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49 thoughts on “Call Us: Web Radio Chat 1pm ET”

  1. Hi Jamie,
    I agree so much with you..Ed Schultz just shouts too much..My gosh, i can get the point without screaming me down..Its why i like Rachael, she doesn’t scream or shout..Oh and Chris Hayes on the weekend, superb! Thanks so much for telling me about the weekend show..Oh its why i like Thom Hartman as well, very calm person but i get so much from him..

  2. TonyB –
    You should have been there the night I explained to my mother that there was no “Mrs. Micheal Angelo”.

    Later on I explained , why theater has had such a long life.

  3. Anon
    Perhaps a lower cost approach than tearing out your windows might be to increase the amount of shade around them. Perhaps flowers, veggies, vines growing across them might cut down much of the direct sunlight.

    One year we had tomatoes growing all over the inside of our 15th floor guest room. It was a real hoot! Hydroponic; very interesting and tasty, too.

    You’re right about now doing the ac without doing the furnace at the same time–at it’s age it’s just a matter of time. Ours is newer than yours, but we’ve had a carbon monoxide alarm since they became widely available. Don’t want to forget to wakeup.

  4. Flatus –
    The American flag at 19th and Buddy Holly Ave. is ship shape and in Bristol Fashion.

    Note to the reader :
    Last summer , when my sister died. Flatus sent me a $100.00 . Since then , we always buy a new flag when the wind eats it.

  5. Hey, Bob. Did your mom let you know that God is a woman? Talking about Michelangelo made me think about the Pieta. Mary carrying the Son who is the Father.

  6. Flatus…

    The windows are a heat and air loss for me since they were installed in 1958.

    My one cat once could find nowhere to hide when I had a friend over one day after getting moved in. She ran through the hallway into the tv room and tried to go through the window.

    When she hit the glass it pushed the window out about four inches before settling back to the closed position. I’m surprised she didn’t hurt herself or break the glass.

    They do not lock properly and I’m sure they add a lot of money to my electric bill for heat or air. I do not believe that even putting putty or tape around them will help at all.

    They do need replacement and hopefully I can do a few at a time. The tv room and my bedroom have to be done so I’m looking at at least five windows to start and that’s about one fourth of my windows on the house.

    Thanks though for the suggestion. Later as its starting to get late and I may hit the sack early for once instead of being up until 2am like I have been for the past month or two.

    Have a great evening.

  7. Hey, Bob. Did your mom let you know that God is a woman?

    No, for her . God was a man . I’m the one that introduced , “Mother Earth”.

    I saw “Mother Earth”, “H.P. Lovecraft”, and “Donovan” at Thanksgiving 1967. At Winterland in San Fransisco.

  8. mqw, thanks. like the sentiment in the lyrics to apply to both friends here on the trail and our gracious host: “you don’t meed to change. you’re one of a kind.”

  9. blue and bear, are you there and are you okay? looks like it’s going to be a long and stormy summery spring.wonder if these early tornadoes are any indication of the hurricanes to come.

  10. TonyB –
    I’m really glad I wasn’t gay in the middle ages.

    Yep Bob,
    Must have been terrible..The Closet then was truly your lifeline..

  11. Flatus

    Michelangelo’s Pieta is stunning in another way. He carved Mary as the 15 year old girl who made the decision to carry the son with that son as an adult dead in her lap. If you knew the outcome of your decisions, would you be brave enough at 15 to go ahead?

  12. The current Republican attempts to claim they do not engage in partisan bickering or name calling is just another example of going to their roots — the Nixon Big Lie Technique

    For example former Shrub mouth piece Ari Fleischer claims he never called Obama a socialist – yet on repeated occasions called Obama’s policies socialist.

    A little late for the man who spent years being a Liar for Bush and organizing others to do the same Shrub’s Baghdad Bob

    The Republicans have nothing because when you are the handmaidens to the wealthy your agenda is fairly limited — cut taxes paid by the uber 1% and cut programs for everyone else.

    Their feeble push back on women’s issues is laughable. The gender gap in’t just because of the recent flap -it’s because Republican policies hate women and have for years. It is about pay and jobs two areas where Republicans have failed women or actively sought to keep women as second class citizens

    And Republican women who are pushed out front to try and defend them should get extra pay for being the biggest sell-outs

  13. Women probably care the most about healthcare
    another area where Republicans are miserable failures

  14. You really have to wonder what IBM will do about the Masters. They pulled out as sponsors of other tournaments when the private club hosting didn’t allow African Americans. Atlanta is a private club and doesn’t allow women members except that the CEO of their sponsors have always been members. Will she just show up on day one of the Masters in a green jacket? Will IBM pull its sponsorship of a major advertising and image opportunity? Would she agree to membership in name only as long as CEO?

    Watching everyone climb down from this ledge in a political year could be fun.

  15. Initial unemployment filings? Must be some creative thinkers out there.

    There appears to be 4 different set of figures: The prediction, the report itself, the seasonally adjusted report, and finally the revised report from the previous week’s report. Today’s report reflects a 6 thousand decrease in the initial filings, but to arrive at that figure you have to compare today’s report against the previous week’s revised report; a report that was revised upwards. Had last week’s revised report been revised downwards we may have ended up with increase in initial filings. Call me old fashion but I always like to compare apples to apples, and not to some hybrid version of an apple. 😕

  16. A more serious approach, and one that would show real commitment, would be for the PGA to remove “The Masters” from its schedule of events until they allow women to join.

  17. Winning Presidential Campaign Strategy : Discredit willard/rip ups

    4. Winning Tactics :

    A. willard/rippers demean women – 3 examples :

    1. Proposed rip up lican bills to end reproductive care shown in tv/radio/and magazine ads and articles featuring sanctimonious, boehner, mcconnell and willard;

    2. rush limbag, pat heaton, etc smearing Georgetown Students, especially Ms. Flukes;

    3. Proposed ripper bill to rape women with a detection device, featuring boehner, mcconnell, and willard.

    B. willard/rippers prolong the Depression, and enjoy firing people – display evidence from romney speeches in ads.

    1. ad with clip showing willard saying he loves to fire people,

    2. ad showing willard laughing while talking about his dad firing people.

    C. Ad about willard/rippers wallowing in obscene wealth (Cite elevator for romneys’ multiple cadillacs and luxury SUVs) obtained from tax breaks and they strain to deprive ordinary people of Social Security and basic medical coverage – cite evidence from the ‘debates’, show pics of ripper leadership.

    D. Ads showing willard badmouthing commieChina then detailing willard’s sacking Americans and opening a factory in commieChina. Show babybush in 2000 badmouthing redChina, then promoting MFN status from the Oval Office. Turnover : ripper and romney policy is promote Depression in America and prosperity in redChina.

  18. Moving On,

    pga will do that when Georgia removes the statue honoring the founder of the communist Party of the USA from the capital lawn. Iow, when hell freezes over.

    IBM, like Apple, has never been about social justice. If she shows up in a green jacket, I shall be amazed.

  19. MO

    The “Masters” could be played anywhere as a by invitation only tournament of golfers who achieved certain levels in a given year and an “old timers” companion tournament. The Green Jacket and the location are both by tradition. There might be some issues of copyright with the title, but the PGA doesn’t need Atlanta to have the event.

  20. XR

    3. Proposed ripper bill to rape women with a detection device, featuring boehner, mcconnell, and willard.

    Can just see a TV commercial featuring pictures the group (and the GOP governors who signed legislation) and a question, “Why do these men want to use “THIS” on a woman” with a picture of the equipment.

    Think the Dems have the guts to produce it or the networks to run it?

  21. What will Willard say about the masters — “I know some of the owners of these golfers”?????

  22. RADIO: Just a reminder we’re recording today’s chat for live posting this weekend. Gives me time to edit glitches and put segments together while I learn how to operate this radio thingie.

    To join us for today’s recording, call anytime during the 1-2pm hour coming up.

    Guest Call-in: (347) 838-8595

    If all goes well, today’s scheduled chatters are Oldseahag, Tylenol and Sturgeone

  23. Today is commemorated in the Christian calendar as Maundy Thursday, the day of the Last Supper. Later on in the evening Jesus was betrayed, arrested, eventually given a sentence of capital punishment.

    Let’s take the God factor out of this story and focus on the man Jesus. And focus on his views.

    He was a disseminator of radical ideas: treat others as you want to be treated, respect each others’ differences, provide healthcare for those who need it. Even the so-called lowest of the low deserve dignity.
    This rather free thinking approach to life did not jive with the leaders of his religion. His gained a following; this had to stop.Fewer followers to opposing groups ultimately leads to less power, less money, less influence. 1% v 99% is not a new idea.

    Jesus was an Occupier. He occupied the Temple to make his point about the corrupting influence of money.
    It is highly amusing how the Right wing of today would treat Jesus the Occupier. (Filthy hippie, get a job, you commie peacenik. Rape/murder anyone today?)

    And he helped his Stepdad as a carpenter. (Jesus the unionmember -?)

    His outlook welcomed those from all stations in life.
    He had an open tent.

    He actually held an amazing soup kitchen (well, unlimited fish, bread & wine.) No questions asked. If you are hungry, I share my food with you.

    Some valuable historical lessons in this life. Good perspective to keep the man in humanity at the forefront.

    I hope those who use religion as political tool remember this lesson. The wisdom of the man can be verified.

    And it is good.

  24. All good points, sjwny. Also, don’t forget. He was a Palestinian of ‘questionable parentage’. *shock!*

  25. tylenol

    His parents were on a trip back home for a census taking. To be counted for taxation purposes.

    Surprisingly, they had no problem with that :)

  26. sjwny — and it was just his *ahem* father that was ‘back home for the census’ — his mother was indeed a Palestinian! Yikes!

  27. Jamie,

    I believe the Masters is played in Augusta, Ga and not Atlanta, GA, about 140 miles of separation. My point exactly the PGA could move the Masters if they wanted to, just don’t see that ever happening. It has been there since 1940, there is to much tradition.

  28. Thanks to Oldsea, Tylenol, Jamie and Sywny for playing on TM Radio today (Sturgeone, we tried to call you and left a message)

    I’ll be editing this, adding other segments and posting for live listening this weekend.

  29. If Ma Ihbm wants to be a camp follower in the name of her corporation, so be it.

  30. Craig, thanks that was a blast! I meant to add that our income taxes aren’t much higher than any other province, but our gasoline and ‘sintaxes’ (alcohol, tobacco) are very high. We’re on metric measure, but the equivalent to a US gallon of gas up here? over 5.00. That said, we drive much smaller cars on average, sales of Toyota Yares and tiny SmartCars and Fiats are through the roof.

  31. Jesus was, is, and always shall be a Jew.

    He was not a Philistine/Palestinian.

  32. Jamie,

    Re your 12:14pm post : I think some Dems would be brave enough to show the rape instrument in an advert. NOW ought to do it. The last time I looked, one could maintain a 5O1C3 if one spent less than 5% of one’s budget on politics. Or, was that 2% ?

    Anywhat, one ad like that during the puguglican convention would cause a political firestorm.

    I love your idea of having a line up of gubernatorial rape perpetrators. I absolutely love it.

  33. Re the taxes to services question. I once compared figures with friend in UK and by the time you figured all the costs, and what services and benefits people received for the money, I was ready to move.

    GOP just can’t seem to get it through their thick skulls, that if you want a safe, healthy, educated, mobile population able to get to and from work easily, then the payments to “The Commons” that spread those benefits across the whole of society.

    Of course, the Dems are as guilty as the GOP of wasting money and throwing large sums at contributors rather than those activities that benefit the largest number of their constituents.

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