Go Big Blue

Sometimes my native state disappoints me (as in Mitch McConnell) but tonight Kentucky made me proud. Winning the college basketball championship, which UK often does, always recalls the great “Happy” Chandler, former Governor, U.S. Senator — and Baseball Commissioner who helped integrate sports forever.

Here he sings Kentucky’s state song at age 81, two years before his death in 1991.

And next month, the Kentucky Derby

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  1. Whoa…just got back my poor, formerly sick computer, and what do I find??? A chance to woohoo!!! Go, Kentucky!!!

  2. Craig,

    Congrats. Kentucky was unquestionably the best team.

    Kick back and have one on me. :smile:

  3. Billy Bova& Movingon,

    Welcome. Very glad you are here. Gonna’ be fun.
    Look forward to it. 😉

  4. Craig,

    With Coach Callipari as coach, what is the over under before the banner and title get stripped from Kentucky? The norm for him is 2 years right?

    Marcia Clark is thinking her guilty verdict against OJ will last longer…lol

  5. Let me say welcome as well to Billy Bova & Movingon.


    Lets not forget that Prescott Bush was censured in the Senate for his role in helping to launder someone’s money when he sat on the board of Thieson’s Bank.

    Have a great evening all. Time to hit the sack.

  6. Mr. Paranoid,

    I was referring to senile bush’s elder brother. Are you thinking of babybush’s criminous paternal grandfather ?

  7. So with the Kentucky win, they beat out Kansas and are now second to Mississippi as the most backwards state in the US?


  8. And Arizona, the last slave state, is making a concerted effort to become the next Champion of Bassackwards.

  9. Craig…Sorry I missed your welcome earlier! HP replaced my hard drive, so when I checked for updates, there were 98 of them! :roll: It took awhile….

  10. hey Craig… that was some kick ass game… congrats!
    I watched the entire game… can’t believe I managed to stay up that late.

    Now I can’t believe I’m up. Rick is away on a business trip all week… so no alarm. But my eyes opened about 6:30ish anyways… oh well.

  11. SEC, SEC. SEC. Kentucky done good. As a basketball fan, the first 5 and last 10 minutes were good basketball. The time in between looked like a D1 college team playing an AAU 10th grade team.

  12. Good Morning all..
    Jamie, don’t know if you saw this…
    I have got to start this show, if only to watch Jason Moama..Loved him in Stargate Atlantis..


  13. Jamie,

    My Derby pick, “Gemologist”.

    Anothere fine horse who has the same trainer as Gemologist, El Padrino 😉

    Hated to see HBO cancel “Luck”. :sad:

  14. pogo… that article was toooooo funny.

    The last few NCAA games were my first venture into college basketball. It’s been interesting watching the differences between the kids and the pros. The pace of the games is much faster. But the shooting leaves some to be desired. About 95% of the scoring came from layups and dunks. The enthusiasm from the crowds is infectious. Think I’ll try watching more of March Madness next year.

  15. Movingon… I hated Luck being canceled too… hated the reason even more… 3 horses dying during filming is anything but “luck”.

    And you and I are picking the same horse…

    Jamie… put me down on Gemologist please.

  16. Here is something some of you might find interesting:

    They publish a daily email which covers everything, sports, political (Left-Right), local talk shows, hiring and firing, all within the talk radio community.

  17. RebelliousRenee,

    As they say, great minds think…well whatever they think. 😉

    I wasn’t surprised to learn that 3 horses had to be put down. What really surprised me, HBO was caught so off guard over this issue. Their research into horse racing should have put them on notice there is a very good chance that several of these beautiful majestic animals might have to be put down during the series. In that first episode where the horse broke it’s leg, and they had to euthanize him on the track, I now wonder if that was 1 of the 3 horses.

  18. With the exception of Ft Knox and environs, Kentucky is an extraordinarily beautiful state. I especially like the variety of scenery ranging from working horse farms to dwellings straight out of frontier days. My favorite route is the diagonal from Lexington to Maysville, Ohio.

  19. BillyB, think that GSA stuff was a little over the top? In true Vegas fashion, ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances. Oops, crapped out.

  20. Flatus, yes, Kentucky is a beautiful state – I kinda like that little piece to the far west that is in not connected to the rest of the state. That’s gotta piss Missouri off.

  21. I don’t have a map in front of me, but perhaps next sporting season bet that chunk against the remainder of Missouri east of the Mississippi.

  22. I’m with pogo, I like that western part of Kentucky, out past Owensboro and points west. You can drive through some of those places and smell the bourbon in the air from the distilleries! That is one part of the state that does seem to be fairly disconnected from the rest, except that they still hate anything to do with Indiana basketball!

  23. Well, Actually, I’m talking about the little piece of KY that is literally not attached to the rest of the state. It’s surrounded by the Mississippi River, Missouri and Tennessee and is literally not contiguous to the rest of the state. It’s that little dot west of Hickman.


  24. Gosh I always thought big blue was IBM

    Kentucky some great fried chicken there (and not the Colonel either) The Bon Ton mini-mart Henderson

  25. Greetings from the desert. Just got back from an RV trip to find the new Trail Mix Radio. Ah, the ever evolving CList, with Craig at the helm, is great. Well done, Craig.

    I will miss you, Craig, on Fridays with Thurber and KO. Yes, I know you’ve been on with KO on other days, too. But, for a while there, it was sure fire political commentary on Fridays on Current with the two of you. I hope you will keep us informed as to your tv appearances in the future. And, it will be interesting to see where KO lands in the future, too.

    It was nice to hear the commentary of Pogo, Jace, and Jamie. I look forward to your first interview with CBob, whenever that will take place. TM’s most interesting “man alive.” Sorry Dos XX’s!

  26. Afternoon all. Beautiful day here in Montreal. I attended a funeral this morning, the mother of a childhood friend. Way too many goodbyes in my life the past year, but we were all uplifted in seeing each other again, and thankful that we are all now 50+ and still constitute a ‘gang’ (in the pre-drug-wars sense of the word). Three of us made a promise to one another to get together next week for drinks and memories. I hope we carry through on it, cause too many times we SAY that and never do it.

    Wonderful game last night. I love sports celebrations. I’m watching UEFA soccer this afternoon (Barca! Barca!) and hoping for wins for the English teams tomorrow.

  27. Tony

    I didn’t see the commentary by Cenk. If you aren’t watching this series – do. I refused to watch Luck. Accidents happen in racing, but the people making this series were not using fit horses and they weren’t handling them properly.

  28. Anyone picking among the early 24 horses (or if a new one comes up) and whose horse doesn’t make it into the Derby, I’ll let you know for another choice.

    So have at it. I have my program set up ready to go for May 5.

  29. jamie, did you see this last week? one of the reporters was interviewed today on npr….sad, sad, sad. just like in healthcare, the rest of the world out does us in horsecare.

    Breakdown | Death and disarray at America’s racetracks

    Mangled Horses, Maimed Jockeys

    The new economics of horse racing are making an always-dangerous game even more so, as lax oversight puts animal and rider at risk


  30. jamie, i’m still enamoured with creative cause, followed up with hansen. probably long shots, but wth.

  31. I just got home from a nice long lunch with a valued friend… turned on the tv… and they are reporting tornadoes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area…

    I hope Dr. Dooty, blueINdallas, and Bear are all ok.
    My prayers are with them(and with everyone else in the area).

  32. So I say to all those whom have been devastated by the tornado’s my prayers go out to all of you.

    And to the Governor Rick Perry I hope you don’t have the nerve to ask Washington for any Socialistic Federal Aide. We all know how you hate the Government giving out money without cutting funds to the elderly, sick, homeless and all those who need help.

    It’s time that Texas pulls itself up by its own bootstraps and not make American Tax Payers pay for it.

    That’s what they tell the 99% all the time just like Kapo Eric Cantor said when his state and town was devastated by the earth quake that struck Virginia.

    Let big oil pay for their own cleanup and if Texas don’t like it than let them secede and leave the rest of America alone.

    Have a great day.

  33. The shooting at a Christian University in California was tragic and we can once again thank the NRA.

    Yes, seven more Americans and\or others were tragically murdered by a gun wielding sociopath and as we all know the NRA slogan is…

    “Guns and Bullets don’t kill people” another seven deaths brought to you by the NRA.

    Have a great day.

  34. Dr Dooty checking in all ok here. most of the stuff happened about 10 miles away from Casa Dooty.

  35. So far I have:

    Optimizer Craig
    Gemoligist RR, MO,
    Sabercat Jamie
    Creative Cause Patd

    Keep me up to date. If you select a horse and I don’t acknowledge it – Stand up, scream, run all around so I’ll notice you.

  36. Tylenol

    I have it.

    RR, My Son is at Fort Bliss for the week, but nothing dramatic other than rain going on there.

  37. James Murdoch is out of B Sky B in the UK. If Rupert hangs on as long as his mother, he can pass it all along to his little girls by Wendi.

  38. For the tweeters out there, you might want to follow this person:


    Electing a rich kid trying to outdo his daddy worked out just swell the last time.

  39. Jamie – Re: Murdoch

    He better be amassing his billions because there are hefty civil suits coming. Those phone-hacking civilians (particularly the horrible hacking of murder victims) will have their day in court.

  40. Tylenol

    Oh I’m sure. Love reading his tweets. He sounds so sweetly reasonable and misunderstood. Poor baby.

  41. The gooper reaction to finding out over half the country correctly blames Shrub for the economic mess is amazing.

    Ari Fleshier unbelievable he said Shrub and Obama are the same and how what WE need is something completely different. I guess he’s become a Ron Paul supporter

    Jessica Yellin is sitting in for someone. She and John Avalos talked over Bay Buchanan because she wasn’t doing anything but blasting out goopy talking points most which were not fact based.

    The goops are having a hard time getting over the good economic news

  42. Nice appearance Craig. Spitzer keeps a tight rein on time so it makes for a good conversation. I disagree about Ann Romney. She may smile and act charming but she is very rigidly doctrinaire. This was the lady who once said she and Mitt were so hard pressed financially during college that they considered selling some of their trust fund bonds. She’s doesn’t think of herself as wealthy? Take your pick, she’s lying or brain damaged. You can’t have multiple cars and houses and “not think” of yourself as wealthy. I’m sure she is a very pleasant lady to know, but she isn’t any more connected to the 99% than her husband, she just looks and sounds better.

  43. Jamie
    Everything you say about Ann Romney is true but she is still very engaging. One thing about them that is very genuine is their love for each other. I don’t think it’s a reason to vote for someone.

    I mean Dick loved Pat —

  44. KGC

    That’s really my impression of her. Neither one of them belong in the White House or any government position for that matter. I’m sure I would enjoy dinner with the family though.

  45. Dick Nixon was also a brilliant man and a flaming liberal by the standards of today’s GOP (That whole “greatest generation” love for the middle class that grew out of the depression). He was also fatally flawed, deeply prejudiced, and in many ways terribly sad both as a man and President.

  46. Mitt Romney tonight. If we just cut taxes some more everything will be just fine.
    I guess he missed the Bush years. 😐

  47. Mitt tonight. Government should be a partner with business.

    Hey Mitt, in case you missed, that has been part of the problem. For fu-k sake, get a clue!

  48. Hillary Mania on High
    by Taylor Marsh

    Rep. Nancy Pelosi has caught Hillary mania, which is sweeping the media and political class during the Republican circus lull, while everyone nods off until Mitt Romney can squeeze 1144 out of wingnut primary voters.

    I’d heard about this exchange, with Buzzfeed posting the video late yesterday.

  49. Jace, Bullhead City was named for the rock formation on the Colorado River. Davis Dam was originally called “Bullhead Dam after Bull’s Head Rock, a well-known landmark along the Colorado River.” Name places in AZ.

    Between Spanish, Indian, and English names, AZ is an interesting place just for the names alone. Let’s not get started on the politics of our beautiful state or you will need a pissed off yellow face for sure. LOL!!

  50. Eprof,
    The politics of our beautiful state are why I’m pissed off.

    Good to have you back. There might only be two progressives in the entire state and I was feeling lonely.LOL

  51. We have a number of amazing rock formations in the area.
    I have never seen Bullhead Rock because it is resting comfortably with Atlantis.
    We have a great formation known as ‘finger rock’, I will leave to your imaginations to conjure up it’s shape. 😉

  52. Rick Santorum will wake up tomorrow, only to find that he is yesterday’s news.
    I love justice, no matter how long delayed. 😉

  53. My hail hypothesis ……
    Hail was punching holes in car roofs in DWF today. I hope Blue is OK.

    It damaged over 1.100 buildings in McAllen, Texas last Thursday , when Baseball hail and torrential rain hit McAllen for over 1 hour. Wind speeds were 70-75 mph.

  54. Been working on my railroad raft tonight. I may add a wind surfer sail to it . After I add brakes.

    This thing is gonna be damn cool. And we’re gonna roll it off Tenn. Pass to prove it.

    The track drops 68 feet per mile for 50 miles from there to Salida.

    The largest set of mountains in Colorado are on your right .

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