the 2010 Pennsylvania Democratic primary.

  15. Mitt Romney, a man of the people – NOT!

    For Romney, a Four-Car Garage With Its Own Elevator
    By Ashley Parker, March 27, 2012 3:37 PM

    SAN DIEGO — If the news last summer that Mitt Romney had a $12 million expansion planned for his oceanfront property here helped portray him as a member of the top 1 percent, the new disclosure that the renovation includes elevators for his four-car garage is not likely to burnish his image as a man of the people.

    Plans for the expansion, first reported by Politico and later obtained by The New York Times from a rival campaign, include a split-level, four-car garage with a “car lift,” an outdoor shower, and a 3,600-square-foot basement.

    A visit to the Romneys’ beachside property on Monday — one of three properties Mr. Romney and his wife, Ann, own — revealed a modest home for the wealthy enclave (at least from a street view) at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. But an official city “Notice of Application” from April 2010 highlighted the changes to come: plans to “demolish the existing residence and construct a new, approximately 8,105-square-foot, single-family residence on a 0.41 acre site.”

  16. Jace,
    I am still in the ‘planning’ stage on the reel-to-reel. That means Stinky has other plans for me.

    Who was the vocal artist on your Mahler? It was nice seeing Lennie doing the conducting. I have his vinyl that shocked the civilized religious world.

  17. Jamie… that’s great news for you. And if the Dodgers ever meet the Red Sox in the World Series…
    well…. Go Red Sox!

  18. Who says docs and hospitals have to treat patients on demand? That seems to be the bedrock supporting premise of so many of the opposition arguments.

    I know BW and others here know exactly where American humanity stands once they become medically indigent.

  19. Flatus,

    Other plans must of course take priority. 😉

    The singer was Fritz Wunderlich.

  20. RR

    Except when undergoing a scandal ridden divorce involving people with more money than brains, The Dodgers are clearly superior to every baseball team that has ever existed (particularly the NY Yankees), but you can root for the Red Sox if you must!

  21. The repugs will lose in November. In the month dedicated to International Women, the repugs have started a war on women. And now those same women are taking on the healthcare fight. I had lunch with a one of my best friends in her 70s yesterday…we talked about how if the repugs want a Battle of Sexes, they will get one. And the women will win. We have the secret weapon of outliving the men! I fought the battles of female equality in the late sixties and early seventies. Small battles like being able to wear pants at school. Bra and birth control battles. And the repugs are just solidifying women who would have voted Democratic anyway…but they are motivating us. We all know women do most of the work and republican men take the credit.

  22. The democrats should go back to the campaign for the affordable healthcare act and bring back the people featured in the ads — Democracy Now did something like that and when you put faces on these problems – it is hard to ignore the pressing need for affordable healthcare –they featured a three year old that was reaching her lifetime cap.

  23. Republicans signing on to the Ryan Budget plan?

    These people would have purchased tickets on the Titantic, even knowing that it was bound to sink.

    I really don’t understand. 😉

  24. KGC..the life time cap is a way of ‘weeding-out‘ the sick. For a group of humans so concerned about the ‘right to life,’ they have no problem smiting and punishing humans who do not fit into their idea of a healthy human.

    It’s about the money and the new law holds insurance profit to 20%. Got to have healthy corporations.

  25. I continually question the health care argument that young adults do not need insurance because they do not get sick. The real fact is that young people do need health care. Not all treatment is for sickness. What about pregnancy? But, we do know that end of life health care is outrageously expensive and we — the working, the retired all pay for that. And subtracting the waste and unnecessary, it should be that way.

  26. Sheila Bair Told Administration Its Housing Programs Would Bomb, Was Rebuffed on Better Solutions
    By Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism, March 28, 2012 12:35 AM

    No wonder Geithner and the other financial regulators complained about Sheila Bair not being a team player. If you want to do what is expedient and you are confronted with someone who cares about fixing the problem, then yes, they aren’t on your side. And bully for them.

    This is the Obama approach to middle class interests in a nutshell. Opt for initiatives that are clearly going to fail over ones that have good odds of success but cost real money. Obama seems to be getting his wish of being a transformative president. Everything he touches turns to dross.

  27. Before I read this thread I need to ask if anyone else besides me is having trouble with TM’s Site today.

    I was reading the last thread and several times the screen froze and all the videos embedded as well as the widgets.

    They all said within there perspective boxes that the Flash Player Plug-in had crashed. Is this happening to anyone else or is it just happening to me?

    Time to start reading your comments now.

    Have a great day.

  28. BW

    Thanks to accidents, gangs, car wrecks, pregnancies and sports, young people account for huge costs on the health care system. Yes end of life is very very expensive, but so are multi month confinements.

  29. Jamie…

    Well it hasn’t happened since I started reading this thread and it seems to have been only happening on the last thread.

    Possible issue seems like it was only with the last thread for me.

    The flash player version I have is 11.1.10262 and I believe that is the current version, however I will check to be sure.

    And thanks for saying something to Rickaloo about Cbob.

    Have a great day.

  30. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

    The repugs immediately dubbed this Obamacare and ruined the pure thought of the bill — to provide affordable health care while protecting the patient. The law may be a botched job because insurance lobbies own Congress, but they made an attempt to address the mess. And isn’t health care an attempt in itself?

  31. Flatus,
    If a hospital receives fed funds (medicare, medicaid)it must evaluate and treat anyone who shows up at its emergency department with an emergency condition and must at a minimum stabilize them before discharge or transfer. (Oversimplification but that’s the gist of EMTALA). Nonprofits have a requirement that they provide charity care, but that is not closely monitored historically. In practice, care goes well beyond the EMTALA requirements – but the amounts of charity care tend to be low – generally about half the profit margin (or revenue margin for nonprofits) of hospitals as a whole. (<2% v. 3.13%)

    The range is somewhere around 0-7% (of revenue devoted to charity care). For the most part it's the folks who fall between medicaid and insured that receive that care (no surprise there).

  32. BlondeW… I too battled it out in the late 60s- early 70s in high school. Whenever I’ve told younger women that upon starting high school, all girls were required to wear dresses or skirts, they seem surprised. I came to school one day wearing pants. I figured as a high honor student and athlete, the administration would hesitate to suspend me. Luckily, I was right.

    Jace… I’d really like to know how someone who grew up in Wyoming and is now living in Arizona came to be a NY Yankee fan. I was born and raised in Massachusetts… which is why I’m a fan of all Boston sports.

  33. purple – I have no problem with Romney’s oceanfront upgrades, afterall, that may be his entire jobs program.
    But could he afford it if he and his family always had to play by the same rules as the rest of us? Nope. That’s the problem. He hasn’t had such an easy time of selling “oceanfront property in Arizona,” as the song goes…but all politicians are oilmen, afterall. Snakeoil.

    Where is the spring occupy movement? Are they holding out until closer to the election to make sure the world gets to see everything, including the police state that shuts it all down? You just know that the-powers-that-be have conginency plan after contingency plan to keep people silent.

  34. Blue… the biggest Occupy place is NYC. It was summer like last week. But this week it’s back to winter temps here in the northeast. There were snow showers here this morning. So my guess would be that they are waiting for spring to really be here.

  35. Yes Renee..I also love C-Bob’s steams of consciousness. Some people aren’t evolved enough to understand the significance of them. They are poetic. I have to do a lot of pondering just to catch a drift of them myself. He gives me much to ponder.

  36. That was supposed to read..streams of consciousness. But occasionally he steams also.

  37. And gators can’t climb my bird feeder. And I walk between the water and my Maggie girl. They would have to go thru me first. I do keep my eyes pealed for those beady little eyes just above the water level. Once there was a group of young ducks all looking at the water. They were looking at something. I looked..and sure enough..I saw those beady eyes…

  38. I need HELP (!!!!!!) from anyone who uses Safari. Is there an easy way to see and copy a web page URL. The only way I’ve found is to open the source code and hunt for the link that looks appropriate. It’s a real pain in the posterior and I can’t believe Apple made it so difficult. I can’t even find a way with the assistance of the help link. So ……. HELP!!!!

  39. oh god Jamie… my head right now is spinning from too many numbers from seeing an accountant for my mother’s estate… but I’ll give it a shot.

    I go to a web page… highlight the URL… then under edit, I hit copy. Then I come back here, and when I’m ready for it, I go back to edit and hit paste.

    I hope that’s what you’re asking for… if not, I don’t understand.

  40. Jamie…

    I do like RR sort of anyway. I highlight the URL but I right click and hit copy. I then go from the tab or window of the link I’m copying back to the page I’m on writing the comment and placing the cursor where I need it and right click to open the drop down then clicking paste. This places the link in the post as it was copied.

    If I want to keep it small then I would do like we do on our blogs using the “a href=”URL command using the name I give it just like this Google News

    Hope this helps.

  41. If speech is protected by the 1st Amend, and if spending is speech, then by forcing people to spend, oh,bummercare is compelled or unfree speech. This has to be the logic of the gang of 5, as Citizens United is still fresh in their perversitive skulls.

    roberts, alito, kennedy, thomas, and scaley will rule AHCA to be unconstitutional. Breyer and Ginsburg might join the gang of 5.

    Once this is over with, the Senate can begin the work of crafting a Single Payor Health Care Act.

  42. That’s the problem Renee. I go to the page. The URL isn’t visible anywhere that I can see with Safari. With Chrome and I.E. it was right at the top of the page to do a simple copy and paste. With Safari, you do this dance to either save to bookmarks and copying from there or opening up the source code under “View” when all I want to do is recommend things to others not keep it forever and a day.

  43. AnonP… Jamie and I are Mac users… the instructions are probably different if you’re on a pc.

    Jamie… I don’t really understand. I’m using Safari right now and the URL for this site is clearly visible in the long white box at the top of the page.

    I’m on Snow Leopard… haven’t upgraded to Lion yet… that might be the difference. If not, I don’t understand why you can’t see the URL. Maybe CBob can help.

  44. The breakdown of the court finding on the AHCA (I know, it’s actually ACA but I put the word Health in my shortening of the name).

    Though I said 9-0 upholding I also stated the other possibilities for or against the law. There are really three conservative justices that very well may vote to strike the law down and they are Scalia, Alito and Thomas.

    I believe that Justice Roberts and Kennedy will vote to uphold the law and this would be a 6-3 decision. However I see screaming from the right if only Kennedy were to vote to uphold. With Roberts voting with Kennedy the upholding would be more bipartisan.

    Another possible vote to uphold would more than likely be Scalia instead of Alito. The reason is Alito being upset when President Obama brought up the Citizens United decision at the State of the Union Address.

    It’s possible though that Alito may decide to uphold if Roberts can convince him and/or Scalia that to vote to strike down will be seen as it is widely believed and perceived to be based on Political Politics.

    If that were the case then we would could be looking at a 7-2 or 8-1 upholding the law.

    Thomas has deep ties to the insurance industry (think his wife) and is more likely to strike the law down than uphold it.

    With what I believe in Roberts upholding the law it would have him write the opinion upholding the Individual Mandate only leaving the rest of the ACA intact which would make it a very narrow ruling.

    The dissenting opinion of Thomas or Alito on a 7-2 decision would probably be written by Alito.

    The only decision that would not look partisan or political by either side of the court and uphold what little integrity it still has would be the 9-0 decision upholding the ACA Law.

    Therefore the ACA Law by my reasoning will be upheld 9-0 leaving the Supreme Court as still being relevant and a respected branch of Government.

    Have a great day.

  45. RR and Jamie…

    I use FireFox, however I wonder if maybe your navigation bar not showing is because its not checked to show.

    On a PC under the view button there is a choice for Tool Bars and Side Bar where if highlighted open a new drop down boxes where you can check or un-check whether or not you want them to be seen. Could that be why you can not see the navigation bar?

    Anyway I tried to help though it may not be what you need to help you.

    Have a great day.

  46. AnonP… I think it’s sweet of you to try and help Jamie.

    The analysis I heard on NPR (the Diane Rehm Show)did include a scenario where Roberts would vote to uphold the mandate if Kennedy did so. It was said that Roberts is concerned with the image of the court and it not appearing to be partisan. Also, it would mean that he (Roberts) would be able to write the majority opinion.

  47. Good evening all,
    Oh man, just got caught up, great reading on this thread and the last one..

    So much enjoy reading you! First thing in the morning i always check in and hope you’ve made a visit during the night! Its kinda like Christmas morning hoping Santa has visited! 😀

    if gopers want so bad to get rid of obamacare, they should sponsor and pass medicare for all as a substitute.

    Spot on! GOP looking out for the masses, never gonna happen, now the 1%, yep…

    He hasn’t produced carrots to sell us on his second term, so much as the GOP has sticks driving us back to him. If I’m riding the Obama bandwagon in the fall, it’s only because I’m too tired to walk.

    Wow, terrific comment! Yep, Hillary! We can dream can’t we..

  48. Wow…

    It’s almost time to go watch MSNBC live for the next 3 if not 4 hours. Depends what’s on LOD at 10pm.

    RR and Jamie…

    I lost my URL navigation bar one day as well as my bookmarks tool bar and it drove me nuts until I realized that they somehow became unchecked. Once I re checked them they came back.

    I don’t know about Apple products or Safari\Chrome browsers but was surprised to see Apple saying there not viewable in Chrome (the navigation bar that is)so not sure if my link was helpful or not.

    Later all,time to go watch Al now. Have a great evening.

  49. Renee/AP

    It was a tool bar problem. That particular little window wasn’t in the tool bar but I customized and it’s there now. Makes life much easier.

  50. Just saw a video of Zimmerman being taken into the police station the night of the shooting. He did not appear in the video to have any wounds on him nor any blood on his clothes.

    One would wonder why there was no blood on his shirt or jacket since he was suppose to have shot Trayvon Martin during a struggle over his gun.

    That close during a fight would have surly left blood on Zimmerman. And he did not look like he had any injuries to his face or the back of his head from the view and angle of the video.

    Well back to Rev. Al now. Later.

  51. Here’s the link too the video of Zimmerman at the SPD arriving in handcuffs the night of the shooting. Watch it and around 56 seconds you can clearly see the back of his head and there does not appear to be any injuries to it.

    Also there does not appear to be any signs of a broken nose or any blood anywhere on him.

    That would make it seem that he shot Trayvon Martin from a distance though there still could have been some sort of altercation.

    Have a great evening.

  52. Oh, before I forget when you watch the video notice that they (the Sanford Police Dept.)search his pockets after he gets out of the patrol car.

    Shouldn’t he have been searched before they put him in the patrol car? He was handcuffed so why wasn’t he searched before he was put it the car?

    Another kerfuffle by the SPD and those investigating the shooting.

    Later all.

  53. Did you see and hear that they had Trayvon Martin’s name on the police report supposedly at the time they took Zimmerman in and filled out their report, yet when the family finally found out he was dead three days later they the funeral home could not pick up the body because they had Trayvon listed as a John Doe.

    This just keeps getting stinkier and stinkier.

  54. Hey Sturg…

    Jumping between MSNBC live and here. This looks like what I thought it was going to.

    SPD has a bad reputation in race relations and corruption.

    Just had a African American injuried by a officers son and the son was not arrested. Only after a video on youtube surfaced and a relative made a big stink was anything done.

    There’s no way Zimmerman should not go to jail over this incident. If he walks I’m afraid that someone will lose it and take matters into their own hands.

    Later Rachel is on. Have a great evening.

  55. Hi Tonyb…

    If your not watching LOD turn it on. Or tomorrow you can go to msnbctv and click on the last word w/lod and watch it there.

    Gotta run,later and have a great evening.

  56. Where was Fakes News while this assassination was committed, and White washed ?

  57. Were Snotter marc rubio and Big Guv scott in on it ? What did they know and when did they know it ?

  58. Jace… I’d really like to know how someone who grew up in Wyoming and is now living in Arizona came to be a NY Yankee fan. I was born and raised in Massachusetts… which is why I’m a fan of all Boston sports.

    Fair question. Growing up in WY. in the 60s there were simply no regional professional teams to support.
    The Broncos were just getting started in the AFL, and no one had ever heard of the Colorado Rockies.
    There was however a triple A ball club in Denver.The Denver Bears and it was a Yankee farm club for a period of time. With no better options available we all just sort of became Yankee fans. I still am.
    That said I have become interested in the rivalry between the Rockies and the Diamondbacks. It has turned into a really intense competition. Fun to watch.

  59. “rickaloo? bobadoo? what the fuckatoo?”


    I thought it was a kerfuffle. Thanks for clearing that up. 😉

  60. I mean, I want to hear your intelligent talk rather than some ad man’s idea of intelligent talk.

  61. Fakes News just about had me convinced that blonde all female desk weights must be idiots.

    Former Governor Granholm has corrected that error.

    It is amazing how decorative Crawford and Granholm are. they are sights for sore ears.

    I still think the AHCA is a deader. And I hope it is so that we can get real health coverage reform.

  62. The commerce clause has always (since the days of the Whisky Rebellion, anyway) been seen as establishing the right of the Federal Government to regulate business. It has never been seen to give government the right to compel individuals to begin engaging in commerce. I can’t see any of the gang of 5 legislating this from the bench, especially after their crazy “judicial activism” in the Gore 2000 and Citizens United decisions.

  63. coloradobob

    My peach tree is blossoming. March 29th.

    Worried about the bees & butterflies: fruit trees, flowers need them & they need the flowers.
    Economic,ecological costs of too early (unnatural) warming?
    Local apple/ peach orchard owners very worried.Fruit crop = major $ in Niagara County NY/southern Ontario.

  64. What is up with Howard Dean’s hair this morning? If he’s trying to Benjamin Button himself, he needs to stop.

    They were talking about the broccoli hearings on MoJo & brought up health care in the rest of the industrialized world & why (they say) there are such high disapproval numbers for it here. At first, I thought it might be a bit of immigrant/pioneer spirit; pulling yourself up. But that didn’t seem quite right; within communities, people tend to help each other.

    Now I’m wondering if it isn’t more about the size of our country. No matter how much we have in common within our country (TV shows, Starbucks, Target), we are much less homogenous than the rest of the world, both because we are made up of the rest of the world and we are so spread out.

    Most of us have at least visited more than one region of the country, and many of us have lived in more than one region. Texas still seems a little foreign to me.

    But perhaps this other-ness makes some less likely to care about what happens to people in another region of the country unless it’s something visually impactful, like a hurricane.

    Also, despite chronic, self-induced diseases, Americans may just be healthier. Maybe, unless folks have personal experience with an illness, they are less likely to see the importance of providing health care to all.

    Certainly the 1% have good health care, and as they are writing the rules or writing checks to those who make the rules, they are tragically clueless. I’m not saying there aren’t a good number of greedy, heartless people in that group, but for some it may not be exactly a lack of compassion, but just stupidity.

    Seeing & hearing “kerfuffle” everywhere the past few days & starting to wonder if T’Mix set it off? One way to find out; start using hulabaloo & see if that shows up, too.

    Have a good morning.

    thanks for posting that pogo… what a way to start the morning. May Earl RIP.

    BTW… if you want to put the video into your post, just type a “v” after http… that’s how the rest of us are doing it.

    here’s how it looks….

  66. I only remember Flatt & Scruggs from “The Beverly Hillbillies.” “Pearl, Pearl, Pearl, you look just like a girl…” (I think the actress who played Pearl was on “Petticoat Junction,” too. And maybe the voice of Wilma Flinstone???) Didn’t get into bluegrass music until much later in life & have Clooney & the Coen brothers to thank for that. Now I love it. Pick in peace, Mr. S.

  67. You’re correct, Blue–the lady who played Pearl on Beverly Hillbillies was on Petticoat Junction too. Her name was Bea Benadaret.

    Speaking of Mr. Scruggs: he was a pretty good guitar player, too, rather in the style of Mother Maybelle Carter.


    RIP Earl–

  68. Hey Jace…
    thanks for answering my question. It makes perfect sense why you root for the Yankees… not that it matters… I was just curious.

    Although I always root for Boston teams first, there are many teams in various sports for which I have a soft spot. And no… the Yankees isn’t one of them. But pleeeeease don’t tell anyone… I actually like Rex Ryan, the Jets coach… and of course no matter what they say about him, I’ve always loved Joe Namath.

    uh oh…. here comes the tar and the feathers… :smile:

  69. PatD
    I’ll wager that there is considerable efforting by multiple agencies, centrally controlled, focusing on the concerns you raised.

    If I were involved, I’d have people looking at commonalities affecting/potentially affecting crewmembers. Billeting, meals, booze, laundry/dry cleaning, etc.. I would certainly have our folks overseas ears to the ground.

  70. What is wrong with this concept? Tweet from Rupert Murdoch:


    “Enemies many different agendas, but worst old toffs and right wingers who still want last century’s status quo with their monoplies.”

  71. RR,
    Just to let you in on a little secret. I have always thought and still do that Teddy ballgame was the best hitter to ever come up to the plate. What he did during his twice interrupted career was nothing short of amazing. I also read recently of the passing of Mel Parnell a really smart pitcher who was always under rated in my opinion. 😉

  72. We’re still fond of Broadway Joe in the SEC too–he played for Bear Bryant at Bama, after all–

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