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  1. Here’s Bill Maher’s rant at the end of his show from last week. Yes, the beginning is about all the “speech” Americans have gotten outraged about… skip it if it makes you uncomfortable. But the ending third is funny as hell… it’s entitled: Mitt Romney, the Least Interesting Man in the World…


  2. Pop Goes the Obama Bubble
    by Taylor Marsh

    They’re spiking the Kool-Aid in Obamaland tonight.

    Preemptive freak out over what the Supreme Court hasn’t done yet is in full throttle.

    Todd was referring to the White House starting again to use “individual responsibility provision” when referring to the individual mandate, which the Administration trotted out last summer.

    On “Hardball” today, Todd went further, saying “this is already a win” for Republicans.

  3. and oh yeah… Craig… I like that tie… I call it the tie with the polka dots…

    CBob… really cool postings last night…

  4. CT…

    Zimmerman’s father is a retired Magistrate (think judge) and Martin had id on him. They (the SPD)had his name on the report that was filed that night but had the body tagged as a John Doe.

    The State Prosecutor met with the Chief Of Police the same night (of the shooting)and told them to drop it even though the lead investigator recommended a charge of Negligent Homicide Manslaughter as he did not believe Zimmerman’s story.

    That’s why there is all the outrage about the shooting going on. He should have been arrested and charged at the time and the information that the police gathered would then be turned over to the State Prosecutor to complete any investigation still needed to determine if it should go before the courts were his claim of Self Defense would be adjudicated by a jury of his peers.

    Since non of this happened we are now seeing the blow back this has caused. There was more than enough probable cause for the arrest and it was swept under the rug by the State Prosecutor and Police Chief.

    As to whether or not Zimmerman’s father was the reason is unknown. Now they are claiming that Zimmerman told them that Martin saw his gun and tried to take it from him. They are also saying now that Zimmerman told them that Martin said that Zimmerman was going to die or your dead to advance his claim of Self Defense.

    That is why I made the comments I did about an independent autopsy to actually determine if he was shot in the chest or fleeing. It’s more likely he was shot in the chest, however from the video and Zimmerman’s story about being in a fight for his life does not line up with the evidence that we do know.

    His head was repeatedly smashed on the concrete and his nose was broken. This is what Zimmerman claimed. Yet the SPD video does not show or appear to show any severe head injury, broken nose nor any blood on his shirt or jacket.

    If Martin was close to him than he should have had blood on his shirt and\or jacket. Even a broken nose would bleed profusely and that alone would have left blood on his clothing.

    We don’t know if they took his shirt and jacket into evidence either which they should have. And any blood stains would tell us if it was Zimmerman’s blood or Martins.

    We all know he shot Martin because he admits it. What we don’t know is if he started the confrontation by shoving Martin who may then have tried to fight back if he saw Zimmerman pulling a gun on him and trying to protect himself.

    If that’s the case then Zimmerman would have been the aggressor and his claim of self defense would be no good. Even if Martin confronted Zimmerman for following him (which we know Martin’s girlfriend said he told her someone was following him) he did not appear in the police video to have been in a life or death situation and therefore the killing was not justified.

    We will just have to see what goes on with this as time goes forward and hope that justice prevails no matter how the chips fall.

    Take care and have a great day.

  5. Also as I wrote Martin’s body was face down and his feet were pointed at the side walk which makes it appear that Zimmerman’s head could not have been on the concrete being smashed into it.

    I also do not remember seeing on any of the news reports at the scene of any bloodstains on the concrete sidewalk where this took place and he said Martin was pounding his head on it.

    All we know for certain is the SPD botched this and whether it was through negligence or deliberate still needs to be determined.

    Later gang and have a great day.

  6. Saw the first junebug of the year. Poor thing was already a gonner.

    Paul Ryan has endorsed Romney. Looks like the GoOPers are circling the wagons around Mitt, at last. That means the convention will be dry and boring. Santorum’s only, remaining hope is to produce stigmata over the holiday week.

  7. AP, all your points are right on the mark. If I weren’t a lawyer, I might have a little more faith in the system to mete out justice. And the criminal justice side of the system, in FL (& 27 other states for that matter) now have these stupid “castle” laws pushed by the NRA to help gun sales. Theeerrrre’s your justice.

  8. Poobah, if you’re still interested in talking with me on TMRadio, it would be best if you called me. To make my life easier, where do I leave my # so you can call when you’re ready to chat?

  9. Good job Anon. Have you ever been a detective?

    Both scalp and nose injuries bleed like crazy.

    I do think that charges will have to eventually be filed.

  10. I’ve done criminal investigation and made fools out of homicide detectives. Around here they seem to be a lot better these days. I commend Mr. Paranoid on excellent work, and urge him to send his Qs to the US Attorney in that jurisdiction.

    Unfortunately, the photography might not be adequate. However, they appear instructive.

    Zimmermann’s step-dad is not a judge, he was the equilavent of a referee. Refs in MN here can’t deal with criminal cases. If the same can be said for FL, then Zimmermann’s step-dad had little or no professional contact with the cops. However, he might have been the lawyer for a big shot in the town. That possibility interests me.

  11. I suggest that he send his observations to the US Attorney, just to make sure that person understands that thinking people are watching.

  12. In my first murder case, I showed through photographs taken by a friend and me that the 6 alleged eyewitnesses from whom the police had taken sworn statements could not possibly have seen the shooting. The Murder 1 charge collapsed.

    My friend and I were 19 years old.

  13. joe walsh is soon to be the former Rep of Elgin, IL. No more sleeping at work.

  14. CT, Pogo and Xrep…

    I put several comments on this on the last thread.

    Zimmerman’s father is retired and was a magistrate in another state. It’s possible that he has ties to the political establishment though its not been stated anywhere that I know of.

    There are still a lot questions that are left unanswered and need to be looked at seriously.

    The autopsy has not been released nor have any crime scene photo’s, medical records as far as injuries go to both Zimmerman and Martin.

    From the witnesses who have come forward one thing is clear and that is two witnesses now say Zimmerman appeared to have been on top of Martin at the end point of the altercation and both of them say he was straddling Martin who was face down with his hand on Martin’s back.

    If Zimmerman was underneath at the time of the shooting and Martin was face down at the end how did Martin end up in that position?

    If he slid out from underneath him after he shot him that would leave Martin face down and not on his back which would mean he was shot in the chest like was reported. The one witness was not sure if that was the case since he could not tell if it was Zimmerman or Martin on top.

    The witness did say that it appeared the person on the top whom he said was Hispanic once he got close enough to see after he got up and was walking into his view.

    One could assume that after shooting Martin that Zimmerman either may have panicked and turned him over looking for a weapon to uphold his claim that he shot Martin in self defense (remember its been stated that Martin was shot in the chest) or all that was left was to claim Martin saw his weapon and said he tried to take it from me saying I was going to die.

    That is the new story coming out by Zimmerman’s family (father,brother,Joe Oliver etc…).

    Until the special prosecutor determines that she and her team have interviewed all witnesses and gather all the facts we all will be wondering what’s next.

    I think that this may be negligent homicide manslaughter or murder 2.

    By the way pogo what did you thing about my comment on how the SCOTUS will rule on the AHCA?

    Later everyone. Have a great day.

  15. Poobah, It’s Friday afternoon and stuff is flying low – if you want to prerecord it, best thing to do would be to call tomorrow between say, 11:15 & 1. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, if that, to exhaust my knowledge on the subject. After that it’s all opinion. I’ll be mucking about then and shouldn’t be distracted with the demands of Friday afternoon at the little ol’ law practice. I’ll leave the info at the help@cc.com

  16. I put several comments on this on the last thread.

    I know Anon. Thank you. I did want to have the details and you did all the hard work for me. I have just heard and read bits and pieces since I am currently an evacuee and without cable… where I can hear thing over and over ad nauseum.

  17. Duckworth is a bonafide, gold-plated, daughter of an immigrant, hero.

    Screw Walsh and the horse he couldn’t climb-up on much less fall off of.

  18. Dang..they already replaced the O man. I was hoping there was a opening for Craig at Current. He’d be perfect.

  19. Did everyone get their Mega millions ticket? And don’t stand in front of a vending machine. I heard there’s a much greater chance to be killed by one than to win the Mega millions.

  20. If I win Associate Injustice Scaley had better watch out, because I’m gonna launch a well-funded impeachment campaign against his dam’ed, crooked, lying, partisan ego. Grrrr.

  21. After taking the cash option and paying Fed and MN taxes, I should have $279 M!LL!ON left over. Scaley’s praying to his god Mammon that the machines don’t cough up the number on my ticket.

  22. Too bad about Olberman. I hope that he and Al don’t start a pee-ing match.

  23. Drat. They got Stephanie who is very funny in the morning and Keith in the evening. The rest of the schedule looks like amateur radio at the local high school.

  24. Isn’t after 6p happy hour here? A time when we can be stupid? That’s really the only time I really fit in.

  25. On Current I like..

    Bill Press
    Stephanie Miller
    Jennifer Granholm

    Olberman seems to get fired just about everywhere he works. He seems to be a very difficfult person over a long period of time in many different settings.

    I gave him another chance on

    Current but things just didn’t work out again for him.

    Eliot Spitzer is doing a good job tonight.

  26. I like some of the Turks but Cenk keeps yelling at me. I don’t like overly excitable people in large doses. It’s the same reason I never watch Ed on MSNBC Grantholm is opposite Rachel so that’s a no go. That only leaves Stephanie and a look in now and then to see what they are talking about. None of the so called cable “news” are actually news channels any more. It’s just the same repetitive tapes with all the depth of a goldfish bowl.

    I have to go over to the BBC to find out what is actually happening in the world.

  27. It would seem that KO tends to let his passion over rule his good judgement.Either that or he refuses to learn from experience. Sad really, but not entirely unexpected. 😐

  28. On second thought I may become a corporation. Corporations are people you know. Off to have a pre- victory celebration with Cheryl. Back later.

  29. If I was to hire a ‘difficult’ person at $1M/yr, I would insist on an intractability clause.

  30. Piers Morgan – what a douche bag
    this is a guy who was a Rupert Murdoch flunky and is now pretending to be a journalist.

    He had some black guy who challenged his reporting on the Tayvon Martin case. And all pursed lips did was lose it and prove the guy right

    Mr. Cracker said ..why are we watching this clown.
    Now we aren’t.

  31. Mr. Olbermann had the finest newshour on television. Countdown was a haven each night for those of us who expect the best and try to better ourselves each day. He respected his viewers’ intelligence, and we respected his. His show was not easy; you came to class prepared. That was the beauty of it.

    Mr. Olbermann has been referred to as “challenging”. And what is wrong with that? Think, question, learn. Show humanity towards each other. Be the itch that needs to be scratched – and never quite reached. Because you’ll always keep trying and never give up.

    Personally, I hope this ends up being a positive for the gentleman. Will he go back to sports coverage? His love for Baseball is a joy to read about on his Blog and Twitter account; he writes about the subject with such happiness one feels they’re glimpsing in on the world of a little boy at the ball park – wonderful remembrances.

    I don’t know if anyone here read the late, great FOKNewsChannel Blog. I truly enjoyed it – and I got the feeling Mr. Olbermann enjoyed it too. The story he did about the man who live-tweeted the demise of bin Laden was a classic.

    Whatever career move he chooses – or if he simply decides to have time to himself for awhile – Mr. Olbermann is a phenomenally talented writer. And yes, I’ll say it, he’s a really nice man. He’s sent a few tweets to a nobody from Buffalo now and then. And this nobody will always remember that kindness.

    Good Night Sir, and Good Luck.

  32. My friends are building a 40 foot belt sander drag strip , complete with timing lights.
    And I ordered the parts to ride the embargoed DRG&W RR tracks off Tenn. Pass South of Vail.
    A 3,400 foot drop over 50 miles to Salida.

  33. CT,

    I cooked very large Ft. Lauderdale canal tilapia.

    There is no bag limit on tilapia in FL.


  34. I’m using bike wheels and skate board parts.

    A 2 man test bed . If works, we build a 6 man machine as a new way to fish the Arkansas . Light enough so 4 men can lift it off the tracks. Out of the way. The RR right of way is never like the highway. This is real time and place stuff for ideas.

  35. CT, …..
    Please don’t drown , rain is gift even when there’s too much .
    No rain means no life.

  36. The easiest way for a 2 lb tilapia is to
    1. scale, gut, and behead the fish
    2. rinse thoroughly inside and out
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    7. peel the meat from the bones
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    9. peel the meat from the remaining skin
    10. eat.

    Other ways are more more difficult.

  37. I also like breading in Frying Magic (shameless product placement) and deep frying as with sunfish or crappies.
    1. Clean and rinse fish as stated before
    2. Heat cooking oil (canola if you are heart conscious, or corn if you aren’t) until it is so hot a drop of water will burst on it.
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    6. When the fish floats and the breading is between golden and brown, pull it out
    7. Drain and cool fish on paper toweling
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  38. Sweetie likes me to skin and fillet the fish, and then brush on Soy Vay for broiling.

    I sometimes half broil fillets and then top with thin slices of lemon, and finish broiling. This takes some vigilance, which seems too much like work.

    I already worked to fin, head, gut, and skin the fish, and slice the lemon. That’s enough work for me, thanks. By the time I have the critter looking ready to cook, I’m too tired to be vigilant. HAHAHA

  39. Guv christ christie says he’ll be more ready to run in 2016. This is an admission that the sadist* he personally endorsed for president is a sure loser.

    I expect willard will enjoy firing christie.

    *No whips or chains that I know of, he just likes to fire people.

  40. Guv christ christie says he’ll be more ready to run in 2016.

    If he lives that long , he’s a real blubber dog , wrapped like a Woolworth airplane rubber band.

  41. If this the most important election of our lives, why did the right field a bunch of mutts ? And then say , ” Oh our really good guys are still on the bench “.

  42. 4 things never sleep, gravity, rust, stupid, and the ever lower itocracy of the American Right .

    If idiot didn’t work , just try more idiot . Your problem was you didn’t use enough idiot . Try dash of stupid while you’re at it.

  43. When and looked up the night time heat records for the US in March 2012.
    The NCDC site crashed this month from the in flow of records, and the out flow of hits looking for them.

    7656 stations set new heat records at night this March , 351 set new lows.


  44. If idiot didn’t work , just try more idiot . Your problem was you didn’t use enough idiot . Try dash of stupid while you’re at it

    cbob, spiced with well-aged lies and sauced in arrogance makes a dish fit for a tea party hosted by kochheads.

  45. jamie, with some of our winnings today, let’s buy gracious host a pundit show of his own. maybe he can hire ko as his 2nd banana.

  46. The winning ticket was sold in Maryland just outside the beltway. Fearless leader may be able to take us all to fish camp.

  47. If idiot didn’t work , just try more idiot . Your problem was you didn’t use enough idiot . Try dash of stupid while you’re at it.

    Yep Patd..there are some things that only C-Bob can explain. And do you know how many days of my life that I run into this???

  48. Thanks for the fish cooking show XR.

    And Jamie..I’m glad I didn’t win that Mega millions. It was just too much money and too much of anything is too much. OK. I’d be happy with just a couple mil.

  49. And who would want to join that 1% anyway? They aren’t happy. They still want more.

  50. Up With Chris is doing a masterful job of explaining health care legislation and the Supremes. Gad!!! I love this show. No talk down. Total assumption that the audience has a vocabulary as good or better than the panelists, and is able to digest complex arguments and ideas.

  51. I wish Keith Olbermann much luck. I didn’t watch his new show very often… but it was always a comfort knowing it was there if I chose to tune in.

    Perhaps a show on HBO might be a better fit.

    Craig… I’m sorry we won’t be seeing the two of you having a good time whether for awhile or any longer. Those segments were always so much fun to watch.

  52. I wish Keith Olbermann much luck.

    I second that..I watched his Current show a couple of times a week and always when Craig appeared..Glad i gave him a second chance..

  53. I’m not sure Current is a well-established enough network to survive this without serious repercussions. From what I’d observed, pre-Olbermann, their content was pretty arcane and not especially friendly save to specialists in any given topic.

    I tweeted Gore last PM, Tennessean to Tennessean, and told him he probably killed his network–just sayin’–

    and in passing note that even a dumb knobite knows you need to hire a PR firm before you do something like firing your marquee name.

  54. Back in the Middle Ages when I was at Kenyon they had Econ 1 which would be macroeconomics. One of the fundamental concepts was the marginal propensity to spend which, in a nutshell, says the more money I have to spend, the more I want to spend. The follow-on course should have been the Sociology of Greed. It wasn’t.

  55. Interesting Flatus. Greed sure is a popular theme these days. And haven’t they figured out that money doesn’t buy happiness? We had a big lesson in it just recently with the passing of Whitney Houston. I guess people aren’t paying attention in life school.

  56. I don’t think 2012 will be the end of the world. But I do think we are all going to have some tough life classes this year. Get your studying caps on. If we don’t pass the classes..we have to repeat them. I don’t want to have to do that.

  57. I didn’t win the lottery. Boohoohoo. I’m a failure.

    I’m stuck with doing my own driving.

  58. The chance to acquire running servants 24/365.25 is gone. I’ll still have to cook my own food most of the time. And I’ll have to eat it, which is worse. O, Boohoohoo.

  59. You feel bad – My multi million dollar west village condo with concierges named Beck and Call went bye bye with the third row center tickets to everything on Broadway.

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