GOP: Careful What You Ask For

Seems to me the Supreme Court would be doing Republicans no favors by tossing the President’s health insurance program. Even if Mr. “Romneycare” is their nominee they plan to rally the troops against Obamacare in November just as they did with success in the 2010 congressional elections.

If by June the justices wipe out the program it would eliminate a major talking point for the GOP. Even worse, the party would suddenly have to start talking about solutions of its own – and so far those are non-existent, other than giving the private insurance market even more power over the nation’s health care.

Some Democrats would mourn the loss of Obama’s signature achievement, but politically speaking the momentum would shift their way.

Denouncing the anti-health reform Republican-held Court and House of Representatives could be a driver for getting voters fired up in Senate and House races. Add that to the GOP drive to gut Medicare and you’ve got some effective TV ads to fling out there.

The bottom line is that if Americans lose benefits they are now getting under Obamacare, such as coverage for young adults and pre-existing conditions, Republicans get the blame and Democrats can campaign on restoring them if they win big majorities in Congress — assuming the Court strikes the whole program because it found individual mandates unconstitutional.

If the Supreme Court restores the status quo of our unpopular health insurance system, Republicans take the hot seat.

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  1. I would like nothing more than to see republicans in the hot seat over this. It kind of makes me want to say
    woo hoo! 😉

  2. Funny coincidences you wouldn’t know about without tweeting: Lawrence O’Donnell tweets to Audra McDonald. My political and musical worlds are colliding. :)

  3. flatus, thanks for taking my question seriously. didn’t mean to sound conspiratorial but it’s not outta the realm of reality.
    just after i posed that, i saw a psychiatrist interviewed on cbs who mentioned other possible causes (tumor developing, infection- lyme?- of neural system, chemical imbalance).

  4. Craig… I don’t care who gets the blame or who gets the fame… I want healthcare for every citizen of this country…. just like the rest of the industrialized world.

    I want solutions…. politics be damned!

  5. Anybody up for a radio chat this afternoon? I want to test a new feature: pre-taping segments that I can roll into the weekend show. Like to try this before doing it with a guest interview. Need a couple folks in the mood to chat, maybe about health care, like we have in recent threads. Maybe 2 or 3pm?

  6. The un/under-employed, young adults on their folks’ health insurance will surely take issue, as will their parents; occupy health care & the election booth. If there was ever a time in recent, economic history to get people behind this, it’s now. ObamaCo just did such a poor job of explaining the details to sell it.

    Craig – I hope to call myself a “long-time listener” some day, but you’re in luck, calling in is not my thing. :) I did encourage Corey to call in some time, though. Think he’d be good.

    jamie – Did you read about the 98-year old man who learned to read and write late in life & has written a book? Brought tears to my eyes. Just thought of you, knowing how young you started & how much you love books.

  7. and for those for whom long distance calling an issue, we now have the option of me calling you — thanks to a generous contribution from sjwny for this and other upgrades, such as pre-record segments

    just send me your number, and i’ll call you when we’re doing programs —

  8. I’ll be chatting with Jace starting at 2:00 PM ET (yep, in 30 min.). Join us: (347) 838-8595

    BTW, this will be a pre-tape for use in saturday’s show

  9. Thank you sjwny!!!

    And you know I’m not shy, Craig. I’d just rather listen.

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  11. It’s a National Security issue : basic health care coverage for everyone. Ya, and cut out all those expensive middle men, who constitute a job-killing tax on our economy.

  12. If the healthcare bill is stricken down..I have no idea if it will or not…

    Democrats should immediately introduce individual bills for each of the popular parts of the bill. Then they should demand that Republicans vote on these popular measures.

    Unfortunately, the leadership in the White House and Senate is so weak, I doubt the Party could muster enough fortitude to fight the good fight.

  13. I am so in love with the idea that willard is the ripper candidate, I can hardly keep from laughing 24/7 !

    Now comes a poll that says Dems will only pick up 2 -3 House seats. That’s a pipeline full of ripper kool aid.

  14. Renee said,(and a number of us agreed)

    I want solutions…. politics be damned

    So what would a solution look like?

    I think that maybe our greatest problem in this whole debate.
    I’m being rude here as I don’t offer my ideas of a solution but I’m busy this week and still have a bunch of work to do before I can call it a day. I will try to post my ideas later this evening.


  15. XR

    Craig, Jace, and I talked about gerrymandering, “safe” seats, and the small percentage of open seats. In a year, that should be a Dem sweep of the Congress because of the huge number of issues where the GOP has face slapped the majority of the electorate, it may still be almost very difficult to get it to change hands.

    Sincerely hope you are right and it will look like the “Contract With America” in reverse and Ryan will go down in flames.

  16. Zimmerman: Dad worked as magistrate
    By Jeff Butera, March 28, 2012

    We then contacted the Virginia Supreme Court to confirm Robert Zimmerman’s employment.

    Kristi Wright with the Department of Legislative and Public Relations wrote us this email in response:

    “Robert J. Zimmerman served as a full-time magistrate from 2000-2006. Please be advised that in Virginia magistrates are judicial officers, but they are not considered “judges” and do not possess trial jurisdiction. More detailed information on the role of the magistrate in Virginia is available on Virginia’s Judicial System Website .”

  17. Jamie, Thank 911 for pointing me towards that Mahler’s 5th. I’ve thought of him often and have hoped that his recovery has continued. And many thanks to you, Jamie, for your kindness, too.

  18. So what would a solution look like?

    jack, like a well-tuned medicare for all system and a healthier citizenry with plenty of supplemental insurance opportunities.

  19. The bottom line is that if Americans lose benefits they are now getting under Obamacare, such as coverage for young adults and pre-existing conditions, Republicans get the blame and Democrats can campaign on restoring them if they win big majorities in Congress

    craig, the 20/80 limits on what insurance cos can pocket and the no co-pay preventive care also should be talked up as something that will be mightily missed.

  20. Well I guess that I will throw my two cents in on the Martin killing after watching the SPD video that has been released.

    Though I did not see any injuries on Zimmerman from what one could see in the video footage does not mean that a altercation did not take place.

    We know from Martins girl friend that he knew he was being followed and we heard twice on the tape Martin asking Zimmerman why he was following him. We also know from the tape of that call that Zimmerman never identified himself as a neighborhood watchman but said twice to Martin what are you doing here.

    According to Zimmerman Martin attacked him from the rear which does not match what Martin’s girl friend said she heard.

    According to those who are defending Zimmerman and saying this is what Zimmerman said happened was that Martin attacked him from the rear, coldcocked him to the ground, sat on his arms so he could not move them and then began beating on him breaking his nose and slamming his head repeatedly into the concrete sidewalk.

    He said he was in a struggle for his life and said Martin told him he was going to die tonight or something like that. He said from what those supporting him said he said was Martin saw his gun and tried to take it. He said that he was able to free himself and at that time he shoot Martin in the chest.

    Now what is wrong with the statements that have been made by Zimmerman’s friends, which they say he had told them does not match up to the 911 tapes that have been released can be seen clearly.

    Remember that he said Martin was on top of him bashing his head in, breaking his nose and beating him horribly but he freed himself and shot Martin with his 9mm.

    If Martin was on top of him as he said than why is there no blood on his shirt or jacket? There should be at the very least some blood visible on them. After all Martin was on top of him and if someones on top of you and you shoot them blood will end up on you. Yet we see no blood whatsoever on Zimmerman.

    Also there have been no medical records released to show what injuries or the extent of those injuries that Zimmerman said he received in what he describes as a life and death struggle.

    Also there have been no photos released of the crime scene showing Zimmerman with injuries and how Martin was positioned after being shot.

    The autopsy has not been released either where they should have taken pictures of all injuries to Martin including the gun shot wound, the entry of the bullet and the exit wound as well as all bruising and beating marks.

    I would suggest that the family has a independent autopsy done to confirm the trajectory of the gun shot which will show the angle of entryexit to prove if Martin was on top of Zimmerman or if Martin was standing up or on the ground.

    The funeral director said he didn’t notice a exit wound as to where the bullet exited the body so did it exit or was it still inside Martin.

    Though I don’t shoot a gun I would find it hard to believe that if Martin was on top of him or even standing close in front of him that the bullet should have gone through him unless it struck bone or entered at a angle before lodging in a bone or organ after passing throughout his body.

    Just more questions in a very troubling case that looks more and more like Zimmerman pursed, engaged and when being possibly beaten by a young man in fear of his life he than went and shot killing Martin who was only defending himself from someone following him.

    End of my rant. Sorry for taking up all this bandwidth and I hope you all have a great day.

  21. Jamie, I meant to folo up for an eplanation on that, but plum forgot. What a nice birth linkage

    Doing Current TV “The Young Turks” tonight, sometime after 7:15pm ET, on with David Shuster

  22. pat, if the O admin had done the medicare for all and paid for it through increased medicare taxes (right, like that would get past a senate filibuster), the case wouldn’t be in front of the supremes – I’m a skeptic – I think it will be a 5-4 decision and I don’t have a clue which way it will fall.

    I don’t think it will be the catastrophe that either side says it will be whether it falls or not. If it does we’ll be where we’ve been; If it doesn’t, your guess is as good as mine whether it will help as much as I hope it does. All I know is that I can see medicare coming, so it won’t affect me a whole lot. As for the working poor, it’s a damn shame if this gets struck down.

  23. Affordable healthcare = more disposable income available.
    More disposable income = more goods and services purchased.
    More goods and services purchased = healthy economy.
    Healthy economy = bigger profits.
    Bigger profits = happy investors.
    Happy investors = thriving Stock Market.
    Thriving Stock Market = Confident Government.
    Confident Government = Strength and Security.
    Strength and Security = Peace.
    Peace = Future.

    Being strong and secure is a national defense issue.

    Health = Money = Profits = Strength = Safety = Peace.

    Get it, GOP?

  24. There is a great story in the March 26th Time magazine about the great health systems around the world including Switzerland and Taiwan…Better care, less cost, everyone covered…

  25. Jamie

    We all know the GOP will never do anything just because it’s decent or humane, so I used their lingua franca: Money & defense (and the $ obtainable thereof).

    Healthy citizens = Healthy economy = Mucho Moolah.

    More to the point: Democratic leadership, why not turn Affordable Healthcare into a National Defense issue?

    Healthy People = Healthier Soldiers

    Too many times the Democratic Party has been taken to the cleaners by the GOP using catch phrases and innuendo.

    “Welfare Queen”. Now that was precious. Deadbeats and racism – a twofer.

    “Willie Horton”. Good old racism and criminal behavior / Black man = danger = RIP Trayvon Martin.

    For goodness sake, Sarah Palin took it to the current President with “Death Panels”.
    – Yes, Sarah Palin. She outFoxed the Harvard folks.

    Time for decent Americans to take it to the Republicants. Turn their methods and words against them.

    If you can use it, go for it. Anything to defeat the Party of No and restore sanity to our government.

  26. Senate members who voted to end oil subsidies have received about 5 million in contributions from oil

    Senate members who voted to keep oil subsidies have received about 24 million in contributions from oil

  27. Those Senators who recieved only 5 million don’t know s–t about bilking the oil companies. Pikers, the bunch of them. 😉


    Due to the price of oil, Diogenese has extinguished his lamp and gone home. He was last seen walking down the street and muttering “honest men my ass”
    Film at Ten.

  29. Well here’s my take on what happened between Zimmerman and Martin.

    We know that Zimmerman admits shooting Martin and he’s claiming to the police and to his family is out in the media giving his side of the story.

    While Trayvon Martin’s family is asking for the truth about what happened to their son who was shoot and killed.

    My opinion, which we know everyone has one, just like every one has an *ssh*le, don’t really mean anything. But here goes with what I think happened.

    From the girlfriend who was on the phone with Martin we know that Martin ask Zimmerman at least once if not twice “Why are you following me?”.

    Zimmerman’s response according to Martin’s girlfriend was saying to Martin “What are you doing here?”.

    At that point she said it sounded like Martin was shoved and then the phone went dead.

    So here’s what I think took place at that time. Martin was approaching Zimmerman and asking why he was following him. Zimmerman said what are you doing here and Martin was getting close to Zimmerman.

    It was then that Zimmerman shoved Martin and a altercation took place.

    There has been another witness who came forward that lives there and the person reportedly said that he saw Zimmerman on top of Martin and he seemed to get up from Martin quickly and at that time he could not tell who it was. He said reportedly that as this person got closer to him he could see the person was of Hispanic origin.

    I think that its highly possible that Zimmerman never meant to shoot Martin and could not control his anger. Once he shot him all he could do is claim self defense under the Stand Your Ground Law.

    Either way a young man was killed and it was being swept under the rug by the Police, State Attorneys Office for this region and who knows whom else.

    As more and more come out everyone will be outraged by what we find out, see and hear.

    Zimmerman should be charged with at least Manslaughter if not Murder 2.

    Later TM’ers and have a great evening.

  30. Someone needs to tell the families lawyers that they should ask permission from the family to exhume Trayvon and have an independent autopsy done.

    Trayvon its been reported was face down and its from one of witnesses that made a 911 call. The lady said she saw Zimmerman on top of Martin with his hand on his back.

    They need that independent autopsy to find out if Trayvon was indeed shot in the chest or in the back. I know that the funeral director said he did not see any exit wound so one would believe that the bullet lodge somewhere inside Trayvon Martin’s body.

    If there is no bullet and the funeral director said he could not tell if there was a exit wound when he got the body they need to know what areas of damage was caused by the bullet, angle of wound as well as the entry\exit if one exist.

    At this point in time with all that was or appears not to have been done can the report from the Medical Examiner be trusted?

    It is said that one can determine what took place by the way the body was found and how it ended up the way it was found.

    So if Trayvon had been standing,kneeling, bending or even laying on the ground. Was he facing the shooter or running from the shooter and other events that may have taken place.

    Maybe Craig should bring it up on his next appearance on one of the shows he frequents.

    Have a great evening.

  31. So . I’m still in the garden painting $50.00 worth of wrought iron, with a $100.00 worth of paint.

    And another monarch butterfly comes up to me today. It’s like they know my plan, and are flying right up to me to say thanks.
    It’s was 91F degrees at time , so heat stroke is in the cards, as an explanation as well.

  32. So . I’m still in the garden painting $50.00 worth of wrought iron, ……. So I can build a state of the art water harvesting system , with drip irrigation .

    Gonna blow some bloomers up in Sandstorm City.

  33. Jace –
    I’m getting the big fancy first flush Australian diverter.

    Clever design , the first water is always full of sand , leaves, bird droppings . etc. These diverters let the first water wash off the roof, when they kick in collecting water.
    The only moving part is a rubber ball.

    Clever design.

  34. Jace –
    I’m getting the garden certified as a Monarch Way Station , complete with signs. And it’ll be a state of the art off the grid watering system .

  35. CBob,
    If they wear bloomers at 91 degrees, gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘hottie’. 😉

  36. Jace –
    My system at the house got topped off in May 2008 . I have never run out of water since then. I can store around 260 gallons. I’m aiming for at least 500 gallons downtown.

  37. Jace –
    Scroll down on the right, I’m after the South half of the building a top . Several thousand gallons per storm , going to plumb the over flow as well. The garden is that thin strip along it’s South side. The black strip, is the fire escape coming up out of the Cactus Theater. And the alley going South.
    Lots Taos Hollyhocks in that alley.

  38. CBob,

    I think that I see it. A 500 gallon system would be fantastic. Just a storm now and then would keep it operational.
    Even in severe dry spells, you can usually catch a thunderstorm from time to time.
    These systems should qualify for a cost share in arid climates.

    Off to bed friend. Be careful and be well.


  39. Lots of Taos Hollyhocks, very chunky plants loaded with buds. One of these may make 10 feet .

  40. These systems should qualify for a cost share in arid climates.
    In Texas, you can lower your property taxes by the amount of the system.

  41. I’ve been working this plan for years, these arty water tanks changed the game. That and the worst drought in Texas history.
    Starting April 1St here, you can water once a week , & use just 1.5 inches.

  42. Come May , I’m the Moses of water management in Sandstorm City .

    And I’ll have working model at 19th & Buddy Holly Ave.

  43. Here’s a lesson on ideas. Cheap.

    If your idea is 2 years too early , it’s worst than being 2 years too late. Ideas have to hit the sweet spot in time and place.

    I think have one of those spots right here, right now.

    That’s I why bought a $100.00 worth of paint this week.

  44. Let’s see if I can still paste a “v”.


  45. I plan to play a lot Jesus Jones, and It’s a Beautiful Day.

    On a loop.

    Another “v” …..

  46. For nearly 2 years at Torrance, Calf. every Saturday morning, at 9:30 AM. I played the theme to the Magnificent 7 . And my leather classes would begin. No Politics, No Religion.

    Leaving Torrance, was one of the many stupid moves I made.

  47. This get’s everybody going – If you don’t feel better after this, like Franco, you’re still dead.

    Que Elmer –

  48. I had the whole CD , Calvera’s Theme comes next , when they first enter the village.

    The best student I had, ……. Gilbert, would look at me, and say , ” If he did want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep “.

  49. On MoJo today, they said that Trayvon Martin’s parents weren’t notified for 3 days? I googled his name + missing persons, but got nothing. It’s not looking good for the police force, either, but even worse if there was a missing persons bulletin. If there wasn’t one, why not? Now I’m wondering how the local news reported the shooting at the time, too. Just more & more questions about this one.

    sjwny posted – “Affordable healthcare = more disposable income available, etc.” Amen.

    Woke myself up talking in my sleep, saying something to the effect that Ron Paul was right, we do need to go back to the gold standard.

    c’bob – Should be 90 here by Sunday. Wish I could move north in the summer & south in the winter. One nice thing I’ve seen here: we have honey bees! :)

  50. Bob, that diverter sounds like the nuts. Clean water into the storage tank? What a concept. Good luck with the bloomers.

  51. Thanks Anon for the info on Trayvon. It does look like the cops are up to their asses in a cover up… but why?? Is Zimmerman a relative of someone important?

    The Universe is trying to tell us all something…hint hint. It’s about allowing guns in the hands of crazy or irresponsible people. The gun control advocates may be able to fight man but fighting the Universe is far more difficult!

  52. And it is probably the gun control advocates that are helping with this cover up. They want us to all believe that guns only kill bad people!

  53. C-Bob..that’s a pretty cool thing you put up. Right now..I’m more in the market for a way to eliminate rain water. Do you have anything in mind?

  54. CBob

    Another wonderful project. Used to be in Torrance were you. Spent some time there (and darn near every other city in California) but actually went to school there and down the road in Redondo Beach.

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